Answered Prayers from the St. Therese Novena, 2020

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Thank you so much for joining us in praying the St. Therese Novena! We hope you’ve grown closer to Christ through St. Therese’s prayers — we know that’s her greatest hope for us all!

If you’ve had any of your prayers answered during this novena, please share those with us all below! We love to hear and share how God is working through our prayers here in the Pray More Novenas community.

We are continuing to pray for you & your intentions!

Please do not give up on hope if your prayers have seemingly gone unanswered. God is still working, He is still with you. And we’re praying for you.

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  1. God healed my mum and gave me divine connection and financial assistance.

  2. I lost my job in March 2020 and prayed that I can at least get a job by end of September 2020. I started praying the St. Therese 9 novena a my prayer was answer on Sept 28, 2020 ! Praise God & Thank you St. Therese.

  3. I feel like I have been looking at my cup the wrong way. I am looking my cup half-empty when I should’ve been looking it as half-full. There have been a GREAT improvement in my relationship with my ex partner. I always pray that we’ll get back officially together in love and relationship but I overlooked how everything is getting BETTER everyday. Thank you, St. Therese for everything that you have done to be where we are right now.

    We’re now casually talking and hanging out at times. He makes my heart really happy. I still continue to pray for the restoration of our relationship. But for now, I pray that this will continue to bloom and improve and that it will get better.

    I love you, St. Therese.

  4. For my health issues. That they may subside and that my hair loss as a result may stop. I am having an incredibly hard time coping. My confidence is gone. I’m sad. I can’t focus on anything else except how much this is all affecting me. I just want to be a good mom to my son and a good wife but these health issues both what others can see and can’t see, are casting a horrible cloud over every day of my life. Please St Jude, bless me with healing for what has seemed like the most impossible cause. Amen

  5. Want to thank God and St.Theresa for the answer prayers about financial breakthrough.and my marriage is atlist working better nowadays hoping for the best in years to come.also having peace of mind is what I thank God most for. Let’s pray for each other and God will bless us

  6. My son was depressed and unmotivated after a tour in Afghanistan with the US Army. After the novena he has found an apartment he loves and is doing great in college. God bless ❤️

  7. On the same day I started St. Therese Novena, I also prayed to St. Raphael and St. Michael for my husband. His pain was uncomfortable, and he couldn’t walk normally. His doctor thought he would need surgery and ordered an ultrasound before making any decision. However, the pain went away quickly a few days after I started the novena. I believe with St. Therese, St. Raphael, and St. Michael intercession so that my husband could go back to his usual daily activities.

  8. Just read so many of the beautiful answered prayers below.

    We were praying for my wayward son, he was asked to play piano with a group at church and he agreed, continued prayers for his heart to return to the Lord and the Church and that this opportunity to share his God given gifts will help guide his seeking.

    My mother is healing beautifully, continued prayers for her to have no pain and complete healing.

    My husband and I and marriages everywhere, continue to grow and blossom!

    God is good All the time!!!

  9. Through the intercession of St. Therese, our prayers were answered that the heartbeat of one twin my daughter is carrying would become stronger. We were blessed and now she has two healthy babies. Thank you for uniting us in prayer with this ministry.

  10. During the novena l ask God for peace in my marriage and family too, l thank God for answering prayers , thank you Jesus Christ of Nazareth

  11. Praise the lord!
    I want to share that since I started praying novena , I have a peace in my heart . God Is great.

    I would like also to share with you that , to pray for me the lord to have mercy on me and protect me from getting HIV virus , on June I had a sexual contact with someone affected with HIV , and failed to let her to have a test before ….., so please pray for me in the next novena my dear brothers and sister’s in Christ

  12. I want to thank the Lord for the peace that i have through praying this novenas and much much love for my Lord Jesus. I just want more of Jesus in my life.
    May God bless you abundantly for praying with us

  13. On the last day of the novena i got an invitation for an interview, i went and got the job and reported today . Thank you Jesus praise you Jesus.
    St Therese of the Child Jesus, pray for us.

  14. My sister was called for a job after this novena.I still pray that God provides me a job,grow my business as well,bless and protect every member of my family as we look foward to St. Jude’s novena

  15. Please watch over my son, and have him continue to be happy and healthy baby. Keep growing and catch up with his weight, and develop intellectually well above average.

    Also, slow down the rotation of the earth to slow down time, and make every minute 90 seconds long.

    Thank you St. Therese Novena!

