Back to when it all first started… The Immaculate Conception Novena!

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Immaculate Conception Novena

Eleven years ago, I asked John-Paul to pray the Immaculate Conception Novena with me.

He actually turned me down, because he always had trouble finishing a novena — he would always forget.

After he thought a little bit more about it, he said he knew that wasn’t a good enough reason not to join me in prayer.

So, this inspired him to create to help people remember to…


Pray More Novenas! :)

Since then, thousands of people from all around the world have joined us in praying together!

So, please join us in praying the Immaculate Conception Novena — it starts on Monday, November 29th.

You can sign up to pray with us here:

We’re looking forward to praying with you and for you! 

God bless you!

John-Paul & Annie –

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  1. I pray that my friend Margaret regain her health both physically and spiritually. I also ask that Our Dear Lord keep her, and her family close to his heart.

  2. Oh most Holy mother of all mankind I pray your blessings and intercession on my son DJL behalf for an alliance with God and courage to get out of his comfort zone and put his twelve acquired subjects to good use wether be it a job or further education.
    That he will receive the strength he requires to shake off the anxiety that he struggles with that is preventing him from experiencing a normal life.

  3. Please pray for my son Michael that God will grant him success in his journey in his workplace that he works so hard to strive to achieve to get to the next next level. Please Mary lead and guide him Amen I Pray

  4. Please to not have anymore bladder infections. My family won’t get Covid or variants, protect us Mary! That shot will help me to walk, help with pain. No more surgeries.. Be here for the warning. Salvati0n for my family. Thank you dear Lady Immaculate Conception.

  5. Please Lord heals my illnesses and give me a better health and strength. Mother Maria please intercede with Jesus for me amen.

  6. Please join me in praying for my adult son, particularly over the next several days. He’s been in a relationship with C for 2.5 years & by anyone’s standards, sadly the relationship is very unhealthy. Several years ago C was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, but has never sought treatment. She does not attend Mass. Please also join me in praying for C.
    My son is visiting her this weekend & I sense that he may end the relationship.
    I became a widow when our son was 1.
    Thank you with all my heart.
    In Christ’s Love, a mom

  7. Please join me in praying for my adult son, particularly over the next few days. For his protection spiritually, physically, mentally & emotionally. He’s been in a very unhealthy relationship for 2.5 years. She is, of course, a child of God & needs our prayers also. Sadly she was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder 3 years ago but does not seek treatment. She does not attend Mass. My son is visiting her this weekend & I sense that he may want to end the relationship with her. I’ve been a widow since our son was 1.
    Thank you with ALL my heart. I am praying for all of you
    In Christ’s Love, a mom

  8. I am broken. I pray that BVM be the glue to hold me together as I rebuild my life in devotion in her> I pray that she intercede for me with Jesus for the grace and strength I need to reject temptations and turn to Jesus for direction and hope.

  9. I pray for health and strength and that God will continue to bless and protect our home and protect my husband and myself from all illnesses as we go about our daily duties and to bless our finances as we continue to trust in God

  10. Through the intercession of our blessed mother Mary, l am presenting the prayer intentions of all the people praying this novena.

    I am praying for myself that l do not lose faith due to the hardships that l am facing in my life. I am asking the Lord for a break through in my career in my project and in my finances.

    Praying for my sons Raphael and Michael that they will continue with their studies.
    Praying for Michael that we are able to get money to pay for his university tuition so that ge can complete his studies in medicine.
    Praying that the Lord will open all the closed doors in our lives. In Jesus’s name l pray. Amen

  11. Please help Buddy and his kids to make a decision and come to peace with their decisions about Sharon’s care.

    Please help me to be the best supportive family I can.

    And please protect me from Abraham and his business decisions.

  12. Dear Blessed Mother, I humbly implore your help me concerning children. Intercede for me so that I’ll have a child. Cancel every evil Spirits that tormenting my life and my family, Amen.
    Please hear the prayers of all those asking for your help today Amen.

  13. I love you Immaculate Conception you are very beautiful, I ask for the grace to desapear all fears, depression, anxiety and all negative thoughts and bad dreams from my life.

    Mama Mary I ask that you send the Holy Spirit into my life for deliverance from satan, and the gift to speak in tongues to bring the holy spirit to my sons and family, and to help others.

