Answered Prayers from the St. Joseph Novena, 2022

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Thank you so much for joining us in praying the St. Joseph Novena! If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout the novena, please share those with us all below!

To God be the glory!

We are continuing to pray for you and your intentions. Please do not lose hope if your prayers have been seemingly unanswered. God is with you — you’re not alone, and you have our prayers.

God bless you!

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  1. Need for prayers with the intercession st. Joseph for a financial break through a U S EB 3 VISA and air ticket before 16th June 2023

  2. I thank st Joseph for interceding on my behalf when I wanted a job
    I got the job after saying this novena and indeed it.
    Thank you st joseph for being a faithful patron.. Glory be to God🙏🏾🙏🏾

  3. Thanks to all who prayed in the novena to St Joseph and Divine Mercy and Mary undoer of knots ,St Jude,St Anthony and many more over past 4 mts for helping my grandson find a job,he starts to day please pray it works out in Jesus name Amen.

  4. I’m praying for a deeper relationship with st Joseph the worker.I desire to study nursing, begging God for admission and interview favours and also financial favours too.
    May his name be praised forever 🙏

  5. My brother was given a 15 % chance to live while fighting a major infection in the hospital. Through St. Joseph’s intercession he was healed and lived. In the hospital a father Joseph gave him communion. We also went to the first church we could find to pray while we were there with my brother from out of town, while in his hospital stay. The name of the church was St. Joseph’s. Thank you St. Joseph for your intercession. All Glory to God!

  6. Thank you St Joseph for our small victory yesterday. We have a long road to go but with you and God by our side we will get through this!

  7. I have been praying for a better relationship between my granddaughters mother and I to get better. Recently, she has been allowing my granddaughter to spend more time with the family and talking to me more. Her relationship with my son has also gotten better no more arguing and fighting in front of my granddaughter. To God Be The Glory!

  8. Thank you for answering my prayers for my grandchildren sucess in exams I continue to ask you to help them with their acedemics Thank you

  9. Thank you So grateful we found you to pray the Saint Joseph Novena. I am praying Novena faithfully with my sister each and every night. The second day into the Novena my nephew received a call from an old time friend from his church offering him a job. We know it was Saint Joseph reminding this old friend of my nephew. We are also praying for my son for the right job in his company. A job he can shine in because he is not happy with his current job. We know Saint Joseph will give my son guidance. Saint Joseph we love you and the Blessed Mother and your child JESUS. Thank you fr0m my heart and soul Saint Joseph and I wear your Medal with the Miraculous Medal everyday. The Power of a Novena.

  10. I give thanks and to St Joseph, Spouse of our Heavenly Mother Mary, for favours received. Thank you for your healing powers on myself and my family. I pray for your continued healing, spiritually, mentally and physically for myself and all family and friends. Praise to Jesus.

  11. I am asking for all of us to please help me pray for my ex husband David who has placed in Hospice unjustly because he has no family here in town but I and my friends are his only family. A family member from other state has placed him there prematurely so he never had a chance to get well first after 5 hours surgery because no more IV in hospice other than morphine and anti anxiety injection. Please he wants to live. He tells me he wants to get out of there. My friends and I are the ones caring for him and taking turns in feeding and giving him lots of ensure among other nutrients. I/we are not ready for him to die either. Please heal him lord. We love him dearly. And I asked that you all pray for us especially to my husband now who’s so gracious and loving and understanding to let me go see my ex husband and spend the night at hospice so I can take care of him. He is so very sad. He doesn’t have a lot other than disability income so we have been helping all these years. So we have come to love him as our family. Please Lord God and all saints and angels to please watch over him. Lead the nurses and doctors to the right patch. Cure him lord Jesus Christ. We believe in you. You are our maker , savior and redeemer. Help us. Heal our aching hearts because of this situation. We love you lord. And we know your love is steadfast. Please shed lights to his member that made an unjust decision. In Jesus name. Amen.

