Answered Prayers from the Novena for Marriage & Family, 2018

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Thank you for joining us in praying the Novena for Marriage & Family! If you’ve had any of your prayers answered during this novena, please share those with us all below!

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  1. After day 6 of my novena for marriage and family my husband and I had a long conversation about us about how he makes me feel at times, I was able to express my feelings and he listened to me without interrupting.. ever since he’s been more loving and more affectionate towards me…
    This novena is a very powerful novena that I highly recommend for marriage and family… thank you Mother Mary for interceding for my marriage to your son Jesus and thank you Lord for hearing our prayers… may God continue to bless our marriage and our children and may we see each other with Jesus eyes and not our own.. thank you for this beautiful ministry
    May God bless you always 🙏🙏

  2. Thanks to the Almighty Lord for hearing my prayers and answering them..Since 2 years me and and husband were trying to have a baby. But we couldn’t succeed. I started novena crying and praying. Loving God listened our prayers and finally I have conceived. Praise to Lord

  3. Please, St. Therese, please continue to intercede for Jack to find employment soon. I had such hope that the call for interview came halfway through novena and first interview was on your Feast Day leading to second interview. He felt they went well, but has yet to hear back and I feel another disappointed hope for him and my family will be the answer. I trust in your power and am truly happy for those who have had their prayers answered. Just so overwhelmed by all the trials my family and Mum and my dear, sweet Jane are facing now, so, please, most importantly, help me to not lose my faith, I will try to do better! With love and hope…

  4. Praying the Novena for the Family followed by the Therese of Lisieux Novena has been so powerful. I am a Eucharistic Minister in my Parish in the UK and I also take Holy Communion to the sick and housebound in hospital/Nursing Homes/Parishioners in their own homes. After being instructed by my Parish Priest I have been visiting an elderly gentleman in a nursing home who is Catholic to give Holy Communion straight after Mass in Sundays. After 3 weeks, his wife who is present at our visits and who is a lapsed Catholic of around 50 years suddenly asked me if she could have a visit from the Priest as she wished to return to the Church to receive the Eucharist! She has also introduced me to another elderly lady in the Nirsing home who is a lapsed Catholic and who wants to “keep in touch”. Only heavenly intervention has achieved this, certainly not me. I thank God and St Therese for such a wonderful answer to prayer for these families.

  5. I had my prayer answered by Our Lady undoer of knots and I’m truly thankful. I’ve prayed for years that my relationship and my daughter’s relationship with my step-son would genuinely return to being one of genuine love for him and from him. The past 10 years have been very difficult and I wanted to feel the love a step mother should feel. I also prayed the relationship between my daughter and step brother would heal. As soon as I prayed my last prayer the very next day he text me with a genuinely warm and lovely message. I was delighted to receive it and gave thanks and prayers for my daughter and him to also be happy and friendly with each other. Greatful thanks and prayers.

  6. I prayed for my sister in-law who have been separated from her husband for almost 11 years now. God answered my prayers and the couple were reconciled in the church on 23rd September, 2018. am so grateful lord.

  7. I prayed Virgin Mary for her intersection with God to help me pass an engineering certification exam, and granted.
    Thank you God, Thank you Dear Virgin Mary.

  8. when i got married recently, for the first months we tried to conceive but in vain, we visited the doctor and i was told my Fallopian tubes were blocked and could not conceive. i was so down but kept praying and after this novena i recently found out am pregnant. am sooo thankful to GOD. I pray God may keep helping through this journey and make everything good for me and my husband

  9. Both my auntie and my friend’s mum who are suffering from cancer are doing much better.
    My friend’s mum has been released from hospital.
    God is so faithful

  10. As I was praying this novena, I realised that my prayers are being heard. I thank our dear Mother for interceding for me. My son and his wife are on better terms with each other. My dearest mother please continue to pray for them and for peace in all families

  11. After praying this novena, my boyfriend has been talking about a wedding for us. I’m so grateful to God and for mother Mary’s intercession. God is Good! Please let’s keep praying for one another.

  12. Since contract expired with the last employer , I had spent one year and 2 months without finding a job . I started novena praying for blessings to find a job. In mid August 2018, I received an offer email from one of the international NGO without doing interview and this week on 17th Sept 2018, I have started my work assignment. God is good.

  13. This past year was the worst year for my family, we suffered great loss, worked hard to recover & never stopped praying.
    We moved to North Carolina & closed on a beautiful new home in a beautiful new place on September 4th. Then along came one of the worst hurricanes the Carolinas have ever seen. My daughter, granddaughter & myself headed to Missouri & prayed. Homes in our neighborhood have sustained some major damage. Our house looks as beautiful as it did before the hurricane, I know that Jesus was there to protect our home. I cannot even begin to tell you all how truly blessed I feel and I will never be able to thank My Lord enough.
    I will help put our neighborhood back together when we return.
    Jesus I trust in You

  14. I have had greater peace with this Novena. I have been doing every Novena for quite awhile. My husband & I seem to be on the right track after this last Novena. We are looking forward to selling our home and hopefully & financially be able to retire & spend more quality with one another. My daughter is finding for herself & her children. Peace be with all of you & thank you to our Mother Mary & Our Lord & Saviour. Amen.

