Answered Prayers from the St. Michael the Archangel Novena, 2022

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Thank you for joining us in praying the St. Michael the Archangel Novena!

If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout this novena, you can share those with us all below :)

We praise God for any answered prayers and we continue to ask Him to provide and care for you and all of your intentions. Please do not give up hope, God is near! We’re praying for you.

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  1. I was really down financially,when I started praying this prayer,I asked St Michaels to interced for me. Today,I got this prayer answered,am grateful 🙏🙏🙏. I pray that all your prayers may be answered as well.

  2. My husband who had a stroke in late December is making great positive progress. I am very grateful for all the energy and you all are investing into this. Blessings to you all

  3. In thanksgiving my husband seems to b opening up a bit his spiritual heart -he’s 80 and grew up in an alcoholic home. All his life he has “stuffed it all down” hurting me and our children. Married 53 years.

  4. Thanks through the intercession of our blessed Mother and St Michael, I am happy to report that my sister Otilia went back to church after 5 years. Thanks be to God

  5. Thank you St. Michael for interceding for my sister. During this Novena, she was taking chemo treatments for colon cancer. Yesterday, she was declared CANCER FREE! Thank you for your protection over her! Praise God!

  6. My brother-in-law, uncle, my sister’s uncle-in-law, and two friends all fell ill during this novena and all are on the road to recovery.

  7. Thanking God for answered prayers concerning the fruit of the womb, I have been praying for it in all the other novena.

    I pray God visits anyone who’s believing God the fruit of the womb. Amen

  8. Please I ask prayers for help for my daughter with her cancer and he getting through treatments. There are more surgeries to come. Please e Tra prayer for me to help give me the streghth and health to continue to help her and raise my grandchildren. God bless to all and I pray for all with thier needs.

  9. Thank you St. Michael for watching over my family. My kids had Covid and had mild symptoms and were able to recover quickly. I now tested positive I pray that St. Michael will watch over me and may recover quickly too. Amen!

  10. Several weeks after completing treatment and receiving a grave cancer prognosis, my friend was told by a second doctor that her cancer was gone. Thank you St. Michael for this miracle!

  11. Thank you for St Michael for your intercession to God, my health has improved some and my blood work was normal this time!

  12. I thank God through the intercession of St. Michael for my daughter to travel safely back in US and to get back to work, so happily and with great joy.
    Thank you St. Michael for my in – law to continue loving and caring his daughters and looking forward for him to get back to his faith. In Jesus Holy name.
    Thank you St. Michael for making it possible for me to visit the young girl Sr. Yuni, whom our beloved Virgin Mother Mary has revealed to her and make her with healing powers and being her messenger to the country, strengthening faith of many, believers and non-believers.

  13. Today the contractors are back at the jobsite after two months of suspension. We finally are back trying to finish the remaining all 3 piers. Thanks for giving us the workers to be back on site.
    St Michael, pls guard and protect us from further delays and pls have them successfully complete all the work today and tomorrow. Pls continue to watch over us and this project, Amen!

  14. My wish for my son to be called back to work was finally answered last week Wednesday 2 Feb 2022. All glory and honor to God.

  15. I pray that the evil spirits are removed from our marriage. My husband wants a divorce and I keep standing for us. I pray that he finds goodness in his heart and chooses to stay with our little family.

  16. Thank you, St. Michael for safe travels for my family members and for helping my son in a difficult situation.
    Please, intercede on our behave that we recognize daily that God is God and we are His beloved children and servants,
    Pray that God’s light may shine through us so that those in darkness find their way to the Source of all Love, Goodness, Truth, Beauty and Peace.
    Thank you for being our defender in battle!

  17. Dear St Michael please defend all who are prey to the evil abortion industry, the helpless babies, the unsure and misled mothers and those in need of a job at such an evil place. Please defend them all.

