Answered Prayers from the St. Michael the Archangel Novena, 2018

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If you’ve had any prayers answered from the St. Michael the Archangel Novena, please share those with us all below. Thank you for joining us in prayer!

May St. Michael the Archangel protect us all!

“Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly host, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls.”

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  1. I’ve been praying this for my son who is in law enforcement. He’s finally getting a promotion after 15 years of hard work!! He found this out this week!

  2. My son had high fever and fiel unconcious on this last sunday. I hardly ask My Holly Father to care for him and that is Happened. My son is now free from fever! Thank you Michael the Archengel for your protection.

  3. Thank you for sending me support to loose weight and also my knee pain has gotten a little better also my husband got an invitation to submit for a work visa in China so please God that will result in a job Amen and great thanks to Blessed Michael Archangel.

  4. I prayed for the healing of my son from Autism. To God be the Glory I received an email from his teacher today that my son is progressing well and started initiating verbal requests without any prompting and she is very impressed and happy with his progress in class.
    What a might and wonderful God we serve. St Michael the Archangel thank you for your intercession. Amen

  5. St Michael the archangel of God thank you my prayer for my son has been partly answered and I continue praying that his project together with his friends will be able to provide him with financial stability. I thank all who have been praying this novena together with me and O Lord may there prayers be answered and above all may we grow in faith. Paul and Ann thank you for this forum and God bless you.

  6. On February 17, my stepson unexpectedly told me that I had to move out of his house. My own house is rented, and I was struggling with feelings of hurt, betrayal and homelessness. Every day of this novena, I prayed to find a place to live. On the ninth day, I made an offer for a Condo that I can afford – and it was accepted.

  7. Update: I had prayed for my friend’s grandfather to get better and his scans just came back clear– no cancer! St. Michael the Archangel went to battle for him as well!

    (I had commented previously how my friend’s daughter was so ill she was paralyzed with myositis and could not walk at all. I started praying this novena the night she was admitted to the hospital. Today she is completely healed– running around and playing as if nothing ever happened!)

    Thank you, Jesus!

  8. On the third day of this Novena, I received the answer to my prayers for clarification of something critical. It was amazing and I have been telling my family and friends about this great miracle in my life. Later that week we went out of town for a wedding. Not knowing the local churches, we did an online search for those close to our location. The closest one, only about 2 miles away, was the St. Michael the Archangel Cathedral Basilica! This has been a very meaningful novena for me. Thank you all for including my intentions in your prayers, as I have prayed for yours.

  9. I started this Novena praying for my young son who needed surgery on Feb. 27th, his surgery was a success and now I will be praying for an uncomplicated recovery.

  10. Thank you St. Michael, thank you my Lord Jesus Christ. I was miraculously saved from a very serious car accident on the 2nd day of the novena. I thank God for protection. Thank you St. Michael for your intercession and for constantly defending us and the Holy Catholic church against the devil.

  11. I am a follower of praymorenovenas
    I prayed st michael archangel to give me the strength and wisdom to overcome temptations…my testimony is that God delivered the strength to overcome the sin.Please pray for me because i feel that i dont know where i belong.God bless you all

  12. Thank you for the Novena. It has been an uplifting experience. I pray that everyone who went through this journey will have their prayers answered. Amen

  13. I would like to share that at the beginning of this novena I was on kidney dialysis and now I’m happy to say that I am done with my dialysis. Thank you Lord Jesus. And thank you for all your prayers. God Bless you all.

  14. I have been praying the St. Michael novena as well as the St. Peregrine novena for my friend Pat who has liver cancer, was in liver failure , and needed a liver transplant. On 2-24-18 she received a liver transplant and is recovering. Please remember the donor and their family.

  15. I’ve been having a rough couple months, and prayed this novena for healing. Right when I started it, I started feeling better. I had test results come back on the last day, and although I have yet to discuss with my doctor, I feel healed. I feel a calm like I know everything will be okay, and I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank you, Saint Michael!

  16. I was praying for conversion and healing for 3 of my children during this novena. Today I am going to seek the priest God has chosen to speak to my oldest, Michael. Also, during the novena our 9 y.o. cat went missing for 5 days. I added him to my petitions and he returned safe and sound on the 7th morning of the novena as I was praying the Litany to the Precious Blood of Jesus on EWTN. Praise the Lord! Thank you St. Michael the Archangel!

