Answered Prayers from the Mary, Undoer of Knots Novena, 2021

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Thank you for joining us in praying the Mary, Undoer of Knots Novena!

If you’ve had any of your prayers answered during this novena, please share those with us all below!

We are continuing to pray for you & your intentions.

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  1. Prayers have been answered. I Passed the California license Marriage and Family therapy Exam. This is all by the Grace of GOD our Blessed Mother MARY the Novenas and all the prayers
    Thank You All for your prayers. I pray that everyone’s prayers request come true. GOD BLESS!!!🙏

  2. I thank God Almighty and our mother Mary undoer of nuts for undoing all the nuts in my family all these years. During the Novena I brought the nuts to her and while the Novena was going on and after the Novena the nuts were being undone one after the other even the ones I did not remember to mention
    I’m so grateful to God, our Lord Jesus christ and our mother Mary undoer of nuts. In my family we are now happier and more united.Thank God for making me a partaker in these Novenas and I also thank God for the life of John-Paul&Annie. To God be the glory Amen

  3. 1. Protection from my enemies.
    2.Deliverance from my the spirit of fear, anxiety,debts etc
    3. Healing of all the sickness in my life and my family.
    4.Financial breakthrough in my life and my family.
    5.Husband from God’s own heart.

  4. Thank you, Our Lady, Undoer of Knots. Our Lady helped me in my Citizenship interview and test, and led me to talk with very kind officers that day. My original interview date was descheduled because of bad weather. I am so happy that it finally happened
    and I know the Holy Spirit, Mama Mary, and St. Joseph helped me through it all. Thank you and may God be praised!

  5. Please pray for my father to have s peaceful death. Please pray for my mother & family to have peace. Please help my daughter find a wonderful man to marry. Please pray fir my family to always be close.

  6. 1. My grandmother is continuing with her health recovery; and
    2. Everything were in place during my officemate’s leave and during the Eid Holidays.

  7. I have been looking for a job for three years. Recently, I started a good job. Thank you, Jesus, and thank you Mother Mary for interceding with Jesus.

  8. I want to thank mother Mary undoer of knots for answering my prayers. I was praying for a certificate which was 7 months overdue but 3 days before the end of the novena my certificate came. I thank you mother Mary for your intercession.

  9. I was praying that God would grant me discernment about an issues of choice in my life, and he gave me a very clear answer. Thank you, Mary Undoer of Knots!

  10. My daughter had cut off all contacts with me since January. I prayed for some change. Then I began to receive texts from my granddaughters and at the very end of the novena I received an invitation to be my daughter’s friend again on Facebook. The first communication in four months. Thank you Dear Mother for loosening the knots.

  11. I thank Mary the Undoer of Knots for making start to do Job interviews am grateful and I know good things are coming my way. Thank you Mother Mary thank you Jesus Christ and thank you God Amen.

  12. when I started this prayer, I was so stressed about my new job ( 3 months now). felt everything I did wasn’t recognized and appreciated at all and I was sure I had made a wrong decision with this career move. By the end of the Novena, I was at so much peace and my boss even called me to say how they were impressed about my work the last 3 months. Thank you Mary undoer of knots for answering my prayer.

  13. My sister sold her home over two months ago and hasn’t been able to find a home that would get her back in town and closer to family. With many prayers and novenas, she just found her a new home that will bring her back to family after 13 years. Praise the Lord for prayers answered, AMEN!

  14. My nephew has recently had two cancer surgery’s, both were successful in removing all of the cancer. He’s now getting ready for radiation treatment as follow up. He is so young and has a beautiful family. Thanks be to God! Prayers answered.

  15. Thank you Blessed Mother for helping me in coping with Breast cancer, which is in REMISSION.
    Thank you for keeping my siblings safe from Covid-19, which is helping them to look after my mother who is 91 yrs.
    Thank you mother Mary, my health has gotten better and I still pray for other internal ailments to be cured.

