Answered Prayers from the St. Anne Novena, 2018

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Thank you for joining us in praying this novena to St. Anne, the mother of Mary and Grandmother of Jesus!

If you’ve had any prayers answered throughout this novena, please share those with us all below!

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  1. Dear St. Anne,
    Today I came to you for help. Please mother of Mary. You had a spouse that is way you have Mary and a grandson Jesus. Please pray for me that Double M will swallow his pride. That God will give him humility and be understanding to me. I pray that he unblock me on we need to talk and be friends again..pray for me that he will be my future spouse. Am in need of the gift of a family. Amen

  2. I prayed for st Cajetan and my prayed were respond and I am so happy that I found the pet job. I am praying for my other requests and I am very optimistic about them. Thank you god , thank you Jesus.

  3. For the return of my son to our family home when his lease is up at the end of the month – his return to the scapular, rosary, and all things he was raised with – he left abruptly awhile back and I have been praying for his return. I ask for the close relationship we once had as parent and child and for his brother as well – they used to be best friends but his relationships are ones that do not bring our family closer together. I ask for the exit and release of these relationships and for clarity and humility for him. Help him find his way back and for both my sons to find future spouses of the scapular cloth and rosary who will bring out their best and work to get their families to heaven. For myself to also find a good man who will be an example to them no matter what their age as their own father is not capable and is not concerned with their souls. Thank you.

  4. Dearest St. Anne – Thank God for His help! Praise Him! Please pray for me to find another job where I am at the right level for my years of experience and education – preferably a promotion! :). I also would like a role that utilizes my background more and helps others. It would be great if my role had more of the respect of my colleagues – it is not appreciated where I work and it is wearing me down. Please help me pay off my debts including my very large student loan. (And help me find a great and solid spouse, but it looks less and less likely that will happen. lol)

  5. A pray for a new job employment opportunityam going hardship right, and also praying for healing of all sicknesses and suffering .amen

  6. I have been praying to St Jude and St Anne since April and would like to thank them for their devoted intercession. I have witnessed many miracles, from bringing me closer to my Lord, to healing my broken heart, to helping me move on and let go of pain, these two beautiful saints I am forever indebted to. Most importantly, they have showed me how to humbly submit to Gods Devine will. So often we pray to these saints out of pain or heartbreak, wishing nothing but what we beg. When I learnt to change my prayer to submit to God, I gained peace and that is thanks to these saints. In this petition, I asked for a reunion with my ex. I am seeing him tomorrow and will post the result. But what I wanted to stress is that regardless of the outcome, I believe and am so thankful in and for the intercession of St Jude and St Anne, because they have given me a gift that is unbreakable and that is a closer bond to my Lord Jesus Christ. Keep up your faith, never give up, but remember Gods Will will bring you peace. Pray for it.

  7. Father lord I’ve been saying the novena prayer for 9 days to get pregnant and it never worked. Why doesn’t my Lord want me have a baby? I want a baby so bad. Please help me lord

  8. Please pray for the reunite of me and himanshu. I’ve struggled a lot keeping it intact but i think something was not right. Tho ive been blessed with the grant of my last novena that we actually talked after months. I pray this time our bond gets reunite and this time stronger . I ask for the intercession of st. Anne . Please bless us , although there’s isn’t any chance till now. But i do have faith in the holy Trinity and st anne. Bless us saint anne. You’re my last hope. _/ \_

  9. Today St Anne and St Jude answered a very specific prayer that I have been making in the midst of my novena. I asked that for an upcoming encounter with my ex, that they would soften his heart towards me. During this encounter, I felt at ease and could feel there was no harshness or coldness directed at anyone. I truly believe with all my soul and am so thankful that this is the work of the intercession from St Anne and St Jude. Ever since this break up started I have been praying to these two saints. Although it began by begging for my ex back, they touched my heart to develop my prayer to focus more on God and healing my heart with Christ love. Not only have they helped me heal, but they have also helped me move on and let go of someone I never knew I could. They showed me the lack of room I had or God by idolizing this ex and helped me improve my relationship with Christ. I strongly recommend for anyone going through a difficult time to pray to these saints. They may not answer your prayers or they may even help you change your prayers, but they are always working to work in Christ’s way. In this novena, I have asked that they help me let go and move on from my ex. Whilst this will be a long process, I am so thankful that I can already feel their miracles at hand working to help me heal. I do not know Gods plans for me. But I do have a strong relationship with him now thanks to these beautiful saints. Thank you, Saint Jude and Saint Anne.

