Answered Prayers from the Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena, 2022

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Thank you so much for praying the Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena with us!

If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout this novena, please share those with us all below!

We will continue to pray for you every day.

Please do not give up hope if your prayers have not been seemingly answered yet. The Lord is with you, He is near, let’s continue to seek His guidance each day.

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  1. Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus for hearing my prayers. My husband and I have agreed to start talking and working towards healing and reconciliation after a heartbreaking year separation. I pray that we can succeed and reunite. I also continue to pray for many other situations and people in my life. I know through your sacred heart, all prayers are heard and answered! Amen!

  2. Dear all

    This is to let you know that the novena prayer was answered. It was for my boss who had become harsh and firing people. She is completely change and cant believe she is the same person.
    Thank you Jesus
    I need one for my self. To stop drinking alcohol.

  3. Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus for answering my prayers to help two sick friends to get better and another friend to get the positive answers to her long term residency.
    I owe you everything. I an nothing without you.

  4. My prayer was answered.
    My sister was laid off shortly before we started this Novena.
    I prayed to our Sacred Heart of Jesus so she could find another job soon.
    She applied to many positions and she was offered a job in her field with an excellent salary a few days after we finished our Novena.

    Praise God!!!

  5. I want to thank God for granting me success in my exam through the Sacred Heart of Jesus, pentecost, St. Anthony, Jude and Rita’s novena. I’m so grateful for everyone’s prayers as well and I pray that God answers the prayer of every other person saying these novenas as well. Amen.

  6. I pray to Jesus and St Philomena, and all the saints, for a swift resolution to a financial matter that my daughter is dealing with. Please heal the mentally ill accuser, and let her realize that she is not correct, and in fact, lying. Please protect my daughter and her family from any harm. Amen

  7. Thank you Jesus for prayers answered. I prayed for an important email to be sent to me which I was told could take a long time, I recieved a call instead with better news.

    Thank you Jesus 🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️

  8. Not only my prayers were answered. We received blessings and solution to a difficult situation at the same time that although not mentioned as request during the Novena prayer, during that same time I kneeled and completely gave it to the Lord. Thank you Jesus.
    Thank you for these Novenas.

  9. To share some great news with you,I prayed with you the last novena ,and one of the prayer items was for my sister to conceive and finally the prayer has been answered,iam happy to say the least ,iam overjoyed at how wonderful our God lord is and he sure answers prayers ,thank you lord.will continue praying for her until our bundle of joy is here.,Thank you God.

  10. I was praying to God to soften the heart of my daughter Thank you Lord for bringing my daughter Natasha closer to me, jesus i trust in you

  11. Thank God I am still able to drive on highways inspite of my unfounded fears, and medical exams show I am in good health rebuffing my health fears.

  12. Sacred Heart of Jesus, thank You for answering our prayers that Roe vs Wade was finally overturned. We pray for those who are trying to kill off Your innocent children. You said to let the little children come to Me. Please open people’s hearts and minds to stop the slaughter of unborn babies.

  13. Praying for my sons to sit by me . And for their tasks as doctors , their healings ,their good health and the desire to marry in our Catholic church. I have seen them come closer and praying for the angels to continue to guide them. Protect me from gossip , inappropriate behaviors. Thanks 🙏 Sacred Heart of Jesus.

  14. My intention for the Sacred Heart novena was a peaceful and happy death for my 95 year old mother who had been failing in the last months. She received last sacraments, anointing and passed away the day after the Feast of the Sacred Heart with family at her side. Praise God!

  15. Thank God, it is done some project we are waiting for more than a year, Thanksgiving to Sacred Heart of Jesus.

  16. During the Novena, I continually asked for God’s mercy over my life and also prayed for some request and two of my prayer request was answered even before the end of the Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus,
    1. My Aunty who was suffering from heart enlargement started receiving healings unlike before, the medication became active, and guess what, she is better and healthier than ever.
    2. We haven’t made any sales in our business for up to a month, I prayed and committed it in God’s hand because it’s our means of feeding and to the glory of God, we were able to make sales a day before the Novena ended and it continues.
    Glory be to Jesus.
    Thank you for praying with me, and making this Novena possible, may God in his infinite mercy continue to strengthen you and your family Amen.

