Answered Prayers from the St. Philomena Novena – 2015

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St Philomena NovenaThank you for joining us in praying to St. Philomena, the wonder worker! If you experienced any answered prayers during this novena, please share them with us below! We must praise God, and give Him all the glory, for all the good things He is doing in our lives.

Now, if you have had some prayers go seemingly unanswered (you’re not alone), and you’ve been asking yourself, “Should I just stop praying?” — here’s a post I wrote that may be able to help:

Unanswered Prayers

Thank you for joining us in prayer!

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  1. Dear St Philomena beautiful wonder worker thank you so much for the miracle of our newborn baby and for my wonderful daughter and husband.Thank you beautiful wonder worker.

  2. St. Philomena,
    As a child of God, I come to you humble, with thanksgiving, asking that you intervene, make haste and intervene in my life. I’ve been dealing with a drug addiction for quite some time now. I gave birth to a baby boy that was positive for drugs. He is in foster care and I visit with Elloy every other week. I’ve tried putting this drug down to no avail. My life is dark. I sought out for help and I learned that I was hexed. I need help because I’m ready to live. I had a job and lost it for reasons beyond my control. Everything I try to do gets blocked but I know God is real. I need an intercessor to get my prayers through and get my baby back home with me. I believe that all things do work better for the good. St. Philomena I ask that you interceed on my behalf and I will tell all people about just how good you are and will ask God to continue to use you, strengthen, and answer your requests without judgement.

  3. Saint Philomena I ask you as humbly as I know how to grant me my love and soulmate William Lee Brown back to me a changed man. To love honor devote take care of and change all bad habits for me. To come back regretting he ever left me. To focus on our relationship and not let friends or any other female get in the way. Be with me and only me spend time with me and be there for me as soon as possible. You are the wonder worker bringer of impossible miracles please grant me the request and I will spread your name as payment starting now. Thank u

  4. St. Philomena, through your intercession I ask the Father for the grace of helping me and Vince to fix our relationship. Please bring us back together with God’s grace, guidance, and mercy. Kindly touch our hearts, mind, soul and body to restore and reconciliate our relationship. Please help us to go back together as happy and loving couple with your guidance. Thank you St. Philomena.

  5. Dear St. Philomena, please intercede and help me with our finances and jobs. Please let me receive the job offer I am praying for, and also please present an offer for my husband. Thank you so much for your care of us, so that we can take care of our children. In prayer and gratefulness, Amen

  6. Hail ! O St. Philomena , O wonderful Miraculous worker please heal me of my chicken pox marks from my face. it’s been 10 years its there on my face. Because of it my proposal are getting rejected or whomever I meet leave me and hesitate to get married to me. O lovable St. Philomena heal and disappear my marks from my face.

  7. Dear Saint Philomena,

    Please intercede for our relationship to God, that Sarah Sta Ana and I get back together in our relationship. That hate from her heart be replace with so much love for me. That she realized how much she loves me. I love her so much, help her to come back to me and spend the rest of our lives together in marriage loving each other.

    Intercede for us na magkabalikan ni Sarah to our God Almighty! Amen.


  8. I dont know why I always encounter your name St Philomena from the day we had a very complicated relationship. This time, I think you wanted to help me.

    St Philomena, through your intercession I ask for the grace of saving our relationship; me and vince. Its been two months since we had a misunderstanding. And I want to save our relationship. Please touch his mind, soul and heart for me in ways that I can’t. Please bring us back together with God’s grace, guidance and mercy. Please grant my petition.

    Thank you so much!!!

  9. Sacred Heart of Jesus please pray for God to help me ?

    Sacred Heart of Jesus please pray to God to make Adam’s love for me to grow stronger day by day in every way, I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ, amen

    Sacred Heart of Jesus please pray for God to help me ?

    Adam lives an almost 18 hour flight away from me in a different country – God please divinely orchestrate that Adam and I can finally meet face to face after 6 years.

    I surrender this to YOU beloved Heavenly Father.