  16. I prayed for my daughter who is a fashion designer and could not find a job. She gives tutorials on YouTube and has started receiving payments. Thank you Mother Mary undoer of knots🙏🙏🙏

  17. While praying the novena asking our Lady to undo knots in my life, I have since been able to come together with my niece. We had not spoken in two yrs. Brought peace throughout my family and life. Also helped my husband and I through finacially troubles. Thank you Our Lady in Jesus Holy Name. Amen.

  18. I was going through an extremely difficult time with my job and I felt that I couldn’t handle the heavy burden that was placed upon my shoulders. I prayed to have that burden lifted. On the second day after praying this novena Mary rescued me. All of a sudden I realized things were coming together and I felt more at peace. Thank you Mary my mother for rescuing me.

  19. I have been praying for my son who is struggling with a range of problems for a few years.

    I have prayed for healing of his addiction, return to the practise of his faith, for work and sorting out of other problems including an insurance claim and relationships.

    Initially I prayed all the novenas, regularly attended mass, and tried to stay hopeful.

    As time went on I wondered if I was one of those people who don’t get their prayers answered.

    In the past I thought my prayers for him were answered only for things to slide again. I became lazy in praying novenas and sometimes skipped them.

    This time I decided to pray the Mary Untier of Knots novena. A couple of days after the end of the novena my son was offered work. The people seem to be nice to him and he worked a full week for the first time in a long time.
    During the week he received a phone call to say that his insurance claim against a major transport company was found to be in his favour.

    It took me little while to realise that my prayers are indeed answered.
    Thank You Mary Untier of Knots for interceding for my son.

  20. I thank mother Mary for I had undergone stressful situations and lack of peace in my mind .suicidal thoughts going through my mind but on the last day of novena I received a miracle. and peace of heart witnessed. thanks thanks dear mother mary

  21. I prayed for job opportunity for my sister and two friends and it my sister and one of my friends got a job.
    It could only be the intercession of Our Lady Undoer of Knots

  22. My testimony and answered prayer. I got communication from immigration who were quite for all these long period without reply. All is going on well. Continue to praise God I’m sure all will be according to my prayers intention.

  23. Glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ. Our prayer request was answered, my wife was able to retain her job after suspension. Thanks to mother Mary the undoer of knots.

  24. I had a misunderstanding with my wife that almost cost me my marriage, but since I set out in prayer for Mary to undo this my wife has since returned and in good spirits.
    Thank you all for praying with me


  25. I have been pray and asking God through our various novena prayers for financial support to register my NGO. And behold after saying the first novena to the holy Spirit, I received an alert from my husband money to register my NGO. Am really happy and grateful to God because it has been my deepest desire to have my NGO registered. Thank God for providing for my husband. Glory to God.

  26. Thanks to Our undoer of knots , we were praying for a good harvest , indeed our prayer was answered we have a good harvest.

  27. My answered Prayer is that my Country with Uganda AIDS Commission was renewed for another three years. Thanks be to God.
    My health has now improved except for a few hinges here and there, but Jesus heals and Mother Mary.
    My children have jobs, but there are still hinges in the payments of their salaries and benefits, kindly pray for them.
    Most importantly we are still alive.
    Praise be to God Almighty, Amen.

  28. I had been praying for my two sons and to have my family together again. On mothers day I received a gift from Our Lady, both my sons came over most of the day and helped me with things I am unable to do, they did all with alot of love and a smile.

  29. Mary Undoer Of Knots Novena: I prayed the Novena with no anxieties; and was wondering why I feel so calm and at peace and tranquil. It’s been so wonderful and humbling that I felt my implantation.

    Thank you Holy Mary Mother of God and My Mother for Your Powerful Intercessions. Lord is Merciful all the time! May the Holy Name of God be praised through all eternity! AMEN!

  30. Thank you Mary undoer of Knots,
    Our mother you truly untied the Knots that prevented my sister from getting a job offered. After interviewing with several companies.
    None of those companies gave her a job offer.
    The last company she interviewed was around the time I was praying this novena. This last company Offered her the job position she interviewed for.
    She starts in two weeks. Thank so much for your many blessings and praying for us to your son our Lord Jesus Christ! Thank you all those Knots you untied and prayers you answered. For all of us that prayed this novena.

