Answered Prayers from the St. Peregrine Novena

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Thank you for joining us in praying the St. Peregrine Novena!

If you’ve had any prayers answered throughout this novena, please share those with us all below!

To God be the glory!

We are continuing to pray for you & your intentions.

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  1. I prayed the Novena to St. Anne and my prayers for my grandson were answered! A beautiful young woman was brought into his life to join him in love and support.
    I would now like to pray now that his anxiety is lifted and he can get off all his medication and live a full life in college and beyond.

    I pray this through Christ our Lord, For thine is the power and the glory forever and ever, Amen.

  2. Thank you Infant Jesus of Prague and Miraculous Mother for your unfailing love and assistance for miracle received. I love you, I love you, I love you.
    I pray I will not ever turn away from your love and mercy and help.
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    Lord Jesus, I have nothing without you.

  3. Afterhis radiation and biopsy, the cancer in my husband’s eye is highly unlikely to recur. Praise be to the Divine Physician.

  4. I nolonger have pains around my waist region and lower backbone. Thanks to God almighty for healing me through saint Perigrine intercession. Amen

    Novena to St. Claire
    Ask for 3 favors 1 business, 2 impossible. Promise to publish or circulate. Your request will be granted after the 3rd day. Never known to fail. Say 9 Hail Mary’s and the following prayer for 9 days in front of a lighted candle.

    God of mercy you inspired St. Claire with the love of poverty by the help of her prayers. May we follow Christ in poverty of spirit and come to the joyful vision of your glory in the kingdom of heaven.We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ your Son, Who lives and reigns with the Holy Spirit, One God forever and ever.Amen.

    Pray if you believe or not. Publish it on the 9th day. Thank You St Claire for interceding to our lord .Thank you .

  6. Sylvia my niece was completely healed off her kidneys failure. Thanks to God, to St. Peregrine and to the Pray more Novena comminity.

  7. I prayed this novena for my mother’s healing from cancer. She has just been given the all clear this week. It is miraculous. She didn’t need radiation or chemotherapy, even though after the surgery we were told the tumour was extensive. They removed everything at the time, but it seemed likely that there was going to be a follow up with further treatment. She is literally now Cancer free and the doctors are surprised that they don’t have to do any further treatment. Glory to God!

  8. Thank you for all the graces we receive daily. I continue to offer a humble prayer for daily conversion, cleansing, purification of our lives, intentions, words, thoughts, I ask in humility for the grace of discernment and illumination, for clean and contrite heart, for open hearts, minds, all aspects of lives to be filled with God’s love and mercy. I entrust all that I am to God. I pray in humility for all God’s children, including myself. May God have mercy on us and may God bless us all. May all be done within God’s will. Amen

  9. Thanks be God and St Peregrine a relative with pancreatic cancer had scans ( last day of Novena) which showed cancer has not spread. He can have an operation to treat… maybe even cure, please God.

  10. Dear friends of St Peregrine,
    During this Novena I have had prayers answered regarding preserving and strengthening family relationships which I felt were being strained over the course of the past year by family matters that are difficult but necessary to address. So often we avoid talking about the things that we know may spark controversy, but these matters are of a nature that it is not a question of if, but when, they will be addressed. To my amazement, when these matters rose to the forefront again in January, I felt the pain of being misunderstood only briefly, and then suddenly as if by a miracle my most ardent critic began thanking me and telling me how much they appreciated my efforts. I thought there had to a big “but” coming, but there hasn’t been. It appears there has been a transformation in her perception! I have been praying for help for a year in coming to terms with our differences, and the fact that this ongoing matter could affect our relationship. Instead I can celebrate that the scales fell and the situation became more clear to all involved. Thank you Jesus and St. Peregrine!!