    I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, amen

  10. St Philomena, please pray for me I am currently unemployed and am struggling to pay my bills. Looking every day for a job that pays me enough that I can move on my own and get out of this mentally abusive relationship with a narcissistic. Please please pray for me Lord Jesus, Mother Mary and St Philomena, Amen

  11. I pray that my boyfriend Hassan and I get back together and I stop arguing with him and belittling him… I pray that you open his heart back to loving me… I also pray that I get accepted into Nursing school and with this acceptance I work as hard as it was to get in… Amen

  12. St. Filomena heal me from my complications from rituxin, take away the scars in my lungs that i may not need medications anymore that i may live a vibrant life no more shortness of breath quite my heart that i will sleep well tonight. St philomena repair my immune system that it may heal me n fix me not destroy my body i ask this through christ our lord amen. Have mercy on me

  13. Please pray fpor me, St. Philomena – I am rejected by the husband whom I loved and shared such dreams and happiness. I have7 children and struggle to find the path for them. Please help me to find a good occupation and our own home to rear the children. My marriage is annulled and I long to find a soulmater but feel so repulsive. Thank you St. Philomena.

  14. Dear members, God is Good all the time! Join me to pray for my daughter whom i changed the school and she join a catholic school at St Agnes girls catholic Naggalama but she is not stable in her performance i pray to the Holy Spirit for wisdom so that she starts performing well in all her subjects. Please members prays for her.

  15. Saint Philomena , I ask you supplication for miracle of help me find long lost brother that step father Raphael kidnapped. Open doors communications with brother send me some positive news of him or his whereabouts. That there will be harmony and peace. Amen, Saint Philomena hear my prayers. Thank you advanced.

  16. Lumena my dear little Saint.I was in the end of my hope.I still wait for a job interview at The Hospital near my home.and this 14th May I need to paid a debts I can’t even pay.I pray the Sacred Heart novena for nearly 9 hours everyday until 9 days for a financial help.I pray to you to with all of my heart but still no help come to me.All the money is not for me but everything for my familly to feed them to pay the bills.I am at my wit end.I don’t know what I need to do other than pray.please help me.To pay all of this debts.I need your miracle.Philomena you’re powerful with God.Help me.I need miracle.

  17. Please help me a d my future spouse to get together for my 52nd birthday neither of us never married hoeing in the lord God many thanks deeply in love with bonnonici for many years I don’t know if he knows I love him genuinely no strings attached…

  18. St. Philomena,
    You helped me become pregnant and carry three precious and healthy babies. I beg you to intercede on C & M’s behalf. Please help them become parents for a second time. With God, all things are possible.
    Thank you, St. Philomena.

  19. Thank you, St. Philomena, for complete healing and restoration of good health! Thank you for the signs along the way and for your powerful intercession on my behalf.

  20. Dear St Philomena,thank you so much for the miracle of our new baby that will be born soon.Thank you Thank you for answered prayers.Amen

  21. Thank you St.Philomena to make my relathionship back and stable.but now I was in the middle of full of worry.Both me and my partner didn’t had work and money.We are in the middle of a lot confrontation and hard situation.Please Pray for us so we can both have a job and can paid our debts.We need miracle.And you Lumina is always a miracle worker for me.Amen

  22. Hello,
    I want to thank this wonderful saint for my healing…I used to have pains in my knees and I couldn’t walk for long time or climb d stairs very well. so when I came across this novena,I said I don’t really know her but if she can show me a sign then I will know she is real…..She did absolutely that by touching me on my knees when I was still awake and I got healed till this day…..I said my novena but I want to thank St. Philemona for her intercession…Thank u great Saint

  23. Please pray to St. Philomena for me to be healed of a broken heart. I was in relationship with someone for 2 yrs. that i met on a Christian dating website who led me to believe he truly loved me and wanted a future with me and as Catholics someday marriage but i was decieved. He cared more about money than he did about me. Would you pray that God would send me a good husband..someone respectable, compatable and mostly sincere who loves God..and would also pray with me for my family and loved ones. Thankyou. Amen.

  24. St. Philomena,
    powerful intercessor for the babies , please intercede for our baby son and obtain from God health for this child. Pray for this child to be born free from trisomy 18 and any other chromosomal defects , and our cvs test tomorrow come up negative with anything wrong with my son. ask God to grant peace, patience, and strength to us Amen.
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  25. Dear St. Philomena,
    I am begging you to pleasw heal my son Lucero Tamayo who is currently in NICU. Please take away all his illnesses and that his brain will mature normally and take away any problem in his brain so he will live a healthy and normal life. Please grant my request St. Philomena.. Please and thank you.

  26. I am from India and did not know much about Saint Philomena, I came across a video of Saint Philomena on YouTube and was curious to know about her. I read her history and all the wonderful miracles she has been doin.
    She is a patron Saint of youth, children, young couple’s.
    I was quite down with all of things in my mind.
    I prayed to Saint Philomena for a job with no high expectations and just tried to stay happy in my current job. I got a call next day and went for an interview the immediate next day got a spot offer of what I wanted and it’s more than what I wanted.
    I prayed to her for a health issue and got a response again by next day morning.
    Whenever I call upon her she hears me right away.
    I pray to her for every situations and had to thank her for all the favours she is doing for me through this note.
    Saint Philomena, Virgin and Martyr pray for us who have recourse to there.

