Answered Prayers from the St. Jude Novena, 2022

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Thank you so much for praying the St. Jude Novena. We’ve been praying for you every day.

If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout this novena, you can share those with us all below.

Please do not give up on hope and on your faith. The Lord is near. We pray that He will provide for you and comfort you.

God bless you!

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  1. St. Jude thank you for answered prayer. I passed my licensure examination for teachers yesterday. I used to pray your Novena 6x continuously every night since March 21, 2023, that was 2 days after I take my LET exam. I’m one of the living proof that every student who come for you and seek for your help will grant their wishes as long as they believe in you. 😇

  2. Thank you St. Jude.

    My wife and I were headed for financial issues and waiting for a nursing home law suit settlement for my deceased mother that was not going well. The attorney just called me and informed my wife and I of the good news. Our prayers were answered. Thank you St. Jude for prayers answered. All glory be to God in Jesus’ name. In Him, with Him, and through Him!

  3. Thank you St Jude
    My mother used to always pray a Novena so when my son was struggling to secure a job (for over 18months) in a chosen field where he would gain a degree I decided to pray the St Jude Novena.
    The job application was a 3 month process with over 650 applicants for 6 positions and last week he was notified that he has secured 1 of the positions.
    Thank you St Jude for answering my prayers.

  4. Thank you St. Jude for quickly answering my prayers and healing my autoimmune condition. I am now pain free and able to enjoy my life, I am eternally grateful! Thank you God! Thank you St. Jude!!

  5. Thank you St. Jude for your powerful intercession! I got the exact job and company I have been praying for. God is so good! At times my faith is weak and I am impatient but God always teaches us to trust in His perfect timing. And it is definitely was worth the wait! Thank you St. Jude, St. Therese, St. Rita, Mama Mary, St. Pio, St. Anthony, St. Clare, and St. Anne! Thank you God!

  6. Holy Spirit, you who solve all problems, who light all roads so that I can attain my goals. You who gives me the divine gift to forgive and forget all evil against me, and in all instances of my life, you are with me. I want in this short prayer to thank you for all things and to confirm once again that I never want to be separated from you, even and in spite of all material illusions. I wish to be with you in eternal glory. Thank you for your mercy towards me and mine. Amen

  7. Last year before October, I had issues at school of not having tuition. I tried to call upon st. Jude in anovena. Indeed I received it after. I continue asking God through intercession of st. Jude to bless me more

  8. God is good and God exists! I have been praying for a job at a very competitive place . I applied anyway on Day 7 of St Jude’s novena. On Day 8, I got an e-mail for an interview the next Day . They told me that they’ll contact me back in 10 days. In less than 10 days, I got a second interview. I’ll testify again! With God, everything is right on time! I keep praying St Jude. Thank you God!

  9. My son switched careers and did not have a full time income. He needed to find a full time job in order to supplement the family income to survive. Through my various novenas he has received part time work to help and now he will be starting a full time job in January. God is good all the time.

  10. I prayed the St Jude Novena with you and within a few weeks we obtain a house I was praying for. Thank you. Thank you Jesus Mary and Joseph. Also St Jude the Patron Saint of Impossible Causes!

  11. Thank you St. Jude, today I’ve received a letter from the dermatologist to say my lesion which was removed 6 weeks ago is all fine.

  12. Thank you for answering my prayers…prayed for my sons success and we received the good news that he finally passed his civil engineering board exams. My heart is full, and want to express my heartfelt gratitude. I offered novenas to St Therese, St Jude, Christ the King. My faith was unwavering & didn’t stop praying offering sacrifices. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. This will set him up for more successes in life and will continue to pray that this is the start of better things to come for him. We are humbled for this blessing.