  12. A blessed day to everyone. During the St. Joseph Novena Prayer I prayed for breakthroughs for myself, my families, my friends and their families and everyone else throughout the world. I received a message for a job and I CLAIM IT in the PRECIOUS NAME OF JESUS. AMEN

  13. I am in the process of downsizing, uncertain of where my next move should be. I didn’t think I could afford to stay in the city I currently reside in. Through this novena and asking God to decide for me, I have purchased a home in my city and have been given such peace and assurance my house will sell.
    So grateful to God. So grateful for the intercession of St. Joseph.

  14. I lost my job last month and through the intercession of St Joseph, I have received a new job.

    Praise be to God!

    Thank you St. Joseph.

  15. My daughter and her husband have finally recognised the problem that has been between them – through no fault of their own. Praise the Lord indeed 🙏👏🏻

  16. My Niece Laura is doing better health wise and my nephew Mark had a positive career achievement. Praise be to God!!!!

  17. I have always prayed for our lives,journey mercies,favours,good health,guardiance and protection in the family and indeed Hod has been granting us all these.
    I have also been praying for my daughter’s choice of spouse that God will bless her soon and I believe that through this novena our prayers will be answered soon Amen
    Thank you Jesus, thank you st Joseph and God’s blessing on John Paul and annie for praying for us Amen

  18. I really thank God for through many novenas I have prayed, I have almost had one common intention, (‘peace and unity), in my marriage and family at large. And now I’m very impressed that after 2 years of indefferences, we have reconciled, and now I’m experiencing life back in my marriage after praying this year’s St. Joseph novena. To God be the glory.

  19. My prayer was answered. I was praying for my daughter to recover her lost luggage. Instead they said they will compensate her for the lost bag. Thanks be to God.

  20. Thank you dear St Joseph for interceding, my prayers were answered today, for my daughter to find a place to live.

  21. I thank God that my relationship is atleast settled now and all my trials were worked on by God. I continue praying for a smooth relationship and that the Lord to continue guiding me during this time of trial and to always give me hope and patience . I pray this through the intercession of Blessed Virgin Mary. St. Joseph pray for us.

  22. Thank you all for praying this novena with me ,for St. Joseph’s intercession, our prayer has been answered – for Rachel getting a job in a rehab facility, please continue to pray that this will work out well for for her , thank you !

  23. I pray this novena for peace in my home and my family for happiness and love between us. Saint Joseph is answering my prayers and then

  24. Thank you Jesus for youir faithfulness

    I am truly indebted for Answering my Overseas Visa Petition
    I pray that your favour will keep me in this new Land and that I will serve you selflessly without complaining. Keep my family well
    and break all Satanic strongholds and generational curses. We are free from Manipulators grasp and my family and I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the Living.may I be a gift to this world

  25. Thank you St. Joseph for your prayers for us, for your protection, our safety and our health. For my unanswered prayers, thank you, for God has better plans for my life that I cannot see.
    Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.. Mama Mary, pray for us.. Amen.

  26. Thank you dear St. Joseph for your great intercession for your continuous healing for my husband from his childhood abuse. Please pray for him that he may be given hope and will render his time with the gifts and talents that God gave him. St. Joseph, the miracle worker, Intercede for us. AMEN.

  27. I perpetually thank GOD for his faithfulness.
    I perpetually thank the Blessed Mother for
    walking to us and walking with us and leading us with love.
    I am so thankful and this comes from saying
    the Pray More Novenas, Rosary, and daily mass.
    Please continue to pray for the people of Ukraine!

  28. I was granted visa and had a safe flight to my destination as prayed for.
    I also believe my exam with my colleagues will be a success in Jesus name.

  29. An imminent loss of property has been averted. Instead of the hostility, a humble acceptance of peaceful resolution is muted by the once adversary becoming a friend. And I believe doors will open to me and my children as I continue to pray.
    Praise to St. Joseph the protector!! I thank Sta Mary for her support.

    Glory be to the father, son and holly spirit.


  30. I want to thank St Joseph for the testimonies I received during this novena.

    My mum and dad where saved from a terrible car accident
    I sold the car I imported a year ago, which has been up for sale but no buyer. On the last day of the novena, the car was miraculously sold.

