Answered Prayers from the St. Anne Novena, 2021

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Thank you so much for joining us in praying the St. Anne Novena!

If you’ve had your prayers answered in any way throughout this novena, please share those with us all below. It adds to our hope to hear how the Lord is working in your lives!

We are praying for you every day.

Please do not give up on hope. Jesus is with you and you are not alone!

God bless you!

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  1. I have been praying to God through St. Annie for a cake mixer for my catering Job and a laptop for my project. Lo nd behold, my prayers was answered. Thank you Jesus, thank you St. Annie.

  2. Thank you St Anne. I have been praying that something progresses in my eldest daughter’s house move, that has been on hold since February. I prayed for patience. But the following week, our patience and prayers were answered and hopefully she will complete and move soon, so she can start her life again after this pandemic. Thank you St Anne. 🙏🏻

  3. Dearest St. Anne,
    Thank you for answering my prayers and with Our Queen of Heaven and earth and St. Joseph we just received news this ,
    Morning that my husband got his stent removed in the bio duct area and that the biopsy was negative.
    He had a tia stroke the day after his second vaccine and 3 weeks burned for 3 days with a fever. Spent 5 days in the hospital and every test the medical world has access to.
    The doctors in the big city and in our little hospital thought for sure there was a tumor and everything came back negative.
    Jesus thank you.🙏🙏🙏💒💒💒

  4. I prayed to St. Anne that my cousin will either get called back to her old job or find a new one. On, Thursday, she got a call from her employer that they were finally going to re-open and asked if she wanted to return. Of course, she said “yes”, and will be returning to work this Friday
    Thank you St. Anne for answering this prayer for my cousin.

  5. I prayed for healing. Through the intercession of St Anne God healed us of Covid my whole family was sick when we prayed and we are all well. Thanks Jesus for your mercy upon us. Still praying to get a job. Jesus we trust in You

  6. I was contesting an election and I said the St Michael the Archangel Novena. I won the elections to the glory of God

  7. I have prayer request:
    Please pray for healing for Tim and his dad as they visit today. Pray for The Holy Spirit to soften their hearts to give and receive forgiveness for past hurts.

  8. My Daughter Melissa had to re-take her Registered Dietitian Test, I prayed the St Anne Novena and my prayer was answered, she also while studying for her test was offered a job,
    Starts tomorrow! She will no longer live 2.5 hours from me, Thank you St Anne for answering my prayer🙏🏻

  9. I am still waiting for my petitions to be granted through the intercession of Sts. Joachim and Anne, our spiritual grandparents. I have strong faith that God will grant them according to His will.

  10. My son in law out of work 8 months had 2 job offers started job August 2nd thank you for all the prayers God is love

  11. I was believing and trusting God for a promotion and on 23rd July I received my promotion and it was my son’s graduation on the same day hence double celebration and thanksgiving to God.
    I now pray my son to get good employment as he embarks on finding one.And also to hold my hand as I climb through the promotion ladder a step at a time.

  12. I am starting the Saint Anne Novena again. I will continue to pray for all of you. Can you please keep praying for healing of my marriage, for reconciliation within my immediate family, and for mental and spiritual health for my husband and children. Things are just such a mess right now and I feel very alone. Thank you!

  13. My daughter has been struggling mentally, especially with golf which she loves. She started her senior year and I prayed for her mental health and that she could relax and enjoy herself. She has had a GREAT start to her season. Praise God!! She seems so much more relaxed and at peace.

  14. I was given an opportunity to work several days to help ease my financial difficulties. Now, I am also able to refinance my home which will be such a tremendous weight off my shoulders!
    Thank you, St Anne!

  15. I kindly seek for your prayer support, I am a student of University of Nigeria , and one of my result grades was wrongly computed , I have done what I am supposed to do yet I can’t say which way forward on it..

    Just soliciting for your assistance in prayer, that God will see me through it and help ratify it..
    It’s what I merited and the devil cannot deny me that opportunity..

