Answered Prayers from the St. Michael the Archangel Novena, 2022

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Thank you for joining us in praying the St. Michael the Archangel Novena!

If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout this novena, you can share those with us all below :)

We praise God for any answered prayers and we continue to ask Him to provide and care for you and all of your intentions. Please do not give up hope, God is near! We’re praying for you.

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  1. Been praying novenas for a parishioner at church, who has made his life into saving the unborn. He is still alive despite being on the verge of death so many times. Thank you Saint Michael for your intersession. Lord Jesus if it is your will, please heal RJ and bring him back to his mission and family.

  2. Thank you God for Dan’s surgery going so well. The doctors got all the cancer and he doesn’t have to have any kind of chemo or radiation. Thank all for your prayers

  3. Truly so grateful for answered prayers. My friends follow up CT scan was clear and bloodwork was good. Praise Jesus and the Blessed another! I have so much gratitude and look up everyday to the heavens in thanks. Amen

  4. My good habits were being challenged resulting in feelings of isolation and poor health. St. Michael has removed the barriers and I have renewed focus and peace. Thank you St. Michael for restoring my good habits.

  5. My son Stephen Joseph was accepted to the university of Notte Dame this fall to continue working on his masters/PHD in Theology !

  6. Special prayers have been answered for my son. He successfully complete a course needed for his professional career.

  7. I have been praying for the return of my children to their faith and the sacraments. Thank you St. Michael, after starting this novena, all three of my children join me for mass on Sundays with my grandchildren. We are all going to penance in two weeks with my grandchildren who are receiving first communion in May. What an incredible blessing!!!

  8. The Lord brought a woman through surgery to remove cancer and to an oncologist she trusts. My annual breast exam came back clear (after 2 cancer diagnoses in the past).

  9. Thank you St Michael and prayers for the recovery of my tiny new grandson, who at 17 days, has recovered from 3 different viruses including meningitis. He is not even 9 pounds and been blessed by prayers offered.

  10. My mom is in a wonderful nursing home with loving caring staff and out of the horrible one she was in last week. Amen

  11. I know this isn’t as important as other requests who ask for health for family and other profound needs but I asked for help with my job, I was offered a permanent job from a temp position but it fell through. I prayed that the position would be open to me if that’s what was God’s will and I was offered the position two days ago! I’m very grateful and pray the prayers for others, particularly for health and happiness, are granted as well. Thank you

  12. To God be the glory, He has granted us the grace to hear from our son who has communicated not only with his dad and sisters but wonderfully with our uncle whom he had an issue with.
    We are praying for total redemption for him and restoration of all lost graces that will help him draw closer to God and experience full joy in Christ and family. This and more we pray through Christ. Amen.
    May God bless John-paul & Annie more.

  13. My prayers were answered for my friend’s mom. Before her mom died from cancer, she received her baptism, accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior and had a holy death. Praise God for all His Glory and Mercy and to St Michael for his intercession.

  14. Thank you for all your prayers and for continuing prayers for the intercession of all the saints on my wife’s behalf

  15. Thanks for my mother getting the proper care for a tooth extraction, my friend in the hospital now doing much better but going temporarily to a Nursing home for rehab. A friend who is a priest that a favor has been granted to him.


  16. My husband contracted Covid at the beginning of January and shortly there after he started feeling a shortness of breath. As the weeks progressed it began to get worse and worse. The first week of February he had to be taken to the emergency room and had to have a pacemaker installed because the shortness of breath was related to his heart. If he had not gone to the doctor appointment that was originally set up for me on Wednesday and I was able to have him take it, he may not have made it. During this time I was praying the Saint Michael novena for his health. He was admitted to the hospital on a Wednesday and within three days he was back home recovering.

  17. I have been praying for my husband’s new medicine to help his immune system. Sunday we found out that his numbers did improve. Such a weight lifted – there is hope again!

  18. My daughter at 35 is pregnant with her 2nd baby, (the pregnancy is another answered prayer) and my daughter had bleeding the past 3 weeks. An Ultrasound revealed subchorionic hemorrhage with placenta previa marginalis which can cause a miscarriage if the placenta was separated from the lining of the uterus. I was praying that the subchorionic hemorrhage will cease and the placenta will become stronger to St. Michael and St. Padre Pio. She just called me now and said all was well and sent me her latest ultrasound.. Everything was really well. Thank you for the intercessions of St. Michael and St. Padre Pio.. I am continually praying that my friend will also get pregnant and get married in the church. I’m also thankful for the protection of the Lord .. as a front liner against this pandemic there are very risky moments when we come face to face with positive patients, despite that our swab test are always negative. I am so thankful.