  17. I am in awe right now for God has heard my prayers. A close friend of mine told me that she is 2 weeks pregnant. I have included her and her husband on this Novena and God has heard my prayers for them. I am so happy and blessed to be part of that wonderful miracle in their lives. You are awesome and wonderful oh Lord.Thank you for hearing my prayers.😇😇

  18. I have been praying for holy matrimony for so long .My husband suggested a date and I pray that may the planning be seamless.

  19. I have witnessed a miracle after sacred heart novena. I specifically prayed for my healing.
    After the novena, my body has changed, the pain and discomfort is all gone. I have regained my appetite. God is great.

    I received a miracle and I thank God that he did not give up on me.

    May his name be exalted.


  20. Praise God brethren!
    The Lord has done me good and answered my prayers through divine intervention.
    I have been praying God for clarity in my life and a job where I would settle focusing on it.
    During this novena, God took me blindly to a distant place and miraculously gave me a job I had earlier left in a growing company. At this very place, He has spoken to me clearly that this is what I should do. I have heard him in my dreams and through His ministers.

    I really thank God for this great revelation and peace of mind.
    All glory belongs to Him.

  21. Praise God brethren!
    The Lord has done me good and answered my prayers through divine intervention.
    I have been praying God for clarity in my life and a job where I would settle focusing on it.
    During this novena, God took me blindly to a distant place and miraculously gave me a job I had earlier left in a growing company. At this very place, He has spoken to me clearly that this is what I should do. I have heard him in my dreams and through His ministers.

    I really thank God for this great revelation and peace of mind.
    All glory belongs to Him.

  22. Praise God brethren!
    The Lord has done me good and answered my prayers through divine intervention.
    I have been praying God for clarity in my life and a job where I would settle focusing on it.
    During this novena, God took me blindly to a distant place and miraculously gave me a job I had earlier left in a growing company. At this very place, He has spoken to me clearly that this is what I should do. I have heard him in my dreams and through His ministers.

    I really thank God for this great revelation and peace of mind.
    All glory belongs to Him.

  23. My prayer wasn’t answered during the novena but it was answered today 6/27/22 , my daughter texted to let us know our sweet April grandbaby is to be baptized in July. This proves that patience and our prayers will be answered. God does want only good for us. I’m so happy that this child will be baptized into the first of the sacraments. May he be lead towards Gods mercy and blessing with his graces now and always.
    Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus

  24. Ave been praying all the novenas starting with st jude_to this last one sacret heart for a successful sale of my land n get a job but no ansas pliz pray for me i will not lose hope

  25. Dear John-Paul and Annie
    In Jesus Mighty name, I thank you so much for your spiritual and encouraging pre-words for our Novenas. Myself, my daughter Phyllida and other people I pray for have all been blessed in different ways especially with the WORD of God. Unfortunately, I live in a remote part of the South Pacific that I do not have the means to offer a monetary donation. I can only offer you, your family and our “Pray for more Novena” warriors, my Prayers and God’s Blessings. Thank you once again. In our beloved Jesus Mighty Name. Amene.

  26. Greetings my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, I was in a very desperate situation (with rent arrears and school fees arrears), I prayed the novena to the sacred heart of JESUS and my rent and school fees arrears petition was answered. GOD is faithful and good, Glory to HIM. I am trusting HIM for more answers on my other petitions and more.


  27. A small but in the right direction healing of a family rift that has been going on for a year and a half! I see signs of hope!

