Answered Prayers from the St. Rita Novena

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Thank you for joining us in praying the St. Rita Novena!

If you’ve had any of your prayers answered, please share those with us all below.

To God be all the glory!

We are continuing to pray for you & your needs.

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  1. I want to take this opportunity to thank St. Rita,St. Jude for walking with me and answering my prayers. My business was down almost with no clients and I’ve seen the hand of God. Ive started getting clients and will continue to pray and praise God. Thank you my blessed Saints. Give me the strength to continue helping people struggling with addictions

  2. I thank God, the Blessed Mother, St Rita, St. Jude, St. Anthony, St. Peregrine, St. Raphael, St. Michael, St. Martha, and St. Anne for prayers answered.

    In March, I had surgery to remove a cancerous nodule on my lung. The surgery went well without any complications. The surrounding lymph nodes were clean and unaffected. I will not need chemotherapy or anything else besides routine checks every 6 months.

    Thank you for answering my prayers. Praise Be.

  3. I wish to publish a thanksgiving to St. Rita for a 54 day novena which I have been praying to help with a difficult work situation. I’ve prayed hard for all medical staff at my hospital to stay busy where we have always been and not be sent to any other location during this time of Covid-19. So far, our staff has been truly blessed. I made an offering to a group of Benedictine sisters and would also like to make a donation at this site for all of the good work they are doing.

  4. On June 18, 2020 I began asking St. Rita to intercede on behalf of my husband in his career and in dealing with his widowed mother’s desperate health and financial situation. Within two days, $8,000 in social security back pay was unexpectedly deposited into his widowed mother’s bank account! She allowed my husband to begin helping with her finances (which is a miracle in itself), and on July 13th, she was able to retire from her job so she can rest and restore her health. Our prayers for my husband’s career were not answered, but we believe God will open another door of opportunity soon with intercession from St. Rita. I’m a life-long Catholic, but this is the first time I’ve turned to a saint for intercession. St. Rita has brought my family miracles and peace beyond understanding.

  5. I am very grateful for the intercession of St Rita. Due to the covid 19 crisis I lost my job and have believing God for a job that He put in my heart. 5 days into the novena I received postive response for two positions I have believing for. I still haven’t received the offer but continue to believe for the job that it is already mine in Jesus name. I will come back again to testify on God’s goodness and the powerful intercession of St. Rita.
    As we continue to pray for our different causes I wanted to take time to remind you that God has you at the palm of His hand (Isaiah 49:15-17) so don’t be afraid for He will never leave or forsake you (Isaiah 41:10) and finally those who put their trust in God will never be put to shame (Roman’s 10:11)

  6. I very thankful to Saint Rita for answered my prayer, I prayed with my current relationship situation to make better and stronger, I prayed that make uncomplicated all our complicated in relationship,. God is So Good, St. Rita answered my prayers. Today and counting St. Rita blessed my relationship and my partner,.
    When we pray make sure that comes from our heart to intercede our prayer.
    Thank you so much St. Rita for granted my prayers. I love you Lord.

  7. I have been praying for my future hubby, with the help of my Lord, through novena, that he finally has a court date….🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Thank you Lord!!!! I am absolutely grateful… aug 12, 2020 I’ll be back to say!!!! 🗣HE IS HOME!!! My Lord God!!!!!

  8. I am giving thanks to St. Rita and Holy Mary.
    My brother was hospitalized after two weeks of debilitating
    food poisoning. He spent 6 days in hospital. He health was declining daily.
    During this Corona pandemic, no visitors in hospital.
    I happened upon a Holy Card with St. Rita Novena.
    I prayed novena for his return to good health.
    He had a miraculous recovery within 2 days.
    I attribute his betterment to St. Rita and Holy Mary’s intersession with God our Father and his son, Jesus..

    I give thanks.

  9. This is my day 3 of the Novena to St Rita and already things have started changing and my prayers are being answered.Thank you Sr Rita for interceding on my behalf to God our father.Praise be to God who is our Eternal Source of our supply.Continue interceding for to have the strength and desire to walk closer with God.Amen

  10. Hi,
    I have been saying the novena to dear Saint Rita for my health. I had cancer last year and had a scare the past month with elevated numbers. I have been praying to Saint Rita for my health and got the call today that after my cat scan everything looked good and they were not concerned with anything at this time. I know doctors and nurses are wonderful but NOTHING compares to the amazing power of prayer. I thank Saint Rita so much for praying for me and I will continue to pray to her for help and loving prayers. Her prayers are so much sweeter to Jesus’s ears.