  13. My family finances improved, we have been in good health, my daughter and ward made good results. We are praying for a good husband and good wives for my children. Thank you St. jude for your intercessions

  14. Dear John Paul,
    I joined your prayer group when St. Monica Novena was posted. It came at a perfect time. Both my daughter and son recently had babies. My daughter a beautiful boy, and my son’s wife a beautiful baby girl. I prayed hard and devotedly to have these babies baptized, as were my children. They were brought up receiving all the sacraments and I love my faith. I was heartbroken to discover their doubts on Baptism. I prayed so hard and begged St. Monica to intercede. She did! Both babies have been baptized and my children asked each other to be the Godparent for their child. My grandson was baptized on October 23, 2022 and my granddaughter on November 19, 2022.
    God bless you for affording us the opportunity to pray these novenas.
    Joyce Davi

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  15. During the Christ the King novena, I asked for prayers for my friend, Mary, who was overcome with anxiety for an upcoming eye-surgery. Through your prayers, she was given the grace to overcome her fears. Her surgery was successful. In appreciation for your powerful prayers.

  16. I prayed for my daughter to have a normal and Healthy Baby.
    Safe Delivery and a Safe Pregnancy.
    Prayers were answered.
    Today makes 1 week our baby was delivered.
    Thanking God for Answered Prayers 🙏🙏

  17. When I started this novena to St Jude, I prayed that he would help me a hopeless cause. That’s how I felt. I had been out of work for a while and my mother moved in with us. She needed a little help in the beginning but as the months went on she needed more care and attention. She paid us rent but I was barely paying my bills. My wife has a good job and she was bearing the financial load by herself.

    I had a part time job but that ended after only a month. It was disheartening. The novena came at the perfect time. I had less than a thousand dollars in my checking account.

    The first day of the novena, I invested some of my small IRA (25k) into a company I thought was undervalued. I then put some more money into call options on the company.

    I had not invested like that since I lost 300k and owed the IRS 30k in 2010. I wasn’t the same guy. I was definitely humbled. Financially and pride wise. I had foolishly thought it was me who was the reason for my success in investing. How wrong I was. I paid everything back but it was a rough decade or so.

    The first few days of the novena, I had doubled the value of my IRA. I knew it was not my doing. Our parish priest told me to pray for my investments but to thank God for everything and all the blessings I have. I did as he told me. The next week, the money went over 78k. I took some out and paid some bills and gave my wife a few hundred dollars.

    We talked for a while. She was sad that I felt like a hopeless cause but she understood. She was grateful for the novena as well.

    We have about 8k in college tuition due at Christmas and I am going to take the money out of the account and pay it. It’s her Christmas present.

    I am old enough 55 to realize that more than doubling your money at a time when the market has gone dow is only by the Grace of Christ. I’m very thankful for the novena. Because now I don’t feel like a helpless cause. Christ heard my call and answered me. Praise God. Warmly Sean T. Power Arizona

  18. Things were very difficult in my work place. By the end of the novena, I was able to feel peace at my job. Thank you Jesus!

  19. My husband quit smoking. Praise the Lord. Thank you St. Jude fir your intercession and thank you Pray more Novenas for keeping me close to the Lord.

  20. I had quarrels and disagreement with my husband more often because of his infidelity issues. I want to testify that since I started praying this novena, God has been so good to us. I have seen the hands of God in my house. We no longer quarrel or disagree, he stopped infidelity. We are so peaceful lately. Thanks to St. Jude. Am so happy and hopeful. A big thanks to St. Jude Novenas. God has worked miracles in my life. I prayed for peace and got it. What a blessing.

  21. I have made several novenas asking for the same intentions, more than one have been answered. Thank you my good God, Mama María for always being there for me and my family. Thank you for the harmony of my home for which I asked so much, and for all the miracles that I see daily in my life.

    Thank you for the opportunity “Pray Novenas” to be closer to our God, when we pray these novenas, thank you for praying with us. For me it has been a great blessing to pray your novenas. God bless you!

  22. I have prayed several novenas for restoration of marriage and God has done it! My marriage is restored and even better than it was before.. All glory to God. Thank you for praying with me, May God truly bless you too.

