Answered Prayers from The Pentecost Novena, 2018

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Holy Spirit ebookThank you for joining us in praying The Pentecost Novena!

If you’ve had any prayers answered during this novena, please share those with us all below!

To God be the glory!


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  1. I prayed that my son to graduate with honors and now he graduated Cum Laude…Glory to God… Thank you Lord for the abundance of your grace…

  2. I am immensely grateful to the Holy Spirit for guiding my sister’s delivery to a successful end. Inspite of all the complications the Spirit of God took over the whole process and gave us a testimony. Thank you Jesus, Thank you blessed Mother Mary

  3. Thank you Lord for all the prayers answered… for the many blessings abounding.
    My daughter graduated and is working. All children are working. You protect and guide my family always.
    Thank you Father God.
    Deo gratis

  4. Thanks for answered prayers. God is Good!
    I had a special intention that my daughters employer would find and hire a replacement for a coworker who was leaving and they did not even have any applicants at the time. She just let em know that they hired someone and that she really likes her. thanks for all the prayers

  5. Please help me and prayer for me, that my husband comes back. That God restores our marriage. So many family on his side have interfered and messing with his mind. They are doing some sort of work which is not good to keep us apart. This is so difficult and painful as i want my marriage to work out and just want my life back better than before in Christ.

  6. 7 of us prayed the Pentecost Novena for our dear friend, Caryn. She was awaiting the results from a liver biopsy which the doctors felt confident was a recurrence of her cancer. The day after we finished the novena her doctor called to say that there was no cancer in the 2 areas they biopsied. God is good!!!

  7. My prayer was answered. Thank you to all who prayed for my depression to be lifted. I had never asked for anything for myself, but I could no longer live this this life long illness. On Pentecost Sunday, I realized that the dark cloud that had been a constant part of my life was gone. I have been laughing every day since. I feel as if I were born again. Thank you all again, God bless all for your prayers.

  8. I prayed for my son to find a companion who would help heal his broken heart and help him to trust again. On the final day of the novena he met a girl who he has since spent some time with. Unfortunately she is an exchange student who will soon be leaving for her home country, but I feel the spirit is working through her to help him. Thank you HolySpirit!

    I am still praying for financial help to get out of debt and to be able to keep up with our bills.

  9. I prayed this novena for my son who has been looking for work for months. Today he called to tell me that he was offered a good job. Praise be to God!

  10. I started the novena on a Sunday and prayed for a new job that is good for me. Today, is my last day of this novena and went to a job interview . Right after the interview, I went to the Blessed Sacrament thanking God for sending the Holy Spirit with me and for the opportunity. A couple hours after , my supervisor told me that she received a reference check call. That was intantaneous gift to me. I could never thank God enough for this wonderful blessing! I love you God and I only want to follow you! To God be the glory!

  11. Hi Annie & John Paul,

    We’ve been praying along with many of your novenas, but often for the intentions of others or not a very specific intention. However, for the Pentecost Novena we decided to pray for a very specific intention of discerning whether our son should prepare for his First Confession and First Communion this coming year or if he should wait an extra year. Because of his August birthday and homeschooling, his grade level has been a murky thing and sacraments have been something we’ve been discussing for some time. Anyway, on the vigil of Pentecost amidst the busyness of getting ready for church the next morning we were listening to a particular album on our family MP3 player. As we began gathering for prayers, we found ourselves listening to a children’s saint story. Our son, for whom we were praying, asked who had turned it on and we all looked at each other realizing it came on at the end of the album on it’s own (but with no obvious reason why). Who was the saint? Blessed Imelda — patron of First Communicants! With that we felt it was settled for sure and we’ve contacted our RE office and he’s on his way to prepare and receive his first sacraments next year! He’s beyond thrilled!!

  12. After praying the novena, I got a promotion at my job the next day after Pentecost. Praise God and thank you all

  13. Grateful for this novena for my parents have been approved of their US visa. Ill be having my interview on June 21 for my US visa application and hopefully we reunite as a whole family this summer.

    I also pray for the intentions of the rest of the people here at praymorenovenas.

    Thank you Lord for everything and thy will be done.

