Answered Prayers from the Novena for Marriage & Family, 2021

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Thank you so much for joining us in praying the Novena for Marriage & Family! If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout this novena, you can share those with us all below. To God be the glory!

We are continuing to pray for you every day. Do not give up on hope. Jesus is with you and you are not forgotten.

God bless you!

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  1. Me and my husband to be by the name of Joseph. We are praying for finical break through cuz we are preparing to have an encouragement ceremony with family. We pray that what we are arranging be blessed and May God keep us together always and happy.

  2. Thank you Mother Mary for praying on our behalf. Thank you sweet Lord for hearing our requests from your wonderful Mother Mary. I love you Lord. I love you Mother.

  3. After a very bad twist in life, my two grown children have not spoken in years. They just had their first brief interaction via text…I am so very thankful for this babystep. Praying in God’s time they will have a good relationship. Trusting! God is Good!!

  4. I prayed this novena to our Lady with faith and hope and got the dream job which I was praying for. Thank you greatly.

  5. Thank you, Jesus, through the intercession of your blessed Mother for restoring my son-in-law to my daughter. 😃❤️❤️

  6. Last week, I got an email from my estranged granddaughter asking for me to help with her school goals. It has been almost 3 years that my daughter and I have not shared a relationship. It has been extremely hard for me, but yet this grandchild reaching out to me seemed like a start. It is what I prayed for with this Novena.

  7. Dear Blessed Mother,
    Thank you for your prayers and intercessions. Please watch over and pray for my son. Please keep a watchful eye out for him during his travels.
    Please pray for my sisters and family, and those in my healing prayer.
    Please pray for Annie and John-Paul.
    Thank your dear Mother.

  8. Thank you God and Mother Mary:
    -I was able to have a great beginning of the month with work
    – My fiancé is in the final round of interviews for a new position
    – Our puppy was able to get the help he needed and now on medicine to help clear his infection
    – my Dad’s knee replacement surgery was successful

    Thank you Mother Mary! Please continue to bless and watch over us. Amen.

  9. My prayers for harmony in our family, both immediate and extended were answered. I discovered yesterday that two of my nieces who are sisters have reconciled after an awful disagreement that led to an estrangement. I am so grateful, thankful and joyful!

  10. I prayed this novena to get through the second dose of the covid vaccine fine, after having lots of severe side effects from my first. And thank God our Father I am well.

  11. I want to use these opportunity to thank my sweet mother for her intercetion, during these novanal I beg mum that she should stop the owl the agent of the devil that normally don’t allow me and my children to sleep, to plz smatch them secondly my daughter who is finding it difficult to learn mother Mary has started teaching her, 3rd severally at my work place I have called on mother to help my asphixated neonate that I delivered and she saved me and the baby. The last is, not yet visible but I believe mother has done it. Is about a better job to return me back home to my family, I know she will do it to the glory of God and for the betterment of my soul amen.

  12. The Lord has come in many forms lately to show me that the core of successful marriage comes from becoming one with the kingdom of God in ALLL of Us , through His human Christ becoming our Higher Self , creating new containers ( our bodies) of His Love ❤️
    More of Him Less of the old ego me . So being Love creates a daily abundance of The key , living in the 9 fruits of the Spirit = Successful Marriage like the Union/ marriage we have with Our Father …..Aaaaaamen ☯️🙏🛐

  13. I have been praying these nights ends since April 2017- I wanted my daughter to meet her future husband and enjoy a full life with a blessed marriage. She had just started dating someone after taking a break from a disappointing break up. Well 4 years later – he proposed last secemeber and we are flying to Wyoming tomorrow for their wedding this weekend. ❤️

  14. I am sorry, obviously i have not prayed fervently, or enough as my marriage has not changed as i wish it would have. 53 years and problems exist due mostly to stubberness of both of us, my husband’s hearing problems, ED, and believing he is always right. Yes, i think i am right too, but not always, but i have depression and anxiety problems and that brings a lot of fighting and saddness into our marriage, along with misunderstanding. He has changed a lot in the past 5 years since his hearing has gone downhill, and he has retired from his own business he built from the start 32 years ago and was always his own boss. Then 5 years ago he passed it on to our son in law, and was no longer in control. He feels he has lost all control of everything he loved. He still works in the business but not constant 7 am to 7 pm as he was used to. Many days no work, or 4 or so hours. He needs to volunteer or find a part time job but feels he is downgrading if he does. He is lost, and takes all out on me, cause he knows i will still love him, but it is tough. Tough to the point where i wish to just die. the kids see it too, but always side with him to keep his spirits up, and so here i sit, very unhappy and depressed. I want to travel and see the parts of the US i have not, and even Italy, and Belgium, home of grandparents, but he has no desire, and i know hearing loss and ED do not help that. He can never say ‘i love you’ or ‘i am sorry’. I really need all the help to stay with him and try to make him happy. Please pray and help US. Thanks. s

