Answered Prayers from the St. Therese of Lisieux Novena, 2018

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Thank you for joining us in praying the St. Therese of Lisieux Novena!

If you’ve had any of your prayers answered during this novena, please share those with us all below!

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  1. Dear God,
    I am grateful for your miraculous work in my family’s life. I pray though the intercession of St Joseph for employment for my husband and I who are seeking new opportunities this week. We pray for the consultants who are assisting us. We thank you for providing for all our financial needs at this time and keeping our family safe and secure. Thank you for it is done according to Your will and we are both working in March 2020.
    Thank you

  2. I am so grateful to st Therese. I prayed novena to st Therese and my prayers were answered. Thank to st Therese for always being there for us. Lord let your name be praised forever

  3. please pray for JC to reconcile in a loving relationship soon with VK as they are very much in love but needed the few months apart previously to grow in character and faith.

  4. I prayed the novena when I found out I had breast cancer. The first surgery did not excise everything and I prayed that the next surgery would go well and nothing would be found. St Therese sent me a sign and the results of the second surgery surprised my doctor as there was no cancer left anywhere. I know that this was truly an answer to my prayers and I am so incredibly grateful.
    Thank you St Therese for interceding on my behalf.

  5. I prayed a nine day novena to Saint Therese. After the day after I finished my novena I was wondering why I hadn’t received any kind of recognition that my prayer had been heard. However, I still had faith that my prayer had been heard but perhaps not yet answered yet. Still, bothered by my problems, and desperately needing help, I decided to prayer my the little rose/flower prayer again that evening. Later, the next day as I was doing some work, I noticed a pouch with a rosary on my desk. I opened up the pouch and for some reason decided to look on the back of the rosary. It said “Saint Therese”. I later found out that my daughter had dressed up as Mother Teresa for a school project and had borrowed my rosary. She decided to put it on my desk to make sure I had gotten it back. To me, it was such a clear sign that my prayers were being heard. I continued to pray the prayer to Saint Therese, feeling like I just couldn’t give up and needed help. I came across the pouch again a few days later and decided to take a closer look at the pouch. Sure enough- on the front of the pouch there was something I hadn’t really noticed before- a picture of a rose. Thank you Saint Therese for hearing my prayers.

  6. I prayed for the fruit of the womb, I’m still praying for this. however, I’m grateful that the pains I used to experience during my cycle were gone. I’m trusting that it’s an opener for my blessings. continue praying with me. St. Therese, thank you for interceding for me. thank You Lord for the healing, I pray for the blessings.

  7. Dear St Theresa..please help me and pray for me that I pass on my coming exams ..and also please give me a sign if someone that I love now is the right one or will be my husband .Amen

  8. My brother had been looking for a job. He has got a good job on the 6th day after I started st. Theres novena. I thank lord Jesus christ for giving us this blessing thro st.theres. Thank you Jesus.

  9. Dear St Theresa please intercede for me for an improved relationship, understanding and open communication with by younger brother and elder sister. Also please touch my mother’s heart and remove all the negativity from her mind and behavior towards me. Pleasegive her the grace of realisation what wrong she has done and remove her insecurities. For this I pray in the name of Jesus. I promise St Theresa that after my prayers are answered I will share your name and Jesus name with love and honour. And share my testimony to encourage others those who are in need of it. Amen.

  10. I’m half way through my novena to St Therese and the situation I have been praying about has already improved significantly, and I know that God is really listening to St Therese’s prayers. She has also interceded for me in the past in miraculous ways.
    And dearest readers, please don’t worry if you don’t receive a rose as a sign – this does not mean that your prayers aren’t being answered.
    God gives signs to whomever and whenever he wants :) it’s the faith and love put into your prayers that really counts.

  11. Dear St Therese, this is the 2nd time I came back to you to pray for a permanent job. I asked for your prayers and intercession in the mid 2016 when I lose my job overseas and you granted me a permanent job in Jan17. However I was not happy in the role and moved to another job after 18 months. Now my current job which is under a year contract is ending soon and again I am searching for a permanent job. Please help me again this one last request to get a job given my near retirement age.

    Also grant me a good boss who will be my mentor and look after me. I don’t know why but I was very ill treated by my last 3 bosses.

    Please pray for me Saint Therese

  12. Please may I be given an aht cl post and that a financial miracle will take place for my family I have let them down and I am so sorry please give me another chance I do not deserve this but things have not worked out for me not down to me I would be grateful for all your prayers please x

  13. Please may I be given an aht cl post and that a financial miracle will take place for my family I have let them down and I am so sorry please give me another chance I do not deserve this but things have not worked out for me not down to me I would be grateful for all your prayers please x

  14. Dear saint Theresa, pray for my sister chinyere who was having an epileptic situation since 1995 till date, that the good lord will show her mercy and heal her . you have been interceding on my behave and great testimonies have been happening in my life. Grant me this request through Chris our lord. Amen

  15. I want thank God for posting me to a better place even when everybody is complaining about Zamfara me am rejoicing because I was posted to a good office were I will be well paid just like a worker. Thank you Jesus for answering my prayers may his name be glorified.

  16. Thank you my St therese for answering my health petitions and blessing my Mum’s health test with healthy healthy results, please please continue to answering my loud/silent pleas.

    Thank you & peace

    Sonia (Concord, Sydney Australia)

  17. My adult daughters, who were estranged, without my knowing,
    have communicated and agreed to have the families spend Christmas together. That is a miracle! I pray still that this move towards reconciliation may continue.

