Back to when it all first started… The Immaculate Conception Novena!

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Immaculate Conception Novena

Eleven years ago, I asked John-Paul to pray the Immaculate Conception Novena with me.

He actually turned me down, because he always had trouble finishing a novena — he would always forget.

After he thought a little bit more about it, he said he knew that wasn’t a good enough reason not to join me in prayer.

So, this inspired him to create to help people remember to…


Pray More Novenas! :)

Since then, thousands of people from all around the world have joined us in praying together!

So, please join us in praying the Immaculate Conception Novena — it starts on Monday, November 29th.

You can sign up to pray with us here:

We’re looking forward to praying with you and for you! 

God bless you!

John-Paul & Annie –

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  1. Prayer Request

    1. I pray for the safety of my unborn child and me, we are protected from any evil and misfortune. Amen

    2. I pray that may God continue to bless my marriage protect and bless me and my husband always and continue to provide for us financially to be able to help others. Amen
    3. I pray for protection for my parents and my husband’s parents also my siblings and my husband’s sibling, may we continue to live in peace. Amen
    4. I pray that for those looking for the fruits of the womb as God has blessed me may he bless them soon especially my friends (Jamila, Ndyip, Jennifer, Dishimka etc) Amen.
    5. I pray that may my business of cereal and logistics continue to blossom and may God give us more ideas of good businesses soon. Amen.
    6. I pray that God will bless Grace with a good husband soon, Yachat and Lanre will have a smooth relationship and marriage also…for Isaac may he gets retentive memories always and study well, and bless him with good friends and protect us all from bad friends who will influence us negatively Amen

  2. Immaculate Conception,
    I pray for the returning of my two sons to their Holy Catholic Church. Also for the return of all my nephews and nieces and their children. For
    the return of all my relatives and friends. Heal them all spiritually and physically. Jesus I trust in You!

  3. Dearest Mother, in this novena of your Immaculate Conception I pray in thanksgiving to God for his blessings and protection upon me and my family. Praying for your intercession for the success of my marriage with Joseph, for his return to the Catholic faith and also for financial aid. For total deliverance of of my family from every evil attack and for divine healing. I also pray for the release of the Holy souls in Purgatory and for the forgiveness of our sins and that of the whole world. These and more intentions I ask that you present to your Son our Lord Jesus Christ. My most loving Mother please come to my assistance.

  4. My intentions for this novena are;
    1. That the Almighty God will grant Divine healing to Theodore Nnanyelu Azodo, Florence Nzekwe, Florence Eric-Nzekwe and all those in the hospital.
    2. That my son Henry Joseph-Onuh will go back to school and finish his studies,
    3. That my son Victor Joseph-Onuh will be cleared from school so that he will go for his youth service
    4. That my daughter Lucy Joseph-Onuh will be serious with her studies so that she will come out with good results

  5. Help my boyfriend with his drinking problem & please help my daughters to let them know that I am truely their one & only M O M…thank you & MERRY CHRISTMAS…………………………..

  6. Blessed Mother please pray for us that the Lord blessing of gift of a children this month as we have believing Gods promises for our babies twins. Please pray He blesses us soon in Jesus name Amen

  7. My grandson Dante had a fall, please dear mother of God and our beloved mother make it be that he is ok and not in danger. I ask that you be our advocate to your son and he be mercyfull amen

  8. Dearest Mamma Mary,

    I pray for all those who have become Atheists, lukewarm in their faith and who are struggling in their faith journey. I pray in a special way for my husband who has chosen to be an Atheist.

    Please also work your miracle and heal me of my uterine fibroids, infertility and help me conceive. I have suffered 2 miscarriages and waiting in hope for 5 years, I am 43 now. Please listen to my humble plea.

    Your loving child.

  9. Most Blessed Virgin Mary,
    Thank you for watching over my son, thank you for your prayers.
    Thank you to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

  10. To become closer to our Mother Mary and for the whole world to praise her and feel her protecting love.
    Also to get a chance to meet and date my crush SC

  11. Pray for my court cases so that I get financial breakthrough to pay for all of them. Pray for me to recover lost
    Title deed and other important documents.

