Answered Prayers from the Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena – 2015

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Sacred Heart Novena PrayersThank you for joining us in praying the Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena!

We hope it was fruitful for you!

If any of your prayers were answered while praying this novena with us, please share that below — all for the glory of God!

It is always inspiring to hear bout answered prayers & how God is working through these novenas.

It is such an incredible reminder of the power of prayer — that God is listening and He is working in our lives!

You can read through hundreds of answered prayers from past novenas here:


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However, for every answered prayer we share, we know there are at least as many unanswered prayers — if not more; and we know that unanswered prayers can be discouraging.

But we don’t want you to lose hope, or to stop praying.

In fact, many of the Saints that we ask for intercession are great examples that we should persist in our prayers, and keep our faith strong. St. Monica, for example, prayed for nearly two decades before her prayers were completely answered.

Now, if you have had some prayers go seemingly unanswered (you’re not alone), and you’ve been asking yourself, “Should I just stop praying?” — here’s a post I wrote that may be able to help:

Unanswered Prayers

Thank you for joining us in prayer!

We are praying for you.

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  1. Thank you most Sarah Sacred Heart of Jesus for answering my prayers and always impossible you best me yet once again I give you all things all gratitude all love for all you have done for me you feel my heart and bless me once again I give you thanks for all that you have done for me whether I deserved it or not thank you you’re Sacred Heart I love you in all men

  2. I would like to express my thanks to our Blessed Mother for hearing my prayers. I am praying for the insight and faith to understand and accept how they are being answered. I know no prayers go unanswered.
    This is the novena I prayed:
    “Hail, Holy Queen,
    Mother of Mercy,
    our life, our sweetness and our hope!
    To thee do we cry,
    poor banished children of Eve;
    to thee do we send up our sighs,
    mourning and weeping in this valley of tears.
    Turn then, most gracious advocate,
    thine eyes of mercy towards us;
    and after this our exile,
    show unto us the blessed fruit of thy womb Jesus.
    O clement, O loving,
    O sweet Virgin Mary.


    V – Pray for us, most holy mother of God.
    R – That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

    “Virgin of the Incarnation,
    a thousand times we greet thee,
    a thousand times we praise thee
    for thy joy when God was incarnated in thee.
    Because thou art so powerful
    a Virgin and Mother of God,
    grant what we ask of thee for the love of God.”

    Here state your first intention.

    Repeat all of above
    and then state your second intention.

    Repeat all of above
    and then state your third intention.


    After the above prayers and intentions,
    say the Memorare.

    Remember, O most Gracious Virgin Mary,
    that never was it known
    that anyone who fled to thy protection,
    implored thy help
    or sought thy intercession was left unaided.
    Inspired by this confidence,
    I fly unto thee,
    O Virgin of Virgins,
    my mother.
    To thee do I cry,
    before thee I stand,
    sinful and sorrowful.
    Mother of the Word Incarnate,
    despise not my petitions,
    but in thy mercy hear and answer me.


    Hail Mary…

    Blessed and praised be
    the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar,
    in Heaven, on earth and everywhere.


  3. I’m praying Jesus the King of Love and Mercy to make me meet this year my soulmate and future husband. I’m not getting younger but I’m more than before confident, and I don’t want to be desperate anymore. By the way, please Jesus, meanwhile I ask You humbly to prepare my heart, mind and soul and to transform me totally (in order to be soon a devoted wife and mom).

  4. Thanks to the sacred heart of Jesus and those we’re praying together. May Almighty lord bless us all of us. Thank lord for now my husband has come back to the church.

  5. Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus that my daughter didn’t have what the drs. thought she had. Also Sacred Heart of Jesus that you heal her of the cyst that she has on her ovary. Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus that my son has not been drinking the way he used to. I pray that he will stop completely. May the most Sacred Heart of Jesus be Praised, Adored and Glorified now and forever. Amen.

  6. Please Jesus help me I’m a sinner please forgive me lord even though I made you feel sad you still blessing my life thank you lord

  7. Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus for answering my prayers for my daughter and her boyfriend. May your most Sacred Heart be adored, glorified, and honored throughout the world now and forever. Amen.

