Answered Prayers from the St. Anne Novena, 2019

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Thank you for joining us in praying the St. Anne Novena!

If you’ve had any prayers answered during this novena, please share those with us all below!

We will continue to pray for you & your intentions.

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  1. St.Anne, Thank you for helping us pray for our safety each day. I can feel your intercession each day I pray this novena.Please continue to guide and help my sister and niece for being good mothers to their children.Thank you also for giving me extra job this coming August which will help me pay my debts. Amen

  2. To God be all the Glory, Honor and Adoration for answered prayers. My husband and I took a trip overseas to an area that was predicted not to be safe for traveling. We were protected from all dangers and arrived back home safely. Met everyone safe and sound to the Glory of God.

  3. To God be the glory.
    I have been believing for God’s divine intervention concerning my son’s college fees. God did it for us today. I am so so so so so very happy. God never fails.
    St. Anne, pray for us.

  4. I’m asking for prayers for my son, Chris, he has not had a paying job for 3 years. He does much work for free especially with is law degree.
    He has a wife and a 10 month old. Our family has been storming heaven and we are getting weary. He lives in LA. He has worked in the entertainment industry, turning down all work in film that was morally objectionable. He now has a a BA, MA and law degree plus he passed the bar in CA. I find it so difficult to understand his difficulties with so much education, including 18 years working in the entertainment industry. He desperately needs employment to provide for his family. He trusts in Our Heavenly Father, faithfully. Please pray for direction and an open door. God Bless. His mom, Margie

  5. St. Ann I thank you most sincerely for helping me find a job so quickly. Please continue to pray for the others I have asked you to help. I can’t thank you enough St. Anne.


  6. I joined in this novena last year while at my wits end searching for a new grad position. I had been through close to 20 interviews and many 2nd and 3rd interviews only to find out I wasn’t qualified enough as a new grad. The day this novena ended, I received a call back from a company that had previously said they were full. I have been working at my dream job, working with the best people, and working under the best, most supportive boss. I will be sure to say this novena yearly to thank Saint Anne for her blessing that impacts me everyday!

  7. Good St Anne, thank🙏🏻you for help from my brother!!! Please continue to pray for me and my family!!! Happy Feast Day, and happy Heavenly birthday to my sister Anne!
    In Jesus Holy name I pray!!!🙏🏻

  8. The lord answers most of my prayers
    I have Financial Difficulties and I am
    Receiving some relief in this area.
    Thank for All Your Prayers …

  9. St. Anne, please pray for me to find employment that matches my skills and interests and where I can make and impact.

    For my future husband. That we can meet soon and start a family! 🙏🙏🙏

  10. My daughter had a praise report from her ortho surgeon and we are hopeful that she will fully recover from her ankle and will be able to drive and walk without a limp and run one day again. So grateful for an alternate method for her toes to straighten and I that God for his healing over her life and thank Mary for interceding.
    Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this Novena.
    God bless

  11. Thank-you St.Anne for all you did during this Novena. Work promotions, family connections and the blessing of being able to provide to those in need. Please continue to pray for the sale of our house.
    Praise and blessed be to you St. Anne for your intercession with our most Holy Lord.

  12. Please pray for the help to pick after Barry. That I can make it through the month to feed my family. My debt is a burden right now.

  13. Two of my prayer reqests have been
    One day 8 of novena to pass exam
    2nd to get my SSN which had delayed for 6weeks.
    Praise you Jesus

  14. Thank you St Anne. Although I am still in deep debt, I got a little financial reprieve that has certainly helped. I continue to pray to be completely free of debt

