Answered Prayers from the St. Peregrine Novena, 2019

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Thank you for joining us in praying for all cancer patients and others who suffer daily.

If you experienced an answered prayer during this novena, please share it with us all here.

We will continue to pray for you and your intentions!

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  1. I prayed this novena for my granddaughter Alex. She has breast cancer for the second time. She is only 26. Through the intercession of St. Peregrine she got the good news that the results of the biopsy on a suspicious lymph node was negative and the results of yer pet scan revealed no additional cancer. Thank you for all the prayers.

  2. Six years after a prostatectomy my PSA begain to rise again. Received 37 radiation treatments and prayed to St. Peregrine. My first post radiation PSA test was favorable. Will continue St Peregrine novena and pray for a cure.

  3. Today I will begin my novena to St.Peregrine for the removal of uterine fibroids. I am schedule to undergo certain types scans n consultations with medical professionals however I know this saint will intercede for me, and miracle will take place. I am looking forward in sharing the result of this novena intension,according to God’s time.
    Please remember me in your prayers. Thank you.

  4. My sister already has and is being treated, overall successfully, for multiple myeloma. Her oncologist was concerned about her weight loss and ordered a ct scan. He told us that the results didn’t look good. He ordered a different test that he expected to confirm his suspicions. However, the results of the second test today show NO ABNORMALITIES! Her oncologist has been so right about everything while he has been treating my sister that it is hard to believe that he got this one wrong. I have been praying to St. Peregrine for his intercession with God so that my sister would not have another cancer. I sincerely believe that this outcome is due to St. Peregrine working on my sister’s behalf. Praise be to God!

  5. Asking for prayers for my brother, Oscar. His is my youngest brother, that was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, last Wednesday and will be starting his chemotherapy tomorrow Tuesday, 8:30 AM. Please, help me pray for complete healing. He still is so needed for his family and his boys are still so young not to have a father.
    Thank ahead of time for your prayers.
    Blessings to you all. Amen.

  6. Asking for prayers for my brother, Oscar. His is my youngest brother, that was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, last Wednesday and will be starting his chemotherapy tomorrow Tuesday, 8:30 AM. Please, help me pray for compl healing

  7. Cancer as of now, has not spread. I still am fearful but I feel strength from the Novenas said for help and for financial stability.
    So much illness physical and mental. Please Lord hear our prayers

  8. A Miracle.
    Friend diagnosed with stage four breast cancer in Oct. of 2018.
    I started novena to St. Peregrine.
    Ninety days of novena and some chemc downgraded to stage two.
    Thirty more days of same and decision made to perform single mastectomy. Thirty more days of same and now double mastectomy.
    Still doing novena as of March.
    Second week of March, scan shows spread of cancer to lymph glands.Return for decision on using radiation therapy and another scan.
    Praise the Lord and the powerful intervention of St Peregrine because the scan showed all clear.
    One hundred eighty days of novena just goes to show, never give up.
    Thank heaven for Praymorenovenas

  9. My oncologist appointment this Monday went very well I am doing great blood work all good. So blessed and will continue to pray amen.

  10. Yes one of my fellow parishioners has cancer and his treatments are working wonderfully so blessed for the prayers to St Peregrine on his behalf. GOD is great.

  11. Hello, my co-worker was diagnosed with uterine cancer last August, 2018, and had surgery in October; her husband has been having chemo for prostate cancer. I said the Saint Peregrine Novena for her them and thought I forwarded the initial email to her letting her know I was doing this. Three days ago I saw her in the hallway and asked her if she had received my email – she did not – so I told her about the Novena. Her reply was, “Well, it worked because I got my results back today and I am 100% cancer free”. God Bless you in your ministry. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

  12. We all prayed fervently to our Lord Jesus through the intercession of St Peregrine for our mom who is diagnosed with lung cancer to touch her and heal her completely. She does not need chemo and has to take the tablets to treat it. We know that he has heard our prayers and will continue to heal her. Praise the Lord. Thank you Lord.

  13. Thank you for praying with me for my sister. Because of our prayers to St. Perigrine her surgery was a success and the mas on the ovary was not malignant. Praise be to God.

  14. My mom was diagnosed with lung cancer. We were shattered by this news. But had complete faith in Jesus that he would heal and touch my mum. We prayed to him with earnest devotion and I said that St Peregrine Novena. We are so happy that she does not need the chemo now but has to take only the tablets. We thank God for his mercies. We will continue to pray that he heals her completely. Praise the Lord.

  15. I have been praying Novenas since last January and not getting results I wanted so between after Christmas until last week I stopped saying the rosary every day. I guess I could make excuses like being too busy, too tired and/or disillusioned but recently I saw a video on You Tube of Father Don Calloway and the Virgin Mary and why you need to say the rosary every day and how important prayers are to the spirit world. So that night I couldn’t wait to say my rosary before bedtime that night. As soon as I opened my rosary that was blessed by Pope Francis in its little plastic case with the Virgin Mary on it something spectacular happened to me! A beautiful smell of roses escaped from it and I knew it was the right thing to do and to pray the rosary (roses from the Virgin Mary)! So if you every feel like giving up, I hope this is inspiration to you like it was for me that one exciting time when it happened last week.

  16. Prayed the St. Peregrine novena with one intention being that our BIL, Larry’s bladder cancer would not be any worse. He has scan last week and results yesterday (1/23/19) were that it remains the same, has not spread. Praise God and thank you St. Peregrine for his intercession. Three petitions answered while praying or after praying this Novena asking for St. Peregrine’s intercession.

  17. Thankful for all those praying during this novena my brother in law saw the doctor yesterday and it looks like his stage 4 lymphoma is in remission PTL. He and my sister are basically non Christian and were ambivalent about my asking for prayers. Prayer works
    God is so good

  18. Thank you St. Peregrine, our angels, Mother Mary and Jesus.Please continue to help my wonderful husband and all cancer patients.

