Answered Prayers from the St. Anne Novena, 2021

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Thank you so much for joining us in praying the St. Anne Novena!

If you’ve had your prayers answered in any way throughout this novena, please share those with us all below. It adds to our hope to hear how the Lord is working in your lives!

We are praying for you every day.

Please do not give up on hope. Jesus is with you and you are not alone!

God bless you!

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  1. On jul 22, 2022 , while reciting St Ann novena, we heard my son was accepted to medical school. This was a miracle as the class was already full and school starts August 1! It is hard to say which prayer worked —i was frantically praying the 54 day novena and special novena to St Joseph for vocations. I was praying with him every night. It looked hopeless abd i knew he did not have the strength to retake the MCAT test, put together the application and reapply next year. As a cancer survivor himself he once said he thought “God hated him”

    Well, God showed up in a big way! The phrase thst also made a difference is “ our needs cannot withstand your power” -referring to the Virgin Mary.

    With each novena i also pray for Annie and John Paul….

  2. I prayed this novena for the past several years with the intention of either finding a godly man or joining a religious order. On the last day of the novena, when I felt hopeless, I met my now fiance at the most unexpected time. He is everything I prayed for and so much more! He even brought me to a St. Anne chapel to propose, and I’m so blessed to say we’re getting married in July!

  3. I had prayed this novena in hopes of getting into the grad program I was wanting to go to. After praying this novena, I was accepted into the program! This novena also helped me through some tough times throughout the program. Forever grateful! St. Anne is amazing. All glory to God!

  4. Thank you Jesus, Mother Mary, and my spiritual grandmother, St Anne, for your intercession during this novena. My husband had to close his business during COVID and felt the Holy Spirit nudging him to pursue a different career. It was over a year of applying and rejections. After praying this novena, on St. Anne’s feast day, he got his first job in the new career! Glory to God!

  5. I prayed that my son would work through an issue and make a sound decision. About a week ago, he told me that he did think it through and acted on his decision. Thank you St. Anne for your intercessions and all who prayed this novena!

  6. I prayed an outlandish novena that my daughter would be granted a full tuition scholarship to catholic high school so she could come out from the cultural influence of public school.

    One week later we received a call that an anonymous family wished to give a scholarship for our daughter to attend our local catholic high school!

  7. I have been praying for twelve years to be in a healthy and loving relationship. My ex-husband and I have done much healing and forgiving over these past years and a wonderful friendship has developed as we each grew into the people we wanted to be. On the last day of this novena, out of nowhere, he said he wanted to be together again and we both couldn’t be happier to continue the beautiful journey we started almost 30 years ago. What a blessing!

  8. After praying the novena to St. Anne, my daughter Lauren and her husband were blessed with conceiving a child. Now our prayers are for a healthy pregnancy, child birth, and a healthy child. God is Good

  9. Thank you, Annie and John-Paul, for the great work you do, encouraging and giving hope to many around the world as you spread the gospel.
    After struggling to conceive for over two years and praying for the blessing of a baby, my husband and I found out we are expecting after saying the St. Anne Novena. Thank you, St Anne, and all of you for praying with us. Indeed, never give up on hope! We are praying for a healthy baby and safe delivery.
    Be blessed!

  10. I thank God and Saint Anne for her intercession for as I got a benign result of a biopsy of the nodule in my thyroid. I am still praying for a complete and permanent healing of my thyroid

  11. i thank God through St Anne who blessed and opened financial doors for me.
    its been God indeed. his favour has located me and i am healed in Jesus name. Amen.

  12. I was praying the Novena to St Anne for two requests. The first was for one daughter who was advised that she and her family would have to leave the rented property that they had been living in very happily. Having prayed to St Anne, the person who bought the property agreed to let my daughter and her family continue to live in the house and with no increase to the rent. I cannot thank St Anne enough for this outcome. The second request was that my daughters would become closer to one another and at present this seems to be happening slowly but surely. I cannot thank St Anne enough for prayers answered. My husband’s gran used to say, if you cannot get something from your mother, go and ask your gran. She always had faith in St Anne.