  17. Thank you St. Michael for your intercession with our family tension. Got news this morning that progress is being made – Thanks be to God!

  18. I’m continuing to pray for my friend’s grandfather, for his health and comfort, and for his family, and as of today I’m happy to report that he’s doing well!

    I’ve also been praying for my dear friend’s two-year-old daughter who was admitted to the hospital with severe complications from a common virus. She was entirely unable to walk and was in so much pain she could barely move. That night I began praying this Novena and St. Michael went to battle for her. Today this little girl is completely healed as if nothing ever happened!

    We have been simply blessed. Amen!

  19. St. Michael, thank you for answering my prayers during this Novena as best suited to my family. Thank you for the improvement in my daughter, my husband and myself. Please bless our son with his request, God willing. Thank you.

  20. Thanks to Lord Jesus Christ, St. Michael the Archangel Novena is doing wonders for me…….slowly but surely. God is Merciful.

  21. I am in awe. My prayer intention was answered before the end of the Novena. I asked that a person who was not owning up to her obligation would be touched by the Holy Spirit and have a change of heart. Well, it happened. Problem resolved. I am SO grateful.

  22. My fervent prayer for my daughter and grandson has been answered through the intercession of St. Michael! They are both on a joyful path after so much adversity! Pray…..pray incessantly!

  23. My prayer intention was success in this week’s clinical as I have been having trouble with my instructor. To God be the Glory , the Lord Jesus was with me all through, all went well and my teacher even commented very positive on my clinical skills. Thank you Jesus please continue to guide throughout this journey of getting my degree in Jesus Name. St Micheal pray for me.

  24. Thank you St. Michael (and St. Joseph), my son Charlie was offered a good position in the industry he most wanted! Praise God! As we prepare to move him across the country, may the saints and our Lord continue to guide and protect him.

  25. I went for a wellness check/physical and my EKG showed signs of heart problems. I prayed and asked God to repair my heart and to work through the hands that would run the test on 2-28-2018. I got my results back and they found NO Blockage in my heart. The Doctor said “I did Good”. But little did he know that only God is Good and He is the One that did Good and blessed me.

    All Honor and Glory to God.

  26. Dear St. Michael the Archangel,

    Thank you so much that I could complete Novena to you. Through this Novena really I am been controlled. During this Lent season it is very difficult to follow & obey the fasting, penance & prayers as I been sorrounded by lots of problems & friends. But even though I a am able manage the difficult situations. I know this is due to St. Michael the Archangel intercession & blessings from Heavenly Father. Please do guide me always.

    Thank You very much, My God & John-Paul & Annie –
    With lots of Love.

  27. In thanksgiving for the safety of those from our parish on pilgrimage in the Holy Land, for answered prayer for the reopening of the Holy Selpulcher church so they could visit that site and pray while they were there this past week.

  28. Thank you all for praying with me. Thank you St. Michael the Archangel for your intercession. I was having chronic pain and feeling extremely tired after waking up in the morning. Through the novena and intercession of St. Michael the Archangel, I am completely free from pain and fatigue. Praise be to Jesus!

  29. I prayed for my son to be accepted into a special school for Autistic people and the means to pay for it( it is VERY expensive)
    One hurtle has been crossed thanks to all your prayers. I will be receiving an inheritance ( sad to say my uncle passed) which will cover the cost of the school. Now he needs to be accepted…. more prayers please

    Thank you Jesus !!!

  30. Been praying for work permit approval and today have received an email that am eligible to apply. Thank you St micheal for your intercession

  31. Praise The Lord my husband got a job. Thank You Abba Father. Thank You Lord Jesus. Thank You Holy Spirit. Thank You Blessed Mother Mary. Thank You Saint Joseph. Thank You Good Sainte Anne. Thank You Saint Joaquin. Thank You Saint Michael. Thank You our Gardian Angels. Thank You all The Angels and Saints!!! Amen???

