Answered Prayers from the Novena for Marriage & Family, 2019

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Thank you for joining us in praying the Novena for Marriage & Family!

If you’ve had any prayers answered during this novena, please share those with us all below!

We will continue to pray for you & your intentions.

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  1. My OND result which has been held for months has finally been released and I have collected it to enable me write my direct entry examination.

  2. The day after the novena ended, I was driving a 40 min drive to my Chiropractor/Acupuncture appointment. I have been ill for more than a year and used up all my savings. I had been praying for a part-time job to suppliment my SSD. So I started YELLING the rosary while driving. When I was laying on the Acupuncture table I saw in my mind that Blessed Mom was standing next to me with her hand on my forehead. Then in the chiropractor room, I was crying and confided to the doctor that I needed a job. He asked if I did filing. I was hired. When I got home, in the mail was one envelope for a shrine that was asking for donations. In the envelope was a gift…a holy card with the Sacred Heart of Blessed Mom!

  3. My daughter has had her bond approved after renting for 10 years. God has answered our prayers. Her young daughter has also been accepted in a school she had been wishing to register her in,
    To God be the glory, thanks to all who joined in the novena.


  4. Many thanks to God, our father, Jesus Christ our saviour, the Holy spirit and Blessed Virgin Mary, I was blessed with extra money for a clinical trial I volunteered for .

  5. Thank God for sparing mylife from an accident that i sustained severe spinal injuries, fractured hip, broken rip etc. While at the hospital because i cannot walk, sit or stand presently.prayed for support a good samaritan. mysister one day they put me on a chair to sit me out . One man saw me prayee and gave us some money. Am still praying and hoping on God to heal me and restore me..Our mother mary is greatest mother.

  6. Dear Blessed Mother 🙏 and Jesus, thank you for keeping my son, husband and I faithfully attending Mass together each weekend.

    Please help our son with his anxiety as he seeks to find employment with God loving people and friends who are faithful Christians and Catholics.

    Thank you Dearest Jesus and Mary.

  7. The person I was praying for was released from prison a month in advance of the expected date. I SINCERELY thank Our LORD JESUS CHRIST, HIS MOTHER, SAINTLY ANGELS AND THE SAINTS WHO INTERCEDED FOR the situation we encountered.

  8. My son phoned me for the first time in several months and is rebuilding our relationship. Thank you so much dear Mother Mary, I feel overwhelmed with joy and gratitude.

  9. I was able to talk to my mum about my intentions and put a tentative date for our visit to the family of my best friend, wife to be. Thank you Mother Mary.

  10. My son was dealing with mental health issues and drinking heavily due to the breakdown of his marriage and the loss of his sister to suicide.He tried to end his life a few times.I prayed in this novena that he would seek help and that the Blessed Virgin Mary would not let me lose another child to suicide.My prayers were answered.My son has stopped drinking and has got the help he needs from doctor and the mental health team.Thank you Dear Mother.I put all my trust and hope in your divine intercession.

  11. My son broke up with his girlfriend of many years and was very depressed. I visited him after the Novena for Marriage and Family, I visited him and he shared with me the good news that he has met somebody who is not only nice but a committed Christian. That is what he was looking for. Let us continue to keep him in our prayers as the relationship is still very new. Thank you.

  12. My husband always angry for any little thing I do and scolding me for more than one year he does not even care if his hoting me or no more love and peace and does not respect me as well but after this novena for marriage and family his back as he is before and there is love, peace, respect etc thanks to our mother who intersive for me.

  13. I have been praying for a job opportunity. I went for an interview last week and this week I received a call stating I got the job. Even though it’s a casual position, I am grateful for God’s mercy and grace in my life.


  14. My husband & I had been experiencing difficulties in our relationships. This has improved, but I’m not complacent, I will keep on praying. 🙏