    Mama Mary I pray for a financial blessing to buy a House for my sons to bring them back together as a family.

    Mama Mary I pray for my nephew Gerardo V. for his marriage that is in danger of breaking up pray for his wife M. to love her family and save to marriage.

    Mama Mary I pray for my sister Christi. to add me in the title of the property as my mother that passed away wishes.

  14. Praying for gods healing upon children gods protections over them
    My sons may they grow in unity amongst themself. Let all my needs at home. Be answered and filled this month and the new months to come Amen
    My grand children may god protect
    Them. my gran girl goes to school next year may all her needs be. Granted and fees be paid and may she enjoy schooling life ahead of her. Thanking god for all his deeds he bestows on my children and myself. thank you father🙏
    My mother these are my intentions to you….

  15. Immaculate Conception mama Mary, I ask for your intercession to bring my son’s Ernest, Anthon, Chris, closer to our Lord Jesus Cris. Mama Mary please send the Holy Spirit to descent over my sons for deliverance and healing from Alcohol, and smoking addictions.

    Mama Mary please intercede for my son’s through St. Joseph help them find a good job in the day time in a safe area with good heart boss and nice co-workers.

    I pray for protection for my son’s from the many virus strenghts apearing, I pray for the end of the pandemic.

    I pray for protection from the vaccines that it will not cause any harm to my Family, sons, and all my nephews also.

  16. Prayers for my grandson as he makes his Confirmation. May he follow the Holy Spirit and listen to the HS enlightenment.🙏❤️Prayers for my 81 yr old Aunt who has Covid and for my granddaughter (19 yrs old) who is fighting getting tested for Covid or any vaccines. For my daughter, her mom, and her dad (who has Covid) to be a good example for her through the guidance of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception and the Holy Spirit 🙏❤️❤️🙏. Prayers for all praying this novena. 🙏❣️

  17. I ask through the intercession of the Blessed Mother of the Immaculate Conception that…
    My son-in-law, who through some bizarre circumstance, was able to hear my private conversation with my daughter in his home on his cell phone 📲, (even though I was speaking to her from my phone to her phone while sitting in my car) was not able to hear the entire conversation.
    I made some unkind statements which I would never want him to hear, as they involved him. For this I am truly sorry, and have learned a valuable lesson.
    He did say he was able to hear us, but I am unsure of the extent of the conversation he heard, and I am praying that God would “make a way where there is no way”, through the Blessed Mother’s intercession, that he didn’t hear anything I might have inferred about him, because he really is a wonderful person, and I love 💞him like a son.🙏

  18. Please continued prayers for my sons Anthony and Stephen to come back to the Church…
    I also pray for all intentions during this Novena…

  19. Please pray for Aspen Marie Agnew. That the DIPG tumors in this little five year old girl’s brain and spine will disappear. That covid gets better and that the USA gets its act together and stop the ridiculous diversion over politics. Bring needed moisture to the Western USA. Amen

  20. I pray for all those suffering from sickness, from addiction, from hunger, from poverty and from spiritual poverty, from persecution, from loneliness and all other types of suffering. Please pray for the conversion of souls and the souls in purgatory and anyone else I’ve missed. I pray for all of your intentions on this site that your prayers are answered. Amen.

  21. Blessed Mother please intercede with your son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit in the fight for life in this country. Intercede for all the Supreme Court Justices to repent and return to Jesus. Pray that they will uphold the sanctity of life. Please dear Mother pray for our sons to repent and return to Jesus and His church. Pray that they will be men of God. Pray especially for James. You know how he needs healing, clear thinking and courage to go down the right path. Finally dear Mother Pray for my husband & myself. Thank you.

  22. Please Lord send my daughter Alaina, her husband Donnie and Grace back to east coast, close to Delawareso Gene and I Cana be part of their lives, especially Gracie. Also please let sons, Bryan have a clear vision about his girlfriend motives and laziness and let Joey find a good paying job or a laundromat he can buy. Also let daughter Jen find a man who she can trust. Let my husband become sober, strong, straight of posture, sturdy and sweet of nature. God bless you nod thanks. Amen, Amen

  23. Prayers for blessings of a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby for our daughter till term.
    Please help her with her anxiety during pregnancy.
    Prayers for healing graces for family and friends experiencing health issues.
    Please also keep Myrtle healthy.
    Prayers for an end to this pandemic.