  18. My son was kept from sabotaging himself and has a job. Please continue to pray for him to be kept safe. And for our whole family; spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically to be kept safe. Blessings to you all.

  19. Sweet Jesus, Mary and St. Michael the Archangel, thank you for the Blessings 🙏 you have bestowed upon myself, and family and friends.

    Please help me to continue to live by God’s Will and not my own.

    Thank you Jesus.

  20. Granddaughter Lauren getting college acceptances & phone interviews.
    Please keep me in prayer. Breast biopsy showed malignancy . I’m 25 year plus breast cancer survivor.

  21. I prayed through St Micheal’s intercession for for a job and God just answered me with the perfect job at a great salary and in a great location. And best of all, they’re paying me well to train me!
    I’m amazed by God’s goodness and thank him for answered prayers.

  22. Please pray for my aunt Marie ( just like my sister) as she prepares to meet the Lord. She is in palliative care in a nursing home and has advanced dementia. She was a Legion of Mary when she was eighteen, married and has three daughters. Please pray that she will be able to obtain the Holy Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick. Please pray for a Holy and peaceful death. Thank you.

  23. Please pray for my son whose heart has been hardened and has cut himself off from his family and close friends. He was hurt as an adolescent and has not forgiven and holds anger, resentmentband unforgiveness in his heart. He has kept his two daughters, my previous grand daughters from me for eight years now. Please pray for him and healing in our family. We surrender this tragic and great suffering for my son, his family and for all our family. In the Holy Name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.

  24. Thank you archangel Michael for being with me and comforting me when I need it and still need consolation and protection.
    Please comfort and protect the children of Afghanistan we see on the news each day living in such dreadful circumstances amen.

  25. My husband, who was just ordained a Deacon in Sept. 2021, had a stress echocardiogram done yesterday and he has a leaky heart valve. I have been and will continue to pray for unchanged results from this test. He had a good report yesterday :) Also he had Covid on Dec. 9th, tested negative on the 19th but has continued to struggle with a nagging cough since. He said today that he feels like his cough is finally leaving him, another PRAISE GOD Moment !! Just wanted to share, and Thank You both for doing these Novenas. Have a Blessed Day !!

    Rosie Focht

  26. Urgent prayer request – Areanna is two months pregnant and is experiencing complications ; she is going to doctors @ noon today to have a sonogram. Please pray for her husband Diego, he is very worried. This is there first child.

  27. Dear friends, thanks be to God and our Blessed Mother, I have been blessed with peace and the ability to trust more in God.

  28. My prayers have been centered on praying that God will save us and through Him that St. Michael will defend our religious freedom and other freedoms we Americans have always known. The spiritual war between good and evil is a global war that has been fought since the beginning of time: but more and more, in my opinion, it feels like evil is starting to win. I learned today that thousands of American soldiers, many of whom are career soldiers that have been deployed multiple times, have been told that they will be involuntarily separated from the Army if they do not comply with Covid-19 vaccine mandates; even after submitting valid medical, religious and conscientious exemptions. Our soldiers in all branches of the military deserve our support, gratitude and prayers. If you want to support American soldiers who are exercising their right to refuse the Covid-19 vaccine, and to reinstate those soldiers who have already been involuntarily dismissed for refusing it, contact your state representatives and senators by the end of the week to support a bill that has already been drafted called the Service Restoration Act. I hate politics; and like many other things, this should never have become a political issue. I love our American soldiers and the freedoms that I have always known because of their sacrifices and the sacrifices of their loved ones. Please do not respond to my message. I respect your choice to agree or disagree with me. Thank you. I continue to pray for all of you and your intentions.

  29. St Michael guided us in regard to a trip we had planned. He took away my concerns and blessed us with something better. St Michael protect us all.