  12. Praying for family intentions, guidance and protection. Holy Immaculate Mary our Mother, please pray for my family this Advent as we prepare ourselves for the coming of our Lord that He may find us with clear hearts and minds. Please pray for my son JM and his wife Mwz that the good Lord will continue to bless them and that His light will continue to shine in their lives. Thank you God for answering my prayers. Please pray for my daughter AG, that the Lord will continue to bless her and heal her. Praying also for my daughter JK for being upgraded to a higher post, may God continue to bless her and guide her. Walk with us Lord in this Advent journey as we walk to enter New Jerusalem this coming Christmas

  13. Praying for all mother’s that we may be the example to our children life..
    Praying for a blessed Christmas and a new year filled with prosperity at home in stability lord let your holy will come down and remove any darkness thats wearing us down.
    Praying for my bills. To be paid and. My cupboards to be filled. Thanking god in advance Amen. Praying for protections from this virus that we all are facing let no harm come against us .My mum theses are my intentions to you..

  14. I for healing of my neck pain, sciatic pain and pre diabetes. I pray for healing of Harriet. I pray for exam success for Onyeka. I pray for success in interview for Muna

  15. I for healing of my neck pain, sciatic pain and pre diabetes. I pray for healing of Harriet. I pray for exam success for Onyeka. I pray for success in interview for Muna

  16. Please pray for the conversion, healing and protection of my family, also for complete healing for Anne H, Shirley, Dolores and all those I know who are sick. Also for MaryClare, for a resolution of her situation and for Maureen and her daughter, Charlotte, and grandson, Charlie, that he will be acquitted, or receive a lenient sentence, and that he will get the help that he needs. Thank you and God bless you.

  17. Please pray for me because my entire world is shattered. I am currently pregnant and the father to my child no longer wants anything to do with me. My employment contract comes to an end in January. My heart is bleeding and I am distraught. I am praying for peace and divine Providence. I am praying for healing for my broken heart.

  18. Praying for my pregnancy. I keep having pains every month due to fibroids. It scares me because its my first miracle baby at advanced age, and the pain is so bad most of the times.
    Praying that the pain will go away, that the rest of the remaining 3months will go smoothly till delivery. Amen

  19. Immaculate mother mary, I thank you for being a loving mother to my children and me. Holy mother, pray for families to be United in true love peace and reconciliation. I pray for God’s love in the hearts of my children. May the will of God reign. In jesus’s name I pray. Amen

  20. Please pray to heal me from a horrible skin condition that has been going on for years. Please pray to heal all the skin, all the wounds, and decrease the itching. Please pray that my bloodwork and tests comes back normal and that I do not have anything wrong with my blood or bone marrow or anything else.
    Please pray for the T. Family, the C. Family, p.C., K. McN., C. M., S.C., R and P. D., H.K., R.G., the F. Family., B.K., C.R., and B.T.

    Thank you
    In Jesus’ name

  21. Please Blessed Mother have my younger son’s doctor continue giving him his anti-anxiety medicine, please and thank you. Also, please give my older son another job that is less stressful and more money because he also needs to buy a house in a desirable neighborhood. The present job is stressful to him and for his fiance and he needs another job less stressful and more money to be able to afford a house and raise a family. Thank you sooo much. I love you Mother Mary. You have always helped my family and I’m also grateful that you have given my husband a grant that he needs financially. I love you soo much! Thank you Jesus and Mary!! Please help my brother through his last stages of his cancer journey. Thank you and I love YOU!!

  22. Prayers for blessings of a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby for our daughter till term. Please grant us a healthy baby.
    Prayers for healing graces for family and friends experiencing health issues especially my niece and sister-in-law.
    Prayers for an end to this pandemic.
    Thank you. Amen.


  24. Dear Father, I ask that you make it possible for my son to receive the car that he wants. I pray that the notes won’t be too heavy and that he will do this on his own. I pray that my home gets the refi and the rates are good for me to handle. I pray that we receive more clients so we can pay off these debts. In Jesus name Amen.

  25. Love, peace, caring, understanding, support,faith and confidence towards my family near and at a distance. Provide me with willpower endurance and perseverance along with strength. Give all mothers the nurture in themselves that they will share with their families and have faith in the moments of uncertainty. Bless us with the peace of a happy and blissful home, in Jesus name, amen, Thanks for all blessings received this day.

