Answered Prayers from the Pentecost Novena, 2019

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Thank you for joining us in praying The Pentecost Novena!

If you’ve had any of your prayers answered during this novena, please share those with us all below!

We are continuing to pray for you & your intentions.

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  1. The Miraculous Prayer
    Dear heart of Jesus in the past I have asked for many favours, this time I ask you this very special one (mention favour). Take it dear heart of Jesus and place it within your own broken heart where your Father sees it. Then in His merciful eyes it will become Your favour not mine. Amen. Say for three days, promise publication and your favour will be granted. Never known to fail.
    Powerful prayer never known to fail. I used this recently and my prayers were answered.

  2. The Miraculous Prayer
    Dear heart of Jesus in the past I have asked for many favours, this time I ask you this very special one (mention favour). Take it dear heart of Jesus and place it within your own broken heart where your Father sees it. Then in His merciful eyes it will become Your favour not mine. Amen. Say for three days, promise publication and your favour will be granted. Never known to fail.

  3. I prayed this novena to the Holy Spirit for my CFA Level 3 Exam after failing twice. I passed with fantastic result. Thanks be to God for the Holy Spirit, Our Guide!

  4. Dear Lord Jesus, Mary Mother of God, St. Rita, and all Saints: Please pray for our middle son that he will be successful in this new job, that he will continue counseling, and be blessed with a special christian lady friend. Please pray for our oldest son that he too will be happy/successful in his job, thank you for blessing with him a lady friend, and that his faith will grow daily. Please bless our daughter that this medicine will heal her and that she too will be successful/happy with her job. Thank you for blessing her with her fiancé, let us pray their wedding day will be a joyful event. I pray for my marriage that it will grow in faith and love daily. I pray for my husband’s health that it will improve. We thank you for all that you have blessed us with. Amen.

  5. Holy spirit i thankyou for your love towards me please may you intercede in my difficult cases in my college of UDBS at UDSM may you clear all obstacles and deliver my BBA Certificate also may you bless me with money to buy a new smartphone.Amen i promise to publish thanks giving on favor granting. and i will publish the Miracle Novena prayer.

    Miraculous Prayer to The Holy Spirit
    Holy Spirit, you who makes me see everything and shows me the way to reach my ideal, you who gives me the divine gift to forgive and forget all the wrong that is done to me and you who are in all instances of my life with me. I, in this short dialogue, want to thank you for everything, and affirm once more that I never want to be separated from you no matter how great the material desires may be. I want to be with you and my loved ones in your perpetual glory. To that end and submitting to God’s holy will, I ask from you..( mention your favour ). Amen
    This prayer should be said for 3 consecutive days. After the 3rd day, your sincere wish will be granted no matter how difficult it may be. Promise to offer thanksgiving by sharing it and expressing it on granting of your favour. The idea is to spread the wonder of the Holy Spirit.

  6. I want to praise the Holy Spirit, Mary Mother of God, and All the Saints for blessing our middle son with the guidance of counseling for his depression, for his new job, that he will hang on to it, and continue to be confident, faithful, and responsible. Please bless him with a special Christian lady friend. Thank you for praising our oldest son with a good job, please bless him with a nice Christian lady friend. Thank you for blessing our daughter with her fiancé, and her good job too. Thank you for all that you have blessed us with, we will continue to be faithful to you and forever in our hearts pray daily. Please bless my family that we will be happy, healthy, faithful, successful and loving and kind to each other and others. Thank you, and we adore you. Amen

  7. Please pray for my husband. He has applied for a new job and he is waiting to hear if he received the new job. Please pray for my daugher-in-law. She is pregnant after two miscarriages. Please pray for my children and grand-children to remain and get closer to Christ. Thank you!

    Jim – husband
    Katie – daugher-in-law
    Zach, Megan, Emily and Matt, children
    James and baby – grandchildren

    Thank you!

