Answered Prayers from the St. Anne Novena, 2022

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Thank you so much for joining us in praying the St. Anne Novena!

If you’ve had your prayers answered in any way throughout this novena, please share those with us all below. It adds to our hope to hear how the Lord is working in your lives!

We are praying for you every day.

Please do not give up on hope. Jesus is with you and you are not alone!

God bless you!

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  1. I have been praying with you the novenas you share with us. I have been praying for my daughter to get a scholarship for her high education. The prayer has been answered. Thank you Almighty God, our Blessed Mother Mary and all the Saints who intercede for us .

  2. Thanks so much to Good and my grandmother ST Anna, I have been struggling with an occupational English test exam for years, which I couldn’t pass, for the past 7years,finally I passed and all my nursing exams in the UK and I can proudly say that I now a UK registered nurse. Thank you Jesus for prayers answered through the intercession of my grandmother ST Ann.

  3. I am thankful for the St. Anne Novena I did. My husband and our first son were not in good terms for years. Our son stopped coming to visit him. I prayed for my husband to forgive him. After this Novena, my husband forgave him after he asked my husband’s forgiveness. My husband who abandoned our son for years, has now assisted him in his business and two of them are in good terms again. Thank you St. Anne for your intercession and those who prayed along with me. I also thank St. Anne for the life of my grandson, TobeJesus. I have a feeling that he will be totally healed in Jesus name, Amen.

  4. 23 yr old Matt was removed from life support. He has actually awakened and saw his wife, and spoke a little to her.
    Alleluia keep watch grandma Ann

  5. Recently I had surgery to my right ankle which involved tendon surgery and removing a shattered bone. Before during and after the surgery I was praying this novena. Before my surgery sitting down with the doctor looking at the MRI he had shown me several images showing a good size tear in the tendon on the side of my ankle also, the irregular shaped bone that looked very sharp.
    Surgery was scheduled within two days I had the surgery, which went well.
    When the doctor came out of surgery he said I have good news, he paused. There was no tear in the tendon, he proceeded to tell me about the procedure.
    So I was reading all the good news that came from people praying this novena. It hit me, and I realized the novena helped me.
    Not only did the doctor go through showing me the severity of the tear, I also had the report in my hand as he was going over it. But, with the results of the surgery again, no tear.
    There is nothing else to say, it hit me like a ton of bricks when I seen this. Prayers really do help and I wanted everybody to know the beauty of prayer and the miracles that can happen from praying.
    Still asking for prayers for healing. My daughter and I have a beautiful spiritual trip planned to go to Italy at the end of September.
    I am asking for prayers for healing so we can go on this trip. I know it is all in God’s hands and I will follow his lead.
    Thank you for letting me share my good news.
    This is the first time ever that I ever posted anything, but it was too powerful not to post.
    With love in Christ,

  6. I know this isn’t the place but I got a very wonderful answer and a wonderful personal gift from (albeit an odd one…just like my personal humor), from St Michael from when we did the group St Michael novina. It was literally addressed to my name “from Michael” right on the box itself delivered from Amazon. I don’t know a Michael and I certainly didn’t order it. But it came immediately after the novina. Soooo……
    I’m so very thankful to St Michael and to our most Holy God for this.
    Now every time I see it or use it, I’ll be reminded of God’s grace and goodness and how awesome both God and St Michael are.

  7. I and my sister prayed several novenas for her marriage because her husband had left them(her and 2kids)the last born kid was born prematurely @6months.Her husband is now back. I thank st Anne for the intervention.

    In may I also prayed st Jude’s novena for my husband to get certain job that he had applied. He was called for the job but Its salary was not what he expected so he declined the offer .I thank st Jude for the intervention. Be blessed.

  8. I prayed to St Anne for a good spouse. But I was granted a good job opportunity.
    I went for the interview on 26 July 2022, and I got hired on the spot.
    It was a surprise when I saw the job advertisement at Jobstreet. It was a much greater surprise and miracle that I got the job.
    Thank you, St Anne. Praise the Lord!

  9. I got a job. Am even crying about it because it is everything I asked for and thank you so much family for praying with me. It wasn’t easy but this Novena to St. Anne has opened my spiritual eyes. May God lead me through this new job journey. AMEN

  10. Before the novena for St Anne started, I was already praying for a favorable result for the appeal that we have filed for my son’s acceptance in the university that he applied for. I was really anxious of waiting until the novena started. As the days passed, I became more calm, more prayerful, more hopeful. On the last day, I prayed to St Anne and to our Lord Jesus to give me a heart to accept whatever the outcome is. Praise be Jesus! Our prayer has been answered. My son will be educated in one of the best universities here in the Philippines. Thank you St Anne for interceding.