  30. We still have a roof over our heads🙌🏼
    Lynn still has her job🙌🏼
    House is holding strong(leaks,floors)🙌🏼
    Thank you Heavenly Father🙌🏼

  31. I’ve been praying for my husband’s compulsive gambling. He was fired due to his gambling and is going into a rehabilitation facility. God does listen; just not how we expect…

  32. My fiancé is Hindu. He has now accepted The Holy Trinity as being the one and only true God and he has agreed to join The Catholic faith.

  33. I’ve been praying that my daughter would no longer be angry with me – I saw her yesterday and all was good. Thanks be to God and to St. Michael!!!!

  34. My thyroid cyst has gotten smaller.I pray that it continues to decrease in size until it disappears. 🙏🏼🙏🏼 🙏🏼

  35. Another miracle is blooming- our friend’s tumor is shrinking.
    Thank you, Jesus for your ever-present love.
    Thank you all for your prayers🙏👼🙏👼🙏

  36. I have been away from the Church for a few years. I appreciate your Novenas and I thank you for them. I will be having a hip replacement on 2/15, I wanted to go to confession but am unable to drive. I called the Church here in Southbury, CT and the priest will be coming to hear my confession and give me the Sacrament of the Sick on Sunday. I believe this Novena helped me to have the courage to call the Church, so that I can return to the Church. Thank you again!

  37. My daughter seems more content and has even admitted that she had been looking for help in all the wrong places when her salvation has always been in front of her. Thank you for your intersections St Michael. Thank you Jesus.

  38. Healing and protection for my family, especially parents. Reconciliation in my family. That I see my parents before they pass away. Blessings on the work of my hands. Laborers into the Harvest. A Godly, righteous husband and best friend. Amen.

  39. Oh thank you St Michael the archangel, you have answered my prayers by bringing my mother home from the hospital. Your healing powers are still at work for my mother. Her next step is to continue to heal and grow stronger, so she can have her heart valve surgery.
    Thank you St Michael the Archangel for your intercession with God the Father and his Son our Lord Jesus Christ

  40. Hello Prayer Warriors !

    I just love the Angels and often thank our Heavenly Father for their powerful ministry

    My daughter was born on the feast of the Guardian Angels . And our home from 1993-2009 I called Angel’s Rest.

    After Mass last week during which the Gospel was the story of the woman with a haemorrhage was cured when she touched the hem of his garment, I asked Father if it was all right if I “touched His Garment” . He said “Of Course.!” I went into the sanctuary and placed my hands on His Holy Tabernacle and asked Him to give me the grace to abhor sin. That night I awoke at 1 am and felt the Lord telling me of sins of my past life that I had not confessed. He brought to mind 2 sins that I had never confessed. I went to Confession that evening and confessed them . Confession to my confessor is a challenge because we know each other well and he is often at my home for dinner and I have been working as registrar at the cathedral daily during the pandemic, often live-streaming the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. so we have had a lot of contact with each other. During that confession I also told him that I don’t think I have been brutally honest during many confessions, using the famous “glossing ” over the big sins or “sandwiching” them between lesser sins. I probably didn’t’t do a proper examination of conscience at these times but I seem to find “my sin is always before me !” I told him as well that I really don’t mind If he thinks less of me for being such a sinner but I want to be offered as a Pure Lily when I meet my Saviour & my Judge. I only mind what God thinks. He replied that he always is edified and humbled when people he knows courageously confess their deepest “secrets” of their souls.
    I have struggled with this sort of dishonesty and I came away feeling quite “purged ” and this confession will certainly make my future confessions honest & acceptable.

    Praised be Jesus Christ.
    “I look into my Judges Face & see a Saviour there !”

  41. Praise Be to God and all the Glory to him for he answered my prayer. Thank you all who prayed this novena, especially you, Annie and John-Paul. 🙏🏼 My grandson ended his relationship with his girlfriend on his own. I see the stress free look on his face and he appears to be himself once again. I did ask if she is ok, he said yes, she is fine. So I thank God for that too. I did not want anyone hurt by the breakup. They are young and so much to look forward to so I pray for the best for each of them. Thank you, St. Michael. ✝️🛐❣️

  42. St. Micheal the Archangel with God grace and mercy answered my prayer. Lost my driver license, my medical cards and ATM card did not find them but during the novenas, gave me the strength for all of the above to get them replaced.

