Answered Prayers from the St. Joseph Novena, 2020

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Thank you so much for joining us in praying the St. Joseph, Husband of Mary Novena!

We hope this novena has brought you closer to Jesus and our Father in Heaven through St. Joseph’s intercession!

If you’ve had any prayers answered during this novena, please share those with us all below — to God be all the glory!

We will continue to pray for you!

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  1. My prayers have been answered for some food and money to help have been answered. There are good people in the world. Also prayers for medicine needed to come has been answered. I will continue to pray that this virus leaves and all affected by it are healed.

  2. My prayers for my former landlords not to ask for more money and my brothers to gain employment was granted .
    Thank you Saint Joseph .

  3. I am a stage 4 cancer patient who is currently on chemo treatment. I am remaining with one chemo cycle which was put on hold for 2 weeks because my HB was low. I refused to get blood transfusions. I was put on Iron supplements and I was also taking home remedies. Today my HB was 10.5 and I proceeded to have chemo. I now have one more session to be given next Tuesday to complete my treatment.

    Thank you St Joseph

  4. Glory to God. Approved for retroactive unemployment effective February 1, 2020 since I resigned from teaching position because they asked me violate ethics and morals and enter grades for subjects I was not teaching. Initially since I resigned and not laid off, I was not approved. However, I submitted all documents to prove my case in addition to the verbal and physical abuse I was experiencing at the school after 4 years. I am grateful I was approved for the maximum 3 months resulting next month to be my lady month. Lord and my fellow saints please pray that due to this horrific global crisis that I will be granted a federal extension. And please supply everyone they’re needs and protect them and heal the ones who are sick. Pls comfort the families. Lord please hear my prayer and miraculously grant me an additional 3 month extension along with food stamps

  5. I started the novena praying for my daughter who had been told by her landlord to leave the house. Before i completed it she got where to stay and keep her things while she builds her house. Thanks to st Joseph’s intersetion.

  6. Thanks be to God and to St. Joseph for his intercession. My brother finally got a job. Now I just ask that God will allow him to keep this new job given how the economy is being affected by the coronavirus outbreak.