Answered Prayers from the St. Therese Novena, 2019

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Thank you for joining us in praying The St. Therese Novena!

If you’ve had any prayers answered during this novena, please share those with us all below!

We will continue to pray for you and your intentions.

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  1. Thank you, St. Therese of Liseaux, The little flower for answered prayers.
    During the Novena last year (Nov. 2019) a couple put a contract down on our home and the home was recently sold to them. This all happened right before the Covid 19 outbreak. And I offered another novena to St. Therese for my cousin’s house since he passed away in early January this year. The bank was able to take over the house, which I just found out. The novena prayers have brought me SO close to this amazing saint and she touches my heart in ways I’ve never experienced before. God bless!!

  2. Just two days into the St Therese novena my prayer request was answered. Thank you st therese. Please never give up hope. Prayers are always answered.

  3. Hello,
    After more than two years of unemployment, I have been able to secure a job. I have been struggling with my faith & currently strategizing to strengthen it to be close to God.
    Today makes it one week since restarting my career & I have to thanks God for his grace by using a friend who recommended me.
    I hope to be steadfast & focus on strengthening my relationship with God.

  4. I said a novena to St Therese a couple of weeks ago about a very important personal issue, and during one of my walks, I found a silk rose lying on the street and took it home. This morning, I was lamenting to her that I still haven’t seen any changes to the problem but thanked her for the rose and told her that hopefully someday I wouldn’t need them anymore when my faith is strong enough but that right now, I really needed the encouragement. When I finished my prayer, I turned to one of the social media sites and the first image on the feed was the painting of a white rose practically identical to the silk rose that I found. I guess it’s her way of telling me That she’s working on it and to have faith in my prayers.

  5. I prayed this novena for my daughter to be free of cancer after her operation. It was a miracle when her results came that there was no cancer. Thank you for this miracle.

  6. I prayed for my job. We have been going through a time of intense pressure and rumors were all over that people will lose their jobs. I thank God that I still have my job. They said they will relocate me to a different place so that’s my next prayer. Thank you Lord for being on this journey with me. I cannot do it alone.

  7. I have been praying for my husbands health for over 2 years. During this novena he was directed to a doctor who finally found the cause of his chronic pain. We are eternally grateful for answered prayers.

  8. Firstly… i would like to thank almighty God and my fellow Christians for your prayers during this novena.

    Today my prayer was answer as i prayed to get a job …our God is so faithful as i got the job in one of biggest companies in our country.

    This novena has been a blessing and my miracle prayer from now onwards.

    I will continue being part of this novena praying community to pray together with you all.
    Be blessed all of you

  9. Prayed the Saint Therese of Lisieux novena. One of my prayer requests was a new livelihood inspite of my physical pain. A few opportunities arose and I thank almighty God for his Grace, Mercy, and Kindness. I appreciate everyone who has prayed for me and especially Saint Therese for praying for me and being my Advocate. ❤️❤️❤️

  10. We recently lost our baby girl and have been trying for another baby. I prayed the St.Therese novena that we might conceive this cycle, and indeed we did. Praise be to God, we are so happy that this is God’s will, and may we continue to praise him and offer thanks for every day of this pregnancy until our baby is born!

  11. I was praying for my wife’s nephew to get a job that he had applied for and my prayed were answered. I thank you all for your prayers and thank St. Theresa for answering my prayers. I am also praying for my self as I am looking for a job as well. I even prayed to St. Anthony and he always answers my prayers as well. Thank you lord

  12. Since June I had tried to conceive then I prayed this novena and today I took a pregnancy text and its positive am so grateful and very happy

  13. God finally came through for me after I lost my job for almost two months now and I have applied for countless positions and filled too many applications that I lost count, done interviews that were quite promising that I will get the job and they end up giving it to other candidates..I cried a lot question God so many times but I never lost faith..Finally God came through for me and I got a job in one of the best and dream places I always wanted…Glory be to God…God is able…

  14. I prayed the novena to St. Therese de Lisieux for the intention of my elder brother who underwent an eye surgery. It was successful and healing was fast! Thanks for the answered prayer.

  15. During my novena, I prayed for a better job and someone remember me by connecting me to somebody to submit my credentials for federal appointments,am grateful to God to be remembered and am still believing God that by his mercy and favor upon my life and names, I will get the job to the glory of his name. My people,please put me in prayer for GOD to do it for me and aswell locate me with my life partner this yr,am 33. Thank GOD and thank you.

  16. Thank you dear Little Flower for answered prayers: for granting success to my little sister in her Biomedical entrance exams. God’s time is always perfect.

  17. I’ve been suffering with extreme anxiety. I have been praying for over a year for God to use this suffering for those in need of our prayers. I’ve also asked for endurance. When I started the Novena I decided it was time to pray for St. Therese to ask for my complete healing if it was God’s will. I have since been calm and functioning the best I have, medication free, in over a year! I know it is because of St. Therese’s prayers. I’m taking a day at the time and I give thanks for the peace and blessings of today.
    St. Therese pray for us

  18. I’m praying for long time go to university and pray St Therese novena now my prayer answered during this week . Glory be to God and St Therese who is in heaven doing good on the earth.