  15. Thank you Jesus, thank you Mary and Joseph for hearing my prayers. This Novenas prayers has done a great things in my life and family. The last Novena I pray God bless me with a new job, and this Novena of marriage and family God bless my husband with a very good job. My heart is full of joy my God is at work. Thank you Jesus, Mary and Joseph for all you have done for us Amen.

  16. I prayed for the strength to cope with the anxieties and stresses that I had been suffering in daily family life. These past 9 days I have felt so calm, assured and supported by the Holy Family. I feel like a better mother. Thank you.

  17. On the 6th day of this novena I had my prayer answered!!!!
    I prayed if the upcoming marriage of my son was not from God, please do not let it happen. With 30 days before the wedding, my son called it off! Thank You God!!!!

  18. Holy Mother, please continue to pray for my marriage. I am very hurt and untrusting of my husband. Please I ask for a change in my heart and soul. Please let me extend forgiveness and compassion as Jesus extends to us poor sinners. Amen

  19. Thank you dear mother for lifting up my daughter and giving her confident and strength to carry on her final studies.
    Bringing peace into my family again.
    Thank you Mother for helping me to experience peace in my heart.

  20. I didn’t know how I would survive this week but God was there to move the mountains before me and keep all the crooked places straight. I don’t know how the money came keeping my capital untouched. In God I praise

  21. I thank Mother Mary,St Joseph,St Ann and Our Lord for successful ,peaceful and travel mercy and well attended Diaconate ordination of my brother .The reception was a huge success .May Jesus be praised.Amen

  22. I prayed that my family and I would have a safe trip to CO this past weekend for a wedding. The Lord watched over us and kept us all safe. Thank you!

  23. Thank you Lord I see a little change with my husband of which I think its a start he will change slowly but sure.
    My health has improved after covid.

  24. Very thankful that our CONTINUED prayers have been successful in the breast cancer treatment of my niece Dani; the tumors are shrinking🙏

  25. The Lord has continued to bless us with more life and protection. I continue to pray for my upcoming interviews. I pray I pass highly and I get employed fully in Uganda Revenue Authority. I pray that he continues to bless us all here. Amen

  26. In March my brother’s lymphoma reared its’ ugly head again after a 2 ½ year remission. He went on Chemo for a few months and the doctor said the best option to get rid of the cancer permanently would be a bone marrow transplant. She also said it was very dangerous for older adults like him and one possibility would be death during the procedure. We prayed this Novena to the Mother of God asking for a miracle so he could survive the transplant and live a healthy life. He had the transplant last week and the doctors are in awe of his amazing progress. Thank you mother Mary for asking your son for such a wonderful blessing for our family.

  27. Holy Father, I thank you for the gift of the Holy Family. Today, as we are about to conclude the Novena of the Holy Family, I have regained sensation on my left leg and it is no longer dropping like before. Thank you Lord, thank you to Our Mother

  28. My prayers are always answered when I do these novenas ! And also of course with my daily prayers. Right now my family is going through a transformation But this novena has brought so more together than before.

  29. I asked for a prayer for my son in law that he would find a job. Today he got an offer.
    Praise the Lord and His Mother!
    May God bless you all who prayed with me.

  30. I had a another chance to connect with CMN and I played at mass a second time where he and his mother attend. If it is Your will, Lord, let there be more opportunities and let this connection grow and blossom. Praying for all those who seek a holy and supportive, loving spouse on CM.

  31. My prayers were answered when I prayed for my covid test to be negative and they were, as well as that of my husband and daughter. Thank you Lord, and Mother Mary.

  32. Our Blessed Mother hears our prayers. My son’s present position is closing and he has aggressively been looking for position in new field and it has not been easy. I pray daily and also prayed this novena and today Our Good Lord answered our prayers. Praise God and thank you Blessed Mother

  33. Thank you Jesus, mother Mary and Joseph. I JUST CLEARED MY TUITION FEES .

    Thank you guys for this platform and praying with me.

