Answered Prayers from The St. Peregrine Novena, 2022

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Thank you for joining us in praying The St. Peregrine Novena! If you’ve had any prayers answered throughout this novena, please share those with us all below — to God be all the glory!

We are continuing to pray for you and your intentions every day. Do not give up on hope — the Lord is with you, in every circumstance. We’re praying for you!

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  1. Dearest Lord,
    I pray to you and St. Peregrine for the benefit of April a young Mother, wife, daughter, Sister and friend as she awaits a biopsy ! Help us to place our worry and anxiety in your hands… as we pray for your support and solution on this biopsy for April.

  2. Please pray for James, he is going into hospice care, it has only been a few weeks since his diagnosis of cancer, I am asking St. Peregrine and Our Blessed Mother to ask God for a miracle for him. As well as this, may he and his family be granted peace and courage.

  3. My husband was diagnosed with a tumor in esophagus near stomach. He needs continued prayers because they will operate soon.
    Worried about his heart. Concerned that once this tumor is removed, it doesn’t bleed since he will be off blood thinners. Also need prayers that this cancer is not found to be high risk to avoid it spreading. In the meantime, he had pet scan and no cancer in rest of his body. Been praying the St. Peregrine novena. Answered prayer. Thank
    You! Please keep him in prayer (B). Thanks.
    Thank you St. Peregrine and God! AMEN.

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  5. My Dad’s CT scans showed that his stomach & lymph node tumours are shrinking! We continue to be faithful for divine intervention on his liver. Thank you now & in advance St Peregrine!

  6. My husband was diagnosed in December with stage 3 oropharyngeal cancer. A CT scan this week shows no cancer! A PET scan 2 months from now will tell us for certain, but this was certainly good news.

  7. In December of 2022 I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic bladder cancer which had advanced to my lungs. I was told I had approximately 14 months to live. Today marks the end of my 14 months and, after chemo, I now take immunotherapy. From day one we began praying for a cure from this disease. Many who offered prayers were asked by us to likewise pray for a cure. We put it in the hands of Jesus and except for treatment day, we don’t even think ‘cancer’ because we believe I was cured. We praise the almighty Lord.

  8. I thank God for answering my prayer through the intercession of St. Peregrine. On the last day of the novena, i prayed for healing of my severe cough and cold, and miraculously i realized that after that prayer my cough and cold stopped. God is so merciful, kind and loving. Thank you Jesus my God.

  9. Thank you St. Peregrine for your intercession!!! I received negative results on a CT scan while praying this Novena. Whatever they were looking for wasn’t there. Praise God!!! Help me to remember my life is a gift and every day is a present. I want to work daily to repay the benefits of that present to God through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

  10. I prayed this Novena to St Peregrine three times in the last 6 months and my son who had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma is now in remission and cancer free. Thank you St Peregrine for taking my prayers to Jesus.

  11. I prayed for my grandma to be healed. Instead the Lord called her to keep him company in heaven.
    Maybe the healing God thought fit was to call her to the eternal resting place.

    As man on earth, this is especially painful but as a Christian I take comfort in the fact that God’s will is the best for us all.

  12. Could I ask you’re member’s to pray for Me as I have anxiety and depression i would love to be healed please,can also ask them to pray for my family as well, thank you🌹🙏🌹🙏🌹🙏🌹🙏

  13. A friend had some lab work come back not good, but upon further examination and testing, everything is ok!! Thank you God for Your goodness!

  14. Hello Everyone,
    I am writing to ask for prayers for Canada. There are a group of truckers standing up for Canadian’s freedom. Please pray for them. My friends and I are starting a novena to St. Joseph today for them, so I would appreciate any prayers for them. I understand if you do not agree with them, I am merely asking for prayers.
    God bless

  15. I said this novena for my husband who has had bladder cancer which has been i remission. He went for his 6 month ck up and there was still no cancer! The power of prayer 🙏🏻. Thank you so much🙏🏻

  16. My daughter continues to enjoy good health and is in high spirits. My son recovered speedily from a flu-like attack. To God be the glory. My financial circumstance has not seen worries.

