Answered Prayers from the Mary, Undoer of Knots Novena 2023

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Thank you for joining us in praying the Mary, Undoer of Knots Novena! If you’ve had any of your prayers answered throughout this novena, you can share those with us all below!

Please don’t give up on hope. The Lord is with you and we are praying for you every day.

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  1. Our lady undoer of knots is a powerful email. I had faced many academic setbacks and was worried I wouldnot be eligible for graduation , but our blessed mother handled my petition to graduate and I am forever grateful for her intercession.

  2. Thank you Our Lady undoer of knots for your intercessions I have started seeing signs of what I have been praying for please continue to intercede for my prayer requests and for others too.

  3. Thank you our lady undoer of knots for your intercessions ,one of my prayers was answered he called but still things aren’t that good please continue interceding for my prayer requests.I trust in you.

  4. Thank you Mary Undoer of Knots for providing clarity with regard to my dad. I prayed the Novena and within 2 days, I had the information that was needed to give me the peace and understanding I needed. Thank you.

  5. I lost my job on 29th Sept 2023, I have been struggling with bills at home but last week I started a novena for Mary undoer of notes 2days into my novena my former employer called me that they have a job opportunity asking if I could go back work for them, although apparently it’s a temporary position I thank mother Mary undoer of notes for answering my prayer and am very certain that she will get me a permanent job.

  6. Thanks Mary mother of God for undoing all our our knots and for bringing us the light of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

  7. Am at the lowest of spirt ever….I don’t know how else to pray…my prayers have been answered somehow but during my last novena everything I prayed for was a no…for example I prayered over my finances…I during day 3 of the novena I lost some good amount of money…I prayed for improvement in my proformance at work and am at the bottom for the last 3 months…I prayed for my relationship…..this is the time my Fiancé hasn’t talked to me for over a month I don’t even know if we still have a relationship….am so lonely and so alone…nothing seems to work…I believe there is a good God out there but am so weak…I don’t want to give up but am weak…how do people pray for their prayers to be answered…please remember me in your prayers…..

  8. Thanks be to God and His Blessed Mother and St Joseph,St Jude and
    Infant of Prague for answered prayers .
    My son in law was unemployed and having financial problems and now starts a new job next week.
    Thanks to all who prayed in these novenas .
    Never give up.

  9. My son was in a volatile relationship with a girl who was emotionally manipulative and unstable. Not long after he broke it off, she made a false claim that he sexually assaulted her, and filed an order of protection against him. This accusation threatened to harm his reputation at school, and prevented him from being allowed to the same some camp and school activities that she was in. We finished the hearing this week, and the judge dismissed the order, noting that as serious as sexual assault is, so it the damage done to one’s reputation when a false accusation is made. I have been praying the St Mary undoer of knots novena repeatedly since the ordeal began. Her intercession has helped soften my heart, making it easier to forgive and pray for the accuser. Our family is at peace and has grown stronger as a result of this hardship and God’s grace.

  10. Thank you Mother Mary, for being our guiding light and always being there for our kids and family, to help us all to make the right decisions.

  11. Dear Mother Mary undoer of knots thank you for praying for me to God our Heavenly Father who made the divorce on 2013 stays in Jesus Christ mighty name amen

  12. I have realized that Mary undoer of knots has undone one of the knots of my life, things are unfolding something that happened 11 years ago was uncovered last and I have started the process of getting evidence to vindicate me. I hope it happens soon. Thank you Mama Mary, thank you my beloved mother and thank you Pray more novena family.

  13. After praying Mary undoer of knots novena i have conceived now I’m 5th week pregnant
    Thank you so much
    God accepted our prayers Amen

  14. Praise the lord 🙏🙏🙏
    God has answered my prayers many ways last year
    My son now got a suitable wife after so many tribulations with almighty God Almighty God’ s help
    I had bleeding for years and completely cured
    My daughter’s research publications got stuck and now God is showing new ways and helping her to complete her PhD course
    There are many more blessings I received
    Thank you lord

  15. Prayed for an Hebrew birth and indeed God answered my prayers thankyou mother Mary for your intercession, looking forward for more

  16. I was praying that I would be able to keep the job I have, which I love. My knot was undone and I will be keeping my job. Thank you, Mother Mary, for you intercession.

  17. Dear praying brothers and sisters in Christ, during the Rosary my brother in law was supposedly diagnosed with a mass the size of an apple on his left kidney and was advised to have surgery to remove the kidney without even doing a biopsy or further tests. We were able to persuade him to have a second opinion and then a third which proved that the mass was there but it was inactive by the doctor who advised it could have been there from birth. We want to thank mother Mary for her inter session. God is great. 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  18. Thank you Mother Mary that thru your Son Jesus you have done miracles. Thank you for coming to my aid in time of need and untying a knot in my life. I luv you, Mother Mary

  19. Hello family
    I pray for my big brother who is passing through alot right now With lack of a job, I’m scared this might lead him to depression. for I pray for doors to be opened and may God have mercy on him.
    Please pray with me for he needs our help.

  20. Hello Friends,

    It is amazing how am feeling right now. I had to pray for my mother and brother who were also sick. Within the Novena period l saw my brother health renewed and doctors approved that had no disease of sugar again. My mother health also improved . The major intention was for myself. As l was praying each day of novena l could see better ness. Now lam glad that feel Mother tMary the untier knots has done it all. Amen

  21. Hello Friends, it is amazing how my life has been transformed. Iam feeling lighter than before and healthy. I have unspeakable joy in my life because l believe that Mary Undoer of Knots had it all wonderful in my life with the support of His Son Jesus Christ. Thank you sincerely.