  10. Today I want to thank and praise both st Anne and st Jude for hearing my prayers. I have prayed to them quiet a lot and in this novena, I felt as if I should change my prayer. When I did, it was liberating. I asked that if my ex and I are meant to be that god brings us back but in the meantime I asked for healing and help moving on. I have reached the end of the novena and I truly feel stronger than before. Healing is an ongoing process but I am so blessed and want to shout for joy that I have both st Jude and st Anne interceding for me. They are so kind and loving, I am truly blessed to have prayed this novena. If you are disheartened that your prayer isn’t being answered, don’t lose hope or stop praying the novena. Perhaps Jesus is asking you to change your prayer to reflect his will. If he is, I promise by praying to his will and will the help of these beautiful saints, you will feel free from your heart ache.

  11. I wrote earlier today thanking St Anne for interceding for me and although there were no signs of my ex and my reunion, I was eternally grateful. Well this afternoon, we have gotten in touch. I would like to praise blessed St Anne for having a helping hand in this conversation, I know that it was thanks to her and St Jude’s intercession for me. Whilst I do not know God’s will for me, I will continue to follow him faithfully. How blessed are we to have such faithful and loving saints as St Anne and St Jude.

  12. Thank you blessed St Anne for hearing my prayer to be reunited with my ex in a Christ like love. I did lose hope half way through the novena but I gathered confidence knowing that Christ’s grandmother was praying to our Lord for me. Yesterday my ex and I bumped into each other. Whilst nothing has happened I have faith that God has heard my desire. And if it is his will we will be reunited. But today I want to give praise and thanks to our beautiful St Anne, for lovingly interceding for me in a time when I lost all hope.

  13. Pls pray to get a job. My family is struggling. I need a job to uplift my family St Anne. Pls have mercy on us.tq.

  14. I am strongly believe that through the intersection of St Anne my prayers of last January has been answered
    I prayed for my relationship with my boyfriend getting stronger and progressing into the next level.
    I am grateful and happy now that through the intersession of St Anne my prayers has been answered on the most beautiful way
    My boyfriend finally ready to propose me and i am now open to receive his marriage proposal and we both decided to start our life together and choose to love and accept and love each other unconditionally.
    My relationship with his family is better now his mother loved me so much, everyone are so happy seeing is getting back together.
    If you’re about to lose hope, remember all of the blessings and gifts that God has given us so far and never never lose faith. Remember ask and you shall receive. God is Good all the time. God bless

  15. I had struggled a lot in relationships. Almost 11 yrs I spent in finding love. In my life, I met guys who just wanted to use me but they never loved me. I was so devastated that I felt I will never get love in my life. Somehow I discovered about this novena prayer. After doing it, I found love of my life. I am grateful to St. Anne for this blessing. She has given me a new life.

  16. Please St .Anne pray for my son Fabian so that he will be a normal typical child without any disease or sydrome.Amen..Thank You St Anne

  17. Please pray that st. Anne will intercede with me and my landlord. My husband is having a serious operation and he cant be moved but she is taking us to court to get us out so she can sell her house please pray for favor from my landlord so we dont have to move.

  18. St Anne, I calkbupon young intercede with God for me to help me in my relationship. My fiancee left me and his son, and he nolonger communicates not supports us. Please help me bring him back and let him come back to us. I pray that he starts communicating with me because when ibreach out to him, he doesnt answer or call back and pray that he forgives me if I’ve wronged him. I pray that we can work things out and save our marriage. St Anne, please revive our relationship. Amen

  19. My prayer request I ask St Anne to intercede in my life. I ask that my good friend will forgive me and call me soon. I have tried to reach out with no response. I pray that we can talk and work things out. I pray that we can release the hurt and forgive another. St Anne please give our relationship another chance. I’m praying daily and it’s really hurting my heart. Please pray St Anne will answer my prayer and we can be friends again soon..