  23. Blessed be to God. I prayed the St. Jude novena a few times last month and then I prayed again with the group, and I have been blessed with a job in the UN, acceptance into all my master’s universities and everything is thriving. Do the work and put your faith in God.

  24. I received my first call for the interview in 2years and got a job. I am really grateful to God and thank blessed St Jude for the intercession

  25. I started the novena just a little over a week ago to St Joseph praying for a new job. I’m currently working a job with inhumane working hours, mental health is in shambles and earning peanuts as salary. I’ve cried so much this past month but leaving the job without a safety net isn’t an option because I’m trying to save up for grad school. Last day of the novena (yesterday), I went for an interview and I landed the job on the spot. The gag is that I might not be able to start working at that job because of circumstances beyond my control but I prayed this novena to the patron saint and asked God for a win and he granted my request. I’ll still keep praying and searching for a job that is the right fit because one thing about God, he’s in the business of answering prayers. Also, one thing God has been trying to teach me this period is patience. Delay is not denial, just have faith and trust that God will perfect everything that concerns you in his own time.

  26. I underwent surgery last March 2022 in my kidneys.From then on i was diagnosed with CKD stage 3B.I was so depressed and full of anxiety. Before my quarterly check up i prayed the novena for St.Jude that my results will be normal and i will be healed..My novena to St.Jude ended and I am now on my 6th day novena to Christ the King.Today I got my results and all of them are normal.My CKD is now stage 2 meaning my kidneys are OK and functioning well. My nephrologist was very happy and said that my i dont need to do my quarterly check up and that he would just see me every 6 months.But i insisted that i will still do my quarterly checkup for health reasons.I was so happy that i was crying deep inside and thanking the Lord. I know St.Jude and Christ the king answered my prayers and my rosary prayers to Mama Mary.The prayers and novenas made my faith stronger and when i am afraid, depressed,in doubt and weak, the prayers and novenas is my makes me calm and believe that everything is possible with the Almighty and the deepest yearnings in our hearts is being heard .We just have to be patient and believe..Amen!

  27. My husband got a job internship. He has been without work for 2 years. We pray to God that he gets permanent placement from this internship.

    My marriage has also recovered from a turmoil.

  28. We have been praying to St. Jude for our daughter daily. I also added the novena prayers and today we found out that she is back on the road to perfect health! We are over the moon excited for her. Now she can focus on her upcoming wedding and future!

  29. I wanted to let you know that I had been praying for my daughter to be able to finally get rid of one car that she had many issues with just having to do with the online order company she purchased it from. And my hope was that she would be able to find and purchase a decent car within her price range and reputable and she has! Also, that this new job would work out as she has had many jobs over the years. Not only that, but she got promoted to Sous Chef with a substantial pay increase and she really likes the people and job as a whole.
    Thanks be to God and our Savior Jesus Christ for answering my prayers through St. Jude.
    Thanks for sending me these novenas, Sydney

  30. I have been praying the Novenas with you.
    When I started praying the St.Jude novena I really and truly believed that this was one.I knew Jesus was about to pour his graces upon us.
    We have not seen our granddaughter for the past ten years. I was the only one seeing our son maybe twice a year during that time.
    Oh Lord I kept praying and making novenas that when it was all right with the Lord I know my prayers would be answered.
    I prayed to St. Jude with you.At the 5th day our son called to tell me that he was coming to visit with his family.We didn’t know what to say.We we’re so overwhelmed.We thank God for his mercy of giving us Thanksgiving together.

  31. I have prayed and prayed for so many years, have said so many novenas and rosaries, and finally after 5 years of nonstop praying every single day, novena after novena, and so on, I finally got approved to receive social security disability. Thank you God, thank you Jesus, thank you to our Heavenly Mother Mary, to all the angels and saints who prayed for me, to all of my friends, family and loved ones in heaven and on earth praying for us, to all of you who prayed these novenas with and for me, THANK YOU!!!!! Thank you with all of my heart!!! God is incredible, and the power of prayer is insurmountable! Thank you for this long awaited answered prayer and blessing from God! Thank you!