  19. I had been praying for peace, healing and reconciliation between my siblings who have not spoken to each other for years. I was very happy to see them together again and speaking to each other! Thank you, St. Therese and to all who helped me pray for my intentions! God is good all the time!

  20. Hello brethren, am here to testify of God’s goodness upon my life and thank st.Therese of Lisieux for her powerful intercession. I prayed for a job and got one this month,though it is not a well paying job ,but I appreciate coz I can now be able to pay my rent without relying on people to survive. I still pray for a well paying job that can make me pay even for my son’s school fees and for our upkeep ,just not to go without food. May you join me in prayers for a better job. Let Our good God intervene in my case according to his own will. Amen

  21. It did not happen immediately after I finished the St Therese novena but God is faithful….my family is blessed,those fights between me and my husband,I have had peace and alot of it and I believe its Gods work.i am so grateful and i thank this platform for your motivation.God bless you

  22. I had a very special intention and my prayers were answered on Day 4 of this novena. I was able to change my intention to one of Thanksgiving for the remaining days.

  23. Whilst I was praying the novena and praying for my young daughter as she had a job interview that morning, I received a call from her which actually intercepted my prayers to tell me that she has been offered the job. God is good.

  24. I was praying for a christian friend with 2 young kids and a spouse, who had a brain metastasis from lung cancer. I found out afterward that it was in remission to her brain. Prayers were definitely answered. Thank you St Therese for your intercession on her behalf.

  25. 14 months ago my mum was diagnosed with ovarian cancer that had started to spread and because of her age they didn’t think she would make a recovery from the operations and aggressive chemo. I prayed to St Therese so hard and begged her to help my mum. It was a terrible agonising 14 months for her where a couple of times we thought she would not make it. But St Therese listened and answered my prayers. A couple of weeks ago my mum was told the cancer is in remission and her cancer cells are normal. A miracle from St Therese who I cannot thank enough. Blessed be the beautiful Flower.

  26. Praise the lord!
    Me and my sister were planing for italy. There were multiple hinderence in our way. We did not had any document to get our passports nor much money to go. We prayed to god everyday to show us a way and he did.

    We got pancard to passports made with few months and god arranged the money for us. He worked his miracle through other people.

    Now we are leaving in few days to italy to study further and work. Me and my sister would be alone there away from our family just because we know our god is there to protect and help us. Keep us in your prayers and god bless all.Thank you God, for everything, I come here to testify! He has done for me! I prayer even the unanswered prayers will be answered

  27. I was trusting God for a job! I received my miracle. The month of our Mother and intercession of St. Therese Liseux Doctor of the church. I am thankful . Thank you Father

  28. First step in a long road to recovery for one of my children who has been suffering for many years. St-Therese has been her patron saint since her confirmation. Hallelujah!
    Thank you all for your prayers.

  29. Thanks for sharing with us these Novenas and when the St. Teresa’s novena i asked for a spiritual and financial breakthrough .
    Lately i have realized that my urge to read scripture, say the rosary, pray etc has risen and i am beginning to get contract jobs slowly in my field of mechanical engineering. Thanks for St. Theresa’s intercession and the Grace and Love of God.

  30. Thank you God, for everything, I come here to testify! He has done for me! I prayer even the unanswered prayers will be answered

  31. I have been praying the novena of St Therese of Lisieux for help with a job I applied for. I passed the exam this past summer, and I was praying the novena for help to make it to the interview stage. Last week, I got an invitation to have an interview for a job that I really wanted. Thank you St Therese of Lisieux.

  32. I prayed for my son to get an interview with a company he wants to work for. He got the interview and is waiting for a response. Thank you St Therese Amen.

  33. i started praying the novena for my son..for the approval of his residence and work visa…now thegood news is here….answered prayers…

  34. During the novena I was praying that my granddaughter would be healed from a physical illness and during the novena we got word that the illness is in remission. Also was praying for family relations and during the novena daughter-in-law invited us all to come together for a special birthday celebration. This is rare so I know it was an answer to prayers to Saint Therese.Praise the Lord!!

  35. I was praying for many things. My brother continues to heal from his illness. My cousin’s leg was saved, and God carried me through some extremely difficult days at work. Thank- you Jesus for answering my cries for help.

  36. Praying this novena has worked for me. We were able to get our home built and an affordable mortgage. I’m so grateful for all that has been done for me. Praise to the Lord and St. Therese. Believe, and it will happen!!

  37. My husband CT Scan results are in and there is no spreading of cancer in his body. We praise God for keeping him healed. Glory be to our Father in Heaven.

  38. Before now I have been passing through financial crisis and i was not receiving any salary through my job since January but as i embarked on the Novena of st Theresa, my life changed and it was like a broken of yoke and now i am thankful to God through the intercession of st’ Theresa. May God continue to bless us all amen.