  24. Mother of God, I ask for your guidance in making the right decision in my financial making. For guidance in Daniel’s returning home. Bless me with the piece of mind knowing that i did the right thing. Bless all families including mine struggling with financial difficulties that we will see a way to eliminate these struggles and move into a more lucrative period and time. Thanks for all blessings received this day, amen.

  25. I pray for eternal rest of the soul of macarious Opondo auma in perpetual light. I pray for a life of purpose to earn income and to support my family. I pray for sound health of mind body and spirit and for healing of Jeremy. I pray for mercy and favour upon my children Patrick Henry and Jeremy living on their own. May the lord remove the barriers to financial breakthroughs in my family. May lord remove the obstacles and chains of afflictions in our lives. May lord have mercy on all the poor and the needy. May the lord grant us a generous heart. Immaculate mother mary pray for us. Amen

  26. Dearest Blessed Mother, please pray for everyone on this novena list. Please bring my family and extended family to trust and depend on God. I would like to thank you for letting my son’s doctor continue giving him his anti-anxiety medication and continue to do so along with his other med and please keep him mentally healthy. Please help my brother go through a smooth transition into hospice through his cancer. I would like to thank you for all you’ve done for my family especially my younger son who is trying his best to stay mentally balanced and please bring him close to you and Jesus. Can you also get my son a house in a desirable neighborhood with a reasonable price? I don’t know what I would do without your prayers and help. I love you so much my dear sweet Mother Mary of us all! Thank you.

  27. Mama Mary be there for my nephew not to fear being along guide him to guide his children in the right path to your son Jesus. Increase his faith, love to see you in other people. Mostly not to be afraid. Faith over fear. Amen

  28. Virgin Mary mother of Our Lord. Pray for my daughter to be heal from this cough she’s had for so long. As A mother help her to imitate you in wisdom, knowledge ,strength to keep doing her job increase her faith and love for what she does.amen

  29. Our Lady Virgin Mary
    Praying for you to intercede for my child NGN to be heal completely from mental health and the Almighty to restore his positive thoughts and guide him to the right direction. Please open doors for him for a good job so he can start the new year 2022 in the right direction. Let thy will be done. Thank you Immaculate Conception. Amen

    Praying for my son GNN to be healed from this blood shortage illness. Our Immaculate Conception to intercede for him in Jesus name. Amen

  30. For my family holiness & salvation
    For Patty good test results
    For healing Zaira Ridriguez
    For blessed & special weekend
    For forgiveness

  31. My husband will be called and offered the job of Manager of Inventory and Supply Chain with the department of public works NS.

    Career growth and success for me and husband

    Business growth( numbers and journals, Fort Atlantic, call a mover) wealth, success and establishment.

    Spiritual growth, deeper and meaningful relationship with God

    Raise God knowing, loving, respectful, audacious, courageous children

  32. Virgin Mary ,pray for my brother Martin who is missing from home that
    He may come back safely.
    Pray for Dad to stop drinking
    Pray for me to pass well in my exams and secure a job
    Pray for my mum’s soul and all souls in pagatory.

    Pray for financial freedom for my sister and brothers famies and bless everyone in their work.
    I pray for my niece to do well in her exams and that she may concentrate in school.

    Pray for all the sick and suffering to get healed.
    Thank you father for providing us with our daily bread.Amen

  33. Immaculate Conception,
    Please pray for our financial situation. Don,t let us fall in despair. For my two sons to get closer to Your Son Jesus Christ and to You. Be their Mother and keep them away from all evil. Let them have a happy life. For all that are suffering from financial problems, help them solve their situation. Thank You Mother Mary for everything. Jesus I trust in You!

  34. I pray for everyone involved in the tragedy at Oxford high school. May those that lost their lives Rest In Peace in Heaven and may God be with their families and all others affected.

  35. Dear Mamma Mary,

    I pray for all those in financial difficulties that they may be able to hold on to their faith.

    Help me get a full time job soon dear Mamma Mary. I need your intervention.

    Your loving child.

