Answered Prayers from the Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena, 2018

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Thank you so much for joining us in praying this beautiful novena! If you have had any of your prayers answered, please share those with us all below!

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  1. This is such a powerful prayer! I’ve began praying this for a couple days now and I’ve already experienced God’s Grace and the powerful intercession of St.Jude !! Prayers are being answered keep praying to the sacred Heart of Jesus and St. Jude ! Yes

  2. Oh My Jesus I entrust my job search situation to your Sacred Heart, I know I will come back here latest the 31st of December 2019 to thank you for Answering my Prayer! Amen!! For the past 6 weeks, i have gone for 3interviews. No feedback yet! I know one of the positions shall / is Mine Already because I have entrusted it to your Sacred Heart . Amen!

  3. Thank you for the prayers answered.
    “May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be Adored, Glorified, Loved & Preserved throughout the world, now & forever. Amen

  4. Sacred Heart I need your touch a miracle, the restoration of my relationship
    My love returning to for God’s Glory let me not return empty handed and pass me not gentle saviour and hear my cry

  5. “May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be Adored, Glorified, Loved & Preserved throughout the world, now & forever.Amen
    Sacred heart of Jesus PLEASE i need a miracle today thursday the 10-10-2019 please obtain for me urgently and miraculously my BBA certificate from college of UDBS-UDSM today make it todayAmen.I promise to publish sacred heart prayers and thanksgiving soon after favor is granted today.#TMC

  6. Thank you for the love, the blessing and the protection you gave me throughout these years. You are the almighty and with you nothing is impossible. Thank you Jesus!

  7. I want to use this platform to share my testimony of praying to the sacred heart of Jesus. I was in need of money to pay my school fees and buy provisions for school when school resumes. Humanly speaking there was no way out for me because my family is facing financial challenges. I didn’t know how I will get this money but when I read about testimonies of people about sacred heart of Jesus,I decided to pray believing that he will answer me since he has answered others. To the glory of God,my mother asked me how much I will need to buy my provisions for school and my fees. Everything happened suddenly when I least expect it. Thank you sacred heart of Jesus for answering my prayers. I want to encourage anyone reading this that this prayer has never failed. This prayer has done a lot miracles for me that I thought was impossible.

  8. Thank You Sacred Heart of Jesus for another answered prayer. Thank You for your mercy and always hearing & answering my prayers. I Love You, I Trust in You, May Your Will be done. AMEN 🙏🏼♥️

  9. Six years ago, my gradma was very sick and I started praying a prayer called Crown to the Sacred Heart. My grandma passed away, but she had the chance to say goodbye to her entire family. Some days later, I had to move to another city and I saw a poster of the Sacred Heart in my parent’s house and took it with me. When I got depressed, I prayed looking at the poster and it helped me.
    I forgot that poster (and the devotion) entirely. Five years passed by.
    Recently, my mother got sick and my family was facing some problems. I started praying the rosary using an app (tech catholic) and the narrator dedicated the rosary to the Sacred Heart. I remembered my former devotion and searched for additional information. I found out a book explaining how sins can still hurt Jesus and his Sacred Heart. The explanation was so good, that I decided to trust my family issues to the Sacred Heart and pray. Today, during the mass, I offered my prayers in reparation to the Sacred Heart and prayed for my family. I was so moved that I cried.
    After the final blessings, I was leaving the church, when I look ahead. Right in front of me was an image of Jesus and His Sacred Heart. I go to that Church on a weekly basis and that was the first time I saw that image. I saw it precisely on the first day I offered prayers in reparation to the Sacred Heart and asked for Jesus and his Merciful Heart to take care of my family. I don’t think this is a coincidence. It’s a signal. Jesus was delicate enough to show me He was listening to my prayers. He was encouraging me to trust my problems to His Heart. I don’t know if Jesus is going to answer my prayers (although I hope He decides to grant me my petition), but I do know I have to offer reparations to the sins committed against his heart. Jesus was encouraging me to keep trusting Him and His Sacred Heart and Divine Mercy.