  11. Dear Lord Jesus, Im giving my praise to you always and thanks for answering my prayers which i offerd to you through St Peregrine. I started on 12th sunday, remembering my BF who died on cancer as I prayed this novena continuously during his treatments. ( I offered it to all relations and known people who are suffering from cancer)
    on 13th Monday my grandma who is 90 yrs old had a fall and fractured her collarbone and i started requesting your healing powers for her quick recovery though novena , while requesting from my prayer groups and continuing the rosary too.

    the miracle is she started taking her hand above her head in prayer mode.. ( where doctor asked to be on the sling for 6/8 weeks continuously before exercise as her bones get longer to heal) but it took only 2 weeks .. amazing Praise you lord.

    secondly I have given samples for biopsy for suspected Brest lumps .. and i collected the reports during the novena and nothing was found in the breast.
    thank you St Peregrine for interceding for us..pls pray and intercede for all suffering from all sorts of cancers

    thank you Jesus

    yours lost child

  12. I was praying for Bernadine who was to undergo an operation in her two breasts. After the novena when she went, after the xray , nothing was found in the two breasts. Her medical report automatically changed.on behalf of her family and friends and want to say thank you Jesus for healing her through the intercession of St. Peregrine. Gracias God, to God be the Glory.

  13. I asked for help for my friends little 4 year old boy Declan He would for about 6 months or so go into sudden fits of anger. Almost all day
    Nothing seems to help him. This last week his fits are less and less. To none yesterday or today
    Thank You God
    Thanks you Saint peregrine

  14. Thank you for all those who prayed with me this novena. 4 members of my family were admitted in hospital. They were all discharged feeling better. My daughter who had a persistent headache has improved in health and no longer have frequent headaches. One of my relatives had a successful operation also. We were looking for a good school for my daughter and we got after almost loosing hope. My niece that I paid her college fees got a job after suffering for so long. Thank you St Peregrine for intervening in our dire cases. May you continue praying for us.

  15. I was praying the novena for my dad and a family friend. My dad had esophageal cancer that was cured a few months ago. He had his first follow up CT scan and it showed a spot on his liver. I began praying the novena for him and the day after we finished the novena, his results from his MRI showed his liver was clear. Thank you God always!

  16. I prayed this novena for all cancer patients especially my cousin that is living with terminal cancer. But, also for myself as I was having to have some testing done. My tests came back clear. Thank the Lord. Thank you for all your prayers also. J

  17. I want to share that yesterday morning we had bad news for a family member who had taken a bad turn from a stroke he had this weekend. I included him in my novena prayer yesterday and later in the day I hear news that he was doing better! I believe in the power of prayer!

  18. I was praying this novena for my aunt/godmother, who was suffering from ALS. Her illness was already quite advanced and she was suffering terribly with every day life. It’s a case where there is no hope for improvement, but I wanted to see if I could pray for a miracle or at least to ease her suffering. Well, last night, just after I finished the novena… she died peacefully in her sleep. It’s better than many other scenarios with this disease (i.e. choking due to esophagus being paralyzed), or lingering on in a vegetative state. I have a feeling this was the answer to the prayer, as difficult as it is – I have a feeling she is at peace now.

  19. I praise and thank GOD for all blessings received during this Novena.
    I prayed for a financial blessing/miracle and also to be placed in a job that pays well and where I can be comfortable, so that I can take care of my family. I prayed that GOD would open doors of opportunities for me and my family. While praying this Novena I received a phone call to attend a job interview and it will be taking place today. I praise and thank GOD for this opportunity and for answering my prayers.
    I prayed that GOD will continue to build my hope and trust in HIM and he has given me opportunities to do so.
    I had also been trying to locate some important certificates which had been misplaced for a few years. One of my prayer intentions was to be able to find these certificates. I praise and thank GOD for answering my prayers!! They were located on the last day of this Novena. GOD is a great GOD!
    I also prayed for my Mother-in-law who has had several small strokes. I praise and thank GOD for her improvement.

  20. I got news that my brother in laws tumor markers went down during this week from 176 to 66.We thank you lord for life every day and every second

  21. My friend who is currently struggling with the cardinal virtues acknowledged God and thanked him for helping him with very simple things. This happened 24 hours after praying to St. Peregrine and St. Monica for him.

  22. Thank you St. Peregrine for hearing my prayers and granting them by me receiving the results of my biopsy….BENIGN!!! Praise God!!!

  23. Thank you Lord Jesus for all your blessings for my family and for me! Thank you St. Peregrine for your intercession for all suffering from cancer and other illnesses!