  16. Praying keeps us faithful and hoping. It results to endurance and strength to carry on. Answered prayers will always be according to the will and plan of God to each one of us for what is best of us and in His good timing for what we need. In our time of trials and challenging situations, we can always offer it as our own cross to carry and unite it with the sufferings of Jesus Christ who died for our sins to bring us salvation and to eternal life.

  17. A very special thanks to Saint Theresa. I saw my Oncologist on Thursday and I will not need neither chemotherapy nor radiation. My cancer was caught early and the surgery worked.

  18. I got a new job thanks to the intercession of St Therese. Even though it has not yet been officially confirmed. Still waiting for the contract paper.

  19. Good day

    Thank tou st Theresa for sending Roses to my family. I got promoted at work, got salary increment and my baby sister got married.
    Thank you Jesus thank you Holy spirit and God the father for answering my prayers

  20. I have prayed St.Therese novena for getting an interview from Ireland . It is my long cherished dream to work in Ireland as a registered nurse. Even though I passed my exam,I didn’t get any interview from Ireland.Many of friends are waiting for the same. While I prayed this novena ,I got an interview from Ireland government hospital and I was selected. This was a blessing from Lord Jesus through St.Theresa. It is a miracle in my life.All my colleagues and Friends are surprised to hear this.

  21. Thanks to St Theresa my son is leaving his job in the armed forces and will be home with his family. His little boy has missed him so much.
    Thank you St Theresa for this answer to 🙏 prayer.

  22. I was praying for my daughter A-M for all her needs , spiritual and temporal, the Lord answer me through the intercession of Saint Therese , my daughter just gut an audition , as an actor she was struggling for long time. Thank you Lord for your goodness and thank you Sainte Therese for your intercession and to all who pray for my intentions . My daughter is also growing in faith , praise the Lord!

  23. September 23rd I was diagnosed with Large B Cell Lymphoma (non Hodgkin) and a tumor was also found on my spine wrapping around my spinal cord. Immediately God opened doors for me to receive the best medical team. I’ve been added to multiple prayer chains around the world (I’m a Discalced Third Order Carmelite). The Lord’s peace prevails even in the midst of completing 10 emergency radiation treatments on my spine, and have completed by first chemotherapy. This week a close friend (not Catholic) sent a beautiful handmade quilt covered with roses, because “the roses reminded her of me.” St. Therese has always been so faithful. My heart is drawn intensely to pray for the conversion of souls. Please pray for peace and conversion for my husband, Mike, of 56 years. My prayer is he and I will pray together through this new journey.

  24. I prayed this Novena for my daughter to be able to find a job well today she was offered a job with a company that she used to work for and she will be able to go back to work on Friday Thank you for intercedeing my prayers and special intentions

  25. My wife was initially diagnosed with stage 2 lymphedema bur after this novena was backed up to stage 1 which requires much less burdensome treatment. Thank you St. Therese and all who prayed this novena.

  26. Through the intercession of St. Terese, I received the strength to endure my chronic illness and help to go through my daily life with less difficulties.

  27. Thank you for my husband’s job.
    Thank you for my daughter and thank you for abundance, love, peace, happiness and good health.

  28. God exposes the plans of the perpetrators, the evil ones in where I build house unto my wife during this prayers, praise the Almighty God

  29. Am so great full ever since j joined the novena session I have had many prayers ansad
    1. My dad finally stopped drinking
    2. My 2 sistaz health improved a lot
    3. I got a job
    Thank u very much to these saints

  30. Am so great full ever since j joined the novena session I have had many prayers ansad
    1. My dad finally stopped drinking
    2. My 2 sistaz health improved a lot
    3. I got a job
    Thank u very much

  31. I received 60k from one of my relations for my project.I want to say a big thank you to St Theresa and St Anthony for God’s answer to my prayers.

  32. I prayed for two things, and both prayers were answered!!! my sister to find work hoping that it is something that she enjoys and makes her happy- and maybe pays well…she got the call an hour ago! Fun job, nice folks, pay is fine! Also, I prayed for a little extra money…they canceled our bonuses in April due to Covid19, and on the 1st we received a partial direct deposit since business could afford to do it after all! Wow! Two miracles- both of which were what i Prayed for! :)

  33. I prayed for financial freedom to that I can support my family. Before the end of the novena,I got unexpected and unmerited Favours. I thank God for answered prayers and permanent blessings.

  34. I was self sponsored at tertiary level, but the novena helped me today I received the good news that I have got the sponsor



  35. Am very grateful to Almighty God and St.Therese for my answered prayer,I have been praying and especially requesting for job/employment, when we started St.Therese novena I requested that job/employed, few days later I was called for the interview which I went and did,on Tuesday I was called that I have secured the job.I will always say thank you God.