  28. Thank you God for prayers answered with my husband finding a more forgiving and humble heart with my children.

  29. I did have a prayer answered and I continue to pray for the health of my sweetheart. I pray for her family members, friends and loved ones and my family, friends and loved ones. I pray she will continue to have hope. Thank you for the prayers. I truly appreciate it.

  30. i am grateful for this platform .SInce my dad passed away four years ago,I had difficulty praying and my mother has been praying with me since then.Through the Novena prayers I feel my connection with God has been renewed.I feel hopeful,more at peace and the bitterness and anger is slowly fading.I believe in God more and my spiritual journey is starting again.

  31. I thank God for all he’s doing in my family… Successful burial of my grandma to healing I and my Mum to my trip Abroad and for granting me Favour all round.
    Sacred heart of Jesus, I trust in you.

  32. I want to Thank God for answering one of my prayers, to God be the glory. They were charging me $1,200.00 to fix an outlet for our A/C unit,I don’t have that kind of money yet, the man told me he would do it on the side and would charge me $600.00, so I prayed long story short I found someone who would do the work for $175.00, 🙏🏻 prayer do work, this man did the work and did not charge me. Thank you Lord❤️🙏🏻

  33. Thank you Jesus for answering my special intention. You gave me discernment and my husband & I were granted a great outcome that will allow us to move forward with other decisions that were dependent on the previous one.
    Thank you Jesus for your faithfulness in our lives.

  34. Still waiting for my daughter to hear from Deacon about baptizing my grandchild. Should not take this long but communication is difficult please pray that a day and time will Agee with everyone real soon. Thank you nancy

  35. We have been praying for a son if that’s God’s will and I got a very faint line on a pregnancy test yesterday! Miracle!

  36. Thank you all for praying with me. I have been praying for my children especially my youngest Malone. He is less angry and communicating this thoughts and feelings more with me. I will keep on praying until he gets better but there has been a great change due to all our prayers. Thank you again. Peace be with you all in our Lord’s name amen

  37. I prayed to be successful in winning the bid to buy our church from developers. My prayers have been answered. Amen

  38. I give thanks and praise to God, i prayed for my daughter’s college and on the 9th day she got admission to study. My bf is is making arrangements on travel and am praying for God’s grace all goes to plan. Amen

  39. Grateful thanks for a friend’s recovery this week, he was very close to death, home from ICU, he’s up and moving around, eating and able to talk again.
    Extra prayers for my daughter and knee surgery that didn’t work out. She has to go back to hospital and open up the knee again. She hasn’t been able to walk for 2 months. Quite the hardship on her husband and work.
    Thank you all & God’s Many Blessings,

  40. I thank Almighty God that after 2yrs of jail my husband has been released this week of which his sentence was only 10months…something have been praying for over a year without losing hope in Christ.
    My brother also got a new school this week after been send away from
    his juniour highschool some weeks ago🙏.
    May all your prayers be heard in Jesus name.Amen🙏

  41. Prayed Mary Under of Knots and Sacred Heart of Jesus novena. My prayer has partially been answered. Still a couple more steps to go. Step by step….praise God.

  42. I received an answer to a prayer on June 23, the 9th day of the Sacred Heart novena. I’ve been praying for over a year. I’m so grateful and blessed. Our Lord is magnificent and never fails us. I grew tired. I was in despair sometimes but I prayed everyday anyway because I knew Jesus was listening always and my Guardian Angeles helped me pray when I felt I couldn’t. God Bless you all. 🙏 ❤️❤️

  43. Oh blessed Sacred Heart of Jesus one of my intentions from all the novenas was that my daughter should conceive yesterday on the final day of the novena she pronounced that she is pregnant. Oh God is good thanks to all that we prayed together God really listen, thank you Jesus
    Lets ask The Almighty God to make her healthy and the other mothers to be.

