Answered Prayers from the Mary, Undoer of Knots Novena – 2015

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Mary Undoer of Knots NovenaThank you for joining us in praying the Mary, Undoer of Knots Novena!

We hope it was fruitful for you, and that you could feel our Blessed Mother’s love for you as well as her prayers for the knots in your life!

If any of your prayers were answered during or following this novena, please share them with us all below!

God bless you!


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  1. Thank you Mary Mother of God, truly compassionate mother and always ready to take away our knots of life, give us peace and unite us with your beloved son, Jesus Christ our savior. You have taken all our knots (many knots) which surround me and my family, and granted us peace and hopes. Despite the financial crisis and the bank debt, we are currently facing, our hearts are calm peaceful wait for your grace, mother of God to restore this condition. There’s nothing withstand your Power Mother. I have no doubt you will answer my prayer. You have made wonderful plans for us Lord, no mater how often we fall and loose hope, your Mighty hand always direct us on the right path.Thank you Jesus Christ, my Lord and saviour, all saints and angels who pray for me daily. I BELIEVE AND PUT ALL MY TRUST TO GOD THROUGH THE INTERCESSION OF OUR QUEEN, MARY MOTHER, I SHALL OBTAIN THE FAVOURS THAT HE GRANT TO HIS CHILDREN, IN THIS MONTH OF OUR LADY QUEEN MAMA MARY.AMEN.

  2. I began a prayer of confidence and faith to Our Lady of Grace and gave my word I would, “sing her praises,” meaning have it published for all who will take a moment to read this and listen quietly to their inner thoughts on prayer and the power of praying positively with confidence in your heart and soul. I have always had a love for animals and all of God’s little creatures. Amidst all the sadness in this world; I have always found a certain peace and comfort in the unconditional love which a pet can bring. I am writing regarding a particular stray cat that wandered into my life many years ago. Fifi, (affectionately named after my maternal great grandmother, Filomena). Fifi has always been such a gentle and sweet part of our lives. Fifi had developed breathing issues almost two years ago. Biopsies were completed which were inconclusive, however, pointing to probability of a more serious issue. Further testing may have been too dangerous. My family and I made the decision to keep Fifi as comfortable as possible as we thought it best, as she may be close to 20 years old. It was a year ago, May 2016, (May, also the month dedicated to Our Lady), when I began this prayer to Our Lady of Grace, however, with this prayer, I approached my intentions with confidence rather than fear in my heart and soul. My family and I noticed at that time, medication Fifi was no longer responding to, began to work once again. she began responding to the medication without breathing difficulty for longer periods. I vowed at that time to keep anything negative I would hear regarding her health far at bay in my mind, heart and soul and began my daily prayers with a, “clean slate.” My daily prayers would be approached with faith rather than despair. I always began my prayers thanking Jesus: Baby Jesus, for opening the doors and leading the way; the Arch Angels, guardian and personal Angels, St Martin, St Anthony of Padua, St Francis of Assisi and St Padre Pio, who always prayed to Our Lady every day. I thanked Jesus for allowing Fifi to live all these years in joy, health and love. To Date: Fifi continues to thrive and live in health, happiness and is enjoying an outstanding quality of life without being picked/ prodded by doctors and with a minimal medical regimen.
    We are so grateful to Our Lady of Grace for this intercession, allowing us this time with our Little Fifi. This has also been a great lesson in all aspects of our lives – To approach prayer with faith and confidence.

  3. Hail Mary, My heavenly Mother, please pray for me. It’s been a year that I’m married. My married life is full of knots. By your grace and God’s blessing I’m married to a gem of a person but his family has ruined it all. I had a lot of troubles when I lived at my husbands place. Even when i got pregnant, my mum in law was very upset n angry when I told her that I had concieved. I was treated very badly and becos of this my parents are angry a with my in laws cos of a the injustice done a to me. Nowblessed me with a beautiful daughter who was born on my birthday. My daughter (3 months old) is a heavenly gift for me. Even after this there is a lot of disputes going on between our families and my married life is full a of knots n knots due which my husband, my baby and I are not able to live together in peace. All I pray for is to give my husband some courage to take a dicision of living seperate, so that 3 of us could spend a peaceful life further. Now that I have a daughter I don’t want to go back to my husbands place as I will have to face the same situation again with my baby, but I want 3 of us to settle seperate as a nuclear family. Please Mother help me and you know that my intentions are fair. I want to settle seperate with my daughter and my husband.
    My heavenly Mother, please pray for meand my baby
    Jesus…my saviour, have mercy on me and my baby
    God, my eternal father, have mercy!!!
    I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, your only beloved son n our Lord who lives and reigns forever and ever.