  8. 2 months ago I prayed novena to Sacred heart to get a financial breakthrough. I got a business contract which gave me enough money to start allover again.I was answered on day 6(I believe).
    Am now praying for guidance on how to invest the cash (today day8)Pray with me to discern His will.
    I have realized over time that there is nothing like unanswered novena.Always trust in Jesus and take he gives you after those nine days.If you are keen and trusting enough,you will know the answer; if yes thank him if wait continue praying if no thank him the more and don’t rely on your feelings; he know what is best for you more much more than you do.
    Whichever the answer never stop praying…

  9. Thank you Oh sacred heart of jesus for always answering my prayers , maybe not always as I desire but you always look after me . Praying hard for your generosity to help me through this difficult time in my life

  10. Thank you Most Sacred Heart of Jesus for answered prayers! May Your Most Sacred Heart be adored, glorified, honored, and preserved throughout the world now and forever! AMEN

  11. I prayed the novena of the Sacred heart of Jesus the first time about a second chance and He answered on the 9th day! Sacred heart of Jesus I place my trust in you. Praise God.

  12. Almost A Week Ago Me And My Boyfriend Had A Fallin Out, All Because I Never Think Before I Talk And I Said Somethin Hurtful To Him, Iv Prayed And Prayed Since Then For Him To Contact Me And For Our Lord And Our Lady To Help Us Sort Our Relationship Out, I Love Him So Much And Afraid To Lose Him, Everytime I Think This Could Be The End Panic Rises In My Chest And I Cry And Cry, Iv Apologised To Him, Each Message To Him He Ignores, Last Night I Cried Some More And Begged God To Give Me A Sign If Im Bein Heard, Well Just Now I Took Out The Bible, Closed My Eyes And Let My Finger Guide Me, The Passage It Landed On Was, “But Blessed Is The One Who Trusts In The Lord, Whose Confidence Is In Him” I Now Believe Thats Our Lords Way Of Tellin Me Heard My CryHesd My Prayers And With Our Lords Help EverCrysEverythinl Be Okay, I Will Continue To Pray For Me And My Boyfriend’s ( I Refuse To Call Him My Ex ) Relationship, And Will Post Will Answered Prayers Of Us Sortin Things Out Soon, Please God :)

    Thank You Our Lord, Our Lady, The Child Jesus And All The Angels And Saints In Heaven And All The Holy Souls In Purgatory For Always Helpin Me In The Past, And I Have Faith You Will All Do So Again For My Present Request And In The Future, I Love You All X Amen X

  13. Dear Lord Jesus,

    Pls help t get a good teaching job with good salary, ism in a very bad dilemma, regarding my my job. I pray fro my son is not showing any interest in studies. Sacerd haert of Jesus pls hear and answer me.

    Thanks & Regards
    Anita Fredrick

  14. I got accepted to a university in order to attend I need a scholarship so I am praying for the Sacred Heart of Jesus to intercede and answer my prayers so I will be able to attend the college of my dreams.

  15. pls lord hear my prayers i really need money for my financial problem.pls help me i dont have any single cents.i have too much borrowed money. i need money to start up some business .i need money to pay all my borrowed money pls help me.

  16. Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on me poor and repentant dinner. I am begging please pray for my father who is now suffering from COPD and pneumonia in the hospital. I am offering my life please give him long life to live I still want to be with my father. I want us to be together again . In JESUS name. Amen.

  17. Sacred Heart of Jesus help me get back with D.A. Please make him come back to me. I want him to be part of my present and future as his lifetime partner. Make him see that I’m the one for him and the best girl for him that’s worthy of his time, love, trust and loyalty. I pray that his depression will be lifted off. Please make him come back to me. In Jesus name, Amen.

  18. Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus for answering my prayer for my son to find a steady job. He Told Me yesterday that he is going to work with his former boss. Praise God and the Sacred heart of Jesus for this miracle! DG

  19. I pray the Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus asking for a job for my husband; before the nine day he received a offer for a job and today he got the confirmation of it.