  15. Thanku St.Anne&husband for prayers answered.My daughter is home safe&sound today-day 9 of novena.I been so worried,didn’t have any clue or $ on how/when if she was going to return froma bad situation in a far away state.Thanku so much for getting her on this flight with her cousin today;another added answer to prayer;if she didn’t go with her cousin(insane flight/same time,she wouldn’t have ever gotten a ride today away airport..thanku so much.Also thanku for providing all that was needed to get her car home too(provision/arrangements,$) not home yet but we did find all that was needed to get it home(On way Sunday)..please continue to pray it gets to my dad’s safe&sound&all goes well with arrangements etc.Thankyou All saints,novenas,Jesus&Mary for helping my son pass very hard Military tests..pray for safe travels for us 4/5 getting to n.c. to celebrate,please give me(us) good health pain free(pray for my painful gums-bone spur,so I(we-all us can enjoy my son’s graduation,celebration,thank you for protection here and there-all us..protect us all(9) from evil bless Joe &Chris for helping us-guide them(car situation&all driver’s etc!Please help my 2 adult kids-childhood ptsd-me too..hear &answer my prayers,intentions for financial miracle to buy/own a1/2 bdrm townhouse(I own-so ican put my foot down with alcoholic daughter-prsy for her to hit bottom,sobriety-get rid of bad drug addict/alcoholic boyfriend&both them get rehab(AA),please help me to get my own place,but not a bad place..pray for her too,new life in Christ..pray for Ron,Andrea,Ryan’s moral conversion to Jesus.Blessmy son in Military-get stationed insafecountry-he will like,feel proud..pray for their marriage,fertility,business,pray for me&Andrea-Godly husband’s.pray for Satan&all his demons to leave&flee from all us now&forever,&keep all evil harassment,slanders us move to safe homes of our own-me-near my son’s state(Ron too-conversion&help me&Andrea stop spoiling &enabling our daughter.keepall evil,drunkeness,evil harrasment,brawling etc all darkness away from all us.thanku somuch!Please keep me pain free on this reunion(son’s graduation celebration)& help me get into immediate oral surgery as soon as I get home,pray all goeswell with return of car to my dad’s(Aug 31)&keep us all well&safe travels&congeniality.thanku so much Saints,Jesus&Blessed Mother..I sure need Yous,we all do..answer the prayers of all who are praying these novenas!!😍

  16. My son is going through a troubling divorce in spite of his sacrifices to his family. It has affected every fiber of his life and it pains me to see him go through this. This week, the judge granted him temporary custody of the children because his wife failed the drug test. I had asked God to take over the situation and let her evil plans be exposed so that the law can judge who is doing the right thing by the children. The evidence threw light on her irresponsible behavior. I am thankful. I look forward to the entire saga to come to an end in my son’s favor. This I pray in Jesus name. Amen.

  17. Prayers for my daughter Victoria to find employment in a more beneficial company. She’s applying at USPS. May our Lord grant this or whatever he wants for her

  18. Praying this novena has really changed things around for me. I was so nervous about an issue I was having at work, and after the 1st day of praying this novena to St.Anne I received news of extensions that would give me more time to complete what I didn’t think I would be able to finish. I truly am grateful that these novenas are available to us.

  19. My Dad has been suffering with digestive related problems for years. His physician finally recommended a procedure to help identify any underlying problem that could be the cause. We were really apprehensive on what the outcome would be and prayed fervently.

    Thank God, the results came and there is nothing to worry!!!

  20. Last year on the feast of Saint Anne and Saint Joachim I got my current job, not what I thought I was praying the novena for but a prayer answered nonetheless! Thank you Saint Anne!

  21. -God has began the job of Electricity Company for me.
    -God has given me a piece job as I wait for a permanent one.
    -God has brought someone to my place
    Thank you St. Anne for your intercession.

  22. I to thank and praise God almighty in advance for He will do with our supernatural financial overflow and marriages! Thank you St Anne for you and your beautiful daughter, Our Mother, for interceding on our behalf and putting our woes and burden in front of the throne of mercy and majesty! I can’t wait to celebrate our testimonials here! Give God all the glory for He is Holy, Mighty in battle and all Powerful!! Amen

  23. I thank you for the job that you gave me. I also pray that I get to keep it for awhile and that tomorrow I can work there. I also pray that I can put money in savings.

