Answered Prayers from the St. Anne Novena – 2015

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St. Anne ChurchThank you for joining us in the St. Anne Novena, one of our very favorite novenas!

We hope that St. Anne’s intercession has brought you peace and comfort.

If you experienced an answered prayer during or after this novena, please share it with us all below! We must praise God, and give Him all the glory, for all the good things He is doing in our lives.

We know that for every answered prayer we share, there are many other unanswered prayers too; and we know how discouraging that can be. We don’t want you to lose hope or to stop praying.

In fact, nearly all of the Saints that we ask for intercession are incredible examples of how we should persist in our prayers and keep our faith strong. St. Anne, for example, prayed for decades to conceive before God granted this desire of hers (which would become the Blessed Virgin Mary!).

Now, if you have had some prayers go seemingly unanswered (you’re not alone), and you’ve been asking yourself, “Should I just stop praying?” — here’s a post I wrote that may be able to help:

Unanswered Prayers

Thank you for joining us in prayer!

We are praying for you.

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  1. My inlaw introduced me to Praymorenovena and since then have been partaking in almost all novenas.
    I said St Anne’s Novena and was praying for various intentions and alas on the 3rd day of this novena my boyfriend engaged me!
    I was surprised! Then i said wow! Thank you Saint Anne and Saint Joachim!
    This Novenas are very powerful because it brings you closer together everyday


  2. I began a miscarriage on the first day of this novena. I prayed that I could have the strength to miscarry at home with peace in my heart. Although the experience has been difficult, my prayers were answered.

  3. Please pray that my financial situation will improve so I can alleviate the stress in my life associated with worrying about money. Also, that I will be able to be approved for a loan to consolidate my debt and do a better job at handling my finances. I am very thankful for all of my blessings; my jobs, my ability to work, my health, my supportive family and friends. I pray to St. Anne to help me. Amen

  4. Prayed this novena for my daughter’s success in her USA visa interview. The interview was successful and the visa granted. Thank you St. Anne.

  5. I have been praying that my son would get a good-paying full time job. He has! Thanks to St. Anne and Almighty God for answered prayers!

  6. New cancer drug for a relative started working extremely well and so far great response….happened right in the middle of praying this novena to St. Anne!

  7. My husband and i are taking prerequisites for a very competitive program. They ask us to do more A’s than B’s but no C’s. I did the novena to St Anne and ask her to help us to do only A’s. She gave us courage, strength and yesterday we received our grade for the summer term, we have ONLY A’s. I praised God and say THANK YOU to St Anne.

  8. my wife got a job after this novena.she has been at home for 6yrs. to pray these novenas is fantastic and rewarding. God is is indeed faithful..pls lets continue praying them with all dedication. it works

  9. I have been praying to concieve and during the St Anne novena and have discovered we are pregnant. Feeling extremely blessed.

  10. Last year July I joined the group and I prayed the St Anne novena and my prayers have been answered. I got married in November and now I have a healthy 4 month old son. To go be the glory. Thank you so much for helping.

  11. Prayed St Anne,s Novena diligently, begging and pleading her to intercede on my nd my family financial challenge, and for a better job which would better my current part time job. I was amazed when somebody I never thought would want to offer me something, phoned my daughter the other day, for my telephone number .She has an offer for me as my daughter was told that this was urgent and I Shud expect a call from this person shortly. Im so thankful to St Anne Novena I prayed desperately hoping for God’s intervention in my situation. I’m now waiting for that better job offer to be a blessing to my family and my Church.

  12. I have been struggling with my health. I prayed the novena to Saint Anne. During the novena I found out I have an infection…an external bladder infection that I have had for 11 years. I am now taking supplements and have found great relief.
    Thank you St. Anne!

  13. I have been a widow for 7 years so my main prayer was for a spouse if it is the Lord”s will. That prayer remains to be seen.All in God’ time.

    However,the one day I prayed to St. Anne for continued good health and healing of my lungs. Two years ago they found a nodule, very small on my lung. Then they found a few more. All were very small and they have been monitoring them with cat scans. I went for a scan last Thursday and yesterday got a call that the nodules were gone! Thank you St. Anne”! All praise and glory to God!