  11. I’ve been asking for Good St.Anne intersession and she’s doing that. I’m grateful. I’m delighted to have her as my spiritual grandmother.
    She has been keeping me safe and secure every where I go.

  12. Thank you ST Anne Grandmothern for interceding f I really my Children’s relationships for they are better than before.May you please continue your intercession.

  13. My daughter and son in law have been praying for a baby after losing a baby a year ago. My daughter suffered an ectopic pregnancy and lost a fallopian tube at the same time she lost her first baby. She has just had a positive pregnancy test. I am always asking the Holy Mother to pray for us, but asking for prayers from St. Anne seemed so special and we can now say thank you for answered prayers!

  14. Greetings to you all my brethren. I would like to thank you for praying with and for me for my brother’s successful major operation which went well miraculously during the previous novena. I ask you to continue praying for his quick recovery. All glory to God through Mary.

  15. Am grateful to God, that after 2years of prayer, I have been able to raise capital for my project, in cash sales from one of my pieces of land. Thank you St Anne. I continue to praise your name Oh Lord! Valéry.

  16. Thank you St.Anne! My daughter has a very rare tumour and surgery is not recommended. The best case scenario is that it doesn’t grow and then hopefully shrink. I prayed specifically to St Anne for this tumour to stop growing . Today my daughter received her ultra sound results and it has not grown in 6 months! Praise God! I am so grateful and thankful to our Lord Jesus and to St Anne for her intercession. I will continue to pray for its non growth and shrinkage. Thank you all for this prayer line and thank you God!

  17. Hi Family ,
    I’m blessed to be part of this awesome group. I encountered a miracle , two days after I completed St Anna Novena. I had a serious car accident . The car turned over me and I did not sustain any injuries. Everything went so fast , I remember the car was over me and I flipped it over like a light object. Then I came out of the vehicle, stood and saw my friends turned over with the vehicle. But none of my friends and I sustain any serious injuries. I’m grateful to our God , our God we serve is so powerful . He will always send angles to protect those who fear him.

  18. During the Novena I was Shortlisted for an Interview with the Group Managing Director of a company I had applied to for a Top Management Role.

    The interview was not conclusive and she had said, we should meet again, I have confirmed that the HR is working on scheduling another interview, I am so happy for the opportunity and I believe it was through St Anne’s intercession that God gave me the opportunity, and I know I will get a new job very soon.

  19. I have been praying that my lost crucifix and chain would be found. I was almost ready to give up when I found it in a drawer under some clothes. Thank you St. Anne, St. Anthony and all the saints for answering my prayer.

  20. My sister’s had spent 14 yrs without talking to each other but now they started talking after I finished the novena thx be to God

  21. I pleaded to st Anne & st Joachim for my son & daughter-in-law to get pregnant .Its a miracle my prayers are heared after the novina & feast .

  22. I prayed the Novena for my friend’s daughter who was very sick in hospital. She had to be resuscitated twice. On the feast of Sts Joachim and Anna She was discharged from hospital.

    We thank God for her recovery. She could return to her job.


  23. We have been together he paid lobola after 7 months being together and another 7 months later proposed. We now planning for our big day. We are so grateful and thank you to our spiritual grandmother for interceding for us

  24. Special thanks to our spiritual grandmother, St Anne, I requested in the novena devotion for my work and others requests. I got promoted, thanks you St Anne

  25. I would like to share that after St Anne novena my prayer was answered.
    I received good news in regards to my my mammogram, I was suppose to be biopsied to check of clusters of calcium found – if they were malignant yet on the day of, it turned out that the tomosynthesis machine revealed that calcium was on the skin, non malignant and not on the breast after all. This was a true miracle from above and know that God is present and continues to bless/ heal his children. Continuing to keep those fighting cancer in our prayers.Blessings as Always, love you Jesus; EL.

  26. I really love Virgin Mary and pray my Rosary every day as I have so many things to be thankful for.
    I have praid many Novena’s, however never done this before to Saint Anne.This year I prayed this for first time.I have asked many things, but for the Grace of God and with intersecion of Saint Ann I could get my new eye glasses, 3 days after the feast of Saint Anne. To get my eye glasses and the one of my daughter was also one of the things I have asked in the Novena.God just gave me what He thought I needed most!Also the glasses of my daughter will be delivered soon.
    I am so blessed!