  36. I received an invitation for a final interview on the feast day of St. Teresa with a job offer the following week. Today, I pray in thanksgiving for this opportunity the Lord and St. Therese has revealed for me.

  37. My husband., had 3 months contract it was extended to 2 years. My sister was unwell she is now ok. Thank you for your prayers and all Gliry and honour to God.

  38. Thank you St Therese for your intercession and all prayers are heard. I am blessed to have a loving and understanding husband, no matter what arguments and misunderstanding we went through it will never end with a long and unpleasant silence treatments. We were able to mend the mend the pieces and hurts quickly. Amen and praise be to God

  39. We prayed for our son to be born on or after October 1 because his birth date will affect my leave from work. Prayers answered, he is still in the womb and remaining healthy.

  40. I also ask for always good health and always positive myind of my husband Jojo….this i ask and pray.amen

  41. God has answered my prayers for reconciling with my husband. We are working hard at the relationship and we have learned that turning to God for guidance and letting him work through us is the only way to help us face any challenges. Thank you John-Paul and Annie.

  42. Im praying and asking for the grace of giving us a healthy baby boy and painless labor and normal delivery..

    Im also asking for the safety of my whole family especially my beloved mother,Josephine L. Orola
    My daughter,Alexandra Jazmine Balbuena also to my fiance Joy Soldevilla
    also my twin sister in New Zealand Arnelle,Ryan and my nephew ezekiel Valdes.Christine,Mark and my nephew Kian Salaracanlao.St.Therese please grant my intension.

  43. Im praying and asking for the grace of giving us a healthy baby boy and painless labor and normal delivery..

    Im also asking for the safety of my whole family especially my beloved mother,Josephine L. Orola
    My daughter,Alexandra Jazmine Balbuena
    also my twin sister in New Zealand Arnelle,Ryan and my nephew ezekiel Valdes.Christine,Mark and my nephew Kian Salaracanlao.St.Therese please grant my intension.

  44. I’ve been doing my best to pray these novenas with you for a year now after facing marriage crisis and my rebellious 15 yr old son moving in with his biological dad. While I’m still steadfast in praying for restoration of our marriage, my son has miraculously started seeking the Lord! He requested a Bible with a desire to learn and has since shared many theological ponderings with me! Thank you to all who have prayed, and all saints for your intercessions, especially St Monica and St Augustine!

  45. Pray for me as battling anxiety and panic attacks, to be relocated nearer home, as the new relocation offer is even further to.
    The thought has send me back, this illness.

  46. My son has been abusing marijuana for the last six years but after this novena and many others he is changing for the better. He has not smoked this drugs in one week and has completely cut off the friends who have been a bad influence.
    Thank you Lord for saving our son.

  47. I am very grateful to have been sent this link from a friend to pray these Novenas. One of my intentions were for my Granddaughter who was battling cancer. At her last appointment her tumors were considerably smaller and cancer markers very encouraging. Thank you for praying for her and all other prayer requests here.

  48. Dear prayer mates. May you be blessed. Through our Novena prayers recently I prayed, among other things for the healing of our two sons who were C-19 positive. They are now free of the virus and I thank the Lord for His mercy. I pray for myself to get employment for me to be able to sustain my family and serve the less privileged better.

  49. have mercy on me Jesus I am in need of total healing on this food LUST binge addiction thank you101.5 I trust you Jesus thank you

  50. I may be too late adding this but I read the novenas to a lady from church who is legally blind this last novena was the 17th one. Today she confided in me that it helped with depression that she has suffered from. We have become friends through this connection that we now have each morning. God works in wonderful ways through others.

  51. I want to thank you all for praying the novenas with me for my special intentions – 1. For my husband’s speedy recovery from his cancer operation (sarcoma). 2. That my daughter recovers well from a miscarriage (16wks Angel we bamed vaby) and that she and get husband would be blessed with child. Both intentions have been answered. He is recrovering well and almost back to preop strenģth after 7wks in hospital.
    As for my daughter, announced that they are having a baby a day after the novena to St Therese of Lisieux. We are grateful to our Blessed mother Mary and all the saints fir interceding for me in Jesus’ names Amen.

  52. I have been praying the novenas you have been sending, the latest being St. Theresa.
    I have been so peaceful and happy. I have received wisdom too. I thank God for the brilliant ideas I am receiving for my upcoming business. I know God has answered my requests.
    may the Lord be praised, glorified, loved today, tomorrow and forever. Amen

  53. Please help to pray my son Alvin to become a permanent in his job. He’s been in his work as a contractual for almost two years now. If he can’t be permanent, please help him to pray that he can find a permanent job with benefits that he likes. I pray this in Jesus name. Amen.