    Thank you Sacred Heart of Jesus for answering my prayers and to all the people that pray for us.

  20. I pray for Lucas’s heart to be filled with love for A and that he want her back in his life as his girlfriend again.Please Lord let their be another chance for them to have the love that was so beautiful to see and be around.I pray for you to place your right hand of restoration on the relationship and blow a wind of fresh love joy and comfort into it.Please unite their hearts in love for one another and let him ask her out again.Please just one more chance.Lord restore and renew their love as a couple.Thank you

  21. I prayed the Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena that a specific conversation would take place with the man I love (D) and that it would turn out positively and it finally happened on July 10th. Thank you Jesus!!

    I also prayed the St. Anne Novena that this same man that I love (D) would ask me out, that we would start dating and get married. On the 7th day of the novena July 24th he asked me out and we saw each other on the feast day which is also my parent’s anniversary.

    Please keep praying for continued openness and that he will be my husband.

    Thank you Jesus and St. Anne

  22. In Jesus Name St. Anne pray to heal JH from head to toe so he has confidence and faith in himself, in me and in our Heavenly Father and his Beloved son, Our Lord Jesus Christ to move forward and begin his life with me. Please heal me so I can be the perfect woman for him and his true soulmate for life. Please guide us to find each other again so we make no mistakes and there is never any miscommunication between us. Please let him feel my prayer and love so that it is stronger than the obstacle which is not letting him contact me and move forward with me. Please help us as I have faith that this Novena prayer will bring us together as husband and wife. Thank you St Anne for your intercession and helping my prayers get answered. Amen.

  23. Have been praying the Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena for my son to get hired at the local school as a teacher and he just got the call that he got the job! Praise God! Thank you all for the prayers! God is good! And prayer definitely works!

  24. I prayed that our dog Sophie who is in critical condition be healed and through this novena my prayers was answered and granted.Thank you Lord.

    • I prayed that our dog Sophie who is in critical condition be healed and through this novena my prayers were answered and granted.Thank you Lord.

  25. Hi,
    I have prayed the last two Novenas and I wanted to share my answered prayers. I was praying for my daughter’s safety as she studied abroad for the first time away from home alone , for my son to do well in his studies as he is taking an AP course in summer school, for my son’s safety in playing club soccer and my husband getting more work- as he is self employed. All my prayers were answered. I was patient and dedicated to the Novenas. I looked forward to getting the email with the Novenas because in those moments of praying I am at total peace. That is priceless in this hectic world we live in. Thank you so much for allowing me to pray with you guys. I will continue my journey. I just found out I may have some medical issues so the next novena I will be concentrating a little more on me.

  26. Please keep my daughter Jessica in your prayers. She found interest in someone over the internet and he wants to meet her halfway. Sounds like a teain wreck. Help me to help her, Lord. May Our Lady protect my daughter.

  27. I’m grateful to Our Sacred Heart of Jesus …. I’ve been praying that my daughter’s husband Chris would sign the papers for the sale of their home and he finally did as well as he’ll be singing the divorce papers. It’s been difficult seeing my daughter struggle with all that has been happening in her life this will give her hope. God is good my faith is just in Him. Thank you Jesus for hearing my prayers and giving me hope that You’re also there always Amen

  28. I have been praying for my younger brother for two years on a legal issue and asked Jesus to please help us find a new lawyer and yesterday the lawyer we really wanted has told us he will represent him. It is a miracle that we were able to get this lawyer and we are leaving our faith and trust in Jesus and his Mother that somehow the legal issues will be resolved and somewhere my brother will heal emotionally. This has been a complete nightmare and faith has kept my family and I afloat.
    Thank you Jesus for answering this part of my novena. Please have mercy on my brother.

  29. Thanks be to the Lord I am cancer-free. After 9 months of health issues, I now feel free to live my life. I know it’s due to the Lord’s grace that God has given me an opportunity to be blessed. Thank you for all they prayers on my behalf.

