Answered Prayers from the Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena, 2021

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Thank you so much for praying the Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena with us!

If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout this novena, please share those with us all below!

We will continue to pray for you every day.

Please do not give up hope if your prayers have not been seemingly answered yet. The Lord is with you, He is near, let’s continue to seek His guidance each day.

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  1. My daughter in law got her foot in the door for a teaching job in the district where her children go to school. Thank you Jesus for answering my prayer.

  2. Healthy newborn, birth mom and adoption for my son and his wife after 18 months in their adoption journey. Continued prayers over this birth mother as she heals from physical & any emotional pain. Gods blessings on her for choosing LIFE! Adoption NOT abortion.

  3. One of my intentions was for my wife’s health. In the last week she has been able to cut her blood pressure medication in half and still keep her blood pressure in a good range. Thank you Jesus, I trust in you!

  4. My son has battled alcoholism for many years. I prayed that God would send someone into his life to help him find sobriety. A wonderful woman who has 20 years in AA came to talk to him. He now has a sponsor and starts rehab today. Sacred Heart of Jesus I trust in You! Thank you Jesus. May your name be praised by all. Amen

  5. My brother had no side effects from his chemo. My husband had successful throat cancer surgery. My grandchildren had no side effects from the covid-19 vaccine.

  6. When I was driving to adoration, in a quiet voice I heard the words, “I’m going to massage your heart today.” It was a most beautiful time with the Lord during adoration…tears gently rolled down my cheeks. With all my heart I praise You and thank You my Lord, my Savior.
    You truly are the Sacred Heart!!!

  7. I have a job interview on 6/16, hopefully I get the job. Hopefully I find a place to live with my two kids with this job.
    In Jesus name amen. I trust in you, I trust in you!!!

  8. I prayed for good test results for a possible medical problem. The results were normal. Thank you Holy Spirit!

  9. I have had an initial interview for a new job. My MIL has had some relief from her cancer and we await her test results.

  10. Thank you Lord Jesus for the good results of laboratory tests of my daughter in -law. Her gallstones disappeared. Thank you so much Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

  11. I have been praying for the truth about Fauci and gang being exposed regarding all the corruption involved in the Covid 19 pandemic fraud.

  12. Thank you for sharing this Novena with me. Today, please pray for a good outcome for Maddy’s doctor visit.

  13. Thank you Jesus for the gift of hope! My son has been smiling which I had not seen in a very long time. I thank you for granting me the strength and hopeful heart. I pray you continue to give me the patience and trust to believe in him. I love you lord and glorify you. In Jesus name… AMEN

  14. I have been praying for my niece, Erin, who had breast cancer and beat it, but not before they found a tumor in her brain. It was not operable, but they used a new zap it treatment (don’t know the real name). I and many others have been praying for her in these last two novenas. After an MRI yesterday, the doctors say the brain tumor is 90% gone, the remaining 10% is either still dying, dead, or scar tissue. Praise God. May we continue to pray for her and her young family that the cancer has left her body totally and does not reoccur. Thank you Lord.

  15. Thanking God who led me swiftly for my biometrics without any hinges !!! Believing Him for the best!!

  16. Glory be to God! During this Novena I have been praying for help with 4 different people. My cousin, who has cancer, my 81 year old mother, who has not been feeling well, my son,who has been a little shaky in the faith and for my husband to get a promotion. Since then, my cousin has come home from the hospital and is recovering, my mother seems to be doing better, my son has recently stated that he wants to return to Mass and my husband is on an interview this morning for the job position he wants. God be praised!

  17. I prayed for my mother to have a clean bill of health after multiple tests, and it happened. Thank you Lord, I am so thankful!

  18. During this Novena where I experienced problems, for more than 2 years, with thyroid issues I believe Jesus helped me where doctors didn’t. Thank You Jesus and ALL who prayed and believe, Amen!

  19. I asked for the grace to lose weight and strengthen my body. What I have experienced is a new determination to eat healthy and exercise. So far so good. I believe I have lost a bit. And I have been doing 30 minutes almost daily on my exercise bike. I know Jesus is helping me.

  20. I ask for safe travels for Natalie who will be doing alot of driving as a part of a summer job.

    For safe travels for Chuck & Tressa to California & back, as they leave for for a friends memorial service & final goodbyes.

    I ask these prayers in Jesus’s Holy Name,


    Thank You so much :)

  21. My grandson received a positive health assessment that he waited 11 months to hear.
    The sacred Heart of Jesus novena was answered after the first day. Thank you Jesus!

  22. thank and praise Lord Jesus Christ. He has touched me by making each moment to be peaceful with gladness. I can not comprehend it. all I can say, ” IN NOMINE PATRIS ET FILII ET SPIRITUS SANCTI. AMEN. GLORIA IN EXCELSIS DEO!!!! THANK YOU. kindly please pray for me also while I pray also for you and for one another.

  23. I prayed for a friend who passed away a few weeks ago. I just wanted to find some comfort that he found peace in his passing. A few days after starting this novena I had a dream about him. And I was able to tell him I missed him and he told me things would be ok.