  4. I’m starting this Novena today and really need prayer for my Son. I’m being careful how much I say, but he is going through a divorce that he didn’t want, emotional, mental and financial stress, a job situation that feels like a dead end and I’m seeing my once devout Son being angry at God and pulling away from him. He is seeing a Catholic counselor, but …there is a child involved in all of this. Please pray for the undoing of these knots and healing for my Son and his life and everyone involved. Please pray that God will send some immediate help that will show my Son God is in control. Thank you

  5. Just found this form of Mother Mary and I am asking her to please heal this drought in my life…
    In extreme urgent need and desperately need a huge financial miracle and for my business proposal to be accepted by MARK and RED asap…
    And that I will be able to relocated asap.

    Pls pray for me…

  6. Dearest Mother, thank you for undoing the various knots in my life – for healing my marriage, helping us buy a house and for healing my family of various infirmities and for all the things that you do for us everyday and every moment. Mother, I love you very much and am always grateful to you. Thank you for blessing me with the grace to come to you always and to pray to you and to be devoted to you.

  7. thank you virgen mary our lady of untier knots..many many miracles comes happen to me. like my beloved cat almost 1 month missing i thought he is already died but i request untie knots early morning my cat comeback to me.and my bestfriend she never forgiving me but after a while she
    my bestfriend are comeback to me and say to me sorry. it is true promise.. i love this novena.

  8. Thank you Our lady for prayers answered again. A heavy family burden has been lifted today. I no longer have to worry now, I am so happy I cant believe it. Xxx

  9. My prayers to Our Lady Undoer of Knots 2 years ago lead to me to meeting a very special woman in my life. Now, I pay the novena once again to Our Lady asking most humbly that she might undo the knot of my work, and place me in the career and work that I was meant to preform. I have faith that Her intercession with Our Lord, will be heard and in His mercy my prayer will be answered. Thank You Our Lady Undoer of Knots.

  10. Please, Mary, Undoer of Knots, intercede for me NOW!! Ask God TODAY to favorably grant ALL of my prayer requests, especially regarding Susan Keaton!! Help me NOW Mary!! Untie the knots that block me from Love. Success,
    and true happiness!!! Please send. me a white rose to let me know that my prayers will be answered SOON!!

    Thank You Mary!!
    Thank You Jesus!!

  11. Please Mary, Undoer of Knots, intercede for me NOW during Day One of my special Novena to you!!
    Ask God TODAY to favorably grant my prayer requests SOON, especially regading Susan Keaton!!
    Please untie the knots that block me from love, success, and happiness!!
    Please help me NOW Mary!!

    Thank You Mary!!
    Thank You Jesus!!

  12. I prayed to our Lady undoer of knots for a good score on my step 1 exam, started the novena 3 days before my scores were to be released. I am so excited right now as I passed my exam with flying colors. Thank you our Lady undoer of knots, I am forever grateful and will share this novena with as many people as possible.

  13. Please Mary, Untier of Knots, intercede for me!
    Ask God TODAY to favorably grant ALL of my prayer requests SOON,
    especially regarding Susan Keaton!
    Please undo the knots that block the love between Susan and I. Untie these knots, NOW, Blessed Virgin!! Help me NOW Mary!!

    Thank You Mary!!
    Thank You Jesus!!

  14. Thank you Mother Mary undoer of knots .
    yesterday I started the novena. today my exam results came I got all pass in this semester. .I feel Mary only gave this miracle results to me. I never forget our mother Mary and her novena. …jesus, Mary, Joseph. …Amen !

  15. 2 years it will be soon since my husband left our marriage . We have four young children. He has not shown any signs of wanting to return home. On the contrary, he moved in with a new girlfriend even though we are still married. Anger is getting away with me. I started reporting this to his place of work (military). Something has to wake him up!
    Holt Mary help us

  16. I first found out about Mary, Undoer of Knots by looking on the internet out of desperation. I searched for something like “God untie knots” or “Mary untie knots” because of a situation with my business that seemed to be a series of knots that had no solutions for being undone. After finding about Mary as Undoer of Knots, it seemed exactly what I was looking for. I prayed (not a novena) and the case (that seemed impossible) was resolved.

    The same business is experiencing another major challenge after not getting paid for work we completed. I’m hoping for the Lord to resolve the situation through the intercession on Mary (Undoer of Knots).

