Answered Prayers from the St. Maria Goretti Novena, 2018

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Thank you so much for joining us in praying through the intercession of St. Maria Goretti!

If you’ve had any prayers answered throughout this novena, please share those with us all below!

To God be the glory!

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  1. I pray to Maria Goretti for my intercession to the lord for my debts to be cleared waived and my record to be clean. This has been a constant worry, I just want to be free of my debts and a record crystal clean

    This will mean so much to me

    Thank you

  2. We have prayed for our son to successfully pass his state license for medical school after much illness in the family. We were blessed with health for our son and a complete remission for his father. Thank you God!

  3. Thanks you thank you for your intercession Saint Maria Goretti .

    Our Lord answered my prayer for my nephew who was falsely accused of a serious crime and all the charges where dropped.
    Praise be to God.

  4. Good day Family of Christ. I have read others testimonies and I have been anxious to share mine aswell. I Joined the pray more novenas two months back and one of my prayer points was for the fruit of the womb, having lost my baby boy(still birth) few months back. I was worried, anxious and depressed but thanks be to God Almighty for his wonderful works in our lives and for prayers answered. We’re expecting… Hallelujah!!! Glory to God.

  5. God has done it! I joined in praying the novena st. Maria Goretti for my exam and I passed the exam… I’m overwhelmed with joy. Thank you Jesus.

  6. Thank you Saint Maria Goretti for the answered prayer. My friends brain cancer surgery was a very successful one due to your intercession.

  7. I’ve praying for a 15 month old with brain cancer. I did this novena and her MRI today was clear and cancer free!!

  8. St Maria Goretti, thank you for interceding for me at this difficult time of radiation treatment. All glory to our Trinity God.

  9. Just feel blessed after every novena that we do. In his time God will answer all my petitions through the intervention of his Saints and Angels. Amen!

  10. My son’s cancerous lymph nodes have been shrinking. He is so sick from the chemo, but he is courageous and knows that Jesus is with him.

  11. Thank you all for your prayers. My request for a new job to support our family and to also serve children was answered with a beautiful opportunity! I feel quite humbled and grateful with full faith in our prayers and novenas.

  12. I thank God through the intercession of St Maria Goretti novena my friend tenant finally left her apartment after several long battle in court

  13. Dear Saint Anne, I pray for family peace, health and unity. I pray for my sons’ health and recovery. I pray for my son to realize that he needs help and wants the help. May they overcome their depression and anxiety. I pray that they stay away from marijuana and realize how bad it is for them. May my son stop smoking . May my son stay away from tattoos, piercings and realize how bad they are for him. I pray that they be ready for work both mentally and physically and be happy, alert, and safe and that he wants to go back to work. I pray for my sons and husband to be successful with their jobs, and keep their jobs. May they be safe and people around them to be safe and that they be highly respected. I pray for my husband’s and mother’s health. May my mother’s mind
    remember again,and she be healthy and calm. I pray for my sons to meet good Catholic Christian wives so that they may have their own Christian families. I pray for my friends’ sons, mother’s and brother’s health. I pray that my husband and sons return to the church. I pray for my husband to have patience. I pray for Sabrina to get pregnant. I pray for Pilar’s health. I pray for my son and nephew to find a job. I pray that Ricky comes back and may he be safe. I pray for all the people saying this novena. I love You!

  14. Just to say, how happy I am that I got a call from my only daughter to inform me that she now has a fiancee. Well, the strength of prayer, I say.
    Thanks Saint Maria Gorreti,

    Rauxen Zedriga

  15. To God be all the glory, great things he has done. Got some financial breakthrough unexpectedly, even before the Novena was over. Then the Lord opened another door for me to get a reliable means of transportation. It still feels like a dream, but I know my God is able always. Thank you for the opportunity provided. I will continue to say thank you God, thank you Maria Goretti, I am blessed

  16. We prayed the novena to clear of our financial debts – we asked that once God sent students to our school we would work hard. Today we have filled our Primary class and a few away from filling the Secondary.
    God is Great!! TY ST. MARIA GORETTI. AMEN!

