Answered Prayers from the St. Jude Novena, 2020

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Thank you for joining us in praying the St. Jude Novena together!

If you’ve had any prayers answered throughout this novena, please share those with us all below.

It gives us hope to see how God is working through our prayers, even if our particular intention was not answered.

Let’s hold onto that hope & keep praying. We’re praying for you.

Thank you, Lord, for never leaving us in our suffering & trials!

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  1. Dear Saint Jude
    My situation is hopeless and it can only be resolved thru your devine intervention

    Please hear and assist us . Amen

  2. Dear St Jude
    I know my situation is dead. you probably won’t be answering.
    But I just gonna keep begging for your intercession Anyway.

  3. I continued to pray for my mother for a sensitive matter bothering her for the last 9months
    All Glory to God
    Thanks you st Jude
    My prayers answered .It was unbelievable.
    Nobody could fixed the matter.
    But after praying the miraculous prayer ,my request was granted.

  4. Thanks be to God, my daughter was accepted in the nursing program at the college that is close to home and affordable. I prayed the novena to St. Jude twice. We are very blessed, praise to God!

  5. I prayed the St. Jude Novena to help me pass an important test needed to get a better job. We ended this Novena on the Oct 27th and I was testing Oct 31st. I found out this past weekend I PASSED. This was my second time testing and I had the faith I passed it after praying to St. Jude. GOD IS GOOD!

  6. My father was admitted in hospital with corona virus and after praying st jude novena he was discharged. Glory be to God

  7. Thank you. St. Jude, My friend does not need a heart surgery at this time. Doctor was amazed at her significant improvement.

  8. I have landed that dream job. Thank you Jesus, thank you St. Jude, thank you Annie and John Paul. For all those who are still waiting on the Lord, please wait in faith. Jesus never fails. With Him, it is never late. Trust in God.

  9. I prayed St Jude novena to my grandpa who was very sick, I was praying for God’s will to prevail, on the third day of the novena, he peacefully rested

    The same time I was praying for my cousins who has been looking for a job for almost four years in vain, I also invited her we pray together, starting to this week she got a job 🙏

    Thank you St Jude…. Thank you Anne and John Paul for this gift to novenas

  10. Thank you lord for through st jude you granted me my residence permit. Thank you jesus. Thank st jude for praying with me🙏🎶💃

  11. Many of the Novena’s I pray are offered for family members. Especially those in the family that have left the church, lukewarm, fail to see God’s goodness. Recently I was praying for my daughter that she would find a good job. After three separate position interviews, she received an offer and accepted a position. Through this process I was able to talk to her about praying to God and our intercessors. She was open to prayer and saw the graces that only God provides. I continue to pray she will grow in faith and come back to the church.

  12. I did not start this Novena at the right time as I was already praying a novena. So when I started this Novena to St Jude, my country, where I reside, Nigeria, was experiencing a terrible crisis among the youth. There was protest and lots of chaos as the protest was hijacked by thugs and it led to lost of lives and properties. There was fear everywhere. I began my novena in distressed and fear but before the fourth day, there was an immense peace, so sudden even the youths and no one could described the sudden peace of mind and calmness. I thanked God greatly for I requested this in my novena. I feel so happy and grateful. thank you too for this opportunity.

  13. Ever since day 2 of the novena I’ve seen miracles taking place. The first was my husband’s bags went missing in storage for a few months in Dubai. It contained important work material collected over 30 years. Next, my husband was suffering from insomnia since the start of the pandemic, for the first time in many months his sleep was restored and has continued since. Next he suffers from depression, he started feeling much better and is recovering. And lastly, my husband being a diabetic had sudden vision deterioration. He went to the optometrist, they confirmed the eye sight had deteriorated. However, on checking with the ophthalmologist, there was no change in power. I see all these miracles nothing but the powerful intercession of St. Jude Thaddeus to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Amen. We promise to spread the devotion in all hopeless cases.

  14. I was in to day 2 prayer
    I asked st jude for better housing for my mum
    After 4 years of asking for a move from our local housing she was granted a new house
    I am forever grateful

  15. Thank you St. Jude for carrying my prayers for Mom’s health and well-being. Thank your for carrying my prayers for our unity and peaceful reactions. Please continue to carry my prayers for Isaac. I am so grateful for the peace and comfort these prayers have given me. I thank those intercessors praying for me as well. A true gift.

  16. I’ve been praying for intercession of the saints and our Mother Mary for myself and especially my son who was struggling at school, special thanks to St Jude for his intercession, today I got his report card, and amazingly he is doing very well even when there are areas for improvement but it is way better than what I feared, I will continue to pray these novenas till I draw my last breath.
    All glory to God.

