Answered Prayers from the St. Philomena Novena – 2015

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St Philomena NovenaThank you for joining us in praying to St. Philomena, the wonder worker! If you experienced any answered prayers during this novena, please share them with us below! We must praise God, and give Him all the glory, for all the good things He is doing in our lives.

Now, if you have had some prayers go seemingly unanswered (you’re not alone), and you’ve been asking yourself, “Should I just stop praying?” — here’s a post I wrote that may be able to help:

Unanswered Prayers

Thank you for joining us in prayer!

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  1. I thank St Philomena for her intercessions fir my answered prayers. My ordeals with the case against MP has been resolved and I got what I wanted to show. Truth prevails. Thank you for all the prayers.

  2. let’s they kingdom come, in my heart through mother Mary. During the novena of St. Philomena, I prayed that’d my boyfriend who had just gone silent to speak, and my prayer was answered finally through intercession of St. Philomena who is the patron saint of the Youths

  3. Thank you for your novenas. I always look forward to it and sharing it friends and family too.

    I prayed for my work – to find a job and I had an interview the very next day. Then got called in for a second stage interview too. All Glory to God. I pray I land the job. I am forever grateful and thank you to St Philomena whom I know will lead me to getting the job. Amen.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  4. I did the St. Philomena novena and I prayed that she helped mine and my husbands’ business thrive and every day that I said the prayer we were getting orders in. On the ninth day of the novena our sales went through the roof all thanks to St. Philomena. She is an amazing saint and I pray to her every day now.

  5. My prayer for this Novena was for a better job for myself and for my husband. A few nights ago after feeling like my prayers went unheard, I laid in bed and talked to Jesus for a long time. And I felt I was really in the presence of our Lord. I explained to Him that I was a slow learner and I may just need him to spell out what his will was for me. The next morning, at work, an employee from the office next door left a note for me to call her. Turns out she is retiring and today I had an interview with her boss and got the job. My husbands work hours changed at the same time and made it possible for him and I to work opposite days so someone would always be with the kids and my elderly father. Praise God thank you St. Philomena for your intercession and thank you Jesus for your unfailing love. Remember it is always in Gods time. Thank you for this wonderful website. God Bless.

  6. I joined this Novena more than midway into it and prayed the missed days all in one day. i was struggling with some very illicit lustful desires and glory be to God through the intercession of St Philomena these have ceased completely!! Its the first time to know this Saint and to pray her novena. I’m filled with new peace.

  7. I prayed the novena to St. Philomena that our daughter would pass the second part of her CPA exam that she was taking 8-12-2015. This is a series of 4 exams that you need to pass within a certain number of months otherwise you have to start over. After three years of studying and taking the exams over and over again we got the wonderful news this morning that Samantha passed! I will be praying the next novena for her to pass the 3rd and then the 4th exam this year and she will finally reach her goal of becoming a CPA. Thank you for bringing these novenas to us!

  8. God is Good all the time and all the time God is good for that is hos nature, l did this Novena when we all started and l my prayer request was to get a better job that l will work with better management, am happy today to testify of my answered prayers for l have gotten an offer with an international company with a good pay and will be joining by October 1. I thank God for answered prayers and all who prayed with me. I pray for favor in the company am going to join and for my visa to be issued. Amen.

  9. I thank God and St . Philomena for an answered prayer. I prayed for favour to be able to have a successful meeting with my supervisor. God answered my prayer and everything went more than expected. I have started writing my thesis now. I am most grateful to God, God is indeed good!!!

  10. My husband recently suffered a deep depression and considered taking his life. I only prayed for healing and God’s will to be done. My husband began to feel the depression lift the first day of the novena and each day there after. Thank You St. Philomena for carrying my needs to our Father.

  11. My friend’s wife’s pregnancy was complicated by a rare condition that can have a 10% maternal death rate, where typically a hysterectomy is needed due to severe bleeding and usually many blood transfusions are required during birth due to hemorrhage. I prayed the novena to our most Blessed St Philomena that she would not require a hysterectomy and would not require a blood transfusion. It is pretty much a forgone conclusion that with her condition, she would need both. Bless our Blessed St Philomena, because the delivery was relatively unremarkable, she needed a little surgery but no hysterectomy and no blood transfusion!! This is, for this condition, truly a miracle! Glory be to God!! The baby is totally healthy and everyone is doing well! Praise God!