  15. After 3 surgeries on her hip, with the last surgery a hip replacement, my daughter-in-law is finally recovering. She is moving without pain and has been cleared to drive!

  16. God is really good, my son a 4th year college student has again been accepted as a scholar … indeed a big help for our family! I do appreciate, so grateful and love to pray your Novena’s!

  17. I have been praying for renewal of Christian life for son and that the person who conned him money to get a driving permit pays it. Both prayers were answered. My came to pray on his birthday and uses holy water. The person called he and he got the driving permit. I give God the Glory. Pray with me for his success at university bse he has a refer paper.

  18. Plz follow me to thank the Lord Almighty. After this past novena my sister who has been married for close to 8 yrs now just conceived. I will like to use her as a point of contact for other women going thru the same thing she went thru. Thanks

  19. I have been also praying every Novena since taken these two beautiful angels into my home which i believe were sent by God. This past novena on the 9th day, there bio mom signed surrender. We all cried but she thanked my husband and i for taken care of them. We still have a few more obstacles to go through before final adoption but we are under one roof a little more. Please keep us all in your prayers for a speedy adoption so we can all live permanently together. Thank you

  20. I am at so much peace in my heart. All my anxieties are gone, I sleep peacefully. It’s so peaceful, I can’t wait to pray the next novena.

  21. I decided to pray the novena for marriage and family because I wanted to ask for God’s blessing and protection and give thanks to him. My husband and I have a very good relationship and we have 2 wonderful daughters. I did not pray for anything in particular to happen to our marriage or our family, but 3 days after finishing the novena, we found out that we were pregnant!! What an incredible surprise! We know every baby is a blessing from above but this feels extra special. Thank you God! Praise God indeed!

  22. My daughter who is 41, and never wanted to settle and marry, has accepted a marriage proposal after 3 years of dating her beau after the completion of the novena. She has also shed her wild ways and is now too busy planning a wedding. Praise God . This is after the family novena was said, plus other novenas.

  23. Hi everyone,I’m here to thank everyone one who stood with me during my difficult time.i was doing my exam and I requested every one to pray with me so that I can pass my exam.i did my exam I passed so greatful to the almighty God.and I say thank you to everyone may almighty Lord fulfill everyone’s heart desire Amen.

  24. My prayers and novenas since May were answered when my engaged daughter announced she is going to be married in the church. Praise God! Amen

  25. Thank you all for your prayers. my daughter got the interview at the company she has applied to. We are all awaiting good results.

    May God bless you all.

  26. When my daughter was 17 she got pregnant, throughout her pregnancy she kept going to mass with me and was excited about baptizing the baby. After she delivered she still continued to go to mass. Then all of a sudden she turned away from the church and refuses to go to mass or take any part of it, she refused to baptize my grandson. I fervently prayed on a daily basis for this special intention, I prayed the novena of Mary undoer of Knots, Saint Monica and now this one for the family. Four years of praying A LOT, this year on mothers day my daughter went to mass with me after almost 4 years of not going. During this novena, she said yes to baptizing her son, the next day I called the parish office, that same weekend the classes were going to be held and my grandson was baptized on Sunday. I am very grateful to our Mother for her intercession, I ask for continued prayers for my daughter to return to the church and make better choices for her wellbeing and her sons wellbeing as well.

  27. I have been following Pray More Novena and praying for a long time. At times I prayed for peace, courage and perseverance. Lately I have been praying for financial blessings due to my debts. This month, I have received x3 business prospects! I still need more than that to cover my debts, but it gives me so much more confidence and helping me to put my trust in God, mama Mary and the intercessions of the angels and the Saints! Glory to God. Alleluia!

  28. lam going through tough moment with marriage,my husband is womanising like nothing.I pray God to give agood man who will weepy teara.
    Amen thru the intersession of mother Mary

  29. Apartment for my daughter found Prius still I haven’t heard from her she’s on medication I hope she’s doing well my sister is stopping cigarettes and alcohol before her back surgery so continued prayers for Elizebeth and my mom is doing fine she just got in from Nevada from visiting her sister safely.

    And several items sold to make retirement easier thank you ‘🌹little flower ‘ ( Saint Theresa &Saint Anthony );I showed her POWER!
    Please find Sherry a home now thank you!

  30. Dearest Mother Mary has always been with me in my life and shown her love in many ways. My son was handed divorce papers so his wife could move to the West with their 2 young children.
    His job as a work from home senior director enabled him to care for the children and home also in all ways. Thinking she would be granted custody and flee with the children, I prayed that the judge would not rush to a wrong decision and immed grant her custody. Dear Mary
    Interceded and it looks like they will be able to stay here with family and friends they love.

  31. Thanks to God, through the intercession of st Monica and mama Mary my bro who has been distancing himself from us, called my mum and promised to send her money, thanks Mother mary for putting that smile on my mum’s face….. still praying and hoping for a life partner for my bro and i

  32. I have been praying for long time now,I prayed almost all the novena from pray more novena since I joined,
    After praying this novena for marriage and family,my prayers has been answered, the person I love proposed to me that he want to come home to propose marriage, am so happy,sure the name of Jesus hould be praised, Amen

  33. My heart was broken but the miracle of prayer this is now easing and other great things are now happening. Thank you to all for praying with me.