Answered Prayers from the St. Anne Novena, 2017

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Thank you for joining us in praying the St. Anne Novena!

If you’ve had any answered prayers during this novena, please share those with us all below!

God is good and we want to give Him all the glory, as well as to give one another hope if your prayer intention has gone seemingly unanswered.

Do not give up hope! All things are possible with God.

He has a plan for you. He loves you. And we will continue to pray for you & your needs. You are not forgotten.

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  1. I have been praying and working on myself as I hope to reconcile with L or, if he and God wish otherwise, to find my life partner. It’s been a long time but L and I recently met and the sparks flew… I don’t know what is meant to be, but yesterday I was checking social media and Annie’s post on the Novena to St Anne caught my eye. I thought it was a sign.. so I began the Novena. I think some small improvement in our communication is already taking place. In any case, I am praying for a good spouse and really hope that it will be L.. if not, I am open to what God has in store for me. Please pray for me; I am praying for you.

  2. Two years ago i prayed the st Annie so i can meet my life partner and put all i wanted in a man down, well few days later i was introduced to me and he had almost all qualities i had wanted, now this time i am back begging St Annie to intervene in our relation since he broke up with me, this time i want a reconciliation and an immediate marriage for us, i want us to be together forever, so praying for a visa as well.
    I also want a job, a well paying one.

    will update this comment later with thanksgiving,

  3. Dear St. Anne,
    Please help my soulmate find me so that we can be happily married in Christ. Please also help my new career find me. I just want to have a career that aligns with my morals and brings me and others joy. Thank you St. Anne.
    Much love and devotion,

  4. Dear st Anne, please intercede that my boyfriend James will return to me and reconcile i love him so’s been a week he never contact me.i keep praying for and doing novena

  5. Dear St Anne. Please intercede for me. I pray I get the job that I interviewed for and my salary will increase significantly. I really need an increase in pay. I do not make enough money under my circumstances. I trust in you sooo much. If you think I should b in this position and I can handle it, then let’s go for it! Love always Patricia

  6. Dear St Anne. Please intercede for me. I pray I get the job that I interviewed for and my salary will increase significantly. I really need an increase in pay. I do not make enough money under my circumstances. I trust in you sooo much. If you think I should b in this position and I can handle it, then let’s go for it! Love always Patricia

  7. I did 9 day novena. And i heartfully St Anne for hearing and answering my prayers. HM is back , slowly i hope our relationship will be better. I will keep praying to st anne so that my relationship is fully restored. Thank you St Anne..Amen

    • I want to thank St Anne for having answered my prayers and I got to reunite with my ex.Thank you so much St Anne for answering my prayer and I pray that all other people put their praying to ur call can be grate to the grace of the God.amen

  8. After my relationship of 7 years ended, I was still really heart broken and lost even after 6 months of the break up especially since my ex spouse seemed so bitter. Last month, I prayed the novena to St Anne together with one to St Jude, St Dynwen, Memorare of the Virgin Mary and also the novena to the surrender to the will of God. on about the 7th day, i met my ex abruptly but he was still very bitter. On the 9th day of the novena, my ex found out the truth about me and realized that he was blaming for the things I had not exactly done. He apologized and this gave me the closure I really needed. I have been able to move on easily after this and I believe through the intercession of the saints and the Virgin Mary and also my prayers to Him, the Lord will guide me to the right spouse when the time is right. I really thank God!

  9. Please St Anne.Ask God to help Christine to meet the partner who is the right one for her very soon.

    Help her to be happy.
    I thank you now as I believe you will make it happen soon.
    Her anxious mum.

  10. Dearest St. Anne,

    Please intercede for me for the success of my businesses so I can continue to share my blessings with others. I also pray for success for my husband’s and son’s work and my daughter’s schooling. I pray for my parents’ and parents-in-laws and my family’s continued good health. Thank you for helping all of us in our prayers and needs.

  11. I have started saint Anne novena, asking for a good catholic husband,financial breakthrough to settle my debts and the healing of my legs . Thank you saint Anne for being there for me for i strongly believe i will give testimonies soon.

  12. I started to pray the novena Saint Anne prior to my neck surgery that I was going to have months later and just recently I had neck surgery and everything went well I’m so thankful to God to Saint Anne.