  30. I prayed God to give me a permanent job during the Sacred Heart novena was called for an interview which I passed and now waiting for a confirmation letter, I was praying also for my son who was hallucinating at night he now sleeps soundly no more crying at night. I bless the Lord he has done it for me.

  31. I thank God Our Father, Jesus His Son and the Holy Spirit for answered prayers. I prayed the Pentecost Novena and the Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena and my prayer request was answered. Thank you Novena community for joining me in prayer and John Paul and Annie for this website – God bless you all. I continue to thank God for all the blessings in my life.

  32. To all who have been a part of the prayers and novenas.

    I am very very thankful to our Heavenly Father,Son and The Holy Spirit and Loving Mother Mary for answering my prayers.
    I have always been blessed in some way or the other.I have tremendous faith in God and this has always given me hope and joy.
    I have been asking God to give me a suitable job and I have received two good offers so much so that I have a difficulty choosing… I again lave it to Jesus to lead my way.
    Last year before I was a part of John Paul and Annie’s prayer group. I had a miraculous experience. My daughter and my husband were seriously ill. My husband had a brain hemorrhage and my daughter had complications after delivery. Both were on the verge of passing away. We prayed the Rosary and the Divine Mercy with all our faith and both my family members came out of danger with a new life. God is Great and loves us ….one must just remember this. No matter what happens He will stand by you.

    I thank John-Paul and Annie for the marvelous work they are doing in supporting God’s people and helping Christians.
    God Bless you Both.
    with prayers and best wishes.

  33. I prayed the Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Two of the three petitions have gone “unanswered”. I have deep trouble accepting the apparent “no” or “not yet” of those two intentions. In your kindness in our Lord will you please pray for me, that I can have some peace accepting God’s will? My faith is weak.

  34. I believe that my prayers are coming to pass…everything feels right and I know that the Scared Heart Of Jesus has answered us!!!! I pay that all of your prayer come to pass.

  35. we have been separated with my wife for over one year now,and her employer has decided to transfer her back to the town we live with our son in a weeks time.

  36. Kindly pray for me. I am undergoing excessive tests and soon going for a colonoscopy to check for can or precancerous growth. Please pray that everything will be normal.

  37. Glory and Praise to you Jesus! !!

    At the end of the novena I had put up a thank you message to our Lord that we started trying for our second child.  I have been praying for a second child and the Lord has mercifully blessed us. I have just got a positive result from a pregnancy test. I can’t thank him enough and continue to pray the Lord will be with me throughout my pregnancy and bless us with a healthy baby.

  38. I would like to thank all of you for praying with me. During this novena I received a job I was asking for. The freedom and patiency required for me to wait my prayers to answered. I believe lord Jesus is going to intercede in my exam next week. Thank you God for hearing me.

  39. Please pray with me. A friend of mine needs our very big God to come through for her in a very big way. Yeah, she pretty much needs a $16,065 miracle. Today. I can’t help her myself, because (hello, I don’t have it, and) my husband’s job just got reduced by $10,000 per year, and we don’t know how we’re going to continue to keep our heads up. I’m already working 4 jobs. Should I take on a 5th? Lord, give me strength. And guidance. One great job would be nice, too, for me and my friend. Thanks, partners and prayer warriors! I’m praying for all of you!

  40. God is great. Please I want to share my testimony of the novena of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. My niece got our much awaited pregnancy. My son was asked to resume his education after a lot of financial problems. My daughter reconciled and got a marriage proposal from her boyfriend .Thank you Jesus

  41. I said the Sacred Heart Novena for my son who is in his final year of the IT Degree. He has been stressed out for the last couple of weeks with his work. By the Grace of God, his research issue was solved yesterday, today was the last day of my Novena. I thank God for answered prayers. Thank you Jesus, and thank you for this novena.

  42. Prayed for my son’s sobriety. He recently left a good paying job, because the guys he worked with were all doing drugs. After another relapse, and by his own choice, he moved into a halfway house and found a different job. His thought process is changing…we have waited for this for a very long time. Grateful to God for this change and for blessing him with another job so quickly. We will continue to place all of our hope and trust in the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

  43. Thank you for this prayer community. Do continue praying for me. I may not have all my prayer intentions answered, I feel grateful and blessed to have found this community and for all the blessings God has always been providing for me and my family. In God’s perfect time, I believe He will answer all our needs and petitions. His Will be done!