  19. I want to give God the greatest thanks for making my daughter get her job back, it was really a miracle. She also got permanent with a promotion and raise. Thanks be to God our Father. Thank you St Michael for your intervention🙏🏾

  20. Thank you, St Michael, for your intercession. Sherri finally got pain relief from this most recent surgery. God is good!

  21. I was praying for my daughters boyfriend who was unable to get unemployment. The phone lines have been busy for a year and no one was answering calls. Wait times was 6 hours after months of trying he finally got his unemployment. He is a heavy machine operator and when the snow comes they can’t work. Thank you St. Michael. Also God used this as a teaching moment to teach Cameron how to pray and trust Him. All answered prayer. Thank you St Michael.

  22. Thanks to St. Michael for bringing new friends into my son’s life and for helping him adjust to his first year in college.

  23. My oldest daughter is now in treatment for her eating disorder. My youngest daughter is attending church again and she found the perfect job. My friends son also found a job.

    Praising God for His goodness.

  24. This intention strikes my heart. My oldest son and family do not attend church at all. My 2 grandsons do not know God and are not baptized and baby boy #3 due in May. My prayers go for them and family to find and know the love of Christ and beauty of the Catholic faith.

  25. Thank you, Saint Michael, for the protection of our family. For keeping us safe and guiding us in the steps of humility. Especially for keeping the children safe while they were traveling. Thank you for allowing us to enter humbly into relationships with difficult in-laws this week. We continue to ask for your protection and your assistance. Always with gratitude and love. Thank you seen Michael.

  26. A friends sister went into premature labor..bless this baby if its delivered and the family.
    God Bless..thank you St. Michael

  27. Thank you for healing my mother Marva Roberts and continued healing as she recovers from her stroke. Healing for Anthony C Roberts and for my self. Protection for Omolara for her two sons Osaze and Kei and all friends and families tht have been praying for us.

  28. My prayers for my son to have a child was answered
    Thank you Jesus and thank you st Michael for interceding for us

  29. Thank you Saint Michael for answering my prayers for better communication and a solid and safe relationship with MIke. Thank you also for keeping my Mom and children safe.

  30. Thank you St. Michael. My intentions included a new job opportunity and I have been interviewed awaiting the next steps. May my intentions be answered completely.

  31. I have been going through some series health issues that Dr’s can’t determine what is causing the problems….been undergoing so many tests for 2 months and still no answers…God…please guide their wisdom and wrap me in YOUR healing care.

  32. I am expecting my 3rd child. Having so many issues with this pregnancy one of them is my baby was birch with only 4 more weeks to go I started the novena. On day 7th had an ultrasound and was told my baby move to the correct position to have normal delivery. Thanks to St. Michael for his intersection

  33. I prayed for a healthy baby. I recently gave birth to a very healthy and happy baby. Thank you, St.
    Michael, Jesus, Mary, Joseph and many other saints!

  34. Thank you Lord for EASE in I and my family’s lives. Thank you for answers to our numerous prayers, we know that You who have began the good works, will bring them ALL to perfection, Amen 🙏. Love you always Lord Jesus Christ.

  35. Dear Jesus & Mother Mary and through the intercession of St. Michael I ask for the protection of my son Gerard . Please grant that he will have safe flights to Dubai today and to stay safe and well. Please grant that his blood pressure levels will return to normal, and please keep him safe and well and protect him from all harm and dangers and all evil. In Jesus Name and through your powerful intercession St. Michael I ask for all my petitions.
    Mother Mary please wrap your mantle around Gerard and give him your motherly love, protection and Blessing.
    Thank you.

  36. After a year of asking for the virgin Mary’s intercession I received a text this week “mom can I move home and work for you and pay off my college loans? ” Yes!!!

  37. St Michael thank you so much for protecting me and my family and please continue to protect us from all evil this we ask in Jesus’s name Amen 🙏

  38. what God cannot do does not exist!

    God fought and won my family foundational and territorial battles in the dream. Heavenly warriors and army were in charge and slew our enemies before us.

    I believe in the divine security of angel Michael and the victory of my family over all aspects of our lives in the waking. Amen.

  39. Thank you for your intercession, St Michael, I got the 700sqm Japandi house architectural design contract that will allow me to keep my team going!

