Answered Prayers from the Sts. Louis & Zelie Martin Novena

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Thank you so much for joining us in praying the Novena to Sts. Louis & Zelie Martin!

If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout this novena, please share those with us all below!

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  1. am grateful that dad went to my home village since december and more to that haawa got a parttime job

    thanks GOD

  2. Thank you St. Louis & Zelie Martin for having intercede for me towards God. My daughter who was anxious and stressed is now in peace and has been able to talk to us. Thank you Lord. Amen

  3. I would like to thank God for all the blessings and miracles he has done in my life,finally my son George has gotten a visa..we thank God for all his mercies and kindness.Amen

  4. I’m in remission from a highly reoccurring cancer and recently had some scans. While there they repeated several which had me greatly concerned they had found something. I prayed the novena during this time and learned all is well. Thank you dear Lord and Sts. Louis & Zelie Martin! I’m honored I was able to visit your shrine in France.

  5. Praise God, my husband got a new good paying job and l was able to get a good babysitter for my kids. God has so good to me and my family and. can’t thank him enough.

  6. Praise God. My son shared with us today that he and his girlfriend got engaged today. Thank you As. Louis and Zellie. I pray they have a sacramental wedding. Thank you for all your prayers.

  7. Prayed that my husband would understand my need to go home once a year to see my brothers and sisters. During the novena my husband brought up the subject and said he feels like it wouldn’t be a problem for me to go home once a year and visit. I believe it was day 7 of the novena. I’m so grateful to God for this answer to my prayers and grateful to Sts Louis and Zelie Martin for their intercession. Thank you also for posting these Novenas. God Bless you

  8. Gods has favoured me in Many ways:-
    Good health,success in my job,a very stable and supportive family,Good health for my Parents,Spiritual growth peace and in so many other ways.
    Glory be to his Holy Name,now and Forever .Amen.

  9. I like to thank the almighty for the gift of speech for my son Emmanuel. He about 2yera old and is only now learning to talk. God answered me in keeping my pregnant sister strong to write her final exams within her EDD period. He healed my mom.
    Praise the Lord!

  10. Thank You Lord Jesus. Thank you Sts Louis and Zelie Martin. My hemoglobin improved today as well as my creatinine and kidney function. God is Great! Thank you!!!!
    Love You with all my heart!!!

  11. I have found a safe refuge for my ailing husband and financial help for me. Only through this Novena and Saints Louis and Zelie Martin speaking to God for me could this miracle happen. Saint Louis gave me a miracle 21 years ago. I am blessed.

  12. Thank you Sts. Louis and Zelie Martin for your intercession. Thank you for the blessing of the two interviews for the position I have been praying for for over three years. Thank you for the confidence that I felt during the interview, and that the interviewers caught a glimpse of a “natural” me who has good experience and gifts to offer. I pray for them as they deliberate over their decision, that God will grant me the favor and miracle of having a position offered to me, as I would be forever grateful and ever so conscious to do the best job that I can. I would NOT take the blessing for granted but forever praise God for His generosity and goodness.
    In Christ’s name, Amen.

  13. Husband Ray went for his 3-month bloodwork followup and though his numbers are still on the low side, they were better than last time so no need for bone marrow biopsy, so praise God for that improvement. He returns in another 3 months for same blood tests.

  14. Thank you Sts. Louis and Zelie Martin. After loosing all my retirement money in a scam. I have been applying for a job. By the grace of God, thru your intersection, I was hired yesterday to work with hospice and home care patients. I continue to ask for your intersection, that I will do a good job in caring for these patients. Thank you Jesus, May your will always be done in my life.
    In Christ Jesus

  15. Thanks to everyone who prayed along with me.. May God bless you all. I received a blesseing after praying 9 days novena to sts zelie & Louis. I got the visa processing letter today..
    When I started praying I didn’t have a belief, but today I praise our Lord for giving these saints..

  16. Dear Sts Louis & Zelie Martin thank you for blessing my 2nd girl pass her 1st yr Law Exams.Please bless my older girl who just had her baby of six wks old,bless her husband to be understanding to our needs & understand what we say in this time my daughter needs aid with her new baby.Grant them peace & joy as they go about their parenthood.Please pray for my godson 41yrs old who lost his job again,hv mercy on him grant him some goodness in this point of his life,some joy any man his age will like to have when compared to his friends,a secure job,a wife,a kid, a house/car to call his own.Wipe his tears,do not make him go into depression & bring something not quite right upon himself dear Saints.Also dear Saints another of my nephew will know bout his job on Monday,please pray for him to hv his job secured cos his parents are old & need him to pay their house rental.Amen

  17. We have been praying for Hunter Schurba – senior in HS involved in one car accident in medical induced coma. He is in rehab and eating!!!!!!!

  18. Thank you Sts. Louis and Zelie! Along with St. Anthony, St. Joseph and our Blessed Mother, you have started my beautiful daughter on her path home to mental, physical and spiritual health with this new job. Please also continue to help us find a Catholic Counselor for her who understands how to help people with PTSD. ♡

  19. Thank you for the gift of family Sts. Louis & Zelie Martin
    We continue to pray for all families be shrines of peace love respect and labour.

    we thank you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ

  20. 7/11/19
    Hello, i have absolutely enjoyed and prayed every novena with you both for about a year. Thank you for doing God’s work.

    I am the director for Arise private prayer ministry in Farmers Branch, Texas and our prayer teams have dwindled over the past year. I prayed and asked if He could send atleast 2 volunteer prayer people, and He answered. I also prayed for my grandson to get a ride to school. I’m a single mother and have custody of my grandchildren and I got hired for full time employment.

    God always answers in His time. He know what we need and when we need it. Again, thank you for your ministry. God bless!!

  21. I have been praying for an answer to my husbands and my infertility struggles. Yesterday I received results of some tests and it’s an extremely easy, non-invasive, and Catholic approved solution! Praise God!

  22. I’ve been praying for my husband to get a job and he’s got a 3rd interview with one company. Thank you so much Saint Louis and Zelie. Thank you Jesus.

  23. I want to thank saint Louis and Zelie for their intercession, for over four years my husband have not been sleeping on our matrimonial bed with different excuse, there is heat upstairs, the bed pains my body, am tired, I like sleeping on the couch etc. But just this morning around 3pm as I was about to pray my Divine Mercy he came up and slept on the bed. Thank you Jesus and mother Mary for answering my petitions may it be permanent in Jesus name. Amen.

  24. I am thanking God for a gift of life. Good health for my family. Safe journey for my daughter who had just come home from her holidays.
    I am Thanking God also for my son now asking God to help him to fine the right woman in his life. And I know God will sent Angle Rachael to help him as he did for Tobias.

  25. Hello and Shalom,
    Am really delighted and thankful to sts Louis and Zelie Martin for their intercession. My husband who has been aloof for along time towards me confessed that he recognises mistakes and he is ready to be with his nuclear family and doesn’t want other people’s interference. He also confessed that he loves me so much and he appreciates my resilience and hard work. I thank God for prayers answered

  26. Thank you Sts Louis and Zelie Martin. On the 9th day of Novena, my husband and I reconciled. He wants to start anew. Praise the Lord. He is merciful indeed. Amen

  27. I have truly found more joy and acceptance of God’s love and mercy this past week. 💜 A greater sense of peace than I’ve had in a long time.

  28. Thank you Sts. Louis & Zelie Martin for the intercession. My brother is now walking and eating after his head injury. His memory is improving and is talking much more. Thank you to all who joined in this Novena and prayed for my brother.