  32. St Michael thank you for intercession. Since praying this novena even though our miracle has not happened yet I do feel more at peace secure and at rest. I have started to feel less anxious while I place all my worries with God, I continue to pray for the grace of restored fertility and pregnancy. I will rest in Gods promises that our babies will come. I know in my heart our miracle breakthrough and hearts desire our babies are on the way I trust Gods timing and process in Jesus name amen. I thank you and God for a positive report

  33. Thank you St. Michael for your intercession for my family, for me and all who are praying this novena. I continue to pray for good health and financial stability for everybody in my family. I pray for my elder daughter to heal from all her health problems, to have a baby soon and to be very successful in her business. I pray for my younger daughter to be healthy, to have children soon, to be promoted at work and her husband to find a very good job soon. I pray for my nephews to be healthy, to have good jobs and good wives and children of their own. I pray for G to heal from his addictions and turn his life for the better. I pray for my sister to be healthy, to keep her job and to have peace and quiet at home and for my mom to be healthy. I pray for my husband and me to be healthy, to be blessed with grandchildren from our both daughters, to keep our jobs and to pay off our debts soon. Amen.

  34. My son and his wife are cooperating in things with their sons although their marriage is on shaky ground. My youngest grandson was selected for Jesus in Lenten play, which also brings his parents together in faith. Thank you St Michael!

  35. Thank you so much for sharing the St. Michael novena. I prayed the novena for my family in general and specifically my 10 year old son to be more peaceful, slow to anger, and loving. My heart is warmed by the beauty of the conversion I’ve seen in our home during this novena. We desperately needed St. Michael’s help keeping the devil out of our home and he delivered. Many thanks, again.

  36. Thank you St. Michael for your intercession in having my niece removed from the bondage of a toxic relationship with her boyfriend. I will continue to pray for her protection and strength to return to God in prayer for courage and support to remain free. Secondly, I thank St. Michael for His intercession to remove our school administrator from our campus. I pray that God will send us a new one, one that that will help our students and staff. Someone to give us the support and help that we need. Thank you and thank God, in Jesus Holy Name. Amen ?

  37. I learned that my friend had undergone a bone marrow biopsy the first or second day of the novena and I made an intention for good results. She let me know today that she did not have cancer.

  38. My daughter has a lump on her throat and my son has been having a lot of stomach pain and for My son to past a important test To get his journeymen license, for my grandson Not sure if hes autistic or not and for my daughter to get pregnant And for some of the family members to get along and for me to have strength Thank you Saint Michael

  39. Today my prayer was answered. I had a difficult issue and I was in constant prayer that the Lord would hear me and step in to resolve my dilemma. He answered my prayer and for that I’m so grateful and I learned a lot in the process of getting to this point of salvation. I believe that God gave me a miracle one that He felt I was worthy of having. We are all worthy of His miracles.


  40. My son and his fiance just purchased a home and my daughter just had her root canals done, both were prayer requests. I am so thankful for the wonderful work of our God through his workers. Thank you for your Novena’s. You are in my daily prayers, thanks for caring. prayers and God’s blessings

  41. I prayed for resources for construction of my home to improve on its condition and for sure God provided and am now in a very comfortable house. May His holy name be glorified!

  42. My daughter was fired from her job and I have been praying that she find another job better than the other job. Our prayers were answered today. All praise to Our Lord, His Mother, and all the Saints. Amen!

  43. My prayers for protection over my family–My daughter’s boyfriend fell 20 feet off a building–and survived with a shoulder injury and ankle injury. Thank you…

  44. I pray for healing of my son LSRV for he got infection. On his lab result the doctor said he had a kidney stone. He was advice to have an ultra sound on his kidney after taking antibiotics. Praise God! The result is normal & unremarkable ultrasound study of kidney & Urinary Bladder. Thank you for this answered prayer.

  45. I prayed for some relief and guidance with my daughter who is struggling with anxiety and behavior issues. Overall, recent days since I started the novena have been better and I feel like it is a small answer to my prayers.

  46. I prayed this novena for my son who is in his first year of college across the country. I asked intercession to keep him safe from the dangers of his new environment and to have God’s light illuminate his path. He just sent me a picture from his library study room captioned “the view from my desk”…a bright full moon is lighting up his space. He had no idea I had been praying the novena for him! I believe it is an answered prayer, thank you St. Michael!