  18. I prayed this and the Mary Undoer of Knots novenas for several intentions. One has been answered as the lump I felt in my chest earlier this summer disappeared and the tests came back clean ❤️ I have also received a great offer overseas as an answer to my work-related requests.
    I have to admit that I wasn’t always a big fan of St Therese’s. I’d prayed to her a lot before without any answer and so was somewhat disappointed, and thought maybe she just wasn’t the saint for me. But just before this Novena, I saw images of her EVERYWHERE and sensed that she was trying to become my friend <3 So I prayed this Novena and the most important request of all – health, physical and mental – was granted. Thank you St Therese, thank you Mother Mary, thank you Annie and John-Paul! God is good.

  19. I prayed the novena just before sending my artwork off to a show. I asked for an agent or a gallery. Today a gallery in New York contacted me about an exhibition. Thank you St Theresa & Jesus.

  20. I prayed for some answers, clarity and guidance during a time of tremendous change in my life and God sent them to me….I am but a humble servent of His will and have nothing but faith that God has a wonderful plan for me…Amen

  21. Thank you Saint Theresa, for hearing my prayers thank you for blessing all my children and family with good health and a beautiful little boy born this month

  22. St. Therese, I had such hope during this Novena when my husband had been called for an interview towards the end. His first interview was on your feast day and immediately was requested a second. He felt good about them, but has heard nothing. Please, Little Flower, he was laid off over a year ago, and at 61, it’s hard to find a job, he needs to be working!! This also happened during the St. Joseph Novena, and I had such hope, not only for him to get that job, but more so that he and my young adult children would see the power of prayer and lead them to conversion. I am now feeling hopeless and having a hard time understanding? You have answered so many prayers for me through the years and I am truly grateful, but, if you could please help me with my shaky faith again, show me your little way and remind me to pray more. I am happy for those who prayed this Novena and had prayers answered. With love…

  23. I joined the praymorenovena in July and among my prayer requests was for success in a medical board exam for my daughter. She had taken it twice and it was critical that she passed it this time. Her result was released 4 days ago and she passed. I will continue to invite my friends to join in saying the novena. Thank Gid fir abweted prayer. St. Theresa of the Holy Child Jesus, Pray for us!

  24. One day during the novena I was especially bold and asked for a sign from St Therese that my husband would truly know the depth of God’s love for him and that he would join the Catholic church. I have been praying for years for him to become Catholic but this time I was rather bold in asking St Therese for a sign.
    That morning I picked through the day’s mail (snail mail) and saw a package (the direct mail type) with the picture of St Therese. I thought, how interesting to find it after my prayer. Enclosed was a rosary and pictures of roses. Again, I thought how interesting. But I didn’t really need another rosary, nor more junk mail. As I gathered up all the inserts, I saw that the package was NOT addressed to me, but to my husband. This was St Therese reaching out to HIM and the rosary was for him. I wept and was filled with joy. I am now assured that she has taken my prayer directly to Our Lord. And with expectant faith, he will answer my prayer when he deems it the correct time. I’m most grateful and humbled St Therese for your intercession.

  25. I have been praying novenas for a long time now and ever so loving God has been answering my prayers so I can’t say the exact novena that God used to answer my prayers. My husband made a distinction in his Master’s degree program and passed his licensing exam. Praise God! He has been faithful and kind to my family, friends and relatives.

  26. Thanks so much. So grateful.

    Since saying St. Theres’s novenas, my friend got work after years! My mother’s problems actually got a solution. Thanks so much.

    You are all great – and I hope that those who prayed together have also seen the power of faith in God and St. Therese.

    Thank you.

  27. St. Therese: Thank you for interceding on my behalf. Our generous Lord has answered my prayers on 10/8. May our Lord continue to bless you with His joy! GC

  28. I, along with the many people praying the Novenas, have been praying for the last 5 years for our grandson who has been diagnosed with cancer. I am so grateful to share that he has been cancer free for the last 6 months.Thank you to all that have been praying and thank you Jesus, Blessed Mother Mary, St Therese, and all the Saints. We continue to pray his cancer has, at last, been defeated.

    • I prayed this Novena when I found difficulties in my daily duties in my office trying to get myself into the system which was so hard..but I prayed this Novena with faith and I just got them on my finger tips now.

      Thank You St. Theresa for this Miracle.

  29. I usually pray for others, but today I need help, I fought hard for 3 years with my addiction and built a lot, trust, home, relationships. But I fell off the wagon 2or so weeks ago and I don’t want to lose all of that. I have the most support from my family I could ask for and from people I wouldn’t even expected….please pray I can get back up… day 2 and not feeling so hot, hurt my kid, family and friends and spent all my money, so might lose the home I built for us… Sorry it’s not a pity party, I’ve been battling this a long time. I just need strength..

    Thank you

  30. I prayed that my apartment would be rented for the winter, this is a tough time for this. There were only two applicants, and weak ones, but the father of one signed on to help. My new renter is so happy to have been able to find a place and stay in the city to work. Thank you St. Therese!

  31. I have had anxiety attacks over money situation because I am retired and have not had the fortune of getting gainful employment. Praying to St Teresa of Lesiuex and asking her to send me a little rose from heaven showered so many roses that I cannot fathom.My daughter got two promotions in one year.My financial burden has somehow eased and God secured an overseas stay for 3 months that I was panicking about.Indeed with God all things are possible.
    I praise God
    I bless God
    I love God
    I thank God
    I magnify God and
    I thank him for his great glory.

  32. I prayed for St. Therese’s intercession for a dear friend who was undergoing a workup for breast cancer- that she would remain healthy and be able to continue her vocation as a mother to 3 small children. I found out a few days after St. Therese’s feast day that her biopsies came back negative for cancer. God is so good!