Answered Prayers from the St. Therese Novena, 2020

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Thank you so much for joining us in praying the St. Therese Novena! We hope you’ve grown closer to Christ through St. Therese’s prayers — we know that’s her greatest hope for us all!

If you’ve had any of your prayers answered during this novena, please share those with us all below! We love to hear and share how God is working through our prayers here in the Pray More Novenas community.

We are continuing to pray for you & your intentions!

Please do not give up on hope if your prayers have seemingly gone unanswered. God is still working, He is still with you. And we’re praying for you.

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  1. Please st Teresa pray for my son. Just had brain tumor removed yesterday
    Praying biopsy comes back benign . I need a christmas miracle

  2. THANK YOU. THANK YOU, ST. THERESE. YOU NEVER FAIL ME! I am beyond grateful.

    I thought I’d share this experience with you all. My heart feels really full with so much love and gratitude and I want to share this with you all as a sign of gratitude for this prayer community.

    I’ve been on a breakup for quite some time now. I kept on praying ever since. On the last day of my recent novena, my partner contacted me and said some really kind words. In that instant I received the message, I felt tears running down my face. IT FELT SURREAL. I did not expect it to happen at that time. I immediately prayed to St. Therese and THANKED HER and asked for guidance. Tears continue to run down my face because of so much happiness and shock and awe. Fast forward, I replied and we talked for a while. The conversation ended in a beautiful, calm way.

    I still pray to St. Therese that soon, our conversations would never have to end. I still pray for a beautiful continuation of our story. But for now, I am always hopeful that St. Therese listens and will intercede and pray for me like a sister, a friend and a mighty saint. With everything that has happened to me and everything that is happening, I know St. Therese and the Lord are always there for me. St. Therese never fails to assure me that she is always there. Whenever I ask for a sign, she always listens and show up in amazing ways.

    Please help me pray for the restoration of our relationship, that soon we’ll be able to get back together through the Lord’s will and St. Therese’s intercession and guidance. I pray for a Christmas miracle.

    God bless you all!

  3. 🌼 THANK YOU St Therese for all the guidance and love you have given me over the past few months. I have been going through a break up for 3 months. I kept on praying for us to get back together. Still no resolution but within those months, whenever I ask St. Therese for a sign, she is ALWAYS there mostly in the form of roses. A lot had happened between me and my partner, some good and some bad. Yesterday, we decided to start healing on our own first. It felt calm and pure and happy. And I saw yellow flowers on my feed. It was flooding with yellow flowers. I asked St. Therese for a sign of a yellow rose/flower before if my partner and I are going to get back together. And there she was, doing miracles. It might not happen now but I trust in St. Therese and her intercessions for me. She has never failed me. Never. It was a miracle that my partner and I talked calmly and happy yesterday. Maybe soon, we will be able to get back together in God’s time. I still continue to pray to St. Therese for my petitions that soon all my prayers will be answered. THANK YOU THANK YOU St. Therese. I LOVE YOU! The world deserves to know your kindness. Amen.

  4. I started doing these novenas about a year ago. I love them, I love the email reminders and I wanted to share my story amongst others. During the St. Therese novena, I was very busy and stressed for I was trying to get approved for my first new home. During the stressful days and long nights, I had to be working on top of being a mother and fiancee. I wouldn’t forget my novena no matter what time of the day it was. On day 8 of the novena, we did our closing on the house and I am happily living in the house already! Truly blessed.

  5. i know its not the feast of st . Theresa but i had the novena on my mailbox and i have so many pressing issues so i decided to do the novena on my own. Asking for a job and other things. At the ninth day of the novena my former employer sent me a message to come back to work. I also left my wallet at the train station the same and it was found later without anything missing. I am really grateful to God.

  6. I said the St. Theresa of lisieux and the St Joseph Novena. Praying for God’s direction on on getting a job.
    The week I finished the novena I got two jobs of which I had to choose one and I have resumed. I thank God for everything!