  16. We want to thank God for his mercy, healing, and blessings. We believe that our continued dedicated novena prayers, thanksgiving, praise, and charity have led us to salvation after trying to conceive for several years.

  17. I am grateful to St Anne for peace and clarity over my personal issue and for sorting out a major legal position that was threatening to be stumbling block for the family. She is a true loving grandmother !

  18. Thank you lord for answering my prayer. Was praying for fees and in deed God provided and was able to send my son to school. Am so grateful to God and to st Anne for interceding for me. God bless you all and meet the desires of your hearts

  19. I prayed that my relationship with my mom would be more loving. During the novena I felt the grace of more indulgent love toward her. It is an answer to a prayer to St. Anne!

  20. I’ve been jobless for a year and I’ve always prayed almost all novenas on this page praying for a job.but finally today I got a call that I’ve been hired . May God’s name be praised forever.

  21. First I need to thank God for His love and mercy.
    Thanks for the prayers and support I got from you all. I have been praying for I don’t know how long and never gave up that one day, some of my prayers will be answered.
    I prayed for my house to get a buyer since 2016 Today the 06th August, I received a call that the house is no longer registered under my name. All praise and Glory to God.
    My son was admitted for three months now after several attempts of going to different hospital for sever depression, he is two weeks discharged from hospital and with us now. There are changes in his behavior and speech but in given time, I know, I believe and trust that God will deliver according to His Will and my children will get employment one day.Thank you St. Anne and all the Saints for the intervention and prayers answered.

  22. After two months without income and pilling up bills, I finally got a job near my home thanks to our Saint’s Ann novena. Thanks be to God

  23. During this Novena I prayed for peace and guidance due to physical and emotional transitions in my life. I was a Nurse for 40 years then helped my husband with his business for 5 years. Now due to physical limitations due to age I found myself unable to work like I always have. Upon finishing the Novena I had peace and renewed purpose. I no longer grieve for the things I cannot do and God has opened my eyes and heart to opportunities to serve him by giving support and encouragement to others. Thank You for all you do. God Bless,

  24. Thank you St. Anne, I am so grateful and relieved. I was praying this Novena for my sister, she has been experiencing serious housing problems and was days away from homelessness. Today she called and was accepted into a low income apartment 🙏🏻

  25. Thank you St Anne. I prayed for my son who was unfairly demoted at his job.The boss put another person with no experience in his position and wanted him to train that person.It was clearly racial discrimination. My son told his boss he does not agree with having to train somebody to do his job and that he cannot work under those conditions so he should be compensated,he was offered a very small package which he declined and eventually got what he wanted.He was a very senior position.I’m praying now for him to get another job very soon as he has a family to support. LJ..

  26. Pray for my husband have a job, pray for all of my 5 children Love God above of everything, pray for God healing my oldest son from drug addict, God bring him back with God. Pray for all souls in middle of hell God bring them go to haven soon please, in the name of Jesus I pray. Amen.

  27. I went into heart failure at the time my heart was working 20% but now I am told it is gone unto 45%. Thank you St Anne & St Joachim and all the St Saints and The Blessed Virgin Mary You have been sending me their Novenas since December 2020 when I became ill. It wasn’t till July that I was told my heart function has improved from 20% to 45%

  28. I got a positive feedback on one of my petitions after the novena and l am still trusting on a favorable conclusion over it.
    Thank you St Anne and all the saints for your intercessions, thank you mother Mary.
    Thank you Jesus for grace and mercy.