  27. St. Philomena I Know you are the wonder worker please pray for me I want work as a teacher in Us next school year 2019 please pray for me.

  28. Thank you St Philomena for your intercession with our Mother Mary & Lord Jesus for answered prayers for GD and TD and their house! Praise the Lord 🙏

  29. Saint Philomena,
    Please intercede for my sister, Ruth, who is seriously ill with ovarian cancer. Today, she is in great pain and cannot swallow. She just started a new cancer drug yesterday.

    My sister and I live hundreds of miles apart. I feel helpless and I want help, but she does not want me to be with her yet. Please Saint Philomen pray for Ruth’s cancer to subside and allow her to be pain free. Allow Ruth the time to receive your healing oil that may possibly heal her. We are waiting anxiously. If it is God’s will, please pray for my sister to be healed.

  30. St. Philomena please do not abandon me, pray for me unceasingly. I am weary, but I have placed my hope in God and His promise that He will never put me to shame. Lumina, be my advocate and my vindicator in the courts of heaven for you hate divorce. Intercede for restored contact and communication between ERS and I, that the Lord will make a way where I see no way. St. Philomena you are powerful with God, pray for me.

    • Dear UMS, am touched by your prayer and I hope and pray that through st Philomene, God answer your prayer.
      With lots of love, God bless you

  31. St philomena glorious apostle and matry I beg you to intercede for me for my study leave to be approved and reinstatement of our relationship with MEK make a way in Jesus name. I believe you are the wonder worker..Lord you brought him in my life I believe you will restore our love in Jesus name Amen

  32. I want to thank Saint Philomena and the Blessed Virgin Mary for their intercessions to the Heavenly Father for answered prayers!

  33. St.Philomena, thank you for alleviating my brother’s pain and reducing his blood pressure immediately. I continue to seek your divine intercession for his complete healing, and for the restoration of my marriage. St. Philomena, you are powerful with God, pray for us who have recourse to thee.

  34. Please pray for my brother Joseph he truly needs prayers God’s love protection and kindness.Please pray for him ! May God bless you all

  35. Only You are Holy Lord! Only You are Worthy! You are my life, my love and my testimony. Thank You Abba Father. Thank you St. Philomena. You walked through the storm with me from the very beginning. You stayed watched over me at night, when I anxiety gripped me with fear. You granted me my miracle and the job is mine. You also taught me that destiny is determined by faith, not by strength or might. Lumina I honour you, and I give you my word that I will deliver on my promise. I ask for wisdom to discern the Lord’s voice, and the fortitude to walk His way, as I continue to ask for your intercession for my brother and my other prayer intentions. You’ve restored such great hope for me. I am overwhelmed with tears of joy and gratitude. Thank You Lord for reigning over all my circumstances. Thank You, St. Philomena, you are Powerful with God.

  36. Dear Saint Philominia,
    I pray to u with all my heart that u send me my husband soon.
    I’ve been praying to you for quite awhile and every man I’ve dated is worse then the last.
    These men have stolen from me, beatened me and have cheated on me.
    I don’t understand this Saint Philominia. I’m a good person with a good heart and am very kind and I keep getting hurt and burned over and over.
    Please Saint Philominia send me a kind, gentle and we’ll educated man with a good job. A man who wants awife.
    Thank you Saint Philominia for listening to my prayers.

  37. Oh! St. Philomena, powerful with God, pray for me. I am clinging onto God’s promise that He will provide my every need, according to the glorious riches of His Son, Christ, Jesus. St. Philomena by your grace obtain for me God’s unmerited favour that I may be offered the job I interviewed for. It’s been 10 days since they last contacted me, and often I get anxious and weary, but I’m on my knees. They sounded positive, but now I am not sure anymore. A week ago, I was suddenly invited for another interview, the first part of which, I completed this morning. I do not want to miss God’s best for me Lumina. I want to serve Him by being a blessing to others, but I desperately need an answer; a new beginning; a breakthrough. Now more than ever. My brother who is the sole breadwinner, was laid off this afternoon, and is devastated. He has been supporting me for the past three months, but we are now both unemployed. St. Philomena, if only I would hear a favourable response from the hiring managers. Please continue to intercede for me.