  44. Thank u my God for answering my prayer request in more dimensions n we ever imagined .My children have all gone through University and qe are having a family reunion of a lifetime abroad …as we try map the future…safe in the assurance that Our God is in TOTAL control.Thank you Lord forbeing our anchor.ln God We Trust!!!

  45. I made this novena for healing of my episiotomy site that broke down and d lord answered my prayers. Rejoice with me.

  46. Anytime we say a novena I pray that the good Lord will grant my children good and stable jobs. This is what the Lord has done for me. Join me in thanking God and all the Saints we have been praying through for the great thing the Lord has made. I will forever praise HIM.

  47. Thank you, John-Paul & Annie,
    for remembering me in your prayers.
    Please continue to pray for me and
    my family; I am the father, and have two children.

  48. A friend of mine decide to steal from me a lump sum of money about 5 months ago and that time I was praying deeply the novenas. I was very angry with God asking him why do you allow such incident happen to me , but God answered me yesterday that friend is paying my money back thou its bit by bit.
    Thank you for prayers. God is good all the time

  49. Praise the living God, I joined the pray the novena community seeking for how I can deliver my prayers to God.I was praying for God to provide for me tution to do my final examz where I surely had a very big debt and I had no hopes of getting all the money to clear the tution to sit for exams. I prayed with this community, the novenas and God provided for me. I got the money and I completed my final exams.
    Thank you Jesus
    thank you mother Mary
    thank you the pray the novena community.

  50. Thank so much for the novena It truely was a blessing to me.. Waiting anxiously for the next novena..May God richly bless your faithfulness…

  51. Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus,
    Thank you for granting me certain requests that I asked you to grant me.
    May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be blessed, adored and glorified throughout the whole world.
    O Sacred Heart of Jesus I place my trust in you!

  52. I have been married for 2 months. We are not spring chickens and have been friends for 38 years. After all these years, he admitted his feelings to me and I, even though I was not initially attracted to him in that way, allowed him into my heart and have since found true love for the first time. He asked me what was my “deal breaker” in regard to us being a couple. I said i need a man who will go to church with me and my children. He has not missed since and went to confession 2 weeks ago.
    He was then transferred to Iraq for 2 years. I began the Novena of the Holy Spirit and gave it completely up to God. I only asked for my husband’s safety. Within 24 hours of my prayer he was notified that they needed to reassign him immediately to Mexico directly across the border from where I live!
    No one will ever convince me that this was anything but God’s intervention and answer to my prayer.

    • I have been married for 2 months. We are not spring chickens and have been friends for 38 years. After all these years, he admitted his feelings to me and I, even though I was not initially attracted to him in that way, allowed him into my heart and have since found true love for the first time. He asked me what was my “deal breaker” in regard to us being a couple. I said i need a man who will go to church with me and my children. He has not missed since and went to confession 2 weeks ago.
      He was then transferred to Iraq for 2 years. I began the Sacred Heart Novena and gave it completely up to God. I only asked for my husband’s safety. Within 24 hours of my prayer he was notified that they needed to reassign him immediately to Mexico directly across the border from where I live!
      No one will ever convince me that this was anything but God’s intervention and answer to my prayer.

  53. I have often been a victim of porn which leads to masturbation. During the Novena I begged Jesus for a strong will not to offend Him again. Jesus gave me the strongest will. Praise master Jesus, I also prayer for recall into the seminary to continue with my formation and become a Holy and powerful priest like Christ. Sacred Heart of Jesus I trust in You.

  54. When the novena started my son in law just went into the hospital.

    We were praying to find out what was wrong with him. Well he has type 2 diabetes and pancreatic swelling.

    Thanks for your prayers.