  32. My child went for an interview on the feast of Saint Jude. I asked that Saint Jude intercede for my child and grant us an impossible favour. My child is old and unemployed and has suffered tremendous setbacks.
    Thank you to Saint Jude for granting us this impossible favour. My child got the job.
    I now pray for a miracle that Saint Jude changes the trajectory of my child’s life and bless them.
    Thank you Saint Jude.

  33. I have been praying for my son for years to get better from his depression and anxiety. I do not know the exact time during this novena that he started to feel better. He is doing so much better and is enjoying life. Thank you St. Jude for all your help and especially to God’s mercy on him. M

  34. I prayed for (2) intentions that mean most to me – for my children.
    My son Raphael (after 7 years) is finally graduating from College with a degree is BS Finance. My daughter, who was very anxious prior to her Medical Board Exams, passed!!! I prayed for her friends as well & they all passed! Results were out at 330AM/10NOV. This Christmas, Jesus Willed that my family celebrate His birthday in an extraordinarily special & meaningful way, through the intercessions of St. Jude, St. Joseph of Cupertino & St. Therese of Lisieux (I prayed your Novenas for St. Joseph of Cupertino & St. Therese too). Thank you . . my heart is full of JOY & endless THANKSGIVING!

  35. After suffering for many months with excruciating nerve pain, I was able to get in to see a neurosurgeon who scheduled me immediately for spine surgery. The surgery was wonderfully successful, and miraculously, I didn’t need a spinal fusion, so my recovery is going well and quickly! Thanks be to God and to so many who prayed for me!

  36. A prognosis for my wife’s ailments was learned and treatment plan devised. We pray now which surgery to do first.

    Thank you St. Jude.

  37. When my second grandson was born my son and his wife were not cable of taking care of an infant. Due to their addictions. The maternal stepped in and took control limiting access of my relationship with Treyton. Eventually he was adopted by her sister who was barren. More and more distance grew nothing could ever be established. Eventually I was given more time but my son wasn’t. Trey is autistic and a host of other mental health issues. So I have been asking St Jude to restore a relationship. That was my main focus as we ended this novena Trey ran away to my sons house and has been living there every since. There is still a long road ahead of us but I believe that St Jude interceded and we are growing as one family. If all goes as planned we will celebrate thanksgiving and birthdays Nov 26 Treys sister Nov 29 his on the 25th. This will be the third birthday I have been included of his 17 years of life. Praise and Honor to St Jude of hopeless causes. AMEN❤️🙏🏽

  38. My daughter was able to adopt her newest foster baby on Nov 4th. We are so grateful. We are still praying that she will be able to adopt her other two foster children and have been praying for their adoption for more than four years. There may be a window of opportunity in the next year so we continue to pray.

  39. I’ve had a sense of peace that I have been able to bring into my work with customers. I mention that I will pray for them, and to have blessed day. Until I started with the Novenas and daily prayer, I didn’t have the confidence to bring Christ into work with me. I feel incredibly blessed and grateful praying for others throughout my day.

  40. St. Jude answered my prayer that my son would get this great new job he wanted with a great company in a new city without having to be vaxxed. Right now i am driving with him looking at apartments for him.♡ Thank you St. Jude. Don’t forget my prayers for Sarah and JD, Colleen and Tom!🙃

  41. I prayed my son would get an offer from an interview. God granted this request and on day two of the novena he received an offer—accepted it and we moved him to the new city the next weekend! Praise God my son is using his gifts and talents for the Glory of God! Amen!

  42. I thank the Lord for hearing my prayers through St. Jude. I have prayed many novenas before but after almost two weeks from the last day novena of S. Jude two people who were indebted to me for almost five years came to me to return what they owe me yet not full at least they have fulfilled what they promised to pay back. Thank you St Jude

  43. I did not know how I would get through the month to be able to feed myself and my child. I received a miracle of money to be able to go through the month. Money I had a right to get for compensation. Thank you St.Jude for intercession and thank you God and the Holy Spirit! I pray for a miracle for a funicular break through to be able to provide

  44. I took my nursing boards October 28 on the feast day of Saints Simon & Jude . I prayed the novena of St Jude and found out that l passed . I thank God & thank you for praying for me .

