Answered Prayers from the St. Joseph Novena, 2023

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Thank you so much for joining us in praying the St. Joseph Novena!

If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout this novena, you can share those with us all below.

We will continue to pray for you! Please hold onto hope and do not give up if your prayers have not been answered — the Lord is near and you are never alone in your suffering. We are remembering you in our prayers.

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  1. Answered prayers for a Novena to St. Jude,
    I said a novena to St. Jude, but do not know how/where to go to thank him. I prayed for my husband to have his hip pain alleviated. He went for a cortisone shot. It helped take most of the pain away & he doesn’t feel as crippled & is more comfortable.Thank you St. Jude, I know you hear my prayers even if I’m in the wrong place.

  2. I was worried about my Job’s Audit but all went successfully. And my company had not paid Bonus & Increment since last 4 years. Finally, today we received the letter of these remuneration. I had offered these intentions through This Novena. Thanks St. Joseph and everyone who prayed for me and Thanks be to God.


  3. I am writing to express my gratitude to St. Joseph’s intercession.
    At the start of the novena in March l placed two special intentions before him: to find a stable job and to meet a good man for marriage and prayed through for these two. However on his feast day, something happened. After attending mass in honor of this great feast on Monday 20th/ March, I headed down to the bank where l met with a former boss that had deeply hurt me in 2018. Well to the best of my recollection l thought l had forgiven them but for my heart to pound when l saw her revealed to me that l still had some unforgiveness in my heart. Well l summoned courage to say hello did what l had to do at the time and left. What struck me though is that from then l have felt a great sense of relief to the extent that while l didn’t ever want to bump into them ever l now have a great sense of freedom and it does not really bother me if they meet with me or not. I still continue to pray for my two intentions but thank St Joseph for lifting this weight off me and l believe that’s a great step towards having my prayers answered. Amen

  4. Thank you St. Joseph for your intercession, my boyfriend’s ex wife and daughter and their family have been led back to their faith due to circumstances in their lives. My brother also won the bid for the house that they wanted. Grateful for the continued blessings, for me and my loved ones.

  5. I have been a St. Joseph devotee for over 7 years and I pray to him daily. Since then, he has obtained for me, great progress and so many opportunities in my career more than I ever imagined, including international collaborations from different parts of the globe. He has also helped me to grow in chastity. His protection and intercession has never failed me. There are other requests I have placed in his hand and I know he will obtain these graces for me from his son, Jesus Christ. Thank you St. Joseph!

  6. My sincere thanks to St. Joseph too for giving us the UK visa for our daughter. I continue to pray to him to lead my daughter to a good and God fearing spouse. Please dont forsake us dear St Joseph.

  7. I and my family thank our Heavenly God, his Son and our Mother Mary for granting the UK visa for our daughter. We continue to pray that our daughter is able to secure a job soon when she reaches the UK and also pray that the Good Lord watches over her. May she also find a good and god fearing life partner soon. Thank you God and Mother Mary always.

  8. Been praying for Moms recovery from quadruple bypass surgery, neck surgery, multiple kidney stones procedures, she’s getting better. I am praying that she’ll be able to be functional though weak as long as no pains & she’s doing better now. Thank everyone for the prayers, for me being impatient please forgive me 🙏- Ruth

  9. Thank you God for the answered prayers through st Joseph nove.I have been praying fo a new job on day nine of st joseph nive a friend sent me a vacant position that aligns with my skills.I applied and through st joseph novena i believe i will get that job

  10. My friend Linda only had a mild stroke and had her first of several surgeries to repair anuerysms in her brain and that was successful. She will need more in several months.

  11. Pray for my daughter in law who is cheating on my son who is far in the usa . May God sort out this as a mother I feel hurt for my son.

  12. I have been searching for a Job, specifically in my sector. A friend told me about Novena Prayers and How it works. I searched online and found registered for st. Joseph Novena for employment, after the second set o Novena that I joined in praying, I got this job in line with my area of work in a better position that will afford me more opportunity. Thank you St. Joseph.

  13. St Joseph has proven to be a formidable intercessor. Together with St Joseph Novena, I have been praying the powerful Divine Mercy Chaplet for a relief from financial distress. This Easter week I am beginning to see hope and light at the end of the tunnel. God’s blessings and miracles are underway.