  10. Sacred Heart of Jesus thank you very much for the answered prayers, thank you for the result of my sisters biopsy it was negative of cancer, thank you for always there for us and for the unconditional love my Lord, you are so good, love you Lord! Praise God Alliluyah! Amen….

  11. Thank you very much Sacred Heart of Jesus for granting my request that the tumor in the lungs of my sister Angie will be gone before her surgery which was yesterday June 26 2019. Surgery of my Sis. Angie was scheduled on the 26 of June 8th day of my Novena to Sacred Heart. The surgery was cancelled…miraculously the Dr. didn’t find any tumor anymore. The power of prayers can really move mountains. Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus for granting our request.

  12. Sacred heart of Jesus, please heal my burden of my heart and give me strength mentally and physically to deal with my problems in life .Please fill my heart with peace and joy.
    Please transform my husband from his stubborn nature and ego and make him more humble and understanding.
    Thank you Jesus and Mary.

  13. “Thank You, sweet Sacred Heart of Jesus, for all answered prayers. You are my Lord, my rock, my strength, my life, my EVERYTHING! I will Always Love you & Trust in You. My prayers to You will Always continue. May Your Will be done. Amen🙏🏼♥️

  14. Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus for giving me the strength to leave a bad marriage. Pray to the Sacred Heart of Jesus if you are in a similar situation. It works!

  15. Thank you so much from my heart for answering my pray for my grandson. This gratitude extends to the Blessed Mother of Jesus and St Jude!

  16. The lord has answered my prayers. I am having a thyroid problem. I started to pray this novena, I am now getting help for treatment.
    Thank you

  17. Please pray for my friend, Kitt. She is having heart troubles and has already undergone angioplasty. However, her symptoms are worse now. She is only 49 years old. Thank you for your prayers!

  18. Dear John-Paul & Annie!
    A friend of the family has been trying for a few years now to conceive a child. As her and her husband were losing all hope to be parents, I offered this Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus that they would be blessed with a precious child. I am so thankful to God to have received the blessed news yesterday that they are expecting. Thru the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary and the Glorious St. Joseph, this beautiful couple is a testament to God’s most precious miracle….a child.
    Thank you Jesus, Mary and St. Joseph!
    Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, we love you!!!
    God Bless!

  19. Please pray for me. My ex husband is verbally abusive to me. I can’t take it anymore. He’s stolen so much money from me and continues to steal money from me. I pray for protection from him. I pray for justice. Amen. His girlfriend and her whole family are mean to me and I support them all.

  20. I want to thank sacred heart of Jesus for everything he has done for me the job did call me. Went through the process just waiting to see if I get hired Jesus you have never let me down please continue to pray for me Jesus that I will get hired fully I will be able to start on July 5 and forever on. I shed so many tears only you know please please answer my prayer ?. Amen

  21. My intentions for this novena were for God to help me be brave and strong in order for the birth of my first child to go smoothly and for the whole birthing process to be as painless as possible. On the eighth day of the novena I went into labor. I felt calm and excited to finally meet my daughter. Labor only lasted a few hours and I quickly gave birth to my daughter. Everything went even better than I anticipated and I’m so grateful for such a wonderful birth experience and even more grateful for my new bundle of joy. Praise be to God!

  22. The last novena was a miracle prayer to me as we got our visas granted after waiting for more than a year on the final day of the prayer God answered my prayers.

    Thank you and God continue to bless you

  23. My son’s cancer appeared in 2015. He went through chemo and radiation for lung, bone, pancreas, and brain cancer. He was stage lV for his original diagnosis. His last pet scan was good except for the brain. One spot. It was watched closely for the last 11 months. Dr said it could be inflammation, necrosis or active tumor. One more test and the Dr said most likely tumor.. He had brain surgery on Wednesday . It was necrosis (our answered prayers) in ICU for two days and discharged to home on Friday. We celebrated Fathers Day at his house today after he and his wife went to Mass. My joy is indescribable and overwhelmed with prayers of Thanksgiving. I love my novenas. Thank you and God bless.