  24. Got this note on 1/21/2020 from a relative I have been prayer for during this novena to St. Peregrine:

    “Hi there, just want to let you know the Dr. called with my pathology report, all good news. It was clear cell carcinoma, but they got everything and it had all clear margins so no more cancer!! I can’t thank you enough for all the prayers Tyrelle…love you!😘💗”

    Thanks be to God for answered prayers! Thanks to St. Peregrine for the intercession of your prayers! All Glory & Honor to God! 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

  25. A friend found out she has lung cancer and was feeling very uncomfortable with a catheter that was put in to drain fluid. I prayed for her comfort and for the cancer to be treatable. Both prayers were answered.

  26. Prayers answered:
    Thank you prayers were received🙏 my friends daughter had her Surgery today and cancer did not get to her limpodes. 🙏❤

  27. Here is the email my cousin with lung cancer sent today, Jan 21st:
    “I saw my oncologist this afternoon. Mitzi was with me. My CAT scan showed the mass is gone, and my m.d. said I don’t need radiation. I’ve been given a miracle, Ka. Thank you for your support and prayers. I love you. I will begin immunotherapy next week once a month as a precaution. There are no side effects with immunotherapy.”
    I have been praying the St. Peregrine novena.
    Praise God! Thank you, St. Peregrine!

  28. Thank you St. Peregrine and our Lord and Saviour Jesus! My mother had results come back negative today and she is fine! Thank you for answering my prayer! Thank you Lord!

  29. My husband was admitted in the hospital due to complications from cancer.. I prayed everyday to St Peregrine for his release and recovery. He was discharged on and the problem was taken care of. He is doing much better better now. I continue to pray for full recovery. M brother is also doing. New medication for his cancer. Thanks Lord . Amen 🙏🏾

  30. Received good results from my Son’s PET scan showing no evidence of cancer following his Chemo and radiation treatments. Will have another Scan in March 2020. Thanks to St. Peregrine and all you who prayed during this novena. Continued prayers for good results on his next scan in March. In Jesus name I pray and may God’s will be done. Amen.

  31. I started my first novena in honor of St. Peregrine the same day that I underwent surgery for breast cancer, January 16, 2018. Two years later, I am still in remission. I am saying this novena for three friends who are now battling cancer, as well as praying for continued remission for myself. I cannot describe the trust and gratitude that I feel.

  32. Dear Almighty God, as I have undergone investigation on my prostate, I thank you 🙏🏾 for miraculously healing me without any treatment. I also pray for all my other good intentions. Please continue to help me and all others in need through the intercessions of St. Peregrine, our blessed mother Mary, all the angels and saints, in The Mighty Name Jesus. Amen.

  33. My coworker’s cat Milo with cancer was nauseous after adding a chemotherapy pill to his existing anti inflammatory treatment, but after stopping the anti-inflammatory, he is not only nausea-free but his swelling has gone down!
    My friend Stacey’s mother, Terri Gomes, is now out of the hospital and doing much better!
    I should have an update tomorrow on Alex Yiu, bedridden for 7 years…
    Thanks to St. Peregrine and all who prayed with me for these individuals.

  34. I prayed for my daughter’s deliverance. She was suffering from a spiritual attack and depression. She received her deliverance and we continue to pray that it shall be permanent. Thanks a lot for assisting us. St Peregrine thanks a lot. We shall always honour thee. Praise be to God almighty.

  35. I praise God for his love and mercy, and St. Peregrine for his intercession. I was praying for three items during this novena. One of these was for school fees for my children who have been out of school for one year for luck of school fees after my husband lost his job. Miraculously today as the novena ends, this block was removed and my husband got money to pay. I praise God for this mercy and love and thank St. Peregrine for his intercession. Amen.

  36. My former youth leader just found out two days ago that his scans have come back with no sign of cancer remaining! All glory and thanksgiving to God!! He has been on my intention list all week long. I did not even know that he was getting his latest checkup this week. I pray for his continued healing.

  37. Thank you all for praying this novena! Waiting to hear back results of my mother’s scans but praying that this novena sent healing grace to heal my mothers cancer. Thankful for time with her, and thanking in advance for St. Peregrines intervention and Gods healing power.

