Answered Prayers from the St. Michael the Archangel Novena, 2022

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Thank you for joining us in praying the St. Michael the Archangel Novena!

If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout this novena, you can share those with us all below :)

We praise God for any answered prayers and we continue to ask Him to provide and care for you and all of your intentions. Please do not give up hope, God is near! We’re praying for you.

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  1. Thank you for some prayers answered my daughter getting the job we prayed for and my son getting first lot of the prayers asked. God is love we continue praising him! Holly Farther continue blessing and showering us with our prayers

  2. Thank you for some prayers answered my daughter getting the job we prayed for and my son getting first lot of the prayers asked. God is love we continue praising him! Holly Farther continue blessing and showering us with our prayers 🙏🏾

  3. Glory be to our Almighty God.
    During this Novena I and my friend Magdalene were praying for Agnes our friend who was in ICU and now, she is doing well we give thanks to Our Almighty God for His mercies.
    Thank you St. Michael the Archangel for praying for us

  4. I have a son who suffers from a mental illness. He had been off his medication for a while and the situation was getting desperate. I had this in mind when I began the St Michael novena. Well, on the 8th day I suddenly received a tip from someone who answered my phone call by mistake. I did as instructed and on the 9th day, my son received the help he and I desperately need-

    Praise be the Lord Jesus Christ and St Michael Archangel

  5. Dear Blessed St. Michael, thank you for hearing my prayers, first please keep the evil one away from my thoughts. Please help me find a job for my son Paul, yes is has slightly learning disabilities but he’s a hard worker, he still needs a little help. I pray that with You and all the angels and saints, Our Mother Mary and Our Lord Jesus and Father, to help me help him, please. Thank You all of Heaven

  6. Hello Everyone,

    I have had a devotion to St Michael The Archangel for sometime, starting only this last summer when my confessor originally told me to make a novena too him in an effort to rid myself of Scizophrenic-like symptoms that I’ve been suffering from for 7 years. I prayed to him asking his intercession but wasn’t able to find any relief originally. I’ve been looking at his picture very often since then as I made it my screen saver on my phone, my confessor told me to look at it everyday when I prayed the original novena. This morning I was in a particularly large amount of turmoil as my pain had only gotten worse over the years.

    Then a little after 5 am I felt the pain go away. I also turned off my noise makers to realize that the voices in my head were gone as well.

    I thank God so much for this wonderful blessing He has given me. I know that I’ll never be able to thank Him enough, but I’m going to try for the rest of my life.

  7. Praying for health for 2 family members. One has been cleared this week and the other is improving. Also for house sale which occurred this same week. Praise God and thank you to St Michael and to you John-Paul and Anne

  8. In the middle of the novena I was ‘ambushed’ at work (for want of a better phrase) and was going through a difficult few days at the start of the week. Some managers at the workplace tried to ‘put me to the test’ and made decisions which affected me (and these were decisions which I did not agree to). There was an on-going power struggle between me and them, and it was difficult to swim against that tide of bureaucracy. I did lose sleep and had a restless couple of days.

    I asked St Michael to guard me against the evil (potentially) that I was up against, and asked that he ‘fight my corner’ as I felt like I was fighting all this alone. At the very least – I would be grateful if he would intercede for me, and pray that I would have (God willing) enough strength just to get through each day, safe and sound (mentally). I did not know what to do. Two days ago, I woke up (again from a sleepless night) and thought of a way out of the situation. This solution, I attribute solely to God’s grace and the intervention of St Michael, as no sleep-deprived person could have thought of it.

    With that solution I faced my managers and managed to confront their decisions firmly, and they yielded. I learned yet (again) that God surprises us with his divine answers…(the best solutions never really happen in the shower!) so trust Him to lead the way. If you’re going through a difficult phase, just know that God will always fight for you if nobody else will.

    With that, I share an all-time favourite phrase of mine from Jesus: ‘Come to me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest’.

    Run to Him. Trust Him. Find rest in Him.

    Peace be with you, brothers and sisters in Christ. Amen.