  11. Dear saint rita. Please help me. I need financial could you please help us to never has money worries in the present and the future

  12. thank you for helping me with financial concerns, for healing my fibroids and anemia, guiding me to the right online course for my career training, keeping me and dad safe during the quarantine and protests, for calming ne anxiety, i am now more grounded in my work, i exercise mornings and practice piano. please help me to manifest my heart’s desire for marriage and children–i’d love to have twins and to marry in your shrine, if this is possible. i pray that dad will be strong enough to see ne graduate from grad school and to walk me down the aisle, i do want him to be proud of me and to see me settled

  13. Thank you Saint Rita for answering my prayers and keeping my sons safe and helping them focus and graduate college. They were struggling and facing tough choices. Through regular and persistent prayer you came and brought comfort and peace to our household. You truly bring hope to impossible situations. And you bring peace of mind and spirit to our everyday challenges. Thank you St. Rita

  14. Thank you St Rita for my answered prayer. My intention was granted after 2 days of my last day of novena. My heart is so happy.

  15. Thank you St Rita, Patroness of Hopeless and Impossible cases. While I was praying your Novena a miracle occured and a decision was changed that took my family out of danger of the pandemic. I sing your praises St Rita and encourage all to seek your powerful intercession. St. Rita, you who have the most loving heart of a mother, I will be forever grateful and I will continue to sing your praises. You opened all our heart’s to hope. Thank you St. Rita! Amen

  16. Thank you St. Rita. I began praying your novena yesterday for the intention that my daughter and her fiance who were wavering in their faith and initially wanted to refuse pre-Cana would change their attitude and receive the sacrament of matrimony presided by a priest in a Catholic Church. Shortly after the praying day 2 of the novena my prayers were favorably answered. After speaking with the priest they will participate in pre-Cana and be wed in a Catholic ceremony. My continued prayers that they will be strengthened in their Catholic faith. Thank you St. Rita for intercession!

  17. Thank you so much St. Rita for your intercession, we have now our visa approved, please continue to intercede our petetions in times of need.
    Thank you Lord, Mama Mary, St. Joseph and all angels and saints for granting our petetions..

  18. I thank st Rita for answering my prayers,I had no peace in my family by now am doing well,God bless us all

  19. I didn’t know who Saint Rita is, until praymorenovenas mail came in my inbox about Saint Rita’s novenas on early February. Driven by curiosity, I googled for Saint Rita and later found out that she is a patron of difficult or even impossible cases.
    I started to pray Saint Rita Novenas to get a new better job, which I’ve been looking for the past one and a half years. And my prayers answered by God through intercession of Mother Mary and Saint Rita: I found new better job and got hired in unlikely circumstance, amid coronavirus crisis. I thank God for His abundant blessing, Mother Mary and Saint Rita for their intercession.
    I encourage everyone: pray Saint Rita Novenas whenever you have desperate or difficult situation, and you’ll be amazed by the answer.

  20. Sincere thanks to St. Rita, my husband and i stop talking , but through praying, we start talking again.thank you

  21. Sincere thanks and gratitude to St. Rita for answered prayers during my illness. I advocate her as the patroness if hopeless cases.
    She was with me throughout my illness.
    The Lord truly hears intercessions by her.

  22. I would like to give a testimony on how my prayers with the intercession of St. Ritha were so faithfully answered.
    I had an almost impossible semester. As an engineering student, things are usually tough, but this last semester things seemed almost impossible. I was so stressed and overwhelmed by the number of assignments, tests, number of courses and the final year project.
    When doing my final exams for the semester, I downloaded the Novena to St. Ritha application and prayed a 9 day novena. I am so happy to say that today my results came in and I have passed all my courses with flying colors. More than I could ever hope for.
    I find the most important thing is to believe even though it can seem almost impossible to.
    Thankyou so much Lord, St. Ritha and all the heavens.

  23. I what to that St Rita , for i resigted the novena , wth the prayer request of geting a job . Indeed I have been given a job and now waiting for my offer letter. Thank you St Ritah , you made the impossible , possible thank you.

  24. I beg everyone who logs in to St Rita beg her to ask God to cleanse our lovely world of this coronavirus before any more lives are lost.
    Thankyou all, Thank you St Rita and Thank You God. I know this prayer will be answered soon as all my prayers in the past have been.

  25. Thank you, St. Rita, for your powerful intercession. Through this novena my son has a job and starts tomorrow. Please keep him focused and strong in Jesus.