  26. Holy Mother, Please pray for the good health and well-being of all my family; for the recovery of WA, JB, RB, BS, NJ; for the safety and rescue of those stranded in Afghanistan; for the safety and release of those wrongly detained in DC; for my relief of pain. Thank you, Blessed Mother.

  27. My prayer intentions for this Novena of the Immaculate Heart Conception.

    Please help me pray for provision, guidance, direction, wisdom, strength and protection to be able to carryout a project my late father started. He had good intentions to complete another family house but God called him home before he could complete it. I am asking our Mighty Maker through Mother Mary, our Immaculate Heart Conception to pray for me to be able to complete the project in honor of my beloved father.

    Pray for my mother, son, granddaughter, siblings, family members and friends for guidance and protection. Pray for abundant blessings upon their lives.

    Pray for me for provision and stability while I take on tasks that require my full concentration and peace of mind.

    Pray that my enemies will not succeed in hindering my progress. All these prayer intentions I ask through our Immaculate Heart Conception, Mother Mary. Amen and Amen

  28. My prayer intentions for this Novena of the Immaculate Heart Conception.

    Please help me pray for provision, guidance, direction, wisdom, strength and protection to be able to carryout a project my late father started. He had good intentions to complete another family house but God called him home before he could complete it. I am asking our Mighty Maker through Mother Mary, our Immaculate Heart Conception to pray for me to be able to complete the project in honor of my beloved father.

    Pray for my mother, son, granddaughter, siblings, family members and friends for guidance and protection. Pray for abundant blessings upon their lives.

    Pray for me for provision and stability while I take on tasks that require my full concentration and peace of mind.

    Pray that my enemies will not succeed in hindering my progress. All these prayer intentions I ask through our Immaculate Heart Conception, Mother Mary. Amen and Amen

  29. Dear Mamma Mary,

    I pray for all the intercessions all over the world and place my intercessions at your feet. If it is the will of God then let it be done. FIAT

    Your loving child.

  30. For myself a loyal and Godly spouse, my daughter to be free of seizures and cures of epilepsy, for my brother to walk again, and a holy loyal spouse, another to complete his family with a child, my parents to rekindle their marriage, and all of my family to lean on and become closer to God.

  31. Dear Blessed Mother, I humbly implore your help in combatting the negative forces seeking to destroy my life. Praying for my son Cassius for health and strength, guidance and protection, for him to meet a good age-appropriate Catholic spouse to settle down in marriage and raise their family. Praying especially for my husband Michael for complete healing in both mind, body and spirit. Praying for cousin Veronica for a home of her own and the happiness of having a good and Godly spouse in her life full of love. I ask for good health, light, love, joy and peace for myself and all family members especially the ones I pray for Amen.

    Blessed Mother, please hear the prayers of all asking your help today Amen.

  32. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to show me God’s will for me, especially concerning my marriage of 47 years, which is in big trouble and my husbands alcoholism, which has become progressively worse and his verbal abuse. I truly need to know God’s will for me . I feel like a prisoner in my own home. He questions and accuses me of cheating on him anytime I go out, even when I go to church. He says he doesn’t believe in God. I really need God’s help and guidance. Please pray for me.

  33. I ask in Jesus precious, holy and sacred name for deliverance for my daughter and I from her father and all the evil that lives within and around him. I pray that in the very near future we will be blessed with lives free from pain, abuse, neglect, fear, sadness, worry, and anxiety. I ask in Jesus name for divine protection over my daughter and I from her father and from all evil. I ask in Jesus previous, holy and sacred name for justice for my daughter, and for a financial miracle that will set us free. I pray for a divine miracle that will help me get approval to receive social security disability benefits. These things I ask of the Father in Jesus precious, holy and sacred name. Amen

  34. God to bless me with my work.
    I just pray that God can just change my husband behavior of drunkness n womanizing
    Praying that God may secure my family.