  43. I had a breast biopsy done last week and it revealed stage 0 cancer, I have to have a lumpectomy and radiation but it is curable an no one has died from it, thank you, Lord !

  44. Please pray for my granddaughter who is having surgery on her broken ankle and its torn ligament.
    Please pray for the doctor, that all goes well and Baylie doesn’t have too much pain afterwards.

  45. I’ve been dealing with an employee who calls herself Christian but has been filled with evil. She made significant false claims against me when I realized and reported her work performance did not meet the organization’s standards and confronted her on it. She did not work nine of the last twelve months. I prayed for her daily and was a bit fearful as she became more diabolical. Human Resources finally gave me permission to terminate her during this novena. Relieved and grateful for closure and renewed hope, St. Michael thank you for your protection! Thank you Heavenly Father for this outcome. Bring this person back into your loving embrace and fill her with your loving spirit. Guide her to do Your will, in the name of Your beautiful and blessed Son our Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

  46. A dear friend, whom I’ve been praying for in your novenas, is cancer free. She wasn’t given a great prognosis, and a final check-up after chemo was very discouraging. But when her tests were sent to her local Doctor, no cancer was found. Praise God! These novenas are such a comfort to me.
    Thank you

  47. i ask saint michael to please protect my children and family please heal my son from his mental health issues, please let him find steady work please let my daughter get this job 🙏 let us all enjoy perfect health perfect wealth and true happiness for us all Amen

  48. For a successful surgery
    For financial matters to resolve concerning Ida
    For a safe family trip
    For healthy and safe family and for eternal rest with God
    For my oldest daughter to be healed
    For my youngest daughter to find a Christian husband and have children
    For an end to abortion
    For an end to Covid
    For the hungry,homeless, kidnapped, military, persecuted, aetheist to find Gods love, for the sick, the lonely, the abused
    To lose weight and be healthy

  49. I request for your prayers to St. Michael’s intersession to God to grant my wife and me his Healing Grace that we may have healing of All sickness and disease body and soul so we may better be able to serve HIM. Thank You!

  50. After the 3rd day of this novena I prayed for saint Michael intercession before the throne of God and he helped me with a serious financial issue I was about to lose everything thank you saint Micheal for your intercession I 😘 be you and thank you for your protection and I thank the Father for given you the power to help us Glory be to the Father Son and Holy Sprit thank you

  51. I was praying for my son who is in law enforcement. St. Michael is his Patron Saint. My son was headed on the wrong path. He has stopped going to Mass and was causing pain for his wife. During this Novena where I prayed for his return to the church and sacraments, I learned that he and his family attended Mass and then went out to breakfast. This was initiated by his wife, who is not Catholic and is unchurched. They both said that it was a great way to spend Sunday and their children were very happy. This was truly an answer to prayer and I will continuing praying for St. Michael’s intervention for my son and his family

  52. Praise be to God. My eye is improved and the other people I prayed for with knee and back issues are all improved. Thank you Jesus and thank you to all praying the novena. Blessings.

  53. My wife Jacqueline’s ovarian cancer is in check and her CAT scan shows no enlarged nodes or masses. Thank you for praying for her and please continue to pray for her

  54. To God be all the glory Amen.
    I have been asking God to help me with a case a have in court that came up today being the last day of our Novena.
    Today the person that took me to court ask the court that he want to take the matter out from the court which I have been asking God do for me.
    I give God all the glory Amen.

  55. My friend who was in the hospital fighting covid is improving and has been moved out of ICU and taken off the ventilator. Thanks be to God! Please continue to pray for his complete healing.

