Answered Prayers from the St. Philomena Novena – 2015

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St Philomena NovenaThank you for joining us in praying to St. Philomena, the wonder worker! If you experienced any answered prayers during this novena, please share them with us below! We must praise God, and give Him all the glory, for all the good things He is doing in our lives.

Now, if you have had some prayers go seemingly unanswered (you’re not alone), and you’ve been asking yourself, “Should I just stop praying?” — here’s a post I wrote that may be able to help:

Unanswered Prayers

Thank you for joining us in prayer!

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  1. Thankyou for healing grand daughters heart and letting 1 yr old recover from illness currently things have turned for the worst 5 yr old needs blessing and mom and I need lots of help Jesus and st philomena know what we need

  2. Saint Philomena, please intercede on my behalf, I’m so alone and praying for a husband. I feel God has blessed me with someone but at the time I didn’t feel anything for him and I truly believe that God has put this person in my path. He now has someone else but I pray that he will think of me only and come back to me. Please forgive me of my stupidity and bless me with this good, kind decent man.

  3. Dearest St Philomena
    Please grant me the miracle I ask for the loan I need to be approved tomorrow to save my family and me from eviction from our home.
    Through you nothing is impossible, you are truly the wonder worker.
    St. Philomena pray for us, who have recourse to thee.

  4. Hello my name is Philemeno marks and here’s my story my parents had three girls before I was born my mother felt like my father was going to leave her if she did not bare a son and so she found out about Saint Philomena and she wore the cord under her clothes for her entire pregnancy with me I guess it worked lol that’s very young age I realized I was a homosexual and for that I do not have a relationship with my biological mother whatsoever and that is her choice she doesn’t except me at all hell she doesn’t even know my favorite color or what my favorite food is that saddens me to my core and so I guess my question is to anyone out there with knowledge about this Saint maybe you can provide me with some Informative information to ease my mind because I can’t help but think either her intentions were wrong or this entire cord/Saint situation is please if anyone who is reading this has anything they like to say feel free to call me anytime please and thank you


  6. St Philomena Novenas are powerful!

    in 1999 I prayed a novena prayer to St Philomena for a job interview that was upcoming, Out of about 50 people who came, most of them experienced unlike me who was fresh from college, I was given the job.

    In 2009, I needed money to pay rent that was overdue, I asked St Philomena to intercede for me, immediately someone sent me the money to clear the rent bill.

    Recently I was out of work and again prayed St Philomena novena, the following day after completing the novena they called me for a job. The job required me to have a laptop which I didn’t have neither did I have money to acquire one. I went back to St Philomena and within a few days someone gave me a laptop.

    Thank you heavenly Father, Thank you Jesus, Thank you St. Philomena for your powerful intercession.


  7. 🌴⚜️🌹I seen Saint Philomena, she appeared to me while I was taking a nap in a bookstore about two years ago. She looks like her pictures and statues, I have been praying to her for years, I am a Senior Citizen of Polish and Italian ancestry. I only saw her for a minute or two, she woke me up laughing and was a young Greek girl with dark black hair, in a pink garment with a palm branch, she hit me with the branch, smiling and laughing and then she was gone in thin air.🌴⚜️🌹

  8. Dearest St Philomena
    CMS is someone I truly cherish and love with all my heart . You have given us this chance to reconnect after 30 years , finding ourselves both divorced but far apart from each other . I am not sure if feels the same way about me and I have been trying so hard to make him realize and feel how much I love him , and how much I want to make this work for us, but for some reason , I don’t feel he feels the same . I think of him all the time . I know you know him more than I do and I leave everything to you , as I know you are powerful with God.. Please take control and may CMS will see my love and how I feel. you know my heart and my intentions. PLEASE Help me!

  9. Dearest St Philomena
    CMS is someone I truly cherish and love with all my heart . You have given us this chance to reconnect after 30 years , finding ourselves both divorced but far apart from each other . I am not sure if feels the same way about me and I have been trying so hard to make him realize and feel how much I love him , and how much I want to make this work for us, but for some reason , I don’t feel he feels the same . I think of him all the time . I know you know him more than I do and I leave everything to you , as I know you are powerful with God.. Please take control and may CMS will see my love and how I feel. you know my heart and my intentions. PLEASE Help me!

  10. Thank you St. Philomena (and St. Jude and St. Rita and St. Gregory of Thaumaturgus) for impossible favors granted, again and again…

  11. Dear St Philomena beautiful wonder worker.Thank you so so much for our new beautiful house.Thank you.

  12. Please prayer for my intentions I’ve been praying years for this ❤️ Please saint Philomena and out lord Jesus grant me my request I have never failed to stop praying for my intention but please answer hear my intentions as this mean so much to me I pray for my future

  13. HELLO,
    I would like to share two most recent modern miracles of St Philomena,2 years ago there was a story of two people that had been kidnapped and i remember saying a novena for them to St Philomena,miraculously these people were freed after one year,this is one of the most amazing prayer answered by St Philomena.Thank you St Philomena.
    I also thank St Philomena for helping me pass my driving test.
    Thank you Beautiful wonder worker.

  14. I found out 2 years ago that I had pcos and infertility. In August I got pregnant naturally and lost the baby in October. I was devastated. I found saint Philomena and prayed to her day and night since my last period early December. Today it was confirmed that I am pregnant and due in September. Wouldn’t be possible without her intercession. If you are struggling pray to her. She will not let you down. Thank you St. Philomena.