  9. During the Novena, I asked that we secure an apartment to move into . On the 7th day of the Novena, my prayers were answered. We signed the lease on a new apartment on the 8th day of the Novena.
    Thank you St Michael

  10. I have asked for a divine blessings and God has being faithful to me.
    I have lost all I have achieved in life since 2017 and in debt. Now I asked God for a divine blessing so that I can pay up all my debts. And God has being faithful.
    Thank God.
    Godwinmario from Nigeria.

  11. Through the intercession of St. Michael the Archangels, we give glory and honour to God for his protection and more so for i was praying for a deserving case where one of my friend Agnes Wairimu got a training on the 7th day while praying this novena. We pray for her to take up the course seriously upto the end.

  12. I was ambushed by the evil one at my work many times and Saint Michael delivered me and protected my job.
    His last favor was saving my job on the last day of the novena.
    Praise THE LORD for Saint Michael, I highly recommend everyone to be consecrated to him in. These difficult times where the enemy is raging.
    Thank you Saint Michael and Thank you blessed mother

  13. Saint Michael the archangel, please protect the house me and my family are trying to sell as there have been many evil people around this inheritance trying to hurt us. We have been harassed for the past several years and we need your protection. We also need your protection always during our lives. Thank you

  14. My father and i were infected with omicron and suffered with the virus aftermath. Both of us now recovered after praying this novena. Thanks to St Michel The Archangel and Our Lord

  15. My son is suffering from deep depression, anger and other health issues. I prayed for St. Michael to clear my son’s path, to destroy whatever was blocking his healing and to guide him to our Lord so that with his most precious blood he would renew my son. This morning he called to say he was feeling much better and had a doctor appt for tomorrow! Thank you St. Michael, thank you Lord, Mother Mary and all the other saints I’ve prayed to. AMEN!

  16. Praise our all mighty God who by the intercepción of Saint Michael the Archangel has granted my daughter in law a new job when it was so badly needed. I pray that all of you praying this novena will have their petitions granted as well. Peace to all. 🙏

  17. I have been feeling low about myself mentally and physically. I have asked St Michael guide me to a new way of being healthy. I feel he has. I still have more work to do, but he has given me the tool.
    Thank you St. Michael the Archangel, and thank you John-Paul & Annie for sending out these novenas.

  18. Our dear friend went to the hospital with COVID complications at the end of December. He progressively worsened (in the ICU on a vent) and 11 days ago we thought he wouldn’t make it. I started this novena with all of you the next day and, within 24 hours, they figured out what was causing his worsening pneumonia. Within 24 hours of the appropriate regimen, his fevers went away and he began improving. Yesterday, the last day of the novena, he was discharged to an LTAC and is weaned from the vent! Praise be to God! Thank you for your prayers! St. Michael, Ora pro nobis.

  19. My daughter, Sara Beth, has severe autism. She is 40 years old. She has had 2 recent psychotic episodes. She was takes to ER & put in a lock up room. Against my wishes state disability officials were contacted & tried to find a placement for her. In other words she would not be allowed to live at home. With additional support which a waiver from the state has already given her, she is entitled to help. But everyone says they are too busy. I have advocates who have tried to help her to no avail! Please pray for our situation. I pray that she will receive God’s best for her. His will !

  20. Praise God!
    I am so grateful to God for the answered prayers. Thank you St. Michael the Archangel for praying for me. My spiritual and material needs are a confirmation of your intercession my beloved angel Michael. Thank you too St. Michael for protecting our family from all the evil forces we have suffered. Thank you to for the physical healing of my family members and also mine.

    I cannot thank God enough! Thank you for the out pouring of the Holy Spirit yesterday. It was awesome! You gave me fresh hope and reassurance. May the name of the Jesus be glorified now and forever! Amen!

  21. on day 8 of the St. Michael Noveana,i happen to have been invited for a job interview and the Job was given to me immediately.
    on day 9,i officially reported to work.
    praise be to St. Michael novena that has put me to this success again.