  8. Praise the Lord
    Oh Holy Spirit my helper. Without you it would be impossible to get a buyer to buy our house at such a good price during this time when prices have dropped. I prayed for financial help and we had no choice than to put our home for sale and hope to get a good buyer. Thank you for this miraculous intervention… in your mercy please help us to get the deposit this week so that we can have a breathing space. Thank you ABBA father, thank you Jesus, thank you Holy Spirit.

  9. I just want to give God all the glory, to Jesus Christ my Lord, the praise and to the Holy Spirit the adoration for making me find a good man and getting married even at my age (very late 40s).

    Thank you dear Mother Mary for your intersession. May the power of the Holy Spirit continue to teach us the righ path to follow even as our prayers are being answered.

    Thank you Jesus!!!

  10. My neighbor is a witch. She has a lot of fetishes which have eventually affected my children who get convulsions. She has fetishes in form of dogs and cats voices. At times she throws these witches on our gate as we pass they attack us. Whenever she is coming from work she picks our footstep soil from the gate where we pass and takes it for her fetishes. One day we took our child for praise and worship as Holy spirit fire ascended on the boy she mentioned our neighbors name during excorcism as a source of such witchcrafcy. The Prayer warrior asked the rationale of witchcraftcy by our neighbor, the voice said she wants to capture our family blessings because she has failed to breakthrough in life. The prayer worrior asked where exactly she placed her witches,the voice from our by mentioned that she placed them at our gate and all our business areas out of jealousy. Kindly pray for her to stop bewitching us, so that her witches bounce back to the foot of the cross .

  11. I thank you holy spirit my advocate, my helper, my comforter. Thank you for answering my prayers. My marriage is restored and my girl Rita is doing better. Thank you for helping holy spirit. Please continue to help us. Thank you

  12. I passed my NCE exam as I Thank you for all the prayers. Amen Please continue to pray for my son who has not heard from Texas A&M University! My daughter is still waiting for her results as well.

  13. This novena was such a blessing! I was praying for my daughter to heal from sarcoidosis, which she has been dealing with for 3 years. Yesterday her results came back all clear! Praise God for this healing!

  14. I feel the Holy Spirit is always with me. Even though I write after this novel has finished a while back, I feel my prayers are still being answered. Yesterday 12 June 2019 at 9:20am (CAT), I was involved in a car accident that claimed 1 life out of 5 passengers – myself included. I came out of the car fresh and without injuries, but only now I’m feeling pains in my body. The car rolled with us a couple of times and stood back on its wheels. During the incident I was praying, I could hear and sense everything. Immediately when the car lost control I hailed the Holy name of Mary the virgin. “Maria Movirigo” I shouted then stared calling the Holy Spirit as I prayed. Immediately when I said “God please make this car to stop”, that’s when the car stopped rolling and stood on its flat wheels. We got out of that car that was damaged beyond repair (write-off). But unfortunately 1 person was pronounced dead at the hospital.
    I thank the Almighty God for saving our lives including that of the deceased because God called her to rest.

  15. Answered prayers
    Thank you Saint Padre Pio of Pietrelcina,for hearing and answering of my intentions.For Job ,health and healing, and desires of my heart,Please keep praying for me..Thank you so much.

  16. Am thankful to the Lord for the wonderful miracles happening in my life. Last week Friday i got a phone call to attend an oral interview at one of the UN agencies and the results will be out within 7 days.
    We were 6 candidates out of which 2 were ladies. With the grace of God, i totally believe this job will be given to me.
    I have never been disappointed with any response i receive from God.
    Keep on praying for me.
    Secondly, My daughter has been selected to study outside my country despite having financial challenges. My belief is great that this child will not fail to attend this golden opportunity.
    Our God is able . Keep praying for me.

  17. My prayers have been heard. It has been some time that my husband has been looking for a job. It has been tough considering he has good qualifications and yet he didnt get any call backs…it nearly broke his spirit and affected the whole family. I thank the Lord, His timing is always good and should never be questioned. Thank God for the gift of hope and oppurtunities. He will start working soon.

