Comments on: Answered Prayers from the St. Philomena Novena – 2015 The Original Novena Reminder Wed, 15 Aug 2018 02:14:14 +0000 hourly 1 By: UMS Sat, 11 Aug 2018 07:59:39 +0000 Happy Feast Day St. Philomena. Thank you for teaching me that I have nothing left to do, but everything for me to believe, because Jesus has done it all for me. Yesterday, out of the blue, I received an invitation to interview with a different agency, in a week’s time. I am grateful for the opportunity, as I wait on God’s favour for the outcome of the other job. Help me to press into the great things that the Lord has in store for me, and not to give into discouragement. I love you Lumina. My heart is full.

By: UMS Thu, 09 Aug 2018 15:11:15 +0000 St. Philomena, I do not know where to begin expressing myself, but I will speak from the heart. The journey has been one emotional rollercoaster, but you have been strong and steadfast. Holding my gaze and my hand throughout. Three days ago, I shared your story with my family and my eleven year old niece. Much to my surprise, she mentioned to me that her class teacher was called Philomena! It filled me with even greater hope, and I’ve continued to seek your intercession as we approach your feast day. Oh Lumina, how I wish I had known about you ages ago, I believe with all my heart that my destiny would have been different. Still, I thank God for the strong pull that has drawn me to you and kept me on my knees, meditating on God’s promises. Indeed, you are powerful with God. With love and appreciation from all of us, who seek your intercession every day. I can’t wait to share my testimony.

By: Claire Tue, 07 Aug 2018 03:05:09 +0000 Hello Annie and Paul,
I wrote a reply to Sharon,please kindly delete it,i will pray for her in private to St Philomena.Thank you for your great work to help us tell of our wonderful miracles of St Philomena.God bless you

By: Claire Tue, 07 Aug 2018 02:36:59 +0000 Hello Sharon,
will pray for you.keep praying to St Philomena and try to spread her devotion. do not give up,she answers prayer.She is a miracle worker.God bless you

By: UMS Thu, 02 Aug 2018 13:52:12 +0000 St.Philomena, I was drawn to you several weeks ago, almost as if magnetically. I’ve been waging a storm, which seemed surmountable, and I had reached my very end. I began to seek your intercession for a job. When anxiety and emotions threatened to get over me at night, I’d wake up with tears and cry out to you over and over. Suddenly, every week I began to see miraculous shifts. My application was under review. I was then invited for a written test, and I was overwhelmed with gratitude! I did the test, and anxiety set in, as I felt I had not done my best. Yet, again you surprised me when I passed, and went to the final round in less than forty eight hours! I can’t describe in words how stunned I was at the quick turnaround. Yesterday, I had the oral interview, but I’ve been so anxious, as I feel my performance was not the best. Yet, I so desperately need this job, St. Philomena. So I continue to lay prostrate at your feet that by your grace, you will obtain for me this favor Lumina. There’s no turning back, only pushing forwards and thanking God for having introduced me into my life, for never have I felt such constant and instant peace during my darkest hours. I promise to spread devotion to you St. Philomena. My heart is full of so many emotions right now, my face laden with so many tears. Keep holding the hem of His garment, Lumina. I believe, help my unbelief.

By: Hey how long did u pray to be able to obtain Favors from God through st Philomena? Sat, 28 Jul 2018 14:30:33 +0000 hello Claire,am Sharon,could plz out ?am Sharon from Uganda,I was diagnosed with hepatitis b,am the only child of my mother and am so scared of leaving my mother without a linage,help me pray to st Philomena for healing, I have started praying the novena and today is my third day,I saw ur testimonies and my faith increased because I know with many voices ,I will be able to obtain healing like ur dad did,how long did u pray for ur dad?,my mum is asmathic and praying for her healing as well,could u help me out?
Urs in Christ Sharon prima ukuba

By: Onwualu Florence Azuka Thu, 26 Jul 2018 11:22:59 +0000 Thank God for everything. Two months ago my sister-in-law ONYEKACHUKWU OMENYE OBI called me and said that doctor said she will deliver again with C/S operation. I replied her that that is Doctors report. I send her Novena of Saint Philomena which we prayed daily for these two months till this morning of the feast of Saints Jeochin and Anna she delivers normally a baby girl who has being named Philomena as we promised God. ST PHILOMENA PRAY FOR US AND THE WHOLE WORLD. AMEN.

By: Mary Ann Tue, 24 Jul 2018 03:26:59 +0000 I may be able to give you some special help, which was born out of prayer, and from my own experiences, and I will also pray for your intentions.
On my family website, I have been running for many years, a novena for the healing of autism.

Twenty four novenas, are conducted each year, and are said, for people who have autism, and also for their families and supporters, by people from around the world.

You can find it easily, by putting the following words into the Google search engine:

“Novena to Saint Philomena the Wonderworker for the healing of autism”

It is the biggest Catholic novena project, for healing of autism in the world. Many people are enrolled in this novena. (Only first names are required).
This prayer campaign is supported by a priest, at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes, in France. The people who are enrolled in the novena, are prayed for at the grotto there, and also at a private (home) sanctuary, of Our Lady of Lourdes, here in Australia.