  17. My husband & I are trying to relocate to San Diego to be closer to family before our first child arrives in December. He’s been stressed about not hearing back regarding his 70+ applications. So far, he’s had 2 phone interviews. Today he was asked to speak with a hiring manager regarding potential employment matches. Praise God!

  18. My niece with very high risk pregnancy -twins in 1 sac-had a C-section July 12-(they wanted her to make it to that day) and two beautiful girls were born!!!!!!! Both over 5 pounds and were able to go home without a stay in the NICU

  19. I had a miscarriage in June, 2 weeks after finding out we were pregnant. My heart was pretty broken but leaned on God for support. This experience only brought me closer to God and Jesus Christ. During the Novena I prayed to Saint Maria Goretti to pray for us to bless us with a baby. 4 days after the novena we found out that we are expecting again. Thank you God for your love and blessings. Many thanks to Saint Maria Goretti for praying for us.

  20. I am grateful to God for the Novena. I was introduced to the Novena last year by my youngest sister. we are Anglican but she studied in Catholic schools and the larger part of my father’s famly are catholic- Im not sure how we ended up Anglican- Oh well we are all Gods children!!

    so i started off with the Novenas at the time but wasnt able to follow through due to so many reasons including work. Along the way, God eased my work place to a great extent theres relief I was able to follow through the 9 days of St. Maria Goretti-it was a learning experience for me lots of knowledge to add to my bank!!!

    I am thankful that in particular I prayed for my father who had been involved in an accident round about the time we started the Novena prayers St. Maria Goretti’s and his recovery reports were impressive in as much as the financial expenses sky rocketed, we havent failed to pay up and maintain his diet through the best and most expensive hospital!!!! God was faithful and im thankful for the mercy bestowed upon us and intercession made by St Maria Goretti.

    I also got information that one of the people who had made my life difficult and accused me of doing all sorts of havoc at my workplace got a transfer far away from my department and he doesnt have a direct route to affecting or negatively influencing my work life again

    Im looking forward to Tuesday when we start St. Anne’s Novena

    God bless you all.

  21. I want to thank the almighty God for adding another blissful year to my life which was on 6th July, and also to my patron saint, St MARIA GORETTI for interceding for me. Also want to thank God for instant healing. And I’m also praying that the Good Lord shall see me through in all my endeavors. Amen

  22. Thank you for your prayers St Maria Gorreti. My friend who was estranged with her husband is planning to move in back with him. The bitterness she has towards him is all gone.

  23. A case that has been on since 2015 came to a close on 13th July 2018 and my son is now a free man. All thanks to Maria Goretti Novena.

  24. I thank the St Maria Goretti for answering my prayers,
    Am so excited that during the novena my prayer my prayer of getting a job was answered,
    Glory to God and now and forever.

  25. Thanking God for st maria gorreti Novena.
    i now believe miracles do happen through prayers.
    i have BEEN doing so constantly but when i decided to join the Novena prayer group and dedicated it to my son performance in school,things have changes and the boy has greatly improved his grades.
    i was worried that he might fail to secure a slot in high school next year,but now the worry is over.
    God is indeed great!
    Am a living testimony!
    Anne -Nakuru (KENYA)

  26. Thanking God for st maria gorreti Novena.
    i now believe miracles do happen through prayers.
    i have doing so constantly but when i decided to join the Novena prayer group and dedicated it to my son performance in school,things have changes and the boy has greatly improved his grades.
    i was worried that he might fail to secure a slot in high school next year,but now the worry is over.
    God is indeed great!
    Am a living testimony!
    Anne -Nakuru (KENYA)

  27. Thank you Maria Gorretti for your intercession , the father of my baby paid the school fees money on time.
    Thank you Lord I trust in you

  28. Thank you St. Maria Goretti, my prayers has been answered. I was dealing with a new manageress who has no compassion but due to your Novena prayers I saw a different side of her, a more softer human. God is great 🙏🏾

  29. For reconciliation between me and 2 others I was really upset with, through this novena I believe God graced me with the spirit of forgiveness. Thank you God and thank you Saint Maria Goretti.