    Also, I was healed of a terrible ear infection.

    Thank you St Joseph. Thank you My loving Jesus and blessed Mother Mary.

  31. I thank Most gracious St. Joseph for his intercessions. I joined on day two but have registered tremendous change and blessings. First of all, a positive response from a job interview I had done weeks ago. Secondly, this novena has brought me closer to God and has made me realize that his mercy endures forever regardless of one’s past. Thank you Jesus, Thank you St. Joseph, Thank you dear Mother Mary.

  32. Thank-you St Joseph for my son’s safe trip and return home, my son in law’s wonderful new job, my daughter’s acceptance to nursing school, my other daughter’s success in her first year of college, and my husband’s job and health. Thank-you always. Please intercede on behalf of Erin and Kevin’s wedding and marriage. May they always keep Jesus in the center of their family and marriage. Thank-you !

  33. Thank you most omnipotent and venerable savior our Lord Jesus Christ ,St Joseph and good mother Mary for answering my prayers, in particular healing of my post op wound which was infected and draining for the past 5 weeks 🙏

  34. Calvary greetings to you.
    I am Michael Stephen chukwunonso from Nigeria.
    I’ve been a member JOHN-ANNIE PRAY MORE since 2018.
    I write to seek for your assistance for fund.
    I am in Dubai but my visa and return ticket has expired.
    I plead for a financial assistance to go back to Nigeria.
    I had no Job here.
    No Visa.
    No place to sleep ( I swats with a friend in one bed).
    Please 🙏 help me if it is God’s will to go back to my country, Nigeria.

    Thank you.
    Michael Stephen

  35. Thank you Jesus, praise you Jesus for answering the following prayers:
    1: My Son in law’s job being restored
    2. My daughter being promoted and assigned a new role in her company
    3. My grandchildren being admitted to a top Catholic school.
    Thank you St. Joseph for your powerful intercession.

  36. My son has 3 children , all with some special needs. He has gone from one horrible job to another. The are virtually penniless. He made a consecration to St Joseph while I prayed your novena . He was called to an interview the day they cut his pay /changed his hours/. He got the job , benefits, decent pay and hours that he can be with his family.
    Thank You Jesus, thank you St Joseph and Our Blessed Lady
    We are both offering a Mass of Thanksgiving for all the graces God has bestowed on us and for blessing me with you both. I am with you for as long as you offer such a road to Our Lord , Jesus Christ
    God bless and Love you .

  37. Thank you, St. Joseph, for your prayers of intercession for my daughter, Anna, in her acceptance to a graduate program that supports her goals to help others while she heals and copes with the effects of autoimmune disease. Thank you for your loving prayers of vocation, hope, and life!

  38. With immense gratitude To God and the Saints that we pray the Novenas to. A BIG thank you to all they pray the Novenas with me.
    Roman a 27 years old young man, was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma and after chemo and radiations, last week, his oncologist declared that he was cancer free. What a marvellous miracle!
    I am so happy for him and his Family.
    Please join me tu recite at least 100 “THANK YOU JESUS’.
    God always bless you.
    Let us continue to pray for each other and for the end of the war on this earth.
    With 🙏❤️

  39. Our Men’s Welcome weekend was scheduled for March 19-20. If not enough men signed up it would be canceled again. 13 receivers are presently on the weekend and we are blessed.

  40. I had asked St. Joseph to provide more employment for my husband and He did!! My husband had only been working part time at his job but needed another job to help make ends meet and St. Joseph was so gracious that He responded immediately.
    I will be forever grateful for His kindness.

  41. Thank you St Joseph for answering my prayers for my father. Today was a good day, thank you so much.

  42. Thank the Lord and St. Joseph for answered prayers. My husband got performance bonus and we managed to send my son some money for upkeep and accomodation. Managed to settle school fees for our young son. I am still praying for a breakthrough in my son’s tuition. Amen

  43. My husband found a job that meets our families needs and will support us beautifully.

    I was okayed by my neurologist to have another baby while being on my epilepsy medication.