  14. During the Novena I prayed for my broken relationship with my fiancé to be repaired, for forgiveness and acceptance. After the Novena, he was the one who called me up and said we should meet up and sort things out, we met and talked so things are getting better now. Thank you Jesus

  15. Our 5 year old twin grandson pulled through brain surgery for Craniosynostosis successfully! A surgery usually performed on infants, and considered more risky for older children. Thank you St. Joseph what a blessing!

  16. I asked St. Joseph to help guide my son who was laid off from his job in November of last year. He received an offer today with much higher pay than his last job! Thank you, St. Joseph! Ite Ad Joseph! ♥

  17. my grandson 19 , Went to RCIA and is finally making his confirmation. I am so proud of him and he asked me to be his sponsor. So Thankful.

  18. My special intention for my daughter has been answered. A heavy burden has been lifted. I only hope that she continues with keeping it off – amen.

  19. I was praying to get a bank financing for a business vehicle. Everything went on well and I am very grateful to God

  20. I prayed for healing and unity in my marriage. During the St. Joseph’s novena, my husband and I spent more quality time together. I truly felt God’s presence in our relationship. Thank you St. Joseph for your intercession!

  21. I prayed to St. Joseph that may daughter would get a job. She found out on Monday of this week that she got a job after being unemployed for seven months. Thank you St. Joseph for hearing my prayers. That you Lord, I love you.

  22. My son had a trial for the 22nd March. I prayed this Novena to St Joseph that it would be dismissed in his favor. That after five years of waiting for this trial date, that he will be spared any incarceration. St. Joseph heard me and the case was dismissed without any charges . Thank you St. Joseph

  23. I ask St Joseph to help my daughter to get a job. With his intersection, she had a few interviews and managed to get an offer.
    Thank you God

  24. Have been praying for a successful adoption for my daughter and her husband. They have now been blessed with a beautiful baby girl!🙏🙏

  25. Thanks to st. joseph. My niece got her student visa to study in the US, my sister also passed her exams

  26. I am thanking God for blessing my womb. For long I have been trying to get a baby and finally He heard our prayer through this novena… We thank you our Almighty 🙏

  27. Thank you Lord for my new job. You gave me courage and strength to strive on despite the odds. On the outside, there seems to be a slim chance of getting in, but on the inside, You not only gave it to me, but also had the best conditions to go with it! My utmost thanks Dear Lord!

  28. I was praying to grow in my career and for my family and relatives and I was offered an acting job in a higher level. I pray that this will be a permanent position.
    Thank you so much St. Joseph for your intercession.

  29. My brother who had hip replacement surgery is healing well and now he is able to walk without support. All glory to God!!

  30. My husband had a serious heart infection which caused him a stroke. He had to undergo an open heart operations and six weeks on antibiotics. Thanks to God and the Novena he is recovering. Blessed be the Lord!

  31. Our grandson joined the Air Force at 18 years old. While we are very proud of him, he hasn’t been to church since then. (four years).
    He texted this week to say, “MeMe, I thought you would want to know that I went back to church last Sunday (Palm Sunday)”.
    Thank you St Joseph.

  32. Thanks St Joseph for I work an office to work from, we paid my young sisters tuition, my sis got work to do, my baby is healing from a skin disease, my husband is alright. Thanks so much st Joseph for all that u have done for me and my family

  33. Thank you St Joseph for your powerful intercession. My sister Pamela had a successful surgery and she’s now recuperating at home. Thank you everyone for your prayers. Praise God

  34. I have been praying for my son who has not been to church for more than five years now and considers himself an agnostic.l also prayed for my husband during the st Joseph novena for more love and attention to his family.My son was recently offered a job as he has not been working and we started praying together as a family each time he returns from Work.Thank you Jesus and Mary and st Joseph

  35. My brother who has been away from church asked my Mom, if he can take her to church on Sunday. Prays are answered. Praise God. Thank you St Joseph.

  36. My daughter who has Lupus since she was a teen and suffers from a mysterious ulcer on both her lower legs since before Covid with endless pain and agony. She is on constant drugs and heavy pain killers. The Specialists and Doctors treating her do not have clue as to what to do. All they talk of is amputation of both the legs. I am a strong believer of the Rosary and the Novenas. I have been following all your novenas. After more than 3 years, there is a slight change in that there is growth of the skin on the ulcers. It is a long shot which may take months or years for the ulcer to be completely gone. She is still in pain, but it is a start. She will need continuous Novena and prayers for her.
    Thank you for all your prayers and continuous Novenas. Praise the Lord!