  56. Thank you for opening my eyes to the pride I have in my heart in doing good works. Pray that I may continue my good works but remain less prideful on them.

  57. All glory and praise be to God. My husband whose name is also Michael has returned to us after 4yrs and 5months. Thank you St. Michael for your intercetions.

  58. Praise to be God and protection from St. Michael for Christopher and his friends. Thank you for your mercy, love and protection for our families.

  59. Thanks to you all for praying with us in our time of need.My two sons have done extremely well in their studies and one is on job training while the other had a job interview and waiting for their sister to go back to school
    Thankyou St Micheal for your powerful intercession and Thanks be to God.

  60. My granddaughter has come out of the darkness of prison from abuses with drug abuse in her teen-age years and is on the road to recovery at a half-way house – that has Catholic influences. After four months she has a full-time job now and is working hard to overcome her additions and return to society. I continue to pray for her to listen to the whispers of the Holy Spirit and St. Michael to protect her from the evil influences that lie ahead. I pray she continues her journey to seek God and comes back to the Church.

  61. I was told a month ago by my eye doc that I had the start of glaucoma. After lots of prayer, masses and rosaries, I just found my eye pressures were normal and all looked fine. Another check in 6 months but will keep praying. As an artist, nurse and caring for my elder husband, my vision is quite precious to me. Praise God, Jesus, St. Michael and Mary for good news for now at least.

  62. I didn’t post a prayer request to st. Michael but I desperately pray that my son , matthew, will come back to the faith, change his life around, baptize his son, Isaac Jude, in the Catholic Church and stop living in sin. Also that he and his girlfriend , Courtney, will marry and she will be filled with faith and enter the Catholic faith.

  63. Thanks be to our Almighty God through the intercession of St. Michael the Archangel during this novena the pain and numbness on my back is completely gone! All glory and praise to our Divine Healer, our Divine Mercy. I trust in you! 🙏

  64. Nothing major, but I asked St. Michael the Archangel to intercede with God to protect my wife and me during our 3-day car ride from New Hampshire to Cocoa Beach, FL. We arrived safely Monday evening. :)

  65. My 10 year old niece is doing much better, she’s happy again, and she is starting a new chapter at a new school today! May God guide her in her new journey. Prayer is powerful! & Thank you St. Michael for your intercession!

  66. I prayed to St.Michael for his intercession to our Lord for a job I have been interviewing for! There were some bumps along the way with my past credit history but with documentation the hiring manager approved my hiring process and was officially presented the offer yesterday morning!! Praise Jesus his blessed Mother and St.Michael for his protection and intercession. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  67. My mother has finally admitted to her addiction and is seeking help. My sons unhealthy relationship is possibly ending now and he is starting to see the issues for himself. Thank you Lord, all glory to God!

  68. Thank you St Michael, greatest protector, for watching over my daughter, husband and three grandchildren. They returned to church as a whole family this past Sunday!! I pray for your continued intercession into their faith life.

  69. I want to thank God for answering my prayers, my son got a job after not working for two years which is a real miracle for no one was hiring in this pandemic
    Even for myself seeing a financial relief coming soon
    Thank you for this novena to St Michael the archangel

  70. Thank you for the financial blessings. And thank you that ircc Cbsa replied to my email for our up coming court of appeal hopefully they will approve my sponsorship for my husband nabil Yatougi touch the heart of the officer who will give approval for my sponsorship May they see the genuine relationships of our marriage thank you that the wound of Doreen cross is getting better I pray for her full recovery
    Touch the heart of my children help me to encourage them to invite them to your house oh lord st Michael the archangel pray for us amen

  71. I am so thankful to St. Michael for hearing my prayer. My daughter Renee’s chronic nerve pain seems a bit less severe. 🙏🏻🕊🕯

  72. For my brother Leo Zabala who has a brain injury from a heart attack. For the soul of Edward Johnson who passed away last week. For Tracy Johnson, for my family for strength, guidance and protection.