  29. . Though I’m still waiting for many answers from God. But I first want to thank him for a successful novena which brought me strength to face difficulties positively

  30. My friend was diagnosed with terminal cancer, 3rd go-round. Was told in June she wouldn’t live past August. With the Sts. Peter and Paul, I prayed shewould change her mind, as at the time she didn’t want to go through chemo again. She did change her mind. It was rough. With St. Ann, I prayed she could be healed. As of today, she is in remission! Thanks to God, Saints Anne, Peter and Paul, and everyone who prayed.
    I also prayed my Dad could be helped, as doctors haven’t figured out for 18 months why he is losing blood. So far, he has gone a week after the last transfusion when they only found small areas. Before it was 3 months, then 1 month, then 2 weeks, then a week. Hoping it keeps getting longer.

  31. I was praying for a dear friends marriage. After a few days apart, during which we were praying this novena, they have both decided to truly work on their marriage and refocus on caring for each other, their family and their marriage. Please continue to pray for them as they take these baby steps back to each other.

  32. Thank you for the opportunity to pray the St. Anne novena. Two of our children received new job opportunities. Continued prayers for a good friend battling cancer and a friend’s child suffering with mental illness. Grateful for gifts received through St. Anne’s interventions and the goodness of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

  33. My daughter Rachel Anne had been furloughed for over a year because of the pandemic. I prayed the St. Anne novena that she would get her job back soon, and now the organization she works for has asked her to return to full time employment on August 16. I am very thankful!

  34. Our Grandson Anniston has showed improvement in his digestive system. We know good things will come in God’s time. Continue to pray for him.

  35. Thank you for the prayers! I started out with one intention. About midway through the novena, I found out that our son & daughter-in-law had to have an emergency C-section…six weeks early! I don’t know if I broke the novena rules, but I switched intentions and prayed fervently for the safety of our son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter. We now have a healthy, but small, granddaughter. Thank you and God Bless!

  36. I just got married with so many complications and getting pregnant was far fetched for me. I have prayed several novenas for healing and the fruit of the womb and also for my sister in-law’s safe delivery. God being so faithful her delivery was a success and few days later I found out I was pregnant. I thank God for his miraculous works and as we pray together may he continue to touch many lives.

  37. I have been praying to God for a source of income…. And on 27th July I got someone blessing me with money for investment 🙏… God is good and I know more answers are already at my door…. Hallelujah

  38. God has been so good to I and My family. Also in the lives of my beloved ones especially those around me. He has calmed my anxiety and curiosity concerning my relationship on how it’s going to be like. Because I have been having series of disappointments when it comes to having a solid relationship but am still believing Him for more miracles and when He do that for me, I will be so grateful just like my mates.

  39. I had been diagnosed with Follicular Cancer in March 2021. Following Radiotherapy in April & after 3 months, I went for a PET Scan on 28/7/2021. I visited the hospital on 4/8/2021 for my PET Scan results, it was good news that the cancerous mass has disappeared. I was elated along with my husband who accompanied me for the results.
    Still waiting for more good news, for the rest of my family members. Thank you St Anne & St Joachim.

  40. I am truly thankful to God for the goodness and grace in my life. I prayed the St. Anne Novena and it was very miraculous. I have been struggling financially for the last 3 years without a job. I prayed with the intention of job extension and God has blessed me abundantly. I have received many opportunities recently. I’m truly thankful. Thanks be to God.

  41. I recently had problems with my business partner and ended up separating in a very nasty way. I was afraid and confused but i have been praying for God’s move and direction! I have not been stressed ,stuck or confused. The Lord has been good to me. He has lead me without fear and I am sure that I’ll lead my business with wisdom and i will do well everybody.

    Very thankful for good health in these times. Something that I’m sure St. Anne is interceding on our behalf.