  38. Happy Feast Day St. Philomena. Thank you for teaching me that I have nothing left to do, but everything for me to believe, because Jesus has done it all for me. Yesterday, out of the blue, I received an invitation to interview with a different agency, in a week’s time. I am grateful for the opportunity, as I wait on God’s favour for the outcome of the other job. Help me to press into the great things that the Lord has in store for me, and not to give into discouragement. I love you Lumina. My heart is full.

  39. St. Philomena, I do not know where to begin expressing myself, but I will speak from the heart. The journey has been one emotional rollercoaster, but you have been strong and steadfast. Holding my gaze and my hand throughout. Three days ago, I shared your story with my family and my eleven year old niece. Much to my surprise, she mentioned to me that her class teacher was called Philomena! It filled me with even greater hope, and I’ve continued to seek your intercession as we approach your feast day. Oh Lumina, how I wish I had known about you ages ago, I believe with all my heart that my destiny would have been different. Still, I thank God for the strong pull that has drawn me to you and kept me on my knees, meditating on God’s promises. Indeed, you are powerful with God. With love and appreciation from all of us, who seek your intercession every day. I can’t wait to share my testimony.

  40. Hello Annie and Paul,
    I wrote a reply to Sharon,please kindly delete it,i will pray for her in private to St Philomena.Thank you for your great work to help us tell of our wonderful miracles of St Philomena.God bless you

  41. St.Philomena, I was drawn to you several weeks ago, almost as if magnetically. I’ve been waging a storm, which seemed surmountable, and I had reached my very end. I began to seek your intercession for a job. When anxiety and emotions threatened to get over me at night, I’d wake up with tears and cry out to you over and over. Suddenly, every week I began to see miraculous shifts. My application was under review. I was then invited for a written test, and I was overwhelmed with gratitude! I did the test, and anxiety set in, as I felt I had not done my best. Yet, again you surprised me when I passed, and went to the final round in less than forty eight hours! I can’t describe in words how stunned I was at the quick turnaround. Yesterday, I had the oral interview, but I’ve been so anxious, as I feel my performance was not the best. Yet, I so desperately need this job, St. Philomena. So I continue to lay prostrate at your feet that by your grace, you will obtain for me this favor Lumina. There’s no turning back, only pushing forwards and thanking God for having introduced me into my life, for never have I felt such constant and instant peace during my darkest hours. I promise to spread devotion to you St. Philomena. My heart is full of so many emotions right now, my face laden with so many tears. Keep holding the hem of His garment, Lumina. I believe, help my unbelief.

  42. Thank God for everything. Two months ago my sister-in-law ONYEKACHUKWU OMENYE OBI called me and said that doctor said she will deliver again with C/S operation. I replied her that that is Doctors report. I send her Novena of Saint Philomena which we prayed daily for these two months till this morning of the feast of Saints Jeochin and Anna she delivers normally a baby girl who has being named Philomena as we promised God. ST PHILOMENA PRAY FOR US AND THE WHOLE WORLD. AMEN.

  43. St philomena plz help me and pray to our dear Lord Jesus Christ to heal me from the hepatitis b I was diagnosed with, am the only child of my mother ,plz heal me from this illness and the pain in my ear and the noise in my head in return I will devote myself in spreading ur devotion to the world.please help heal my mum from asthma that keeps disturbing her and the stomach ulcers that keeps hurting the both of us,grant me a good husband who us kind, loving,respectful close to God and wants to spend the rest of his life raising a family with me(white man).financial breakthrough.

  44. Thank you Holy Mother and St. Philomena for granting my prayer request for my husband. Please help my daughter. Thank you for your love everyday. Thank most Loving Mother and St Philomena.

  45. Dear St.Philomena thank you so much for healing my dad of Cancer.
    Thank you so much for helping my sister find a great husband.Thank you so much for all the answered prayers.You are a wonder worker.Thank you so much for my beautiful family.

    • hello Claire,am Sharon,could plz out ?am Sharon from Uganda,I was diagnosed with hepatitis b,am the only child of my mother and am so scared of leaving my mother without a linage,help me pray to st Philomena for healing, I have started praying the novena and today is my third day,I saw ur testimonies and my faith increased because I know with many voices ,I will be able to obtain healing like ur dad did,how long did u pray for ur dad?,my mum is asmathic and praying for her healing as well,could u help me out?
      Urs in Christ Sharon prima ukuba

      • Hello Sharon,
        will pray for you.keep praying to St Philomena and try to spread her devotion. do not give up,she answers prayer.She is a miracle worker.God bless you

  46. St.Philomema please help me.
    Is hurt to separate from my walk around and in one day I knew my spouse decided to go abroade without told me and to hear other people try to match making my spouse with another one.Please help me to defend our marriage vow.I want a hope to reunite again with my to hurt…
    Thank you.