  13. St Ann,
    I have prayed continuously for the reunification of my relationship with ARG. Please hear my prayers. I can’t stop hoping and praying for an answer. Please dissolve any negativity between us and help us find each other again.
    Thank You!!

  14. I prayed this novena a few months ago with everyone else with the intention to get pregnant. After 6 months, we are pregnant! Thank you God!!

  15. Please help Christine to meet the right partner and she will be happy again after an emotional break up that she didnt expect. Help her with her decisions and lead her to her soul mate This worry is very prominent in her life as she sees all her friends settling down. It is also causing me to suffer from depression. Please St Anne intercede with God for me. I am looking forward to writing my Thank you letter.

  16. I have prayed to St. Anne for the betterment in my studies as i was unable to do well for the past four years. I have received my blessings and i have been able to do what i never thought i could do; and i feel more alive and enthusiastic. Thankyou St. Anne

  17. I pray that all request be answered through the powerful intercession of St. Anne, St. Monica, St. Joeseph & Our BLESSED MOTHER WITH THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. I pray that this world wakes up& starts to pray as Powerfully as possible. That all disease be removed & That those who don’t know CHRIST see HIS FACE, CALL OUT HIS HOLY NAME & pray for those who need conversion. LORD heal all your faithful. In JESUS name.

  18. Thank you St. Anne for interceding for my daughter in law.
    She found a great job with great benefits. I am so grateful to you and Jesus and my heavenly mother Mary.

    God Bless us all!


  19. Please pray for my family.
    My sister was diagnosed with ALH which is abnormal cells (atypical lobular gyperplasia) which puts her at a higher risk for breast cancer. She is having a lumpectomy on September 8th and we will get the pathology results on September 13th. Please pray that they get everything out during the surgery and the pathology will be negative for cancer and that these cells will never come back so she can have a healthy, long, cancer free life.
    I also need prayers for our beautiful dog Jojo who has back problems. Please pray that he stays healthy and free of injury. Please pray that he will never get sick and he lives a long healthy life.
    Please pray for our Mom also. She has heart disease. Please pray that she stays strong and healthy and live a long, healthy and happy life.
    Thank you and may God bless you.

  20. I’ve prayed to Jesus through the help of a lot of saints but I know in my heart St. Anne interceded in all my prayer intentions as she was the first saint to be revealed to me when I decided to pray and return to God again. Such a divine providence indeed. My blood had become healthy and that the procedure I’ve been praying can already be done by a doctor. I have peace of mind as it posed no threat to my body anymore. There’s another miracle granted to me involving another person but the more recent one is that I’ve successfully quit smoking finally. I am very grateful to Jesus and the extended holy family – thank you, St. Anne and to Father God for his unending mercy and compassion. I am excited to more miracles, answered prayers and to life! In God’s time, amen!

  21. I prayed to my holy grandmother to intercede with conception .She delivered her promise and I conceived after praying to her . I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart .

  22. Please St Anne, Ask God to help my daughter find the right partner asap. She is so lonely as all her friends are settled down. Thank you. I long for the day when I can write my thank you letter.

  23. St Ann, please intercede for me to get married soon by this year and a high paying permanent job for myself. I entrust all my worries and tensions upon your feet and ask you to please pray that it may be resolved.

  24. Saint Ann is so faithful! She has answered our prayer many times before to find us a loving Nanny. Now she has guided a lovely nanny our way and praying that she will help our family and love our children, so my husband and I can have peace of mind during work hours. Thank you Saint Ann!!! I love you so much!

  25. My prayers are basically
    1.We found a house we really love. I pray that through St. Anne we shall be able to pay for it before August ends.
    2.I also pray thru St. Anne I will be able to get a good Job with the MOF in September and I pray the payment maybe good and that I will get insurance for my whole family.
    3.Am believing God to help my husband get a financial breakthrough through a good business opportunity so we can be able to get money to do so much on our side and our relative’s side
    4.Protection over our whole family with the blood of Jesus.