  14. The novena was said for the sale of our home. On day 8 we had a showing from a couple who really liked it and another showing on day 9 of the novena. However, no offer came during the novena. I was a bit upset at first, yet knew I needed to trust God completely. Well, the following week the couple from day 8 made an offer and we all signed for the sale of the house. Thank you to St. Anne, Our Lady of Good Help and Our Dear Lord. God is awesome and always has us in His hands with a perfect plan.

  15. Thank You! St. Anne was my confirmation name because I wanted to immulate a perfect Mother to my son that I believed she must have been to Mary. This Novena has allowed me to get passed hard feelings and situations in my earlier life that I have finally let go amd truly forgiven. I feel a freedom and release I’ve never known. Praise to God!

  16. I have always had problems with my menstruation, I pray to Saint Anne to help me have my normal menstruation by the end of the month July.Then on this last day of July( I am in time zone of France), it did! I am so grateful for I am more convinced that God cares about us even on the very small and personal thing!O(∩_∩)O

  17. I met and fell in love with a man while I was doing training for the military. When my training ended I had to return home and we were separated. I do not know what God has in mind for our relationship but I do know how strong my feelings are for him and what I want in my heart. I had been praying for him and us everyday. Here and there we would keep in touch and catch up over the phone while we were away. On the ninth day of the novena I got a call from him saying he was on a mission only an hour from where I was and we got to meet up and see each other again after being apart for four months. It was so wonderful seeing him again and I can only continue to pray to God to help us and that his will be done.. And also to the saints to help and send us their graces for handling whatever is meant to be. Thank you St. Anne and Joachim

  18. St. Anne I am praying for a woman who l love very much. Her name is Maureen. She has been hurt in past relationships as I have. We have both been unlucky. I asked her if she was ready to receive me and she said she is praying for this to happen. I am asking for your intercession. At times I am struggling with my patience. Although I am getting stronger with my Faith I am asking for help when I do become weak.

  19. Dear St. Anne,
    Im so inspired in reading all the answered prayers posted here. I read it everyday. I hope and still praying that God will answer my hearts desire through your intercession. To God be the glory. Amen..

  20. I prayed this novena with three intentions so far two are already visible one is i passed my exams and the other is my brother who has been been very stubborn is slowly changing to be a better person.all glory to God.

  21. Praise Jesus!
    I prayed st. Ann novena for a financial breakthrough and in day seven i got a phone call from a bank i had taken a loan and cleared more than seven years ago and they told me to go and collect a check that i had over paid them. All thanks to our blessed mother for interceding for me. Thank you Jesus Praise, you Jesus AMEN

  22. I would like to thank for answering my prayer after praying St. Anne Novena. Me and my husband were just sleeping without touching each other and in different covers. I asked GOD to restore my ending marriage. On the 6th Day, My husband woke me up at about 2 am, he was failing to sleep, it was about working things out and since then, we have been good to each other. I thank GOD for hearing St. Anne’s prayers for me and my family.

  23. Thank you, St. Annne! Thank you, Jesus for answering my prayers! Just today I had two of my petitions answered. One came through in a mysterious way; the other is well on its way to completion. My faith in miracles has always been strong, even in the worst of times. When I listen and look with my faith, everything works out. I also received news that a friend’s intention was also answered. Blessed be St. Anne! All glory to God!

  24. I said this novena asking to rekindle a friendship in the hopes of developing a relationship. On day 7 of this novena we started talking again. Thank you St. Anne, each small blessing you grant me gives me hope.

  25. thank God for prayer answered, i always have problems in my marriage, which i always ask God if i am actually married to my real Man, he always misunderstands me at every little discussion, dat he always tells his family at every little misunderstanding, i prayed and creid to God, but seems he never heard me, until One day i decided i was going to leave the marriage that i was feed up with it, God in his infinite mercy arrested my husband and he came to appologise, and since then unlike us we hardly quarell. i pray God to sustain us in his love. God is wounderful.

  26. Our prayers have been answered!! My son and his wife are going to have a baby!!! God is good. Thank you St. Anne for your intercession.

  27. Since I started with the Novena to Mary Undoer of notes and the Sacred Heart Novena and now to St .Anne I have seen great miracles. My daughter has not heard a parnanent job for over a year. She was given notice to be evicted but how God touched the Land Lord it’s a miracle. He told to pay half and that he has stopped the court order. God is Great

  28. I prayed to Saint Anne that my whole family would make it safely to vacation in Tenn. We all made it there and back with no problems. Thank you for answered prayers

  29. I was praying that my son, who graduated from college in April would finally get a job offer. He received one today! Praise and Thank you Lord! Thank you St. Anne!