  34. I ask to help me become a better firefighter and a civil service firefighter for New Orleans helping my fiancee Ashley and myself become emts help Ashley as well with her job with the airlines company she works for, and help me with my job at the airport and make payments on our bills and watch over my heart.

  35. The lord blessed my womb again. Glory to the most high. I pray for more blessings to come from above. Pray also for a smooth pregnancy journey. Thank you 🙏

  36. Thank you for your prayers. The findings of my medical appointments and tests were all normal and my parents were healthy and safe on their trip! Alleluia! God bless you!

  37. I prayed for 3 family member.
    1. That my brother come off life support and to continue to improve. I am over joyed that he has improved and no longer on life support.
    2. That my mother in law improve and get her strength back. She is 93 and had covid. She is home with us and has improved and is getting stronger and can use her walker again.
    3. The last is for my husband who had a massive stroke 3 1/2 years ago. He has started using his walker and can walk with very little assistance and he continues to improve in speech.
    God has been so good to me as he continues to give me strength and Blessing to care for my husband and his mother. God gave me 3 wonderful sons to help me and to help care for them.

  38. Found a missing parcel which had items from my mum. I recently lost her to Covid and that parcel was very precious to me.

  39. Please pray for healing of marriage. Pray that I am able to be healed of feelings of betrayal and emotional and verbal wounds.

  40. Praise God ❤
    Through the novenna prayer , misunderstandings which had happened between family of me and my to be life partner has been resolved.
    My mother has again started to meet him with love and happiness.
    I am so happy how mama Mary has brought everyone together and removed all the hatred.
    Praise God and thankyou Mama Mary ❤

  41. Hello Good evening to all. I was waiting to join my work past 1 and half year. But there no call. Through this novena I prayed and yesterday I got a mail to join back in November. Thank you Mother Mary for your blessings.

  42. Thank you dearest Mother for returning my daughter to school and that this week of being “clean” of any substance, this may be the beginning of her blessed journey and the answer to our prayers.
    Thank you!

  43. Thank you blessed Mother for a couple prayers answered! I know You are answering my other prayers soon too! JESUS I TRUST IN YOU!

  44. My daughter Amy, who is 54 years old, had a severe case of Covid. We thought she was going to be hospitalized. I have been praying this Novena for her and I think she turned the corner today. Thank You for this beautiful Novena. Thank you, JESUS.

  45. I have been praying for a while for my business to get more customers as Covid did a number on us. But with this novena, my intake has increased now more than ever! I thank God for his endless glory

  46. My daughter was waitting to get a loan for school and it was the last day for it to be approved when I started the novena. She has worked so hard to complete school and was afraid she was not going to be able to continue with her masters. She was approved and was able to pay for school and living. Praise God.
    Dear Mother Mary, thank you for your blessings and protection for my children.

  47. Thanks that my son found a place to quarantine because of COVID. Continued prayer for his total wellbeing. Blessings to all.

  48. I was scheduled for colonoscopy, I added it as one of my intentions to be successful. I had it down and it was very successful. I thank u Jesus and my mother Mary.

  49. I started offering my novena to my friend Lillian who was scheduled to have her brain surgery last Sept 2nd. Her mother and brother appears to have issues regarding her operation (understandably because they were scared of losing her). She is determined to have this operation with or without their approval. They drove from Vegas to Phoenix. When her doctor was preparing for her surgery, he noticed that her inflammation was gone and Thank you Lord, her doctor said surgery is no longer her option. Because of prayers from her family and friends that her surgery was canceled because her brain inflammation was gone. Miracles do happen, and thank you Mama Mary for your intervention.

  50. O Mamma Mary, I thank you for healing my brother of Diverticulitis. It kept on fluctuating with haemoglobin levels and blood pressure diving low, but ultimately he got well and was discharged from hospital yesterday.

    In answer to my prayers regarding my son n daughterinlaw’s estrangement, was happy to know that her birthday last weekend was celebrated together. Continue to bless them O Mamma Mary and help them work together in love n forgiveness to restore renew and heal their marrital relationship.