  27. I started the St Anne Novena for a job and I was blessed with a good job which is work from home which I wanted thank you St Anne for praying for me. Thank you Jesus for all your blessings.

  28. Approximately eight years ago I was introduced to these novenas by a church brother, it’s one of the best things that could happen. I started praying them not even knowing what or how to do at first, I prayed all of them also the retreat, sometimes I started late due to circumstances beyond my control but when I do get the chance to, I pray catch up.
    My reason for this is simply because I’ve had many answered prayers, now I’ll just share one. My first daughter always wanted child/children but was diagnosed with fibroid years ago and the pains associated with it so that was a challenge.When she was 33 yrs old the doctor told her she had to do by she’s 35. At age midway 35 she got pregnant again but was a challenge because the doctor sees one fibroid.With God, the intercession of St Annie, the Saints and all prayers of those who prayed these novenas at age 36, two weeks after birthday she gave birth to a Georgeous baby boy who is now four is such an enormous blessing to the entire family. In July of that same year an operation was done and remove certainly not one, this was a miracle.To him all Glory and honor. Thanks you

  29. I have been praying for years for my granddaughter who has been on drugs for years and has gotten into trouble a lot so I prayed for god to send her some one to intervine for her to go to a rehab so he did and she was got caught and she says when she gets out she will go she has never said that before so thank you Jesus amen

  30. I prayed at their tombs in France in 2019, fervently asking for their intercession for a grandchild. In 2020 my daughter delivered a most beautiful baby boy. Thank you dearest saints.

  31. Our son is a collegiate athlete & had undergone an operation a year ago. God was there all the way, Jesus watching over him thru the long process & journey as well the Blessed Mother, Holy Spirit & saints above. He fully recovered & the Lord opened many opportunities that we thought were lost but were not, doors opened & this summer he played collegiate summer baseball, I asked St. Anne to
    open a door for a spot on a D-1 bb team. He made the all star team, team won the Championship & colleges gave him a roster spot. He was able to choose where he wanted. Thank you St.Anne & our dear Lord for all of the blessings & lessons we all learned along the way, God’s time, His plan.. He always has a plan. ❤️

  32. I am praying for my apartment/housing security, employment security and to continue to do the work God has for me and do it according to his will, I want to be a Blessing to someone or a lot of people everyday of my life. Thank you St. Anne as of today I am still in my apartment and working with a company I enjoy and I continue to pray it continues if it’s God’s will. Thank you God!
    Please continue to keep me in prayer. Amen.

  33. Thank u Jesus for healing me permanently and for sorting my car fault out. Thank you Jesus for favour at work. Jesus please do the remaining one before the year runs out please. U are all I have and worship please. Jesus help me please. Thank you Jesus.

  34. God answered my prayers. I am healed permanently and my car error corrected. Favour has located me in my place of work. I know Jesus will do more for me. Amen.

  35. Coincidentally my name is Anne, my birthday was in July and getting to join this novena was a blessing for me.
    Normally, I’d always feel sad towards/on my birthday but this year was different. I felt peace and clarity like never before. I specifically prayed to get a new and a good job and God showed up. Saint Anne is really my spiritual grandmother. I’m also believe God for other requests and I know it’ll happen in due course.

  36. I have been praying novena with you for my marriage. My husband has greatly changed and has left the other woman. Thanks for the answered prayers as we continue praying for his complete deliverance.

  37. I have been praying for financial help and for grace for my aunt as her depression from dementia was getting worse
    My aunt is doing better now. She has a happier spirit and interacts more than before I also received financial help to clear outstanding bills. I am grateful and I thank my spiritual grandmother for her help.

  38. My boyfriend and I have been living together, and I have been feeling very uneasy about it. I love him, but he hasn’t acted like marriage is in the plan. I’ve been praying the novena for an answer. My boyfriend just bought a house; I feel this is the answer to my prayer. We can live separately and decide which direction we need to go. Thank you St Anne❤️🙏🏻

  39. On the last day of the novena, I prayed it right before my PET scan. My results showed all my cancer tumors had disappeared. Truly God’s work with the help of St. Anne’s intercession.

  40. I prayed for my husband because there was a high indicator that he would have prostate cancer. After the biopsies came back he had such a small amount of cancer cells that he was considered low risk and nothing needed to be done. We were told to come back every six months to make sure. We were thrilled with the results.