  31. Thanksgiving fo Mary for her assistance in writing my book See? Living Blind in a Sighted World. After 12 and one-half years of writing and what seemed to be endless editing, I was able to approve the publisher’s PDF fle for the book tyo go to print.

  32. Thank you Mother for always hear our prayers. Our life is becoming normal with my daughter and son in law getting the jobs the wanted, and starting their new life in Sydney.
    Thank you for my niece recovering from Covid and now she is back to work.
    Finally, we thank you for your protection.We love you.

  33. During the novena of undoer of knots, I prayed for my daughter who wrote the IELTS exam on 24th April 2021 to score high marks. By the blessings of Mary undoer of Knots my daughter passed the exam with high scores. Thank you for having prayed with me. Thank you mother and Mother of our lord Jesus Christ. Thank you Jesus for all the blessings you are pouring on me and my family. Thank you for my daughter’s success. Thank you for your protection and help you are doing for us in our day to day life.

  34. chika, We did this novena together and diagnosis was made and correct medication was given

  35. My daughter had stopped visiting but after praying the under of knots novena she started visiting again.
    Thank you blessed mother for undoing this knot in my family.

  36. I’ve never doubted this prayer when I started. I prayed Blessed Mother to retain the love and relationship we had with our brother who’s just angry at everyone instead Mother Mary revealed something that never crossed our minds about him. Today I’m happy and soul free as i thought i was the one who wronged him, turned out that he is the one having problem but I’ll keep on praying for him. And the second revelation that I’m also happy about it is that today I know what my mother is suffering of at the age of 83years after taking her to all the Doctors I know they could assist. But just this prayer the one Dr she first visited and boom!! The Dr diagnosed her with Kidney failure and it made sense of all the symptoms she had. Though it’s sad but at least we, her children, are soul free and know what we’re treating and praying for. Thank you Mother Mary, Virgin of Virgins

  37. Our Blessed Mother answered my prayers for my daughter who has struggled with a misdiagnosed mental illness for over 12 years. My daughter is now receiving new medication & therapy. Her Father is financially supporting this now and our family has new hope for her recovery. Mary Undoer of knots thank you we love you very very much!

  38. Thank you Mary undoer of knots for showing me the clear path to let go of unnecessary worrying. A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders on the final day of this novena!

  39. My baby had some delayed milestones, but after I prayed this novena, she actually stood and started walking on objects. All those knots were untied. I’m grateful to God!

  40. Mother mary undid a knot of lack of trust and faith in God , throught the novena period a ve had peace , ad i find myself dreaming when saying hail mary and she delivered me from spiritual husbands

  41. One main point of prayer intention I had in the novena for our Lady the undoer of knots was protection and safety and a successful funeral service for my father in the village and she granted all that, averted all danger and we are all back home safely. Thank you Mother Mary

  42. I had just started praying and fasting the second day for saving my business from collapsing. Someone who owes me money made a deposit. That has kept my business floating. I thank the Lord God, the novena prayers and Paul and Jane.

  43. Like somebody else shared, i have always asked myself why some prayers of mine just never get answered. I have been unemployed for a long time, and i put it to Mother Mary, the undoer of knots, to end it. Doors are beginning to open in a small way, but they are so so relieving – the experience is overwhelming! I have in recent times been invited to join in some assignments, and more seem to be in the offing. Mother is untying those impossible knots!

    Mother open them permanently!

  44. My sister bought a house and she will be moving in.
    My son communicates better with his dad.
    We have sat as a family with siblings and discussed our differences Mother Mary.

  45. I am very thankful to this group and that I am able to complete the novenas. The last Novena, Mary, Undoer of Knots, was very powerful. I prayed hard. My answered prayers were that (1) I asked for protection and I got it!, (2) I prayed for a better and fulfilling job and I got it!, (3) I prayed that I continue to do the other things that I am destined to do and I still can! I couldn’t believe it! Thank you, Mother! Thank you, Lord Jesus!