  45. I love praying the Novenas. My son AR now has work, my son in law AR is en route to getting the work he needs. I am still praying devoutly for my daughter AM to become pregnant which she so much desires and I ask all of you to keep all of our petitions in your prayers as well. I will continue praying the Novenas. God please grant all of us who pray with dedication what we are praying for. Thank you Saint Jude.

  46. I have been doing novina’s with you for about a year. They do work little by little. I had a choice for my anxiety. Take meds or pray my way back to health. I chose the novina’s and won the battle. To me that shows faith does heal. I will be praying novenas with everybody hoping and praying for all intentions. God bless.

  47. I joined this year’s St Jude Novena with the following intention … praying each day For my daughter who was job searching for 8 months to get a fitting job.

    And God answered the prayers on the Feast Day of Saint Jude with a great job !!!!


  48. I have been praying for years for my son to return to me, but up to now nothing, it turned worse, he called me all kind of bad names, please pray for him, i think God is tired of me :(

  49. We have been praying for our 15-year-old grandson to be healed of his drug and alcohol addiction. He has agreed to accept help and is now in a rehabilitation hospital. He still has a long way to go though we have some hope. Our other grandson is now attempting to give up drugs and make an effort to complete his HSC.
    Praise God!

  50. I had been jobless for 4 months…i was referred by someone on Facebook to the St Jude Novena.
    I was skeptical at first but i did try it anyway….even before Day 9 of the prayers i was called for an interview, i passed the interview and am now on Day 5 of work.
    It works.
    Needs patience and Faith ofcourse.
    St Jude Novena anytime👍👍 all the time🙏🙏

  51. I had been jobless for 4 months…i was referred by someone on Facebook to the St Jude Novena.
    I was skeptical at first but i did try it anyway….even before Day 9 of the prayers i was called for an interview, i passed the interview and am now on Day 5 of work.
    It works.
    Needs patience and Faith ofcourse.
    St Jude Novena anytime👍👍 all the time🙏🙏

  52. Praise Jesus my daughter passed her exams,and my in-laws agreed to accept our late mum’s dowry after the St.Jude Novena,am grateful to God,more faith an blessings,never lose hope God never late comes@ the right time

  53. My daughter is an alcoholic and has medical problems because of it. This was the second time she was in rehab and during this novina I prayed for her. She has been wearing the brown scapular which I asked her to wear and while she was in rehab someone gave her a miraculous medal. She is back home and says that she no longer has a craving for alcohol. Praise and glory to God.

  54. I have been praying these novenas for several years. I have recently had 4 prayers answered. My son found his future wife, prayers were answered for both my grandson and husband. A cousin and best friend who both had terminal cancer had peaceful deaths and one acknowledged God who he had abandoned. I believe in the power of prayer. It happens in God’s time, not ours. 💕🙏

  55. Thank you the support and prayer intervention. The St Jude Novena revealed my blessings and my prayers were answered.
    God has blessed with a much newer car, one that I thought was out of my reach, he made a way.
    I have prayered for years, the other desperately needs to retire, my heart is overflowing with gratitude.

  56. One of my petitions in my Novena to St Jude is to be free from debts. My husband and I were surprised to see an additional $$$ in his recent pay account. We were at first wondering if there were a mistake, I asked him to check his paystub. There he learned that he got an award from his employer, endorsed by his manager. This award is very unexpected. His manager told him, weeks ago, that he nominated my husband to this specific award and that there is a monetary prize. But back then, he was not aware that when he meant nomination it is already voted and approved and that he was not expecting that the award money is a generous amount of money 🥹 We we’re so shocked and can’t stop thanking and glorifying our generous and faithful God 🙏❤️

  57. I have prayed 99% of the pray more novenas. I have prayed the Divine Chaplet and the Novena of Divine Mercy. Also, have prayed the Chaplet to the Holy Face and the Novena to the Holy Face. None of my prayers have been answered! Perhaps I committed the unforgivable sin while I was intoxicated. I have come to believe there are those whom He loves and there are pawns He uses to show His power, just like He hardened Pharaohs heart!

