Answered Prayers from the Novena for Marriage & Family, 2019

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Thank you for joining us in praying the Novena for Marriage & Family!

If you’ve had any prayers answered during this novena, please share those with us all below!

We will continue to pray for you & your intentions.

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  1. I am a believer in the power of prayer. After months of faithful petitions and completing the Novena for Marriage and Family, I found out that two of my prayers for friends with children in unhealthy relationships had been answered. God’s generosity cannot be outdone.

  2. Thank you Jesus for making me well from my health complications. Thank you for being always there to guide & protect me and my family. May You Lord continue to be my light. In Jesus name, amen.

  3. Pls I need prayers for my families ,my husband is having seizure every month for the past 7years , and poverty as well , I need God divine miracle in my family

  4. To God be the Glory

    I Got a new job and more glorious things are happening.

    I am greiving less and founding joy.

    Marriage next, in Jesus Name.

  5. He answers most of my prayer directly, through the intercession of our blessed Mother or the Saints, what is not answered, I accept, He knows it’s not necessary or maybe, when He think it’s time.

    Thank you for your prayers and may God continue to bless you.

  6. I have been praying for both of my daughter’s to come back to the far ONE has been coming back slowly..which I am extremely thankful for….I will never stop praying for the other daughter to come back to the church and to OUR family ..

  7. We have been looking for a new home for over 6 months- everything we could afford was lacking, and what would have worked was bought before we could even look at it. On the last day of the Octive of Mary’s nativity (another Marian feast day) one appeared. It had what we needed ( and most of what we wanted) and we could afford it. Thank you Blessed Mother!

  8. I prayed for safe delivery and God’s help throughout and that if it pleased God I would like to have my baby on our Lady’s birthday. Guess when my baby came, on the 8th!!! Plus I know God helped me cos my pain tolerance level increased greatly. Thank you Jesus and Mary!

  9. I prayed for safe delivery and God’s help throughout and that if it pleased God I would like to have my baby on our Lady’s birthday. Guess when my baby came, on the 8th!!! Plus I know God helped me cos my pain tolerance level increased greatly. Thank you Jesuscand Mary!

  10. I was praying for daughter to get job, she is now working although is John s for two month but I hope God will make a way for her to be permanent in this job thank you mother marry for praying for my family

  11. My adult son is starting to out with a nice lady,years after his divorce and i am praying that it will work out cause i have so much Faith on the Lord cause he is good

  12. Thanks to this novena.
    My younger brother had not spoken to me for about four months because I was against him marrying a second wife. He just called me this week that he was at my place.
    My elder brother could never call me for years. Not for anything not even family related but just suprised me this week too with a call giving me updates on what he had discussed with our Dad, something he would never do because he always looked at me as a step sister and most favoured. But I give glory to God for this milestone.

  13. God honored His words concerning my studies. I graduated and got registered by the board despite all odds. You own the entity of my praise, Lord JESUS.

  14. I asked for an answer to a difficult situation my parents were facing and the day the novena ended, I received a phone call from my brother with a solution.

  15. My OND result which has been held for months has finally been released and I have collected it to enable me write my direct entry examination.

  16. The day after the novena ended, I was driving a 40 min drive to my Chiropractor/Acupuncture appointment. I have been ill for more than a year and used up all my savings. I had been praying for a part-time job to suppliment my SSD. So I started YELLING the rosary while driving. When I was laying on the Acupuncture table I saw in my mind that Blessed Mom was standing next to me with her hand on my forehead. Then in the chiropractor room, I was crying and confided to the doctor that I needed a job. He asked if I did filing. I was hired. When I got home, in the mail was one envelope for a shrine that was asking for donations. In the envelope was a gift…a holy card with the Sacred Heart of Blessed Mom!

  17. My relationship with my husband Improved after the novena ,my husband now draw closer to God unlike him,and God vindicated us from the problem we are then,I also ask for financial breakthrough, Marita favour good health and long life thanks

  18. I was under a lot of financial strain from 2018 and was constantly praying for divine intervention in my finances.I had a breakthrough today where people voluntarily offered me help to ease the pressure I was under.

    Thanks for your prayers…🙏

  19. Thank you sooo much for all the novenas. God has answered them quietly. He has given me more than what I had hoped for. Iam going to be a grandmother and so much more. Prayers are powerful and wonderful.