  13. Please help me pray for a good result of my MRI this Friday.That no further complications.Please,please help me pray for a complete healing.Thank you Jesus.We love you Holy Virgen Mary….thank you everyone for your prayers.

  14. I have been praying for an improvement in my marriage. It’s not happening. Please St Monica, help my marriage.

  15. During the Novena to St. Anne, I prayed for the following and thank God and St. Anne’s intercession for answering these requests:
    –mammogram and ultra sound on Aug.13th will be negative and all will be okay, and for peace while waiting — update: had annual mammo and ultrasound yesterday of left breast and both were normal! Was blessed with peace for the 2 weeks of waiting.
    –pain in arms/shoulder will go away soon — update: pain in arms/shoulder and left breast went away upon completion of this novena
    –brother-in-law Larry’s bladder cancer will be gone and he be healed — update: Doctor wants to do chemo directly into his bladder which begins Sept. 1, once a week for 8 weeks.
    –that Ray and I have a safe trip to Hurley, WI to visit his family; and return trip through the UP to visit cousin Ron, his wife Mary Jean and family — update: we returned Tuesday evening, 8/10, safe and sound and had a wonderful time with family.
    –for Roy’s mother, who is in Hospice and not expected to live much longer — update: Roy’s mother began to improve before this novena was completed and is doing better each day.
    Thanks be to God, to St. Anne and all those praying for each other’s requests.

  16. My prayers were answered for my son who has been searching for a job. He will begin training for the new position this week. Thankful for all who were praying along with me.

  17. My nephew had been under employed for years. On day 8 of this novena he had a call for a well paying job offer. Though it is a contract, we believe and trust the Lord that it will be made permanent soon.
    Thanks to the loving intercession of St Anne.
    God bless us all.

  18. I am so grateful to God for being faithful to me.
    My son in-law got his dream job in the UK and he will be traveling to the UK in the next one day.
    Thank you St. Anne for the intercession

  19. I joined the retreat and listen to two sessions both bringing me closer to God. I needed healing and after the sessions by Fr, Borello and Laura May my healing was shown to me. No malignancy in the biopsy. Thank you Lord

  20. During this Novena, I prayed for both of my kids. One who recently graduated and was looking for employment. The other who was in a job that was mentally & physically stressful for her and had been looking for over a year. I found out last week my son who graduated was offered a new job, and today my daughter received a job offer with a great employer after a year of looking. I am ever so grateful and blessed.
    As I’ve always told my children, you may not always see the answers right away but be open, listen, and receive. There is a reason for everything.
    Thank you to all who prayed this Novena and who continue to pray

  21. Been praying for a boyfriend and I found one we are getting to know each other. We met today for the first time. On the 9th day of the novena. I continue to pray that God leads us through each step.

  22. I lost my job at the end of 2019. I was bitter, angry and often without hope. I turned my sadness over to Christ asking him to guide me in finding the next opportunity. Often I struggled with being one of two or three finalists for job. During the novena for St Ann, I continued my prayers and asked how much longer Lord? Give me the confidence and trust like St. Anne to know that your hand is upon me. During this novena, a great company offered me an exceptional position to join them! I felt honored, valued and appreciated. I start my new position 8/16. To the greater glory of God! St. Anne pray for us!

  23. My son and daughter-in-law just had a healthy baby girl yesterday. I prayed to ask that during this time of Covid19, the parents and baby would stay healthy. My son got sick with Covid19, but my daughter-in-law didn’t. All three are healthy today. I believe in the power of prayer and thank St. Anne and Jesus Christ for their good graces.

  24. I’ve been praying for my dear friend who lost her husband in a hard battle against cancer and her mother within 30 days of each other.

    She is a wonderful mom and both of her children recently married their longtime fiances. The loss of the children’s father has been quite difficult for them.

    She is feeling better and looking forward to the life ahead of her.

  25. Prayed for safe delivery of our baby, in the early hours of 4th August, she was born weighing 3.2 kg. we bless the Lord for the gift.