  24. Thank you Sacred Heart. I prayed for healing of my Dear Friends, Delores and John, Over Seas. They lost my phone no. and found it. They at last called me from Germany after over a year. We had a grand phone reunion.
    I prayed for healing for my Dear
    Friends, Sierra and Derek awaiting. 2 years to get married when Derek could get a good job. He did. They just got Engaged. Praise God. My oldest Daughter and Husband, Lisa and Sean, and 2 College Children are drawing closer to God in their Catholic Faith. Prayers answered. 4 more Children I pray will do the same.

  25. Finally, Our Creator looked at me with favor and found me a job that is according to my need and skill. Thank you for those who have prayed with me ??.

    Indeed prayers have been always my saving glpry… I do storm the heavens with prayers. God bless us all and blessings to the ADMIN and propagators of this website.

  26. My brother had serious problems in school which could either have resulted to expulsion or suspension for a year. We joined the Sacred heart of Jesus novena and some other novenas as a family praying for God’s mercy. A day after completing the novenas, we got a call from him saying that he has been miraculously pardoned. Glory to Jesus, honour to Mary.

  27. Answered prayers!! I finally got a job with an awesome company and I can feel confident in my career! And I have been dating someone really special.

    I struggled for awhile believing I deserved a career that I loved and now I finally believe I do and things fell into place!!

  28. I have received a miracle
    I did not know how I was going to pay my first installment of my house taxes

    All of a sudden it was in the little bag I have I knew I only had about half
    Looked and there was the whole amount plus a little more

    Thank You JESUS over and over again

  29. June 8th my son who is employed by the sheriffs department part time was told that full time positions for the sheriffs department would open up in 2 weeks.

    My daughter and I needed clarification that her choice to leave a job for another not so secure one was the right one, well that choice lead to 2 more positions.

    Praise and Thanks Most Holy Sacred Heart of Jesus

  30. In the name of the father, the son and the Holy spirit, thank you God, Jesus and all saints in heaven as I believe my hearts prayer will be answered and everything that’s have been praying for wil come to pass, amen.

  31. My main prayer intention was to be blessed with an avenue to get downpayment for purchase of a home. Thursday evening we got a buyer for a plot of land that will give us all the money we need for the house. I thank the Lord almighty for this wonderful answer to my prayer. Thankyou to the sacred heart of Jesus. Glory to the Lord God almighty

  32. This has been a blessing. I look forward to every day. PRAISE GOD!!!

    This has been a blessing. Thank God!!!!

  33. I had some money to pay back to the health insurance following a motor vehicular accident and some error in payment. It has been two years since the issue is going on. Whilst praying this novena I called to follow up on the case and it was said to me that everything is settled and the case is closed. Thank you Lord for answering my prayer.

  34. Most Holy Sacred Heart of Jesus, I am forever grateful for your continued Mercy, Guidance, Love, Provision and answered prayers to provide our family with a new wonderful job that will allow us to reside in our current home and stay close to our friends, families, church and community!


  35. I thank you Lord Jesus for answering my prayers during the Novena to your most Sacred Heart. You are indeed faithful and I love you so much.

  36. Dear Lord Jesus , with Your sacred heart, I Praise and thank You for passing my certification exam on the second day of the novena. Amen

  37. My daughter has a mass on her adrenal gland and I prayed it would not be cancer and she received her sonogram results and no cancer! Praise be to God!

  38. I believe in the gift of prayer.
    Do to a shoulder issue I prayed for a new job with more more pay. From stating my prayers and goal in mind about about 2 weeks June 18th . I start that new job , better for my health and stress. And still close to home
    Thanks be to God.?