  47. My cousin’s husband was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident a month ago. I have prayed this Novena for his recovery. In the past week he was finally released from ICU, then had a setback of a fever and was sent to the ER. His infection was identified (thank God it was not pneumonia!), antibiotics administered and as of today, he is being transferred into a rehabilitation facility. His memory is still impaired and he has a long rehab in his future, but he has survived and is improving,

  48. Dear Saint Michael thank you for giving me all of these beautiful children. Thank you for helping me always with my illness and everything I owe to God Father ,Son and Holy Spirit. I don’t understand everything that happens to me but help me to trust in God thank you cecilia

  49. Me and my other friends had a dispute and were not talking to each other even though we stayed under one roof , I tied a lot but nothing was successful but this week there was a situation where we could talk to each other settle our problems and come to talking terms with each other which I think was an answered prayer for me .Thank you St.Micheal the Archangel.

  50. I started the Novena for my Mom who is having many health issues and for the anxiety, fears, worry, to dissipate. She had an infection that would have greatly affected the outcome of her medical procedure. By divine intercession we were able to find the infection and get Mom started on antibiotics. It truly was divine intercession, St. Michael the Archangel thank you. She will be having the procedure on Monday and although she is having fear, anxiety, and worrying, I am grateful that at least the infection is being treated. I continue to pray for a good outcome on this angiogram but most of all on the carotid surgery. I pray for all the sick who are going through any type of medical procedures, surgeries or day to day illness.

  51. Please ask Jesus to heal my husband. The tumor on his lung is growing. Two medicines worked for a while, but then tumor cells mutated.
    The new medicine is close to the last option, I believe.
    The Lord will provide, and if it is His will, please, through the intercession of St. Michael, heal my husband.

  52. Thank ful ohoo Lord for the Prado sale you made me achieve.

    Let your prosperous power make us great and wealthy to serve the society at large .

    Prosper the work of our hands. Grant unto us our innermost and treasured heart desires of a girl child Amen.

    Protect and keep my grannies Amen.
    Healing. And longestlife up us Amen.

  53. Thank you Saint Michael for the restraint, humility and focus my son has gained during this Novena. Thank you for speeding the recovery of my husband and for great joy and peace in our family. We are grateful for these gifts you have bestowed on us. Amen

  54. I have prayed for peace in myself and for those in my life and I have a peace now that I haven’t had in a long time. Nothing has fundamentally changed but I feel better. Thank you to everyone who joined the novena.

  55. I thank St Michael for answered prayers. I asked for peace, love in my family and success for my children and since I started the novena there has been peace in my family and my daughter who is a fashion designer has been getting more jobs. Thank you St Michael.

  56. I was not going to pray the Novena but you stated that St. Michael
    was also know for healings. So I did and I was not dissapointed!
    My mood was so, so low and sliding downward from SAD and Bi-polar. I prayed to St. Michael that I keep moving forward and on the third morning of the Novena my mood had totally lifted back to normal!! Thank you St. Michael!!! A true miracle! Linda

  57. Thanking God for answered prayers. I got promoted two days ago. Thank you St Michael the Archangel for your intercession and continuous protection. God be praised always

  58. Prayers for affordable housing for my family.
    Prayers for Claire, Helen, Bouki, Patsy, Belatza for healing and help for hospice care.
    Prayers for David and that his faith is unyielding.
    Prayers for Lucas and financial assistance so we may continue to send him to the Christian school he is currently attending which he is learning so much about the love of Jesus and God.
    Prayers for the increase in pay for mine and Davids jobs.

  59. I have being asking God for the fruit of baby boys. Am few weeks pregnant now and Believing that God through the interesetion of St micheal will make every thing perfect and grant me my heart desire. Amen

  60. I praise God, thank you Jesus, dearest Archangel Michael.
    for restoring peace in our family.
    I prayed for the slaying of my husband’s evil and pride in his heart, we have been separated for 9 months and ready to sign divorce.
    During this week we both reconcile some differences, accepted others and agreed to unite in the better outcome for our family, sons and home.
    My husband has transformed before my eyes, truly unbelievable, repentant, humble and reasonable.
    I will keep praying for complete deliverance of evil and for an abundance of God’s love, peace and joy for our family.
    I praise You Jesus, I thank You Jesus, Come reign in our family, home and hearts.
    Thank You Archangel Michael.

  61. This is my daughter’s third round of chemo; each round is four days and three nights. Last round complications put her in the hospital. My prayer was for this time to go better and for her body to not struggle so much with the harshness of the treatment. So far she is doing very well, she has an appetite and energy, without the previous complications. Tomorrow is the last day of this round, praying for a continuation of the good. Also, a prayer of thanksgiving that her oncology team has found a helpful “cocktail” of drugs to help her.