  40. I prayed for my son to get a job in Kenya.He has been jobless since graduating in 2019. He got a call to the beginning of the novena, calling him for a job interview.Thanks to St.Michael the

  41. Thank you for a special favor granted. I wait with confident hope that my other prayer requests will be granted in Jesus name.

  42. Thank you dear St. Michael for interceding and requesting our beloved Jesus, Mary & Good St. Joseph to heal our Michael of his additions, depression and use of a prescribed drug. Miraculously, he is healed- recovering and I have great faith that he will take the vaccine, return to his studies and find a job. Please continue to protect Michael from the bad company that caused his illness. Bless and protect our world from the evil one.

  43. I was worried about being able to pay my school fees and accommodation. I prayed and prayed and cried out to St Michael to intercede for me and I was able to raise my school fees this past week. Although my accommodation is still outstanding, I have faith that God is not done with me yet and he will make a way where there seems to be no way.

  44. Thank you St Michael Archangel for the great news!! My daughter got her job thanks to our great Lord almighty Father creator of heavens and hearth. Amen

  45. Thanking God for our lives,journey mercies,favours,good health,guardiance and protection in the family and praying for same.
    Thanking st. Michael the Arch angel for his intercessions in our various needs and petitions and asking for same Amen
    Thanking God for saving my daughter from accident in the course of this novena.
    Praying for my health that God will perfect our healing in the family.
    For my daughter to marry to a good husband soon Amen
    For my sons to marry good wives and have good children. Bless my children with good friends and safe environment.
    May they buy houses in good places
    Touch our tenants to pay their rents and may we get a good buyer on the property we want to sale.
    Bless my relatives, religious, workers, poor and sick to get help.
    Thank you Jesus for answered prayers and thank you st Michael the Arch angel for your intercessions and God’s blessing on John Paul and annie for praying for us Amen


  47. I pray for strength, healing with this duct in my breast, approval of my visas (us, schengen and Canada), marital breakthrough for my friends and I,
    Growth and increase in all aspect of my life.

  48. I want to thank the lord for healing my children and l we have been having colds God is faithful and for continuing to protect us from covid his name is faithful…

  49. Thank you, Lord, for your answered prayers. I trust that all our intentions in this move a would be granted to the glory of your name Lord. Thank you for healing Me Nwodo’s postage cancer, thank you for Lucy’s lung cancer, for Mr Okegbe’s prostrate, Euchaira’s diabetes for Chikwerem Afamefuna Odo’s terminal sickness. Thank you Lord for healing them gradually, we hope and pray for complete deliverance and healing upon them and every sick person.

    Thank you for soldiers all over the world, continue to protect them through the intercession of St Michael the Archangel Amen 🙏🙏🙏
    St Michael the Archangel, pray for us Amen

  50. Praise Jesus,
    My husband’s contract was renewed till June this year.
    Thank you JP and Annie for keeping us in prayer.
    More testimonies loading

  51. my brother 2ho is an immigrant in Scotland lost his job on the 8th of January. On the 31st, he lost his accommodation. So, when this novena started on the 1st of February, I felt he is the one I would be y for. To the glory of God, he was given back the accommodation on the second day of the novena and on the 6th, he got another offer of employment, though he’s yet to resume.
    Join me thank God for His mercies upon my brother and that the remaining favours will be perfected by His love, Amen

  52. I would like to thank you Ann and John for praying for me and making understand what Novena is. I am about to finish my Novena and iam testifying something that has happened to me concerning debts, I’m indebted to tune of $7000 but my long time friend from the US has agreed to pay me for $1000 by the end of the week and glad God has worked through him to keep me debt free. St Michael keep interceding for me and others.

  53. My husband was to appear before a panel of judges and albeit he was met with injustice, he won the admiration of minds. He was distinguished amongst all. I continue to pray for his exoneration finally.

  54. Thank God for healing my right knee . I am feeling very strong and energetic and also back to work seven weeks after right knee surgery.

  55. Join me in thanking God. I applied for Manitoba provincial nomination to Canada since June 2021. All roads seemed blocked when others got their nomination, I kept getting queries. But 2 nights ago during this novena, my nomination landed in my inbox with ease….

  56. God has been answering my prayers through novena prayers,
    I’m experiencing his calmness and peace in my heart,
    I still have prayer items I know God will answer me and I will rejoice in his name as I know he is never far away from us
    God bless you all.