  14. Prayers affirmatively answered 24 after conclusion of Pentecost novena and final prayer —- at a significant time of day too. The fact that the prayer for something significant was answered shows great generosity. But noteworthy is that while gifts (through his will) are available to all who ask, all are not asking or seeking. but we should.

  15. I thank God for financial breakthrough and finally my hubby has been called for thesis defence next week so hopefully he will be graduating soon.

  16. I prayed Pentecost Novena and I qualified to write exams for all three modules on May- June Exam 2018.
    My sister pass the drives test and got her license on 18 May 2018. Thank you Father, Son and Holy Spirit. With power of the Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, in the name of Jesus, I believe I will pass the exam. I’m so grateful and will leave in presence of the Lord.

  17. Since praying this novena I have begun to feel less anxious and worried. Although my prayers may not have been answered yet, I have faith that they will be.

  18. Problems with 2 sons came to a head and are starting to be resolved in what we hope will be a long-term solution. Both are open to fixing their problems for the first time. One will graduate.

  19. Problems with 2 sons came to a head and are starting to be resolved in what we hope will be a long-term solution. Both are open to fixing their problems for the first time. One passed his classes & will now graduate.

  20. Prayed to Mother Mary, Undoer of Knots, for a favorable outcome to my daughter’s court case & praise God it was satisfactorily resolved. Thank you God, Mother Mary & Saint Anthony!

  21. Sending my blessings to everyone that joins me in prayer .My son was able to find a safe place to live with his family. I am so filled with joy, for the Lord heard my prayer.

  22. Great thanks to the Holy Spirit for prayers answered my son got the family car repaired and it’s running very well Amen ..

  23. I started praying the novena to St Joseph a few days earlier than the start of the novena to the Holy Spirit. My prayers were answered through the intercession of St. Joseph and the grace of the Holy Spirit. My brother was asked to stay on at his temporary job for a longer term and offered more responsibility giving him a greater opportunity for full time employment with higher pay. He has had a challenging life. He’s a good man. And I believe God has great plans for him. I’m so grateful! I have hope!

  24. Prayed the novena to Our Lady, Undoer of Knots and Pentecost Novena. My husband employment status continued. Thank you Lord for the many blessings you have given to our family! We are blessed!

  25. I thank God for prayers answered. I will be able to have surgery for my liver cancer. All other test have come back negative for additional tumors. I give God all the glory and thanksgiving. I ask for prayers during my surgery on June 8th.

    God Bless
    S Navarrete

  26. My sister has been doing great on her recovery from alcohol addiction….! Also my daughter got the job offer that I had been praying for. Thank you all for praying the Novenas. God is good….!

  27. I have been praying that my adult children return to an active relationship with Jesus. My 27 year old daughter who lives out of state, attended mass on Pentecost Sunday….her own idea! This was the first time in four years she went to mass (not counting Christmas masses when she was home with the family). Thank you Holy Spirit! : )

  28. I prayed that my son will graduate from law school and today I got the news that he will graduate this May 2018. Praise God.

  29. A family member I am seeking reconciliation with contacted me unexpectedly on the Feast of Pentecost and asked if we could talk about our difficulties. Thanks be to God!

  30. Our house has been for sale for several weeks with no offers. On Sunday our realtor called and told us that there are now 2 separate buyers in a bidding war.

  31. Good day to all am kindly asking for any assistance to purchase a car, reason being I got rub on the 14th May, 2018. It was a very scary experience and I’ll not want that to happen to anyone I could of lose my life but thanks to God he was by my side if he wasn’t things might of been worst. Whatever little will go a very long way please and thank you.

  32. Our brother Raphael was involved in a nasty motorcycle accident were he was unconscious for some time, but as we invoked for mercy from the Lord and Mother Mary to revive him, he is now steadily recovering. To God be the Glory, Amen

  33. I have prayed for a job last year October and God blessed me with a reception post and i kept the faith and prayed all the Novenas today i’m promoted to a higher position with better salary. My faith has grown a lot since. i am working on changing my thinking from negative thought to positive only

    Glory to the Almighty Father

  34. Thank you Lord. I sprayed for my house to be bought and I got a buyer who will pay the amount.
    I prayed for land to build another home here in SA where I leave. I will be getting land and will build a home soon. I am getting assisted. God is faithful.
    Thank you Lord
    Many prayers answered for my family. Dio gratis

  35. Please help me do your will in this mairrage and continue healing Sara never let her loose you I pray for successful surgery for LULU please be with her I pray for Soccorro for a safe flight please comfort her and my mom in the advanced years I pray for Soccorro children that you put peace and love in their hearts be grant conversion to those in need of you Lord also I pray for the conversion of my family I Love you with all of me l pray for Jason for spiritual awareness and take care of his fragile state of his heart Amen

  36. Our prayers for our grandson have been answered, He had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from his lung. The cancer had not spread and was successfully removed. Thank you Blessed Trinity and all of the people praying this Novena for him. May you all be blessed.