  36. Dear Virgin Mary,

    I pray to earn A’s on my upcoming finals.
    I pray to earn A’s in all of my classes, pass the boards on the first attempt, graduate and get a good job to support my family.
    I pray to rise out of poverty.
    I pray for a financial miracle, financial prosperity, and a release of my financial burdens.
    I pray for healing of my daughter from chronic pain, a CSF leak, chronic migraines, Ehler’s Danlos syndrome, kidney disease, autism, severe anxiety, severe depression and ill feelings towards her brother.
    I pray for healing of my son from suicidal thoughts, severe self-hatred, obesity, video game game addiction, severe depression, severe anxiety, anger, and autism.
    I pray my two children learn to be patient with each other, learn to support and help each other, and forgive each other.
    I pray for healing of myself.
    I pray for healing of my mother.
    I pray for resources to replace my air conditioner.
    I pray for protection over my children and myself against Satan and all evil.
    I pray for blessings of happiness, smiles, laughter, success, unity, love, and support for one another over my children and myself.

  37. Dear Blessed Mother, I humbly implore your help for health and strength, and guidance and protection from all negativity for my son Cassius, my husband Michael, my cousin Veronica, myself and family members I hold up in prayer. Amen.

    Please hear the prayers of all asking your help today Amen.

  38. I thank God for all that He has done for me.
    I pray for my spiritual growth.
    I pray for my children to grow spiritually.
    I pray for love and peace in my family.
    I pray for our good health.
    I pray for financial breakthrough.
    I pray for the intentions of others.

  39. Please pray that my son can find some peace in his new job and that he has a positive attitude about the job and actually learn to like it Please pray that my grandchildren will be accepted into their new schools. Please pray that they will be able to make friends easily and that they will be included in school as well as social activities.

  40. Please pray for the conversion of our country, especially our government leaders
    * For the grace to grow in holiness and humility
    * For the conversion of my spouse to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church
    * For the conversion or return to the Sacraments of my siblings and their families
    * For an end to Roe vs Wade through the light of the Holy Spirit indwelling in the Supreme Court Judges
    * For all who have left the Church that they will return
    * For the saving of our nation and for the healing of our nation of Holy Mother Church

  41. Virgin Mary, please help me become a better mother, mora accepting, more encouraging, less critical.
    Protect my kids wherever they may be, keep them safe and healthy
    Look after my niece and nephews and their dad, that they always feel the love of the family and follow your lead with faith
    For increase of faith in everyone in my family, ghat we can all find our way back to you and your blessed Holly Family

  42. Blessed Mother my prayer request is and always will be above all that you bless my husband and I with a long life together. That whatever may happen to our health i pray you bless us with good health, good doctors to take care of us so as to keep us together for a long time so that we can enjoy our children, grandchildren and siblings for as long as possible.

  43. My Prayer intentions is that the home we want to purchase for our son and his family will go smoothly with the bank and the family who lives there now so that we can move forward with both parties in agreement.

  44. Dear John Paul & Annie,
    Please pray for my daughters to overcome their financial difficulties soon. Please pray for my first daughter to recover from her reduced vision of her left eye. Please pray for me and my wife to get our PR at the earliest. Thanks to immaculate virgin mother of our God. Thanks to the Lord.

  45. Pls pray that:
    God will guide the hands of the surgeons on my cataract surgery Dec 6 2021
    For my friend Helene who will have cardiac surgery soon
    God will have mercy on my niece Denise C who is exhibiting MS symptoms
    For his endless mercy and inexhaustible compassionate healing
    Ira P & Cheryl P medical issues
    Josh C & family medical issues
    My ill brothers & sisters & their medical issues
    Our daughter Melissa V lingering issues from Covid illness
    All wo are sick from Covid esp those in ICU, pregnant women & children
    In Jesus’ name, we pray
    Thank you!

  46. For Sonia Michaela and Casey
    For forgiveness healing and redemption.

    For the repose of the soul of Hansie Visagie

  47. Praying to God so that I can be healed of diabetes which is really bothering me.
    Please God, increase my Faith in you.

