Answered Prayers from the St. Rita Novena

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Thank you for joining us in praying the St. Rita Novena!

If you’ve had any of your prayers answered, please share those with us all below.

To God be all the glory!

We are continuing to pray for you & your needs.

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  1. My daughter was devastated after recently losing her “dream job” in another state. I started praying this Novena for her, and after just a few days she received news that she got another job closer to home. God bless all who prayed for my intention.

  2. My daughter had a VERY difficult decision to make. We prayed that the other party would be supportive and cooperative. Thank you St Rita for granting this big ask.

  3. I had issues with addiction to alcohol for more than 20 years, the addiction is now gone, no more drinking nor the urge to drink. I also had bad relationship with my family but as I speak, the relationship between us is getting better day by day and we can now share a table for a meal together 🙏

  4. I tested positive to pregnancy immediately after the St. Rita novena after 4yrs of marriage. I thank the powerful St Rita for this miracle. I also ask her to complete the good work, so that I will be able to deliver safely at the end of 9 month.

  5. My son Jonah kimani went missing on 18th Jan 2020 without trace after a disagreement with me. I have prayed for his safety, for the holy spirit to soften his heart or be found where he his with no success. Please help me am so desperate. From: Agnes his mother

  6. I just want to thank God and honour St. Rita of impossible cases for coming through for me.
    I was relieved of my job unjustly and I had no hope or clue how to get a job speedily, being the bread winner and single parent.
    2 days after the end of the Novena, I got a call for an interview, despite not getting favourable answers from other recruiters.
    And Today, I was offered a job that I interviewed for. I’m still praying for other intentions, but wanted to share this amazing and miraculous testimony.
    St. Rita, pray for us 🙏🏻.

  7. I had problems in my relationship for a few months and I didn’t understand why if we both had devoted so much to our relationship for years. But the constant arguments turned into him deciding to leave and telling me he didn’t feel the same. I prayed to St. Rita, patron of the impossible for her intercession to restore my relationship. I visited the blessed sacrament daily. After constant prayer, I received the good news from the love of my life that he couldn’t leave the relationship, he loved me and was not going to let all those years go. He missed me and was willing to work through our differences. He asked for forgiveness for the arguments and said we would work towards a better relationship with the Lords blessing. Thank you St. Rita! Thank you Jesus!

  8. I had bled non stop since 8thJan 2020 to Feb 22nd 2020. I have never used any family planning and I was so scared to go to a Doctor. I prayed to st.Rita for 5 days and my bleeding has stopped but I will still pray to her for more miracles and so happy .

  9. My son has been looking for a new job since his company transferred him to a facility over 120 miles away. It was taxing his family life. He found a very challenging and new opportunity back home.
    My daughter was having difficulty finding a temporary home prior to her partners settling his divorce. They have to be our by Feb 26 at 6 pm. They found one today February 22, Thanks be to God and St. Rita, Pray for us.

  10. I have prayed many Novenas in the last year. During my last one I asked St. Rita to help my friend through her very nasty divorce. My prayers were answered for her. It ended yesterday, with a good out come. Thank you so much. I do believe in the power of prayer.

  11. San Rita have always be a great friend and helper to me and my family. I consider her and San Antonio my greatest Saints. San Rita have interceeded for my aunt with cancer breast and the cancer have not spread as the doctors were suspicious. I believe she is still praying on it to go away forever. San Rita have interceeded for my relationship with my daughter and after 5 months of not hearing from her, she came to visit me. Thanks God for you are ever faithful to those who calls upon your name. Amen

  12. Thanks to Start. Rita for her prayers…my husband was out of employment for 3 but through help he was called for an interview and went through for the job. Glory to God.

  13. Through St. Rita’s intercession I got a transaction to do yesterday to bring in some money.
    St. Rita also helped in getting a flexible schedule for my classes and work. She has helped ensure I have wonderful and supportive lecturers.

  14. St. Rita came for me as shown below;
    1. I was able to pray the novena until the end. There were no breaks.
    2. I was able to join the Our Lady of Kibeho Devotion,and even got the welfare position.
    3. I have not been evicted from the house I am currently living in and yet I received notice a month ago.
    4. God ha provided for me,and I have not lacked. I do not even know how.
    5. I have a hunger and thirst for God.