  22. There is certainly power in prayer! From the bottom of my heart, “Thank you” to everyone who participated during this novena as we all prayed for specific requests. My nephew has been struggling with his finances since the 2008 crash with the economy when his commercial real estate investments plummeted and he had a major setback with contract cancellations on properties being developed, seed money losses, and commissions/fees he earned that were never paid to him. He worked food service jobs to supplement a spotty real estate income to barely make ends meet while putting his personal life on hold for over 10 years. Because he had personally guaranteed those former large commercial projects, he would pay creditors small amounts to slowly chip away at the overwhelming debts those commercial projects had incurred. During the last week of December 2021, some investors with deep pockets approached him Ready Willing & Able Buyers, closed those deals, and he received two.very large commissions on those projects. I have been praying that the steady flow of property buyers will continue to keep him financially independent again and that St Michael would intercede to make it happen— and my prayers were answered! I spoke with him yesterday and 3 more big projects are under contract right now. The construction will finalize soon so he will be paid his commissions shortly thereafter. Praise God in thanksgiving, keeping the faith, and trusting Him. Praying this Novena helped it all
    take shape and his situation progress to this point.

  23. I have some medical issues that were of great concern to me as it could have been something very serious. I had test scheduled and was concerned about what the outcome might be. While I do have some medical problems that were diagnosed, my prayers were answered as it was not as serious as it could have been, I am blessed

  24. I prayed this novena for assistance at work, where things had been very difficult due to leaders who were treating everyone with a great deal of scrutiny and pressure. Insults and threats were common. After 27 years, I was starting to think it was the end of the road for me. On day one after starting this prayer, something changed and hearts seemed to soften. The environment is much more positive and supportive. Thank you St. Michael for your intercession!

  25. Praying for continued peace and prayers and healing with family, and health for my husband and kids and myself. Amen.

  26. Our neighbor had surgery for cancer. Surgery was successful. The doctors are confident they removed the cancer. No treatment is needed.

  27. Answered prayers. My son received two job offers. He had also been praying for a change in current job situation. Compression fracture in my back is finally less painful after 8 months.

  28. Praise God and many thanks for your prayers as I just learned that my sister with lymphoma is in complete remission!

  29. I was in a hotel when I prayed my first novena 21 days. This is my second novena for 9 days. I am currently in a homeless shelter praying for housing career and good support. I have shared the novena with others. I am a believer in God and his holiness. I think the results will be evident. I think being grateful for what is also makes way for what will be. We are no better than anyone else. No matter how much possession attain. Novena for the homeless

  30. I thank Almighty God for answering my prayers. My mother Julia has had her speech restored. She can now speak and we are grateful to God for everything.

  31. Thank you for answering my prayers dear Lord. St Michael-thank you for interceding on my behalf and I pray you continue to protect my family, friends and I from evil.

    Thank you Lord for the financial breakthroughs, thank you for promotion at work, thank you for favour with the financial institutions, thank you for healing me from anxiety and worry.
    Thank you for increasing my trust and belief in you.

  32. Been praying for protection, guidance, and peace of mind for me and my dear ones. These prayers have definitely been answered! <3

  33. I am 70 and I am thankful for everyday that God gives me. I’m thankful for all the prayer requests that have been granted to persons praying 🙏 this novena. I prayed for my children to succeed in their different projects and they have been coming through slowly but surely 🙏 my daughter is still looking for a different job 🙏 but Lord your will be done. I’m confident in Your wisdom. John Paul and Anne thank you God bless 🙌 🙏

  34. My daughter was being tested for a difficult disease, and though she showed signs of having it, on the eighth day of St Michael the Archangel’s novena, the test came back negative, thanks be to God. Thank you St Michael, for your prayers.

  35. Giving thanks for answering my prayer that the court hearing shows compassion in my daughter’s final hearing. I prayed she didn’t get incarcerated and my prayer was answered.
    Sign on a church lawn: God didn’t hang on the cross by nails, but by love.

  36. I ask for prayers for my son, that he return back to the Catholic Church. Also for my two grandsons that they are baptized – hopefully in the Catholic Church. And for my husband that he become a Catholic and not be so mean (with his words) to me.

  37. Dear All,
    Join me in thanking God for prayer answered on our wedding anniversary!
    I was praying for unity, healing and a new beginning in our marriage! God granted it by enabling my husband to celebrate it deeply with prayer, on our very wedding anniversary!! God has placed us on a new journey of married life, with a better and deeper relationship to glorify Him!!

  38. I asked for prayers for my Uncle, Ron G., who was in ICU with a collapsed lung and on a Ventilator.
    He died this afternoon:( so please pray now for the repose of his soul as he makes his way to Heaven.