  47. never refuse to help.please help me.iam so my husband randy that he can have a job in me in my financial needs i need money to pay for the tuition fee of my them St.philomena that they can finish their claudette that she can pass the civil service exam.heal my anxiety and fear.heal my father also.protect me and my family wherever we go.please dear saint grant all the request i ask of you in Jesus name amen.

  48. Dear,St.philomena.please help my husband that he can have a work in abroad.and all my children can have a good and stable job in abroad.and help me also in my fiancial out break that ive facing this days.In Jesus name amen.

  49. Dear St Philomena,

    I know you are the saint of desperate causes so I’m asking for your intercession to help me. I’m in financial debt right now. Please help me win in the 50/50 draw so I could pay off my debt and I will spend the extra money to see my mom on her 70th birthday. Also I pray for true love to find me. I’ve been hurt a few times and I want the hurting to end. Please bring the right man into my life, the one who will ask me for marriage, whom I will live happily with for the rest of my life. I need someone who will be a good financial provider for my family.

  50. Help. Im doubting catholicism. I feel like everything ive believed has been false..dark praying my loved catholic boyfriend of 2 years would ask me to marry him so we can be a help to each other and live together without scandalizing anyone. We need each other financially to survive. We love each other but hes waiting for response of annulment from tribunal. It was an abusive marriage which shes living with another man with no desire to reconcile. Theyv been civilly divorced for 7 years. My boyfriend and i met in brokeness because we had both come from much darkness and abuse and rejection but want to live in the light and with God and go to Heaven. We pray for our families conversion and grace and help from Heaven. St Philomena..i know you disapprove of divorce and we do also but these circumstances are unusual and hurtful. Please remove the obstacles and allow the Church to help us. My boyfriend is afraid of being hurt again to ask for marriage but i wouldnt divorce because i believe in the sacrament and i love him. Also my debts seem insurmountable. I need a miracle St. Philomena to pay them off and that Adam would marry me. We promise to have a devotion to you in our home if were married and thankyou already for converting my father and brother and sisters and Adams brother and friends. I also pray for Adams exwife for her conversion and that as a catholic shel recognise error to not live with the man shes with unless theyre also married..especially because she has a child who is being scandalized. Thankyou St Philomena. Amen.

  51. Please pray with me
    I’m desperately in need of a miracle
    i need financial break through. I’ve been praying for years to get a job to provide for my son. I’ve lost all hope. my parents bring me down, i can’t even sleep at night. stressed
    longing for God’s touch and love. a testimonial , to relate to his word. oh st philomena my last hope.

  52. Thank you St Philomena for answering my prayer! Thank you also for encouraging my daughter to pray. Dear St Philomena, I am so grateful to you.

  53. Please help me in praying St. Philomena that we will pass the February Telc B2 pflege exam and that Mccoy and Elisse will get back together again

  54. Please pray that I receive immediate financial assistance and blessings. Also pray that I receive a good job right away. I am in desperate need. Thank you for your prayers.

  55. I have a huge debts that i accumulated for the last 3 years and i need to pay the whole amount on january 30, 2018. I knly have one day to produce the amount or else i will be put in jail. St. Philomena, please help me. Please help me immediately.

  56. Dearest St.Philomena,
    Please pray for me to our mother Mama Mary and to our Lord Jesus for my complete and total healing of my breast cancer, total thyroidectomy, gb polyp, calcium and TSH.Thank you so much for your intercession St. Philomena. Amen.

  57. Dear Saint Philomena, I ask you with all my heart and soul to help our son Dominic, please ask our Lord god to heal him help him walk again. Heal his nerves muscles and balance in his whole body. He is trying very hard to progress to walk with one crutch I beg you help him. He never complains. He has been recovering now three years and five months, give him the strength and courage to carry on and get better, Please don’t let any more harm come to him. He has suffered so much over theses years. Saint Philomena here and answer our prayers Amen

  58. Dear St.Philomena thank you so much for all the list of miracles that you have done for me and my family this year.It was a very beautiful year for us.Thank you so much for my permanent residency,thank you so much for my wonderful husband and my beautiful baby.Thank you for saving my relative who was attacked by robbers and for healing my niece.Iam spreading your devotion like I you St.Philomena.