  17. Thank you Lord, thank you St. Jude for intercession on my behalf. On behalf of my husband and niece for whom I prayed. That my husband seems to be on the road to recovery. Lord I trust you for a full and wholesome recovery. I thank you that his surgery went well. Continue to watch over him and us. Lord I thank you for keeping my niece in yr love. I trust you to completely heal her Lord. I thank you for keeping her spirits up as she cares for her husband and kids. She is a light for us all. I thank you Lord for the family members you have put in place to help her. How much more you have done for me than I can ever do for you? Lord continue to heal her from cancer. I thank you that today’s results will allow her to continue with her course of chemotherapy because the doctors think it will work for this cancer. Lord I believe for a miracle when she meets with Father and he prays with her in addition to her praying as she anoints herself with holy water. Lord I trust that you will let your will be done and help us live in your wisdom, your plan and love, to accept your will knowing that you love us and will not burden us with a load that we cannot carry. Oh God in thee we trust, in Jesus’ Holy name, Amen.

  18. I have been praying novena after novena but the words in this one stood with me so I restarted it just as it finished. I have been getting hints of my intention being answered but as soon as a path is opened, it closes. The evil one is laughing at me.
    Last night, I cried out with all I have and asked Jesus to end my situation. I seeing a light but I am so afraid to get too excited. St Jude continue to intercede for me; Jesus mercy; Mary help.

  19. Thank you St Jude for the ability to spend my dad’s 80th birthday with him during this time of pandemic.
    Thank you for the recognition for my student.

  20. We can continue to pray that God open the door to natural conception of our first child. It feels “impossible” to achieve our desire to become parents.

  21. We own a small business and have prayed for an increase in business for months as COVID has impacted our sales, etc… We have seen a slight uptick in requests from both current and new customers and several are turning into orders! Thank you St. Jude for your intercession. Keep it coming! God bless all!

  22. Thank you Saint Jude for the impossible. I have been praying for sometime for my son to get a job and get his life on track. I said this Novena to Saint Jude praying for the impossible.
    Thank you Saint Jude once again and Pray More Novenas for all your support. God Bless you all

  23. Prayer answered!!! Found a book today that has been missing for months – my wife’s medical history – Thank you St. Jude

  24. Dear Lord,

    Heavenly Father thank You so much that my bro Sushil was seriously ill. Now he is fine and normal.

    Praise the Lord. Amen.

    Thank You all who joined to pray for may intentions too.

    With Warm Regards,
    Anthony K

  25. John Paul and Annie!
    I am asking for prayer for my nephro found out about an hour ago that he had the coronavirus he’s in intensive care his name is Jerome Scott I asked yeah prayer amen!

  26. This novena gave me a tremendous sense of peace during a difficult period in my life, where I was feeling a lot of uncertainty.

  27. Thank you, Lord for granting my petition thru the intercession of St. Jude that my daughter came home, please help her during this difficult times, and help her find a job.

  28. Thank you St. Jude for your continued intercession in helping to keep our long distance family ties strong during this pandemic. Please keep me from loneliness and negative thoughts for having chosen not to travel for the holidays since it is in the best interests of my safety and that of my family members. Thank you, as well, St. Jude for your intercession in keeping my family safe with no covid-19 cases. Thank you that all of my family members continue to have food, housing and health care. This is a gift from God to be appreciated daily! May we all stay covid free and healthy and live to continue to invoke your name! I offer extra prayers on this All Souls Day for the souls of the faithfully departed that they may rest in Peace with Jesus and God the Father and that we will remember them always and imitate their faith! Please St. Jude help those who are struggling to find hope during this pandemic!

  29. God gives us some things that we never asked for just after finishing 9days of this novena God revealed to me that my boyfriend was cheating ( we we’re in courtship) infact he posted photos of a lady on her status with caption ” off course my love”..God is awesome & we separated.. help me pray for a better person I’m 23

  30. I did the St. Jude’s novena for the intercession of my husband who was temporarily laid off from work since March due to Covid. There seems to be no news of returning till next year. He applied for a job and he got the good news. Thank you Jesus for all your gifts.

    Thanks St. Jude, I am waiting and praying for more MIRACLES especially a new job for me and a Coop position for my youngest daughter.

  31. My boss has just appreciated me for the work I do, It’s rarely of Indians to appreciate Africans, and me being new in my position, I have had so many challenges at work, even thought of quitting!
    Thanks St. Jude, I am waiting and praying for more MIRACLES especially a new job with INGO.

  32. Please pray for Claire Rose who is in hospice care now. She has been devoutly praying 15 decade rosaries for more than 30 years for our catholic priests and for all souls. Her time on earth is fading and she needs our prayers

    Thanks so very much 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  33. I prayed the st jude’s novena and the long awaited interviews for promotion were finally discussed. My boss who had been looking down on me was also discussed by my superiors and people know he is a bad person. My boss was blocking my promotion. I pray that I get my promotion soon. Pls pray for me.