Through prayer, I found a method, to successfully teach my child, (who was born with severe autism), how to speak.

My five children are now adults, My first born child, who is a girl, was seriously speech delayed. My other four children, who were also born on the autism spectrum, were not speech delayed. (One of my children, also a girl, is not on the autism spectrum).

I have two girls on the autism spectrum, and two boys on the autism spectrum and one girl, who is not on the autism spectrum.

Here is the method, that I developed, to teach my oldest child how to speak, (and very successfully at that). I went to all the local fetes and second hand Op Shops, and bought up colourful childrens’ books at a very low cost. Then I selected suitable pictures*, to cut out and paste into a big spiral-bound art sketchbook.

One picture to each page. Under that, I wrote the story. It was devoid of the trappings of the English language. It was just a simple three or four word format to describe the picture.

It went something like this: bear cooks dinner, bunny rabbit mows lawn, etc.
Basically as you can see, the format of the little story is: noun verb noun.
I went through this on a regular basis with my daughter. She really enjoyed the lesson. she was over three years old at the time. I put great emphasis on saying the words.

I made them very clear, very distinctive and very slow, and also louder than normal speech.

After several months, she started talking in something that sounded like Chinese and then later on, there was a breakthrough. One day she picked up the book, and had a look at the picture on the page, and pronounced the words: bundy rat. This was her first attempt to pronounce the words: bunny rabbit.
In due course, she learnt to speak very well. Today she’s got a fair amount of independence and drives a car, reads, writes, uses computers, cooks, travels, and has a job and much more.

As well as the speech method that I developed for her, which I freely share with others, via my family’s website, she had some physiotherapy at the local hospital, in the form of games, and also similar activities in the home, from the Autism Association of New South Wales, (Australia), and some pre-schooling with a carer in attendance, because she always became very afraid, and became ill, when she was at preschool without a helper. I know that now, because she has since told me.

There is something else, that I would like to mention to you. It is a bit of a side issue. When I made up the speech books for my oldest child, I put the little sentences in big, bold letters, using coloured texta pens, onto the page. Basically this was pretty strange, because the only person who had to read these words was myself!

I probably did this illogical thing, because of the stress that I was under, but it may have had an interesting side effect. I think that my daughter noticed the words, because they were so big and bold, and colourful, and this may have set down a good foundation for my daughter to learn how to read, later on! In fact, I now know, that this one of the methods, that are used, to help the brain development of children, who are brain damaged, and it also good, for the learning process, for children, with normal development as well.

In our household, we had my mother-in-law, who could not speak very good English, and yet this did not affect any of my children in their efforts to learn to speak the English language, even though 4 of our 5 children, were affected with autism, ranging from severe to moderate. They picked up English pretty well from my husband and myself, from other people, and from the TV and radio, etc.

The abbreviated sentences in the speech books that I made up, were definitely not the normal way that people speak English, but the idea was just to get my daughter to start talking. More elaborate speech could come later, and it did. If I tried to incorporate more elaborate speech, she wouldn’t have learnt anything, because autism can make it hard to cope with excessive detail, when learning.
I am not bi-lingual, but I think that this method, would be suitable for teaching non-verbal autistic children in other languages also. It is best to teach in the main language of the country, that you live in, for the greatest success in this matter. I personally found that my method did not take up a lot of time, and that it worked well for me.

My connections, with autism, go back much further than my own children. My youngest sibling who died in 1989, was severely autistic and he only ever spoke two words in his whole 24 years on this earth, and that was not very often either. These two words were: mum, and John, which is the name of his brother.

Basically my only qualifications for teaching my autistic daughter how to speak, was a strong determination, to find a way to do so, which was driven by the terrible possibility, of seeing my daughter never speak, just as my youngest sibling (a boy), never spoke, except two words, which were spoken on very rare occasions. In other words, my method, came out of the desperation, both of a very distressed older sister, and of a very distressed mother. Both of these being myself of course.

Prayer is the key, that opens the doors, in all of these matters.
(Mary Ann)

*Pick colourful pictures, that a young child, would enjoy. Only put in that part of the picture, that focuses on the thing, that you are going to try and teach the child to say.

Don’t include any unnecessary details, in the picture, just use what is needed. Make things as simple as possible for the child, e.g. just cut out the part of the picture, that shows the rabbit moving the lawn, and leave out the child on the swing, and mum waving out the window, and so on.

These other parts of the picture on the book page, can be isolated, and pasted onto another page of the art book, to have other little stories for the child, to learn to say.

By: Mary Ann Tue, 24 Jul 2018 00:33:49 +0000 God will never refuse anything that St. Philomena asks for us.

By: Sharon prima ukuba Sun, 22 Jul 2018 20:43:20 +0000 St philomena plz help me and pray to our dear Lord Jesus Christ to heal me from the hepatitis b I was diagnosed with, am the only child of my mother ,plz heal me from this illness and the pain in my ear and the noise in my head in return I will devote myself in spreading ur devotion to the world.please help heal my mum from asthma that keeps disturbing her and the stomach ulcers that keeps hurting the both of us,grant me a good husband who us kind, loving,respectful close to God and wants to spend the rest of his life raising a family with me(white man).financial breakthrough.