  24. I said this novena last year for my son to find a good catholic girl, this year he is now dating a lovely girl whom he hope to make his wife…. thank you Sts Anne and Joachim!

  25. Dear St Anne
    I thank you for you intercession and know you are preparing a way for me to meet my future husband


  26. Thank You Blessed St. Anne for interceding on my behalf to the Almighty God, Lord Jesus Christ my Savior, through His Blessed Mother Mary and foster father, Blessed St. Joseph and All Ye Holy Angels, Saints and Archangels . The Sovereign Father heard my cries, saw my tears and suffering and cured all my stomach ailments, the discomforts, pains, belching, gassiness , my fears, anxieties . He also heard and answered my prayers for others, my Son Christopher, mother Margaret, siblings, family, friends and loved ones . He supplied all my daily needs in spite of my wretchedness
    My prayer is for The doer of the Impossible to help me gain weight.
    l Believe, Hope and Trust with Faith that he will let it me gain weight in due time. For this l give God the Glory and Praises. I Thank You Lord God Almighty. I worship and Adore Thee. I Exalt and Magnify Your Name. I shout to all nation Your Mighty and Wonderful Deeds to me. Praise the Lord O MY SOUL AND ALL THAT IS WITHIN ME BLESS YOUR HOLY NAME. Amen 🙏

  27. There has been lost of improvement in my grandson. I would like to thank St Anne in praying to her grandson for my grandson. I still go on pray that he may healed from his illness and be healed by setting, standing, walking, and talking too as a normal child would do. Thank you dear St Ann.

  28. Holy St Anne yesterday on day 8 of this powerful novena my son rang to say he had a health break through. The diagnosis may be simpler than he thought.
    Please continue to help him to rediscover God in his life and to soon find the one he is to marry.
    Please continue to protect, heal and show him the path to happiness.
    Show you Lord and all the saints!

  29. Thank you St. Anne for prayers answered! I had to have a repeat mammogram today and was very, very nervous. St. Anne interceded on my behalf and I received good news that everything was okay.

  30. I wish to acknowledge a great favour I received from St. Anne
    I never pray for material goods but when “my back was to the wall” I did pray during the novena for help. The next day cash arrived out of the blue. I knew that St. Anne had answered my prayer.
    I also heard during the Novena that my lovely deceased mother- in – law had had great devotion to St. Anne. It was lovely to know that there was that link and also that I was continuing the tradition.
    God bless you all and your great work.

  31. Praise God! We received an offer on our house on day 8 of the Novena. It has been on the market for 11 months. Amen!

  32. I pray that my dogs health improves/ I pray that her weight stays the same/ and that her mobility increases. thanks deb

  33. Thank you Saint Anne for your prayers my friend Papi Masilo still in ICU but he has moments now, getting better day by day he opened his eyes and the legs are moving, there’s now peace in my family in Jesus name amen

  34. Thank you St Ann for interceding for my 43yr old son with complex mental health needs but has no support because our great NHS is cash strapped. To access some help he had to get himself arrested. Thank you that this time he was not charged with any offence, nor remanded in prison but released with the police insisting that he was visited by the Mental Health Crisis Team. Please intercede for him to receive ongoing help instead of “closing” his file. He is an Adult with ADHD and Autism.

  35. Thank you St. Anne for your intersession for our daughter. She landed that much needed job with all of the benefits she needed for her family! I also thank all of you for your added prayers. God is good all of the time!

  36. Dear St Anne…Thank you I saw a small change in my daughter’s behaviour. she’s been depressed and confused in her relationship in recent times.
    Shower your blessings on her and her partner help them continue to look up to Jesus and focus on serving Him
    Help my son find a good Catholic life partner
    May all this happen to glorify Jesus’s name I make this prayer in the Mighty namer of Jesus. Amen.