  26. I am grateful enough to share that some of my prayers to St. Rita has been answered:

    1. I prayed that our neighbor who happened to get lost for no reason has returned by a good samaritan after just my 2nd day of novena to St. Rita.
    2. I received a very good result for my PET CT scan happened on March 3. (I am diagnosed with Lung Cancer, stage 4). It says that all my lymph nodes were gone, most of the cancer cells in my lungs and spine got smaller than before and it stops from spreading.
    3. I prayed also that my niece wont be included on the list of employees subject for retrenchment on the recent action by PAL was answered as well.

    Thank you so much St. Rita

  27. Thank you Lord! I do believe in miracles. My daughter has inverted uterus & blocked fallopian tubes. Today, she surprised us that she is 12 weeks pregnant. Through this Novena my prayers have been answered.

  28. I have been praying for a special request. When I was saying this Novena, I felt an overwhelmed of love and I knew that my petition was answered. And you know what…it was answered! Thank you St. Rita

  29. One of my prayers to Saint Rita was answered in that a bitter feud with my mother ended quite suddenly and we are now on speaking terms and well on our way back to a normal mother – daughter relationship.

  30. It seems like there is so much to pray for, but for this novena to dear St. Rita, there was something foremost in my heart. My 6 year old has autism and we have struggled with getting him toilet trained. So I asked St. Rita to help with this, and the day after the novena was over, my son stayed dry the whole day (without wearing a pullup, he had big boy underwear on!)… he has been dry each day ever since. I didn’t want to put it here until February was over to see if God really worked this miracle through the intercession of St.Rita. Praise God! Thank you, St. Rita for your help!!! What a wonderful gift!

  31. I lost my job in 2018,been struggling to make ends meet. Sometimes same year i started a business which have been so stressful and yielded almost nothing, pushed through all 2018 and 2019 but failed.All through I’ve been praying the saint Rita novena,so today I got a JOB and signed a contract.
    So,I wanted to tell you to never lose hope. God will never leave you empty.

    • St Rita please help me in all my financial and emotional stress and also relieve me from all my debts and financial services. Look after my family son and daughter

  32. Please help in praying that i will pass the NCLEX RN exam that i will take on April 20, 2020. This will be the future of my family once i pass the exam. Please help me in passing Lord, Amen. Thank you very much in advance for including me with your prayers. I might not return it to you but God will bless you all.

  33. God is so very good. I have had two big or Ayers answered. My son who very much wanted a job for which he interviewed and was offered the job. The first interview took place at the beginning of the St. Rita Novena. The job offer came a week later. This is truly the perfect job and it is a blessing he will be back in the USA for 2 years.

    I also prayed the Novena to St Jude late last year and had a miracle be the answer. The heirloom baptismal gown my grandmother made which I wore I wanted my second grandson to wear on his baptism day as did his brother who is 3 years older. His Godfather, my son, also wore the same gown. My sister who has the gown refused to let that happen. I wanted my youngest grandson to wear a gown made by his great- great grandmother. It turned out my daughter’s Godmother who is my first cousin, had a gown she had kept that our grandmother has also made. Through the grace of answered prayers I learned of this gown and so prayers were answered in a co,pletely different way then I had imagined.

  34. My husband has worked out of town for the last 1 1/2 years and it has been very sad for our family. We constantly prayed for a job close to home but he was unsuccessful in all his job applications. I came across the St. Rita Novena and earnestly prayed that she would intercede for my husband to find a job close to home. Yesterday, praise God, he was told he had a successful interview and would be hired on locally.
    Thank you, St. Rita, for your prayers! Our family can once more be together.

  35. Since the time I started this Novena on the 8th day I received a call saying I’ve been selected in the interview I attended, Yes I Prayed to get a job and my Prayers were answered all thanks to our Lord God Jesus Christ and Mother Mary and our beloved St.Rita. thank you for answering my prayers. God Bless you all, and I Pray that God answers all our Prayers.

  36. Thank you Dear Lord and St Rita for answering my prayers about my son’s truancy issues (I got a call with good news today) at the school and his help with his ADHD! Thank you, Amen!

  37. God has protected my children for me and I continue praying for that. St. Rita, please intercede for me so that my son, David will develop a close relationship with his family, Amen. Please pray for my son, Daniel, who will be seating for his first medical school board exam on Monday, that the Lord will help him do well in the exam. Also that the Lord will guide my oldest son who will start writing his Dissertation for his PhD program in April. Finally to help my daughter finish this semester in a very good academic standing and be able to secure internship this summer, Amen.

  38. Through this novena, I was cured of some infections. Also, it was difficult convincing a friend who doesn’t like spending time in church to attend a 6-hour adoration program and after praying to St. Rita, he called me to tell me he will love to attend the adoration and he actually did.
    I thank St. Rita for her intercession and I’m grateful to God for His mercies and kindness.

