Answered Prayers from the Novena for Marriage & Family, 2019

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Thank you for joining us in praying the Novena for Marriage & Family!

If you’ve had any prayers answered during this novena, please share those with us all below!

We will continue to pray for you & your intentions.

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  1. Thank you Jesus, Mother Mary and all Saints for making my surgery successful. my tummy is fine now and also the doctor said that i can conceive.
    Thank you Lord, I love you.

  2. I have been believing GOD for a better job and during this novena I still prayed for it. Somebody remembered me during the novena by connecting me to someone who told me to send my credentials for federal appointments, I know that the GOD who remembered me this time will help me to get the job by his mercy and favor upon my name . Please my people pray more for me to secure the job and aswel that GOD will locate me with my life partner this year. Thank you GOD and thank you all..

  3. My prayers have been answered! My son,his daughter and mother have re united and are now living together as a family. My heart is at rest and happy. Thank you Jesus. I love you Jesus!!!!

  4. My marriage got a lot more meaningful after this novena. Mother Mary has answered my prayers and done the impossible. The priorities in my marriage are now a lot more balanced and I believe our Mother will constantly be there to guide our priorities and decisions. Thank you Mother

  5. I prayed the novena to St. Therese for a few things, but the main thing I prayed for was open, and honest communication from myself and for those who relationships that are important in my life (like you posted on Day 3 of the novena – I believe). That is so very important to me! I would like to think I am open and honest in my communications, but on October 1st I received a rose that is about to bud after the same rose plant has not produced any roses for around 2-3 months!!!

  6. Hello John Paul and Annie,
    My son was applying for the job he always wanted and he specifically asked me to pray for him. I dedicated that intention to St Therese.
    Immediately after The St. Therese of Lisieux Novena, on the 1 October 2019 at exactly 09.19 am, my son sent me a message to say that my prayers have been answered and he got the role. He is very happy and I am very happy too. We thank God for all the glory He is awarding us as a family. I also thank you John Paul and Annie for all the encouragements to say the Novenas. I also pray for you for God’s blessings. Let us continue praying for each other.
    Have a wonderful day.

  7. I had some home maintenance done on Tuesday by someone who had done work for me several times before. When I asked how much I owed him he said it was on him because he thought I needed a blessing in my life. Thank you St. Therese (which happens to be my middle name)

  8. With the help of this community and the emails I have been able to pray more novenas and I prayed the most recent novena to Saint Therese of Lisieux. Her story really touched my heart and I felt a connection to her. The day after the novena ended I came home to a dozen roses that my husband surprised me with, he hadnt surprised me with roses in a few years or more. I know in my heart the Little flower of Jesus was telling me that she had been praying for me and my intentions. I vowed to pray her novena every year and mention it to others to make her more known! 🥰❤️🌹

  9. 1. My son was offered admission
    2. My relationship with God improved greatly
    3. My husband’s attitude towards me changed positively and our marriage is growing stronger
    4. My brother and his wife are understanding each other better and not antagonizing each other as before.

    Thank you Mother Mary!

  10. Omg my jesus is amazing this novena has brought out the bess in my husband an I.. We are spending quality time together us both an also the kids as we speak my husband is giving me a feet massage.. I got called for the career I’ve been placing in gods hands.. I am blessed.. Dont stop praying an believing…

  11. I offer Thanksgiving and praise for the teaching position that my son-in-law Steve received at St Joseph elementary school. Even though his classes are at the lower level and he prefers to teache 7th and 8th grade, God is blessing him profoundly in this out of the box job situation for him and opening many doors. He’s being truly appreciated for his skills and talents that he has to offer in this job situation. Thank you Lord and Mother Mary for these blessings.

  12. 1. My son had his loan he had long awaited which met alot of negative responses.

    2. My brother is gradually uniting with his wife he didn’t want to see

    3. My wife is gradually recovering from her constant ill health.