Answered Prayers from the St. Joseph Novena, 2019

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St. Joseph Novena

Thank you for joining us in praying the St. Joseph, Husband of Mary Novena!

If you’ve had any of your prayers answered, please share those with us all below!

We will continue to pray for you & your intentions.

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  1. I pray that Saint Joseph can bring me employment ovearseas and a happy work environment.. In Jesus name

  2. Thank you St. Joseph for listening to my prayers and interceding for me. I am forever grateful. Thank you for helping me with my situation with my house and I am hopeful that everything will workout for the new house.

  3. Dear St Joseph thank you for hearing my prayers and interceding for me, I will always be grateful for the help and support I receive through you for me and my family. Thank you for helping me with my new job. Praise be to God!

  4. We prayed a lot for my husband to get a job. We asked the intercession of Mother Mary, St. Joseph, St. Anna and St. Jude.
    After 9 months of praying my husband got a chance to do an internship in an oldage home for six months. It’s a small job. But it is God’s will and we are happy with that.
    Thank you God for this job. Thank you Mother mary, St Joseph, St. Anna, St. Jude and all saints for your prayers.
    Dear Jesus, our God, we trust in you. We leave our lifes in your hands because we know that you will guide us.
    Love you dear Jesus. Love You so much.

  5. Thank you St. Joseph for systematically answering my prayers. After being unemployed all last year you came through on the following:
    – selling my house
    – landing a new job with a great boss and getting some long overdue recognition
    – getting physically healthy
    – promises of a new relationship

    I never gave up hope, I never fell into deep despair because I believed.

    I still believe so thank you St. Joseph for all the blessings you have bestowed! Amen!

  6. Dear St Joseph,
    Please help us financially so we never need worry again please help my husband. I am sorry for letting my family down but please let me hear from cw about aht cl much love always xxx

  7. We are in the process of selling our house to make a move to another state that is better for my husband’s health. We only have a few months to sell our house, or else we need to stay where we are for 7 more years. I’m praying for our house to sell quickly, and for Jesus to help us discern our next steps. I’m trying to believe that in Jesus all things are possible. But my mind gets caught up in worry and trying to see the path far ahead. I’m praying for peace because I feel like I am in a state of constant anxiety. Thank you Joseph, Mary and Jesus. Please bless my family, and help me to believe that all things are possible in Christ.

    Blessings to all that are praying the St. Joseph Novena.

  8. Dear Jesus and Mary,I come to you begging for help. Please intervene for my daughter who is not hitting her growth milestones properly. I know you are able God and my daughter Tamara is going to walk and say he first name. Heal me of allergies and chest pains. Amen amem

  9. Dear Jesus and Mary, thank you for all the Blessings you have bestowed on my family and I. Please continue to Bless us Spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.

    Thank you God.

  10. Dear Jesus and Mary, please heal and protect my family and I. Please help our son with his stomach ailment. Please heal us Spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.

    Please heal us of allergies, asthma, TMJ, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and colon problems.

    Thank you Jesus and Mary.

  11. Dear Jesus and Mary, please keep safe and heal my family and I. Please Bless us Spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.

    Please heal us of depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, TMJ, allergies, asthma, diabetes, colon problems, heart disease and arthritis.

    Thank you God.

  12. Dearest Jesus, please keep safe and healthy my wonderful family and I. Thank you for Blessing me with such loving people.

    God is good.

  13. Dear Lord,

    I come to you in prayer to ask you to bless my family and I. Keep us safe at all times.

    I ask you to please focus my fiancé’s mind and heart on me. Show him that whatever challenges he’s going through he can lean on me and you oh lord. Show him that running away from us isn’t the answer.

    I ask you to place that love and happiness he once shared with me back into his heart and mind.

    Thank you for hearing my prayers.

    I ask you all to also keep both him and I in your prayers.

  14. Dear Jesus and Mary, please heal and protect my family and I. Please help us Spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.

    Please heal us of depression, anxiety, TMJ, allergies, asthma, fibromyalgia, colon problems, heart disease and diabetes.

    Please Grant eternal rest to Marla who is now with you in eternity.

    Thank you God.

  15. Dear Jesus, please help me trust in your Divine Power to heal my family and I at your Will.

    Please heal us Spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.

    Thank you Jesus.

  16. Thank you very much St. Joseph for all the answered prayers. My sister is on her way to full recovery from ovarian cancer, my son graduated from AGS and is on his way to start his education at AJHS. Thank very much St. Joseph.

  17. Please pray for a financial miracle for me and my family. I am in dire straights. Please also pray for love, harmony, peace and understanding within my family.

  18. Dear Jesus, please protect and heal my family and I Spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.

    Thank you God.

  19. I prayed for change in my finances. My rent is way too much for me to keep up with and I went thru all my savings to supplement my income. My son lives with me and found an apartment for himself since it’s time for him to be on his own, a friend sent me an add for an apartment where I originally wanted to live! Well I just signed a lease and I will be saving a substantial amount each month.
    Amen 🙏 Thank you Jesus Mary and Joseph

  20. I’ve been praying the St. Joseph Novena for 8 days now. Today will be the 9th day I pray it every night.
    My fiancé seems to be heading down the road to leaving me. He keeps saying the problem is him. We’ve been together for a little over 7 years got engaged but we broke up for a little over a year. He came back into my life last year and we planned on getting married after I finish my degree later this year.
    It seems that this time every year now we go through a lot of trials and tribulations and I don’t know why. So all I’ve been doing is praying for him as an individual, myself and us as a couple.
    I love him with all my heart he makes me the happiest person ever and I’ve been praying for him to overcome what it is that’s holding him back all of a sudden and to open up his heart and mind towards me and to not abandon his family and myself.