  58. I’m so GRATEFUL to our Triune God & St. Jude’s intercession during this novena for a large reduction in unjust ESD financial penalties, which I do not have the money to pay for! A partial waiver/relief was granted in this $ matter, & is a much-needed answer to prayer!

  59. I and my family have been p r ay in g for my daughter in law ‘s safe delivery . God answered our prayer and gave us a bouncing baby girl . To God be the glory.

  60. we thank God our prayer has been answered. We have registered two companies and got an order to supply gypsum. Thank you St Jude, for praying for our family request.

  61. My daughter had a total thyroidectomy in early April. She had papillary cancer which had spread to the lungs and it took almost 3 months for treatment to begin at stage 4. She was very sick prior to surgery and has suffered several setbacks since then. Her treatment is low dose chemo due to her low immune system.
    At her MD Anderson appointment this week, she was told her tumors have shrunk more than expected so she will continue with the same low dose treatment since it is working. This is the best news she has received concerning the cancer and all her health issues. All honor to St. Jude’s intercession and to Christ who has heard our prayers. We pray for continued progress until completely healed! It is possible through strong faith and constant prayer.

  62. One of my Prayer requests for St. Jude Novena was positive feedback on 2nd Prostrate biopsy – test result indicates cancer has not spread and seems to indicate NO aggressive movement – a plus! We will continue surveillance and with Blessed Mother’s intercession as well as Saints & Angels, I have Faith We Will have a Miracle!
    Thanks for any Prayers and God’s Will Be Done!

  63. Thank you for sharing these novenas with us! I pray to St Jude so often. Always in ways he has answered our prayers in ways we felt relief, in ways we look at things. We are Blessed to have these novena for us to keep praying for our help as we age and for for our children and grandchildren and so many family members and friends to pray for help. We can all pray for each other in these novenas. Thank you again and God Bless

  64. Thank you for sharing these novenas with us! I pray to St Jude so often. Always in ways he has answered our prayers in ways we felt relief, in ways we look at things. We are Blessed to have these novena for us to keep praying for our help as we age and for for our children and grandchildren and so many family members and friends to pray for help. We can all pray for each other in these novenas. Thank you again and God Bless

  65. Dearest St. Jude has interceded so many times for me. And so many prayers have been positively answered. I thank you St. Jude with all my heart! Recently, my husband and I received good results from procedures we had undergone. We have been blessed, and God and His Mother, and His Saints and His Angels have always been there for us. We are thankful for all the Saints who intercede for us to the Lord Our God. God is all good and all mighty. AMEN!

  66. I am grateful for St. Judes’ intercession with the falling out with our dear friends, R answered my husband’s call and they spoke amicably! I hope this is the first step toward reconciliation. That was one of my requests for the novena.

  67. The previous helper who was employed to look after my elderly father and sick sister could not meet up to our expectations and caused lots of frustration in the family household. I prayed hard for a suitable replacement. I am really thankful that the current one was bubbly and hardworking. She has greatly improved the quality of life for my father and sister. Praise the Lord for answering my prayers!

  68. My prayers always begin with prayers for my sons, daughters in law, grandchildren & for all that have asked me for prayers & those I volunteer to pray for. Today my son, who lives upstate & drives into the city daily, told me that he was almost in a traffic accident a couple days ago, he was driving on the highway when suddenly he saw a tire flying onto his drivers window. He was thankful that even though the traffics is very heavy at that time, there seem to be a space to his right where he was able to turn the steering away from the incoming tire! I know that was, no doubt, Divine Intervention!
    Blessings sent to you, John Paul & Annie, and to all who continue to pray all these awesome Novenas!