  46. I have been praying for 2 years for a good job in a good company and to earn a good salary. The week before I started the novena to Mary, undoer of knots, I was shouting at Jesus in the crucifix as he has not answered my prayers for employment. The following week I started praying earnestly the novena to Mary, undoer of knots. After I had finished the nine days novena, I received a call from a good company offering me a good position for employment 🙏🏻 And a good salary.

    This is confirmation that Mary undid my knots that lead to me obtaining this employment. Thank you Mary my mother, undoer of knots.

    God is awesome🙏🏻 Thank you Lord🙏🏻 Thank you to all you for praying for me. Gid bless you 🙏🏻

  47. Thank you Jesus, I have gotten such a good relief with my foot. The severe pain is gone and I am able to walk briskly.

  48. Thank you Our Lady Of Knots my sons double bypass surgery was successful and he is getting better everyday. I have participated in all the novenas and I know Our Lady and Jesus have heard my prayers. I am ever so grateful for the blessings bestowed on me.
    I will continue to pray the novena I have so much to thank Our Lady and Jesus for hearing my prayers.
    God bless you all.

  49. Since concluding the novena, it was revealed to me that my petitions have been granted, when I read of similar situations, my kids have been all these years, but have not led to any serious consequence! Whereby others just experienced and backfired instantly. I know my Mother will finally and totally undo all knots in our lives. Thank you my mother.

  50. All praises and thanks to God Almighty for His continuous blessings, protection and provision. My prayer requests were all answered. God is so good. Nothing is too hard for God Almighty.

    “I am the Lord, the God of all the peoples of the world. Is anything too hard for me?”
    ‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭32:27‬ ‭NLT‬‬

  51. My wife has been suffering from chronic lung and heart disease and recently dementia. Our Blessed Lady has been with us throughout our journey. My wife’s health is stable although fragile. Thank you Blessed Mother for your intercession.

  52. Dear friends.
    Mary, undoer of knots has made my trust increase and brought peace to my life and trust in the Holy Family to always be in our lives helping us. I continue to pray and still worry (thats just me) but I feel more connected to my faith now more then ever.

  53. Glory be to God the Most High. I have been struggle with my present job not having any clue where I stand due to the pay. It was part of the petitions to have a review of my salary. To the Glory of God through Our Blessed Mother’s intervention, it was reviewed.

    Glory to Jesus honour to Mary!

  54. I have a messy knotted life yet as the Novena progressed small knots began to loosen. Although my son continues his estrangement he has found love and for that I am grateful. My daughters are demonstrating some wavering awareness and acknowledgement of our true situation. Please continue to pray for direction from Drs. in regards to their father and my grown son and daughter’s awareness and compassion and understanding of my role as spouse and caregiver.

  55. Jason made it home from the hospital this week. Dan received a break from treatments for a few months. Beth is improving but questions still remain as to the cause of her medical incident. Charlie was given the cancer free news recently. Ellie made it home and Sharon is struggling with unwanted side effects of new treatment meds. Continued prayers for all for their healing and recovery. God is good! and thank you for praying.

  56. My daughter got a date for her U.S visa and it was indeed through the intercession of Mother Mary as she was just called by a stranger and alerted on an opening in the Embassy website. A true miracle as the embassy was closed and they were giving dates for July 2022!
    My daughter will now report in good time to her university!

  57. My colleague who is also a mentor and friend was diagnosed with 4 masses in her stomach she was urgently flown to India in this pandemic for treatment.
    She was given medication that has shrunk the masses and is back in the Country safely.
    Mary undoer of knots did it for us.

  58. I followed the novena of Mary undoer of knots and my prayer points was to pass my part 2 fellowship exam and I passed it . God and Mary undoer of knots came through for me . Thank you for these novenas

  59. I had recited the novena to Our Lady undoer of knots for my son J.Earlier,he was very stubborn& refused to answer during online classes but after I started reciting the novena prayers,he has started to respond in classes.Also,his speaking skills have improved.Thankyou Mother Mary for blessing my son.
    But,I still have lots of concerns related to him which are suffocating me.Please have mercy on me,untie all the knots,take away all distractions&confusions and bless him with the Holy spirit(wisdom,understanding,confidence).
    Thankyou Jesus,Thankyou Mother Mary.