    I completed the Mary Undoer of Knots Novena this morning.

    Please keep us in your prayers.

  21. Dear Jesus and Mary, thank you for giving me this brief time of freedom from my anxieties and fears. Please continue to help me turn to you, Lord, to put my faith and trust in you.

    Please continue to protect and heal my family and I from diabetes, TMJ, fibromyalgia, heart disease, arthritis, anxiety, depression, allergies, asthma and colon problems.

    Please heal Allie’s father from heart problems.

    Thank you Jesus and Mary.

  22. Brothers and Sisters in prayers,
    Please include my petition in yours. I am about to take the PT written exam on May 6. Please help me pray for discernment and acceptance. God bless you all..

  23. Dear Jesus and Mary, please heal and protect my family and I. Please heal us of depression, anxiety, allergies, asthma, TMJ, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, fibromyalgia and colon problems.

    Thank you God.

  24. Thank you to Our Blessed Lady, St Joseph and St Bernadette for interceding to Our Blessed Lord for prayers answered. Also thank you to John and Annie and to the many who haves prayed with me in these Novenas.

  25. My husband had surgery to remove melanoma, and on the day we finished this novena we got word that the final pathology is good & no further treatment is needed! Humbled and so grateful! Thank you Lord!!!

  26. I have been full of anxiety and stress in my life. As I wait for my prayer intentions to be granted; I am passing each day since praying this novena with so much peace. I have more faith and trust in God. Though I still have a steep mountain to climb, I no longer worry about it. I feel confident that we will get over it. I have faith and trust now, all will be well,

  27. Around Thanksgiving last year my husband applied to the Diaconate in our archdiocese. I know it is a very long process, and patience is not always my best virtue. I prayed this novena every morning with an intention to help calm my anxiety and asked that St. Joseph intercede on my husband’s behalf that he may be called for this interview and that his desire to serve in this special way be answered. While it is still a long road ahead – he got the call today for the first interview in the process! Thank you St. Joseph!

  28. I had an appointment with my oncologist/surgeon on March 19. I prayed the St. Joseph novena for strength and trust in our Lord. I got good news on this day…”justkeeppraying “

  29. I am certain that my prayers have been answered because even though the time is yet to come my hope and trust in the power of God in my life has grown over the past week.

    Try God today, you will never be disappointed.

  30. i have been looking for a job for the past 4 yrs and before i even completed the Novena to St Joseph i received in a day two job offers

    thank you Daddy Saint Joseph

    Glory be to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit

  31. Praise God! Thank you St. Joseph for your intercession for my son Michael. He was offered a well paying job today, which also happens to be my father Jose’s birthday. I am sure he is looking down from Heaven upon us along with St. Joseph. What a blessing!

  32. My name is Tshegofatso Lesenyeng M

    I am grateful for this Novena prayers as they always help me come closer to God and Jesus Christ. They help me to pray for all aspects of my life and guide me to pray honestly and openly to God.

    I have received blessings of the Lord through this Novena Prayers because my future spouse has returned back to me after full 9 months of separation without any explanation as to why we have separated. I would like to thank God for answering my prayers and hopefully and prayerfully we will be together until we are separated by death.

    I will also continue to pray for the success of my future spouse’s business endeavours and that the Lord help us to have a child in our relationship.

  33. With great joy I am happy to say that all the promises made in respect of a novena to St Joseph are true. I have been praying for better relationships between family members and for the first time in years they have spoken to each other in love and friendship.
    A very grateful penitent.

  34. Good morning and thank you for the novena to St. Joseph.
    I was wondering if I miss one day , do I double up the next day or do I add a day to the length.

    I thank you for helping me get some prayers in, in my busy day.

    Love Tina

  35. I’ve been praying this Novena because my daughter suffered a brain aneurysm that bled 3 times. She has been in a drug induced coma for 24 days. She is finally showing signs of coming back to us. I will continue to pray and thank you for all your prayers as well.

  36. I prayed for my son’s (and his batchmates’, too) success in the March 2019 Licensure Examinations for Physicians. My son reviewed for less than 2 months only (January 04 to February 26). My son needed to study 12 medical courses. It meant he should finish 6 courses each month. We felt helpless.

    I prayed the Novena to St. Joseph twice. First was in January when he was starting his review and second was during the week of his actual examinations. Before the ninth day, the results were released. My son passed along with all his batchmates.

    Truly amazing. I call it a miracle!

    Thank you very much for your intercession, St. Joseph. Praise Jesus, our Lord!

  37. Dearest St. Joseph, please continue to ask Jesus and Mary to protect and heal my family and I. Please Bless us Spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

    Please heal us of anxiety, depression, allergies, asthma, TMJ, fibromyalgia, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and colon problems.

    Thank you Jesus, Mary and Joseph for our son successfully completing his midterm exams.

  38. St. Joseph rocks! I was praying for a way to bring more income into the house without disrupting homeschooling or other family commitments. I was contacted on the 19th about a part time position that would work with the schedules. Today I was offered the job😊

  39. I would like to thank St. Joseph, i have been praying for my husband to get an expatriate job, he has been invite for an interview. Thank you St. Joseph.

  40. One of my intentions for this beautiful Novena was for some “special good news” to come through. I’ve been praying on this for a while to St Joseph. On his Solemnity, March 19th, my prayers were answered. The “good news” came through. Praise God. Thank you St Joseph for you intercession on my behalf.

  41. Hello
    My wife and I haven praying for this intention for about four years. It envolves relationship problems .
    I feel embarrassed to say that this is the first time we have prayed any type of prayer to St. Joseph.
    About half way through the novena the request was answered.
    We pray other novenas such as “Mary undoer of knots” etc. But St.Joseph was the key.
    God Bless Bill