  30. I prayed to St. Anne that my daughter would be able to start nursing school in September (she has been on the college’s waiting list). Today
    she was notified that a place has been opened up and she will start this month. Thank you St. Anne and St. Joachim!

  31. Thank you so much St. Grandmother Anne!

    More than a year ago today, my younger bother suffering from and end renal failure got infected with MRSA upon landing in America after his short visit to us. The first miracle came when i was praying that I be allowed to visit him in one of the biggest Hospital in Manhattan…… i was issued a visa, something the consul seldom do….. 1st prayer of my threefold prayer was granted!

    Seeing him almost vegetable on his hospital bed, i asked my family for more prayers and a Novena to St Jude ( i was not yet then introduced with St Anne’s Novena). Amidst hopelessness since he was so very ill….. we entrusted him to the Lord. He recovered after 2 months at his hospital bed.

    The financial demand was so huge as money comes from the Philippines…… and i just finished my contract as an Overseas Filipino Worker. Thus i prayed so hard that i may get another chance to a job (3rd parcel of my prayer) after more than a year of nightly prayers and Novena to St Jude.

    And i came across the Novena of St Anne…..just this month, i joined the novena prayer on line. Asking in tears that we needed badly a financial source which is for me to be back to employment. Just after the 9th day where it was devoted to unemployment….. i received a text message informing me for an interview in three days time which was sourced from my online submission of Curriculum Vitae. I went through again praying the 9 days of the novena in one day with an special request that this is the job i was waiting!

    The interview went so swiftly as i requested too that it must be a very good one for me to get the job…… Midway through the owner of the prospective business implicated that i am the right person…..

    You be in Guam in 5 months time to set up and manage the first ever Commercial Poultry in that Island Paradise…. he said in approval!

    Thank you St Anne….. You further pushed the intercession of St Jude to your Grandson, Our Lord Jesus!

    Ill be processing my papers and medical exams soon and please make it smooth sailing!

    Praise God!


  32. I have been praying all the novenas .I asked for financial improvement & on the last day of the novena to St Anne,I got a cheque which did the desired boost.I still need prayers to achieve the financial indepencewhich I sorely crave.Thanks to st.Anne & all the saints for their unfailing intercession .

  33. Please could you Pray for my 12 year old brother Simon, as he has been recently diagnosed with Friedricks Ataxia.
    I firmly believe that he will get a miracle but my mom is is absolutely heartbroken, each day is a struggle for her, she is trying hard to give it to God, but she suffers with depression.
    Please pray for her too.
    Thanks very much in advance for any extra prayers.
    God Bless.

  34. Our daughter and family live in Germany. They do not follow any Catholic traditions like Sunday mass, night prayers etc. I said the St Anee novena. My Christian name is also Anne, and hence was very optimistic. We came to spend the vacation with them half way through the novena. Now they are taking part in the daily night prayers also attending Sunday mass. I firmly believe St Anee has heard our prayers. I seek your prayers that the family may come into Catholic faith and become practising Christians.

  35. I prayed the novena while I was on vacation. During that time, I had a phone interview, which, due to the circumstances of vacation and family plans took place from a major amusement park on the east coast. I had been turned down for countless jobs over the past five years, and suspected this awkward timing would end much the same way…but today I was offered the job! Dear St. Anne, my middle-namesake and protectress of my Grandmother, Mother and Daughter, THANK YOU! Immaculate Mary, blessed daughter of St. Anne, THANK YOU! Sweet, gentle Jesus, all- knowing and all-powerful God, THANK YOU!

  36. St Anne has so helped my family! I prayed that my son would retain custody of his daughter and yesterday, July 29,2015, the court upheld the interim order which gave primary custody to my son. My granddaughter will NOT be going to Texas! The battle isn’t over as the next hearing and hopefully the last hearing will be held in Jan or Feb. The woman not only walked out of her daughter’s life in Feb 2014 but moved over 2000 miles away. she failed to have any contact with the child and she failed to call anyone connected to the child about her development for 9 months. While I believe she forfeited all her rights, it is for the courts to decide. The war isn’t over but this battle was won with the help of St. Anne and our Lord! Thank you, Lord for all the Blessings you have bestowed upon me and all the Blessing that are yet to come.