  18. Thank you Holy Spirit for the opportunities my husband has been given. After working across the country for a year and a half, he received two phone calls asking to interview! He flew home and interviewed for the first one and waiting to hear back and the second one is scheduled for later in the month! Praying every minute of the day that one of these opportunities works out and just thankful he has a job even if it is so far away, but we need to be together as a family again I pray-

  19. my daughter called to interviews twice this week
    got the one job
    but still waiting for second interview on other job.
    She is lucky to be called and has now two options.

    I prayed for her as she was starting to gain more weight sitting at home all day everyday, and this will also uplift her spirit and she is at a stage where she must self-sustain now and wants this.
    I am grateful for your prayers and will also continue to pray with everyone in the Novenas,so that your intentions are also heard in Heaven and answered at the right time.

  20. Please help us to get more volunteers for Friday nights recital. Please help us with the recital that it goes terrific and that the kids do well. Please let the parents be happy and resign up for next year. Please
    Thank you for any prayers answered

  21. On the ninth day of the novena I woke up feeling light and different.
    My prayers were answered.
    Thank you Holy Spirit for gifting me with the healing grace of God.

  22. My specific prayer was not answered, however on the 3rd day of the Holy Spirit Novena, I was very upset and crying over a family situation. It’s a very painful family situation that I’ve been dealing with for the past 3 years. In spite of my painful tears, I faithfully prayed the prayer for that day, it was for Peace.
    I’m having breakfast, still crying and then stopped crying. I later realized that I had been filled with a peace that day that could have only come from God, the Holy Spirit. I know I was touched by God the Holy Spirit, with the gift of Peace because I couldn’t have done this myself. I have been thanking God the Holy Spirit ever since!
    Thank you so much for these beautiful novenas! May the Lord bless you abundantly for your wonderful ministry!

  23. I have been praying for many months for my son to get rehab for his drinking. At the beginning of this Novena
    he came to crisis and finally accepted starting rehab. One day at a time. He is into his second week free now. Thank you all for your prayers in my families behalf.

  24. My prayers were answered through The Holy Spirit! Thank you Most Holy Trinity, Blessed Mother, St Joseph, Holy Angels, Saints, and all who prayed the Novena!
    All Praise be to God and God Bless!

  25. My daughter is getting better/well! Thank you to our Most Holy Spirit, our Most Holy Trinity, our Blessed Mother, and all of you who prayed this Novena… Blessings!

  26. My intention for this Novena was to secure a job, having been unemployed for several years, despite trying. On Sundat, day three, I got audience and an appointment was fixed for Tuesday, day five. However, the appointment was scuttled and of course I was disappointed. On Pentecost Sunday after the Novena, I got an invite for a job. I am most grateful to the Holy Trinity, our Blessed Mother Mary and the Pray More Novena family.

  27. prayers were answered. thankyou all who prayed with me. I may not have been consistent with my praying but my heart was in it.

  28. My daughter willingly entered treatment for her substance abuse. Praise God, Thank you Lord!!! Prayers for all the special intentions of those praying this Novena.

  29. I passed my driver’s license and I thank God, still praying for my relationship as well as for what to do for the year

  30. I have been talking about the Novenas I am doing with a friend. She prays often to St. Therese. She tells me she receives a rose for her devotion to herd While I have not been praying to her specifically, and occasionally slacking with my prayers, I have been saying three novenas. And low and behold, today, I received a rose. Is that a coincidence or am I receiving this rose as a sign. Either way, it made me smile. Thank you Lord and Holy Mother for the rose. It thrilled me !

    Be Blessed,

  31. I ask for peace and my spirit to be filled with the Holly Spirit. God answers my prayers. My soul is at peace.

    Thanks be to God

  32. Many thanks for prayers being answered regarding my job situation! I’m still praying for my son to have success in his job hunt. Blessings to all!