  48. Dear Holy Mother of God, blessed Mother Mary please intercede for the CHRISTMAS miracles I’ve been urgently praying & believing for! Financial,fruit of womb,safe& blessed holiday travels& blessed gatherings etc,new great fitting dentures etc! A new blessed year of new beginnings especially fore& my 2! Hear& answer everyone’s prayers on this novena! XO

  49. Please pray for me and my husband for a good health.
    For my daughter to habe a good relation with her in laws
    For all people around the world suffering from covid. For the frontliners 🙏🙏🙏.
    Thank you. God bless 🙏❤

  50. My intention throughout this novena is for discernment and courage to be my true self.
    For son RA spritual growth and for him to take care of his health.

  51. Please pray that I do not get Covid, Get Sick or test positive for Covid before December 20. When I have to have total knee replacement. Because if any of that happens my surgery will be postponed. Also pray that my surgery goes well without any complications.

  52. I’m praying for increase in faith and trust in God. To be free from anxiety, negative thoughts and unnecessary fear. For my grandson to be peaceful and a happy child.
    To thank God for all His blessings

  53. Please intercede and pray with me for a financial blessing and job offer for my husband. Please pray with me that my daughter and husband mend their rift, and that the family is healthy and prosperous. I pray for all those in this novena

  54. Please pray for a miracle for my daughter’s dog, Izzy, who is undergoing surgery for cancer. Please Jesus bring about a miraculous healing. We beg you. Izzy, a golden retriever, is so young and precious and we love her so much! We trust you, Jesus and know you will perform a miracle. In Jesus name, we pray. Amen.

    I venerate you mother
    I call on your intercession for Rose and Marie that they may have a safe delivery when the time comes for birth 🙏
    For my brother Raymond, Holy mother intercede for his situation. 🙏

    Holy Mother, help me to leave a holy life. 🙏

  56. My prayer intentions are for my children, my husband, our families & all those we hold dear in our hearts. I pray for your continued guidance to keep us on the right path. For support when we need help, cushioning if we fall, and protection from evil, harm & pain. I pray for the joys, happiness, successes & achievements of my children. I pray for our good health; mental, physical, emotional, spiritual & social well-being.
    I pray for the ability to continue to support my family and to give them a good life. I pray for our financial stability/ security, healing/ health, growth, and prosperity. I pray for my husband’s job security and for him to be given opportunities for advancements that will broaden his range and elevate him in his career. I pray that I will find success in my new employment venture as well as find opportunities to bring in multiple income streams for my family.
    I pray for my parents. Keep them safe and in good health.
    I pray for my brother. Keep him safe and in good health. Guide him to find love & happiness.
    I pray for my husband’s family and their families. Keep them safe and in good health.
    I pray for all that are suffering from any physical and/ or emotional ailments. Bless their families. Give love and strength during this difficult time.
    During this challenging time, I pray for you to give us courage & strength, confidence & resourcefulness, healing & growth, love & peace, understanding & forgiveness, compassion & kindness, and most of all patience and faith in the Lord. Amen.

  57. Praying to the Blessed Mother for intercession to our Lord for fruit of the womb and blessing of children now as we are trying to conceive. May we be blessed with our Christmas miracle and hearts desire our babies twins in Jesus name Amen

  58. Blessed Mother please pray for us that the Lord grant us fruit of the womb and blessing of child now. We are trying to conceive and standing on Gods promises to us for our babies twins soon in Jesus name Amen

  59. Please pray for salvation of my whole family. Children grandchildren sister brothers and their families. Also pray for USA and all persecuted Christians

  60. Please pray that the relationship between my grandson and his mother will improve and that they will both learn to fully forgive.

  61. Holy Mary, mother of God, I beg you to bless my relationship with Daniel and keep him safe, that whatever is going on will be resolved. Keep watch over him and his actions and allow him to have faith and courage along with strength and believe in himself. Bless our relationship and bring us together soon. Thanks for these blessings received this day, amen.

  62. Please intercede and pray that my daughters return to faith and belief in God. Return to church. Help guide them toward good and Christian people. Please help my family figure out the problems we are having and to communicate again. There has been a long estrangement with certain family members. Help us all have humility and resolve this.

  63. Prayers for blessings of a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby for our daughter till term.
    Please help her with her anxiety during pregnancy.
    Prayers for healing graces for all family and friends experiencing health issues
    Prayers for an end to this pandemic.