    O Mother, I thank you for helping my son land a job last year on 8th Sept and has been doing very well at it ever since. Bless all his efforts, dear Mother

    Mother Mary draw my children and their families closer to Your Son, Jesus

  51. Yes my husband and I have been arguing non stop over dumb things I’ve been praying for us and I feel something I haven’t in quite some time! This is awesome I won’t hold grudges anymore and I feel free! Thanks for the prayers!

  52. Praying that my son Conor would get a good job have been praying for him for a while.Conor got an email today and has been offered a good job what a Mighty God We Serve Praise and Glory and Thanks to our Great God and his Holy Mother Mary 🙏🙏🙏.
    A very grateful mother and a very happy son.

  53. In thanksgiving for several answered prayers, safe birth of adopted grandbaby, safe returns back home from trips and a better family gathering with fewer meltdowns. Thank you, dear Mother Mary for your intercession!

  54. Still waiting upon God’s grace and blessings on my relationship with my fiancé. Please help me pray, our relationship is falling apart.

  55. Dearest mother mary. Thank you for all your graces and blessings upon me. I did well in my exam and started healing. Thank you for your continues intercessions.

  56. Even though my company did not make any sales and is not making during this period, there is no pressure from suppliers for repayment for services rendered which have impacted seriously on our living

  57. In thanksgiving for prayers answered that my daughter conceived after many years of trying! Now I’m praying for a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Thank you Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

  58. My granddaughter was affected with Covid. These 9 days I was praying for her. Also, put in a Prayer Request. She is now much better. Also her Parents were not affected. Thank You Mother Dear for your Intercession to Jesus.
    Thank You Paul and Anne and everyone who prayed for her.
    God bless you all abundantly.

  59. Dear Jesus and Mary, please heal and protect my family, friends and I. Please Bless us 🙏 Spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.

    Please heal us of fibromyalgia, hyperparathyroid, kidney and heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, anxiety, depression, asthma, allergies, COPD, and colon problems.

    Please help my husband take better care of his diabetes.

    Please help our son and his friends continue to live God 🙏 loving lives.

    Please also help our son find a devout, Catholic woman to marry.

    Please Bless all of my nephew’s and nieces.

    Please heal our fractured Nation, and help all people understand the evils of abortion.

    Thank you Jesus and Mary.

  60. Thank you John-Paul & Annie for the way I feel being led in prayer by you both. My prayers have not been answered physically, but in my heart I know the Lord is working on them as he sees fit. I put my trust in him and I have peace.

  61. Prayer answered that absconded baby returned. But the constant ongoing threats of legal stuff is very traumatic to live through. I pray that it end. Help please make it end help them get along. Help me be the mom that i need to be.
    Thank you Jesus and Mary you can do this.

  62. I thank God for blessing me with a job after staying for one year without a job! Being blessed with a job has been one of the 5 petitions I have had in various continuous novena prayers l have participated in and today afternoon got the job offer.

    I am strong in my faith that God will answer my other novena intentions at His timing.

    Queen conceived with original sin, pray for us who have recourse to you.

    All Holy men and women of God, pray for us.

    Jesus I trust in you


  63. I was praying for three engaged couples I know, one couple that is dating seriously, and my own vocation. Over the course of the novena, I was asked to be a bridesmaid in two of the weddings!

  64. I prayed to Mother Mary to bless my son with the temporary Manager role, as OIC, while his boss goes on Maternity Leave. He passed the interview and was granted the role. It comes with a Manager’s salary or allowance during the temporary period but more importantly, it will give him the experience and learning that will surely be good for his career. Thank you for the blessings Mother Mary.

  65. My husband, John, has been diagnosed with exacerbating heart failure. We are celebrating 49 years of marriage but I truly doubt that we will make it to our 50th anniversary. I am having a hard time watching this deterioration happen. I am so thankful for what we have had. I do not want to see his physical dignity taken away from him, he has always been such a independent, private person. I pray that Mother Mary will help me handle this like she would with Joseph and her dearly beloved Son would.

  66. I would like to take a minute to thank our Holy Mother for the gift my husband and I received last Saturday. I started this novena with a prayerful request to our Blessed Mother for peace in my family, especially between my two adult daughters who do not get along. At an impromptu evening meal last Saturday and for the first time in many, many years, we saw the two girls not only get along but actually enjoy each other’s company……….. something my husband and I didn’t expect to see in our lifetime. Thank you so much Holy Mother.

  67. Thank you dear Jesus that thru the powerful intercession of our Dear Mother in this novena, the favor that we have been praying for our daughter… to pass the architecture board exam… was granted on the 8th day.