  19. Thank you for the Novena to St Peregrine. I recently spoke to my friend who must receive chemotherapy monthly for a form of uncurable cancer. She said her last treatment did not have the uncomfortable side effects previously experienced. I give thanks and praise to Jesus for hearing my prayers through the spiritual intercession of dear St Peregrine💕

  20. Thank you, St Peregrine, for hearing my prayers for my son who has been having some physical symptoms that were worrisome, but are now gone- as of last night. May he continue in good health! Praise God:)

  21. A Brother-in-law’s biopsy last week show no cancer. A friends husband had suspected kidney cancer. One kidney is likely non-malignant and the other kidney it is felt very early stage of cancer. Surgery to remove the tumors should take care of it! Praise God!

  22. Dear brothers . Let us prayer for all those who accept christ jesus for GOD sent his only son to us and said whoever accept Him and get baptized then only can miracles occurs . . Sincerity
    Be blessed pary for all christian that GOD may protect us and give us all we need and keep us afar from all evils.

  23. I prayed that the diagnosis of a lump i found in my right breast be not cancerous and the Lord has granted my prayer. Thanks be to Him! Still in union of prayer for Natalie, Arnaud’s father and all who are fighting off cancer and other hardships, including those on this praymorenovena prayer list. Amen

  24. Thank you Lord for your blessings. Thank you St. Peregrin. Thank you for the friends that have prayed for me. Now I am more confident and my anxiety has diminished. I will go and see a doctor and I am sure that God and St. Peregrin will accompany me and they will always be at my side whatever happen. I have faith in you God. Amen

  25. I am praying the novenas regularly. My day seems incomplete without them. I prayed for the healing of my parent this time. St. Peregrine helped make significant improvements by day 5. Very Thankful for his kind intercession. The opportunity to pray with the group is positive and powerful. Thanks for sharing this experience.

  26. Bless the Lord O my soul and all that is within me, Bless Your Holy Name. l thank You Lord Jesus Christ, Almighty God. I love You, I adore You, I Glorify and give You all the Praises. I exalt You. You are the Mighty God. You are the Great God. You are Wonderful. I will never cease to give You Thanks and Praises for all Your blessings, grace and healing mercies.
    Oh if I have wings, I will fly to You. You who saw my tears and heard my cries and answered my supplications. You who defended me from the malicious enemy and defeated all my spiritual battles. You who delivered me from cancer, diseases, sickness, disasters, calamities and from death. You who supplied all my needs and Blessed me with more. Thank You Lord Jesus Christ. Praise and Glory be unto Thee. Amen

  27. Thank you God in heaven for your mercies and for allowing me to be 2.5 years cancer free! Blessed be the Holy name of Jesus. Thank you Lord.

  28. My follow-up mammogram that I had done recently is clear! I am truly thankful as I had a scare last summer. I also am a breast cancer survivor!

  29. Please pray for all my intentions,unspoken and spoken for me and my 2 adult kids&family,and health&healing,my son’s Military career-8 day in field,godly new supportive friends,our lease situation (me&my daughter,etc..please intercede for us St.Peregrine,Jesus,&Blessed Mother!

  30. I have been praying for my niece who was having surgery this morning after test had reveil a mass growing slice to her Appendix. Her surgery went well and they removed her Appendix and have confirmed there is no mass
    Thank You Jesus

  31. Dean passed away last Friday from cancer. It is an answer to our prayers because he is no longer suffering. He was able to die at home with his wife beside him. Praise be to God!

  32. I pray for a family member (with small children). I have been praying that this father receive the graces of fatherhood…gentleness (instead of brute force), kindness, love and care….for children ages 3 and 4. His attitude is changing to less frequent outbursts of anger to gentle and
    kindess in handling frustrations caused by constant necessities of small children. Not changed…..but changing. God is working on this. Thank you for intercession, St Peregrine.

  33. Thank you to God, Jesus, Mary, and St. Joseph. Also, thank you to all the saints to which I have prayed for their intercession o complete and pass my educational work. Thank you St. Joseph of Cupertino, St. Jude Thaddeus, and St. Rita for your intercession. I pray for all those who are need of God’s help and guidance. Deo Gratias x

  34. I have been praying the St. Peregrine for cancer patients and those ailing from terminal illnesses. However, I did not have a specific person in mind and so everyday I would just say “all those suffering”. On my day 8 of the Novena, a “friend” (in another country) whom we rarely talk, just a few chats in months, messaged me telling me that his dad is ailing from cancer stage 3/4. I believe this is the person I have been praying for. This is a testimony.

  35. While praying this novena, my family received a call from my aunt, who has been in kidney failure for the last two years and on a strict dialysis schedule (receiving treatments 4times per week), she will be receiving her new kidney on March 4th! Thank you, St. Peregrine! Thank you, dear God!!

  36. One of my friends for whom I have offered the St. Peregrine Novena will not need to have chemo or radiation but will take medication. Her surgery was successful, all cancer cells were removed. Praise and thank you God and St. Peregrine!

  37. I give GOD thanks and praise!! While praying this St. Preregrine Novena, the dizziness and other issues with my head and ear has cleared up. I thank GOD also for all those who had their prayers answered. We continue to pray and give thanks.

  38. My dad who had just been informed by the ophthalmologist that 1 of his eyes had been blind for years now and nothing could be done about it finally got the strength to accept the situation, and is feeling less stressed rêcently. Praise be to You LORD.

  39. My friend, Lynnmarie, who has been battling metastatic breast cancer is doing mildly better. While praying this Novena (and a whole other large group of folks praying), her numbers are looking better which allows her to continue with chemo. Praise God!