Answered Prayers from the St. Joseph Novena, 2023

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Thank you so much for joining us in praying the St. Joseph Novena!

If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout this novena, you can share those with us all below.

We will continue to pray for you! Please hold onto hope and do not give up if your prayers have not been answered — the Lord is near and you are never alone in your suffering. We are remembering you in our prayers.

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  1. Please Saint Joseph, pray good health, work, home, and godly, faithful husbands for my daughters, and everyone spouses that I am praying for and need healing, financial blessing work, and a good godly single man for a friend to talk.

  2. Thank you St. Joseph for answering my prayers to miraculously move the impossible city officials who stood in the way of my project progressing

  3. Dear St Joseph
    Please pray that I pass my probation at my oil and gas company. It is such a prestigious job and company that I want to stay at. Please also pray that I can gain a husband .

  4. Please pray that I can provide for my future family and this woman that I really love Gabby
    I pray to help me be able to find my niche and make a reasonable income to raise a family and marry Gabby and live out Gods Will for me

  5. Thank you St Joseph for answering my prayers ,I will always come to you in my time of need ….In Jesus name Amen

  6. My husband was diagnosed with cancer during the pandemic. It was a very scary time for us. I prayed and asked for the intercession of our Blessed Mother and many saints. During his recovery, I also learned about St. Joseph and entrusted my husband to him, asking that he watch over him. For each of his follow-up scans, I have prayed to St. Joseph through novenas and putting prayer requests under my sleeping St. Joseph statue. All of his scans, including the one last week,come back clean. He has brought me much comfort. THANK YOU ST. JOSEPH FOR YOUR INTERCESSION AND ANSWERED PRAYERS!

  7. I’ve been praying to St Joseph for my sister for many months. She lost her job house car and is in great sadness…and acting desperate…please pray with me for her…please…

  8. Please st Joseph the foster father of our lord, provide for me a good job, I have lost hope In the current job due to stress, st Joseph miracle worker please do me your miracle

  9. We had our intention of finding a home granted for our family after day 1 of the novena. I just want to mention that St Joseph has always looked after me, in home, family and work. He always comes through for me. I can also recall almost impossible tasks at work, after asking St Joseph’s help I get the impossible done, things I had no idea on how to do. St Joseph is truly special. I cannot wait to thank him in person one day.

  10. gonna start this novena for my sleep schedule to be fixed and for a successful surgery. the comments are kinda weird like they’re all on the same day a couple minutes apart im not sure if the same person is just commenting them but i wish they were like real testimonies. lying is a sin bro.

  11. My prayers have not been answered.
    I requested for a US Visa and was denied in August
    I have so many debts including school fees.
    My job is paying little yet I have a big family and that is why I wanted to relocate to USA for better paying jobs.
    Surely in need of St.Joseph’s intercession and prayers and you prayer worriers for my lmmediate success.

  12. I just finish the novena, today it was Day 9 and my prayers were answered. My son got a job offer.
    Thank you St. Joseph

  13. My mother and brother were able to visit our family in Egypt, despite several odds. They both had an incredible holiday. Thank you St Joseph for the precious family time we spent together.

  14. My fiancé told me lost his job in Dubai as a security and was so worried n discouraged and almost gave up.he was given one month to leave the camp since he will no longer be working there and he’s a Cameroonian residing there. He had no where to go and the resources he had was not enough and with the state of the country he couldn’t come back. Hearing all this I went on my kneels and begged God not to abandon him in this times. I prayed the st Joseph novena and behold since he was looking for a job, he got one on the 7th day of the novena. Praise the lord.
    For all those going through had times do not be discouraged, keep the faith and be strong, the lord has a word for you.Amen

  15. Praise the Lord! I had prayed for the end of my mother’s suffering and the recovery of my friend’s fiance through the novena. Lord heard my prayers. My mother is at peace and my friend’s fiance is healing from his disease. Praise the Lord and Thank you Lord for hearing me. Thank you all for praying

  16. I just relocated to the United Kingdom with my family and we were finding it difficult to settle. During this novella I prayed to get a job. I just got a job and my son just got admission into high school.

  17. Prayed for healing cancer of my friends fiancée and for my mothers sickness. Healing has already started for both and getting better by grace of God. Thank you Lord !

  18. Prayed for a market for my daughter’s piglets that didn’t have a very long time were bought six piglets at ago.
    Thanks Lord the intercession of St. Joseph and B.V.M. Amen.

  19. When praying the St Michael Novena my shoulder that had been in pain for about nine months without relief stopped hurting. Praise God!

  20. My son is 23 and suffered a very bad brain illness at age 12 that left him with some mild to moderate cognitive issues similar to brain injury.

    He can be awkward socially, doesn’t learn things very fast, has a hard time censoring everything he says. He has had many jobs but they haven’t worked out for a number of reasons. He has been unemployed since a seizure disorder popped up out of the blue last year. Since getting it under control, he has tried to find a job and has no luck. I prayed this novena to St. Joseph for a job for him. On the 9th day, he got an interview at a local restaurant. Two days later, he got the job – as a drive through opener (he is very good with early mornings).

    I’m saying another novena to St. Joseph of thanksgiving and to help him in his job.

  21. Hello everyone:
    I was praying for all of my family, in particular for my brother Robert. He has fought esophageal cancer for a few years. It went away and came back aggressively, this year. He had last chance aggressive radiation/chemo treatments. On April 4, he found out he is clear of the cancer. Thank you, St. Joseph. Thank you, all prayer warriors. All glory to God, the most high.
    I also prayed the Divine Mercy novena. Let’s see what comes from that. So many miracles are coming our way!

  22. Praise the lord Jesus christ
    I have been praying for a good job for the last 3-4 years but couldn’t get one. After praying St. Jude’s novena my prayers were answered. I was blessed with a good job in a very good company with a good position and a salary hike. Thank you lord Jesus christ for answering my prayers and being so kind to me. You have always been so kind and compassionate. Glory to my lord who is kind and just. Amen