  12. Thank you St. Philomena…been praying for my daughter and granddaughter to finally be able to get their own home after 1 1/2 years . Just got a very nice apartment! Granddaughter can finally have her own room and my daughter can start making a home to call her own. Praise be to God! Been a difficult year but the new beginning is here. Thank you. They have had to sleep in my living room as I don’t have much room. No privacy for daughter and it has been a trying time . Now she is starting to feel successful . And hopeful.

  13. been asking God to show me what my life-purpose is. during the st. philomena novena, the answer came like a droplet of rain on my head. All Glory be to God!

  14. Thank you St. Philomena. I prayed for a better working relationship with my boss this year. Coming to work for me has not been enjoyable for a couple of months. I have been so bitter and angry with my boss, imagining that he is out to get me.

    So far, since the beginning of August, he has been very happy with every presentation I have made to him. Thank you for interceding for me sweet St. Philomena. My Faith is stronger than it has ever been because of you. I know this year I will exceed expectations and get a promotion. AMEN

  15. I prayed this Novena for a better job that would pay me well and the working environment be friendly, l got invited for 2 interviews with different companies and now am having my second interviews tomorrow with both companies. I continue praying that H.I gets to hire me. Amen

  16. We prayed to Saint Philomena for our 26-year-old niece whose doctors had discovered precancerous cells on her cervix. She had surgery and we received the news that the pathology report shows no further growth, no actual cancer, and doctors were able to remove all the precancerous cells. No lasting damage and future children will not be a problem for her. Thank you Saint Philomena. Saint Philomena, pray for us!

  17. I had a medical check up the last day of the novena. The lab work they drew was sent off . The doctor said he thought all of it would one back ok. But they where testing for a terrible form of cancer. I decided to pray the novena again in thanksgiving and faith that the lab results wod be normal. I received the call from my doctor yesterday that ALL labs were normal -praise GOD and thank you St. Philomena!!!

  18. Thank you St Philomena! Over the past several months I have suffered with lower back pain and my back has given out on me twice in a three week period. I prayed this novena asking for healing and that God would grant me the ability to work hard and be able to continue to make a living for myself…if my back is not strong I would not be able to work. Upon completion of this novena I have experienced no pain and have been able to work without complications. Praise you God.

  19. That you St Philomena! With her intervention My prayers were answered my daughter has started communicated with us again.

  20. St.Philomena thank you so much for hearing myprayers and interceding on my behalf. I can not believe how many things begin to work toward my prayers request. Dr. Appts were opened up and my daughter passed a test that she need to pass to further her career. Truly a blessing ! Thank you St. Philomena!

  21. My soon to be fiancé Jonathan has no choice but to move out and live on his own away from his family that are moving out of state. Every penny he gets from his construction job goes to bills, groceries for my mom and I, gas, and my therapy/needs. Now he got a wonderful job as a business man at 18 years old and is going to be able to support the both of us with less stress and start our lives together. Praise God! Thank you St. Philomena! Forever, thank you! Right on time!!

  22. I prayed the novena for friend with stage 3 melanoma. On August 10 he had 23 more lymph nodes removed and none had cancer in them! Praise be to God and thanks to St Philomena for her intercession. My friend is serving our country and has a wife and three small children.

  23. i have prayed the last 2 month for my love to come back i prayed novena to our lady of mount carmel , st Ann st Philimena and my prayer have been answered however got a way to go thank you for all who prayed with me thank you god above keep praying xx

  24. Thanks mama Maria, st philomena for making me realise that Jesus loves me so much and that He wil never forsake me during my time of need, yesterday I realised that His powers are great when we are very weak and helpless. Thank you my sweet loving Jesus.

  25. God is really good all the time. He always answer prayers in His own perfect time. My prayer for my sister through the intercession of St. Philomena was answered. She got a job this school year. I praise and thank God for the many wonderful blessings He has given to my family. Glory to you Lord Jesus. Amen.

