Answered Prayers from the St. Michael the Archangel Novena, 2022

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Thank you for joining us in praying the St. Michael the Archangel Novena!

If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout this novena, you can share those with us all below :)

We praise God for any answered prayers and we continue to ask Him to provide and care for you and all of your intentions. Please do not give up hope, God is near! We’re praying for you.

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  1. A prayer was answered . My mum wanted a new fridge. I have no money . A Friend of hers managed to get a good deal for a second hand fridge of a few hundred. It was in great condition and spacious. She is happy with her purchase. I am still seeking God on whether I should contribute to the fridge money as of now as I am still waiting for the right job offer . But glory to God a prayer was answered.

  2. Thank you for helping my husband and children find stable jobs! Thanks be to God. Alelluia

  3. This is a thank you to the Lord. I have prayed earnestly for the total healing and happiness of my son, over the past few years.
    He has certainly improved but still has a way to go.

    My story today in the scheme of things is so trivial. We are having a bathroom renovated and the tiler rang to say he needed another box of tiles.
    When we bought the tiles in the first place we had to order them and they took about 4 days to arrive.
    I rang the shop and the person who we dealt with previously, said she would have a look in the store room and would ring back if she found them.
    When I didn’t hear from her I went back to the shop and while driving I prayed that the Lord would sort this out.
    The best the lady in the shop said she could do, was to give me 4 tiles which were samples.
    It it just enough to finish the bathroom.
    Trivial as it may seem I knew at that moment that help is only a prayer away; and it has certainly reinforced how my prayers are listened to and answered.
    Thank you Lord.

  4. I do love doing your beautiful novenas and St Michael the archangel will always remain a special one. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in November and underwent surgery, a lumpectomy, two weeks ago. Thankfully, it was Stage 1 and caught early. The good doctors doctors at Dana Farber in Boston were able to clear the margins and get it all! I’m so very thankful to our dear Lord Jesus for holding my hand through all this. I live alone and depend on Him a lot! St Michael certainly helped to defend me in this battle! Thank you for bringing his strength to us all.

  5. I have being praying to get a job and just today I got a call that I have an interview tomorrow and I pray for my interview to go well so that I can get that job🙏🙏. I also prayed for my sister to have a safe and healthy pregnancy and she delivered a healthy baby boy and she is all healthy 🙏
    I thank God and everyone who always pray for our intentions.May God bless all of you and protect us always.🙏

  6. My daughter and son in law have been praying for a baby. They had two miscarriages countless fertility treatments and I was just told last night they are 12 weeks 5 days pregnant! We are praying for healthy pregnancy and healthy baby ❤️. It has been a long three years but we are so thankful

  7. My son has ADHD and has a hard time focusing. I prayed that he gets better in this area, and he brought a perfect score on his Math exam. Thank God!

  8. I prayed for my son to control his temper and improve his behavior and I see a big change. The Lord has blessed us with His Grace!

  9. I am so grateful to be part of the family
    Your prayers keep me going everyday
    I have been battling financially and l remember nights sleeping hungry and l
    Prayed with you guys and asked to help me in praying to be financially stable
    I am starting to get part time jobs to work and the situation is improving everyday
    For these and other blessings God l am grateful
    Thank you so much for keeping me in your daily prayers
    I will get there 🙏

  10. Hello, this is Lorenzo and I’d like to thank God for St. Michael for and the Our Father and the Hail Mary and the Glory Be for providing the patience and at times the fortitude and his good counsel in my life. The answer He gave or the advice learned was that everything IS In ITS OWN TIME and that answer to my prayer was sufficient enough to persevere and be satisfied in my own time. Thank you St. Michael.

  11. I prayed years for my son Tobins paperwork and pass exam . I prayers this Noveena.yesterday he got electronic passed his exam.thank U lord.thank U for all of us prayers. My trust in god increased. Amen.

  12. I prayed asking for St. Michael’s intercession to
    empower my cell phone repairman with the grace to fix my phone and get all my saved photos off of it that have the last photos of my now deceased mother and to save all my contacts also. It started when the store worker where I bought it, told me its charged up but since it won’t come on and has a black screen, she said the phone died and she said nothing can be saved and that she could not transfer any photos or contacts to a new phone. Then, I took the phone to a cell phone repair store and he said he will try to fix it and he saw it would not power on even though it was charged up. He ordered a new battery for $90. I waited 2 weeks but no battery came in. So I returned to see him, he plugged it in to charge and with only 14 percent charge, the phone worked. He said you can take it home and use it then he said he would replace the battery when it came in but since it was a miracle it came
    on, I went and bought a new one, got a different worker who spent several hours with it, and got everything transferred to the new phone since it was working. I know this was a miracle. Thank you. Now, I’ll transfer all the photos to a safe place to have them and I will hand write down my contacts so I have a backup of them.