  37. Have been praying for my friend Matiuda(she had financial difficulties) to sit for her final exams and thanks be to God, she is writing her exams.
    Have been praying for my friend Theresa to go to her disired tertiary institution and today she got registered. Thanks be to God.

  38. During this novena, I prayed for a successful surgery for my sister who was to undergo a major operation and indeed the surgery was successful. Thank you Jesus for answered prayers through the intercession of st Anne. I am trusting that God will answer my pray for a job of my dreams Amen

  39. One of my prayer points is for St Anne to intercede and enable me get a job that will meet my material needs in this life.

    While I have not yet landed a job, I have had 2 interviews and a life changing opportunity may be in the pipeline, all of these happened during the period of my Novena.

    May God see all of my petitions to fruition in Jesus name. Amen.

  40. Dear St. Anne…thank u for answering my prayer for employment. Your son answered in his perfect timing & will. I love u & will always have u as my special patron. As yours os also my mothers name & my middle name.
    Thank you

  41. I greatful for St Anne prayers there is peace and love in my family, my business is doing well and I’m still praying for more breakthrough in my business. Amen

  42. I am asking to everybody to please pray for my daughter Cassandra to pass her polygraph/voice analysis test that she failed x 2 she don’t know what else to do about it she said she doesn’t have nothing to hide she always answer those questions truthfully, they always say that the machine don’t like her answers. Please help us she got a family of 3 kids the oldest a boy 5 and a set of twin girls one year old on August 2. Please help it’s really urgent. Thank u everybody Grandmother St Anne will listen.

  43. My son has finally receive a diagnosis for the symptoms he has been experiencing for months. Although it is a chronic disease we are confident he will be able to manage it.
    Thank you for your prayers.

  44. Our sons court case involving his son’s abuse at school was resolved in his favor. Thanks be to God for his Mercy.

  45. Thank for finding a way to get a loan to ease the immediate crisis. Paying back will b a challenge but one we are grateful. In your grandchild Christs’s name I thank you. Also, Thank you, your husband and daughter. We are not worthy but your grace has given us blessings. Thank God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. AMEN

  46. I have a very difficult work situation now, and all of your prayers would be most wonderful. Knowing that we are all pray for each other is a blessing to the heart! ❤️

  47. My brother Paul is still doing well. Thanks for all the prayers please keep them coming. He not out of the wood yet. But doing better.
    FDD Dan KofC SM

  48. I specifically asked for 3 things at the beginning of this novena, all seemed impossible at the beginning, but to God be the glory, one which seemed the most difficult and impossible has just been granted. To God be the glory as I await the fulfilment of others.

  49. I prayed for my masters degree research project to be approved by my supervisor. Into the second day of this Novena I received an approval from my supervisor. I have also been praying for new job. I was called for an interview and I got a positive feed back.though nothing yet confirmed I am trusting the Lord that the job is mine. Thank you God

  50. I have been praying for peace in my family all while . Praying this novena into the 5th day with the intersssession of our Glorious grandmother St Anne peace started to reign in the family. I pray for the good Lord to sustain the Peace for the Glory of God. Thank you Lord.

  51. I was in need of some money and last night I prayed that my siblings we are together as directors will agree to loan me and to the glory of God they did agree without questioning. I thank you St Anne for intercession

  52. Thanks San Ann for your powerful intercession Yes, God have answered my greatest heart desires. Am so so happy, God have real blessed me. Me and my long waited husband have come together and I believe God will open all other doors remaing through Jesus name our Lord Amen. Thank you San Ann

  53. My younger brother graduated last year and had been believing God for a job. They had a baby and he had been worried about not being employed. He went for an interview and got confirmation to start his new job today. All glory be to God Amighty for this miracle.
    St. Anne, thank you for your intercession.

  54. Last fall, I prayed a novena for a friend who had suffered several miscarriages and secondary infertility after having her first child several years ago. She was very much hoping to have more children but resigned it might not be God’s will. I had also given her medals of St. Gerard and St. Anne, as I had devotions to both during my own struggle with miscarriage and secondary infertility.