  30. Thank you Lord for my safe travel to Turkana county and as requested you give mea good place to stay yes you did thank you.
    Got a new tenant immediately Koome left all glory to you.

  31. I was able to successfully deliver my training with confidence. Before this novena, I struggled with stage fright and panic attacks due to public humiliation a few years back. Thank you St. Maria Goretti.

  32. I have been with my husband for years in marriage. I said St. Mariagoretti’s novena crying for the fruit of the womb and I am positive I am pregnant now. Will do a confirmation test next week..
    Thank you St. Mariagoretti for interceeding for me.

  33. Thank you St. Maria Goretti for helping my prayer to be answered. I prayed my cousin’s injury wouldn’t end his airline pilot’s career. His doctor told him Friday, July 13, 2018, he can return to work. Thank you Lord!

  34. A friend of 14 years stopped speaking to me for the past two years because I was abrasive about her identifying as an LGBT person, and I reached out to her on St. Maria Goretti’s feast day to apologize for my tone (not for my religious views, but how I communicated them to her)…she allowed me to send my apology note and then she accepted my apology. We’re still not speaking because we don’t agree about this issue, but I am so grateful she even allowed the conversation to happen.

  35. I prayed for my son to be called for a job and today he got a call.
    Thank you St Maria Ghoretti for interceding for me.
    God is good all the time.
    Lets keep praying.

  36. I was going through some form of harassment when I received the St.Maria Goretti prayer. Before the end he began to leave me alone, and by the time I was done he had lost interest in me. Thank you for this wonderful novena, all glory to God!!

  37. I was having some health issues. And I asked St. Maria for peace of mind. My Cat Scan was good. Thank you St. Maria.

  38. For over one year that I joined pray more novenas, l have been praying for a good decent job that matches my qualifications.
    After this novena God answered by prayers with a good job that pays above my expectations. Thanks to everyone who prayed this novena with me.
    The message to everyone is that if your prayers are not yet answered, have faith in God that your prayers will be answered one day.
    Many thanks to God for his Devine mercy.

  39. Daughter suffering from depression for almost a year. On last day of praying St Maria Goretti novena she finally revealed source of depression that she had been drugged and raped. Able now to get her help she needs. Appreciate prayers.

  40. Our eldest son who has. Even battling alcoholism for quite a long time. Has quite drinking and going to AA meetings. Please pray that he has the strength to continue on the right path. Thank you

  41. After struggling for the last 3 years from an opioid addiction. My Granddaughter made the call and has been in treatment now since June 13.
    Thank you for continually answering my prayers.

  42. God has been great. My prayers no matter how small has been answered. Where Our Lord remains silent, He has given me the response that my needs will be fulfilled as the Time comes.

  43. I prayed to pass my exams and get a job. St Maria Goreth and Jesus are wonderful. I passed my exams last month and last Friday I had an interview which I did well and got a job straight away. To God be the glory.

  44. I prayed for a young woman I knew that had been sexually assaulted and was having a difficult time recovering emotionally, sexually, and confidence-wise. It was interfering with her love life, academic efforts, and pursuit of a career and has caused physical damage to her internal organs.

    I prayed the novena to St. Maria Goretti and I watched this young woman’s confidence grow, pain recede, emotions stabilize, she finished her graduate degree, and is planning a wedding.

    She is a very different person now from when I started the novena. Many thanks to all of you who joined hearts, minds, and prayers to ask for St. Maria’s intercession in taking our prayer requests before the Lord and his Blessed Mother.

    Praise be to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!