  20. Hi Everyone, I am praying to St. Anne to help me keep my job..I am a single mom to two boys and cannot lose my job..and also to bring the right man and relationship into my life for my boys and I if it is Gods will. Please pray that St. Anne will be able to answer my prayers..thank you and Amen.


  21. Pls pray for me St. Anne. That I find a good life partner.n loving n caring in-laws, Who will not leave me alone. N support me always.

  22. Please help me pray to St. Anne that my pregnancy is viable and healthy baby. May this week we can find a strong heartbeat thru ultrasound. Please help me pray that thru St. Anne our Lord will answer all my urgent request..amen

  23. Dear all,

    Please pray that my sickness isn’t breast cancer as I have been suffering from a nagging pain in my left breast.
    In God’s grace I ask for a cure.

  24. My daughter is still in labour.she is suffering a lot
    St please interced to your daughter Mary and your grand son Jesus to help her soon

  25. Thank you Saint Anne. for prayers answered. My daughter has a positive pregnancy test after many months of trying.

  26. I’m praying for the man I like and who likes me in return to be able to move to the next level. I pray with whole heart and mind and believe St Anne and her novena came to me at the perfect time…St Anne I pray that you answer my and my daughters prayers and grant our intentions.
    Thank you St Anne and God for listening and helping me in my time of need. The unknown is a very scary place for me and I look to your guidance Amen

  27. To all the angels and saints and everyone that reads this. I am praying for the man that asked me to marry him twice, that God will bless him, be with him and keep him in His care. That God touch and soften his heart towards me That our love and friendship will continue to grow stonger everyday and that God will help him in his struggles.I pray for our love, forgiveness in short comings and blessing for our union.
    Help us to get marry this year with the blessings from his family. Amen

  28. St Anne
    I pray as woman you know how important a loving kind supportive husband is not only to his wife but I also pray a guiding hand with my daughters. I pray that this man will give me all
    I have lost and be my loyal faithful loving beyond what I could imagine husband that I can cherish all the days of our lives. That God honors me with a “ double portion of honour and a double share of prosperity “ in my marriage to this divinely appointed union that God Himself has created. May it be soon and may in be miraculous. Amen

  29. One month after praying the ST. Anne Novena, him and i found each other, he is everything i prayed for in this novena. Still praying to St. Anne to see this relationship through. Thanks Grand mum for your intercession. Thank you God for answering my prayers.

  30. Two days after praying this Novena I was offered a job. Also, that same day was my last day at my previous job. I have always been a believed in prayers, but now I’m a confirmed believer .
    Thank you St. Anne

  31. Great news: my daughter’s pregnancy improved (7 wks) and she may end up with a normal one vs high risk if all continues the way it is in the next 2 weeks! Thank you, Blessed Mother and all praying this novena.

  32. I am happy to say that one of the three prayer requests I had was granted: my document request proceeded smoothly! Thanks be to St Anne and St Monica! I have faith that in due time, my other two requests will be granted too.

  33. My prayers have been answered. We have been trying to sell our home for awhile now and the day we finished praying this novena is the exact day that our house was sold. I am so grateful to EWTN because, this is where I was introduced to Annie and John Paul. They were talking about the pray more novenas. I quickly signed up and have been praying all the novenas since then. Thank you JESUS. Thank you to everyone. I pray that everyone’s prayers will be answered. If not this time keep praying I know they will all be answered. We need to be patient and trust in God.He knows when the time is right. Thank you. God bless.
    PS I am also praying that one day Annie and John Paul will have their own baby.

  34. i prayed that my son will get the franchise business approved, and finally he was awarded the business, fully funded.
    a miracle!!

  35. To all the angels and saints and everyone that reads this. I am praying for the man that asked me to marry him twice, that God will bless him, be with him and keep him in His care. That our love and friendship will continue to grow stonger everyday and that God will help him in his business endeavors. I pray for our love, forgiveness in short comings and blessing for our union.

  36. After a year of prayer and countless novenas it was the Saint Anne novena that finally ended with my husband receiving a job offer! Our family is so thankful for all the blessings we have received and for this newly answered prayer!