  41. I prayed the novena to our spiritual grandmother St Anne for my daughter who is currently pregnant with a little girl the baby was said to be very small .The last visit the doctor said everything seems fine as if everything suddenly leapt by bounds.Thank you,Thank you ST Anne🙏🙏🙏❤️💕

  42. Our family has been going through so much with the divorce between my sin and his wife Linda. It has been a very heavy cross to carry. Our prayers were for our grandchildren to be with their mother during a very difficult custody battle. I asked various family members to join me in the novena to St. Anne. Being a grandma myself, I begged St. Anne to hear our prayers and intercede for us. Well, on the second day of the novena, an emergency meeting was called by the authorities and our grandchildren were returned to the custody of their mother. During the same week, Thursday, the judge ordered for the children to remain with mother until another hearing on 8/11/22. We are praying for continued answered prayers. Also, we pray for the conversion of their father. For peace, unity, & reconciliation between both parents. We are grateful to St. Anne for her speedy intervention for our grandchildren. Thank you, St Anne. We are ever so confident in the advocacy of St. Anne from heaven. Thank you, Jesus!

  43. Thank you to my Spiritual Grandmother – my husband’s scan came back negative and his prostate cancer has NOT spread.

  44. I prayed the St. Anne novena 9 days before my due date. I was extremely swollen and anxious about birth. I now have a perfectly healthy baby girl and my labor was not nearly as painful as I imagined. It ended in c section but the peace I felt through the ENTIRE process and change of plans was truly a miracle. My body relaxed and gave birth to my
    New best friend. Birth is beautiful and hard and truly Devine. After a long journey of infertility she is our greatest gift. Also I prayed to see butterflies while waiting to get pregnant. I did many times but still wasn’t getting pregnant. I finally did get pregnant and realized those butterflies were showing me that God is listening just in HIS time. During recovery in the hospital the day of birth a GIANT butterfly landed on our high rise hospital building. Why a butterfly up that high? Even the nurses were amazed. A true miracle. Thank you Jesus!

  45. I was praying for my friend Rebecca to receive her new liver. She was on a liver transplant list and received her new liver. God is so awesome!

    Take care and God bless!

  46. I prayed for healing of my little granddaughter skin condition;.. glad to say that she is much better!!!Also, St Anne has helped me in the past in finding beautiful (both inside & out)wives for my two sons!!
    St Anne truly is very powerful!!

  47. My husband has moved out. It seems that he is going through depression and possibly a drinking problem. Its very difficult with two boys that are in such need of their father. I pray for God’s hands to ve placed over him and bring him back home to fight towards his family. God let it be your will. Amen

  48. During the Novena of ST.Anne, I found the partner I was looking for for so many years, after going through 2 divorces!!!
    Let’s always ask for patience and what is the best for us!!

    Thanks be to God🙏🙏
    May God bless you as well🙏🙏

  49. We were supposed to be going on a long-planned trip to England and then my step-dad was put into the hospital with pneumonia, in intensive care. I prayed to St. Anne for his healing and that if it was God’s will, we could make the trip, one we were so looking forward to. Our prayers were answered! We felt a peace about going, and right before we left, he was moved from intensive care. The day after we left–our first full day in England–he was able to come home! Thank you, St. Anne, for your prayers and thank you Lord for your goodness and mercy.

  50. Praise the Lord prayers were answered.
    My daughter was told she couldn’t get pregnant and she is now pregnant!
    Prayed for work and workers and all had come in place.
    Prayed for moms surgery and she came out feeling good and doing good.
    So many more ……… just ask and you shall receive.

  51. Prayed the novena for friends of my son who were about to end their marriage. They are now working on reconciling and have both had a renewal in their Catholic faith. Please continue praying for them.

  52. I’m putting my faith in God for all the prayer request have made. I prayed to the Holy spirit novena for my boyfriend to get a job and he finally got it thank you Holy spirit for your intercession. I also prayed the St Annie novena for my relationship to be madend, even though things are not like before I can see the hand of God working through. I now pray for the fruit of the womb this month that is my prayer request and I believe God will do it for me.

  53. After praying to St. Anne, our Mother Mary and our Lord, my prayer was answered. My daughter has obtained a teaching position. Thank you, Lord, all the Saints.

  54. I started praying Novena for healing.I was suffering for severe lower abdominal pain. Since than my pain is subsiding thnx to Jesus Christ and our mother who always pray for us. GOD BLESS U