  39. Thank you lord for all he has done for me especially this one , i have suffering from chronic heart pain and also series of disappointments but during this novena God used angel Michael to fight my secret battles and the pain is now gone and also things began to turn around for good. Glory to jesus, honour unto mary

  40. On 20 Jan 2022, I recieved a call from my boss that I did not qualify for the two interviews had done for permanent jobs in our organization and that my contract will end this March, as the org is merging with another.
    And on 27th Jan 2022, I received another call from a valuer and an auctioneer that they will be auctioning my house due to mortgage arrears of ksh 2.1million by end of March 2022 and the same day at night I received a contract for 20days paying good money and on 8th feb, this contract was cancelled and replaced with a contract for 35days and paying ksh 1.1m. I say Thankyou to God because this will be used to partially pay the arrears and before 31st March 2022, God will have performed another miracle like this one.

    I can say This movena has answered one of my petition. Continue praying for me that I get more funds to save my house and a financial breakthrough and I get a Job too.


  41. Been praying this Novena since I was diagnosed with cancer. I will continue to pray and keep the faith. St Michael the archangel I’m praying for healing and to be cancer free and my health will be restored. Thank you for praying for me. Thank you Jesus and Thank you God.

  42. Thank you St Michael the Archangel and st Peregrine for answered prayers. My daughter received a report from her biopsy that said there was no cancer. Praise God. Thank you blessed saints for praying for us and thank you Jesus!

  43. Glorious St. Michael, Thank you for watching over me when the evil one tries to get into my thoughts. I have a favor to ask. The evil one is hurting my son. Paul wants to work & I need to help him as he is special needs. He
    works hard but lately he’s getting more depressed. Please bring my petition to Our Lord Jesus & Blessed Virgin. Thank you for helping him.

  44. I asked for my Sister’s health And I have seen Great improvement 🙏
    Also for a stop for The pandemic and it seems to be going down
    Thank you All for your Prayers

  45. Just had surgery this morning, which appears to have gone well. Best blessing – all the delightful people who are caring for me (and for all the other patients here). God is good!

  46. yes– i prayed for 4 people– (1) My mom’s friend with pancreatic cancer and who has been bed ridden since operation in August that the cancer does not spread so she can take treatment and results just came out and for now the cancer did not spread this time. (2) My sister has some urine frequency issue western medicine did not help, but immediately after I started novena, a friend recommended Chinese medicine and Monday she started taking it and the next day she could already feel the improvement. (3) My friend that is a private tailor was debating to close her business but after Chinese New Year suddenly there is all this order and interest in custom made clothes so the business looks promising in the new year and protected by St. Michael. (4) Friend’s father with pancreatic cancer also– sent me a message and said thank you, but I still have to catch up and see what has happened to her father, but I am confident that St. Michael has already done something for them!

  47. A friend’s mother was recently hospitalized with septic shock. (This was after recovering from a difficult battle with COVID-19 last year.) Her son was half way around the world on an assignment with the US Navy and was told to come home because of her grave condition. I’ve been praying for her during the St Michael Novena. In the last couple of days her condition improved and she came completely off the ventilator. I’ve had other prayers answered from saying the Novenas you send out. Thanks for all you do.

  48. I have waited 5months for my Visa Through the intercession of St Michael,St Jude,St Rita.
    Lo and behold Today!!! God granted me my Study Visa and My Children’s study Visa too.
    I have prayed and prayed and God answered me.
    Thank You God Thank You Jesus Thank You St Michael.

  49. My husband has finally begun the process of quitting drinking. He has been sober since February 7, 2022. His last prior sober day was in 2006. Thank you God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, and all saints in heaven!! I have been praying for this for a LONG time. He also started watching “The Chosen” a few weeks ago. God is good and miracles happen every day!!

  50. I have been praying for conversion of both my children and their families for many years. My daughter has been having problems in many forms, emotionally, spiritually and mentally and physically, and other personal problems. I told her she’s going to be ok because I’ve been praying to st. Michael the Archangel. On day 4 she found a st. Michael the archangel medal beside her car and said she is now a believer. She’s been reading her Bible and praying with me. Thank you Saint Michael, please help her with her faith and help her problems to resolve. Thank you God.