  37. This isn’t really an answered prayer but I do think that it is a nudge in the right direction. A few days after praying this Novena, my friend told me that she had said this prayer for her own intentions: “God, open my heart to the right people and close it to the wrong ones.” While my own Novena intentions have not yet been answered, I think that these words will help to bring them closer..and are just lovely and wise in general. Would like to share them in case they might help anyone the way it has helped me. Peace and blessings to all. Anne and John-Paul, thank you for your ministry. It is truly life-changing.

  38. I would like st Anne for giving me the strength to go through the part I thought was the hardest.I eagerly waiting to meet my life partner. St Anne I believe you’ll do it again for me

  39. One of my prayer request was for promotion, I have been in an assistant role for 4 years now with the main role being vacant for 3 years. I asked again three weeks ago about promotion and I received a letter last week that my job title will be change to the main role, but the same pay grade.
    I thank God that I do not have to go for an interview. I will continue to pray for a pay raise.

  40. i am praying to get my own home a husband and to get through with the project i want to start.I ask for forgiveness and for me to get peace. St anne please hear my petition

  41. St Ann,
    Thank you for help saving our home.
    Again you have answered my prayers now for the 2nd time. The first with my baby and now with our home. Thank you! We love you!

  42. I put another name Earlier to keep the story anonymous.

    An unbaptized friend who had recently had a big conversion experience went into some kind of mental breakdown. He was hospitalized, went back to work, still couldn’t handle it and walked off the job. That was about three weeks ago. He has a special feeling about St Anne for a bunch of reasons. On Day 1 of the Novena I received the first text I’d had from him. And tonight, he is back at work. He will be baptized on the 17th of August. As a Baptist not a Catholic and I believe this is best because his mom is Baptist and I think it’s good for him to have lots of family support. He loves the Catholic Church and the Saints and I believe they are very pleased that he’s getting baptized! He seems much better. Thank you, St Anne!!!

  43. My daughter is engaged to a terrific guy! Thank you, St. Anne, for prayers answered! Praying that they continue to grow in holiness and love for each other and God.

  44. I am currently in a very difficult time in my life and was facing an interview for a advancing in my career. I prayed the novena to St. Anne and I just found out I got the job today. There are still plenty of challenges and obstacles ahead but this answer from God really helped me out. Have faith and keep praying. God is listening.

  45. I prayed for a life partner, I was blessed with two job opportunities one of which I’m to start next month. I learnt to listen more when I pray than to always just ask. I believe God has a reason for blessing me with a job

  46. This daily prayer is my wake up call to do better about opening my email and saying the prayers. But in my absence I know you have all been praying for me!!! Our daughter’s boyfriend who is a recovering heroin addict – and who has been clean for almost 2 years just yesterday started a new job (in his field of training/electrical) after having not worked for over 10 years and not having any luck with finding a job. Many blessings through the power of prayer.

  47. My lost dog Bambino was found a couple of days ago, after one week. I prayed the St. Anne novena during that time and asked for his return, among others. I also prayed to St. Anthony, Saint of Lost Objects, and St. Francis, Saint of Animals.

    Thank you so much, St. Anne!

  48. Hello Annie & John Paul,
    I wanted to give thanks and praise to St. Anne for her intercession. I prayed for a favorable outcome on cardiac tests I had performed and praise God all of the cardiac tests were normal. I love St. Anne and pray she will continue to intercede for my family and me.
    God bless you,

  49. Thank you Father for answering my prayer for Bobby. We recieved news that his thyroid cancer and his autoimmune disease is in remission. Praise God! Thank you St Anne and all that have been praying for this miracle.

  50. Thank you St. Ann!!! My son-in-law got a new, good job. I prayed that God would prepare the perfect job for him and lead him to it. And, that is exactly what happened. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  51. Thank you St. Anne and Joachim for an answer to my prayers. My daughter is an only child and had problems with her best friend and felt really alone and anxious all summer wondering how she was going to cope once school started. So we prayed the novena asking for St Anne to intercede on her behalf so God would send her companionship and help her have peace. While at orientation we bumped into her friend and she came up and gave her a hug and started crying and saying that she was sorry. In no time they were giggling again and my daughter feels way better about her new school year. Thank you St. Anne. As soon as this happened we knew it was you who had heard and come to our assistance.