  20. Our God is an Awesome God, through the novena I received my refund after 5 months that I have been praying for prompt payment and I also received a message of progress on my job application with GE which has never happened to me in the last 5 or 6 years I’ve been pursuing this job applications. Thanks to Our Lady ♡

  21. still my problem has not solved. My lover not convenience his parents and they also not agree to marry him because of religion Problem i am a Converted Christian so they not agreed me but he loves me and I love him so much i want marry with him please pray for my problems. i scary to him because his family changes his mind. so now he agreed to marry another girl who his parents selected. she is looking beautiful, well educated and Rich girl. but i dont have money i am poor. but truly i loves him. Please god Help me.

  22. Thank you for the answered prayers, the clearance i been waiting just released this morning. Thank you Lord, Thank you Mama Mary, Thank you Padre Pio..
    pls continue praying and thank God for providing for us always. I trust in you. ❤️

  23. My daughter has had her bond approved after renting for 10 years. God has answered our prayers. Her young daughter has also been accepted in a school she had been wishing to register her in,
    To God be the glory, thanks to all who joined in the novena.


    I have been waiting on this job for months now. I read this evening from my mates that they have been hired. So this is me exercising my faith – my only weapon, to claim that I too, will rejoice and scream for joy tomorrow when I see the employment mail. AMEN.

    I have been waiting on this job for months now. I read this evening from my mates that they have been hired. So this is me exercising my faith – my only weapon, to claim that I too, will rejoice and scream for joy tomorrow when I see the employment mail. AMEN.

  26. Many thanks to God, our father, Jesus Christ our saviour, the Holy spirit and Blessed Virgin Mary, I was blessed with extra money for a clinical trial I volunteered for .

  27. Thank you holy mother for the intercession all was falling in place.Thank you for open financial doors for me and my family surely The lord is my shepherd I shall never want .You are great my father.Forever grateful

  28. Dear John-Paul & Annie,
    I wanted to share with you that I began saying a Novena for finances when it was shared with me by the leader of a prayer chain I belong to at church. My husband has lost his job 3 times over the last 2 years, and all of our savings is exhausted. He had received his last unemployment check the day I began the Novena. He received a job interview on the 3rd day, and a job offer on the 5ht day, ( the only offer he got in the past 6 months). Although his salary is not enough to pay our mortgage he will be getting overtime in the future. Today I received a letter from our bank stating we have been overpaying our mortgage and next month it will decrease by 200.00. They also sent a refund check for 226.00. Thank you for these Novenas they blessed us.

  29. I prayed for a child and am now pregnant am so grateful for many more blessings that I have gotten .Thank you Jesus ,thank you mother Mary.

  30. Since August I’ve been praying several different novenas and one of my petitions was answered yesterday, by the grace of our generous Lord: my son graduated college in June and had been waiting for his security clearance to come through. He got word yesterday his clearance has gone through and has a start date. Thanks be to God!! And many thanks for our wonderful Blessed Mother’s intercession and that of Saints Jude, Maximilian Kolbe and Isaac Jogues!!
    I will keep praying. I will keep staying close to my God with a grateful heart.

  31. Thank God for sparing mylife from an accident that i sustained severe spinal injuries, fractured hip, broken rip etc. While at the hospital because i cannot walk, sit or stand presently.prayed for support a good samaritan. mysister one day they put me on a chair to sit me out . One man saw me prayee and gave us some money. Am still praying and hoping on God to heal me and restore me..Our mother mary is greatest mother.

  32. Dear Blessed Mother 🙏 and Jesus, thank you for keeping my son, husband and I faithfully attending Mass together each weekend.

    Please help our son with his anxiety as he seeks to find employment with God loving people and friends who are faithful Christians and Catholics.

    Thank you Dearest Jesus and Mary.

  33. After 3 yrs of fighting for disability, Had court hearing last mon… Judges favor! Now hopefully, Back payment due will start soon, since my daughter lost her job due to a back injury, So I can pay her back for carrying me through out the years! Thank you!

  34. My husband has contract he is running, all of a sudden he started having issues with his client so much so that he was almost relieved of the job. This novena came up and I keyed in immediately. Before the end of the novena the whole issue was resolved amicably. Thanks to our Mother Mary for always interceding for us.

  35. My daughter has been given he opportunity to work from home two days a week so that’s two days less that she has to travel a dangerous route to work.

  36. I have prayed many novenas with all of you asking God for my daughter to be able to know the blessings of motherhood. She had been trying for many years undergoing infertility treatments. She was about to give up; I never considered giving up. My prayers were finally answered and I must give testimony to our heavenly Father, the Holy Spirit, our Lord Jesus, and our blessed Mother Mary. This was a miracle because all the odds were against her. The doctor was not giving her much hope because of her age, and because of a condition called ovarian cyst syndrome. Defying all scientific opinions, she is now five months pregnant with a baby girl who will be named, Amelia Isabel. Now I am still praying, not to ask but to give thanks. Thank you for introducing me to your novenas. I am following all of them faithfully. May God bless you all!