  26. During the St. Philomena novena, I prayed for a friend’s deliverance and healing. I also prayed secondarily for my own deliverance and healing. At the close of the novena, I was given the gift of focused prayer time w a gifted deliverance and healing minister. This gift helped me to know and receive God’s love in a new way. Thank you, God!! And thank you St. Philomena for interceding for my friend and for me.

  27. Thank you for prayers answered, my Mom is home from the hospital and with a good prognosis. Thank you, Jesus! <3

  28. When I started praying this novena I had two intentions to lift up. One for my sister in law who has a 6 year old severely autistic daughter. Her daughters support/education services had been cut from 35 hours a week to nothing. She had made amazing progress in the time she was recieving the survives. Her daughter and the family was suffering and frustrated. She kept calling the state for help. I prayed for relief for the family and especially her precious daughter. On Monday they were notified that her services/ educational support was reinstated until she is 21!!! Thank you St. Philomena!
    The other intention I was praying for was a dear and faithful friend who was diagnosed with a liver cancer. The doctors were doing all sorts of tests etc. I prayed to St Philomena and envisioning a clear X-ray.
    No surprise here… My husband just received a text that he went from 1 year to live to being Cancer free!!!!
    You can’t out give God!
    Thank you St Philomena for your intercession for these intentions.!
    Thank you !!

  29. Thank you so much st. Philomena.
    part of my novena was sons insurance was restored.thank you.
    Pls join me in thanking her as i continue to pray for my remaining intentions


  30. Thank you saint phelomena for answering my prayers in day 5
    I prayed for four things 2 of them were answered after less than houer thank you so much
    I hope that the other prayers will be answered soon if God wants

  31. Thank you Saint Philomena for interceding for us, Few days into the Novena My younger sister called to tell me she is now pregnant. Please Saint Philomena continue praying for us for our unanswered prayers. AMEN

  32. I suited my dissertation on time. That was one of the three things I prayed about. Waiting for the next two. Thank god for every nlessing

  33. thank you Saint Philomena for interceeding for us, our prayers were answered me and my boyfriend we got a plot of land to buy at an affordable price. please Saint Philomena continue praying for us for our unanswered prayers. AMEN

  34. My daughter passed away on July 30. Her oldest son, now 21 had not prayed or been to church for a long time. After the funeral we began a Mass Novena for my daughter. I had not finished St. Philomena’s novena when we began the novena at our parish. I thought my grandson would refuse to join us, but he joined the family in the Mass novena. The most amazing thing happened during the second Mass, he held my hand as we prayed the Our Father.
    The following days he prayed along and even sang.
    I want to thank God, Our Lady, St. Anne and St. Philomena for this miracle. I thank the people who interceded for others during this novena. Count on our prayers and novenas for those in need in this group.
    God bless you all.

  35. Praise God. I prayed the st.Philomena’s Novena asking for a safe swift and smooth delivery. I was pregnant for my 4th child and I was told I was high risk.
    To the glory of God on the 4th of August our 4th Son came forth in the most smooth,swift and safe way. He was very healthy and I was very strong. In 24hrs we were certified by the doctor to go home.
    I have never spent anything less than 3-7days in previous birth.

    I am grateful to God for answered prayers and St Philomena and all the saints whose constant intercession we have always asked for. Amen

  36. For this novena I asked for the healing of something I have been struggling with. On the 10 of August I went to confession for spiritual guidance but it wasn’t until the 11, the feast of St. Philomena, that I felt the peace and freedom I needed to move on. Thank you, Lord, for answering my prayers and thank you St. Philomena for your intercession. Amen.

  37. My husband seems more hopeful and resolute about looking for a job. St. Philomena, please continue to intercede for us to our Lord Jesus that my husband find employment soon. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you St. Philomena.