  52. I would like to say thank you again St. Anne for another prayer request answered. I had been praying for my niece and her husband and children for a favourable interview. They were granted asylum in the U.S. on Tuesday, July 31, 2018. Thank you all who prayed the Novena with me. I give glory and praise to God.

  53. Thank you Saint Anne and Joachim for your intercession… Thank you God for keeping my long term benefits. Thank you all for praying this most powerful novena. I am truly humbled.

  54. I prayed for 3 very specific people/situations and I truly believe that through this novena, all of them were answered! I cannot express what I miracle this was and I so filled with gratitude and awe! God is so good! Truly blessed!

  55. My Testimony !!!

    I’m going through a very difficult and sensitive period in my life.However,through God’s Grace and Mercy can see an opportunity to change it all for the better.The most difficult issue,being that I’m restricted by law and have to follow certain not very pleasant procedures to attain my goal.The first steps of the process was very scary and I asked St.Anne’s intercession.Gladly and for God’s glory,I happened to successfully go through the first risky huge step,that opened the door for negotiations.I thank God for this and the many more blessings in my future…Amen.

  56. I would like to thank everyone in this group and also share my joy for my answered prayers. I was praying for a friend who has been trying to get pregnant and was going through a lot of fertility procedures. And that was very stressful in their marriage too. I did not tell her that I was praying this novena. But a miracle happened on day 6 she shared with me that she was pregnant. I could not believe this testimony and was almost in tears. Please continue praying for her and her husband for a healthy pregnancy and marriage.

  57. I have been praying this and a number of novenas so that my husband and I can be blessed with children. However, this time, in addition to the emails, I also used the book by Annie, and through it, got to discover many MANY areas where God has been faithful in my life, and got to discover many MANY areas where I can include God. I may not be pregnant, but I really feel that this Novena has given me the tools to heal areas which I was hoping would be solved by a baby. I believe now that when God grants us child(ren), they won’t be band-aids to solve other issues, but a blessing to lead to God. In the meantime, I will wait, and pray.

  58. Thank you St Anne for answering our prayers, we received a good news from our lawyer to go ahead with the sale agreement, as there is a conflict between us owners. our house is sold

  59. Thank you St.Anne for answered prayers.
    On the 17th July I received a call from my previous employers being invited to sign a contract for six weeks. I had been laid off at the end of December.What a relief.It came when I least expected it.

    Just to show how great our God and how powerful the prayers of St Anne’s and other Novenas are, from February I was not feeling well and towards end of April I thought I was on the road to full recovery.But lo and behold I was diagnosed with Deep Vein Thrombosis(DVT) a condition that can be fatal.I was on total bed rest for close to five weeks. During this period I thought I was never going back to work .
    As healjng progressed the doctor advised me to start exercising,I found walking a challenging especially the first two weeks.However, when I got into the third week in which the St Anne novena commenced the walking progressed and that is the time I was called back yo work.Total recovery was made then.
    Thank you St Anne .Thank you to all Novenas who prayed for me.Thank you to Paul and Anne.

    Folks do not give up on Novenas.If your request is not answered it does not necessarily mean denial. One day it will be answered.Keep on keeping on our Lord will respond positively.
    Thank you.

  60. I just wish to pen my gratitude and thanksgiving to Novena of St Ann that my husband is granted a full time job in 1st August. Million thanks.

  61. I prayed this novena for clarity in my relationship with my boyfriend. We had been dating for a couple years and I wasn’t sure if he was ready to move forward in our relationship. The next day (July 27) he proposed!