  39. I want to thank God for answering my prayer. My sister gets to go back to school and finish her semester. We weee able to raise the tuition money.

  40. I am ever so grateful to the sacred heart of Jesus, on day 2 of the novena, I was called for job interview and got the job. Today being the feast day of the sacred heart, I got the message to start on Monday for performance assessment, I have confidence in Jesus that everything will be successful. A very big thank you to Jesus and you all for praying with me. My sleeping pattern has very much improved. I am still waiting for heart MRI scan.

  41. Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus, please heal my family and I, both Spiritually and physically.

    Please heal us of our burdens of anxiety, depression, diabetes, fibromyalgia, asthma, allergies, TMJ and chest wall pain.

    Thank you, Jesus.

  42. Am so grateful to God my healing of my dad and success in obtaining the visa I was praying for.praise the Lord prayers and fasting work miracles in my family thank you Jesus,please pray as many times and many prayers as you can.for our heavenly Father answers all our prayers have faith and you will testify, hallelujah

  43. Since praying the novenas. I Thank My Lord And Savior. My son had reduced his dose of methadone, I have found a Christlike man that loves and serves with passion to Our Lord will be married on Ju 14th. After being both single and abstinent for 5 years. I have also been pre-approved for our new home to start our marital journey in. Thank you Lord.

  44. Thank you, my Sweetest Jesus for answered prayer. Immediately after the first day of prayer, peace returned to my family. It was an astounding healing and opening of soul. I am forever thankful for your goodness and depth of love. Thank you for always remained so close to me.

  45. I want to thank God for answered prayer, I went to a friend and collected her mixer in the process of using it,the mixer stopped working I cried my eyes out because the mixer is worth 500k,i prayed on the day eight(8) of this Novena begging God to please make the mixer to start working and God answered my prayer.

  46. Thank you Lord for granting me my request of indefinite leave to remain in the UK, may your holy name be praised. Glory to the the most high God. Amen.

  47. Thank you Lord for helping me with a decision by closing one door to allow me to know which way to turn next. I adore you with my whole heart my Heavenly Father. Amen.

  48. I have prayed this Novena for a special intention that I get rid of my high blood pressure medicine which I felt was misdiagnosed by my family doctor almost 2 years ago. I went to a heart specialist yesterday and he has taken me off my medication. Thank you Lord!!!

  49. Dear Sacred heart of Jess
    This prayer is such a beautiful blessing to me. I am greatfull and so thankful to these novena prayers. I was in trouble and you presented them to me. I realise now that you have always favored me. Every time I am in trouble you present am out. I am going through the most because you favour me. People don’t understand why I am so blessed. Sometimes it’s not easy for a person who is blessed to see how blessed they are, how ever now I am very much aware. If I counted how many times you have shown me favour in my life I would have to write a whole book and that also would not be enough. I recently lost my job at the SABC due to a man who is my manager who took an instant disliking to me a long time ago. Two of my colleagues also got the boot because we were fighting for our rights. I have been praying for us to win our case to go back to work, I now realise that God has a plan and when the time is right THE RIGHT THING WILL HAPPEN. I think even my family doesn’t understand my blessings so they get scared and jealous. My testimony today is to be great full and joyfull that Jesus has shown me how favoured I am, always have been and always will be. I accept this favour from you Lord. I accept these blessings. Please keep favouring me almighty. I have risen and I am lifted. I want to show you that I appreciate this revelation and I might be swallowed by the things that happen in this work because I am human and very much imperfect but just know that I know and Appreciate that you shown me during this sacred heart of Jesus that YOU LOVE ME! That things will happen your way and in your time. I bless you and bow to thee and I accept these blessings in Jesus name. AMEN!