  33. The Lord has been so faithful and delivered me from some relationships which I earlier seemed to adore most. Thanks God

  34. This Novena to the Holy Spirit has helped me grow in understanding of how these nine virtues of the Holy Spirit are within us, but must be continually strengthened and contemplated. I recognized Patience and Self-control as the ones I need to work on the most right now because I kept experiencing example after example of this during the Novena! I am also more aware now of how the virtues of Goodness, Charity, Kindness, Faithfulness and Gentleness require continuous daily effort and work, and that I cannot take for granted the Peace and Joy that exist in my life. Thank you Holy Spirit for driving me to strive to do better with Your help!

  35. In tis Original Novena I concentrated most prayig for my son MARCEL to b recruited Into National Youth Service&_, our great paraclete has done it.So,these prayers r answered & I thanks God for this great gift.Thanks also for all those (Brethren)who assisted in prayers,May ourGod do you good in your endeavors,, Amen

  36. My husband and I have been separated for about 20 months, after more than 31 yrs of marriage. I did not feel that we no longer had what I considered to be a marriage. Many years I asked and begged for us to get couples therapy and he never wanted to. I told him that we should separate thinking that this would make him reconsider, he never tried or said anything to help or save the marriage. I did not know what else to do, all these months he had been indifferent. I also did not want to be with someone that no longer wanted to be with me. Almost 2 months ago I found out he has had another relationship with someone else which vegan at least a month after our separation (19 months) he does not acknowledge that it has been this long.
    On the last day of the novena I found his wedding band which had been lost prior to 1995. At this time I do not know what this finding means, if I should let him go and make peace with the fact that our marriage is over. I will continually pray for guidance, please continue to pray for me.

  37. I received a new and better job offer on the sixth day of the Holy Spirit Novena. May the most Holy Trinity be praised and adored now and for ever. Amen.

  38. We sold my mom’s house in only 10 hours – with a full cash offer, over asking price, and no contingencies! Truly a miracle. Praise God.

  39. Thank you Lord for N&A’s pregnancy with TWINS!
    Thank you for M. finding a job
    Thank you for M’s labs and ultrasound being negative so far

  40. Thank you Lord for N&A’s pregnancy with TWINS!
    Thank you for M. finding a job
    Thank you for M’s labs and ultrasound being negative so far
    Thank you for watching over my girls

  41. Calvary greetings to us all! At the beginning of this Novena, my intention was to get I job (I’ve been on, off and in between for seven years now).

    On day three, I got audience with a highly placed government official who is in a position to help and an appointment was scheduled for day five of the Novena. Sadly, the appointment was scuttled and I was disappointed, but somehow I didn’t believe it was the end, even after the Novena ended on Saturday.

    On Pentecost Sunday however, I met with the same official and I was offered employment same. I am most grateful to Holy Trinity, the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Pray More Novena family for my answered prayers.

  42. My prayers for the improvement of my best friend’s relationship and of my own one were heard, in an unexpected way, and in the previous novena, too. Thank you for everyone’s prayer. Glory be to God!

  43. My prayers comforted me while I waited for breast ultrasound. Thankfully it was negative. The prayers calmed me and gave me hope.

  44. Praise God. This Novena has been a blessing for my family. My daughter has been married and trying to get pregnant for a while. She was diagnosed with endometriosis making it difficult for her to conceive. We have been praying for a miracle. On Thursday, the 4th day of this Novena, she called to give us the great news that her visit to her doctor revealed that she’s pregnant. My husband and I are so grateful to God as we look forward to becoming grandparents. Glory be to The Father to The son and to The Holy Spirit.