  17. She answers everything.Especially when we are devoted or play our own part of the bargain.I was job sucked.but I pray and had a visa to study what I truly love.even when all odds were against me.Thank you Mary

  18. Dear Our Lady Undoer of Knots

    You know and can see that my love life isn’t the best, i really hope that you guide me to the right man or give me a sign about what is impending today…..

    Please give me a sign that what I am doing is right…..

  19. I came across this Novena at a very crucial stage in my life, I decided to say the Novena as I was running out of options fast. I asked for a special sign from Mother Mary -in the form of a single white rose- just to confirm whether I was saying the Novena correctly and if she was hearing me. On day 3 of the saying the Novena the single white roses appeared everywhere. This gave me new hope and strength to continue praying, thank you Mother Mary. I am on the sixth day of the Novena and there is no doubt in my mind that my knots will be undone!!

  20. Mary Undoer of Knots please undo the knot in our marriage! Guide my husband to return home soon. Heal our differences and open our hearts to the sanctity of our marriage vows.

  21. Mama Mary will undo the blindness that is covering my husband’s eyes. He is blind to the truth that his mother his friends his sister has been manipulating him. We are physically separated simply because his mother and his sister has been convincing him that I am not the best wife to him.
    I have prayed to the Blessed Mother to reveal the truth to his mother who is blinded by her selfish love for my husband.

  22. Mary will undo the knot of misunderstanding between my friend and I and a divine contact from her will be made. Also untie the knot of my finances and bring a super financial breakthrough in my life. Thank you Jesus!

  23. Dearest Mary Undoer of Knots,
    My marriage is on the brink of a separation/divorce after 26 years.
    My husband has a deep bitterness against me that he can not reconcile in his heart. He has rewritten our marital history . He was the partner that was unfaithful. Please turn the situation around and heal our marriage and guide him to recommit to me.

  24. Please pray for m&j unborn baby plz pray dat everything goes ok and fluid in babys abdomen gos away and she carrys baby to term and delivers a healthy baby please our lady hear our prayer xxx

  25. Dear Mother Mary, i thank you for never failing me when i prayed the last time. am in urgent need mother kindly reconcile me with U.K. we had a bitter argument and broke up there is no communication almost a month now. mother Mary please undo this knots that are causing us to separate, hate each other, argue and being rude to each other,let love awaken within us and our friendship to be stronger than ever, please mother Mary you know i have been praying to conceive please help him come back and to stop fearing to get me pregnant as i have lost two babies, i want to be a mother really badly. let us communicate better, let us meet, let us miss one another and let us be together again but this time let their be love, trust, care and deeper friendship. help me get pregnant and carry my baby to term and be alive, healthy and perfect forever. i really love him mother. grant my desire and i shall forever be grateful to you for helping me. amen. hear my cry

  26. Dearest Mother most holy , Mother of Divine Love, Most holy Mother .of the church. my life is now in such a way that I need the catholic miraculous in two aspects of my life . you know both what I am begging you for and why please dear mother I have no one except thee to obtain for me please please please obtain for me this very day.

  27. praying for mother Mary to grant me my prayer request and intercede for me.Thank you Mary mother of fair love for I truly believe with faith that my prayers have been granted.

  28. This is a testimony of how powerful this novena is. In 2011,i had my baby but the baby turned out to be seriously sick. Saw the book-Mary the undoer of knots at the hospital reception,got it and did the novena. within 3days, my baby was healed. In 2015,i made the novena prayer again because I wanted a baby boy. I was blessed with a beautiful baby boy. This novena has never been known to fail and it has never failed me.


  30. We have had a tragic family issue which has ended in a court case. We are a strong family of faith but one member who treats money as his God has caused an enormous rift. My sisters and I attended the first day of the novena to Our Blessed Lady untier of knots at lourdes grotto at Carfin in Scotland to pray for this to be resolved. When we emerged from the church my niece received a message from a lawyer to say the matter had been resolved. This novena is so powerful. May I give thanks to Our Blessed Mother, God our Father and The Sacred Heart of Jesus

    • In reading your testimony i googled Carfin in Scotland. For i never heard of it and i live in the us. I never even been to scotland but i found the site and it was beautiful to see and i felt like i was there and a part of it and you gave me hope I believe our blessed mother worked through you to show me. And i had prayed for a sign of a white rose. And i seen it already:) we have a family issues I praying for peace desperately. Thankyou

    • This novena will be starting again in Carfin I’m sure it’s on 1 March but I can find out for you for definite.