  42. For me I have been praying and I have been able to fast for the past three days. But am also requesting for more prayers as I wait for my results because I really request to obtain 20 points in my exams that are soon being released. Praise be to God

  43. I have been moved from my former office as head of Finance Branch in June and now I am in another Division. However, I have also applied for the same position through an internal advertisement and am shortlisted as no. 1 and am still no. 1. Thank you to the intercession of St. Anne as I thought since I was removed from that office, I would also be removed from the shortlist for that position and also to date they are still looking for a suitable person to replace me and we are already into the 3rd Month. It is a big blessing and also a big turnaround in their decision. Thank you once again and I ask if we can continue to pray together always. Julie

  44. Though these aren’t results of the 2021 novena, I want to share two powerful prayers answered from previous novenas to St. Anne. Three years ago in July, 2018, I invited my husband, daughter & son-in-law, and his parents to pray the St. Anne novena for our daughter and son-in-law to conceive; they had been experiencing infertility. Our daughter got pregnant and was due April 26, exactly 9 months from St. Anne’s feast day. The following year, July, 2019, I invited everyone in our family to pray for another daughter to meet her future husband. (We did not tell her we were praying the novena for her.) Two weeks after we finished the novena, she got a call from a yong man asking her out. They just got married this year on the first day of the St. Anne novena on July 17, 2021. Coincidence? I don’t think so!! Thank you, St. Anne, for your prayers!!

  45. I pray to St Anne one of my request was for my brother to get a job . He started his new job today. Thank you !

  46. Thank you St Anne for answering our prayers. Our son and daughter-inlaw are now expecting a child after a long wait and this will be our first grandchild. Praise God.

  47. Thank you St Anne for answering our prayers. Our son and daughter-inlaw are now expecting a child after a long wait and this will be our first grandchild. Praise God.

  48. Praise be to god for who has given me a chance I am beyond happiness and thankful for his miracle and unconditional love upon my dad I always pray for him to live longer.
    However as of the Doctor report he won’t last since 2020, the healing hand of god give him another year of life up to now

    Thank you lord I will not tired to thank you everyday, coz you never took your eyes of Me and my entire families🙏🙏

  49. Thank you
    My prayers were answered on July 28, 2021!! My gentleman friend and I are both 63. We have known each other for over 25 years. His wife passed away 2 years ago. We ran into each other and began dating, I had been so lonely for a very long time. He asked me to marry him on July 28!!! He said at 63 why wait. We will be waiting 2 years before we tell our families.

  50. Thank you St. Anne for helping our son get rehired to the company he worked for prior to COVID. We are so very grateful. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  51. I prayed for someone to have a normal delivery for her second child. She had had a caesarian section for her first child. She indeed had a normal delivery without any complications. I thank God and St Anne who interceded for her

  52. Thank you Saint Anne! My daughter has been on the waiting list to see an allergist since a severe attack in April. She is unable to get vaccinated until she knows the cause of the allergy. She is returning to her university in 3 days and our opportunities were limited. I prayed that Saint Anne would intercede. A few moments ago my daughter called for an update. The office had just received a cancellation for tomorrow. We feel blessed that God has heard our prayers and the intercession from Saint Anne. We are on the road to learning the allergen. Thank you all for joining your prayers with ours.

  53. God has really protected me and my son and he has provided for us during the lockdown,I was praying to forgive the father of my son and now I can talk to him at ease without exchanging words and without feeling heaviness at heart.

  54. Thank you St Anne for prayers answered. My 2nd grandchild was safely delivered on Grandparents day! Because of the mothers bloodgroup i could have lost both grandchildren, now and 5yrs ago, if their blood mixed with the mothers at birth.
    Thank you for the Novenas and all the prayers. God Bless you all.
    Grateful Granny.

  55. Please, pray for the missing, and brutalized indigenous children. Our Catholic Church needs our prayers too, but overwhelmingly the children need our help!!

  56. Thank you St Anne and St Jochiam. I’ve just been told by my son I’m going to be a grandmother. Such a beautiful gift as they were told they may not be able to have children. We are so thankful Blessed virgin Mary, St Anne and God the father. We will keep praying for a safe and healthy pregnancy.