  22. I want to thank Mother Mary for her care and kindness and that through her intercession I have gained clarity as to what it is I need to do. I am now confident in my decisions.

    I am trusting God to provide during this time and always. I pray for courage and strength. I am also grateful for the guidance of the Holy Spirit and pray that He continues to lead and guide me.

    Thank you Mother Mary.

  23. Our 55 yr. old Daughter-in-law has some terrible anxiety and depression demons that she has had to deal with her entire life. As one of the Directors where she works, she is now having to deal with a new CEO and upper management staff. Shortly before the start of the MARY UNDOER KNOTS Novena, she was assigned to be the lead person on a major project for which she felt way under qualified. On the week of May 15 -17, she was expected to fly to another major city on Mother’s Day and sell the project to a team. As a family we were away on vacation, but she spent many sleepless nights worrying about the upcoming meeting. Miracle of miracles, at a company meeting yesterday upper management decided to make her a part of the project and placed a more qualified person as the lead. She still has to attend the meeting on the 15th but can now fly out on Monday morning and be home for hosting a dinner on Mother’s Day. The Weight of the World has been lifted off her shoulders thanks to OUR BLESSED MOTHER undoing her knots.

  24. Please; include me in your prayers to pass my Nclex exam on
    May 9 2023.
    I pray to Black Nazareth to guide me and enlighten my mind to answer the questions correctly.

    Thank you Lord God

  25. I started this novena with 4 intentions one of which was to find a job in a manager position.4 days into the Novena I was called for an interview for a manager. I know I answered well and Iam waiting for the results.
    Thank you Mother Mary for your intercession.🙏🙏

  26. Pray for friend Nancy with extreme general and social anxiety. Help her find her way and get her disability back.

    Thank you for VA assistance.

    Prayers for me- full time job

    Thank you Lord🙏🙏🙏

  27. 1. I prayed for the knot of homelessness amongst my family people to be untied. For years my family has lived without a permanent home. My parents have been squatters the greater part of their lives. First day of the Novena l prayed that this
    Knot be undone. Before l even finished the Novena my father received a free donation of a residential stand with title deeds from the president of our country. A week later my brother managed to secure a home through a bank mortgage. He indeed is faithful and Mother Mary indeed is merciful and can be fully trusted with the ribbonof our lives. I love you Mother Mary may you continue to intercede for me.

    2. Secondly l prayed for peaceful, loving marriages full of respect between me and my husband and between my parents. My husband refused to enter into the Holy matrimonial with me for reasons best known to him. He even refused to go to church . Ours was a traditional marriage. Soon after the Novena l found my self being chased out of our home with my husband of 16 years. Iam at peace and lam trusting Mother Mary with what happened. I believe there is a knot that is being untied that l may nor fully understand now but will understand in the near future.

    Thank you Mother Mary for your patience

  28. I was worried about finance for an occasion during the Novena for financial situation. Thank you I received finance and some organising of my finance. Thank you for this Novena and your prayers. God Bless.

  29. I prayed the novena Mary Undoer of knots this April 22 to May 1st. My children are in catholic school. Me and my husband fell on hard times. We have 6 children. My husband is on disability and his check barely covers a 1/4 of rent. For some reason our children aren’t eligible for his benefits. We have 3 children in Catholic school. We couldn’t pay the tuition on time and fell behind over 4,000.00. I explained to the board of the school and they told me I can pay little by little. My oldest child is in 8th grade and wouldn’t be able to graduate or join his classmates in their graduation activities because I need to be up to date on payment. I have been not sleeping and worrying every day. Praying all day. Today for some reason I told my children I would like to go talk to the school secretary. I entered her office in tears and thanked her for always being there for me and helping me apply to get partial scholarships for my children to go back next year even though I know we can’t afford it. She pulled me to the side and said I will call you tonight. I just got off the phone with her and she told me to call the finance office at the school and tell them that by next Friday the tuition we owe will be paid in full. She explained she knows a organization that will pay the balance we owe and will pay next years tuition as well. Prayer is powerful. Thank you ST. Therese and Mother of undoer of knots and Thank you for bringing Ms.Maria to the school and our lives.

  30. Your prayers has help my husband very much he doing better now we need all the prayers.

  31. I prayed that my 3 yr old grandson does not get attached to iPad,I didn’t know how he would do it because he was so deeply attached to it. 8 days into the novena my son in-law texted me that he took out the iPad from him and that he is doing well without it.Thank you so much Our Lady Untie of knots. Please mother continue to untie all the other knots from him

  32. U prethodnom razdoblju našla sam se pred zidom razrješenja financijskog problema, U toku ove devetnice pokazalo se svjetlo na kraju tunela. Hvala Marijo!

  33. During the novena of Mary the Undoer of Knots, my prayers were answered and I had interactions with some people that I have been finding it difficult to speak with for the growth of my company in executing projects and jobs. Thank you our Mother Mary for undoing and untying these knots for my company’s growth.

  34. I started this novena already being 3 days past due with my 7th baby. I was anxious about delivery timing and possibly missing my daughter’s first communion. I was able to attend her special day on the 7th day of the novena and the day after the novena’s completion I delivered a healthy baby boy!

  35. This Novena answered my prayers and I believe in my heart my knot of infertility was broken. God healed me and I had a successful laparoscopic surgery and all my endometriosis was removed. Praise be to God and thanks be to Mother Mary.