  59. Dear St.Philomena thank you so much for the miracle of our beautiful health amazing baby girl lumina she is the joy of our family,thanks for the good pregnancy period,and all the good doctors!Thanks that she was born close to her due date and all the wonderful answers to my prayer requests!Iam here to spread your devotion and to tell people that you are truly a wonder you St.Philomena.

  60. Dear St. Philamena,
    I ask for your intercession with Mother Mary to please pray for my youngest child EK to be heal from her autism and learn to talk soon. I know this is an impossible prayer but if anyone can heal her, it is our blessed Lord. Please pray for her and I will be eternally grateful and devoted to you and beloved Mary.

    • I may be able to give you some special help, which was born out of prayer, and from my own experiences, and I will also pray for your intentions.
      On my family website, I have been running for many years, a novena for the healing of autism.

      Twenty four novenas, are conducted each year, and are said, for people who have autism, and also for their families and supporters, by people from around the world.

      You can find it easily, by putting the following words into the Google search engine:

      “Novena to Saint Philomena the Wonderworker for the healing of autism”

      It is the biggest Catholic novena project, for healing of autism in the world. Many people are enrolled in this novena. (Only first names are required).
      This prayer campaign is supported by a priest, at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes, in France. The people who are enrolled in the novena, are prayed for at the grotto there, and also at a private (home) sanctuary, of Our Lady of Lourdes, here in Australia.

      Through prayer, I found a method, to successfully teach my child, (who was born with severe autism), how to speak.

      My five children are now adults, My first born child, who is a girl, was seriously speech delayed. My other four children, who were also born on the autism spectrum, were not speech delayed. (One of my children, also a girl, is not on the autism spectrum).

      I have two girls on the autism spectrum, and two boys on the autism spectrum and one girl, who is not on the autism spectrum.

      Here is the method, that I developed, to teach my oldest child how to speak, (and very successfully at that). I went to all the local fetes and second hand Op Shops, and bought up colourful childrens’ books at a very low cost. Then I selected suitable pictures*, to cut out and paste into a big spiral-bound art sketchbook.

      One picture to each page. Under that, I wrote the story. It was devoid of the trappings of the English language. It was just a simple three or four word format to describe the picture.

      It went something like this: bear cooks dinner, bunny rabbit mows lawn, etc.
      Basically as you can see, the format of the little story is: noun verb noun.
      I went through this on a regular basis with my daughter. She really enjoyed the lesson. she was over three years old at the time. I put great emphasis on saying the words.

      I made them very clear, very distinctive and very slow, and also louder than normal speech.

      After several months, she started talking in something that sounded like Chinese and then later on, there was a breakthrough. One day she picked up the book, and had a look at the picture on the page, and pronounced the words: bundy rat. This was her first attempt to pronounce the words: bunny rabbit.
      In due course, she learnt to speak very well. Today she’s got a fair amount of independence and drives a car, reads, writes, uses computers, cooks, travels, and has a job and much more.

      As well as the speech method that I developed for her, which I freely share with others, via my family’s website, she had some physiotherapy at the local hospital, in the form of games, and also similar activities in the home, from the Autism Association of New South Wales, (Australia), and some pre-schooling with a carer in attendance, because she always became very afraid, and became ill, when she was at preschool without a helper. I know that now, because she has since told me.

      There is something else, that I would like to mention to you. It is a bit of a side issue. When I made up the speech books for my oldest child, I put the little sentences in big, bold letters, using coloured texta pens, onto the page. Basically this was pretty strange, because the only person who had to read these words was myself!

      I probably did this illogical thing, because of the stress that I was under, but it may have had an interesting side effect. I think that my daughter noticed the words, because they were so big and bold, and colourful, and this may have set down a good foundation for my daughter to learn how to read, later on! In fact, I now know, that this one of the methods, that are used, to help the brain development of children, who are brain damaged, and it also good, for the learning process, for children, with normal development as well.

      In our household, we had my mother-in-law, who could not speak very good English, and yet this did not affect any of my children in their efforts to learn to speak the English language, even though 4 of our 5 children, were affected with autism, ranging from severe to moderate. They picked up English pretty well from my husband and myself, from other people, and from the TV and radio, etc.