  38. As a result of this novena, my son has been offered a part-time job in his field. If all goes well during his first thirty days, the job will become full-time! I am so grateful :)

  39. Am so thank ful praying this saint Philomena novena a blessing for my son and I prayed for my son to get a job and St Philomena hear my prayers thank u to pray to God to help my son to get a job Amen to God mighty name

    My prayer for the novena to St Philomena included three main issues,
    1) healing in my family which I am seeing the beginnings of because family members that never spoke to each other due to anger and unforgiveness started communicating with each other!! Truly a miracle because even though I asked for it, I just never thought it would ever happen.
    2) I was praying against crippling fears that were beginning to affect the way I lived. One of them was and still is a fear of flying. On my recent trip I prayed as always before the flight and found that I was more relaxed than previous flights, amazingly though the flights were very smooth with almost no turbulance!!
    3) I prayed for the ability to give and receive love. This one is still a struggle but I know that I will receive this gift soon.
    Thank you St Philomena

  41. I prayed for a close relative who is currently seeking a job. The day after the novena ended, she got a call out of the blue from a contact who is leaving their position and feels she would be a great fit. It is an ideal situation for her, in the field she specializes in. Now, they have an interview set up. Amazing! Thank you, St. Philomena, for your intercession!

  42. Thanks so much to St Anne and Saint Jude. I went to the doctor because I was having a persistent cough for two weeks. He gave me allergy medicine and sent me for a chest x-ray. The result showed a nodular density of 13mm on my lung. He was sending me for further CAT scan but I put all my faith and trust in my God and asked St Anne and St Jude to intercede and join in my prayers. I said the Saint Jude on my own but joined in the St Anne novena. I decided to have a second opinion as I never had this problem before. The specialist repeated the x-ray (after I completed my novenas) and the result was spotless.
    I know I was granted miracle and will continue to give praise. Thank you again and again my Jesus for keeping me under your protection

  43. While I am not aware of my prayers being answered from praying this particular novena, it was still beneficial. The novena was not a prayer form I made much use of before. Only rarely. But this spoke to me, making me want to make more use of this form in my prayer life. When I’m back to work & back on my feet, I really want to financially contribute!

  44. I am so grateful for blessings received, my daughter got her first good paying job post her graduation and my son is getting better job options. Thank you Lord!

  45. Skin disease has been healed
    My sisters kids process is working on well.
    We bought a car and am learning to drive well
    Increase number of clients at my work place,

    Jesus i thank you for listenimg to my dearest saints.

  46. Today i was told about an internship opening at a very good company, i will apply for the position tomorrow and I know my Jesus do something great for me, even if I dont get it I know Jesus has something great for me.

  47. In the Mighty Name of Our Precious Saviour, Our Lord Jesus Christ, join me in giving praise and thanksgiving to Our beautiful Heavenly Father for answering my prayers. It was a desperate situation, sent in my petition on the 11th August asking everyone doing the Novena to stand with me in agreement in finding suitable accommodation as I have to move on 31 August. During the month of August most real estate agencies are closed plus currently there is a shortage of properties which has pushed prices high. However on the same day after sending my petition, to my surprise when I checked the internet, a new apartment had been release with a reduction of 300 euros per mth, called the agency…today I have signed the contract, moving in on the 1 September, also instead of paying 3 months deposit & 4 months rent in advance, without me asking, the Landlord asked that I pay 3 months deposit and 1 months rent in advance…Glory to God, he deserves all the Glory.
    I also gave a work colleague a card of St Philomena on the 11th August as he had never heard of St Philomena, whilst reading it he exclaimed pointing out that St Philomena was also the Saint of real estate which I did not know.
    I came to know of St Philomena 23 years ago. I always visit Saint Padero Pio’s book shop whenever I visit London and it was here that I picked up a book on St Philomena. I bought the book. At this time my sister was very ill and was paralysed on one side of her face. I ordered St Philomena healing oil, relic and cord from her shrine in Italy, every night I applied the oil on my sister praying, asking St Philomena to intercede, my sister was miraculously healed.
    I have promised to St Philomena that in thanksgiving I will name my daughter after her and hope to visit her shrine one day.
    I encourage everyone to have faith, trust, God answers prayers sometimes not in ways we want him to but he does.
    Pray the Divine Mercy every day which I did and hope to continue doing.
    Thank you for standing with me.
    Thank you God
    Thank you Jesus the Divine Mercy
    Thank you Mother Mary
    Thank you St Joseph, St Anne & Joachim, St Anthony, St Philomena and all my other heavenly friends for every blessing…the fact that I woke up this morning and sharing this is a miracle and prayer answered. .