    My friend became pregnant and was due in late August. She had a very healthy, happy pregnancy until a few weeks ago, when she delivered her baby prematurely at 33 weeks. I’ve offered this St Anne novena for her and her baby girl and am so happy to report that her baby was released from the NICU and allowed to go home this week.

  55. St Anne answered my emergency prayer
    that a family relationship be healed and that our adult son would join us on an outing with his 94 year old grandpa.

    Thank you St. Anne

  56. For employment, thank you Holy Grandmother for your help. I praise JESUS for his mercy and await the other petitions to be answered in the name of JESUS. Amen

  57. My son had cancer surgery and chemo. He is doing really well!!
    I have prayed to St. Ann daily. She is my confirmation saint.
    Many answered prayers!!
    I really enjoyed praying this novena.

  58. Dear All,
    Please join me to thank God …For the gift of life, for forgiveness of sin, for protection, for journey mercies,for gift of my Parents, Brothers & their family, for gift of self control, for patience,for getting a positive response for an application submitted since February.
    I thank St. Anne for her intercession. I am sincerely grateful.

  59. My prayer for my husband to have a successful lazer surgery and a good outcome was answered. Thanks be to God!!!

  60. I have included the request for negative results of the genetic test my daughter had done for cancer genes. We have a lot of cancer in our family. She received her results today, the last day of the novena. They are negative! Thank you Sweet Jesus for hearing the prayers of your Grandmother, St. Anne

  61. One of my petitions have been answered, I prayed for an increase in faith and I believe that it was answered as I talk to God all the time. In the past I hardly ever did.

  62. I prayed for my husband to believe in God again . After a work issue, he decided that he did not believe in God. He is slowly coming back to the faith. Thank you Sts. Anne and Joachim.

  63. My daughter had a great doctor’s appointment today. That has been my prayer and I feel she is in the right pAth. Praise God and St Anne for intersections. Thank you !🙏

  64. I prayed for my niece who had to have extensive back surgery done to repair what the cancer tried to destroy. She came through the surgery fine. Now she can begin her chemo treatments when she is stronger. She is young and has a son who is 8. I am truly grateful to God and St. Anne for listening. I would appreciate it if everyone would continue to keep my niece in your prayers. I am also praying for another niece (her sister) to have a chance to get pregnant again. She lost her first child due to miscarriage (water broke) after 6 months. Same family! Please pray for the strength of their parents to endure all of this. Thank you!

  65. I have been blessed with a job. It’s a temp to hire. I have met my 3 month agreement. My prayer is get hired full time and permanent with a fair pay.

  66. My daughter has been in a relationship with a worrisome man for some time now. We’ve listened and prayed that she would be led by the Lord, St Anne, and all the saints, to recognize the reality of what life with him would mean. She’s finally realizing it herself! Thank you, Lord, and please continue to watch over and guide her!

  67. Thank you St Anne , Mother of our Blessed Mother Mary. And GMother of my Lord Jesus Christ, I thank you for your intersection , yesterday my Test of Breast Cancer came good, I was scared , but I ask God for Mercy and strength and for his will. To my surprise they said , we see you next year , you are good to go.!!!2002 ,first Breast Cancer, 201o Lung Cancer 2015 Brest Cancer again, The am in remission, Praise be God.!!!! Our Lady-queen of Peace, and St Anne.!

  68. Dear Saint Anne,

    Thank you for granting me peace and guidance during my job interview. I ask that you provide me and those in need of work a job where we can utilize our knowledge and expertise and have a very supportive team. Thank you again for starting to open doors to jobs and for the daily blessings. .

