Answered Prayers from the Immaculate Conception Novena, 2017

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Immaculate Conception NovenaThank you for joining us in praying the Immaculate Conception Novena! If you have had any prayers answered throughout this novena, please share those with us all below!


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  1. I am so thankful for the gift of Mary who always intercede for us. I was not able to conceive for long without success. I prayed the novena for immaculate conception and i now tested positive! Thank you Mary my mother. Praying for a successful pregnancy

  2. I’ve prayed this Novena but did not post my intention. My intention is for God to provide me $2500.00 to cover my bills this month and next and to provide a full time job with benefits. I ask that God’s will be done
    I ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen

  3. Praise be to our Lord and our savior Jesus who gave us a gift of his mother to pray for and with us! On the second day of this novena we got news that my brother in law was kidnapped. His release became the main petition for the novena. Am glad to share that he was released without any harm or scratch making it the best Christmas gift for the whole family. God is indeed faithful. Other things I asked for are also fulfilled

  4. I thank God for the job offer that I got and the interview that He secured for my daughter. Praise God for His answers to the Immaculate Conception novena.

  5. I want to thank immaculate conception for an answer prayer thank you so much for getting me through the semester passing my classes especially the math thank you so much I will
    Continue to pray to you blessed mother of Jesus Amen…

  6. The Blessed mother’s intercession led to a man perfect for me. Thank you Jesus for listening to your Mother’s pleas on my behalf.

  7. Prayers have been answered. God is great. Praise be to the Lord. Blessed Mother of Jesus, my prayers to you have never gone unanswered. I pray now that You will lay my prayers of gratefulness for all my blessings at the feet of Your Son Jesus and please pray for all those that have joined me in this novena that their prayers too have been answered. Amen

  8. I apologise if this is in wrong section, but I cannot find the “Retreat” prayers. I just wished to thank Johnette Benkovic for her video on forgiveness and “waiting” .. as I listened to her delivery I had a sudden uplifting in realization that every negative experience I had being bullied, shyness so great advance was taken of me in many forms .. the realization I had was that all the negative experiences turned out positive on the trek through my road of life .. and for this I have thanked God many many times .. I feel I have been superbly blessed in both negative and positive ways … thank you Johnette

  9. Awesome God. My son has been unemployed for the past two years. He just got a job this month. The amazing thing is that immediately he accepted an offer, so many other companies started calling him with more offers. This is the same person that could not even get a job interview for several months on end. Mother Mary interceded for him!!!!

  10. I have prayed several novenas for my daughter to meet the man God has intended for her and a wonderful man has entered her life. Prayers continue for all other people’s who haven’t been YET answered.

  11. I prayed the immaculate conception novena along with other novenas devoted to st Gerard, st anthony & Mary of the milk grotto. They answered my prayers as I finally got pregnant after 1 year & 8 months of trying to conceive. We are thankful for this Christmas miracle. We continue to pray for a healthy baby and pregnancy ❤️????????

  12. Father thank you for being the :Savior of my life, thank you for your will being done in and over my life… thank you for answering my prayers doing you’re appointed time amen…

  13. Son and daughter-in-law have committed to staying together after 7 yrs of marriage. Thank you Mother Mary, St. Joseph, and your Son Jesus and all Angels and Saints.

    Son is going to propose to his girlfriend on Christmas Eve. I pray for our priest to be there when they marry.

  14. My son who was diagnosed with a rare cancer in August is now in partial remission. He does not have to have any treatments, etc. for eight weeks and the doctor is very optimistic that they have it “nipped in the bud.” Praise and thanksgiving to Our Lord, Our Blessed Virgin Mary, all the saints and everyone who prayed with us!

  15. Thank you, Blessed Mother, for the information from my sbtx’s attorney and the delay for mediation. Thank you for my earthly Mother and her help and gentleness with me during our recent visit. Thank you for my children and my home and all of my family and friends. Thank you for my work and all I am able to provide to my family because of the level I have obtained (through the grace of God). I beg you continue to give me strength and help me carry out God’s will in all aspects of my life. Peace for all of us this Christmas time.

  16. I HAD Celiac for 11 years, my GI doctor told me “in all my years of being a doctor I have never seen anyone who was so sensitive to gluten and wheat!” About the 8th day of the Novena I was cured of my Celiac. Now, I can receive OUR BELOVED LORD in the EUCHARIST and not only the Blood of Christ! Tears of joy and so much praising too Our Lord and thanksgiving to our Lovely Lady who I call “Mama Mary.”

  17. I have prayed the beautiful novenas over the past year asking for a miracle for my son. My son passed both the Series 7 and Series 63 exams to work in the financial industry. Thank you!! Sacred Heart, Our Blessed Mother, and all the Saints. Amen.

  18. Thank you, to our Heavenly Mother Mary, and St Monica & St Augustine. My son has been battling addiction for 14 years compounded by a work accident causing back injury leading to depression. My husband is suffering from Alzheimer’s which makes our daily life more challenging as the 3 of us live together in one house. In the past 2 weeks there has been a dramatic change in my son after he disappeared for 10days. I worry a lot but turned my worry to prayers and left it in Our Mothers hands. Thank you, thank you

  19. I want to thank mother Mary ,all the angels and saints and members of Pray More Novena for answered prayers.I prayed for a peaceful divorce from my husband who had made life for me and my daughter so horrible,on the 14th of this month judgement was passed in my favour and I ve full custody of my daughter.I still await success story in my just concluded promotion examination and I believe that prayer will be answered too.thank you all for praying along with me

  20. Praise and Glory to God, Our Heavenly Father, the Son, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit;
    and Especially *Our Blessed Mother*, Mary*,
    for Prayers answered in Healing Our Daughter
    from her immediate and serious Heart Problem, etc…. This Novena to Our Blessed Mother has worked Miracles!!!

  21. I have done several novenas with you asking God for a job. I am pleasing to tell everyone who has prayed with me here that I have found a full time time. It is a tough market out there and I can only say it is God’s Grace that paved a way for me.
    Thank you

  22. Please Mother Mary, grant a positive decision from the tribunal hearing this week before end of this 2017 year, so we can have the house built quuckly and move into our home.

  23. Heil Mary, mother of God, thank you so much, the father of my baby is promising to buy us a house next week. I thank you and I adore you

  24. Heil Mary, Mother of God, thank you, my prayers were answered, my brother is out of hospital and the pain is gone. Alleluia!!!