Answered Prayers – Pentecost Novena 2014

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Holy Spirit NovenaWe hope and pray that this novena to the Holy Spirit for Pentecost has been a blessing to you!

If your prayers have been answered and you’d like to thank God and to share it with others please post below.

Here’s an answered prayer that was sent to us by email:

…I especially pray for my daughter (who has left the church) and for my 16 year old grandson (who has not been baptized) for their conversion. They’ve had many struggles, and their life has not been easy.They do have faith but it’s not strong. Lately my grandson has been asking questions which has lead to lengthy conversations.

I have been praying the Pentecost Novena, and as it was suggested, to ask for something concrete, I prayed that my daughter and grandson would tell me that they were going to go to church on Sunday. This morning, within 1 hour of praying day two of the novena, my daughter called and told me that my grandson was going to go to church on Sunday.

I have joy! May it always shine to others.

Thank you Holy Trinity! Praise, Glory, and Love!

Thank you John-Paul and Annie for your service to the Lord and for Pray More Novenas.

Blessings, MG

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  1. Dear St Anne,
    Please help me deal with my anxiety disorder. For my husbunds success with his job and my daughter’s relationships with their boyfriends. For all our health.

  2. I had an ultrasound done on my abdomen because of pain. The test results showed a mass on my kidney. I was so upset upon hearing this. I had a CT scan done and the doctor said everything was clear. Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus my prayers were answered.

  3. Through the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus my husband, who had a botched surgery on his intestine, came back to his family. He’s still in the hospital but getting stronger every day. I give thanks and praise to Jesus for all His blessings.


  4. I want to thank God for helping my husband to overcome his drinking problem, for which I have been praying for in this novena.
    Thank you Jesus, Thank you Mother Mary and Thank you Holy Sprit.
    May the Lord continue to hear our prayers and bless each one of us.


  5. To God be the glory. I was praying for strength and the gifts of the Holy spirit so I can be effective in the responsibilities I have at church and sm happy to announce that I feel so much strength and very comfortable in my role. Praise God

  6. My prayers were for healing after surgery and yes, The Sacred Heart has been with me these 7 days and has made mr rehab go better than I ever expected.

  7. Please pray that my son’s deployment will last less than 9 mnths. That his son wont forget him. Save his marriage and they will get a house.
    That my husband and I become better off financially.
    That my ankle pain will go away.
    There is a cure for dyspraxia.
    That my daughtrr in law wont stop our visits with our grandson.
    Pray for me,my family my relatives my friends and coworkers problems. Please take away our problems. Thank you.

  8. I have been praying all the novenas and have been seen changes occur. I have been praying for my two sons who just completed studies at the university level. The elder son has been very successful. The younger one still has a few courses to complete but his results has been great but the greatest news is that they both got the jobs that I have been praying for. Thank you Jesus! Thank you Holy Spirit.

  9. I have been praying novenas includes Novenas Mary un-doer of knots for several cycle for a suitable employment and almost fell into despair since it still not answered. I cried and thinking that this is my punishment to stray away from him. But I believe somehow His Holy Spirit give me strength and faith to continue, and I started a new rosary novena. My prayer was answered on the 10th day. I was called for interview and they offer me Job there and then.
    Thank you Holy Mother and Our Lord Jesus Christ!
    Novena never fails.

  10. Please pray for me as I feel like i in the bottom of the pit and now.way out plus my. Knees are very painful to walk or. Going to church please Pray for me. Please thank you