  55. I have MS and I’ve had problems with hand and leg tremors for years. Over the past 4-5 weeks the leg tremors worsened. I couldn’t stand still for even a minute before they started, even with my arm on a wall or chair. I am a health care provider and couldn’t stand long enough to examine a patient. The tremors also tire the muscles meaning by the end of the work day I would be completely exhausted. Not to mention the embarasment and trying to explain my shaking to the patients.
    I went to my neurologist and he said I had orthostatic dystonia and asked me to try another medication that had worked for others. I would start with 300mg 3 times a day but he doubted I would see much difference until I was taking 600mg 3 times a day. That was on Tues. Started novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus that evening and picked up the prescription for the new medication Thursday. I could already feel a difference in my legs on Thurs. and Friday I was talking to a friend and realized that it had been several minutes but I wasn’t having any tremors! Then Friday I squatted down and was able to stand back up without help, something I hadn’t been able to do for at least 2 yrs! I am so thankful to our Lord and his loving mother, Mary, that I try to tell everyone I can to spread the word of the goodness of our God.
    Thank you and please keep the novenas coming!

  56. My prayer was for beautiful weather for my Devin’s outdoor wedding. They were united in Jesus’s Christ and the day was spectularly beautifully perfect. Thank you my Lord Jesus for blessing this beautiful couple.

  57. All Praise and Glory to GOD.
    GOD is good all the time.
    Answered prayer: my successful major operation and Im still alive.
    Thank you Lord and I LOVE you.

  58. During this Novena, I prayed for my friend and auntie who were unemployed. My friend now has a job and my auntie is now suffering from a problem of choice because she was offered three different jobs. God is really awesome. Prayer is truly the key to all problems.

  59. I have been blessed by the grace of God in that when we started the Sacred Heart Novena, I prayed for new employment.
    Since then I was asked to resign or told I would be terminated from my position.
    Needless to say that was a very frightening experience!
    However, I continued to have Faith in Jesus Christ, He would take care of me. I had to submit to a drug screening, which also I was not looking forward to. When I was at Mass praying to Him, He told me my I would be cleansed.
    I passed the screening as He said and I would have a new position.
    This is not the first time our Lord has spoken to me.
    He has guided me every step of the way since I relocated 1 year ago from Detroit Michigan to Boca Raton Florida.
    Without Him making my dreams come true I still would have been a lost sheep like I had been for many years.
    Jesus Christ, I am completely committed to you as the Apostles were; I always will be and I will speak of your goodness as long as you give me the breath in my earthly being.
    You alone are the Lord, You are the Most High Jesus Christ in the Spirit of God the Father I worship You and honor You for Your great glory now and forever AMEN.
    I Trust In You, Jesus.
    Your Son

  60. I had a Brain surgery on the 16th of June and I asked every one to pray for me and I said the Novena to The Sacred Heart of Jesus.And our Blessed Mother Mary.St Anthony,O Infant Jesus.I had a safe surgery and I am back home safe.thanks be to God.Karin.

  61. I made my initial request during the Michael the Archangel Novena which was to pass my counseling exam. I failed it twice. I am thankful for all the novenas, St Michael the Archangel, and St. Joseph of Cupertino. I passed my exam. Prayer and faith have sustained me. Thank you for your beautiful Novenas.

  62. God is good!
    I prayed for clarity in my finances and our Lord gave us
    clarity and blessed us in abundance. Thank you Lord for all your blessings. That we may receive them with much humility knowing that we are truly dependent on you Lord.
    Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in you.

  63. I had prayed for for months that my son find a house to purchase – one that would be a good fit for him. During the time that I was praying the Sacred Heart Novena, he found one and his bid was accepted! Praise Jesus, Mary and Joseph for this wonderful blessing and answer to our prayers!!

  64. We prayed the novena for our baby soon to arrive. Praying baby comes very soon and everything goes well! Please pray for us!

  65. I prayed this novena to have a peaceful heart and to build my faith. I have been trying to sell my car for two months now and it was very difficult. I also prayed to get a buyer and yesterday my car was sold at the price i requested. I take this oppprtunity to share that not because your prayers are not answered during the novena please dont lose hope. Build your faith and continue praying. God has his own timing.