  37. The person I was praying for was released from prison a month in advance of the expected date. I SINCERELY thank Our LORD JESUS CHRIST, HIS MOTHER, SAINTLY ANGELS AND THE SAINTS WHO INTERCEDED FOR the situation we encountered.

  38. God is answering my many years of prayers. My son and his family have been attending Mass for the past month and are planning to have their children baptized! I’m continuing to pray for them as well as my husband and daughter. God does listen to a mother’s prayers!

  39. Our daughter has been in an abusive and manipulative relationship for three years, then marriage for five years. She’s finally found the courage to file for divorce. 🙌🏻 Please, keep her in your prayers as she goes through the process and faces the trials ahead. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  40. My son phoned me for the first time in several months and is rebuilding our relationship. Thank you so much dear Mother Mary, I feel overwhelmed with joy and gratitude.

  41. God is faithful.
    ” My relationship with my husband improved and it is now warmer.”
    “Our daughter’s desire was answered, she received a pay rise at her workplace.”

  42. My son’s dad called for the first time to check on his whereabouts. We broke up last year and since then we hadn’t talked to each other. Thank you mother Mary!

  43. I was able to talk to my mum about my intentions and put a tentative date for our visit to the family of my best friend, wife to be. Thank you Mother Mary.

  44. I pray everyday for my family my boyfriend and my friends they don’t all pray or go to Mass but they need prayer and the novena is such comfort especially when I see these beautiful people suffer mental health and other problems and the novena brings such love and comfort

  45. My son was dealing with mental health issues and drinking heavily due to the breakdown of his marriage and the loss of his sister to suicide.He tried to end his life a few times.I prayed in this novena that he would seek help and that the Blessed Virgin Mary would not let me lose another child to suicide.My prayers were answered.My son has stopped drinking and has got the help he needs from doctor and the mental health team.Thank you Dear Mother.I put all my trust and hope in your divine intercession.

  46. My son broke up with his girlfriend of many years and was very depressed. I visited him after the Novena for Marriage and Family, I visited him and he shared with me the good news that he has met somebody who is not only nice but a committed Christian. That is what he was looking for. Let us continue to keep him in our prayers as the relationship is still very new. Thank you.

  47. My husband always angry for any little thing I do and scolding me for more than one year he does not even care if his hoting me or no more love and peace and does not respect me as well but after this novena for marriage and family his back as he is before and there is love, peace, respect etc thanks to our mother who intersive for me.

  48. My newborn granddaughter came home from the hospital healthy after spending some time in the NICU and being diagnosed with a tiny hole in her heart thanks to Our Lady’s intercession. I am so grateful for the health of our little Ana Lyn.

  49. I have been praying these Novenas for a couple of years and EVERY TIME I have prayed for something specific my prayers have been answered…but only in God’s time. Our God is good…keep praying!!!

  50. After praying this novena, my husband and I are pregnant with our first child! Our Lady and Mother will continue to intercede for our prayers and carry them lovingly straight to the Sacred Heart of her Son, Jesus. Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit!

  51. Thankyou God Our heavenly Father, Lord Jesus for answering my prayers through the most Powerful intercessions of Our beloved Mother Mary and St.Monica for blessing my daughter with her first job. Amen.

  52. I have been praying for a job opportunity. I went for an interview last week and this week I received a call stating I got the job. Even though it’s a casual position, I am grateful for God’s mercy and grace in my life.


  53. 2 gifts were given to me:
    1) my nephew was selected for a job still waiting for final review
    2) my other nephew showed interest in migrating to Canada
    Thank you my Lord and my God!

  54. I had been praying for a friend’s daughter that her and her fiancé would choose to be married in the Catholic church and they have met with the priest and a date is set!

  55. My brother contacted after 11 months.
    God provided for me to pay my son’s fees, blessed me with a more rewarding job and money and healed me completely.
    God is Love

  56. My husband & I had been experiencing difficulties in our relationships. This has improved, but I’m not complacent, I will keep on praying. 🙏

  57. After praying the First Day of This Novena my son contacted me after a long period of absence.
    As I continue praying both my daughters also contacted me.
    Thank you Dear Mother Mary for your intercession; my small family is united again!?
    Thank You, Lord Jesus!
    Also, I thank Pray More Novenas for your work serving the Lord. May God continue Blessing You.

  58. Thank God for peace of mind over my search for house to rent.
    The money is not yet complete but I am trusting God for the promise by a friend to come through.
    Thank you Jesus.

  59. I got the opportunity to join pilgrims going to Holy Land in December. Thank You Jesus thru the Intercession of Mother Mary.