  13. Humble Servant of God, St Michael, the archangel, thank you for answering my novena to cure my daughter, her boyfriend, & our g-daughter from this horrible covid-19. Please free all the souls in Purgatory (trying to be)humble that they may go to you & enjoy life with you in Heaven for all eternity. Your servant, (trying to be humble), Noni Gina

  14. During the St. Michael The ArchAngle novena, I was looking for money to renew my company’s documents. I prayed to St. Michael to intercede for me and God did it for me by providing the money required and I have commenced renewing my company documents.

  15. Our prayers to find a new home that would afford us a lifestyle free of financial stress and the ability to live the life He is calling us to have been answered.

  16. I ask and prayer for St Michael intercession over my documents in home office for fast track and ,great St Micheal helped me to win the battle, I’m free indeed in christ Jesus Amen

  17. I thank the Lord and those who have been praying together with me. God answer my prayers my aunt Colleta is getting better everyday from her sickness. Thanks for your prayers

  18. Thank you so much! My prayers have been answers about a difficult work situation. Amazing. God is good. Thank you, God, and thank you, St. Michael the Archangel.

  19. Praise the lord John Paul N Annie!

    Im blessed by your prayers for me in lord jesus name.I can walk,sit and stand for long unlike before where lying in bed for throughout the days.thou the pain arises in cold weather and after my bath but walking on my both knees is somethjng that i can feel the eargerly waiting for my medical report from the doctor here so i can prepare and plan for my treatment to india.

    Thank you beautiful people of lord jesus and please do keep me in your prayers always.

    I want to get well and i know God is doing miracles in my favor and i praise the lord the highest!

    God bless you all for your prayers😊!
    Fiji islands


  20. I had made a credit card application and sent my international passport as proof of identity; and when i reached out to the credit card company to understand why my passport hasnt been sent back, they told me it had been sent for over two weeks.
    Eventually they got back to say it was sent to the Nigerian High Commission in London. I called and emailed the commission and nothing came out of it for two weeks.
    It was the only intention I prayed for during the novena and by day 8, I miraculously got the contact of a staff at the commission, who gave me the information I needed.
    One day after the novena ended, I was able to get my passport back without any stress.
    Thank you o glorious St Micheal!

  21. My son is a paramedic working in city where I worried about his safety. I prayed the St. Michael the Archangel novena for him so that St. Michael will keep him safe. St. Michael is the patron saint for police, firefighters, and first responders. During the nine days of the novena, my son received a full time employment offer to join the department right in our town where we live as a paramedic, which he accepted and will be starting next week. Thank you for answering our prayers!

  22. I was praying for the exams that were ahead of me,I did it today and I passed,and for the TB test that I was doing yester day,thank you St Michael the Archangel for you intercessions

  23. Thank you Jesus that through the intercession of the Blessed Mother and St. Michael the Archangel…
    🙏Alison has filled one of the many vacant positions under her leadership with a qualified candidate. Unfortunately two more employees have since resigned, but I continue praying for St. Miclael’s intercession to bring forth more applicants with moral integrity and expertise in the field to fill the remaining positions.
    🙏Rachael, whose cancer has returned, is able to continue working and recently hosted a family event. Though I am uncertain as to her current medical status, it appears that as she continues her prescribed cancer treatment, she is “holding her own”. Prayers continue for her complete physical and spiritual healing.
    🙏Elizabeth has recovered from having Covid for the second time, so that she is able to continue her daily activities.

    Thank you John-Paul and Annie 💞 for giving me and countless others, the opportunity to pray these powerful Novenas, and to witness God’s powerful answers to prayers, while praying with/for all those participating.✝️

  24. Thanking God for healing granted to our set of students during this novena to St. Michael few days ago. Feb 1st -9th 2022. 2days and 5days into the novena, our girls were healed from hiccups that has lasted for days and one of them for years, it comes and goes with great disturbance from attanding classes. Haven gone to see medical Doctors no cure was found for this, when I got my usual email from this group I Decided to invite all the students in our school to join me in doing the novena together for their fellow students 😔 and it was a real manifestation of God’s healing power!!!. Thank you St. Michael our guardian Angel. I am so happy and grateful to God for his Presence in the church and among his people. May their healing be permanent Amen!!!