  37. I love praying Novenas with you! I asked for strength to say Yes whenever it seemed God was asking me to step up to a bigger leadership role. I did, & He blessed me with such strong encouragement! This new commitment is surrounding me with His Joy!! Thank you,LORD.

  38. I prayed to St.Anne & St. Joachim to intercede for my daughter for a change of attitude and heart, I see some change in her. Also
    there was a colleague who was troubling her at work, but now he has left the company. Thank you Jesus and Mama Mary, thank you St. Anne and St. Joachim. Please continue to intercede for my child bless and protect her always. Please bless her with the grace and wisdom to make the right decisions with her job. Please also intercede for my son to succeed in getting a job soon, as it will be almost a year that he is without a job, bless him with the right job. Thank you Jesus and Mama Mary, Thank you St.Anne & St. Joachim.

  39. My prayers to St.Anne were not answered the way I wanted it to…. … but I thank God for giving me the grace to accept HIS WILL and know that all things will be given by Him in His TIme. I am confident that Our Lord will grant me this petition for my son, in His TIme. Thank you St.Anne PRAY FOR US.

  40. I had been lifting my daughter for intercession through St. Anne’s Novena for healing from a concussion she suffered five months ago and discernment in a difficult relationship she is in. Although I have been praying for several months for her regarding these intentions, once I started praying this Novena things started to happen. Two days after the Novena she broke up with her boyfriend after some real discerning she did during the Novena. Also, she is now getting some new medical help through a couple that was put in our path during the Novena and intuition regarding some depression. I am so thankful for the Communion of Saints to help pray for us and for the beautiful Mother of Blessed Mary!

  41. I did St. Ann’s novena for 3 things: a job for my husband, my future grandson, and for an announcement of a baby from a young married couple who have been wanting children. The last one on the fouth day we received confirmation that the woman was expecting ! soooo happy, thesecond I trust St. Ann will take care of that delivery ! and the first one has been more difficult, my husband is still looking for a job !please pray for us and all the jobless men and women in our country ! Thanks St. Ann, pray for us !

  42. I prayed to St. Anne, that my daughter would have the courage to get out of a negative relationship with her boyfriend of 3 years.

    Additionally, to please help her to find a worthy, catholic, and positive man who would love her and treat her with respect!

    Just prior to the end of the novena, my prayers were answered!


  43. My daughter, who is a doctor delivered a baby with a prolapsed cord and ended in a bad outcome and having to have an emergency C section. The baby was low oxygen or no oxygen for 19 minutes, had CPR, and was transferred to the city hospital with a huge med center. They expected the baby to have feeding tubes, severe cerebral palsy or at least some deficits. Just before the mother was given anesthesia she asked my daughter to pray for her and her baby. My daughter requested prayers from family members.
    After being the infant ICU for over a week, the baby went home with predictions of being normal. The specialist who treated the baby said, “I can’t believe it.”
    I just hope we can thank St. Ann and Our Lord enough for this.

  44. I petitioned St. Anne for both of my children to find better jobs if it was God’s will. My son called me last night to tell me that he got the job he was hoping for!! It is very close to his home (he drives an hour one way to and from his present job) and the pay is significantly better! Thank you, St. Anne!

  45. After being hospitalized on June 24th for a week, yesterday I did a 3 hr eeg and had tons of grand mal seizures. I prayed and offered up all my suffering for all of you. I have been praying the last three novenas with everyone. Every medical test, hospital, clinic, doctor and practitioner told me I was healthy. I have felt like I have been dying everyday and I am thanking God for all the gifts of the Spirit. I thank him for keeping my heart beating for my 3 boys and husband of nearly 9 years. I am a 29 year old female, who has had many crosses, but know I have total faith, he has a plan for me. I have no idea what it is, but I owe my soul and every heart beat to His will!

  46. I just got recently promoted in my job to “Team Leader” after praying the St Anne Novena..
    Thank you St Anne and Joachim..

  47. My prayers were answered 2 year in a row.

    For a number of years I was going through series of struggling relationship. I just started seeing a guy last year when I prayed this novena. I was about to leave the country I was living in so it was going to be difficult. A year later we were married and had an adorable baby boy.