    One of my twin grandson who is 2 years plus was born with complications. Till now he has not spoken and cannot walk or move around. He gets seizures very often. He has gone through a number of surgeries and therapies to fix his problems. We are also saying prayers and Novenas for him We hope he will have a normal life. Please pray for him.

  37. Thank you, Lord for the annulment being granted after over a year of consideration by the tribunal.
    God’s will be done!

  38. My sons company called all the employees , about 300; into a room and told them they were unemployed . It was sudden , no warning. I immediately went to st Joseph and told my entire family to do the same,. He was offered 2 jobs out of state but the next week landed a job close to home. Never missed a paycheck thank you st Joseph !

  39. I prayed the blessed St. Joseph Novena for my son to get a full time job. Thanks be to God and St. Joseph my prayers wete answered. Amen 🙏

  40. Thank you St.Joseph. My son-in-law lost his job as he was recovering from Covid 19. I prayed that he would find a new job. St.Joseph answered my prayers. He is completing the paper work and will begin his new job May 1,2023.
    I will continue to pray to St. Joseph that his new job works out.

  41. My nephew has been hired for a job that is perfect for his college degree and skills. Thank you for your intercession St Joseph!

  42. Prayed the last with one of my request for God to find a job for my son who graduated August 2022. Who has been tirelessly searching for job since then with numerous rejections.
    He was called for an interview after the novena and he now has a wonderful job. Glory be to God. Amen

  43. My son got a job offer after years of unemployment Thank God I am so happy for himI pray that he will maintain this job With your help St Joseph this job will be a good one for him

  44. My husband was diagnosed with cancer and he was having a hard time accepting it. Now he is more receptive to it and has hope for the future. I was also praying for my son and his family. He was going through some difficulties with his in-laws and that was sorted out too. All in all St. Joseph and all the Saints to whom I’ve been joining you in prayer have helped me and my family. My thanks to you and all those who pray the Novenas. God is kind and good.

  45. After finishing this Novena that I was for my two sons my son called me and told me that after two years off work, due to the pandemic, he was offered a job. The best part about this is that he got the job at the place he has been hoping for years to get. After his layoff he had to make a move back to Texas form Florida, so we all could help him continue his search for work. He was to the point of losing his hope, his faith and his joy. I continued to offer prayer, encouragement and support. However, I know that it was the intercession of St Joseph that made this happen. It was in God’s will at the right time with the right employer that will get my son back to being a contributing member to his little family, especially his son and to his faith community. Thank you, St. Joseph for your prayers and thank you God for answered prayer. Jesus, I trust in you. Amen. As a side note, thank you, Pray More Novenas for your prayers too.

  46. My son has finally been offered a permanent contract in a job he loves after many years of freelance working.
    Thank you Holy St Joseph, for answering my prayers.

  47. My husband and I along with our parents, aunts, uncles, and friends prayed the novena for couples trying to conceive. I’m now 9wks pregnant and I know 3 other women that we prayed for with this novena, also get pregnant. It is an incredible miracle-we all feel so overwhelmed by God’s goodness!

  48. Thank you Jesus! I have been suffering with spurs and tendonitis in my left foot and have gotten such a good releaf. I am able to walk briskfully without feeling any pain.

  49. Thank you St Joseph for answering my prayer. I needed to move house as the one I was living in started becoming a health hazard for me I’ve been looking and viewing so many places for over 2 yrs. I have now moved into a new flat. It is ideal and the best one among all that I have visited. It is worth the wait. Thank you St Joseph. Thank you Jesus and Mary. I trust in You

  50. I haven’t talked to my oldest Brother in over 10 years. We’ve talked! We are friends on FB. We text too. We talked on phone plus on a video call. We have ways to go but we are on the right track.

  51. Glory to God, I have been married for 7years with out a child. After the novena to saint Joseph, I am now pregnant. Thank you saint Joseph, thank you mother Mary, thank you Jesus, and thank God

  52. I have been praying for my family particularly for my 2 younger brothers Justin to get a good wife and he got married last week and Joseph to be spiritually strong and the change of his wife heart who has been so irresponsible and hatred to my family and thank to st Joseph she has changed her ways and became a good daughter and sister in law and a responsible wife .I continue to ask st Joseph to protect them. Thanks all who prayed with family is at peace now.

  53. I was praying that my sons would become good catholic fathers, key word here fathers. On the Sunday of my final day of prayer, my son in law, already a father, came back to church. Chills. Prayers are not always answered exactly as you think. I keep praying for fatherhood for my birth sons, but obviously I am more than delighted by my son through marriage and his reconversion. Thank you St Joseph.