    I had also prayed the st Rita prayer and my baby daddy started supporting me financially after 5 years of abandoning me and my new born child.

  34. My prayers were answered by St Jude. We were having some financial difficulties and they have improved greatly. The power of prayer, faith, and hope! Love all the Novenas. So grateful and humbled.

  35. Thank you, Lord for granting my petition thru the intercession of St. Jude that my husband tested negative of the Corona virus! Thank you with all my heart!

  36. I’ve been including a colleague in my intentions when saying most of the Novena’s. She was diagnosed with Colon Cancer, she had an operation. Was advised to to start treatment, but decided not to. On Wednesday she informed me that she has now been cleared of Cancer.

  37. I want to give thanks for the intercession of St.Jude, I prayed for my husband to find God in his heart.
    He has been separated from the Church and God for quite some time. I have been sick for a long time. I suffer daily with a rare painful kidney disorder which has harden the heart of my husband. I asked St.Jude to heal my husbands heart and bring him closer to God. Through all the trials of deciding on surgery and then on the last day of the Novena my surgery date was canceled. Through my sadness and longing to be cured I witnessed the hand of God bring peace to my husbands heart as he wept with me and comforted me, Divine Providence worked through him. We prayed for the first time together in years. By the power of the Holy Spirit prayers were answered even though they weren’t answered the way we saw fit, Jesus worked divinely through all of the people around us, in too many miraculous ways to note. My family and I may not find the cure I seek for now but my husbands heart has been healed, and that is worth all the burdens of my pain. We give thanks to God and are grateful for the power of Novena’s!

  38. My brother who was in an Immegration prison was released to be with his family on Wednesday which was the last day of this novena. He left my country June 2019 and has been in detention since then. They threaten to deport him many times and finally released him to us on October 29th 2020. The Almighty God is great. Thanks to every one who prayed.🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  39. I prayed for so many miracles through out my life. I’m here to tell you, prayer works!!
    Never give up and if it’s unanswered there’s a reason for it. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and soul. He knows the plan. Believe…..
    Keep praying

  40. I prayed the novena of at. Jude for a wonderful job from Konoike joint ventures,or UNRA or NIRA so that we can overcome debts with my husband for our company to grow with he assistance of my salary from one the jobs.
    Am still holding onto faith much as things are worse for us and we are losing our house and we have lost our business already.
    Am still waiting on St. Jude friend especially now that am broken and down.

  41. I prayed to find a rental home 🏡
    and be living in it before Christmas. Last day of novena, my prayers were granted. Moving in new place November. I needed divine intervention because it’s not easy when you have pets and a fair credit score, and desperately need to get away from toxic mother. Thank you St. Jude.

  42. Thank you all for the prayers. Yesterday my cousin found out that although her stage 4 kidney cancer has spread to other organs, she is still able to have surgery.
    This is an enormous blessing to my family because last month the primary care doctor said he could give her a referral for hospice.

  43. My petitions were as close to impossible as they could get. And by the Grace of God and St. Jude’s intercession.. there has been great progress towards positive change! Thank you Lord and to all that said this novena with me!

  44. My daughter and family came out of their Covid quarantine with no one getting sick. My daughter delivered a healthy baby with no complications.

  45. I have been praying for a husband since am a single mum.on the 5th day if the novena I received a call from my college mate asking for a hand in marriage and he is even ready to love me and my kid fully.. ooh St Jude am praying for wisdom so that’s I can be able to make a right decision towards this….my sister’s family love and peace was also restored…just in love with this novena…

  46. All praise and glory to God! On the penultimate day of the novena to St Jude I attended an interview for a job. On the Feast day I got the job with a good salary. I’m grateful and thankful to God Almighty, loving Jesus, amazing Holy Spirit and Immaculate Mother Mary. Thank you St Jude for your intercession.

  47. My intentions and prayer request for this Novena was for safe delivery as I’m approaching my due date soon in November , I thank God for uniting me with an old friend whom I lost communication with because of some misunderstanding from the enemy. And I believe my initial prayer request and I tension will be answered. Thank you Jesus praise you Jesus. Amen

  48. I wanted to share with everyone that the prayers that I had asked for were answered with friends and family. I also asked for a new job shortly after Praying the Novena to ST.Jude was finished I received a phone call that morning, I have now have a wonderful job working with special needs which I did for many years. In early years I later went on to care for the elderly for many years and now the lord seems that I should be back caring for his special children I am so rewarded for this gift. I wanted to share this with all of you May God Bless you all.