    This year I was praying for my husband to get good opportunity to develop his career potential as he suffered a lot to move to this new city. 1 day after this novena finishes, we got the most amazing news that he has been given an internship that we would dream for.

    Thank you St. Anne I am most indebted to your kindness

  48. I have during and after this novena gotten so many favours than i did in a life time. Its really amazing. Cant believe it is happening to me despite my shortcoming. The Lord is indeed Good. PRAYER WORKS… TRUST ME!

  49. Prayers answered for my older son to get into University for him masters and my second son to get a job. Both my prayers were answered. Thank you St Ann and everyone for praying for my intentions.

  50. A very dear friend of mine was having health problems and ended up in the hospital. He had a collapsed lung, they did test and found out that there was a mass on one of his lungs. I said the St Ann’s novena for him. On the last day of the novena he was released from the hospital and the mass was not cancerous. Thank you St Ann. God is Great.

  51. This is one of the few times that I’ve followed through with a novena from the beginning to the end. I thank God for the grace to do that. Through St Anne’s intercession, on the 9th day, I became strong enough to break myself away from an emotionally draining relationship and look ahead to one with someone who loves me like I deserve. I believe that wedding bells should come soon.

  52. I am thanking God for turning things around in my favour.after years of bad mistakes and gloom. Things have picked up financially. Debts have started being paid in bits. This is just one of my many testimonies. He has showed up on too many occasions and surprised us. Too uncountable. God be praised.

  53. I prayed for a catholic and holy spouse and on the 4th day of the novena I went to church we were going for a retreat then a young man met me and said “I came to complete my novena prayers in the blessed sacrament when I saw you and something told me to meet you, I’ve been praying for a good wife can you give me a chance”. And my heart went for him. I thank St Anne for answered prayer and pray that God will perfect this union in Christ Jesus.

  54. My daughters had been looking for a suitable job for a long time I had been praying all the novenas and one day they gave me this great news that they have finally got a suitable job of their choice. We are so thankful and grateful to Jesus, Mother Mary and all the Saints for the unexpected favours received in no time and for pouring their countless blessings on me and my family.

  55. I Prayed St Anne Novina for my dependant visa for UK today I receieved email from UK High Cammission
    Your UK visa application has now been processed and a decision has been made.
    Thank you so much who Prayed for me Prayes the LORD

  56. I prayed for many things and people and one of my prayers has been answered – that I get new vehicles for my water delivery business and I have got two within this month of the novena . Praise God and his daughter St. Anne

  57. Praise be to Jesus Christ
    I also have an exciting report to give regarding St Anne Novena.
    Firstly, I had this passion of doing good for a school community and I did not have resources to do that and it was during this Novena Prayer. I went around looking for donations but in vain until on the last day one of my potential sponsor phoned me and asked what I needed for that particular work of mercy and you can imagine how excited I became. And this sponsor is my son who is always generous with his blessings. Help me pray for him to do more good. And I knew that this is a miracle from our St Anne. God is good.

  58. I just received a text message on my phone from a non-Christian friend who lives in another country that she’s at the shrine of St.Anne and she’s lit a candle for my family. This friend does not know that I just made the St. Anne novena. Together with her message she sent me a photo of the shrine too. I believe that it’s St. Anne’s way of saying that she’s heard my prayers and that’s given me hope. God Bless.

  59. I was praying the novena for my daughter and her boyfriend. My prayer to St Anne was that they either decide to get married or they end their relationship of 4 years living together. On about the 4th day, they started talking about marriage. I am praying that this will get carried out and it will be a Catholic wedding and my daughter will return to Church. I now pray to St Anne for all my intentions. She is wonderful.

  60. Before I prayed the St. Anne novena, my friend’s grandson (Briggs) who is only 6 months old had already gone through 2 liver transplants and the liver was still failing. During the time I prayed the novena, a third liver became available & he has been improving everyday. His mom & dad got to hold him for the first time in a month since he went into the hospital for the first transplant. There were so many people praying for him. It is truly a miracle! Thank you God & to St. Anne for your powerful intercession.
    I also prayed that everything would go well for my daughter’s wedding & it was truly beautiful! We were so happy to be surrounded by the support of so many friends & family. We were somewhat worried about the weather but that was great,too. Everything just worked out & we all had such a good time. We feel truly blessed!