  51. Thanking God for protection, guidance, and safety through out my brother’s burial and for bringing me and my sister safely back.. and for safty of all that attended the burial.
    Also Thanksgiving for my daughters admission to PA school in Dallas. St Michael the Archangel, thank you for your divine intervention and please continue to pray for my brother Ifeanyi’s soul to rest in perfect peace. Amen

  52. Dear St Michael,

    Help us to keep treasuring our Lord’s merciful love, kindness and patience, we are in a difficult path since 2017 but our Lord’s promise and loving Sacrad Heart has guide us in these tricky pathways to our healing and to learn to leave our past behind. Please intercede for our mental and physical health, for the healing of our soul and the strenght to continue and accept our Lord’s will.

  53. I was driving my car with a bad tire. Everytime I drove the tire became worst until that afternoon returning from doing the groceries with my parents and five year old son in the car. The tire exploded! It could have been worst if I had speed but I believe an angel was present to protect us all. Later on a lady commented that “I am sleeping in God’s shoes”

  54. In late December,2021 my sister found a lump in her breast. Previous to praying this Novena, I prayed the St. Peregrine Novena twice. After multiple mammograms, an ultrasound and a needle biopsy, we learned this past Monday, the lump is a benign tumor. We are so grateful to these two Saints for their intervention.

    Sending prayers to All in the PMN Community.

    Thank you to John-Paul and Annie for bringing us these Novenas. Looking forward to the next Novena.

  55. I want to thank God and all who joined me to pray. I have seen great changes in My son’s speech and interaction and i know it Will only get better and best by God’s Grace. God bless us all. Amen🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  56. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Archangel Michael, Dear Jesus, his Blessed and Holy Mother, her most chaste spouse St. Joseph, Good Saint Anne, Saint Joachim, and all the Holy Angels and Archangels and Saints in Heaven for clear results for my daughter today. Jesus I trust in you, please help me to trust in you more. I immaculate Heart of Mary, I place all my trust in thee.Help me to trust in you more.Amen

  57. I have been praying a long time to be able to go to Medjugorje. I can’t go alone due to my disabilities. Neither my son or daughter want to go. Another pilgrimage came up to go to Fatima in Portugal and to Brussels, Banneux. It is this May. I asked my daughter to go but she said it was too short notice for her to get time off. This group goes every May at this time. My daughter is interested in going next Spring with me ! My prayer was not answered the way I asked but this is I guess what God and Our Lady wants …so in a sense my prayer has been answered. Thank you St Michael and Blessed Mama !

  58. Prayed for friend to get negative test results and is Cancer free!…Praise be to God for answering prayers through Jesus Christ. Our Lord. Amen, Amen.

  59. O yes! The Lord has done it!
    For the past 1 year I’ve looking for my DS160 to renew my US visa. I’ve searched everywhere to no avail.
    I’ve been praying, invoking St Michael the Archangel, St Anthony of Padua, St Rita of Cascia and all the saints of God to come to my aid.
    To the glory of God, last Monday 7th Feb, I saw this all important document.
    Praise the Lord, Allelluia

  60. I thank God for answering my prayer through the intercession of St Michael. I have been feeling discouraged to continue my consecrated life and I prayed during this novena and now I have that desire to continue.
    Thank you Saint Michael the Archangel.

  61. I started this Novena and our son Joshua has been granted a 5 year full academic scholarship at a exclusive boys High school for next year. The offer came through today. We as a family are eternally grateful to God for prayers answered. I’m humbled by the knowledge that God has been so gracious and generous in my prayer request. Thanks be to God. Amen.

  62. Wonderful St Michael thank you for your protection and intercession.
    My husband, on his last sick-leave day today, went to confession, mass and stayed to pray the rosary in church. I don’t remember him having done all on one weekday without promting.
    I praise God for this and all our blessings and the miracles we experience every day (mostly they go unnoticed).
    God bless all praying this novena. Your prayers are so precious.
    In Jesus, Mary and Joseph.