  45. Praise God, I must tell this, I was abused, cheated and destroyed by my boyfriend. He left me for another woman. Since that day I lived in depression. That’s when I committed to novena. I seek for justice. But slowly I realized that man is not meant for me. Indirectly Jesus helped me to overcome my depression and stress. And I received the news that my ex boyfriend is no longer happy with his marriage life. Now I thank God for saving me from the disaster. I continue to pray with this novena for the holy spirit to show me the right person in my life. Who can accept me for whom I was before and whom I am today. Amen.

  46. Thanks be to God! Thanks also to all who have prayed with me. My son has come back to the church! After a long year of doubt and experimentation he had confession and took the Eucharist today. Thank you Holy Spirit!

  47. Please thank GOD for His goodness and mercy for answered prayer during this novena I asked for revival of my business, I got a call form a new client, also thanking GOD for my family , I know through these blessings more are coming,. Amen

  48. I bless and thank the Holy Spirit for healing the epithelial cells that formed on the corneas of my husbands eyes and caused heavy blurred sight. Now that has receded and I continue to ask the Holy Spirit to continue to improve his sight which is failing due to glaucoma. With God everything is possible. Thank you Holy Spirit.

  49. I have had a sore foot for 2 years.I prayed specifically for healing. I have walked without pain since Friday. Thank you Holy Spirit.

  50. St Jude keeps hearing our prayers. My mother was in critical condition, having suffered cardiac arrest after complications from her quadruple bypass surgery. She needed CPR for 10 minutes before she was revived. She was in the ICU for three weeks while her organs recovered. Her body went into shock and she was in medically induced coma for 4 days. Miraculously, thanks to st Jude and all those who heard our prayers, my mother incurred no neurological damage and her organs are functioning well now. She is now out of hospital and in a rehabilitation centre, to get physio therapy to regain her strength. Thank you St. Jude for hearing our prayers and helping my mother recover. We are eternally grateful!

  51. my husbands breathing is better and they are looking into reasons it gets so bad. Praying now they find out why

  52. I prayed this novena for wisdom and understanding and bigger Love! The Holy Spirit granted me these gifts! Thank you Lord and thank all who have this great ministry! God bless you abundantly!

  53. My daughter got married last year.
    I have been praying that God will bless them with fruit of the womb.
    Last Friday she called to tell me that her pregnancy test is positive .
    Thank you so much Holy Spirit.
    God the son and God The Father , all glory and honor are yours for ever and ever amen

  54. I praise n thank God our Father Jesus and the Holy Spirit for many blessings received especially relief swelling and pain in my right ankle/leg. Pray God in your mercy heal me and also touch the lives of all who prayed the novena. Pray many blessings on John Paul and Annie for this beautiful gift of the novenas

  55. I had my accommodation case reviewed by council..Thank you holy spirit for visiting us, my faith continue getting stronger when I see all these good doings

  56. I just want to thank God for healing me. God has shown me he is Faithful we should always trust him and call on him. I’ve been battling high blood pressure since February but on the fourth day of the Holy Spirit Novena I had a check up with my doctor and on getting to the hospital on the 3rd of June for the first time since February my blood pressure was normal
    Praise the Lord my healing is complete and I pray for healing for all trusting God for healing on the cross Jesus said it is finished/accomplished I’m a testimony to those words because sickness is finished in my life. Jesus defeated the devil once again praise the Lord. Alleluia

  57. I thank God for answered prayers. My husband got a good job, my daughter’s speech is getting clearer. We are hopeful that lines will fall for us in pleasant places. Amen!

  58. Thank you Jesus for answering our prayers. By the power of the Holy Spirit my step-son is once again joining in with family. His mental illness is being healed. Amen

  59. Thank you for some provision and the anticipation of more funds this month, to settle my financial obligations and needs. Thank you for decision and strength to stop something and general peace of mind and In Jesus name. Amen.

  60. Thank you Jesus
    You have opened a door for my jobless husband who had no hope because of his age problem.

    Tomorrow my husband is going for his exam. Be with him every step and I pray your presence goes before him. Holy Pentecostal Spirit anoint my husband and all his superiors to find favor as Joseph found with Potiphar.