  57. During the Novena, I prayed for my Lil brother to have some relief from the pain he has been suffering with while fighting cancer. He is still in some pain but has had a tremendous relief from the pain in his leg, thank you for answered prayers 🙏 🕊🙏

  58. We have been praying for months (sending out all the Novenas…) for safe delivery of my son and daughter in law triplets. They were born at 29 weeks. All healthy. No one had breathing issues. And if that’s not enough, my daughter in law announced she wanted to start RCIA. I think she saw how all the prayers worked! And that we can’t do this alone. What a blessing!!! I have tears in my eyes just typing this.

  59. I prayed for the conversion of heart, mind, body and soul of my estrange spouse. On the last day of the novena at the same time my birthday, my estrange spouse spent the day with us. He was gone for 5 years. In God’s time, He will heal, restore and save our marriage and family.
    Thank you for praying with us.

  60. I have been praying so many novenas here asking for so many things and recently I started dating and am in a healthy, hopeful relationship. Praise be to God.

  61. I prayed for my daughters test results to be negative and they were! Praise be to St Anne and our loving Father for hearing and answering my prayers. Still praying for my sons conversation back to the church and for both kids to find their perfect soulmate. In Gods time, all prayers will be answered.

  62. I was praying to St. Anne for my son to get into the nurse anesthetist program at the University of Iowa. It is very competitive and they only take 12 students a year. He had his interview on July 31 and yesterday, August 3, which also happens to be my birthday, he got word that he was accepted.

  63. My beautiful wife and I have been looking for our perfect home for 9+ year’s. Well, we found it. We looked at it, made an offer and kept praying. He answered…. WE GOT OUR HOME. THANK YOU GOD FOR EVERYTHING. TRULY BLESSED.

  64. I asked that you all pray for my dear friend, Christine, to have a successful surgery. The surgery was a success! She does not have pancreatic cancer, which was the fear. Thank you all for praying for my friend and thank you St. Anne for this answered prayer!

  65. My husband and I have been apprehensive about having children but I know I needed to just trust God’s plan more fully, despite our anxieties. After praying the novena to St. Anne, I found out I was pregnant. St. Anne is my patron saint and I know this was a miracle through her intercession. Praise God!

  66. In our family, we used to quarrel most of the times, in short, we did not have God’s peace and my husband used to beat me… Today I can testify that its now history. I thank God and our Mother Mary and our spiritual grand Mother, Anne, for praying for our family to be the way we are now. It’s not me but God has done it and I will always thank Him

  67. I have been praying several novenas for my sister-in-law to have the strength to get help for her addiction to alcohol. Since March she has been sober and working very hard to stay this way. I am proud of how far she has come. Will keep praying for her.

  68. I have been praying for the successful hand operation of my brother. It was so difficult securing a schedule at a public tertiary hospital. The procedure was postponed twice and considering the expenses and efforts all of us as a family exerted it cost so much time and uncertainty. So we all prayed and I prayed the St. Anne novena asking that he will be operated soon and successfully. My daughter found a private orthopedic surgeon and the mass was excised last Monday without any other complication. It was a great relief for all of us because it is difficult to cross borders during this pandemis. Thank you so much St. Anne!

  69. Thank God for answering my prayers. My daughter’s visa process is almost completed and I know it will be favourable.
    I prayed for spouses for my children and also for my parents to do their official traditional marriage. I believe that through the intercession of St Anne, it is done awaiting the manifestation.
    Thank you Jesus.

  70. I was preparing for a serious exams when we started St. Anne’s Novena and when my result came out, I passed all my papers. I am so grateful to God.

  71. My sister who was in critical condition due to covid 19 was discharged from hospital and is recovering well. I know God is in control and God will restore her to full health.
    My two nieces who also had covid have recovered.
    Thanking God for His goodness and all the saints for interceding for us. God hears and answers prayers.

  72. i prayed asking for an increase in my partner’s salary n fruit of the womb God has answered the increase in his salary n has also transferred him to another town thanks st.Anne God i have faith you will answer all my prayers 🙏🙏🙏

  73. I have a 32 year old virgin daughter who is not married neither is she engaged. During the novena I was praying for her to at least get a boyfriend. My prayers have not yet been answered. God’s time is the best, I will wait.