      The abbreviated sentences in the speech books that I made up, were definitely not the normal way that people speak English, but the idea was just to get my daughter to start talking. More elaborate speech could come later, and it did. If I tried to incorporate more elaborate speech, she wouldn’t have learnt anything, because autism can make it hard to cope with excessive detail, when learning.
      I am not bi-lingual, but I think that this method, would be suitable for teaching non-verbal autistic children in other languages also. It is best to teach in the main language of the country, that you live in, for the greatest success in this matter. I personally found that my method did not take up a lot of time, and that it worked well for me.

      My connections, with autism, go back much further than my own children. My youngest sibling who died in 1989, was severely autistic and he only ever spoke two words in his whole 24 years on this earth, and that was not very often either. These two words were: mum, and John, which is the name of his brother.

      Basically my only qualifications for teaching my autistic daughter how to speak, was a strong determination, to find a way to do so, which was driven by the terrible possibility, of seeing my daughter never speak, just as my youngest sibling (a boy), never spoke, except two words, which were spoken on very rare occasions. In other words, my method, came out of the desperation, both of a very distressed older sister, and of a very distressed mother. Both of these being myself of course.

      Prayer is the key, that opens the doors, in all of these matters.
      (Mary Ann)

      *Pick colourful pictures, that a young child, would enjoy. Only put in that part of the picture, that focuses on the thing, that you are going to try and teach the child to say.

      Don’t include any unnecessary details, in the picture, just use what is needed. Make things as simple as possible for the child, e.g. just cut out the part of the picture, that shows the rabbit moving the lawn, and leave out the child on the swing, and mum waving out the window, and so on.

      These other parts of the picture on the book page, can be isolated, and pasted onto another page of the art book, to have other little stories for the child, to learn to say.

  61. Thank you St. Philomena
    I asked for prayers for myself in a legal matter, which was resolved , not as I had asked, but in a way that ultimately benefited my life – Thank you St. Philomena

  62. Dear Saint Philomena, I ask you with all my heart and soul to help us I feel hopeless as a mother. My son Dominic, is recovering now three years three months from a very serious illness. Please Saint Philomena I am desperate for your help to cure my son he has suffered so much please help him progress and move forward to walk again, he has been on two crutches all that time. Saint Philomena you have never let me down, I promise to make your name know as much as I can. I promise a good confession and holy communion and a mass in your honour. I will spread devontion to you. Please here our prayers we don t know where to turn help him I ask you with all my broken heart,

  63. Dear St Philomena,
    I am here asking for prayers and guidance from you. I have heard about your miracles and am taking a chance. I am knocking into your heart because I am so hopeless about the upcoming exam that I am going to take. For so many years I have been questioning why I took this path and is it going to be worth it? My college years were not as ideal as I expected it to be. I have been forcing myself into thinking that I have made the best decision in my life. But of course I feel like it was the right decision. I did it for my love ones, I sacrificed for them and It was worth it. I love them too much so I don’t wanna hurt them. I let my dreams go and let God do his way. But still, I can’t fill the emptiness within my heart. I feel so unsure about my future and am douting myself, my capabilities. Please hear my prayers. I wanted to pass this upcoming challenge. Hear me out, guide my soul. After this obstacle please clear my way, help me find my path. I wanted to make my parents proud, proud of themselves to have raised me right and will return all the favors they sacrificed for me. I will continue to praise God’s glory and will praise the saints in heaven above. Help me in building my confidence to fight this journey with all might and with the strengths from the Glory of God Almighty. This is all for you. Continue Gracing the world with blessings!

  64. Dear saint Philomena,
    Please heal my mother and I from the serious disease that we have. It’s been really hard on our family. Things haven’t been the same. I keep praying and I have strong faith in the Lord and I know that He will heal us. Please pray for our healing. Thank you

  65. Dear Saint Philomena, please hear and answer my pleas. I am in financial distress. Heal me, save me, and bless me in body, soul and spirit. I am so sorry for my sins. May all the angels and saints please help me and others who are suffering. Amen

  66. Dear St Philomena,
    Thank you for answering our prayers all these while. I declare you as the patron saint to my family. Now I beg you to help me to get a new job as a corporate trainer so that I can pay all debts and support my family financially and attend Mass on Sunday. I will do my very best to spread devotion to you and build a mini shrine in my house for your honor. Thank you my dearest St Philomena.