  45. I thank god and my prayer warriors who helped me.I had the surgery which was successful.Waiting for the results of the cancer

  46. Thank you. My son got a dream job and I got an agent to look after my affairs while I’m abroad. To God be the glory.

  47. on the 3rd day of the novena my dad got a mild stroke due to high blood pressure. could not move his limbs without help. He was rushed to hospital which was very far from my village to reverse the stroke. half way to hospital dad got healed walked out of the car by himself came back reached hospital and the medics reported a drop of the blood pressure instead. He was not admitted as a result but was prescribed drugs to use at home. since then he has improved and even sleeps well.thank you for your prayers

  48. I made many request. did not expect miracles.
    iam sick, am now 64. my business is in dire times.
    I am very worried for my children and my employees we are in a rather dangerous trade. we are in steel erection of buildings. it something with high risk of getting hurt
    I pray night and day. help me in my prayers.
    god has bless my family this week . last Monday my son`s wife gave birth to a little boy. the 1st in the 5th generation bearing our family name. alleluia . god has done a marvel for me while I was praying the st maria novena. thank you Christ. lets praise the lord

  49. Praise the lord of impossibility!!!!!!! alleluia Amen. I have a testimony to share. I have been having terrible pain every month while on my menses for the cause fibroids for years but I received my healing after the novena to St Maria Gorreti no more pain and Looking forward to conceive.Thanks

  50. Giving God all the praise and thanksgiving.We were in the process of buying a car and we had a budget. My prayer was that we get the best deal for the money we had. I’m now driving my new car that fits in my budget. 👐 Thanks St.Maria Goretta for interceding my prayers to God.

  51. Thanks Maria, Saint of forgiveness. I reconciled with a very good friend with whom we had not been in good terms for awhile. Forgiving is fulfilling.:). I know she has answered my other prayers. I am just waiting to count the blessings:)

  52. I have been trying to pay my house insurance , my bosses found out and paid it for me, praise and thank god

  53. I have been praying for my son to get a job for three years am glad that last month he got a permanent job. Glory to God.

  54. A son and wife are going through a divorce. Eleven year old daughter wants to to be with dad and new school. Court case was at end of novena. She can stay with dad and new school till child advocate assigned. Thank you St. Maria.

  55. Thankyou St Maria Goretty for the changes I am seen in him my son and know that you continue to accompany him in the changes he is making and be with my daughter too in preparation for the exam.

  56. Thank you so much St Maria Goretti,you answered my prayer.I prayed for you gave me a positive LMIA result Yes,you answered my prayer.Thank you so much.Please intercede my great favors to you St Maria Goretti I’m wishing,hoping,and praying soon I will receive an emails from the Canadian embassy for request my passport please helped me.Amen

  57. Thankyou St Maria Goretti for intereceding for my us – My son got his visa stampted -last week i also submitted my daughter visa to be stampted and I got confidence that is already done soon and both will travel together and do well in their 1st semester with high Gpa and get transfered to another college for a 2 year program — Please intercede for my 3 children and that my elder daughter gets a good job soon —

  58. Thank you St. Maria Goretti and everyone for prayers answered. I prayed for my daughter to be healed from alcohol addiction and to go back to work. Now she’s back at work and still drinks but not as much as she was doing to the point of not going to work. I also prayed for healing of my knee and I feel so much better. I know I will be completely healed. Thanks again. May God bless you all!

  59. I prayed this novena last year for my boyfriend to get a job. It was on the 5th day of tge novena that he received a letter for tge interview and it was until January that he finally got the job.
    This time i prayed for myself to be able to get a job too and i believe St Maria Goretti will intercede for me.
    Thankyou St Maria Goretti.
    Praise be to God

  60. I prayed the Novena to St. Maria Goretti for my son to get back to school and my daughter too both are in school.

  61. We have 12 children and I was praying this novena especially for my 4 unmarried children but one daughter who just became engaged and has been living with her boyfriend and their little baby girl for just over a year. They were preparing for their weekend engaged retreat for marriage prep in the church. Which is a whole other story, at first they weren’t going to be married in the church but with patience and prayer made the decision to take the classes and get married in the church, her fiancé was very much against the church to begin with but is slowly taking a new look since they took part in the classes. So back to the story, they had their retreat this last weekend and have decided to hold off on the physical relationship in til after the wedding. They know it will be very difficult but want to start their marriage right. we will continue to pray and ask the intercession of St Maria Goretta to give them strength and resolve. Thank you so much St Maria Goretti! And Jesus too!
    Thankful mom

  62. God is good! Thank you Lord for answered prayer. Finally after more than 12 years my wife is pregnant. May the Lord continue all are prayers in Jesus name. Amen.