  50. Thank you lord for answering my prayers. I lost my job few months ago and decided to stay home with my 3year old daughter for few months to get some quality time with her. I started seeking for job opportunities about 2 weeks ago and was offered a position. In the meantime I had my heart set on a job that was close to home, which meant less travel time and not having to drop my daughter off at daycare b4 7 in the mornings! I accepted the offer for the job as we were struggling financially and was supposed to start work on Monday. Checking my email on Sunday night, I had an email from the other job that I had applied for and had my heart set on! I took a leap of faith and said yes to the interview and turned down the other opportunity. All this time I was praying and asking lord for his guidance and support. I went for an interview on Thursday and Friday afternoon they offered me the job!!
    I thank lord. He heard my prayer. Still 2 more to be answered but I have faith and trust in lord. All will be answered in time.
    I would like to add that my husband is a born Catholic and we have baptized our daughter as well. Iam a born hindu and I have yet to be baptized. But this hasnt stopped me. I have faith and trust in lord! And he answered my prayers.
    Thank you father.???Amen

  51. The Lord heard my cry! I had been praying for help find a nice apartment for my two and myself on my limited budget, and I did! I am so grateful to God for His help. He never, ever lets me down. Thank You, Jesus! Thank You, God!

  52. Our daughter has been trying to get pregnant for two years and told us today she is 4 weeks pregnant! This was our intention for this Novena. Please pray for the baby to reach full term and for a happy and healthy delivery.

  53. I prayed for the grace to love others as God loves us. And i believe i have received it because i have been able to find a place in my heart for a relative who betrayed me.

  54. My partner applied for a loan with a financial institution and it was approved.

    My daughter got part payment from the insurance company after her accident.

  55. Praise be the Lord for a successful US visa interview of my parents, Sps. Mario & Cecilia Lao. Thank you for sending your Holy Sprit to make them thru even with a history of overstaying. God bless us all:’)

  56. I prayed for the Sacred Heart of Jesus heal my body from any diseases or illnesses. I just received good news that my ultrasound for my breasts was probably benign and will need to follow-up in six months. Thank you Jesus for hearing my prayers and giving me a miracle…

  57. This is the first novena thru this site that I’ve been fully committed to praying for one thing. For healing for a good friend whose had two major surgeries in the past three months. Today I received news that his healing is going better than expected. I’m grateful.

  58. I prayed that our Sacred Heart of Jesus would grant me the grace of continued good health and to be cancer free-always.
    I just received my CT Scan and blood work results —- wonderful news!! Cancer free !!!
    My family and I are so grateful and we will continue to pray and serve our Lord everyday.
    Thank you??????

  59. The lord is good all the time. I finished the novena of the sacred heart of Jesus today and had my driving lessons. I am so happy for the lord is good.

  60. On the 8th day, as I was waking up from sleep, I heard, “keep trusting in Jesus! ” this is my answered prayer for all I have been petitioning HIM. I pray for the grace of patience and perseverance in waiting. Thank You, Father Jesus. I pray too that may He meet us all at the point of all our needs. Amen. Thanks to all who have added their prayers.

  61. Part of my petition was answered. I have gotten much peace from saying this novena and knowing that thousands of others are praying also

  62. Again, my prayers were answered! My son is speaking to us again on the 9th day. A little difficult but it is the beginning. I pray that we are able to handle it with caution and keep improving the conversation. And be understanding towards each other so there will be peace in my family.
    My heart is full of gratitude and thanks, Merciful Heart of Jesus,
    Immaculate Heart of Mary, thank you, thank you, thank you, we all must keep the faith and pray and believe in you and the Almighty God the Father. You always come to my aid in the worst moments of my life!!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.
    We pray for all to receive the blessings.

  63. Partially answered. Two of a 4 part prayer request has been answered. We are grateful. The most difficult of 2 are still in front of us. I have slowly added a 5th. NOT TO LOSE FAITH. As the 2 difficulty we are sill faced with are major and if one does not happen soon, it affects the entire family and 3 other families for the foreseeable future. We pray that faith will not be lost and these major obstacles are overcome.