  44. I pray that my family remains Covid free snd the siblings and grandchildren enjoy each other’s company
    Thank you

  45. One of my intentions was for America to turn back to God and become more pro-life, in spite of all the liberals who are going nuts right now! Thank you God for the first big step in that direction! Now, may we change the hearts of those who are so lost and misled. And may you guide us in doing so in the peaceful loving way of Jesus!! Amen

  46. I have a friend who has battled several infections, fractures, and major setbacks after what was to be a ‘routine’ hip replacement. She is the sole caregiver for a close friend with early onset Alzheimer’s…so much for her to deal with. I dedicated this Sacred Heart novena for healing for her. She found out that the latest infection seems to have abated and if all goes well over the weekend she can have the hip replacement ‘fixed’ early next week. Answered prayers!

  47. Praying for my niece that she is delivered from her mental illness. She lost her job because her depression got in the way, sought therapy, and now she wants to go back to work. Jesus and Blessed mother please pray for her.

  48. I prayed that my son would return to church with a fire in his heart to serve God and for him to find a job. I am so blessed to announce that he not only is in the hiring process of one job, but another company really wants him also. And he is planning his days around his church attendance!

    Every time I pray this specific prayer, my intentions are answered! Praise! God!! And thank you, Heavenly Father!!

  49. Some of my requests were and we answered by st Rita… Thank you very much…
    Pray for me please for my husband to get a job

  50. I was praying for an increase in love and the end to abortion and wars. Yesterday on the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus the Supreme Court banned federal abortions after 50 years!

  51. Thank God with me to an answer to one of my intentions for this novena.
    Two days ago I signed a contract for a new job after a long time of praying for one. Its a first step for my career in the tourism industry and for a 2 month probation.
    Continue to pray with me for its success.
    The other intentions I’m still waiting for; to get my money back from a job scam. And for a final and permanent healing after mental abuse and manipulation by a couple of individuals with a Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Amen

  52. I’m actually now asking for prayer for my parents and most specifically, my step father.
    His name is Harry and he is in the hospital this evening. They are observing his heart and other health issues..

  53. Thank you my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    During this novena, I prayed for financial blessings. My Lord answered my prayers so I could pay my rent, renewal, school fees, and other financial commitments.

    My cup never runs dry, cause he fills it before it gets empty.


  54. My 24 year old son Zach has been battling a very rare and aggressive cancer which requires one week of hospitalization every 3 weeks for chemo treatments. He had CT scans yesterday and we were so blessed to learn that 2 of the growths showed shrinkage! I praise God and thank our almighty Lord Jesus Christ for holding my son so close and restoring him to full health!

  55. One of the things I asked for was to find a house to help me out of the situation I’m in so I can be fully free to live His will for me. After years of looking and almost a year of physically looking at houses in what seemed to be an ever more closing window and just a pretty hopeless housing market for me due to rising interest rates, I learned that my offer was accepted on my favorite and the best house I’ve looked at so far! On the last day of the novena! Thank you, Jesus!!!

  56. Thank you Jesus . Our da in law finished her treatments for breast cancer and is doing well. We pray her visit to her Dr. Will have good news.
    We are still praying for our other intentions.
    Thank you Jesus for everything you do for our family.

  57. I prayed the Holy Spirit Novena and the Sacred Heart Novena in the last two weeks.
    Prayers answered:

    Our rift with our sons family was healed during his wedding reception.

    Our daughter and son-in-law just adopted a baby boy this week!

    We are so happy gor prayers answered!❣️!

  58. My anxiety physical symptoms have been greatly reduced during this novena! This novena is one of my favorites!

  59. I’m very happy .
    I was very worrying about a difficult situation I’m going through. My identity was stolen six months ago, he or she took all money from my ck account, and Ck plus, have been t very hard on me.
    But I never lis my faith, Im praying hard then never and doing novenas one after the other.
    And today I have a call from the bank, and everything turned in my favor. Thanks to God.