  7. My father is dying from COVID. He is 82 and alone in a hospital. My mother, 75, also has COVID. Please pray that my dad is surrounded with the love of Jesus.

  8. Please join me to thank our good God for HIS miracles. My son just passed his senior secondary examination in flying colours!

    The whole family is very grateful, thankful to God.

  9. I prayed for my friend who was searching to buy a house and her search was fruitless, I prayed for her to get a good house in a good location within her budget and she was blessed and God answered favorably by even getting it for her below her budget thus rendering her debt free as tha was her aim of down sizing
    Glory and honor to you Lord Jesus Christ

  10. Dear God, through the intercession of St Jude, thank you for sparing us from harm during the Super typhoon Rolly. I cannot thank you enough.

  11. Prayers work. My husbands 12+ hour heart surgery was Blessed & he made it thru & even Drs are amazed as they were worried he may not make it & he did & he’s recovering & WE ARE BLESSED. Thank You all for doing what you do so well & eloquently PRAYERS WORK & WE ARE FEELING/SEEING BLESSINGS. THANK YOU FROM OUR HEARTS ST THERESA’S MIRACLES WORK.

  12. Please join my family and I to thank God for answered prayers on behalf of our daughter Theresa
    she saw her menstruation for the first time at age 14 and after then, it was always unstable, sometimes, 6 months, 8 months even one year, she will not see her period.
    we kept praying for it to be normal, done several tests, but no dramatic change.
    Then we joined in the novena to St Theresa who is her patron saint.
    Her 21st birthday is this October 20th and just few days before before then, her period came..
    The last time she saw her mensuration was last in February!

    please glorify the Lord with us and pray that this miracle remains permanent.

    let her mensuration continue to flow every month like how it ought to be normally in Jesus name.

    Thank you Jesus

    we kept

  13. My relationship with my ex-partner is continually improving ever since I started praying to St. Therese. I pray that we’ll get back together soon.

  14. My partner, has got the weekend job he has been waiting for . Thank you for all your prayer and thank you st Theresa.

  15. I have prayed this nine day novena for saint therese and Iv taking a pregnancy test with two lines so I’m pregnant I’ve had 5 miscarriages in the past thank you saint therese please pray for healthy pregnancy

  16. My prayers were answered in many ways. My son received money long overdue and has moved to a safer state. I feel more internal peace. I thank God and all the Saints every day.

  17. I had asked St. Therese to pray for my mom, Anatalia, who had been diagnosed with COVID-19. She is 83 yrs old and in a nursing home. She has suffered much and is currently on Hospice, but through the grace of God and prayers answered, she is COVID free! Thank you St. Therese for your intercession!

  18. Hi All

    This is to let you know that my Novena prayer over has been answered. I prayed that he would softhen his heart to his cousins and start contributing to the Group which he used to do.
    To God be the Glory, my prayers have been answered.
    Thanks to St Therese and all the other Angels and saints for always interceding on my behalf.
    Thanks also to our dearest Mother – Mary, who always intercedes for us.
    Thank you Jesus for answered prayers.

    Please let’s continue to lift each and everyone of us up in prayer.

  19. i thank God for the previous novenas, that my husband had pronounced leaving the faith but I thank God that on Friday the 16th October 2020, he was able to join us in a thanks giving Mass in the home and he testified on the good things that God has granted him so far in the many ailments that he has suffered but he is still alive

  20. I ran out money for my two rental units project. Through this novena I received more money than I asked for. My relationship with my daughter is also improving and I am at Peace with problems within my family. Thank you dear Father God for answering my prayers. Thank you St Therese for this Novena.

  21. My elder sister who has been married for about 7yrs without a child.Did IVF early dis year buh eventually lost her triplets preterm.

    God has finally blessed her with a stress free natural conception.

  22. My son has passed three exams. He really struggled with one and was convinced he’d need to resit. So wonderful. Please continue to hold him in your prayers as he’s got on operation on Tuesday.
    Many thanks for your love, prayers and support.