  24. My prayer to have financial security, independence and peace was answered in this challenging season involving a legal battle. God’s Providence was there and the Holy Spirit prompted me to open my eyes and see it.

  25. I am taking my commercial fishing boat across the North Pacific Ocean from Washington State to the Aleutian Islands. Me, my Mother, and her entire Prayer Group pray the Rosary every trip, for safety and favorable weather. Right now I’m out in the middle of the North Pacific Ocean and the weather is perfect! Actually takes us on a course around a storm and allows us to make record speed to our destination. I have whitnessed this happen so many times over my 35 year career. It is the Hand of God at work. It is always so miraculous. God Bless You ALL.🙏

  26. Prayed for a healthy home as I’ve been suffering the effects of mold in the home. God gave me a new job that allows me to pay for updates to the home.

  27. Please keep my sister in your prayers. Her intestine ruptured and she developed sespticima and now is in ICU.

  28. Please Lord unite your holy sacred heart with that of Emily so she may have a safe delivery and soon! May our little granddaughter be healthy! Thank you, Lord, I trust in you! Thank you for healing from uterine cancer for our cousin.

  29. I prayed for my son- in- law to get a different job that would be good for his well being and good for his family. He received an offer last night and is going to accept it this morning!! He will have more time now to spend with their young family. ❤ so very thankful!

  30. God is good. He provided food for me when i least expected from where it came from, initially i asked for money from my friend who told me they will send but ignored up till now and God did his Mighty because his not called a Provider for lies..i was sick and he has healed me, my granny who couldn’t talk and didn’t want to eat is now talking, eating and feeling a lot better with her old age.,. Its only God.. Devil has been defeated.. more testimonies are on the way as the government is about to pay me my dues they have been owing me. praise God

  31. My prayers for my daughters serious situation to resolve with the best possible outcome were answered. Not how I thought would be best, but how the Lord thought best. Thank you Lord!

  32. So grateful to the Sacred Heart of Jesus for answering my prayers that the issues I’ve been having with my neighbor seem to be resolved.

  33. I am a widower getting used to my new vocation. Mrs. and I are Eucharistic Apostles of Divine Mercy. My prayers for help in mortification of works of the flesh have been answered abundantly. Ignatian spirituality reigns supreme. Thank you.

  34. My son has received some employment possibilities and came to adoration with me. Thank you Most Sacred Heart for everything. May this lead him to a closer relationship with you and a good career. Thank you.

  35. I have been praying for a job change, God has answered my prayers because I am attending an interview on 16th June and am trusting God for a job offer. He is a miracle working God

  36. I have become aware of a new desire in my heart: to console God’s heart for the many ways His children hurt him.

  37. I prayed for unity in my family. I come from a big family of 11 siblings and for the past years we had some differences. I been praying for these differences to resolve. I see positive changes among my siblings and I can feel the unity and harmony. I know this is God responding to my prayers. All for the glory of God.

  38. I prayed for patience and kindness during me moving out in the midst of a divorce. So far, everything has been very amicable. I am so grateful.

  39. Dear friends,
    Thank you, Jesus! I have been praying with you since March (with the novena to St. Joseph) for my son to be offered a teaching job. On Friday, he received the offer he dreamed of at a Catholic school. Thank you, St. Joseph, Mary Undoer of Knots, Sacred Heart of Jesus. I will continue to pray for all of you. God is good.

  40. My wife was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. The doctor ordered an MRI of her brain. I prayed this novena that she would not have metastasis of the brain. We found out yesterday that her brain was clear. This novena and prayers of others, made this happen. Thank God!

  41. So Thankful to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and lmmaculate Heart Mary Through this Novena for ANSWER TO MY PETITIONS

    Thank you 🙏 my Lord and my God 🙏
    Thank you Holy Ghost 🙏
    Thank you Blessed Mother Mary 🙏
    Thank you Sr Joseph Spouse of Blessed Mother Mary 🙏
    Thank you All Angels and Saints in Heaven Amen 🙏

  42. Thank you Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

    My prayer that my daughter would find employment has been answered.

    She has been out of work for over a year due to a medical and personal

  43. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!! My surgical procedures were a success!!! KL got a call back for a new job!!! God sent a financial blessing!!! Glory to God!!!

  44. The catheterization my husband had done resulted in a stent being put in an almost closed artery. Thank you Most Sacred Heart for getting him through this. Please help me to shake off this continued anxiety I have.

  45. I have forgiven my husband for the actions he has done to me in our 45 years. I may NOT go back with him I can me happy and poor without him Than poor and have a man that mistreats me

  46. My husband got accepted for a trial procedure for a medical device to aid with his extreme pain & debilitation from a work injury. If this helps him, he will have another procedure done to have the medical device inserted along the spine, lasting 10 years, that will allow him to begin the healing & strengthening of his body. Oh Lord we pray🙏🙏

  47. Thank you a Jesus for showing me the way out of the unhealthy relationship I was in. Thank you for answering my prayers about how to proceed with the man I would have ultimately made a wrong decision to be with. Lord help me to find someone who is equally yoked of the same spirit, respects my body, mind and spirit. Amen!