    God bless

  15. Please saint Philomena please intercede for my husband and I that we may have a baby my husband has fertility issues and we have been told we will never have a baby please saint Philomena all the angels and saints please intercede for us to conceive amen

  16. Please Saint Philomena,

    Please satisfy the desire of my own, at present empty heart. I love somebody who doesn’t notice me, but he is noticing somebody else at present. Please help his attention to turn back to me and that he will not fall for this woman. Please Saint Philomena help this situation to resolve to my satisfaction as my heart is broken and I can’t think of anything else.

    Saint Philomena pray for me.

    SAINT PHILOMENA powerful with God,saint Philomena the saint of impossible cases,Saint Philomena faithful Virgin and martyr,Saint Philomena please pray for me for my Urgent intention to our Lord Jesus Christ to grant me and my family an urgent financial miracle so as to pay the BANK DEBT and clear it before the 20th August,2020 of this month,Saint Philomena powerful with God intercede for me to the HOLY TRINITY to grant this financial miracle MIRACULOUSLY to clear the bank debt ASAP,Saint Philomena please please please pray for me and my family so as God in Heaven in Jesus mighty name grants this urgent intention so as we can clear the bank debt and have comfort since now the amount remaining to clear the debt is approximately Tsh.6M and few days ago Charles Bank officer called me and reminded me on this issue but he gave me the instructions that before the 20th August of this month or 20th August of this month we should deposit Tsh.3M so as as to reduce the amount,Saint Philomena the WONDER WORKER please intercede this intention to Lord Jesus Christ to grant it,please please please,Saint Philomena pray that we get this amount ASAP to settle this matter,by your intercession I believe my prayers are heard in Heaven since God refuses nothing from you.Saint Philomena pray for me and my family.Holy Trinity God the Father,God the Son(Jesus Christ ) and Holy spirit please accept all my Prayers intentions, requests,prayers.AMEN

  18. Please st.philomena give me the desires of know whats inside in my heart n mind..please dnt forsake me this time grant my wish ndreams in life…just to have a happy family

  19. Dear St Philomena thank you so much for the miraculous healing of my Dad.He is cancer free.What a wonderful miracle.Thank you so much for my wonderful children and wonderful husband.
    I will continue to spread your devotion.Amen

  20. Through three separate instances, St. Philomena made herself known to me. She sought me out and then I learned about her and prayed for her mighty intercession. I pray her chaplet everyday. She has always been a powerful intercessor for me. Thank you St. Philomena.

  21. My Dad was admitted for high blood sugar and high blood pressure. Because of the blood sugar , his keratin numbers went very high and he is kept in the intensive unit care. I prayed to st. Lumina for 9 hours continuous for I couldn’t wait for 9 days.. and the very next day my Dads reports come normal and I get a news that he’ll be shifted from the intensive care intl the normal ward tomorrow. Thankyou so much St. Philomena:)…please always continue to intercede for us

  22. I completed my novena for a certain request to st Philomena,I pray that the little powerful saint may answer my prayer

  23. Five years ago I prayed to Saint Philomena to stop me from smoking. Ten minutes later I quit smoking and haven’t smoked since. I now pray to Saint Philomena to ask God to stop the caronavirus. Amen

  24. St. Philomena,

    God promises that He will supply my every need, according to the glorious riches of His Son, Christ Jesus. I ask that you intercede for me, for you are powerful with God. I seek a miracle in my dire circumstances. I am absolutely nothing without God. That I even have a place to sleep tonight and food to eat, is all His doing. I am thankful. His thoughts are not mine. His ways are not mine. I have cried out. I have petitioned. I now rest in Him, with you as my advocate Lumina.

  25. I did St. Philomena novena and I prayed that she help me and my wife.
    I was suffering from UTI and she was suffering from recurring Candidasis.
    Thank you St. Philomena for healing both of us.

  26. Happy Birthday, St. Philomena.

    I weep because I am broken. I weep because the storm has been getting worse and worse. I weep because through the entire time you have been interceding for my petition, I’ve felt like my conversations with God have only given the enemy ammunition. When your card fell out of my purse, and was found by my colleagues, I was so surprised. I took it as a sign that my breakthrough was neigh. I went through a horrible critique of my work thereafter, with my colleagues rejecting my work. So I went home downcast, but holding onto the faith that by His mercy, God would answer me with a positive outcome from my job interview. Last night an image of the Infant Jesus of Prague flashed through my phone as a reminder. I barely slept but kept holding onto the two as signs that Our Lord would infuse me with hope. But today I woke up ill. I forgot my wallet at home, so I could not make the offering for your birthday. And when I got to my desk, I checked the portal for the status of the position I had been considered for and saw, “recruitment complete”. The pain of rejection is so acute. I keep thinking about Job, and how he thanked God when he took away. All I can do is weep and surrender my weakness to God. I have hit rock bottom, Lumina. I’ve never felt so lonely and defeated. If only you could come down from heaven and just sit with me, even if it were in silence. I have no desire to live anymore. Thank you for praying for me. I will still honour my word and spread devotion about you. Happy birthday, Lumina.

  27. Lumina. St. Philomena. You know how overburdened I am . You have favour with Jesus, and a miracle working saint. I humbly ask that you join me in my prayers, and intercede for me that the Lord, in His Mercy will grant me my hearts desire. I may not be the best of the candidates for this position, but I believe with all my heart that if God wills it, it shall be granted to me. God set the stage and got me this far. He set the stage, not me, not my qualifications, not my efforts, God set the stage, St. Philomena. I humbly ask that He bless me. I thank you for walking with me through the tears, the anxiety, and for bringing the much needed peace these past couple of days. Thank you Lord. Thank you Lumina.

  28. Saint Philomena, I stumbled across you, a desperate young woman who yearns to have a child please help intercede for me to god and our mother mary to help me become pregnant. I have been crying for three years, I promise to be a great mother. I pray for a miracle. Three years have passed and I still have not given up. Amen.