  31. “Hail, Holy Queen, Mother of Mercy, Hail our life, our sweetness and our hope!
    To thee do we cry, poor banished children of Eve;
    to thee do we send up our sighs, mourning and weeping in this valley of tears.
    Turn then, most gracious advocate, thine eyes of mercy towards us;
    and after this our exile, show unto us the blessed fruit of thy womb Jesus.
    O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary. Amen.”
    V – Pray for us, most holy mother of God.
    R – That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.
    “Virgin of the Incarnation, a thousand times we greet thee,
    a thousand times we praise thee for thy joy when God was incarnated in thee.
    Because thou art so powerful a Virgin and Mother of God,
    grant what we ask of thee for the love of God.”
    Here state your first intention.
    Repeat all of above and then state your second intention.
    Repeat all of above and then state your third intention.
    After the above prayers and intentions, say the Memorare.
    Remember, O most Gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone
    who fled to thy protection,
    implored thy help or sought thy intercession was left unaided.
    Inspired by this confidence, I fly unto thee, O Virgin of Virgins, my mother.
    To thee do I cry, before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful.
    Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions,
    but in thy mercy hear and answer me. Amen.
    Hail Mary…
    Blessed and praised be the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar,
    in Heaven, on earth and everywhere. AMEN. this novena for impossible requests worked very fast for me. i received finances when i least expected it.

    • I just prayed this prayer. In faith I believe Mother Mary has heard me.. Today I start the Novena UNDOER OF KNOTS. I am going through a tough time in my relationship many are trying to separate us.. Mother Mary Hear My Prayer and undo this knot..

  32. Had a “call back” on my mammagram scared to death, I prayed this in hopes that my further testing would show no signs of breadt cancer.
    After my 3D follow up mammogram and ultrasound findings were a negative cyst!!!
    Thank you ate Lady of Knots!
    I will be praying this again this year

  33. After being treated for cancer, I started the novena days leading up to my scans. One year after completing treatment and after 2 full body scans, they have all come back clear. But the untying of knots did not stop there, after praying the novena, my child, who has some anxiety issues, was admitted as a scholar in a highly competitive school where he is now doing great. This week, more answered prayers with healing in relationships and a transaction we have been praying for.

  34. Thank you Mary Mother of God for granting me a spiritual breakthrough.

    I fasted and prayed for sins that I couldn’t get out of them for a long time. (grudges, anger, resentment) I am now free from all of these sins and healed from constant worries and anxiety. I thank you so much, my queen, my mother and my helper with much wisdom and open heart for undoing these greatest knots of my life. I am now experiencing a wonderful joy and peace in my heart, besides that, all other request are being answered one by one.
    I pray to Mother Mary to help me to love Jesus and you my mother with all my heart, strengths and mind.
    I sincerely thank for Jesus for giving us Mary our mother who intercede with all our prayers.

  35. Im praying for my petition to attain justice for the case of my maid Aileen Chavez who rob and stole many things from us. May the police find Aileen Chavez and put her into jail, for all the things she stole from us. May we win this case. Amen

  36. Thank you so much Mother Mary Undoer of knots for the answered prayer— thank you for the financial blessing that you gave my husband . Thank you so much .

  37. Please pray for me to mother Mary
    I lost my job and now I’m applying for other jobs but no reply yet
    Then also I want a reconciliation with my boyfriend. Our relationship was heading to marriage but he has so refused to forgive me.
    Also I need money to finish my course which is remaining with two months
    Mother undoer of knots please come to my rescue.

  38. I have prayed this novena twice before once when my relationship wasn’t going so well and when l needed a breakthrough with my university course and though l doubted Mary Undoer of knots never let me down and l graduated a month ago. I am now praying for clarity as my relationship has broken down and l don’t know what to do about it. Only Mother Mary can reveal whether l should walk away or stay as l have very conflicting thoughts. Mary Undoer of knots pray for us

  39. Hi,
    Kindly help me in praying for the following intentions:

    I. my mother who at the moment is bedridden and cannot move because she is paralyzed from waist down.
    2. my hushand for a job/financial breakthrough
    3. my daughter needs a full scholarship to continue her education outside the country.

    May Mother Mary also intervene on my behalf. Amen

  40. I have said the novena twice since May. I have had some terrible problems with my son borrowing money he was getting quite scarey asking for it. Gambling problem. He has stopped asking and isnt harrassing me anymore. My other son had a big council tax debt which has been resolved today. I feel my prayers have been answered by Our Lady.

    • After saying my first undoer of knot Novena and prayer to Saint Jude. I saw my period (mensuration) after two months of missing it .then my school problem got settled. Am on my second Novena which will finish today. I asked for signal graces for purple Rose and I saw it today. So I know our Lady has heard my request and will send the healing I trustingly seek.