  62. I am grateful, to thank God through Saint Michael for giving me peace in my mind. I used to worry a lot about my family, especially my children that GOD can see them through and control them. But when I started the Novena of ST Michael, my worries were overcome by joy in my heart, and agreed to live everything in God’s hands. AMEN.

  63. Thanks and praise to God for His mercies, my daughter’s surgery went well and the doctors said the biopsy was clear and she is healing well. She is able to go back to work next week.
    For good healing in our families, there has been a lot of talking, which is good.
    My Niece found a new apartment within the budget and she is very happy. We pray she puts her life back in place and start living again. Thank you thank you.

  64. I need to give St. Michael and my guardian angels credit for helping keep the flood waters back from our house in Maceo, KY. It is not in the house and is receding a little. Thank St. Michael and God for taking care of this for us.

  65. Hi, am so grateful. After praying the St
    Michael the archangel novena my prayers were answered on the 5th day. Somebody grabbed our plot in Nairobi and the judge ruled in our favour on Monday. Thank you Jesus.

  66. God touched my husband’s heart in a family matter and afforded him to offer another chance to someone who had let him down.

  67. Thanking God for answered prayers. I prayed for safe delivery for my sister and my friend and to the Glory of God, they both delivered safely..

  68. I received a job offer with a company where I can use my talents and learn and grow while being a service to others! I am feeling temendous gratitude and I am ever so grateful to this community for their prayers and support. Our Dear Lord is amazing!

  69. I have had a rush at the back of my neck. I could feel it even by touching, I checked today it does not feel as it did before. I know it will completely disappear. Thank you ST.Michael, Thank you Jesus

  70. My people ,
    I need help with prayer , I am a register nurse since December 23th 2016 and I have been looking for my RN n’clex license for 2 years I am not be able to get it up to now . I am still studying and looking to take the Exam soon .Please I need prayer for success.
    Amen! !!

  71. I was praying this novena because my Mom was in home hospice care and my intention was for her to have a peaceful passing. She passed away this morning at about 3:00 am with out any sign of pain or distress. I believe my prayer was answered!

  72. My precious friend, whose faith is a constant source of inspiration, has had his cancer downgraded from a stage 4 to a stage 3! God is SO good!

  73. Pray that I will be blessed with a full-time permanent secretarial/typist/dictaphone job opportunity with a decent living wage, as I have been unemployed for many years, and I’m struggling. I am all alone by myself, very lonely, have been praying for peace and happiness – haven’t found it yet.

    I am suffering with constant uncontrollable shivers all the time. I suffer from thyroid disease and can’t bear the cold anymore and am praying so hard to healed and cured of this. This also prevents me from sleeping at nite.

    Please pray that the water will stop gushing into my basement and that it will dry up completely and that the situation will rectify and clear itself up, as I don’t want to spending any money on this house, as it is a very old house; a house is a money pit.

    Please pray I will be protected from my abusive, controlling, violent-tempered wicked evil brother, as he is such a bully; I am very fearful and terrified of him. All he does is cursing (calling me the worst names possible) screaming, yelling and has no respect for me, and tries to be the lawmaker for me. He will not bully his own size. His wife is so 2-faced and is a violent tempered woman.

    Praying my life will change for the better. Praying for peace of mind and happiness and that I will overcome my anger, paranoi, anxiety, my fears, worries and nervousness. I am depressed, very nervous, and have lost confidence and trust in almost everything and feel so horrible since I have not worked in years and feel useless, worthless and lose interest in a lot of things. I am praying for peace, joy and happiness.

    I pray for strength for the difficulties and struggles I face and trust and confidence in myself.

  74. God is answering our prayers to help us find an elderly woman a group home. Lord, we give you thanks and praise for Your love and assistance! Amen

  75. I know that this might not be important to many, but is is to this family. We love our pets, treat them like children. My grandson’s dog got out and was gone for three weeks, he’s just one year old. The family hunted for him, I prayed for his safe return. Last week, my daughter received a email telling her that a gentleman in Crossville had him. Thanks to this gentleman, Cain is home, safe. Our prayers were answered. We know that this must be a good place, else God would have it end different. Thank you, God.

  76. I prayed to St. Michael for my daughter to intercede and help my daughter concentrate and to be to pass one of her tests in medical school. She did and now can go forward on her journey to help others in the future.