  64. While I haven’t 100% completely turned away from sin yet (the key word is yet), today I became disgusted by a co-worker that I was dealing with an attraction to when this person stretched the truth but worst of all blasphemed the Lord repeatedly whilst knowing that I’m a practicing Catholic who despises blasphemy. Funnily enough I am repulsed by blasphemy and I am now unable to figure out why I was attracted to that person in the first place. St Michael is amazing and I cannot knock him or his brave fight against the Evil One. I feel at peace now knowing that the attempts to lead me astray clearly failed to the point that even those at work didn’t notice my interior battle.

  65. I asked for three specific things during this novena and all three of my requests were granted. I asked for my son to have help with employment and he was offered his old job back. I asked for my daughter to have some clarity around medical issues and medication and there was a sudden breakthrough and she is now being detox from medication‘s that were harming her. I asked for help for my youngest daughter for some issues she has been having and those no seem to be improving. I am also experiencing some more peace in my heart. Well these may not seem huge to other people they are very important matters to me and my family. I can always count on Saint Michael the Archangel to protect my family members . I’m so grateful for this novena and for your prayers.

  66. Dear Saint Michael,
    Thank you for your prayers and intercessions. Thank you for daily giving me strength.
    Please watch over and pray for my son.
    Please pray for my sisters,family, all in my healing prayer.
    Please pray for Annie and John-Paul, and all the intentions of this novena. Thank you dear saint.

  67. Things were not quite right with my son and daughter-in-law towards me. I have no idea what was wrong. But last week my son called me and things were fine. I had been praying that they would call me. I am so thankful.

  68. Praise The living God, I thank God for having answered my prayer. I have been praying to get a house help and today as we finish the novena…the Lord has made it for me and I have got a house help. I continue to pray that we live together in harmony and peacefully without any challenges. Amen

  69. I have been praying for financial breakthrough ,I have seen God’s hand in this because he has been providing every day through friends.My prayer is that He continues providing to me and my family because he is the Father to the fatherless.Amen

  70. for healing of family and friends with Covid, for help with moderation in daily life of food and alcohol, in thanksgiving for all those things I know are going to come to pass because of St. Michael’s intercession. Amen

  71. Glory to God! Answered prayer – Mama Paul has agreed to start mediation with my siblings. This is a great breakthrough to a matter that has been in court since 2015 and had now gone to court of appeal.

    Another answered prayer is agreement with my inlaws on a matter that was threatening to tear my husband and I apart.

    Thank you St Michael the Archangel for your powerful intercession. All Glory and honor be to God

  72. I have been praying to be useful to my hurch, to be needed and wanted. I got a letter yesterday saying I have been nominated and selected to be an Officer of the Church. I am so excited and elated, thank you God for answering my prayer. AMEN!

  73. I prayed for St Michael to intervene in my family situation and things seem to be working better. I completely trust God for his intervention.

  74. A very seriously infected sore on my leg has healed I’m sure because of my praying several of your novenas over the past year. Thank you and God bless you.

  75. My friend was finally approved for medication she desperately needs from the insurance company. Thank you St Michael for your intercession.

  76. My daughter- in- law went to confession after being away from the faith for three years. My son, a practicing catholic, knelt next to her to receive Holy Communion first time in three years. He cried. Thank you Saint Michael for your intercession . Please pray for her . Thank you

  77. Do you believe in coincidence? I don’t but I do believe in prayer. I’ve been praying for mental health for my son’s wife and his ability to deal with her needs. No answer YET there but I’ve been under heavy stress with a spouse who is on hospice. I was working on taxes, shoulders up to my ears when I chose to do today’s novena. The introduction started with
    ‘let’s pray for … intersession of our sanctity and I added the word sanity. I have a skylight picture frame that collects pictures/videos sent by family members. They content rotates every 90 seconds. One of the many items is of a granddaughter who belongs to a rowing team. As her long boat draws up to camera range the water softly laps along the shore. It is a soothing sound. Just as I reached the word sanity, along came this rowing video. Immediately it relaxed me. HONESTLY it did. In a matter of seconds, a prayer was heard. I feel confident my prayers for St Michael to protect my son and his wife will in some quiet way will also be heard. AMEN.

  78. St Michael
    Please answer my prayers
    And ask GOD to catapult my dreams Godspeed
    Thank you St Michael for this request! ♥️🙏🏻