    Blessing everyone.

  66. God is good, all the time
    During the Novena to the sacred Heart of Jesus. I prayed to God to grant my parents a house where to sleep since the one they have is almost falling down. God is opening the way someone has donated some money though little but atleaast to begin. Another prayer intention is to pray for agift of apriest in our family ordination is next month.

  67. God is good all the time. With the help of this Novena, Our family has been blessed, misunderstanding between my wife and i has been wiped. She is now able to run the family by providing meals, paying rent among others. We have now a happy family. Almight we welcome all blessings.

  68. I have been praying for the sale of my home and rental in Oregon. My home sold today. I will continue to pray for the rental so I can join my son in Utah.

  69. I prayed that my mom will receive or answer or call from a job she interviewed for and the person happened to be Away on business and my mom wasn’t sure whether she was sure what will happen. I prayed for my God Jesus Mary Joseph’ my guardian angel and all angels to help my mom either receive an email or call from them and they did. Thank you God and everyone for this blessing.

  70. I prayed the novena that my son Andrew Valdez would begin to improve from his cystic fibrosis related illnesses to heal his liver , his lungs his kidney stones and to help his nutrition improve so he can be able to go to LA. Today cedars Sinai in Los Angeles called they would like to evaluate him on the 29 th of June. Please continue to pray for Andrew so he can be accepted for transplant. God is hearing our prayers. Amen God bless. Give us a miracle, my lord.

  71. Prayed the novena that my son would find a full time job after graduating from college 4 years ago. On Tuesday he was offered an entry level job with a company with oppotunties for advancement and use of his degree . God is Great!

  72. My son’s optic tumor shrunk and when we went to the eye doctor he saw the “big” B across the room for the first time in years. Praise be God

  73. Special thanks to our ever loving GOD, our Lord Jesus Christ, His mighty name reigns forever! I am specially grateful for making magic and miracles on my family’s finances, for providing us all our needs and for the divine protection unto my 5 beloved children especially for the huge improvement of the behavior and intellectual aspect of my gifted son. Special thanks too for the speedy healing of my beloved friend whom was admitted for 3 months in the ICU and now she gradually regained her strength. To God be the glory and HIS name shall be exalted and praised forever!

  74. Repeat mammogram had a great outcome than the first one. Praise God! It happened during my Sacred Heart novena. Thank you so much…

  75. I have been praying for a while now for a job as u have been out work for over three years. On Saturday after the novena ended, I got offered a job. My younger brother whom I’ve been praying for not only got a miraculous and better job offer, but is also on his way to getting married to a wonderful lady. My other prayer request was for favour in my wife’s place of work, where she’s been greatly sidelined. She has been reporting positive breakthroughs at work. Thank you Lord for remaining faithful even in my shortcomings.

  76. A job opportunity for IJ has finally presented itself and we are so grateful. We continue to pray that with hard work and thankfulness in our hearts this project will become fruitful and consistent/long term for the financial support our family.
    In Jesus name I pray,

  77. Here is an answered prayer after this Sacred Heart Novena! I have a friend in Switzerland who I met here in Jerusalem during this past Holy Week. She was here wth another friend and they shared their faith stories with me. Her friend is an ex prostitute and she herself was addicted to drugs for years. She recently went to Romania to look for her biological parents and only with her mothers name, and with the help of an Orthodox priest and his wife, she found her mother only after three days! God is great!!

  78. God am asking,knocking, seeking For ur healing in my family, Remove sickness from us o Lord. I stand on ur word and I claim wholesomeness in my body and heart and that of my family.Amen

  79. God am asking,knocking, seeking For ur healing in my family, Remove sickness from us o Lord. I stand on ur word and I claim wholesomeness in my body and heart and that of my family.

  80. I thanks God for I asked him for blessing and booming in my new business. And he answered my prayers and healed my illness as well. Praise God.