  35. Dear Mother Mary please heal me from these strange migraine/ temple,eye& jaw aches that hurt so much,along with the newly formed under eye(s) inflammations! Heal me also from nausea,constipation! Heal my 2 adult kids& my loved ones also in all needed areas of health & healings(K,A,J&J,R,R,M)& all.oyr animals! Pray for upcoming possible Christmas time reunion/ visit that I may attempt to do/ safe flights and see convenient for me( no early mornings/ late nights) and not real expensive and SAFE TRAVELS for our flights( my daughter& myself,)! I prayy daughter will change her mind about visiting her addicted boyfriend and become pure& chadte godly woman,please bring into her path a godly non addicted kind loving husband! I give You ALL my intentions spoken& unspoken! My 2 adult kids prayers too,and for the urgent Christmas miracles I’m asking You &Sweet Jesus for! Protecty son in Military& all our US Military! JESUS I TRUST IN YOU! XO

  36. Most Blessed Virgin Mary,
    Please watch over and protect my son as he travels, especially a trip tomorrow. Please pray for him.
    Thank you Blessed Mother.

  37. Let us pray that those who have less are taught how to provide for themselves and their families so that their pride may be restored.

  38. For my sister who is undergoing medical treatment for her mental illness, may she recover completely and be as she was before.

    Also for me to have a second child as my husband and I have been struggling to conceive a second child.

    Lastly, for my nephew and his freedom.

  39. I am grumpy, bitter, and exhausted caring for my chronically ill husband whose health has been sliding lately. Mary, pray that I may rid myself of negative self-serving traits and imitate your humility, patience, and bravery. Immaculate Mary, Health of the Sick, pray for my husband who is at wits end as well. Pray too for my friend’s daughter, who has numerous health issues. Help my friend, the caregiver, who has many responsibilities. Thank you, dear Lady.

  40. Dear Blessed Mother,

    I pray to earn A’s in all of my final exams.
    I pray to earn A’s in all of my classes, pass the registry on the first attempt, graduate and get a good job that is right for me and my children so we can rise out of poverty.
    I pray to rise out of poverty.
    I pray for a financial miracle, financial prosperity, financial stability and a release of my financial debts.
    I pray for healing of my family.
    I pray for healing of my daughter from a CSF leak, kidney problems, Ehlers Danlos, autism, severe anxiety, severe depression, and anger towards her brother.
    I pray for healing of my son from severe depression, severe anxiety, suicidal thoughts, self-hatred, lack of self-confidence, anger, obesity, video game addiction and autism.
    I pray for healing of myself, physically, emotionally, and psychologically. I am so very stressed out and axious and overwhelmed.
    I pray for healing of my mother.
    I pray for blessings of keeping my family together, unity, support for one another, love, peace, laughter, joy over my children and myself.
    I pray for protection against Satan and all evil over my children and myself.
    I pray my daughter and son stay pure in mind, body, and spirit.
    I pray for resources to pay property taxes, pay to replace the air conditioner, and make other necessary repairs.
    Thank you Virgin Mary for all that we are blessed with each day.

  41. Please pray for me, suffering from hemoroid and head ache.
    For my little grand daughter who has got worms in her intestine.
    For my husband suffering from high blood pressure and varicose.
    Thank you, God bless you 🙏🙏🙏

  42. Please pray for the conversion of my family and for complete healing for Anne, Dolores, Shirley and all those who are sick. Also for Maryc
    lare, Maureen, Charlie and Charlotte. Thank you and God bless you.

  43. Immaculate Mother Mary, I pray that you will lead me and guide me to find my one. I pray for guidance in this relationship, that my Lord will be our center focus and our dates are nothing but great. I also pray for my families health, well-being and guidance during this Christmas season. I pray that you heal our bodies from any cancer, diseases and viruses and that you protect us all. I pray for the safety and health of all my family and friends. I pray this through your son, Jesus Christ, my miracle worker and Savior, Amen.

  44. Please pray for my love.. Ron , who joined Jesus in heaven…

    Also I signed up for the advent novena over a week ago and also recently and am NOT getting any meditations… only a Mary novena… can you rectify??? Thanks!!

  45. Dear Immaculate Conception, i have been suffering with forward neck pain this past year. I have tried chiropractic therapy, massage therapy, physical therapy, pain meds and cream pain meds. I pray for help in relieving my pain and correcring what needs to be correct. In Jesus name i pray.

  46. Pray for the women in my Monday AM bible book club. One nów has COVID and is still trying to help her own elderly mother. Another has a family member dealing with a cancer recurrence.

  47. O My Lady, our Mother Mary, please pray for my sister Lynn that she may forgive our mother. She has many hurts and unforgiveness towards mom. Please, may The Divine Mercy heal her heart and mind.