  38. I started this novena the day before my surgery to check my lymph nodes since being diagnosed with breast cancer. The results are negative! Thank you God! Thank you St Peregrine for your divine intercession and thank you Jesus and for all of you praying this novena. God bless you and may he grant you peace and healing.

  39. Praise God for helping my cousin, Laura. I just received a message from her that her latest scan results indicate that there are no new tumors, the remaining tumors are stable (no growth), and the ones in her bones are shrinking. Thank you, Jesus and St. Peregrine Novena.

  40. I have prayed for Mark Beigel a trumpeter at our church, with brain cancer. He was at church playing his trumpet for mass. He hasn’t been able to do that. I prayed for Kirsten’s Mom who had dizzy symptoms and had to go to the hospital, she is out and doing better than ever. I prayed for Katie Crandol, her tumor had returned and she fights to regain control of her body, she is progressing with swimming therapy and moved more than other times and is practicing her writing and drawing. I prayed for Autumn Vaughn, a little girl I do not know who has Luekemia, May God keep her and her family close as they fight this disease.

  41. Thank you St. Peregrine for your intercession to our Lord and Savior on behalf of my husband. During this Novena he had a lung CT scan and it was clear! All glory to God!

  42. My friend’s brother was told that he most likely had cancer before this novena. After the tests came back a few days ago, the doctor ruled out cancer!

  43. Praise the Lord, Allelluia.
    Tnx St. peregrine.
    God has answered one of my prayer points.

    He has given my son a job

    Glory glory to Jesus.

  44. Thank you St. Peregrine for answering my prayers. My grandson was registered in Catholic schools. Please pray for his baptism.

  45. Pray More Novenas has been such a wonderful blessing in my life and have brought several people who participate regularly in the novenas.

    I recently read the life of the great St. Rita of Cascia (by Fr. Joseph Sicardo, O.S. A. ) who is the patroness of the Impossible. I would like to recommend a Novena to St. Rita. Her feast day is May 22nd so we would start the novena on May 13th.

    I have already prayed this novena several times since reading her story of sainthood.

    Thank you,
    Alison Yount

  46. I have been praying this Novena for months through my cancer surgery and treatments. I am now cancer free. Thanks to God!!!! I continue to pray for myself and others and that cancer never returns. Amen!

  47. I prayed for three friends and a pet who are ill with cancer and my prayers were answered for my pet. His condition has taken a dramatic positive change. I continue to pray to St. Peregrine for all.
    Thank you

  48. My sister Betsy’s brain cancer is in remission. Our little Holy Cross church has begun to help the family of Clarissa and Juan due to her cancer and his need for a kidney. They have teenagers.

  49. St Peregrine thank you so much ,you are indeed a powerful in intercessor.
    Big discovery ‘by accident’ of cure for most cancers.
    Thank you also John and Annie.
    God bless

  50. I thank you Lord for receiving my prayers and all prayers from friends and family members to save me from having to go through chemo by the confirmation that there is no proof on my cancer progression through the last CT scan. I remain taking the Tagrisso pill and I pray St. Peregrine intervening for my continuous healing to the Lord!
    Thank you!

  51. Dear Prayer Intercessors,

    I am praying along with you all the Novenas I get in my mail box.

    My mother has two health issues.

    Frozen Shoulders : Currently her physio is on and there is slight improvement. Praying for a complete healing for my mother, Pauline.

    Gynaec problem : She is 77 years. Gynaec has advised for a hysterectomy of her uterus as she’s also having a 5 cm fibroid. Please pray her fibroid doesn’t grow and God heals it by shrinking it or the size decreases. How sad for a old woman like her to face this.

    Praying for all mothers as well that they should enjoy abundant health and God’s peace in their old age. Amen.

    Save me O Lord and I will be saved, heal me and I will be healed, for you are the one I praise…. Amen.

  52. Dear Saint Peregrine thank you for prayers answered, a Priest came to visit Lawrie cancer and anointed him before he passed away last week he had not practiced Catholic Faith for many years. Thank you for my many healings breast cancer skin cancers psoriasis.

  53. Thank you St Peregrine for your helping hand. During chemo treatment, my husband’s tumors are shrinking and cancer cells are dying! Thanks to all who have prayed during this novena. God bless you and your families.