  64. We have more cooperation in our home. I am so thankful for this. Thank you for your prayers and above all, thank God.

  65. My prayers were answered. I asked for healing of my esophagus and throat and that my test would come out good. I had my test and all good. It gave the Dr a new view of possible li re problems though but I know that with prayer and God’s will that too will be healed! Thank you my Jesus. AMEN

  66. Also I having praying for guidance for my daughter to find a new place to live that meets her needs and those of the person that will share the expenses according to the will of God. Thank you, Amen

  67. Thank you for all your prayers ! Lord answered my prayer for my son to pass his qualifying exam ! please continue to ask the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit to answer my prayers! Amen.

  68. Thank You dear Father for answering our prayers for a new job for my husband. We prayed and prayed and prayed, and God heard our prayers. Thank You Jesus! We love You and we bless Your mighty Name.

  69. My granddaughter Ella (5 yr. old) has been suffering since Oct.2017. Many illnesses mono, pneumonia, etc and then she was left with side effects, dizziness and weak muscles. She has been tested from her head to her toes. Yesterday we finally got a diagnosis. We were very scared by some of the syndromes it could have been. And the fix is not to bad, she has POTS. I’ve been praying your novenas for a year now. Thank you Blessed Mother, Jeasus, and all the Saints.

  70. I had prayed to the Sacred Heart of Jesus to help me get funds to pay our many debts. Yesterday I received a miracle. My account was credited with funds that only God knew would come to me. Praise be to God, through the Sacred Heart of Jesud

  71. Am so happy to start this novena and about to end it. the Lord has done it for because i believe and never doubt in my heart. i wish to thank all of you who have been praying for me and my family, may God reward and see you through. amen.
    thank you.

  72. Prayers answered for my son’s car not to need an expensive repair for my son and his peace with this (he and I have both been anxious about this), prayers continuing for this provision for my son.

    Prayers being answered everyday about a difficult work situation for me, prayers continuing for the situation

  73. David my son was paid for his debt worth 11,000,000- by kind people and he was saved from getting imprisoned.

    I thank my Prince Jesus Christ the Son of God Living God.

  74. O Jesus, Thank you for answering my prayers. Four days ago my radiology oncologist ordered a ct scan of my pelvic which came back with a 3 mm lessure on the left side of my pelvic. A bone scan was ordered, I prayed in this novenas for a negative out come. Lord behold, the Almighty Answered my prayers! Thank you Lord, it great to have Hope in Jesus. In his name miracles do happened.

  75. Thank God answered prayer.i prayed for our relationship to be fix and financially status and GOD is so Good …i truly believed the power of prayers..Amen

  76. Healing towards my daughter and my cousin.
    Up coming trip
    Meet Matano and had a good time and conversation I have faith God you will keep this union and everything will continue working well.
    Travelled safely to and from work
    All glory and honor goes to God Amen

  77. I prayed for God’s mercy and favor and I have been amazed and awed by His faithfulness and blessings over my family and I. Thank you God for all the endless mercies and favor You have bestowed upon us. All Praise and Honor to the Almighty!!!

  78. Thank you Lord for answering my prayer. I prayed for healing and protection upon the life of my family members, and to bless me with many more customers/clients, he has done so and he is continuesly doing it Amen.

  79. My son was scheduled for surgery but after seeing the surgeon we were told that he didn’t need surgery at this time. His eye and injury was healing. God is so good!

  80. My prayer that I would be able to hire a employee who could fill a position quickly and gracefully was answere!!!

  81. My daughter Mary Ann has been sick for over 4 years now and was losing hope about ever getting well again. But doing this Novena this week my daughter ordered a book on releasing the miracle power of God’s words of healing. It’s about building an unshakable faith in God’s Power in your life and to believing and speaking God’s Words. I hope and pray that she will experience His healing powers in her life again and that God will take away all her pain she lives with everyday. Thank you ??