  48. In thanksgiving to my Lord, Jesus, and St. Philomena, I report that my prayer has been partially answered! I am trusting in Jesus that I will see the rest of my prayer answered eventually too. Praise be to God, who is all good and will never leave us! Thank you for this ministry.

  49. This had proven to be one of the most powerful novenas for me. I was praying for several intentions involving my family relationships and have witnessed improvement in all of them. I also was praying for two friends who have cancer and found out one of them today got good news that her tumors are shrinking. Thank you, Jesus!

  50. Thanks you st. Philomena for answering my biggest prayer request. Through your intercession i got a job, I will always remember and be thankful for my answered prayer requests.

  51. Thank you St. Philomena for hearing my request for my son. It has been a long year with him and hopefully this is the beginning of a new start for him. I am forever grateful to you.

  52. Thank you St. Philomena for answering one of my prayer requests. I know my other prayer will be answered. I will always remember and be thankful for this answered prayer .

  53. Thank you St. Philomena. Both my prayer intentions have been answered. Baby Aston is now sleeping through the night therefore giving his mommy well-deserved sleep; and baby Victoria has finally accepted to be bottle-fed. Amen.

  54. THank you also, dear St. Philomena, for your intercession for my husband. He now has a job finally! And thank you for your intercession for my sister in law who is now expecting.

  55. THank you ST. Philomena! Through your intercession, John’s scan is now cancer free!!! This is a healing from a rare form of cancer. Thank you for helping me “miraculously conceive” (acc. to a OB/GYN) my daughter, Madeleine. Thank you for these answered prayers and all prayers you have answered, whether we are aware of them or not!!

  56. I am sure that St.Philomena interceded for me and my prayers were answered . My husband was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago and was cleared after a successful surgery , but at our last visit he had elevated levels that alarmed the doctors, a different kind of cancer unrelated to his previous diagnosis. We went for a follow up and his levels are considerably lower , doctors think it was infection and there is a follow up appt next month. I have been faithfully praying to St. Philomena in desperation , feeling that a cancer diagnosis was just a matter of time. Thank you St. Philomena for interceding for me.

  57. Hi,

    I have been joining the novena since day one until the last prayer yesterday 08.11.2015. My prayer intention was for the approval of my student visa. And today 08.12.15 at 9:11 in the morning, i got an email from the immigration that i have been grabted the residence permit. God is really awesome! He will not let His people struggle whom faithfully asked His guidance and help. Prayer is really powerful. Thank you so much for the people who are praying with me in this novena. May God continue to bless us all!!!

  58. I have been praying several Novenas leading up to this one as my child custody case was coming up! I had court on the 10 & 11 August. My mother offered to help watch my baby while I completed nursing school to be an RN. My daughter’s dad then took me to court claiming I abandoned the baby. We have been in court for 1 year. The initial female judge was going to take my baby from me. Miraculously, she was taken off the case and a male judge assigned! My baby will be coming back to me as of last court session on the 11aug. Thank you! Prayers and Fasting are the tools we need.

  59. After a year plus of unemployment and underemployment, my husband got a full time job on Day 9 of the novena. Thank you, St. Philomena!

  60. I prayed with the St Philomena Novena and and on the 5th day my prayer was answered.
    DB and I became a couple.
    I now continue my prayers that we continue with a sincere, trusting, loving and long lasting relationship.
    Thank you.

  61. I didn’t get the answer I wanted to my prayer, but the answer I did get was wonderful! I was told I’m not ready yet, and that I need to change my motivation from myself, to God and I learned how to improve my relationship with God so that I can do this.
    I also have found a great reprieve from the vices I have been beholden to for years and now finally feel ready to confess them. I’m very excited!

  62. I prayed for my son, who is 6 months old and has been struggling with Eczema. His skin has improved greatly since praying this Novena for him! Thank you for praying for Rob, St. Philomena, and thank you to all of you who have been praying for my intentions!

  63. Answered prayer! Thank you so much Saint Philomena; I was offered the job that I’ve always wanted this morning. I thank God for this wonderful opportunity after many years of struggling.

  64. God is good all the time. I thank St. Philomena. At the beginning of this novena one of my prayers was the discharge of my brother who was in court. Just today the prayer is answered. Join me to thank St Philoemina for her intercession and continue to intercede for me for the rest of my intentions.