  17. My beautiful wife Jacqueline has lymph node spread and her treatment and prayers have decreased them to less than a centimeter in size. She will continue on maintenance treatment so keep praying for her!

  18. I had a successful driving test and recently attended a very successful interview……….dear God l cant thank you enough

  19. Thanks be to God. Prayed this novena for Phyllis who was waiting for results of lung biopsy. Results today show no cancer. Thank you St. Peregrine.

  20. I prayed for my oldest son’s behavior improve, to learn to control his temper; and he has made a tremendous change. I feel like God blessed him and me and the wife to better handle him. Thank God!

  21. Thank you for your prayers 🙏🏾🙏🏾Our God is an amazing and faithful God.My friend who was constantly bleeding just told me she is not bleeding as before.Forever grateful

  22. Thank you Jesus for answered prayers on Thursday the last day of the novena. I have been favoured at work and healed in Jesus name. I pray that nobody or anything should ever hinder my progress in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

  23. God answered my intentions for favour at work and my health on Thursday the last day of the novena. Thank u Jesus. May nothing hinder my progress in Jesus name. Amen.

  24. Thank you so much for your prayers, Jimmy has been offered a contract for 6 months, please continue to pray that he’ll be offered a permanent job soon!

  25. I thank God, that through the intercession of St. Peregrine and the Blessed Mother…
    🙏the request I made to finally have my address change validated through the Post Office, so I no longer had to travel daily to get the mail, was granted on the last day of this Novena. I had specifically requested that this change (which has taken significantly longer than necessary) occur by the final day of the Novena. On that day, when I checked the mail, the notice from the USPO was there indicating that my mail would be forwarded to my new address! This simple request may seem insignificant, but to me it is a miracle because the situation had caused me
    so much anxiety. It is the perfect example that we have a loving God, who knows our every need, and delights in answering our prayers.
    Additionally, that day, I was informed that my Security Deposit would be refunded sooner than anticipated, enabling me to get some needed car repair completed. Another example of God’s protection and love for each of us.
    🙏Baby Tate, born with a hole in his heart, who must double his weight before being allowed to have surgery, has been breathing on his own periodically, and has been gaining weight. Please continue prayers for Baby Tate and his parents, and may they continue to rely on God for His grace, strength and direction in this difficult situation.
    🙏I have received countless Blessings and answered prayers during this, and the other Novenas. I thank God for establishing this beautiful ministry through John-Paul and Annie who said “Yes!” to God.

  26. I have said this novena to St. Peregrine for all cancer patients especially my son, Peter. As I came to day 9 he send me a message that his blood work is showing great signs of his illness being healed. Thank you St. Pere3grine for your intercession! Thank you Father God for answering our prayers.

  27. The novena to St. Peregrine ended on the exact same day as the surgery of my friends’ mother. She was diagnosed with cancer in the stomach, and the doctors didn’t know if the cancer had spread and if the disease was terminal. However, she has now been through the operation successfully and there was no spreading of the cancer! She can now look forward to the road to recovery! I am very grateful to God, and to st. Peregrine, who keeps watching over cancer-sick patients even now, bestowing them with his intercession. Thanks St. Peregrine! Thank God for us – and keep assisting us in your prayers. 🙏❤️

  28. During this 3 year journey of my husbands cancer and complications I prayed daily and continue to pray for his healing of cancer , pain and fatigue. More so I prayed for one normal day . We have been so blessed that one day I turned around and realized God had answered my prayers . While he is still undergoing treatment for cancer his pain, fatigue and discomfort are gone and we have many normal days . Thank you so much Lord .