  57. Answered prayer – i thank the ALMIGHTY GOD for being called back to work after staying without a job for over a year now.
    Thank you Saint Michael the archangel , Saint Joseph and Our Mother of Perpetual Help for your intercessions
    All Glory be to THE FATHER AND TO THE SON AND TO THE HOLY SPIRIT as it was in the beginning is now and forever shall be world without end Amen

  58. Years ago i got healing in my dream during this novena. I still want to experience that encounter again in my family. Let st Michael fight all our spiritual wars AMEN

  59. Please help me to study well and become an airline pilot. Keep me away from evil people. Give me the strength to face my obstacles. I want to fly high in the sky visit different places around the globe. See gods creation and pray and be happy.
    Keep the world safe from every disease.
    Keep my parents in good health.
    And help me to get a beautiful and understanding life partner in future
    Please God help me.

  60. God revealed a lot to me during this Novena. My prayer is for God to help me resolve issues peacefully in Jesus’ Mighty Name… Amen 🙏

  61. I just want to thank God for the strength to participate in the novena, I have not been doing them for a very long time, I’m glad I that I started and completed St. Michael’s novena

  62. Thanking God for helping me to gain admission to do my Masters, I know He will perfect all what he has started. Also hopeful to have my visa.
    Thank you Lord I’m grateful 🙏

  63. My daughter is leaving for university in a few days and we didn’t have any money. She needed personal stuff, transport and since we’re living 5hours away from Capetown her furniture needed to be driven there. My daughter and I prayed the St Michael Novena together and the evening of day 8, that’s 3 days before she’s leaving, an amount of money ( enough to pay for everything) was paid into my bank account. I praise God, I thank Archangel, St Michael for guiding me on this Novena journey..AMEN

  64. While praying the st Michael the Archangel Novena,I was able to have an opportunity to go for an interview for a sales person,and I passed the interview but the confirmation on when to start is still pending and I believe God won’t stop until I go through. Amen

  65. I was to pay for changing my flight ticket for my dad’s Funeral but God answered my prayers and the flight was changed by the airline. Praise God

  66. Due to these prayer s I find courage and I overcome my fear and day by day my faith is increasing I am thank you an lord Jesus that u all are with me and I come out of this situation soon and he protect me every situation

  67. I am grateful to God almighty for answering my prayers
    I have been posting prayer requests as I was waiting for histology results after surgery last 3 weeks

    They all turned out cancer free,

    Thanks for praying for me and with me .

    Let’s pray for each other
    This year we shall have testimonies

  68. Thank you team. My prayers ( intentions) were answered. Some were answered on day 2, day 5 and day 8. Thank you Thank you. I ask St Michael to continue interceding for us. Amen

  69. Greetings
    I have been a man sort of faith.
    This novena has drawn my heart closer to God and taught me how to pray.
    And now I can sit my family down and lead them in praying.
    It has also helped to soften my heart and am not an angry man as before.


  70. Praise God! He has blessed me with my dream job. I will start on 1st September 2022.
    My dad’s health this weak has been stable and we were able to take him for mass. Alleluia
    I am praying for everyone here may God bless our needs. Amen

  71. I was suffering from urinary track infection and have been praying during this novena to St Michael to intercede to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and today I feel better and cured. Amen

  72. Thank you so much St Michael for healing my family and myself from the covid virus. It was such a nightmare for me because Im 75 years old. It was then the novena was published and I immediately sought the intercession of St Michael. On day 5 of the covid I took a ART and it was negative. This would not have been possible without the help of St Michael. Once again thank you St Michael for healing my family and myself

  73. My son Elroy this year in the month of March the 4 th is going to appear for his 12 th board exam we pray that God bless him with knowledge ,understanding and and secure good marks in his exam and even his going to appear for his entrace exam for NDA .Lord help his dream come true.

  74. My prayers being answered during this novena. 1. Protection from this Pandemic for all those are in contact with me. 2. For a bright sunshine one full day. 3. For good health of all related to me. 4. For daily trying to celebrate three Holy Masses for all whom I promised to pray for and those who have requested me to pray for their various intentions. Amen. 5. Thanking God for the daily bread provided through His Merciful Love and Protection from falling into serious Sin against God’s Love and neighbor. Amen.

  75. Thank you Lord for keeping this baby alive, healthy, growing and developing normally. Thank you for protecting us. Amen

  76. Dear Jesus, Mary and St. Michael the Archangel, please heal and protect my family, friends and I. Please protect me tomorrow during my abdominal ultrasound.

    Thank you God.