  62. Praise be God.
    I am a Military Officer, I’m for a peace keeping Mission in another country which is not safe, terrorism is every where. When I arrived here I was deployed at a camp that ain’t very dangerous(though not place is safe on this land), for 2 months, later, I was transferred to another camp that is very dangerous and the road to and from, very risky traveling on it (many IEDs), ( it’s a miracle reaching and leaving for another destination safely). When I reached there life became so tough, challenging, but God was in control!
    It so happened, my long time friend, offered to get me an appointment in another department in a less dangerous place(H/Qs). That night I did not bother praying over it. The following day I thought of praying to St. Anne to intercede for me, so that my immediate commander gives me permission to take up the job offer.
    I decided to pray all St. Anne’s Novena prayers of 9days at once, asking for that favor, in my heart though I must confess I doubted it would come out on my favor(knowing how complicated it was, switching departments, and how rigid my immediate COMDR was).
    The day that followed, I started the Novena as it should be with Day 1 prayer, 3days after my friend’s proposal, I talked to my COMDR and he told me that was impossible, so I calmed down and forgot about the whole idea, to my heart I thought St. Anne didn’t listen to my prayer or chose to ignore, I felt down but I knew there was a reason as to why it happened that way.
    Amazingly with in less than 2 weeks, the Overall commander of the entire Battle Group I’m in, called me in the morning on phone(I remember that day I had decided to fast and pray for some thing else), he told me to prepare myself and get ready to leave that place and go back to where I was 1st deployed, and had spent 2 months.
    2ndly my colleague too, sent me some money that very morning.
    Surprisingly, none of the two favors, did I ask for, from either of the two!
    Foolishly I did not think of St. Anne being the one behind this since I was sure that she didn’t help me the time I wanted her to, until yesterday when I thought deeply about the favor of transfer from that place though not exactly to where I had asked to go, but to a much better place.
    I therefore came to a conclusion that it’s because of St. Anne’s intercession that God heard and answered my Prayers.
    I pray and hope that God answers every one who prayed this and pray more other Novenas.
    I thank you St. Anne, Our Mother Mary, Our Lord Jesus, for all the blessings we have received and still receiving in Jesus Mighty name, Amen.

  63. On the last day of the Novena to St. Anne I received a phone call that a kidney donor who had been previously rejected, passed a necessary medical test and would be considered as a donor for my son. Thank you St. Anne.

  64. My daughter did not go out with blind date from dating app. I was worried because she has never dated before and she just turned 18 and the whole dating app generation is foreign to me. I want my daughter to know I love her and that I trust her and pray she will always pray for the right guys to date and that she will ask and allow God to guide her to the right ones. I pray that God will bring her the right one to marry some day.

  65. I was left by my partner unexpectedly. He had got someone else pregnant and I found out he had a gambling addiction leaving me in a broken emotional and dreadful practical/financial state in that I couldn’t afford the rent to keep the roof over my head.
    I have been praying novenas over the past several months. I have now found myself in a position I never thought possible and have been able to buy my own little cottage..I exchanged contracts on 25th and complete on 3rd August.
    I can’t thank God enough and would say to anyone do not lose hope and faith… our prayers are heard and answered. Xxx

  66. Prayer has been answered. It is a work in progress but I am definitely seeing Gods hand in this. Thank you St Anne for your prayers and intercession. I am forever grateful.

  67. Thank you, thank you St. Anne for praying for me. I am healed, I am healed. I was praying for complete healing of my knee and now I am healed. Thank you Lord, thank you Jesus and thank you Holy Spirit for healing me. Glory be to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be world without end. Amen. Thanks to everyone who prayed the Novena with me. Special thanks to John Paul & Anne your prayers.

  68. Thank you St. Anne and everyone praying for and with me. I received a job in a Catholic school that I had been praying for and a miracle in my marriage that I have been praying for.
    Praise God! Hail Mary!

  69. Thank you Saint Anne for your prayers so I could have a baby when I couldn’t get pregnant!! I got to have two babies then because of your prayers. A boy and a girl. 50 years ago. That boy has 11 year old twin boys now.
    Thank you Jesus and Mary.

  70. at the last day of praying the novena, i got an unexpected message after 4months from my ex boyfriend asking how i am. I have accepted the fact that we will no longer come into terms again. Although nearing the 4month of being separated, i cannot explain though why suddenly i was reminiscing the things about our past knowing that i have already accepted that it was totally quits this time. I was not praying specifically to make things for us. My prayer is to find somebody who will complete my family with my son given am a single parent. But whatever this turn of event is, am really hoping and praying hard that this will be a forever relationship in God’s geace and mercy and thru the intercession of this novena. Thank you, St. Anne. Amen

  71. Thank you for this website. I am encouraged to keep calm and have courage everyday to fight of all the challenges I am facing. May all those who suffer from emotional and mental distress be soothed by the calming of God. Amen.