  48. Lord hear my prayer I pray that they don’t hire me on the spot on Monday because I need some time so that I can go to the other interview if I can. I also pray that I don’t have to work past 3 p.m. because I have to have accommadations now that I am older.

    In Jesus name we pray Amen.

  49. Prayers for blessings of a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby for our daughter. Please help her with her anxiety during pregnancy.
    Prayers for healing graces for all family and friends experiencing health issues and difficult times.
    Prayers for an end to this pandemic.

  50. +JMJ+
    For Laura and John’s upcoming Nuptials
    For Sarah and clear wisdom and knowledge and Faith in all she is undertaking. Please renew her soul to the Lord.
    Continued healing for JPaul. Guide Joseph in Faith. E. for school.

    A. and W. in their newlywed year.
    D. and J. Conversion.
    K. and all her family in a most tumultuous year. A, Kathy please pray for us.
    Corrine and Michael==P. and R.
    All the consecrated we know personally. All faithful and persecuted priests and religious.
    All souls in purgatory.
    For end to abortion. Strength in fortitude and perseverance to Supreme Court Justices.

  51. Immaculate mother Mary, remember all the sick in my family and family tree. Those suffering terminal illnesses and all forms of ailments in this prayer group. I pray for the healing of Jeremy, Frederic, whilfrida, monica, I pray for healing from general body pains and for an end to noises in my head. May there be healing and restoration in the bodies minds and spirits of all those who seek the mercy of God. In jesus’s name I pray. Amen

  52. I pray successful procedure by my daughter and safe and stress free pregnancy thereafter
    Also for fruits of the womb for all I am praying for
    For protection, provision, favor and grace for me and all mine

  53. Mother Mary, today I pray for blessings of healing to be cast upon Daniel and to release him of stress so that he can see things clearly and be able to move forward in his project. Bless him with an open heart and mind and soul. Give me the strength to understand and assist him in whatever way I can support him morally and keep my sanity stress free. I also pray for everyone going through these changes, that they may realize that sometimes the old must be released to make room for the new.Keep us all in faith and give us grace and strength as you bless us with this day, amen.

  54. Lord Jesus, I pray that you intervene in my children and grandchildren’s lives sooner than later. Lord, reset them according to your plan for the world’s salvation.Mau they receive the desire to respond to you with their whole hearts.

  55. Please pray for healing for my young brother who suffering from liver cancer . Also for another young brother who is out of God’s way , pray that he could come be a good person like Paul (Saul )

  56. Allow me to be able to stop working. I’m getting too old. Let me get the help that I need, through Christ our Lord. Amen
    For the mental and physical health of my children and grandchildren. Amen 🙏

  57. Please help me to overcome the sadness of the death of my boyfriend and mother. Please pray for my daughter Tara and her children.

  58. Immaculate Conception,
    I pray for the healing of all I know in my family. Heal my sons spiritually and Physically. My sister and brother and their spouses. All my nieces and nephews and their families. All my relatives and friends. For myself to be healed from my illness. Give us all a healthy and happy life, protect us from evil. I pray for all praying this Novena to be Novena to be healed by our savior Jesus Christ. Jesus I trust in You!

  59. For my sister and brother in law whose lives have been broken and whose marriage is under great strain. Give them strength to endure and work together and give them peace in their hearts and minds. In Jesus name. Amen

  60. Dear Blessed Mother Immaculate Conception, please help me and family. I pray for health and strength, guidance and protection while doing battle against negative forces. Pray for my son Cassius guide and protect him and remove all obstacles standing in his way. For my husband Michael that God’s healing touches him as he approaches a year of sickness. For my cousin Veronica that she finds a home of her own and a special man in her life. Also, praying for my family that they be in good health, guidance and protection and under your watchful eye Amen.