  61. Thanks to St. Ann. I was offered a teacher’s position for the Fall. We are very happy and thankful to this beautiful Novena we just did to St. Ann and for good health. May God bless you all.

  62. I prayed the St Anne novena and received answered prayers the next day. Thank you so much. I am a firm believer and follower. Very grateful for all I have in my life. I promise to be ever mindful of what I have received. I prayed for my son to have confidence and be noticed in his soccer camp. He had a bad day yesterday. He came home and said it was a much better day today. THANK YOU!! I prayed for my husband to get more project work and he came home and said looks like we will be starting work soon. AGAIN THANK YOU!!!!
    A. B.

  63. My son was in trouble with no place to live no job both he and I prayed everyday and now he has a job and a place to live. Our prayers were answered and his faith grows stronger everyday.
    I pray daily and I tell him to do the same we are blessed by his good fortune, I am still waiting for my prayers to be answered but I have faith the lord has a plan for me.

  64. While I privately participated in the St Ann novena, i also attended the Tridium at a local parish that St Ann is the Patroness. A day before the tridum started, i had seen an ENT specialist for the ringing ive had in my ear for a few weeks now. I have had that incident years years ago and it went away and never really was a concern unlike this that was loud and constant. the ENT had attributed it to work related noise; my audiology exam showed slight hearing loss, and the ENT attributed it to my work as i am around constant noise from dental drills and tools and made some suggestions. During the tridium, i prayed amongst other intentions that the ringing in my ear stops or reduces.The 2nd day into the tridum, after work, i noticed it was much better, and not as loud. While it’s still not completely gone, it;s not as loud and uncomfortable as before, and seems to be fading away, and other aches/discomfort ive had around the ear/throat/chin area seems to be going away. I resolved the enemy will not steal the joy i ought to [and do] have for the relief i’ve felt. I’d like to thank God for this and to thank St Anne for her intercession, and continue to pray for complete healing for myself and all in need of healing in some form. Thank you Lord Jesus. Thank you St Ann and all the saints

  65. We had a home that renters destroyed .. we did not know what we were going to do with this home. It was unliveable and unsellable in this condition and we have no money to invest. We had this in prayer during the St Ann novena.. the day after the feast day.. we went to our home and some people came riding by on a golf cart and asked us what we were doing with the home.. they had a son who was interested in finding a home in that area. We were able to make a deal with the son who is going to fix up our home in exchange for rent! We know this was answered prayer from St Ann!!

  66. I visited my patient at the hospital the day after I started this Novena. He had been told by 2 Doctors that he had a severe infection for the second time in his knee. They told him they may have to amputate his leg if the infection progressed. I was praying very hard for him and told him to have faith, “God is watching over you.” He thanked me and started to cry. I told him I have 8 more days to pray the Novena to Saint Anne. On day 6 of the Novena he walked out of the hospital with no more infection in his leg. Thank you for this Novena for my patient.

  67. My daughter just graduated from college and has been looking for a job. Do to many God-incidences she got a lead to a company in a different direction than she was looking and on day 4 of the novena she got the job offer. St. Anne just happens to be her patron saint! Thank you St Anne for your assistance; and thank you Jesus for your direction!

  68. I joined in the novena prayer for my son who had been waiting sentencing to prison and he was sentenced for 7yrs which was cut to 5 yrs and he will now serve two years .I have still prayed for him in the st Anne novena and will continue in the st Philomena and subsequent novenas .

  69. I prayed that the love of my life would return to me and give me a chance to renew our relationship. I am going to see him this weekend with the hopes that we can find love and grow closer to Christ’s love.

    • im so happy for you i prayed for my love to return but my pray was’nt ansewered i hope it sort out for you god bless

  70. My novena was for my son to have a job , he was out of job for 3 months. Prayers / novenas were miracles, on this novena of St. Anne & St Joachim , on the 9th day, my son was called for final interview. Today, he told me he will start August 10. This will be a big gift for his dad 70th birthday. Thank you very much St. Anne & St Joachim Thank you Lord & Blessed Virgin Mary.

  71. Thank you St. Anne for answered prayers for my son’s situation at work. Things have improved for him since I said the novena.