  74. Prayed for assistance for me and my daughter and that she obtains financial breakthrough. Still waiting for answers but waiting patiently as I understand God knows the perfect timing.

  75. Prayed for assistance for me and my daughter and that she obtains financial breakthrough. Still waiting for answers but waiting patiently as I understand God knows the perfect timing.

  76. When I started praying this novena, I was at one of my lowest moments. Had a very bad acne on my face and also wasn’t happy with my current job. By the last day of the Novena, my face cleared of the acne and I received an email that I was successful for a job interview I had done previously (still waiting for the offer but I feel hopeful). Thank you for answering my prayer

  77. I am still waiting for my prayers to answered and I believe God will answer me soon through the intercession of St Anne.


  78. Thank you My Prayers were answered
    I was praying for My sister
    And her husband to have a safe flight to Dallas,My Brother in law has Breathing problems and I was worried that flying at a high altitude
    Would affect him but she just called from Dallas and everything went fine Thank you for all the Prayers

  79. I have two teenage granddaughters who live with my husband and I. Their father, our son, was contemplating taking a position in Texas and taking his daughters to Texas. He is a single parent. I prayed for the transfer to not happen. Transfer is off the table! So Blessed! St Anne understands a grandmothers plea and prayer.

  80. I have prayed for my children to find a person to spend their life with – the 8th day of the Novena my daughters boyfriend proposed. He is an amazing young man and we feel blessed to have him in her and our lives. Thank you to St. Anne for your intercession for my daughter and may she continue to be blessed by your example.

  81. I was diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer that has spread to the bone in November 2020. I have been having intense pain in my back and hips since before the diagnosis. The pain has greatly diminished in that area. I’m able to move more freely. I am trusting in God’s healing in His Divine Wisdom. I feel so very blessed.

  82. I prayed this novena to St. Anne for my daughter. She has been out of work for a year. My prayers were answered. She starts her new job on the 16th of this month. Praise God! Thank you St. Anne.

  83. During the novena to St Anne and Joachim, my husband was granted Visa to go another country, thank you all for praying with us, we are still praying for more opportunities.

  84. I have been job-hunting for almost a year now, and a couple of months ago I learned that a position that I would love to have might become open, but nothing was certain. My aunt and I just finished praying the St. Anne Novena, and three days after the ninth day of the novena, I got a call confirming that position would indeed be opening. So very blessed!! Thank you all for praying this novena <3

  85. I am really happy for those whose prayers have been answered. Thank you for sharing their encouraging testimonies.
    Let’s continue to pray for some of us who still wait upon the Lord to give us a sign of His favour as we continue to seek St. Anne’s intercessory prayers and power.
    Be blessed.

  86. no matter how much or how hard i pray i feel like im the forgotten child none of my prayers are ever answered even some athiest people i know cet what they want

  87. I prayed for several things, one of them being an improvement in my health and to be shown what to do. In the past couple of days this wisdom has been granted me to know what to do and now my health is starting to improve. Thank you St Anne for hearing me and granting me one of my requests. Amen!

  88. I prayed that my daughter would take charge of her health and that she would find a new teaching position. My prayers were answered. She has been to doctors with good reports and has a new job that she wanted! Thank you!

  89. My Grandson got his dream job but at present it is temporary. Pray that it turns into a permanent position. And pray that my son’s new company is successful.

  90. Prayed asking the Almighty to bless me with capital to start something small to have an income for myself and today someone called me and asked me to go and pick money tommorow and the other prayer requests I believe the answers are on the way because My God never disappoints

  91. My son is in his mid 40’s. He is married and has young children. I prayed that my son, who travels quite a lot for his job would get his Covid vaccinations. He did not want to take them. It may have been his company that required them, or his wife who loves him, but he took his first last week. Thank you Saint Anne for answering my prayers.