  39. I prayed St Rita’s novena for various points and one of them was a new job with better pay and indeed I got a good job with a better pay and I promised to share my testimony if any of my points was answered. I am still hoping for the rest of the points to be answered.
    Thank you Jesus!!!

  40. My daughter was devastated after recently losing her “dream job” in another state. I started praying this Novena for her, and after just a few days she received news that she got another job closer to home. God bless all who prayed for my intention.

  41. Thank you St. Rita for prayers answered 🙏

    My daughter passed her exams with great marks. It looked almost impossible for her to clear her exams but by the GRACE OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST she cleared them and even got complimented by the school supervisor…” Jochell has shown tremendous improvement in the final exams” All praise and Glory to you Lord Jesus Christ. St Rita keep praying for me and my families good health and safety 🙏

  42. My daughter had a VERY difficult decision to make. We prayed that the other party would be supportive and cooperative. Thank you St Rita for granting this big ask.

  43. I had issues with addiction to alcohol for more than 20 years, the addiction is now gone, no more drinking nor the urge to drink. I also had bad relationship with my family but as I speak, the relationship between us is getting better day by day and we can now share a table for a meal together 🙏

  44. I tested positive to pregnancy immediately after the St. Rita novena after 4yrs of marriage. I thank the powerful St Rita for this miracle. I also ask her to complete the good work, so that I will be able to deliver safely at the end of 9 month.

  45. My son Jonah kimani went missing on 18th Jan 2020 without trace after a disagreement with me. I have prayed for his safety, for the holy spirit to soften his heart or be found where he his with no success. Please help me am so desperate. From: Agnes his mother

  46. I just want to thank God and honour St. Rita of impossible cases for coming through for me.
    I was relieved of my job unjustly and I had no hope or clue how to get a job speedily, being the bread winner and single parent.
    2 days after the end of the Novena, I got a call for an interview, despite not getting favourable answers from other recruiters.
    And Today, I was offered a job that I interviewed for. I’m still praying for other intentions, but wanted to share this amazing and miraculous testimony.
    St. Rita, pray for us 🙏🏻.

  47. I had problems in my relationship for a few months and I didn’t understand why if we both had devoted so much to our relationship for years. But the constant arguments turned into him deciding to leave and telling me he didn’t feel the same. I prayed to St. Rita, patron of the impossible for her intercession to restore my relationship. I visited the blessed sacrament daily. After constant prayer, I received the good news from the love of my life that he couldn’t leave the relationship, he loved me and was not going to let all those years go. He missed me and was willing to work through our differences. He asked for forgiveness for the arguments and said we would work towards a better relationship with the Lords blessing. Thank you St. Rita! Thank you Jesus!

  48. I had bled non stop since 8thJan 2020 to Feb 22nd 2020. I have never used any family planning and I was so scared to go to a Doctor. I prayed to st.Rita for 5 days and my bleeding has stopped but I will still pray to her for more miracles and so happy .

  49. My son has been looking for a new job since his company transferred him to a facility over 120 miles away. It was taxing his family life. He found a very challenging and new opportunity back home.
    My daughter was having difficulty finding a temporary home prior to her partners settling his divorce. They have to be our by Feb 26 at 6 pm. They found one today February 22, Thanks be to God and St. Rita, Pray for us.

  50. I have prayed many Novenas in the last year. During my last one I asked St. Rita to help my friend through her very nasty divorce. My prayers were answered for her. It ended yesterday, with a good out come. Thank you so much. I do believe in the power of prayer.

  51. San Rita have always be a great friend and helper to me and my family. I consider her and San Antonio my greatest Saints. San Rita have interceeded for my aunt with cancer breast and the cancer have not spread as the doctors were suspicious. I believe she is still praying on it to go away forever. San Rita have interceeded for my relationship with my daughter and after 5 months of not hearing from her, she came to visit me. Thanks God for you are ever faithful to those who calls upon your name. Amen

  52. Thanks to Start. Rita for her prayers…my husband was out of employment for 3 but through help he was called for an interview and went through for the job. Glory to God.

  53. Through St. Rita’s intercession I got a transaction to do yesterday to bring in some money.
    St. Rita also helped in getting a flexible schedule for my classes and work. She has helped ensure I have wonderful and supportive lecturers.

  54. St. Rita came for me as shown below;
    1. I was able to pray the novena until the end. There were no breaks.
    2. I was able to join the Our Lady of Kibeho Devotion,and even got the welfare position.
    3. I have not been evicted from the house I am currently living in and yet I received notice a month ago.
    4. God ha provided for me,and I have not lacked. I do not even know how.
    5. I have a hunger and thirst for God.