  67. Dear St.Philomena thank you so much for the miracle of healing my baby niece who was not well when she was born,i prayed for her using your novena and I also light a candle for her,thank you so much for listening to my prayers.You are a wonder worker

  68. I want to praise and thanks saint Philomena for answering my prayers for these sets of twins for Avery and Sadie preemies they couldn’t breathe or be fed on their own but with the prayers from yesterday they will be going home next week because they are breathing and feeding themselves on their own thank you my Auggie his heart surgery it was successful and he at home doing well now we pray for the other set of twin that Brielle six months shape her skull the way the Lord intended for her there’s no tumor to probably wear a helmet shape her little head St Philomena and I also prayed to my blessed mother and my Lord Jesus Christ for Brielle healing Amen????

  69. Dear St. Philomena,
    Please heal my joints, especially my wrists and knee. Thank you for this miracle and I will spread devotion to you.

  70. Was so nervous because of the biopsy result, sleepless nights because im so worried about the result since i have a 15mo old baby. The doctor said the nodule got bigger hence higher chances of it being malignant. I googled the bio of the saint and novena prayer to St. Philomena. I prayed it every night and somehow I got confident, I worried less and less until I worry no more. The prayers and novena to her, with God ultimately, helped me. I just got tge resulta now and yes, it was benign! Thank you God, Mary and St. Philomena.

  71. Praying for calm for my teenage daughter as she tries out for a team. She’s worked hard, but nothing in life is a guarantee. I’d love for her to make the team, but I’m praying she does her best.

  72. Saint Philomena, truly a wonder worker of miracles! A huge debt paid in full .. miraculous and indescribable. She is truly a wonderful saint whom God has blessed greatly and given unbelievable graces to. I will always be thankful.

  73. St. PHILOMENA, So wonderful. I received all that I asked for while sending my son back to school. I was in a total fix, not enough school fees, school requirements,etc but she did it all. Received money from different sources for him. All was covered. THANK YOU. She is so great. Powerful with God. Our mother continue praying for us as we put our trust in you.

  74. St. Philomena asking so
    Humbly that you grant my wish to transfer to another company. I wish that my prospect company through the help of former colleague contact me and approve my transfer before my leave finishes. Please, help me… Thank you in advance….

  75. St Philomena is my sweetest friend, today iam here again to say thank you so much dear St. Philomena for 2 great miracles that you gave me this week, you are a wonderful saint and I promised that I will spread your devotion in my country and build a statue of you for my local community church. I want to encourage all those praying to her keep praying,she is a miracle worker.Love you ST.Philomena.

  76. St Philomena though I have given hope. Please bring justice into my life. May I and A be together and all the difficulties from our way may get away.
    Thank you.

  77. Dear Saint Philomena,
    With your most powerful intercession,please intercede for me to the Heavenly Father that if it be His will daughter and EK will establish a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship and have a lifelong romantic future together. In Jesus name..please let this prayer be answered. Thank you St. Philomena.

  78. Thank you St Philomena for getting me the job I asked for and the financial help to pay back taxes and bills

  79. Holy St Philomena, handmaid of our Lord Jesus, I want to thank you for all the assistance you gave me yesterday. I needed so much help and your hand interceded at a time when I was lost. With your help I was able to retain an attorney and find hope for my just cause after so many had turned me away. Please accept my prayer.

    I pray that all reading this will come to know that honest, constant, faithful prayers of devotion to you, St Philomena, are heard and answered. Please continue to intercede for me and obtain for me the special graces I request that I may be filled with faith and love so that I may be a better servant to our Lord God. I pray this in the Holy name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Amen

  80. I pray to ease the suffering of my father who is disabled from a stroke and for the well being of my children and family.

  81. Please lift from my son the cancer that is hurting his body, his mind and stressing him. Please give him the financial freedom he deserves. Amen

  82. My prayers were answered. My Grand daughter was saved from evil influences and through the grace of God is now in a private Catholic school. She is no longer depressed but is doing wonderful and I pray again that God will continue to bless us with the financial ability to continue to pay the tuition. It a an incredible sacrifice as her father has recently been laid off from his job but as her grandparents we have agreed to help. Please again I pray he can regain employment and I pray we can continue to help.

  83. My brother was diagnosed with cancer which had spread to his bladder and kidneys, and was wearing a catheter. He had surgery scheduled within two weeks. I prayed to St. Philomena to cure him, and offered her something extra in return to make her better known. When the time came for my brother to have his last physical check up before the surgery, lo and behold. The doctors did not find any cancer in him at all. St. Philomena cured him 100%. His cancer is completely gone, not in remission but as if he has never ever had it. I will forever be in debt to St. Philomena. As the Blessed Virgin Mary revealed to Sister Mary Louisa of Jesus, “To Philomena nothing is refused”.