  54. Am so much greatful to the Almighty God and St Therese,, am now a bit relieved from the financial challenges though still having some uncleared items my hopes are high that I will surely overcome it. Thanks so much team for the prayers.

  55. My wife had a successful kidney transplant by the grace of our lord God Father in heaven through the powerful intersession of St. Therese of Lisieux of the child Jesus .
    I thank you St. Therese for thy prayers and intersession . Be with us always, bless us all and help us to draw closer to our lord .

    Richard/ Samona

  56. Praise and Glory be to our Almighty God for His unending blessings and favours. My son whom i have been praying for who is struggling with alcoholism, has now acknowledged his problem, and accepted that only in trusting God will he be able to fight this and now he has started going to the Holy mass ,even when he misses the morning Sunday mass he makes an effort to attend the evening mass. My daughter also is struggling to have children, now i feel peace within me , i know for certain there is divine intersession, and all in God”s own good time will eventually be realized, as when i finished the Novena my son was miraculously saved from a motor accident, and the family house miraculously saved from fire, i take these as signs from God , to keep on waiting on God for all these will be realize

  57. My marriage of four years which has been nothing but disaster for the last four years just started taking the better direction. And my husband doors are beginning to open for him. Thanks to St. Theresa your intervention .

  58. I hereby confirm that high blood pressure that I was complaining I am now getting better. My Lord Jesus Christ is doing miracles on me. I praise you Jesus Christ. I love you Jesus Christ. I adore you Jesus Christ. Amen

  59. Is was put of her compassionate love that st. Therese intercede for me though am expecting the good nice, everything is coming step by step. And I believe that I will be grant Visa to study abroad and to pass my IELTS EXAM. Which is everything to me now. 😁

  60. I thank our mighty father in heaven, since u started the St. Therese novena I feel much relieved, peace inside me n more trust in God’s Providence.
    Thank you Lord, thank you St Therese for your intercession

  61. I prayed for my son who is suffering from a mental condition, not willing to follow doctors instruction to give up addiction in order to assess his mental situation before referral for treatment. Only a few days ago I heard for the first time he stoped using, still he is far away from his condition fearful to seek a job in USA . Praying to St Theresa I feel he has taken the first step and he will persevere. Thank you for praying with me, and continue to pray for this intention.

  62. Thank you St Therese for blessing my sister with safe test results from all the acute pain she has been suffering.Please make the medication prescribed by her doctor heal her miraculously & make her be well on her feet again.Amen

  63. Thank you St. Therese for your intercession and for favors received. Our middle daughter bidded on a house and her offer was accepted on the 30th, the day we finished the novena! Which happened to be the day before her birthday (Oct. 1)! God is an on time God. Praise, honor and glory be to Him! Thank you all for your prayers!

  64. .
    I would like to recomend the new movie of Fatima.
    It will reaffirm the most sceptical of us.
    The power of prayer, faith and humanism .
    We all have the power but we need to believe,
    During this time of isolation and suspect.
    Now I have made a conscious decision to
    GOD BLESS at least 5 people every day.
    Most of time just to do it because we all need a blessing these days.
    So I say to each of you
    You every ONE and yours.

  65. I thank the Lord for my new grand child that was born in perfect health.
    I am praying for peace in my son’s family and his marriage.

  66. My daughter and her husband have been trying out non-denominational Christian churches, looking for a good fit for their family. She told me today that she wanted to go back to the Catholic Church “because it felt like home.”
    Thank you St Thérèse and all the Saints in heaven for placing my requests to Our Lord.

  67. My fiancé is a widower with an 8 year old daughter. I prayed this novena for our relationship to grow strong and for this little girl to see me as her mother because i truly love her as my own. The other day she told her aunt she wanted to speak with me. I was so pleased because before now when i call, she’ll just greet and says she has nothing else to say.

  68. I am taking my daughter to the hospital. She has been spitting blood lately. Pray that it is nothing serious when the tests come back or that she will be completely healed. I am also having problem trying to get my husband, family to pray together for our intentions, in particular for a new home/house. I have been praying everyday since November last year, but now i feel as though i am giving up. Please pray for all the above and most especially that I persevere in my prayers, that i continue to place my trust in the Lord and that my faith be strengthen and i come to experience the Lord in a whole new way.