  37. I prayed his Novena asking for a spiritual director. There is a priest who is extremely busy who I have desired to have as a spiritual director immensely, but didn’t want to ask because he was so busy. He texted me on Pentecost vigil. Pentecost day he ended up coming as a surprise guest to our Catholic Young Adult ministry event; which was beyond miraculous!! So I asked him, and he said we could set up a meeting to talk.
    I knew the Holy Spirit brought him there for me; especially when afterward my friend who invited him to the coffeehouse said,” I invited him because of you. I saw you in church and I felt compelled to invite him to the coffeehouse because of you.” She had no idea I was praying for a spiritual director or desiring this priest in particular.
    Praise God who loves us so much that he answers our prayers in such personal and loving ways!! Praise be to God forever!!

  38. Dear Holy Spirit,
    Thank You for all your blessings to my family, to me and all who have been praying this novena!

  39. I have finally acquired peace of heart about my vocation. I have had a few doubts and worrisome thoughts about my future vocation for a few weeks now and by the help of much prayer and this novena, I finally have confidence in the Lord’s plan. Praise Jesus ❤️

      • Yes me too. My initial petition not seen. Not sure if want to be part of this – people praying for bust enlargment + Holy Spirit to fill their purse and bank accounts is blasphemy and totally wrong.

  40. I asked for healing for my adult son for his alcoholic addiction. Last Saturday he admitted his addiction and realizes that he needs help to stop drinking. He called AA and went to his first meeting that same night. He is going to another meeting tonight and is scheduled to attend again tomorrow! Thank you dear Holy Spirit for answered prayers. He is headed in the right direction and I will continue praying for him for strength and resolve to get through this. With the Lord’s help ANYTHING is possible!

  41. I have been praying for money to help finance my son tuition fees. I got an additional job to help supplement my income. Thank you Jesus

  42. My prayer has been to sell our house that has been for sale for quite some time! We had a 2nd showing day 8 & today on Pentecost Sunday a first showing! I have faith & will be patient! Thank you Holy Spirit.

  43. I started this novena believing I would get an answer.
    I thought about this novena several times a time asking for help.
    My prayer was answered almost 100%.
    Thank you Holy Spirit.
    Thank the folks who share this novena.

  44. Thank you so much for this novena.

    I prayed for the strength to get out of a bad relationship for good. Not only was I successfull but throughout the whole ordeal I felt better and felt free for the first time I. A long time.

    Glory to God and thank you Holy Spirit for directing my prayers!

  45. Holy Spirit, my paraclete and advocate I thank you for a positive response to one of my requests. My son-in-law performs rap/hip-hop music. He had sent a video to participate in CeeLo Green’s BrickRoad Challenge. The winner would be collaborating with Mr. Green on a song and possibly an album. There were over 1,000 participants. On Day 9 of the Novena my son-in-law was notified that he was selected as the winner of this challenge!! God is so good for the many graces bestowed upon myself and my family!!

  46. Dear Holy Spirit, thank you for the Blessings you have bestowed on my family and I.

    Please continue to help us Spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.

    Thank you.

  47. Words can not express how loving and merciful Our Good Lord has been! Since the Lady of Undoer of Knots novena and then this Holy Spirit Movena, God has mercifully touched my life beyond my comprehension. I really didn’t know what to ask for, but placed all my trust in God and through the intercession of Our Lady and the Holy Spirit, miraculous needs have been met! Thank you God, and thank you to your ministry, for being an instrument to what my life is becoming! I can slowly but surely, attest that He has answered my unspoken prayers from the heart! May God continue to bless your ministry and thank you for the work of your hands! God Bless us all!