  72. Prayed to get pregnant. It’s very early but I did get a positive test! Now praying for a smooth pregnancy and delivery!🙏🏼

  73. Thank you so much St. Anne for the answered prayer. I had a tongue biopsy last Monday. The Doctor called me up around 6 pm today and he told me that the biopsy is negative. We praise and thank God. God is good all the time.

  74. Thank you dear St. Anna for answering my prayers! I received a letter from the government says my son will receive disability payments today one day after st. Anna’s feast day. The date of the letter was July 23 which was during the Novena. This was my intention and with out a doubt my prayers were answered!

    Glory be to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit now and forever and ever. Amen!

  75. I have been praying every novena with you and also I have been praying to St. Anne for a while now as she is the holy mother of our Blessed mother and a grandmother and I have been having problems wth my Son, David, I prayed for him to find his way, find help and work to pay his bills and not be causing me so much stress. Today he tells me that this nice christian man stopped and asked him if he would work with him and help him??? so I am ever so thankful and grateful to St. Anne as i truly believe that She is the one who begged our LORD to help my son and in turn help me as I am a senior and this stress and worry is really harming my health, I prayed for peace in my life too, so I thank St. Anne and hope she will continue to bless my son and me.

  76. I have been dealing with Achilles issues for years, becoming more impaired recently. I asked for healing and although not gone, it is much improved.😊

  77. St. Anne❤️

    Thank you for wrapping my prayer petition and present them to your grandson, my Lord, Savior,
    Redeemer; Jesus Christ ❤️

    I accepted the job offer, today, I start work Monday, July 29, 2018.

    Thanks be to God❤️


  78. I prayed this on behalf of my sister and her estranged son and he reached out several times to her. Thank you St. Anne and Joachim for your blessings in our lives.

  79. I was struggling to find a job for more than 9 years, I was blessed with a new job, in my field of choice.
    My daughter made up her mind to write her nursing exams.

  80. To God be the glory! Thank you St. Anne for your powerful intercession. I have been praying for a financial miracle and today I received some news about an inheritance.
    Remain steadfast and let your faith be strong.

    God Bless

  81. So for every novena I have prayed for the same 4 things in addition to the special intention that pray more novenas asks us to pray for. However this week has been particularly stressful for me with me out of work and one of employers telling me they were not giving me my record of employment for three months from the date I last worked.This was preventing from getting employment insurance. It was so stressful.In the final day of pray more novenas we were asked to pray for the unemployed. I did and I also asked God to provide me with some source of income so I could pay my rent by July 31. Today (July 27) EI made a decision on my claim using my last pay stub. It is an interim decision and I may owe a bit when they get my ROE but I am so grateful. Praise God!

  82. Through the powerful intercession of St. Anne, some of my prayers have been graciously answered, thanks be to God! I prayed for a good tenant to come forward on our rental home, since we are struggling with finances at this time, and a few days into Novena, we received the good news that an application was approved!
    Also, I prayed for my health, and miraculously after a month of not feeling so well, most of my symptoms subsided. I feel better.
    Lastly, my husband and I have had our ups and downs in marriage. On the feast of St. Anne we both reconciled and went to Adoration and confession with the family. It’s a step in the upward direction….Thanks be to God!
    Thank you so much for hearing my prayers and interceding on my behalf, St. Anne!

  83. I got some answers to my prayers during this novena, finally.
    1) I have a potential job opportunity at the school I went to all 13 years growing up, as a full time Pre K aide. I am SO excited and really nervous. Please continue to pray for me.
    2) We finally got some measurable rainfall.
    I am continuing to pray for God’s will to be done in my life. God bless you all.

  84. This day I pray and ask you to join me in praying that Chanda Muma and Alexander K Mulenga’s prospects for employment will turn out positive so that they can help in their families bringing hope to each member and their friends too, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, I pray, Amen.