  60. Things are still very tough, we lost our home in October last year and have been waiting for the outcome of a Financial settlement for a year. I have uncertainty in my job, I can’t afford my rent and the landlord has said he would prefer we leave. Our belongings are in storage and due to lack of funds they are threatening to dispose of our worldly belongings.

    I can’t afford to put food on the table and as a single mother feel a failure. But I should be scared, frightened and wretched with misery. But I follow the path of the Lord, I work in a foodbank and assist those who are disadvantaged and struggling, they see my peace and happiness and feel I have no problems. When people try and sympathise with my plight and worry for me, I say the Lord won’t let me take more than I can cope with and each day he sends a little blessing. A £5 lottery win, food being heavily reduced just as I walk into the supermarket wondering how I am going to feed my children on my little budget, work opportunities. I know I am blessed and not to be scared. I am running out of time, but I am trying to focus on the Lord not my problems.

    Please keep me in your prayers and pray I get rest as I am trying not to get weary and tired, but it is hard. But having faith is keeping me strong.

  61. through faith love and happiness please help me to renew my contract fast with the end of this month they will call me with a favourable reply please help me and improve my carrieer i will pay all my outstanding bills

  62. Dearest Jesus and Mary 🙏, please heal and protect my family and I. Please Bless us Spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.

    Please heal us of depression, anxiety, TMJ, fibromyalgia, allergies, asthma, heart disease, diabetes, throat ailment, arthritis and colon problems.

    Please help our son as he continues to seek employment with God loving people. Please help him find friends who love Jesus and Mary.

    Thank you God.

  63. novena mother of perpetual succour pray for me and my daughter for good health and strength and peace of mind and help us when we are in difficulty my brother will contact me give him good health god give my daughter good health and take away her anger for ever

  64. I want to thank God for saving my life and the life of my kids from a terrible accident. We had a serious crash but we came out alive with just few scratches. May the name of the lord be praised now and forevermore.. Amen

  65. After St. Martha novena, my son cleaned up his room, sat by the table and shared meals with me, after a break of 5 months. My eldest son got a job, I got financial help unexpectedly so I could pay school fees for some children I help. God is indeed merciful. I’m wired to serve even more.

  66. Thank you Holy Family;

    My son Peter has been struggling to get a job directing commercials. Thanks be to God he just landed his first paying directorial opportunity!
    Thank you Jesus Mary Joseph

  67. Through faith, hope and love with tolerance and perseverance I have witnessed one of many many miracles with my partner, who is also trusting to lean on Jesus and St. Michael. He is slowly awakening, letting go of his Mother’s protective bondage and the demands of worldliness. Thank you for replacing the past with the gift of wholesomeness and goodness. Thank you for positive new perspectives and eyes of love and also for helping me to quiet my thoughts and respond peacefully instead of react. Thank you Jesus and St. Michael for bringing us closer together fully, inclusively as one unshakable united front, through these beautiful Novenas with your powerful prayers for healing, transformation, conversion and solid reconciliation. Bless us all. Amen!
    Thank you and God’s continued blessing’s for all your hearts desires.

  68. My daughter and husband with 4 young children (ages 10, 8, 7 and 3) were in desperate need to move from their 3 BDRM condo. In record time, listing their condo and purchasing a 4 BDRM bungalow with finished basement was completed in one month. Thank God and all who participated in the Novena. God bless.

  69. Thank you Mother Mary, my daughter has resumed counseling (which she started last year and decided to stop) to help her in her journey of forgiveness and eventually personal inner healing.

  70. Thanks be to God for nothing is impossible for Him. I have been praying for a shelter for my family and God has blessed with one. Thanks Mother Mary for your intercession.

  71. Thank you my Lord for answering my prayers..Thank you for your guidance and protection…thank you for everything 🙏 🙏 🙏

  72. Thank you Paul and Ann.

    This novena has changed my life positively and additionally, at the end of the Novena My husband just delivered an unexpected sum of money for me to just spend on me and the kids when I was left with just money to complete the month.
    Prayer is the bridge in all relationships.


  73. My abusive husband (of 37 yrs.) went to speak with our parish priest and spoke about how he’s been living his life in our marriage. He then went to confession with our priest. He came home and said, “I want to be a good husband for you from now on”! We are now praying the rosary together every day and talking. I am seeing something that I always prayed for and dreamed of, but, had never seen before in all our years of marriage. Praise Be To God!

  74. My husband started to come to church with me. He’s a Methodist but I’m praying for his conversion for years. Please pray he gets job from interview on the 23rd.

    Thank you and God Bless.