  65. Thank you St.Philomena for giving my sister the job she was praying so earnestly for. It was when I prayed the novena on the last day and received a message from her saying that she had gotten the job. To God be all the glory and please continue to pray for our intention to unite as a family soon.

  66. St Philomena you’re indeed awesome…..i thank you for always being there for me when i called unto you,i paryed and asked for your intercession so that i may see grace in my results of my past exams and i made it……
    i will forever be greatful to you always…..thank you…thank you….thank you

  67. After searching all summer to find better employment with more hours, my son got an offer from a new place yesterday. He starts today. Thank you, Lord!

  68. I prayed that a relationship i’ve been in for quite some time would come to an end so that I can find the right person for me. My on/off again boyfriend and I went our separate ways for good on Sunday. Thank you, St Philomena! God is good! I continue to pray for what’s next and that I’ll make a better decision this time.

  69. I prayed this novena with the intention that my son would be emotionally & psychologically healed. On the final day of the novena, he asked that I make an appointment for him to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation. We are on our way now. I truly believe that St. Philomena interceded for him. His recovery and humility has been palpable in our home.

    Amen and God Bless !

  70. I’m so very sad that my prayers have not been answered. I’m actually crying as I type this because my relationship came to end on the very last day of my novena. I however will not lose hope. I continue to pray for my intentions and for those whose prayers have not been answered. I also thank God that at least some people have had their prayers answered. Thank you St. Philomena. Please continue to intercede for us all. God bless you all.

  71. Alleluia Praise God Praise Mama Mary my prayers have been answered! My son Dylan has been blessed with all A*s in his AS Level exams. Thank you St. Philomena . Thank you Divine Mercy and Thank You Mama Mary. Please be with all those who pray the novenas with me and continue to guide me and my family always.

  72. I have been praying in this Novena that My children may have sustainable Jobs. Two of them already have them. I still believe even the last on will get something better to do as a businessman and leave the selling of beer business (Bar) which makes him to miss going to church.. We continue praying for him.

  73. We read how the Lord answered people’s prayers reading the testimonies from other novenas and was wondering why ours was different. At the start of the novena to St Philomena, we asked God to grant our request before the end of the novena and on the last day of the novena, my wife got a job offer. Juliet and Patrick

  74. morning Blessed people.

    I am happy for the appeal for my husband and extension of time up to 5 September was granted. We thank God for being there for us .thank you St Philomena.

    We pray and continue praying that in high court he will be found free of those accusations . Let the Holy Spirit take control of every step. Fight is for the Lord and victory is ours.

  75. Prayed for a job with freedom and steady income and I got offered 3 of them so far very unexpectedly and spontaneously. But I kept my faith from the beginning that God was hearing my prayers

  76. My mother had 3 miscarriages before she had me. She had a blood disorder that cut off nourishment to the babies. She and my father prayed to Saint Philomena and Saint Gertrude for help and intercession and they tried again. They had me 9 months later! That was 16 years ago. I was completely healthy. I didn’t know they prayed to her for me until I told my mom who this novena was to and she enthusiastically told me the story from 16 years ago. She told me that St. Philomena was one of the main reasons I am here. Praise God! When I started praying this novena I felt like I was talking to a close friend. Before beginning, and talking to my mom about her, I didn’t know who Saint Philomena was. I had never heard of her before but I still felt peaceful when I prayed to her. I prayed for my Aunt, who had just been told by the doctors that there was a large mass in her bladder. They were afraid it was cancer. She got the results back yesterday and she is perfectly ok! It turned out to be scar tissue. I know this wonderful Saint’s intercession made sure of that. Thank you Saint Philomena!
    I also wanted to point out something that happened recently. My mom’s best friend went to the doctor and they found a strange spot on her eye. They thought it was a sign of Leukemia. They took blood and tested for it and the results took 10 days to come back. In those 10 days my little sister and I prayed a rosary for her every day (we missed a couple days but did our best) and when the results came back she was perfectly fine! She had a shortage of vitamin C but the doctors said she would be fine. Praise God! What powerful intercession He has granted His most Immaculate Handmaiden and His holy Saints!