  60. Please Prayer’s for daughter she is going thru divorce and custody with her 3 children from ex alcoholic and mental problem

  61. My prayer request was for a successful career for me, my oldest son and youngest son. My oldest son in the NAVY to be promoted this year. For me to meet my numbers at work every day and successful in music industry for my second son.
    I started improving at work due to realizing I was taking my anxiety medication at the wrong time. And yesterday, the 9th day of the Novena, my oldest texted me that he got promoted. Now just waiting for my youngest turn.

  62. God is great all the time. I have been praying this Novena for my grand-daughter to be accepted into the University of her choice so that she can pursue her dream of becoming a biochemist. Today my prayers was answered. Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus.

  63. I kept praying and asking God to help me pass my driving test and today he answered my prayer.
    I’m forever grateful to God

  64. Hello. I’m Winnie and am glad to share that I’ve been praying for a job and finally my request has been answered. I was invited for a job interview on 30 June so I’m please asking for your prayers so I can get this job. Please pray with me for this. It’s a big deal.
    Praying for all those in need

  65. I have multiple serclosis. I have not been standing on my own since November 1 2022. I would have to be pulled up by two people.
    I could only stand for 20 seconds. My prayer was to be able to start standing by myself.
    My prayer was answered. I am standing by myself and standing 7 minutes. Thank you so much to everyone praying for me. All of you will always be in my prayers.

  66. Prayer answered to the Sacred Heart and to the Blessed Mother. Our son hosted a Songwriters Show yesterday evening. I live-streamed it because I couldn’t attend. The show went well with all the artists proudly showcasing their talent and craft. Praying that our son will get more gigs and for our son to become a successful songwriter and artist.

  67. Roe vs. Wade overturned! Praise be to our God!!!!!

    I had a connection with my son whom has been a prodigal for a number of years, continued prayers he comes fully back to relationship with our family… Amen

  68. I prayed through this Novena that my son would get a contract to play semi professional football he did and although he is a fine player he is only 16 years of age which is amazing my prayers were answered Thank our Lord and the Sacred Heart of Mary ❤️

  69. Our blessed Sacretheart of Jesus I thank you for the answers of our prayers. My daughter and her husband received the keys of their new house on the 9th day of novena. God is good all the time. We also traveled very well as a family, thanks for the protection and safe journey. Amen 🙏

  70. When I started this Novena I had Covid and kept testing positive after 15 days. I didn’t have bad symptoms but testing positive was messing with my mind. I asked Jesus to please let me test negative and after 2 more tests I finally did. Big weight off my shoulders. My husband also had Covid , tested negative after 11 days but had an ugly cough. I also asked Jesus to help him with that. As of today his cough is getting better. Thank you Jesus for always being merciful and for taking care of us. Thank you Pray more Novenas for sharing these wonderful Novenas wit us.

  71. Thank you Lord for helping us financially at this time in our lives. To God be Glory! Our prayer was answered on the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

  72. Blessed Be the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus!

    The Supreme Court sent the decision on abortion back to the 50 states to decide and officially struck down the federal protection for abortion in the United States! The Heavenly Father said, “I set before you life and death; blessing and cursing. Choose life that you and your decendants may live”. Now we can use more of our resources to support and defend vulnerable mommies and babies who desperately need the love & support of those Christians who believe that all life comes from the Heavenly Father and must be protected. Go Mommies! We are here for you!

    Thank you, Sacred Heart of Jesus!

  73. Hello.
    Thank you all for praying with me this novena.
    I prayed for financial assistance for my siblings tuition. Our Dearest Lord provided the full amount and we paid in full for this term!!!!!!

    May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored, honored and loved always!

  74. During the Sacred Heart Novena, one of the intentions I prayed for was that my new college graduate daughter would find a job that would make her happy. She didn’t get a permanent position, but she did get a freelance job painting a mural for a yoga studio. It’s a start!

  75. After more than 18 months of government decree not to implement programme activities by our organisation, government declared on day 7 of the Sacred Heart Novena Prayers, that these can resume. Glory to God for making this happen.