  63. Praise be to God, and thank you Saint Maria Goretti for your intercession. After almost 8 years of partial employment at a few places, I finally received a full time job on the final day of the novena! Amazing! The Lord is kind and merciful, and I will never forget this or the other many blessings He has bestowed upon me.

  64. I wish to thank our good Lord through the intercession of St.Maria Goretti for favour received. My son got an earlier date than expected for his surgery.
    Praise the Lord.

  65. Glory be to the Almighty God. Praises be unto our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Mighty is He who comes to our defense. Lord Almighty, l exalt You. I honor You . I will announce to the whole world what You have done for me. Dear God, Through the intercession of St. Maria Goretti and all Your Holy Angels and Saints, You have blessed me with Your Holy Spirit, healed me, my loved ones and supplied all my needs and more. You have heard and listened to my cries and taken pity on me. You have not allowed the devil, the evil one to shame and laugh at me. Thank You Lord. Your Praises will never cease from my lips. Amen 🙏

  66. I’ve faced financial difficulty this month. I have prayed and prayed and asked for financial relief. Through the Novena for Saint Maria Goretti God has blessed me with financial assistance to keep me going. I praise God and thank him and give him all the glory and thanks to all for your prayers that you have prayed for me as well!

  67. Things have been going very well for me since I have been praying these novenas. I am so grateful for that. Thank you dearest God!

  68. I have been praying for a long time for a job change and I´m sure I mentioned it during the novena. I will be signing my new contract next week.

  69. Thank you for the answered prayers !my son finished his training and nw got a job !may the lord continue to answer all our prayers in Jesus name !Amen

  70. Dear Lord,
    I am open to receiving floods of financial abundance with ease, so that I may be able to give back even more to the world around me.

  71. I had excruciating pain in both of my upper arms. A simple household remedy of a daily tablespoon of vinegar in 8 oz of water has given me back the use of both arms. I included this intention in my novena to little Maria Goretti. I know she showed me the article that helped me so much.
    Now I understand why my mother had so much devotion and faith in little St Maria Goretti. Thank you, Jesus, for all your saints and angels.

  72. Been praying from Dec asking God to bless us with another child… i tested positive for pregnancy yestetday. May God bless us with a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby boy.
    Thank you for the novenas

  73. I & my brother and his wife reconciled after many years of bitterness . I got a new job.Thank you Saint Maria Goretti for your intersections .

  74. During the novena to Saint Maria Goretti my son and I made up after being in a terrible argument and not speaking for weeks. It’s truly a miracle that his heart softened and has been converted. Glory be to God! I love this novena!

  75. I thank God for His mercy and love. Through the intercession of St. Maria Goretti, my daughter was offered a permanent job with a Catholic organization, on the last day of the novena. She has been trying for a permanent job for over 5 years and this opportunity came unexpected. Thank you St. Maria Goretti. Please pray for guidance for LPM to be on the right path in her field of work and for my older daughter JM to be blessed with a job that allows her to have time to take care of her health.

  76. Thank you St. Maria Gorret,
    My daughter Lucy reached out to me after a bitter breakup. Please continue praying for her at to consider finishing her university education and for her employment. I’m very humbled.

  77. God is good, in my prayers will St Maria Goretti I asked for help to find a way to go see my mom my prayers was answered my sister is giving me a ticket. I thank God and all those who helped me in prayer

  78. I’ve been praying g for my son. Thank u St. Maria Goretti for answered prayers. My son who had disappeared from home for 2 years came back home yesterday. All Glory to God. Thank all for praying with me. God bless u.

  79. After a long time without a job, St. Maria interceded on my behalf to help me get a job. This help bring faith back to my wife, who was having a hard time. This job brought me back home so I can be with my family. I share her remarkable story with anyone who listens. Her faith is a true inspiration to me and those who hear the inspirational story of St Maria Goretti.