    Thank you St. Joseph for your prayers and to all the wonderful people who prayed this novena with us 💙💙💙

  44. Thank you St. Joseph for your intercession. My son got a promotion and a raise. May you guide him in his new position and for him to always remain faithful in Christ. Amen

  45. Thank you all for your prayers. My son in law has gotten a job and we are all so grateful for your help! I know the pray more novenas are always a blessing but I feel that we have been overwhelmed with blessings and grace. Thank you again.


  46. Thank you Jesus, Mary and St. Joseph, for my husband is recovering well from COVID infection. Please help me to not develop too strong of an infection.

    Thank you Jesus 🙏

  47. Thank you St. Joseph for getting an appointment with an oncologist next week to discuss the right treatment and blessing the family with grace and strength during this difficult trial.
    Thank you for giving me energy to watch their 3 little children.
    St. Joseph we pray for your guidance and protection for all dads and husbands. Amen.

  48. Thank you, prayer warriors, and intercession of St.Joseph I have passed my English Exam. May God will be done in the next process ahead.

  49. Dear friends of St. Joseph,

    My family and I have been praying to St. Joseph and our intentions to him for many years.

    There has never been a time when he hasn’t answered our prayers.

    This year he has answered our special prayer for our brother who was in a bad state throughout December, January and February. We offered a Novena to St. Joseph for his intention, and sure enough our prayers for his recovery were answered.

    St. Joseph has never let us down.

    Most Sincerely,

    Marie & Family

  50. I would like to offer thanksgiving for my husband who had brain trauma from a fall and broken bones. His recovery had been miraculous, he’s still recovering but I could not have done this without my faith.

  51. As l keep praying for my son Matthew for him to meet that special someone that God has chosen for him. He is 28 years old. Deep into his faith. A practicing Catholic belongs to an adult Credo group but he is getting discouraged that he can’t meet that special person. Please pray for him that the Dear Lord will hear his prayer. Thank you.

  52. Thank you for your intersession St Joseph. My son’s household is more peaceful, his girlfriend is continuing to be sober but in a much stronger way. So much relief for everyone on this.

  53. Back in 2008 I developed a lung disease called idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. It is fatal and I was dying. In March 2009 I received a single lung transplant. I was given a new lease on life. God was very good to me. In the last several years my lung has been gradually failing. I have been short of oxygen and unable to move about as well as in the past. Let me now get to the point of this message. I prayed the novena to St. Joseph. I pray most of the novenas that are offered on this site. For the first time I called to God for help with my lung. I asked St. Joseph over the course of the novena if he would heal me and restore my lung. Last night as I went to bed I felt different. I did not feel short of oxygen as is always the case when going to bed. This morning I am certain that my lung has been healed. I have shared this news with my wife and son but they don’t seem to understand what I am telling them. I don’t think they believe me. I am certain I have been granted a miracle. To tell the truth, I am speechless. I am lost for words. I don’t know who to tell and how best to thank God. I love God and am so thankful for what He has done for me. Thank you dear Saint Joseph.

  54. Dear God,

    Thank you also to Saint Joseph for your divine intervention especially for my dear husband. During this novena, my husband has been more open to the Lord, religious events with me, and prayer. He also learned more about Saint Joseph as the perfect example of an earthly father. Saint Joseph thank you for your help and aid and I humbly ask for your continued help, guidance and prayer in our lives so that we can model the Holy Family in our marriage and life forevermore.

    Jesus thank you so much for your continued blessings, and we humbly invite You to please continue to work within our lives and marriage and family.

    May the blood of Jesus wash over each of us and each of those praying this prayer and their loved ones.

    Thank You,


  55. God bless my son with a safe trip to meet his girlfriend and they are doing great and are getting married soon. To God be the glory.