  69. I prayed that Brandon & Katie, who were separated for a few years get back together & they did return to each other. It’s been over a year so I continue to pray for them

  70. I prayed that Brandon & Katie, who were separated for a few years get back together & they did return to each other. It’s been over a year so I continue to pray for them

  71. I have been praying for conversation of my Family Members, my Son now prays the rosary & Devine Mercy daily and my Sister has begun to pray. Thank you St. Jude and God for answered prayers.

  72. I was diagnosed with Lymphoma in 2019 and was undergoing chemotherapy every quarter. At the same time, my son dropped out of college. These formed the bedrock of my prayer intentions. With the Novena, my blood improved remarkably. I do longer undergo chemotherapy from quarterly to six months. Now I do no longer go through the treatment. I continue to see myself as a survivor. My son later went back to the University. He graduated last My with bachelor’s in Computer Engineering and is being screened now by Federal Agency as a System Engineer .
    This Novna is God’s tool.

  73. In 1984, I prayed to St. Jude for 30 days asking for his intercession that God may give me a special someone whom I can be with my whole life. God answered my prayers. That very special someone was my bestfriend in college, who became my other half for 37 years. Last March 2021 on my 62nd birthday, my husband passed away due to COVID at age 63. I thought I will spend my lifetime with him, but he spent his lifetime with me. I am still hurting and grieving but I have no regrets in life. My husband made me his everything. He showered me with so much love and compassion, and led me the way to a life with God at our center. I am so grateful to God for having him in my life.

  74. God I pray that you will take this terrible family problem that my granddaughter Bei and I are facing, Into your hands and bring a peaceful ending to it. May your Grace and Mercy flow through everyone and your Peace remain with us forever. Christ the King I ask in your name. Amen

  75. My son who is a pitcher had resigned to losing his senior year of baseball to have surgical repair of a SLAP tear of his shoulder. He had surgery on the day I finished the Novena and the surgeon could find no injury to his shoulder other than scar tissue which he debrided. My son’s projected 12 month recovery turned into 6-8 weeks instead! I also prayed to Mary the Undoer of Knots and feel that both of these protected my son and have led to his healing and recovery.

  76. I prayed to St. Monica for my son-in-law to find a better job. He had been going on interviews, but nothing came of it. Three days after finishing the novena, he received a call for a job and was hired two days later. A job he really enjoys.

  77. Thank you Saint Jude for answering so many prayers for my family and friends! I am grateful for your intercession !
    Thank you !

  78. My answered prayers from St Jude, my husband has started going to church now and God is helping me finacialy when i least expect money and am broke, my God finds money for me to survive with my family. I thank God for my answered prayers.

  79. My step daughter Danielle survived waiting for transplant surgery. She received a new heart on October 24th. I thank St Jude for sn answer to my novena.

  80. It wasn’t until I read the results of prayers answered from other people that I realize that I too had prayers answered, but attributed my newfound ease to my physical therapist whom I’m sure God used to answer my prayers for healing my back. I have also been on oxygen for the past five years any time I put my body under stress, like walking. Recently, since starting the novena, I have not needed the oxygen in short walks. Praise and thank you God. 🙏🏻💕

  81. After praying many novenas over the years this time I prayed to St. Jude for financial breakthrough. I got a call for a short contract which money helped me to support my children at school. My left leg with a chronic fungal infection that has been worsening for over three years is beginning to heal for the last six days. I thank God and His servant St. Jude for everything.

  82. I can’t complain anymore!God did it.
    Since 2019,my husband refused that I should stop going to church due to some alleged reasons that were not true!so,I have been indoors praying to God for Him to change his mindset about the church, and let me free to worship Him since I was going to church secretly without him knowing,then in October,I committed myself in 3 Novena’s,st.jude being one,st.joseph and st.rita,and not long! before the month ended,my husband came home one evening, happy and told me to go to church and pray,as usual!
    Who’s God!I am now giving thanks for everything.these Novena’s are wonders people, let’s keep praying!