  69. Thank you st Therese of lisieux for interceding my intentions I’m so greatful for all that you are doing in my life and for answering my prayers. ❤️💐

  70. During the Novena, a group of us prayed for an increase in enrollment at our Catholic school and those throughout the US. We have already gained one family AND I was given a raise. My heart is so full of gratitude.

  71. As we started the novena, I get incredible peace, large amounts of patient and my daughter started to pray the rosary every day with many faith. Those are miracles and beautiful gifts from God by the intercesion of the little flower <3

  72. Thank you St Therese. We finished the St Therese novena on the 30th of Sept, on the 1st of October, I got a job offer I’d been waiting for. Our God is Able, to Him be all the Glory and Honour.

  73. I didn’t think I had any prayers to share but I just found out my niece who’s only 11 years old is in remission from ulcerative colitis.
    Thank you St. Therese and Jesus

  74. I prayed for my friends daughter who was diagnosed with a problem one of the ovaries was oozing water.On Mon after the check up the doctor gave an appointment for Jan 2021.the girl is nolonger in Pai as before..I thank God and continue to pray for total recovery.

  75. My sister asked me to pray for her son that was having trouble, he was very unhappy with his work situation, it is a family business. I prayed that he would be able to come to terms with his issues and things are getting better. Thank you Lord and Saint Therese.

  76. I would love to share the photos of the beautiful Roses that bloomed for me at the end of my novena to St . Therese but couldn’t find a way to upload them here. I asked her to please send me a rose just to let me know my prayers were heard. She sent me 10!!! One for every day I prayed plus the closing prayer. They are perfect! Heaven sent! We had already had a couple frosts and roses typically do not bloom in October in NY. The entire plant is dormant except for a perfect shaped “bouquet” of 10 red roses! Thank you St. Therese for hearing me and blessing me with these beautiful roses!!

    Mary Ellen Ryan

  77. Thank you St Therese for favours received.
    My son got a promotion and both he and my daughter have a job to go to during this pandemic.
    Still praying for his housing issues to be sorted out.
    May we soon find a cure for this virus.

  78. Since i started this novena have been experiencing great peace in my life and also in my relationship with my fiancee, my debtors started paying me.thanks be to God

  79. I don’t know if my prayers were answered; they’re kind of biggies. But the day after the novena ended I was waiting to clean the confessional. Two girls were going through after mass (instead of before). Usually I’m busy busy busy. Ushering. Attending Mass. Cleaning after. I’m rarely ‘still’ in church anymore, but I was just waiting for the confessional door to open, so I was gazing up the center aisle toward the cross and tabernacle. I thought I saw a big fly in the center of the center aisle, so I grabbed a tissue to go pick it up. It wasn’t a fly. It wasn’t a rose either. But it was the tiniest red flower…. just out in the middle of the church. I love St Teresa.

  80. My daughter’s boyfriend contacted her after a very long silence. i thank St. Therese for praying for her. I am still praying for marriage proposal.

  81. Thank u St Theresia my prayers regarding debts I owe diamond trust bank and and mount meru hotel which have been postponed. Please continue praying for me for my business at Mount meru hotel to pick up and sales to reach usd 200 per day and also Imboru Tours LTD to get guests, Kenya ports authority to pay modern holdings and burunge wma to Imboru tours Ltd to make me sinless and debt free when I die. Amen.

  82. There was an exams l had to register and my uncle promised to send me the money, when the time came for him to send me the money he was not picking my calls nor replying my text, the next day after our novena l got up and saw the money in my phone he had send it, God is wonderful

  83. My contract ended on 30th September 2020. But I have been praying this novena of St.Thereza to get a new job. Immediately on 1st October 2020 I got a job my husband was looking for loan to add in his project he got it also. I thank St.Thereza for answering my prayers

  84. Thanks to st Therese I have been praying for my Work Case investigation. I have noticed signs that things are going the right direction. I have been allocated the right people who are working to a positive outcome. It’s not yet over but it’s a step toward right direction. I will continue pray Prayers has NEVER let me down. Holly mother of God pray for us and shower us with your blessings 🙏🙏🙏

  85. I thank each and everyone whom has prayed this Novena with our St Theresa intervening with with us for our intentions and request for others prayers to be fulfilled.
    I have prayed this Novena asking for prayers for a job for my older daughter.
    She not only got one, but two jobs which she is really excited to do. Her father has been now begging her to return home after kicking her out two months now.
    My daughter is only 20 years old, she told me, she has forgiven everyone that has wronged her and I most certainly grateful to hear those words coming from her. I believe our prayers were devine and God answers our request. My daughter’s action and conversations seems to be more gears towards wanting to be closer to God.
    I feel truly blessed.
    Thank you all again.