    Free all of them from demonic promptings and holy spirit fill them with your peace and mercy.

    Also I pray all jobless will find their destination and jobs.

    Thanks Jesus, Anna, Holy Spirit, Mother Mary. St. Joseph, St. Michael, St. Anthony and all my angels and Saints in heaven.

    Amen and Amen
    Praise the Lord.

  61. Yes! I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. I’ve been praying for the Holy Spirit to fill me and it did, wiping away sickness from me and enabled me confess my sins and become new. Thank you Holy Spirit!

  62. A young man is being accused of incest with a minor when he was 16. She has been sexually active since she was 12. Pray that he get a just trial/sentance as he says hes not guilty.

  63. At the beginning of this novena I prayed for our house to sell. Two days into the novena our house sold. Thank you Holy Spirit!!!

  64. I think I will have a fun day with my Granddaughter today. This has not happened for a while, she is very angry. Only 12. I’m grateful for that.

  65. Thank you for prayers answered for the successful recovery of a young woman who received a liver transplant just in time that saved her life.

  66. My specific requests were not directly answered, but I suddenly find myself dealing with a ton of feelings that were buried and not on my radar. I am attributing this to the novena of the Holy Spirit, since I now have to deal with the real stay with it. Blessings to all who prayed this novena.

  67. This week has been wonderful. The Lord has shown me so much and I truly feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. I have always known bit this time it has come more to light. God is so good and I am truly thankful for all the Lord has shown me throughout this time. Praise to our Lord Jesus Christ for all He has taught me during this time.

  68. On the eighth day of my holy spirit novena, my request had been granted .
    I was praying for a good friend of mine ( and my cousin ) for her to be excepted with the council ‘ and be rehoused as she was in homeless .
    thanks be to the holy spirit ‘ she got a phone call , and was told she was accepted by the council’ and she will be getting her home very very soon in the same area she was praying for .

  69. I have been praying to be released from a spirit of fear and at a vigil mass at Pentecost I was able to confront someone who had taken the body of Christ without believing it was Jesus and I saw her drop it in her purse. I explained to her that this was Jesus and she gave Him up to me and I consumed Him in her presence. I am not one to confront strangers so I felt the Holy Spirit at work
    in me. Blessed be God’s Holy Name and His Presence with us in the Blessed Sacrament. Praying for her conversion and the conversion of all those who do not know Our Blessed Saviour and His Blessed Mother. Amen

  70. My prayers for a date that PC will go to a new home was given to me. For this I am grateful and blessed. Thankful for an answered prayer. 🙏🙏🙏

  71. I really want to thank God for answering my prayer and all his wonderful favors which he bestowed upon me. Thank you Jesus.

  72. My daughter has acknowledged that she needs help in moving on from an emotionally abusive marriage.
    Please continue to pray for her healing.
    Thank you for all of your prayers.
    Blessings to all.

  73. Prayed to Holy Spirit to bring my estranged daughter together in unity. One large step was made in that direction! Alleluia!

  74. I have been carrying a cross that was giving to me for my sake and our people. For several months I prayed to the Lord to help me carry it and I know He did I also asked Him to do His will and remove it when He thought it was time. I prayed and trusted HIM and finally He took it away Praise be His name. Never stop praying and never loose Faith in Our Lord He is good and generous and keep His mighty Word. May Our Lord bless all of you always. Amen 🙏

  75. I finished my novena by my mother’s bedside 3 hours before she passed away peacefully last night. I sang a hymn to the Holy Spirit standing by her bed. I was so filled with peace that I knew she went straight to Heaven. She passed away peacefully in her sleep. Praise God and all the angels.

  76. God answered my prayer for financial help,and I believe he will do more,even in my forthcoming final exams…Amen

  77. Thank you dear Lord for bringing happiness into my son’s and grandson’s life. Pl keep them happy and close to you always.