  81. My son Matt lost his job 6 years ago, I prayed so hard for a him to be blessed with the perfect job for him. Matt made a bad decision 6 years ago which caused him to lose his job, so it was hard for him to get a decent job. He tried, he worked but the pay wasn’t great and no benefits. He was so unhappy and depressed, I prayed everyday, and finally my son was blessed with a job working for Denver Water, he’s happy and loves his job. Now I pray that he learned from his mistake and will never take his job for granted. Thank you for my answered prayers.

  82. My husband fell and was in a great deal of pain. I prayed for him to be able to walk without pain. After 6 sessions with a therapist he was pain free. I prayed for a good report from a cardiologist and I received good news yesterday.

  83. I have been praying for a job…oon the 7th day of the Novena I was called and went for an interview; today I went for the second round of interviews and I still hope,pray and trust the Sacred Heart of Jesus that I get the job.Thank you Jesus for all the testimonies here.

    Thank you Jesus,Praise you Jesus.

  84. Thanks to be God

    Even though I did not pray together with you in this Novena, I am blessed with wonderful and loving man. And my son passed his exam which he failed last year. The day of writing exam I did fast and pray for the hours he wrote it and after I fast some hours past I received an sms from him that he past now he can register for the second semester when the term start. I was also worry about the way he took his relationship and but God is good, he changed totally. Thanks God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

  85. I have been out of a job for two years and suffered of major depression and my husband has been out of a job for a long time.
    Whilst praying this Novena just a few days ago I got a call for a job and I got it and my husband got a call for a job too. We are both currently re employed THANK YOU JESUS FOR LOVING US AND BLESSING US WITH OUR MOST IMPORTANT NEED…



  86. We needed a maid to look after my mother and I prayed this novena specially for this cause and through His mercy we were able to get one. Thank you Jesus and we ask you for your continous blessings.

  87. After 3years of a tender/contract where I have experienced a lot of problems/hypocrasy, with this Novena, there seems to be light to address the truth, Sacred Heart of Jesus we love you and thank you for this change, now remaining the renewal of contract, we have faith that it will be renewed and this time with peace and transparency.

  88. After 4 years of unemployement and suffering from depression, my husband got a job. He is excited and in high spirits. Our Jesus loves us even when we dont deserve it. Thank you for praying with me. Thank you Jesus.

  89. God has answered my prayers, my Family is restored to normal and better loving better loving state. I have started winning Consultancies and currently signed one contract.

    God is good and his time is the best

  90. This Novena was very powerful for me and my spouse, when we started the Novena my wifes business had trouble due to a problematic machines. We couldn’t figure out what the problem was despite many visits by different technicians, on the ninth day of the novena a solution was identifies and we are back in business and recovering the losses, the second blessing was a Job offer for my self with a major multi National, I got a regional role and a good package as well. The third blessing was a good surprise, a tenant who had refused to pay us rent for the last 5 months, turned up on the eighth day of the Novena with a new tenant who was willing to pay up all his debt, our legal fee take over the premises and sign a new lease contract. We had been in court with this tenant for the last 2 months. Glory be to the Lord Jesus Christ for the 3 blessings. Amen

  91. Sacred Heart of Jesus please bless my son Dylan with all A*s in his AS Level exams. Sacred Heart of Jesus we praise and thank you Jesus. We Trust in Thee.

  92. Sacred Heart of Jesus, Praise, Bless and Thank You for blessing my son Dylan with an excellence award at his graduation ceremony on June 14th, 2015.

  93. Thank you and praise you Jesus. .I prayed that the Lord would bless us with a second child. I have been craving to have our second child for the last two years but we never tried as my husband didn’t want another child. I am filled with joy that by the grace of the Lord we have started trying this month. I am sure that the Lord will bless us very soon with our second child. Praise you Jesus.

    • I prayed the Novena for my teenage sister whose is a wayward child and geuss what? she says she is remorseful,she is also coming back home to ask for forgiveness and also willing to go back to school. I thank God This is a miracle

      • Dear Sacred Heart Of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Thank you for bring me some potential buyers for my house, trailer, and rake, Also for the apartment I asked for by or before Jan. 1st. I love you I love you I love you