  29. We have been waiting for 3 weeks for results from a bone marrow biopsy for my mom to rule out any blood cancers. Her appointment to find out results were yesterday, on the last day of the St. Peregrine novena, and we found out that she has NO signs of any blood cancers or precancerous conditions. Not only did God show up, he showed up BIG, and answered our prayers. God is faithful and God is always with us. Thank you for sharing these novenas. They are changing lives daily, and I give all the glory to God!!

  30. Prayers for my niece as she’s going through metastasized breast cancer treatment which at this time are in her bones and liver. I pray that the cancer stop spreading and continue to shrink away. In Jesus’ precious name, Amen

  31. Praying with gratitude that my husband’s prostate cancer surgery was successful. No further treatments necessary. Continuing prayers for a cancer- free future.
    Praise God!

  32. Praying with gratitude that my husband’s prostate cancer surgery was successful. No further treatments necessary. Continuing prayers for a cancer- free future.
    Praise God!

  33. For answered prayers from previous novenas. I thank you Lord for the mercy granted to my daughter with success in her academic studies to be able to attend the college of her choice currently. I thank you Father for showing up on her exam day, in her time of need and anxiety, and calming and composing her. I thank you Holy Spirit for providing wisdom and knowledge. Now, O Merciful Father, I thank you for this undeserving privilege that you have granted.

  34. I have offered this Novena to a friend suffering from cancer. last night I received a call from her that her latest tests have shown that her cancer has not advanced , and she does not have to do Chemotherapy, which is a great relief.
    Thank you St. Peregrine
    God bless you

  35. Praying for my daughter diagnosed in 2018. She is cancer free…praise God! Praying for a cancer free future for her in Jesus name.🙏❤️
    Also praying for my numerous relatives who continue to fight the cancer battle…may the good Lord place His healing hands-on them. Amen🙏❤️

  36. We received good news today. My husband’s tumors are shrinking!! Praise God!! Thank you St. Peregrine!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  37. Thanks to God and praying the Novenas I remain cancer free. It will be one year in April.Thanks be to God . Amen

  38. AS of three days ago her cancer is in remission, we will continue to pray that it does not come back. God Bless

  39. Thank you for these Novena Prayers as they keep hope alive in this world of sickness and despair! Was praying for my son the get the call about the job he was wanting and the call came yesterday! Praise God! I am thanking God for the prayers he is about to open in my life of this poverty that I have been in for so long! I know and believe God and his answers and for his miracles!! Amen!!

  40. At the beginning of the Novena, my friend, Ken, was in the ICU with covid pneumonia. He is out of ICU and is now on the way to recovery.

  41. Praise God for answere prayers. My daughter and my best friend recovered from Covid. Thank you for your intercession. Amen

  42. Through the intercession of St. Peregrine, I thanks God for the healing of my husband who was suffering from severe pnemonia and our neighbours suffering from different diseases. Glory and honour to God. AMEN

  43. God has answered my prayers for healing of my granddaughter from her adrenal insufficiency and for my cousin who had been in a coma. My cousin is still in the ICU but is awake now. She still needs prayers to receive a much needed liver transplant. Thank you St. Peregrine for your intercession. Praise God for answered prayers. Amen. ❤️🙏🏼❤️

  44. Ralph’s illness was diagnosed and the surgery was successful! He still needs prayer but he is so much better. Praise God. Thank you.

  45. A 10 year old friend was found to have multiple tumors in his abdomen a few weeks ago. Chemo was started, and after ONE treatment, on the last day of the St. Peregrine novena, the doctors found NO evidence of tumors. The were amazed and dumbfounded. Definitely A MIRACLE!!!

  46. Thank you, God and St. Peregrine, for hearing my prayer. Since starting this Novena, I was told I needed a biopsy. Yesterday, I received the report stating the biopsy taken on Monday was benign. O Jesus, I surrender myself to you, Take care of everything. Singing Praises!