  69. Thank you StAnn for interceding for me in answering my prayers that my daughter has conceived a child. I give thanks and prayers de to my god.Amrn 🙏

  70. My husband and I have been struggling with infertility. I’ve also had two miscarriages in the past. We have been praying for the Lord to bless us with children, and that was my special intention during this novena to St. Anne. Yesterday (day 8 of the novena) we got news that I am pregnant. Only 6 weeks along, but for now there is a strong heartbeat. We know it was through the intercession of St. Anne and Mother Mary that the Lord heard our prayers.

    We will continue to pray that this child will live to see the light on Earth.


  71. Sister Camille Crabbe was very and is very ill with stage 3 Lymphoma non hodgkin cancer and 2 weeks ago we did not think she would make it through 1 more week and she has recovered to where she is in her wheel chair and is able to take a shower yesterday. Has started eating and is getting stronger every day. She is a wonderful person and does so much for the poor in Baja California. Thank you for her recovery and will pray for it to continue.

  72. The Lord always answers our prayers. We may not see the result as of yet but I know He does what is best for us. We need to listen. Thank you Dear St. Ann. Thank you always my Blessed Lord . God bless always John-Paul and Annie

  73. I had my colonoscopy scheduled on the 2nd day of this novena to St. Anne and asked for intercession of healing. I had been having every 6-week infusions to not have flare ups since 2009. The result was normal and the doctor said that if they didn’t know of my history of ulcerative colitis, they wouldn’t have known from the result. Thank you St. Anne and to Pray More Novenas for interceding. God bless you more!

  74. Praise be to our God almighty! Thank you St. Anne, St. Joachim, their daughter our blessed Mother Mary, all the saints and angels for your intercession. Our prayers have been answered we are finally pregnant.

  75. Grateful thanks to St. Anne for the blessings received for leading Joanne to an understanding and accommodating bank manager to process her mortgage, after the stressful time she had with another manager.
    Thank you St. Anne for the quick specialist appointment and date of the procedure Lo needed to stop her heavy bleeding.
    I pray for blessings of a loving and strong bond with my grandchildren and for spiritual blessings for all of us.

  76. I am thankful for being part of this community. One of my intentions, the one that preoccupied me the most was answered on Tuesday. Blessed be Jesus. Through the intercession of St Anne, Jesus granted my request. I really needed monetary help to cover rent. Right at the cut off time, a friend helped me without any hesitations. I am so thankful, glory to God.

  77. Saint Anne, Saint Joachim and their daughter our Blessed mother Mary with their intercessions, our Awesome God answered my prayers and gave my daughter a job she’s been looking for! She has gone fo many interviews and got rejected in most of them. On the first day of the novena after praying, the next day, she received an email accepting her as full time paid intern! I’m believing God that by the time she will finish the internship, she will get a permanent job!
    Thank you St. Anne for your intercessions! Thank our Blessed mother Mary and thank JESUS!!!

  78. My son and husband have been struggling with their relationship. Looks like they are taking steps together to mend their hearts .

  79. My neighbor Eddie has been trying for 6 years to get much needed disability insurance. Finally, it has been approved for him.

  80. Praises to God for answering my prayer!
    Thanks be to St. Anne for interceding for me!
    1) Husband contemplating relocation to another job out of state… He has changed his mind now, and is at peace.
    2) Father in Law is feeling physically better and more mentally at peace now, since the death of his wife (my husband’s mother) 1 month ago.
    Thank you, my Lord Jesus!

  81. I’m a single mother of 2 and still have a strong call and desire to marriage. I’m asking St Anne to send us a good man and for total healing and removal of all barriers (physical, emotional, mental) that prevent my future husband and I from meeting. I pray for patience, chastity, Hope and fortitude while I wait and pray that I am consoled in times of loneliness. I trust in God’s time and know His plan is perfect ❤️

  82. Our prayer for help with tuition has been answered. Thanks for all who prayed. May God our Father continue to bless each and every one of you.

  83. I had stopped saying the rosary every day and had not done so for several months. I was praying the St. Anne novena and it occurred to me that I should resume saying the rosary daily — so I did, and it has brought me much happiness. God bless you all!