  68. My daughter’s house did not flood. Praise the Lord. It is still without power in LA. But
    Did Not get water inside. Prayers answered.


    With mama Mary s grace, our prayers were answered.

    Thank you always our dear LORD , our protector for this great blessing.


  71. Healing of some concerns for my adult son, and a positive road forward.
    Praise be to God. Thank you Lord for many graces and strength given.

  72. Back in May before Pentecost, my youngest daughter and her family had recently moved to Tulsa, OK. She wanted to get her young children into a good Catholic school near her work but there was only an opening for her daughter going into TK/K, her son was fifth on the waiting list, we weren’t very hopeful. She email me and several of her friends to begin the Pentecost Novena. Saturday evening the novena ended and we thanked God for listening to our prayers. Monday morning she received a phone call and an opening was found for her 1st grade son. Both kids began school in August and we could be more thankful.

  73. Thank you Mother for your prayers and intercession with your son Our Lord Jesus Christ.

    My husband was able to sell his car to the first person that came to look a it. Thank you Mother.

    Our home in Florida was also sold, pending closing at the end of this month. Thank you Mother.

    Our daughter is pregnant and is expecting on our son’s birthday in December. Thank you Mother.

    My niece got married last Sunday Sept 5th after having to postponed it from last year Sept due to Covid. Thank you Mother.

    Thank you Mother for all the prayers answered.

    Love you more everyday.
    God Bless

  74. My friend’s daughter, who has been fostering a child for 2 years, is finally able to start adoption proceedings. Thank you.

  75. I have had so many prayers that had been answered and i thankful to the Lord almighty that He is always looking after me and the to those who i always prayed for. I will be forever grateful and will forever thankful to Him..

  76. Sigo rezando por mi esposo e hijos!! Pero eso creo que no cambiará por buen tiempo porque cuando estaban conmigo (mis hijos) no rece con ellos nada más que un ratito en el carro cuando íbamos para la escuela. Ahora ellos no tienen fe porque lo sacaron de mi esposo y no puedo decirles nada!!
    Solo me queda rezar por ellos a la Virgen María, a José y a Jesús!!! Ayúdenme ustedes también…

  77. Thank You for the Novena for Marriage & Family and all the other Novenas in the past. My husband & I are in a slightly better place, as of yesterday. I’ll continue to pray for my children’s relationship with him & each other. Praying there’s forgiveness & peace between them & all of us. Thank you Blessed Mother & Jesus.
    Thank you for providing these beautiful Novenas.

  78. Christ thy kingdom come,

    I don’t know what to say how to start but yes, my prayers have been answered. Mother Mary’s intercession is truely very powerful. Thank you mother Mary and glory be to God.

    James M K

  79. I asked that the Lord would have mercy on my parents in their suffering and pain. My mom was in the last stage of dementia and my dad had been her sole caretaker. They are both 83 and have been married 63 years. On Sunday my mother passed away and today on the 9th day of the Novena we are going to the funeral home for viewing and tomorrow on the 10th day of Thanksgiving (Mary’s feast day) she will be buried. I thank God and Mary that my mom’s suffering is over and my dad’s is eased ,somewhat. Now his and my pain is of heartbreak. This novena was perfect . Each day spoke to me about my family . ❤

  80. Please prayer for our family/our son who is having significant mental health problems (anxiety/depression), and is struggling to respond to treatment. He is suffering from a very rare condition that not a lot of people know about and treatment options are limited and have not been successful. We know God has him, and is our only help. Immaculate Heart of Mary, and Sacred Heart of Jesus, continue to help us and have mercy on us! Amen!

  81. I prayed my son in law would have the strength to be s good father to his son while his mom was away. He was the best dad ever. I knew my prayers had been answered. He was not angry,yelling,or sending him to his room. He did farther and son things together. Thank you.

  82. My son-in-law got good news that his cancer had not spread to the bone.
    My eldest daughter and her husband (the same son-in-law) are working to repair their marriage.
    Her son and his wife seem to be gettting along so much better.

    Thank you Blessed Mother and your son Jesus.

  83. My son and daughter in law had been dragging their feet a bit on baptizing their special son who had many weeks in the NICU; yesterday, I received note that they are starting baptism classes next Thursday . Prayers answered. Thank you Jesus! I pray many more prayers are answered also, and for your intentions….