  47. My niece was very sick with Covid, was on a ventilator for one month while pregnant, I kept praying during this novena for her to get better and off the ventilator and miraculously she was. Thank you St Peregrine for interceding for us to our lord Jesus Christ, Amen🙏🙏

  48. Shortly before this novena began, we found out that my Uncle has pancreatic cancer. I saw the notification for this novena and shared it with my family so we could pray it together.

    Yesterday, on the last day of the novena, we got our first good news. The cancer has not spread!! Thank you God, St. Peregrine, and to all the people praying this novena.

    My continued prayers are with you all. ❤

  49. Thank you my sweet and merciful Lord Jesus and St. Peregrine! My cancer surgery went well and lab reports are good. Thank you also for my brother as he has greatly improved and has started his spiritual journey.

  50. Thanking God for answered prayers, when I began the novena I asked God for divine job opportunities and he has granted me my wish. Not only have he provided me with many opportunities, God has blessed me immensely. Thank you Jesus!!

  51. Praise God! During this Novena, doctors have told 2 friends their cancer is now in remission (Kim and Missi) and one has made miraculous healing from Covid (Magi) Thank you St. Peregrine and Jesus!

  52. Had terrible pain in my knee and a worsening skin condition. Both are now just about completely healed. Thank you St Peregrine and all those who prayed this novena. God answers our prayers.

  53. My yeast infection is gone. My medication worked during this Novena through the grace of God. I know and trust God to perfect the healing Amen
    Also trusting and hoping on him got my fathers prostrate and my uncles prostrate cancer 🙏🏾

  54. Dear Jesus, Mary and St. Peregrine, please heal and protect my family, friends and I. Please Bless us 🙏 Spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.

    Please heal us of fibromyalgia, hyperparathyroid, kidney and heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, anxiety, depression, asthma, allergies, COPD, diverticulitis, aortic aneurysm, double bypass surgery and colon problems.

    Please help my husband continue to take better care of his diabetes.

    Please help our wonderful son and his friends continue to live God 🙏 loving lives.

    Please also help our son with his anxiety, and help him find a devout, Catholic woman to marry.

    Please heal our fractured Nation, and help all people understand the evils of abortion and socialism.

    Thank you Jesus, Mary and St. Peregrine.

  55. I thank God so much, my friend has been working without getting paid everywhere he works for ten years. I decided to pray for him in this novena to get paid and he called me that at his new job he had spent two months with no salary but yesterday he was given some of his money. May God be glorified. I also prayed for a teacher who was very weak and battling with cancer but now he has improved. May God be magnified forever

  56. I hurt my back a couple of weeks ago. I had been using some pain relief and back braces, for it to heal. They were all helpful but could still feel some little pain. In course of praying this novena to St Peregrine, i realized that, the pain had gone completely. Thank you, St Peregrine for your intercession. Thank You Lord, for healing me and many others.

  57. A friend’s mother is in her 90’s and after a trip to the hospital, they put her on hospice and said it would be a matter of time. I was praying for her to have peace and comfort. After 3 months my friend said she was really starting to decline. I was on day 5 of our novena and as I shared my prayer intentions, I clearly heard to ask for my friend’s mother’s healing and I did. I seen my friends two days later and I asked how his mother was doing and he said a couple days ago she made a complete turn around and she is doing great! I laughed with joy. Thank You St. Peregrine. :-)

  58. My dog Miles has mild kidney disease. His labs came back looking good! Thank you St. Peregrine! Of course, praise be to our God, our Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Miles is such a gift to me. Also, I know a lot of people who contracted COVID. All became well and did not need hospitalization. Thank you again, St. Peregrine!

  59. I want to thank God for his blessings, kindness and strong protection he has given me and my family.
    I started this prayer for the healing of my Boss that had a major operation of his intestine. I prayed for his healing and he is getting stronger every day.

  60. I was praying for a close friend who is battling cancer, and I had a dream when she was getting better n was back to work. I believe this will happen n the dream was an answer to my prayers. Still believing God for total healing of my dear friend.