  60. My daughter’s unilateral mastectomy surgery went well and she’s recuperating very quickly. The genetic test and biopsy are all negative. Glory to God.

  61. Our Mother Mary Undoer of Knots helped my son to start passing entrance exams he couldn’t pass to gain admission into secondary school. Thank my mother.

  62. I was offered a job after the Easter and now into the 3 week of my new job. It was a blessing as they gave it on a golden plate as I was not interviewed for the job.

  63. Thank you the Blessed Mother, Undoer of Knots, for giving us the news of some request we had been waiting for the last 3 months! The news came right after I finished the novena!

  64. I have been married for almost 35 years but the last few years our relationship had soured for various reasons and we had drifted apart so much .  Several attempts at reconciliation didn’t work. After reciting the  MUoK novena , suddenly one morning  my husband’s  attitude , body language and demeanor had changed and now slowly from strangers we are getting back to being good friends. A big miracle for me. Thank you Mother Mary for undoing this knot in my life.

  65. One of my intentions while praying this novena was for clarity of mind on a decision about my future. And before the novena ended, I got the answer to my prayer, like a soft whisper in my ear, on the exact path to take. Thank you mother.

  66. My husband had a serious court case in a foreign land and through the intercession of Mother Mary he won,thinking that was all, his accusers made an appeal to supreme court and my dearest mother mary the undoer of knots gave us victory at the supreme court.Thanks be to God almighty and Mother Mary.

  67. I prayed the novena that the result of my endoscopy & colonoscopy would show nothing dreadful. My deep gratitude to our Blessed Mother for listening to my prayer.

  68. Greetings to my fellow prayer warriors am very grateful to Mother Mary because while we were praying the novena I left under her care my wish list for the year but she is working on them one by one thank u mother Mary I believe you will undo them all

  69. Praise be to God and thanks be to God and our Mother Mary undoer of knots. The day before we finished praying the novena, my one of my prayers was answered. I was promoted at work despite having been unwell and not working for almost two years. My husband’s drinking habits have also reduced. Glory be to God, indeed there is power in prayer. All we need is to trust in God and never loose hope or fail to trust in God.

  70. I have Prayed for strength to help my husband with large projects in our new home. Mary Undoer of Knots kept me strong while watching our house that burned demolished, it was quite a site to see. I Pray for my neighbors. Mary Undoer of Knots, I Praise you for keeping me strong & Faithful to my Religion. I also asked Mary Undoer of Knots, to keep my husband safe & healthy, he is healthy & safe now.

  71. I got permanent employment few days after the last day of the novena.thank u mother Mary for helping me,thank u God for granting me that favour.

  72. I thank God who made it possible for my son to clear his matric examination. His admission into the university was initially declined. Just out of the blue after 2 weeks. While checking my email around 12 midnight. Only for me to receive another mail telling him to come and process his admission within 72 hours.Never in the history of the University of Johannesburg has an admission was rejected and later accepted. I give God all the glory.

  73. I was a refugee in Canada for approximately three years but right after this previously ended novena of Mary Undoer of Knots, I became a resident on the 7th of May. Thank you Mother for always being there for me.

  74. I had difficulty in making decisions and procrastinated a lot. Mother Mary changed this and now I have peace of mind. Thank you mother.

  75. Prayed the Novena so that I will take my Christian Life seriously…. Now I go to church, I read my Bible and pray too…
    Thank you Jesus for my Life.

  76. I got my Visa which I have been waiting
    for since October last year after the last Prayer of Mary undoer of notes. Glory be to God.

  77. After saying the novena, Mary under of knots, my intention were about financial knots, it seemed every time we had a good work contract, it would fall through or be delayed but one in particular was signed and is going to be paid after saying the novena. Thank you Mama Mary for interceding for us.