    Blessed Mother Immaculate, please hear the prayers of all asking your help today Amen

  61. Prayers that my daughter’s back surgery will be successful.
    Prayers also for Jenny, Julie and Jan during their battle with cancer.
    Thank you

  62. Please pray for my son Danny Angel Jr. Lord please help Angel to make the right decision in life. Lift and remove all sadness depression and all ugly feelings of not feeling well. Amen

  63. Praying for my husband depression and his work. His boss Geoji is always picking . Pls give him peace of mine. Praying for my chn that my husband will respect their source of partners. Praying for my progress and health. Praying for my siblings, Inlaw’s and chn to grant them their heart desires. Amen. Bless our family financially and lots of favor from my boss. Amen. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏pray for my green card and elections tomorrow. In Jesus I pray. Amen🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  64. Dear Blessed Mother,Sweet Saviour JESUS,St. Joseph,St. Micheal please come to our aid- especially my 2 adult kids(J&A)& myself- cancel and RID once& for all – all demonic spirits& attacks off of us now& forever- me& my loved ones- K,A,J&J,R,R,,M,M,M! Protect us from ALL EVIL! XO JESUS I TRUST IN YOU! Hear& answer everyone’s prayers on this novena! XO

  65. Dear Mamma Mary,

    Today I pray for all those who are planning to immigrate however are not able to do so because of the pandemic restrictions.

    I surrender my desire to immigrate to the US, show us the way, open up the right channels and if this is as per the will of your Son Jesus, then FIAT.

    Your loving child.

  66. I pray that my friend Margaret regain her health both physically and spiritually. I also ask that Our Dear Lord keep her, and her family close to his heart.

  67. Oh most Holy mother of all mankind I pray your blessings and intercession on my son DJL behalf for an alliance with God and courage to get out of his comfort zone and put his twelve acquired subjects to good use wether be it a job or further education.
    That he will receive the strength he requires to shake off the anxiety that he struggles with that is preventing him from experiencing a normal life.

  68. We pray that we and our two daughters and their children imbibe the spirit of Christ of Love and humility. That we may never judge or condemn anyone, that we cultivate the habit of understanding all people we come into contact with and that we are generous in reaching out to anyone in need. We also pray specially for our son in law does well in his exams. May Our Lady show us the way always

  69. Please pray for my son Michael that God will grant him success in his journey in his workplace that he works so hard to strive to achieve to get to the next next level. Please Mary lead and guide him Amen I Pray

  70. Please to not have anymore bladder infections. My family won’t get Covid or variants, protect us Mary! That shot will help me to walk, help with pain. No more surgeries.. Be here for the warning. Salvati0n for my family. Thank you dear Lady Immaculate Conception.

  71. Please Lord heals my illnesses and give me a better health and strength. Mother Maria please intercede with Jesus for me amen.

  72. Please join me in praying for my adult son, particularly over the next several days. He’s been in a relationship with C for 2.5 years & by anyone’s standards, sadly the relationship is very unhealthy. Several years ago C was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, but has never sought treatment. She does not attend Mass. Please also join me in praying for C.
    My son is visiting her this weekend & I sense that he may end the relationship.
    I became a widow when our son was 1.
    Thank you with all my heart.
    In Christ’s Love, a mom

  73. Please join me in praying for my adult son, particularly over the next few days. For his protection spiritually, physically, mentally & emotionally. He’s been in a very unhealthy relationship for 2.5 years. She is, of course, a child of God & needs our prayers also. Sadly she was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder 3 years ago but does not seek treatment. She does not attend Mass. My son is visiting her this weekend & I sense that he may want to end the relationship with her. I’ve been a widow since our son was 1.
    Thank you with ALL my heart. I am praying for all of you
    In Christ’s Love, a mom

  74. For the conversion of my husband, and my family & friends. That those who support abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide and communism/socialism be granted illumination of heart, mind, and soul, and for them to turn away from sin & return to full participation in the sacraments. For all fallen away Catholics who unworthily receive the Body and Blood of Christ, that they also be converted to see the error of their ways. For all the couples in our church currently working through the process of annulment of previous marriages, confirmation and documentation of baptisms, and divorces. That all these couples be granted the grace to weather through all the previous relationships and to be able to finally get their marriages blessed in the church. St. Rita, please pray for us!

  75. I am broken. I pray that BVM be the glue to hold me together as I rebuild my life in devotion in her> I pray that she intercede for me with Jesus for the grace and strength I need to reject temptations and turn to Jesus for direction and hope.