  26. Two weeks ago I started my new job. Thank you St Anne and please pray for the people who are still waiting for an answer

  27. I will forever acknowledge St Anne in my prayers This novena prayer was answered beyond what I was asking or could have imagined. Thank you! I will share St Anne’s novena. St Anne was my sister’s favorite saint. Now I know why!!

  28. I’d like to thank God for helping my father find a job and protecting my family. On the other hand, please pray for me as I am struggling with my relationship and I need the strength and patience thst will help guide me and my significant other to make ethical decisions.

  29. I prayed for the healthy delivery of my baby girl. We picked up on a complication and we’re able to do an emergency C section which saved her life. She is wonderful.

    I prayed that we would be able to close on a home for my family in August 2017 and we got word that the final papers are ready.

    All praises to God.

  30. I prayed to St Ann for my husband biopsy on his bones come back Negative. After his pet scan came back with spots on his bones. The doctor told us that it was more than 80% was cancer. Thank to God and St Ann the biopsy came back negative. The doctor is very surprise with the results. He still have to go for another pet scan. But I have faith that he is cancer free. Amen.

  31. I prayed that my daughter would be safe while vacationing in France. Not only was she kept safe, but while visiting the Shrine in Lourdes, she decided that she needed to come back to the Catholic Church. Praise God, and thank you St Anne for your intercession!!!

  32. Thank you for praying with me. I sincerely thank St. Anne for answering my prayer. My husband has been blessed with a job. Thank you.

  33. I asked blessed St Anne to ask for her grandson’s blessings and her daughter’s intercessionto help my husband get a job advancement as the Lord sees fit. And she did help! Praise God and Jesus our Lord and thank you St Anne and Mama Mary for your help. Amen

  34. Dear St. Anne, thank you for taking my prayers to our lord and adovacating. Thanks to your support and help, my prayers were answers…the bloodwork came back negative, my unborn child has been bless with complete health. Thank you!!!!

  35. Thank you for praying with me. My prayer is not fully answered but I see signs that gives me inner peace. Thank Saints for interceding for me

  36. After praying several novenas for my daughter to get a permanent job she was just offered one today! Thank you dear God, St Anne, and all the saints!

  37. I still feel the blessings onSt Anne Novena. Ihad wo rooms in my house tbat weren’t complete but as we speak now the rooms are done. I was have been able to find resources to do the remaining work.

  38. I prayed for healing for my sister and brother in law after a devastating loss. I know that healing will take a very long time but I had a really good talk to my sister about everything. I didn’t realize until now that my prayer was answered because it was a step to healing… for both of us. Thank you St. Anne, St. Joachim, Mary and Jesus!

  39. Prayed novena for safe trip with no recurrence of health problems. Wonderful trip and no issues with health. Thanks be to St Anne.

  40. Please God I will be writing my thank you letter soon.
    In the mean time I will keep repeating the novena.
    Thank you.

  41. I want to share my testimony with you. I have been praying to The Almighty God for approval of my United States visa. I’m glad and joyful to share with you that the interview went well and I was granted the visa. Thanks be to The Almighty God for answering my prayers. I want to encourage you to keep praying, trusting and holding on to your faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. And He will definitely grant you your heart desires. May the peace and love of The Almighty God be with you.

    Thank you.

  42. For the Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena, I asked for the intention for a friend who had had a still birth and a miscarriage, to have a healthy baby. She just found out she is pregnant. The child was conceived during the time we were praying the Novena. God is above great.

  43. I have been praying for my brother who had surgery in may. His survival is what the doctor calls miraculous yo this time. We are holding onto the Rosary and I prayed the St Anne Novena. Massive improvements noticed.
    Still praying for him for total healing.
    Thank you Mother Mary, St Anne, St Joachim and Jesus.
    Please pray for my brother.

  44. My friend has pancreatic cancer; he just received his CT scan results and his cancer has shrunk.

    Another friend has cancer and she was initially diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer with a poor prognosis. Further testing has revealed that she cancer but the type she has is a more curable form of cancer.

  45. I have not received any responses on my petitions, but the novenas are helping me with my faith and I will continues praying and hoping that my petitions will be hear and granted at the Lord time.

  46. Thank you for prayers answered
    My family unit is reunited.
    Please continenprayers for my dental surgery to be successful and complete ending pain for me
    Thank you St. Anne