  56. I have been praying for my son for about 7 years, since he was 15. We had some rocky teen years. He turns 22 on Tuesday. Through God’s mercy and soooooo many prayers and Novenas, I can happily report that he has come through these rough years. He’s still 22, but a normal 22, therefore I will continue to pray without ceasing. I can gratefully say he escaped, drug abuse, legal issues and harm from associating with not to so good people. Day by day he’s walked away from bad to good. Today he states he “has a loud conscious”. My prayers have been, school, work and his return to his faith. Today he is employed at our community college, one down, two to go. God thru Jesus, Mary and Joseph and all the angels and saints does answer prayer. Amen

  57. Praise Jesus and for the intercession of holy spirit and St Joseph.
    During the novena, there were many things happening in our household all at once. From anxiousness at school, activities, work, applying for work, and it caused slight depression to one of the family member
    I asked St Joseph for his intercession and before the end of this week, everything was resolved. Not only he answered one, but he answered them all. I felt guilty because I knew that I am not worthy of His graces but God is full of forgiveness and love and no matter what we do, He is always there to forgive. Thank you St Joseph for praying for us

  58. I was praying for my granddaughter to make a wise choice in the university that she would be attending in the fall. On day seven the novena the university that she hoped for awarded her a wonderful scholarship! We are so blessed!!!
    Thank you Jesus, Mary, and St. Joseph!!!

  59. My family was praying the St. Joseph Novena for my aunt who was put in hospice care two weeks ago. She died peacefully in her sleep this past Wednesday.

  60. In thanksgiving to St. Joseph for his intercession for my son-in-law — God indeed guided him to his new job.

  61. Thank you thank you thank you St. Joseph!!!
    Your intercession answered my prayers! May all those who prayed the novena be forever blessed!!!! Thank you Lord Jesus! Thank you Father God! AMEN !

  62. Thank you St. Joseph for interceding and asking Jesus to heal my grandson who suddenly started stuttering in January. I began this Novena praying God would correct this issue and today he is speaking well again. Thank you Jesus! Thank you my glorious St Joseph for your intercession. My grandsons name is also Joseph! Praise and Glory to you Almighty God and Father!

  63. I had my most difficult matter at work. I prayed for heavenly assistance through the intercession of St. Joseph in this Novena .
    On the last day of the Novena, the Lord settled the issues for me as I had prayed for it, simply and swiftly. God is so faithful.
    St. Joseph thank you for your intercession that never fails.
    Dear Patron Saint of workers. Thank you.
    All glory be to God. King of peace and glory.
    I pray that the prayers of all who said this Novena are answered as mine was.
    St. Joseph pray for us.

  64. Dear John Paul & Annie,
    I am from India & happened to chance on this novena site, one day & have come to believe, God led me to it. I have been facing several trials and a tumultuous time off late so I think this came as a blessing to me. Since, it is difficult task juggling work, family & home, I mostly used to say my novena whenever I could. When I reflected on the patience, calm & commitment of St. Joseph, I felt a strength to manage my life in a more mature & organised manner. I think it all happened as if orchestrated by the almighty. I thank you immensely for this & pray that God keeps you strong & healthy always. I have sent the link to my family members, friends & relatives & hope they too benefit from it.
    May God bless you’ll abundantly.

  65. I asked St. Joseph to have my son call me. And he did. Thanks St. Joseph, now on to the rest of my requests!

  66. I have been suffering for months because of a situation with a family member. Dear Saint Joseph cleared everything for the Glory of God on the third day of the novena. Thank you Saint Joseph, John and Annie!!!

  67. We prayed this novena to have a successful vbac before the feast of St. Joseph and our little Lucy made her debut just in time on 3/18! Praise Jesus!

  68. Peace be with you all,

    I have been going through a lot of difficulty in my family not having a good atmosphere with my wife as we have not been talking, but a few days ago she has been able to create a conversation with me and I believe your prayers and blessings from St. Joseph have been the reason this happened. Please continue to pray for us that the love we once shared so dearly is reignited and we continue to see God peacefully.

    God bless you all


  69. Hello I had a pray answered, I have been praying for my children and spouses and grandchildren to get back to church and my youngest son and family went to church for the first time in years! Praise the Lord