  76. Immaculate conception of Mary may you please intercede with our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy spirit to please protect my daughter and her family as they are going to interact with this other distance relative for the first time, in this gathering that they have started. We ask mother Mary that it should not bring talks and bitterness. Guard against them from those who might have the wrong intentions about this gathering. May they be saved in Jesus mighty name 🙏

  77. I pray for health and strength and that God will continue to bless and protect our home and protect my husband and myself from all illnesses as we go about our daily duties and to bless our finances as we continue to trust in God

  78. Through the intercession of our blessed mother Mary, l am presenting the prayer intentions of all the people praying this novena.

    I am praying for myself that l do not lose faith due to the hardships that l am facing in my life. I am asking the Lord for a break through in my career in my project and in my finances.

    Praying for my sons Raphael and Michael that they will continue with their studies.
    Praying for Michael that we are able to get money to pay for his university tuition so that ge can complete his studies in medicine.
    Praying that the Lord will open all the closed doors in our lives. In Jesus’s name l pray. Amen

  79. Please help Buddy and his kids to make a decision and come to peace with their decisions about Sharon’s care.

    Please help me to be the best supportive family I can.

    And please protect me from Abraham and his business decisions.

  80. Dear Blessed Mother, I humbly implore your help me concerning children. Intercede for me so that I’ll have a child. Cancel every evil Spirits that tormenting my life and my family, Amen.
    Please hear the prayers of all those asking for your help today Amen.

  81. A right new job and new car for my Son Kevin a right new home for my daughter and her children and healing of our family and all we endured

  82. I love you Immaculate Conception you are very beautiful, I ask for the grace to desapear all fears, depression, anxiety and all negative thoughts and bad dreams from my life.

    Mama Mary I ask that you send the Holy Spirit into my life for deliverance from satan, and the gift to speak in tongues to bring the holy spirit to my sons and family, and to help others.

    Mama Mary I pray for a financial blessing to buy a House for my sons to bring them back together as a family.

    Mama Mary I pray for my nephew Gerardo V. for his marriage that is in danger of breaking up pray for his wife M. to love her family and save to marriage.

    Mama Mary I pray for my sister Christi. to add me in the title of the property as my mother that passed away wishes.

  83. Praying for gods healing upon children gods protections over them
    My sons may they grow in unity amongst themself. Let all my needs at home. Be answered and filled this month and the new months to come Amen
    My grand children may god protect
    Them. my gran girl goes to school next year may all her needs be. Granted and fees be paid and may she enjoy schooling life ahead of her. Thanking god for all his deeds he bestows on my children and myself. thank you father🙏
    My mother these are my intentions to you….

  84. Immaculate Conception mama Mary, I ask for your intercession to bring my son’s Ernest, Anthon, Chris, closer to our Lord Jesus Cris. Mama Mary please send the Holy Spirit to descent over my sons for deliverance and healing from Alcohol, and smoking addictions.

    Mama Mary please intercede for my son’s through St. Joseph help them find a good job in the day time in a safe area with good heart boss and nice co-workers.

    I pray for protection for my son’s from the many virus strenghts apearing, I pray for the end of the pandemic.

    I pray for protection from the vaccines that it will not cause any harm to my Family, sons, and all my nephews also.

  85. Prayers for my grandson as he makes his Confirmation. May he follow the Holy Spirit and listen to the HS enlightenment.🙏❤️Prayers for my 81 yr old Aunt who has Covid and for my granddaughter (19 yrs old) who is fighting getting tested for Covid or any vaccines. For my daughter, her mom, and her dad (who has Covid) to be a good example for her through the guidance of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception and the Holy Spirit 🙏❤️❤️🙏. Prayers for all praying this novena. 🙏❣️

  86. Prayers for my Grandson, Luke, for help with his autism and ADHD.
    My God allow him to be the best person he can be!

  87. I ask through the intercession of the Blessed Mother of the Immaculate Conception that…
    My son-in-law, who through some bizarre circumstance, was able to hear my private conversation with my daughter in his home on his cell phone 📲, (even though I was speaking to her from my phone to her phone while sitting in my car) was not able to hear the entire conversation.
    I made some unkind statements which I would never want him to hear, as they involved him. For this I am truly sorry, and have learned a valuable lesson.
    He did say he was able to hear us, but I am unsure of the extent of the conversation he heard, and I am praying that God would “make a way where there is no way”, through the Blessed Mother’s intercession, that he didn’t hear anything I might have inferred about him, because he really is a wonderful person, and I love 💞him like a son.🙏