  54. I prayed the St. Joseph novena for my eldest daughter, her husband and family. She is an alcoholic and we found out recently thanks to our prayers that she has a therapist. Thank you St. Joseph for interceding for her. We have a long way to go but it is a great start.

  55. I prayed really hard to St.Joseph because I need money to pay for home heating oil.Then it dawned on me( towards middle of novena)that I had my mom’s old gold jewelry.I hardly ever wear it,and my daughter doesn’t care for it. So,I cashed it in at a gold and silver place,and got $600. I thought I’d cry and feel guilty,but the lady was very kind and said ” think of it as a gift from your mom”. I felt peaceful,and got the oil. Thank you St.Joseph for this idea!

  56. That the cancerous brain tumor that was removed from my 21 year old son a year ago . That ever cancer cell was removed by your miracle. And that it will never come back That those forced to get Covid Vaccines stay healthy. That my daughter and I find a home to live in Amen

  57. I have been praying for my husband who has colon cancer and been undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Yesterday we had the wonderful news that the cancer has been cured. Praise the Lord.

  58. After the St Joseph novena I got an email from a recruiter asking me to send an application which I did and I believe that God will be faithful that I will receive positive feedback and I will secure the job. I was and still I am Praying to secure a job

  59. I was praying for a job and on the 3rd day of the novena, I received very good news and called to start working in some company. Glory be to God. Thank you St. Joseph.

  60. Good afternoon. Thank you for sharing the prayers.
    My son left the church for 4 years and refused to attend the Holy Mass. He said that he no longer wishes to be a Catholic. I tried to encourage him to go and consult our parish priest, but he refused. I kept praying for him. Thank God Almighty Father he is back now and went for confession, and he is attending the church regularly.

  61. Dear Jean-Paul and Annie.
    Thank you for your prayers that I requested
    of you for me and for my Special Intentions
    during the St Joseph’s Novena
    for his intercession to ask The Lord
    to grant me.
    Thank God, that several of my prayer intention requests have been answered.
    May I please Thank St Joseph,
    my Patron Saint,
    and to God,
    thorough Christ Our Lord and Savior.
    May I please ask
    for your continued ongoing prayers 🙏
    for me and my special petitions,
    as I pray for you all too?
    Thank you.

  62. My daughter who is pregnant, received the good news regarding her baby girl. The baby had been having was showing signs of difficult blood flow in one of her kidneys. As of last week, all her tests and ultrasounds showed that everything was normal. Thank you Saint Joseph! I’m blessed

  63. My daughter applied for a job she really liked and was what she needed. She went for an interview and it went well but was not accepted. She was very disappointed and dejected. I had been praying the novena to St. Joseph for this job for her. I continued praying but instead I asked for St. Joseph’s intercession for them to call her back with an offer from the same place. The next day they called her and offered her the job she was interviewed for. St. Joseph thank you for your intercession; this job was not only because of an economic reason but also for her emotional health. I thank you everyday and everyone. Thank you Father.

  64. During St. Joseph Novena, which I dedicated to 4 fathers, the one not attending Mass called to get his sons confirmed at our church instead of his church (“too many requirements, not welcoming”) and our Pastor offered to do the confirmations, and marry him in the Church.
    I left the novena on the kitchen table and my husband started praying it! He’s a troubled soul.
    The third dad “allowed” his wife to visit with her mother and bring both grandchildren at a park (she’s not allowed at their house).
    Definite steps under St Joseph for these hurting and troubled men, whose wives and children suffer because they do not put God first.
    I am continuing to pray the St Joseph Novena because of the answered prayers and the long way to go. I love you St Joseph, thank you.

  65. I was started praying the St. Jude’s novena, the day after my best friend had a terrible accident. He has fracture his spine at the level of the neck. The doctors that operated him were not very hopeful about him having movement in his extremities again. On the seventh day of the novena, my friend could stand up and walk with the help of a walker! The doctors believe it to be a miracle!

  66. My brither and niece received help we’ve ling been waiting fir. Thank you St Jiseph. My grandson had a breakthrough and received the best helo he could at this stage in his journey. Thank you St Joseph. Please continue to interced for them.

  67. My husband (a convert 25 yrs ago)
    Had quit attending Mass. He has been very upset with issues in the church and himself. Today 4/5/23
    He went to Mass and confession with me! Praise God and thank you St Joseph for your intercession! I had prayed the Novena recently with your
    Encouragement. Now after almost 3 years he’s home. This will be a BLESSED EASTER! For us together.