  61. Thank you St. Perigraim my Grandson is healed and my son and Husband are doing better. Amen. Thank you Jesus

  62. An aquiantance was having medical complications and also fighting cancer. I included her in this Novena and Praise God she was discharged from the hospital and at home recovering. Doing much better. St. Peregrine please continue to intercede for her. God thank you for your graces.

  63. Recent stomach pain / issues subsided by end of Novena! Thank you St Peregrine, all those who are praying and above all Praise, Worship and Thanksgiving to God!

  64. I prayed the St. Peregrine novena for the healing of my 96-year-old grandfather (who had multiple infections and had recently declined in health), my aunt who has cancer, and all children with cancer/terminal illness. Saturday was day 5 and the intro prayer said this:

    “Today let’s pray for everyone suffering and nearing death. Let’s pray that through their faith, they will not be afraid of death but will have hope in everlasting life with God. 
    Let’s pray that their fear will be relieved, and that their hope will be strengthened.” So I prayed extra for my grandfather… and the next morning, he passed away. Though he wasn’t physically healed, I felt very much at peace knowing that I had just prayed for him in a special way through the intercession of St. Peregrine, whom I will now consider one of my grandfather’s special patrons. May my Dziadek (Polish for Grandpa) rest in eternal peace!

  65. Dear St Peregrine,
    Thank you for your prayers and intercessions.
    Please watch over and pray for my son.
    Please pray for my sisters, family.
    Those in my healing prayer. For Annie and John-Paul. For all the intentions of this novena.
    Thank you.

  66. Mother-in-law, 95 years young, suffering from congestive heart failure, was starting to get weaker and weaker and feel more and more uncomfortable. She was also a very prayerful person. We brought her to our house and 3 days later took her to the hospital. By now she was fairly non-communicative and miserable. I prayed that the Lord would take her and end her pain, but would accept His plan if he had other ideas! 2 days later she ended her earthly journey and joined the Lord!

  67. My mother was diagnosed with an adenocarcinoma of the stomach outside the US earlier this year. Due to the COVID surged in the DFW area, we were told it would take months to find an oncologist to take over her care and treatment in the US. Thanks be to God! Today, I received a call that an oncologist can see her this coming Friday. God is merciful! Thanks be to God!

  68. I’ve been praying the Novena to St Peregrine asking for healing for friends and relatives and I just found out this afternoon that my brother in law Joe had an MRI yesterday and the doctor told him that he was Cancer Free. Praise God and St Peregrine ❤️🙏

  69. St. Peregrine, please pray and intercede for my friend in New York…that she be healed. She’s been battling cancer for twelve years now. Her cancer has metastasized to other parts of her body & she is now undergoing targeted chemotherapy every 21 days. Although there is no pain, she feels very weak. Out of 21 days, she feels relatively ok for 3 to 5 days only.
    Thank you, St. Peregrine.

  70. Thank you St. Peregrine for praying to heal Valentina of her ailment and making her strong to complete her mission.

  71. I prayed this novena for my health. One of the things I needed to do was to get my blood pressure back to some kind of normal. It was too high. Well, when I went to my doctor on Monday, my blonde pressure was down to 130/70. Thank you lord and thank you for your prayers.

  72. My grandson who had high fever and infection has been discharged from the hospital. My first daughter who is pregnant is doing well and healthy. My stomach pain has stopped and more. Thank you Saint Peregraim for your intercession on our behalf. Thank you, Jesus, Amen.

  73. A good friend’s dad was rushed to hospital and admitted to the ICU with severe breathing problems (not Covid). They had to put him on a ventilator and the prognosis was not good. This novena started the day he went to the hospital. I offered this novena for Neil and he is now out of the ICU, breathing on his own with some oxygen and starting physio. Thank you everyone for your prayers. I am truly humbled by this miracle. Thank you Father God and St. Peregrine.

  74. I ask for prayers for my classmate daughter who is in CCU as of today. IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, THE SON, AND THE HOLY SPIRIT. AMEN!!