  78. my husband had applied for a job and I prayed to mother Mary that he be called for an interview and he was called and went on the 12.thankyou mother Mary for making him secure an interview after ten years of applying for better jobs.

  79. For 3 years, i ve dreamed to ve a baby, i start many novenas, i would to thanks Mary and St Gianna for answering my prayers because i become pregnant and my husband had good result on the scan after 6 cycles of chemo🙏. Thank you for praying for me.

  80. I had a successful surgery and great care in the hospital. My husband got an important test done one week earlier than originally ordered and now praying for his initial oncologist appointment to get moved up sooner. My daughter JNW is waiting to hear of her 3rd time fighting to adopt a child that she had for the first year + of his life. It could be 2 weeks to 2 months. mother Mary may it be as soon as the knots are untied to get her the judgement to be the adoptive mother for him and my husband to have the best scan results so treatment can get started right away. Thank you Mary

  81. I would like to thank God and blessed virgin our Mother. I ha d applied for a job and I was successful.

  82. My husband and I had a complex hurricane insurance claim complicated by a contractor and two lawsuits. I prayed this Novena to Our Lady to untie the knot of this case and to help us resolve this case justly and quickly. One week after the novena we came to a complete settlement through mediation. Thank you, Mary, for interceding on our behalf!

  83. Per smettere di fumare, per il lavoro, per i miei figli, per il mio intestino e la mia tiroide…..per il disturbo post traumatico da stress che sto vivendo per un trauma da narcisismo….


  84. Thank you Mary Undoer of Knots. I was praying this Novena for my husband who is going through chemotherapy for a very aggressive lymphoma. My prayers were answered when his pet scan half way through his treatment regime showed no signs of the aggressive lymphoma.

  85. I work for government in my country and I had stagnated in one cadre for several years. Mary, Mother undoer of knots interceded for me and I got promoted after a competitive interview process. I praise Jesus.

  86. My daughter had a healthy baby girl. My son had very bad back pain it’s getting better.

    My son is looking for work for last two years. Still he didn’t find one I trust in Mary that he will find one soon.


    Why we didn’t have Novena for Fatima

  87. While praying the novena, I was able to pay up a debt I had and God a piece of land that had really prayed for. Praise God.

  88. Unfortunately my tumour cells are still increasing. I dedicated my prayer for complete healing of this ovarian cancer so that the iliostomy is reversed as per plan. Buy my oncologist just told me that this might not happen because it seems ovarian cancer is spreading. I feel so devastated of the outcome, but the oncology response gives me more faith in Jesus healing powers through our Lady Mary of undoing the notes. I know the devil is a liar & will be ashamed. I will be healed. Please l pray for you all and ask you to join my prayers for healing. God bless you all. This is Maria mshanga.

  89. I was praying to be high in finance so that I can help my family..Mary mother of God undo the knot I was able to help them.. thanks be to God nothing is impossible with God

  90. Thanks and Anna and Paul .
    I praise and bless the Lord and thank for always answering my prayers every time I dedicate my self to pray with you the novena.
    On the last novena of Mary undoer of knots I am glad to share that I received great news of my inheritance share from a guardian who passed on two years ago. God be praised .

  91. I was able to see my Grandchildren and spent Mothers day with my Daughter and Grandchildren…. I Thank Mary and Jesus for this miracle….. Also Thank you to everyone praying with me……

  92. My cousin’s serious eye operation was successful and she can see good now after I prayed to Mary, Undoer of Knots.

  93. In joyful thanksgiving for my brother getting a new job, that he desperately needed. For my special intentions for my children, securing a scholarship for my son and my daughter and her special intentions and her hard work being recognized. Praise God in all of His glory!

  94. I prayed that my daughter snd I would have a better relationship. And at the end of the novena she traveled to see me! Snd we have bern talking ever since.

    I also prayed that I would find a job, and then came up with an idea to start my own business.

    Praise the Lord , for He is good. Thank you Blessed Mary for undoing those knots in my life!