  72. My novena was for my daughter to return to her Catholic faith —she went to Mass with us on Sunday and received communion -she was also giving her younger brother a hard time about not paying attention at Mass. She is still struggling with doubts and confusion but I trust she is heading in the right direction –I plan to do the Saint Philomena novena because her feast day is my daughter’s birthday and we have had a devotion to her for many years.

    Love and prayers,

  73. Answered prayers!
    I have been ill and the first phase of my diagnosis has been good news. I am hopeful that the next phase will be good as well.
    Thank you St. Anne and St. Joachim

  74. I prayed hoping my new business would start to improve. I stumbled on a link to a great business book, read it, applied the principals and now my August is filled with appointments! Thank you!!!

  75. After the novena my dad and mum are closer than before. And I just got an invitation to a job interview set for tomorrow. Please Help me pray for a positive reply. But my main petition is for the right choice of a spouse. I’m still hoping on that. Thank you saint Anne. Thanks John – Paul and Annie for your efforts

  76. I would like to thank the Lord for first of all making me part of this group that gets together to major prayers have not yet been answered but I would like to thank the Lord for helping me end the relationship that I had with a man who already had a woman and nothing bad had happened. as I pray for a wonderful catholic man for a husband…I pray for faith..and patience and above all I pray for happiness..i would like to thank St. Anne for helping me in my prayers..i was called for an interview by a big Government agency in our country..and I really thank God for that opportunity..i pray that I may be able to pass that interview guided by th gift of wisdom and that I may make it to another interview and eventually get the job…And I pray for all my friends who are jobless

  77. Thank you , Saint Anne . My prayers were answered we were having marriage problems and now I can feel peace in my home. Thank you , Blessed be God.

  78. I need help to find money to go to school in Switzerland
    otherwise my future will be messed up
    please pray for me
    I lost everything do to medical difficulties of my mother and I need your help now
    thank you in advance for your prayers

  79. My son was offered two good jobs this week! Thank you St Ann and St Joachim, praise God for he is good. My prayers have been answered

  80. I have been praying for my children’s souls…they are such solid Catholics but the society & friends from the dark side keep trying to draw them in, especially my oldest daughter….she seems to be coming back around. Please keep praying for her, and that she stays home until she gets married…..God is so good!

  81. After taking my practical driving test a couple of times and failed, I finally passed my test a few days into the novena and it was my first ever novena.

    Thanks to this Novena, God is great!

  82. My prayer request will take some time before being answered and so I keep making these lovely novenas! I wanted to tell everyone that after reading the book “Saint Philomena, Powerful with God” by Sister Marie Helene Mohr, I just fell in love with Saint Philomena! It is a wonderful story, please read it!

  83. I prayed the St. Anne novena that the man I was hoping would return the feelings I had for him would set a date to come see me. We live in the same state, but in different cities. He did, and we went out and had a wonderful time, and he is wanting to see me again, thank you St. Anne and St. Joachim for your intercession, The power of prayer cannot be denied, Thanks be to God!

  84. During the Novena, I prayed for a job for me and a job for my son. 3 days after completion of the St Anne Novena , I got a phone call from my aunt about a job . She asked me to contact a headhunter who was looking for people with my qualifications. The headhunter asked me to send in my CV. When I told him about my son, he asked for his CV as too. I have no doubt that St Anne is interceding for me and my prayers will be answered. Glory to God for all the granted requests from this site. Thank you John-Paul and Annie for this site.

  85. During the Novena, I prayed for a job for me and a job for my son. 3 days after completion of the St Anne Novena , I got a phone call from my aunt about a job . She asked me to contact a headhunter who was looking for people with my qualifications. The headhunter asked me to send in my CV. When I told him about my son, he asked for his CV as too. I have no doubt that St Anne is interceding for me and my prayers will be answered. Glory to God for all the granted requests from this site. Thank you John and Anne for this site.

  86. One of my prayers in this Novena to St Anne was for financial aid for my sister and me. Just several days after the Novena, we were offered by a good samaritan to settle our debts. God is good! Thank you St Anne and St Joachim.

  87. I praise God for His grace and blessings. During this novena , we were able to discuss perinent issues of our marriage with my husband. A miracle happened at work; Although my work card was due to expire, my wor place asked me to stay on and work. St Anne, being my saint i picked at my confirmation, i thank her for her intercession.

  88. I prayed to St Anne for her to guide me towards my lifetime partner. I will continue to pray to her and for my heart to be open to receive God’s good blessings.