  48. I give the intentions of all my prayers to the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary. She gives them to the Sacred Heart of her son, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ for her own special intentions. It fills my heart with joy and thanksgiving in the knowledge that perhaps one of my prayers was added to the intentions of one or more of the beautiful souls on this list. May the Lord’s love and peace grace your lives on this special celebration of the overflowing love of His Sacred Heart.

  49. My nephew has been estranged from his father for many years. He learned that the father had a stroke and also has cancer, so the doctors are just keeping him comfortable. My nephew was not going to go to see him. I prayed for his heart to be softened and he did visit his father yesterday.
    Praise God.

  50. I got approval from my exams council, by virtue of this testimony, I am sure the exams is a success in Jesus name. I got a contrary response for my career upgrade by I know God has something bigger for me. Trusting him for other intentions

  51. Oh My Jesus!! How wonderful you are! My mother was scheduled for surgery to remove cancer cells for the SIXTH time! She is 84. I asked if it be God’s will that surheould be successful and the dr and team be guided by his hand! Surgery was successful. They removed 2 more cells than expected but all went well ! Praise God!!

  52. The man who filled a false deed on our house 2 years ago was arrested in answer to our prayers. We still have a ways to go to get it back. Praise the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

  53. The last novena and this novena my pray has been for me to get a job and God has truly been faithful. At the end of this novena I asked God that I get a job offer and yesterday I got it. I am truly grateful to God especially because the job offer is from a company I was interested in. Glory be to God.

  54. It is very difficult living alone after having a wonderful husband for 52 years. With the help of Jesus and your prayers, I am doing it. Thank you.

  55. For my teenager son to get closer to God, for not to be depress anymore and our relationship gets better. I want a happy child

  56. My husband was declared free of cancer midway through our novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I had been praying for his recovery for the last 3 months, but I was truly heartened by getting the news during this novena at a time when we both needed it most. Thank you dear Lord.

  57. Our daughter’s surgery was completely successful and she is recovering nicely. Thank you Lord, Jesus!

  58. take me out detatch from food believe I am Healed shine thru me Jesus retrain my brain help me Jesus I will Never give up I trust in you Jesus thank you 101.5 total healing let go brad food thank you I will Never Give up

  59. I was scheduled for a regular mammogram and prayed for good results as one of my intentions of the Sacred Heart Novena. Much to my surprise, I was called back to repeat the scan and an ultrasound test was added for further exploration. This was unexpected and disconcerting. Following these additional tests, on Day 8 of the Novena, I received news from my Doctor that the area of concern turned out to be something “not of concern and benign”. Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus!

  60. My brother, Paul, paid my back taxes and saved my home. Bless him! Have to find a way to repay him as it isn’t his job to pay them. I am grateful he did and that he has a good heart. It is conformed to Jesus!

  61. I have very bad osteo arthritis to the point that I cant work. One of my orthopedic doctors sent me to see a Rheumatologist to see if I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was scared…I went yesterday and I dont have rheumatoid arthritis…just really really bad osteo arthritis!! I prayed this Novena so hard!!! And thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus for hearing my pleas and answering them!! Im so happy !! Thank you John- Paul and Annie for bringing these Novenas to us all! God Bless You both!

  62. Our son has been missing for close to 2 wks, estranged during this time from us and all his friends. I have been prayerful during this time and I started praying the Sacred Heart Novena. On the 2nd day, our son was found, safe and in a care facility, with each day of this Novena he has shown improvement.
    All Glory and Praise to You Lord God. Sacred Heart of Jesus, pray for us. Amen

  63. Thanking God for answered prayers. My elderly mother has been feeling good for the first time in years.

  64. My daughter in law, Amanda, who has been monitored for a year is pregnant. I pray for a healthy pregnancy and baby in this most risky time to become pregnant. I pray for discernment regarding the vaccine and the veil of God’s protection over her, my son and their little boy.

  65. Prayed for a family member to find a new job as they were miserable. Two job offers came through, thank you Jesus, Amen.

  66. Thanking God for his healing for our loved one! Blessings to our family needed funds! God is love! We Believe!

  67. I was told after waiting 11 months for my unemployment benifits,
    I should be getting them in 2 weeks. Praise God!!

  68. My daughter and son-in-law had put their home up for sale. I prayed that it might sell quickly as they were very anxious to move because of the requirement for her husband to be within 30 minutes of his new job.

    That evening they received a cash offer for more than the asking price.

  69. I prayed that my adult son would regain his health after what I believe was Covid. He wouldn’t get tested, but God has helped him to recover. Thank you God.

  70. Dear Jesus,

    I have been praying for various intentions during this Novena. With the current pandemic situation, all jobs at leadership level went on hold in India. I was in a desperate situation as my financial situation reached a stage where I would have to pre-mature my Fixed Deposits which I did not want to do so. Last noon, I got a call for an interview tomorrow that too for a role that I have been praying so hard for. This is nothing short of a miracle. I now surrender the interview and the rest of the process to you. If it is in your Holy Will let it be done.
    Jesus I trust in you, Jesus I love you

    Your loving child.