  23. My son Bernard which we have prayer for him has found a girl Muriel after 20 years of praying for him at the end of St Monica’s Novena, on the 28th August 2020 this girl followed him to our house, please
    continue to prayer for Bernard and Muriel to receiving the sacrament of Marriage for their home.

    Thank you

    God bless us

    Rita Bata’anisia Walenenea [mother]

  24. I asked for the fruit of the womb and I have conceived. Thanks be to the Almighty God for an answered prayer.
    Continue to pray for me

  25. I prayed for “faith, family, fertility”. A week after the novena finished and after years of suffering, I was connected with a new OBGYN who took the appropriate steps diagnose me with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). This answer has been hard, but gives me hope for how to conceive in the future.

  26. During the novena to St. Therese, my son, who was laid off due to Covid, had many interviews. I am happy to say that he now has a good job. I kept praying, “Little Flower, in this hour, show your power.” Thank you St. Therese for hearing my prayer.

  27. I want to thank God for answered prayers from past Novenas…

    Water was found and a bole drilled, I now have water for home and farm use. Lord I can not thank you enough.

    I now have electricity after almost 4 years of pursueing our electricity company…Issues of corruption are too much, but God you did it for me without corruption. How can I thank you Lord?

  28. So worried about my oldest son, i pray everyday that he gets a good job and meets a nice girl. Please pray for my family

  29. With a grateful and peaceful heart, I want to say Thank you to my Lord Jesus Christ for the peace that has overcome me and I continue praying for my mum and family, that they will walk in the light of our Lord and find peace

  30. My son Vincent did not suffer a mental relapse and he received the blessing of affordable health care insurance. Thank you for your prayers. AMEN!

  31. I have prayed the St. Theresa novena several times in my life and have felt that she always helped to answer my prayers. This time, I am asking St. Theresa to help my husband find a job. She has sent me so many roses over the past several weeks. However, no job yet. Please pray for us! Thank you!!

  32. My daughter’s contract was renewed at the conclusion of the prayers. Continue praying for me so that other petitions are fulfilled.

  33. I had asked for intervention for my young granddaughter’s schoolwork. Like so many of our children caught up in the COVID schooling mess, she had lost considerable ground. She was struggling with self esteem issues as a result. Testing on Day 7 of the Novena showed improvement 24 points above “goal” in reading and she has regained her skills in basic addition/subtraction that she had lost. Multiplication and division concept grasp seemingly came overnight!! During the novena my daughter commented that she didn’t know why my granddaughter’s zeal for reading had returned so suddenly. I know and I am so filled with joy and gratitude.

  34. Thank you St Therese !
    My daughter is engaged, pregnant and planning her wedding. She is refusing to have her wedding in a catholic church, or any church for that matter..
    I have been so distraught that she is turning away from her faith. I continue to help her with her planning, hoping that she will see the “light”.
    During this novena, we went to the florist to arrange for flowers for her wedding… Heartbroken I was when she told the florist she was getting married at the venue. After booking the florist, as we were leaving, the owner gave each of us a bouquet of roses! I took this as a sign my prayers for a catholic wedding would be answered. A few weeks later,. my daughter called me to say “we can go to church and see if they have my date available”. We went, the date is available and we are now planning her wedding in our church!

  35. My son was going through a tough time trying to figure out who he is (adopted) and grades started dropping in school and started using drugs. I prayed the Novena asking St Therese to intervene and help him get motivated and stay focused in school, to turn from drugs/alcohol/bad influence friends and to put Jesus in his heart/mind and soul. He did not know I was praying this Novena and a couple of days later he asked me to pick him up from work and he walks out with a dozen of beautiful red roses and a note saying he will try to get his life together- he promises me and he loves me! He never says I Love You! So very thankful for that moment and looking forward to watching him grow into the fine young man Jesus intended him to be. Thank you St Theresa!