  77. Praise God my prayers have been answered! I have successfully passed all my finals and will be graduating this Saturday from nursing school. I continue to pray that I will pass my predictor exam on Friday (and the NCLEX) which will allow me to sit in for state boards. But I have faith and know all things are possible through Jesus. Thank you St. Philomena and all the Saints who have helped me get through nursing school. Thank you my Blessed Mother Mary and St. Joseph. Please be with all those who pray the novenas with me and continue to guide my family and I always.

  78. Glory be to God! Through the recitations, i have seen God’s mercy at work in my finances, career openings and at work! Praise be to HIS holy name.

  79. Today August 11/15 I received the First Miracle and I know the others I asked are coming, they already here! Thank you Jesus that you heard the intersection of St. Philomena for my petitions. Amen!

  80. Thank you St. Philomena. I’ve prayed during this novena that you help my son realize his addiction to nicotine is detrimental to his health. He told me today he is going to try to quit. Although he’s using a vapor, which isn’t healthy either, it’s a step in the right direction. Thank you for answering my prayers.

  81. I prayed for my 2 month old grandson that his parents find an honest, reliable and loving nanny for him. They were to interview one nanny but she found work and sent my daughter another young lady instead. She was hired so I feel that she was the choice of St. Philomena.

  82. St. Philomena please pray that the biopsies my daughter, Lori, had today will come back negative and not show any serious problems with her thyroid or her health. Pray that the results will answer the questions of why she has not gotten her strength and stamina back. Please pray that her doctors will be guided to the proper treatment She needs and for her healing and her peace of mind.

  83. I had been having GI issues with bleeding and pain for 8 months. I was exhausted and just when I thought I was on the mend my issues would start again and sometimes worsen. I prayed to end this suffering but it continued. My friend introduced me to the Novenas so I asked to be included in a Novena for physical healing. Without exaggeration the day the Novena ended I was healed of this pain and internal bleeding I had been experiencing for 8 months.Everything simply went away as suddenly and abruptly as it started.I don’t usually post reviews but this has been a true miracle..thank you!!

  84. On Monday, I put prayers in for my intentions. But then on Tuesday I got upsetting news about my child’s health as the doctor was concerned with a lump we had found in his throat. So I got back on line and put in the prayer intention to St. Philomena to heal this lump and make it the least of what it could be. When we went to the Surgeon/Specialist on Friday, he assured us the lump was not cancerous and we would keep an eye on it. Praise Jesus! He answered our prayers through the intersession of St. Philomena and these beautiful prayers of the Novena. I also noticed that on August the 3rd we prayed for the healing of the sick!

  85. I thank God for his mercies upon my life, loved ones, family and in the lives of all saying this Novena. I thank him for his forgiveness of sins in my life, for the strength and wisdom to face life challenges. I thank him for my friend that I offended that later called me and I believe in him for more answered prayers as we put our trust n’ hope in you. Saint philomenna pray and intercede for us. Amen!

  86. Thank you St. Philomena and Jesus and Mary. My tumor was found to be benign, I don’t need surgery, and my pain is improving. God is so good.

  87. St Philomena I pray that my eyesight will continue to improve and that the spots on my skin are just moles, and that my lungs will continue to get stronger and free of all disease. I pray for energy and strength and faith in God to pull me through these long days. I pray for everyone in this prayer chain and elsewhere that they too may find peace with their prayer requests and find renewed faith in our Lord. In the name of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit. Amen

  88. Prayed for our daughter Mary to get a teaching job and she was offered a position on day 6 of novena! Thank you St. Philomena!

  89. Thank you St Philomena, my novena has been granted, my daughter and son in law are now reconciled. I will keep my promise and pray to you daily…x

  90. ive prayed wholeheartedly through this novena that my baby will be born as soon as possible to ease my worries and concerns. The ob now gave me a date for induction and I feel much more calm and at peace.

    Thank you at. Philomena

  91. I am amazed beyond. God is amazing. St. Philomena prayer has taught me how to have faith. On the 5th day of the novena and I was called for an interview by a Company I never imagined i would even be interested in me. I know my God is faithful and the job is mine . Thank you st.Philomena for interceding
    for me and my family