  76. I have been praying for several intentions, one of which was that my daughter’s job become fulltime so that she has health insurance and some much needed improved income. She is going through a divorce and we are trying to help her out financially. Well at dinner last night with some friends, she said that her position will become fulltime. PRAISE BE TO GOD! And thank you, Blessed Mother, St Joseph, St Jude, St Rosalie, and for all of you for praying for my daughter.

  77. I offered this novena to the protection of the unborn and the end of abortion in the US. The Supreme Court announced that Roe vs. Wade was over turned just a few hours after I said the final prayer. I’m still speechless. Thanks be to God!

  78. Scared Heart of Jesus, Blessed Mother Mary, thanks be to God for Supreme Court overruling roe v. wade.

    Please 🙏 pray that hearts and minds are changed to protect the lives of all babies and all people, from the womb to the tomb.

    God is good.

  79. I wish to confess that the chain Novena ie St Rita, Pentecost and Sacred Heart of Jesus is the best thing that has ever happened in my life.
    I acknowledge God’s divine grace in
    -my son’s academic pursuit
    -open doors in my business
    -absolute peace in my marriage
    Awesome God be thou glorified.

  80. After long years of waiting … finally i got placed at government institution.
    I seen myself going through many ups and down….but i know whatever i come across God was there to help me, guide me, and protect me…..
    Now am not a jobless person but i will try hard to reach great heights for new opportunities with the help of God and his blessings….

    Thank you John Paul & Annie for bringing me to close to God.

  81. I give thanks to God for answered prayer and I thank all the pray more Novena community. My family has been following up on an important approval and it came through this week. To God be the glory.!

  82. ROE VS WADE has been overturned!!!🤗💗 I have been praying for this for years and Jesus answered it today. So thankful!!😊🥰

  83. I did the Sacred Heart Novena while in the midst of 2 of my exams. For both exams, I didn’t feel confident (as they were orals) and I felt that nothing was going into my head. God blessed me high marks, much more than I expected even though I couldn’t answer some questions fully. Thank you Lord, thank you to all the Saints and Mother Mary for interceding for me.

  84. Prayers to Sacred Heart of Jesus getting answered after a long time since 1973 and thank-you Sacred Heart of Jesus for us having President Trump where we are now witnessing a miracle with a shift in the Supreme Court legal thinking made possible after President Donald Trump.

  85. Prayed for positive test results after having going through cancer. Test came back all clear on the last day of the Novena. God is good.

  86. Thank you 🙏

    Once again I am grateful and appreciative to God for getting a tenant for my house.

    Glory, honour, praise, thanks and adoration be to God always, forever and ever. Blessed be God’s Holy Mighty Name, Father, Son Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit. Amen and Amen. 🙏 😇✝️🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊

  87. I did not pray for this directly, but I find it providential that Roe v. Wade was overturned today on the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus! Praise God! I’m sure many of us joining in praying this novena had something to do with that. :)

  88. I prayed for the Supreme Court to overturn Roe V. Wade and they did it! On the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart on less! Thank You, Jesus!

  89. Praise God and thank you for the mercy of your Sacred Heart,O Jesus! I prayed for the safety and protection of our SCOTUS in the wake of the leak last month AND for a strong decision to overturn Roe v Wade. The 6-3 decision is an answered prayer! (Well, the answer to many thousands of people’s numerous prayers!)

  90. I prayed for total trust in the Lord and awareness of His love, especially in regard to my singleness and desire for marriage. I resented that the Lord didn’t just give me a good husband right away. During the novena, He showed me that He is also saddened by my suffering and wants me to have a happy marriage too, but He isn’t forcing it to happen because that would mean forcing another person to marry me. He doesn’t force anyone to do anything. (But He also introduced me to some new people that might lead to dates! There’s hope!) Now, I see His love better and trust more that He wants happiness for me.