  68. My best friend had a biopsy done regarding a mass in her stomach. They will test further and it will eventually be removed, but so far the test show that it is not cancer. Praise God. We will continue to pray that all of it is benign. Amen and that God.

  69. I thank God for healing. While praying the novena I was on admission at the hospital with a severe infection and an impairment of my kidney. To the Glory of God, St Joseph intercedes, I was discharged after 6 days with my kidneys functioning normally and the infection gone.
    Thank you St Joseph, thank you Lord.

  70. My son finally received an appointment letter for his 1 year internship. Abba Father, thank you very much.

    I am still oj my knees that he finds his way back to church.

  71. I have been praying for my brother to return to faith who has been away for 30 years. He called me and said he was going to church on Palm Sunday. I pray the Holy Spirit guides him to come back for good. AMEN

  72. The past six months, I’ve been having some unusual thyroid issues and my medication renewed for only five months. I prayed new test would show my thyroid medicine could be renewed. I ‘ve been on medication for the past twenty years or so. I received even better news, I was told to quit all medication that my thyroid was healed, Praise the Lord.

  73. I prayed to St. Joseph for my children. My daughter is in a relationship that is bringing her joy and happiness. Before this she suffered a broken engagement. Thank you St Joseph for guiding her to find her true soulmate.
    For my son I prayed for discernment. He wants to relocate after 18 years in his current location. Since he suffers with bipolar depressive disease this is difficult for him. It seems as though he finally realized where he wants to be. Now I pray for an easy transition. Thank you God

  74. My daughter, who has tried for 7 years to get pregnant and hold child to term( 2 miscarriages) has now conceived and is due in August! Praise God! Thank you St Joseph and please keep blessing her pregnancy!

  75. my petition of our korea visa to be approved granted 1 day earlier from the scheduled release of result… on the feast day of saint joseph. the time i’ve learned saint joseph is also a patron sain t of traveller ( and i saw the country of korea written on the novena)
    and my other personal request is moving with faith to saint joseph as patron saint of workers. thank you and i love you saint joseph🙏❤️

  76. I have been praying for God to provide my monthly expenses and to help me have enough to pay my rent and to be able to wake up each day with a fresh heart and mind of His goodness to me…my rent has been paid on time for the past two months, Praise God. I also contacted Covid and God’s mercy was with me throughout my healing. I was very sick and had no energy, but thru His grace, I was blessed not to have had it get into my lung area. God is so good. I prayed for other’s going thru this and for other’s that needed their rent paid too, and He answered my prayers! His name is Holy, counselor, doctor, healer, and Peace to all that seek Him. Amen..BB

  77. My sisters breast cancer came back after 7 years and this time it was different type. The best option for her was to have a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery on 3/21 the day after the novena ended. She is now cancer free and her recovery was painless the doctors even said they never saw anyone recover so quickly and also friends of hers that had the same surgery can’t believe how well she did… St. Joseph is my grandmothers patron Saint so I always had a strong devotion to him from watching her strong devotion. Thank St. Joseph for your intercession my sister had her surgery the day after your Saint Day was celebrated this year and I know this was no coincidence this was meant to happen like this thank you again for your intercession and please continue to watch over her as will never stop praying to you!

  78. We were doing our 33 day preparation for re-consecration to St. Joseph, which ended with this novena. We didn’t know it but St. Joseph had a house up his sleave for us! We weren’t event looking but circumstances lined up where we will be closing on a house in two weeks that is close to our parish community and at 3.13% interest! God is great, blessed be His holy name!!! Thank you papa St. Joseph!!!!!

  79. I was praying the St Joseph novena with you Paul and Anne to find a full time job and here I am working full time now not far from home thank you St Joseph and all who pray for us Amen

  80. I have been praying that my husband would spend more time reading the Bible instead of spending a lot of time on his phone. During Lent he has been faithfully reading Scripture, meditation booklet and daily devotional. Praise God.

  81. Oh most holy St. Joseph, thank you for all the things you have interceded on my requests. They are too many to mention, please always intercede on behalf of those who send their prayers to you! St. Joseph, protect us! St. Joseph, Terror of Demons pray for us!
    Thank you beloved St. Joseph!

  82. My grandson was released from jail, overdosed and brought back twice.
    He now has a job and is reading scripture and discussing it with his uncle, praise God and thank you St. Joseph!

  83. Praying to God daily and doing novenas have helped me get through my breast cancer and treatment. God is so good. I am grateful and blessed.