  41. This is to testify that this novena is really effective. I made a novena to Our Lady Undoer of Knots for a job after being out of a job for close to 3 years , Our mother interceded for me and today I have started a very good job in line with all I asked . please brothers and sisters , when you are faced with a situation that seems almost impossible, ask our mother through this novena and you will smile at last.

  42. I pray that Mary unties the series of knots which prevent us from moving forward. Please loosen the knot around his heart to let free the love he has for me so that we may move forward in truth, trust, honesty, passion and love together for a more whole and happy shared life than either of us has now.

  43. I have previously prayed the novena in 2011 when I was desperately seeking a job and was blessed with a good job within three months.
    I am turning to our Blessed Virgin Mary once again in this Novena asking her to undo all knots in our life and to bless us soon with healthy and blessed children. Even before we conceive I am offering up my children to God’s will so that He can use them His good works.
    Please join us in praying the novena and kindly keep us in your prayers. Thank you very much and God bless us all.

  44. Please pray for me. I am 7 months pregnant with my second baby and my husband divorced me 2 months ago. He initially said he wanted reconciliation but has now said he doesn’t ever want to reconcile and he doesn’t care about the babies or me. I am feeling helpless and alone, feels like my entire world is over. Please Mother Mary, change my husbands mind and reconcile us so that we can be a family. Please hear my prayer.

    • Dear TA,
      Please know you are not alone. I will pray for you. Mary Mother of Fair Love hold this mother, her children, and their father in your gentle care now and always. Kindly sit with them daily nourishing them in your strong unwavering embrace. Amen.

      • Dear CFM

        Thank you very much for your prayers. This means a lot to me as I have had very little support from my family for restoration and reconciliation. They have been very supportive with helping me with my first son and caring for him as he is still little, but they are against my husband and I reconciling our marriage because of everything he has done. I pray that blessings come your way for the kindness you have shown me with your concern and prayers. God bless you.

        • I am praying for you. God knows what He is doing. It is better to be a single mother than to reconcile with someone who does not care about His kids. God will work it out and give you the graces. I speak from experience from my mom being in a similar situation and God was faithful.

  45. Thank you Mama Mary for answering my prayers on the financial turmoils that have been affecting my life. I welcome the new season of restoration from what the Locusts ate. Filling my stores with abundance. Amen

  46. Thank you Mother Mary for my answered
    prayer for my son. I prayed that he passed this One specific subject that he might failed. And he passed. Mother Mary thank you again from The buttom of my heart. Many thanks. You never failed me mother.????

  47. Mother Mary thank you again for my answered prayer for my son. I prayered that he passed all his subjects .specially one subject that is really hard for him. Thank you again and again Mother Mary. You don’t fail me. To God be the glory.????

  48. Thank you Mary Mother of peace and my helper in all instances of my life. I started saying rosary since i was 6 years. My mother taught us rosary and each year during October month we were saying 5 decades rosary each day until the month ends.
    Personally, i now say rosary 5 days a week, and sometimes pray 5 rosary a day. This has helped me and my family to be kept away from unseen and seen dangers, or permanent protection. I thank Mary mother with all my hear.

    Today i would like to share my testimonies, i never knew about the Novena of udndoer of Knots. It pops up on my google search for urgent novena for urgent need. I started a novena right a way and asked the Virgin Mary to show me a sign of white rose, to know whether what i am praying for is according to God’d will. After 3 days of novena, I went somewhere and i stood as i wait to be served, immediately next to me i saw a white rose. I was so happy, i picked it and took it, place inside my bible and prayed to thanked God with all my heart.
    I am still praying to ask God to grant my request as i am assured the rose i saw is a true sign from my prayer request to the virgin MARY. I believe my request will eventually be granted to me and my family. Please pray with faith and God will grant your request and show you a sign you ask for.

    Thank for this website.

  49. Thanks to Mother Mary for prayers to favour received for my Family. I will forever be grateful to the Blessed Mother . I am offer devotion. My child has been given a second chance at school and at a vocation.

  50. I want to thank Our Blessed Mother for answered prayers.I got to know of this Novena to Our Lady Undoer of Knots through my Friend who introduced me to it while I was having a serious problem with my fiance and we were at the verge of breaking up after dating for about 10years.He stopped talking to me.He will not answer my calls or reply my messages.Besides he is in Italy while am in Nigeria.
    I started this Novena on 23 May and implored our Lady to reconcile us and undo the knots causing disagreements between us.Miraculously on the 7th day my fiance called me, we talked and settled all the differences.I also want to thank Blessed Mother for giving Him his documents.As I write we are happy and planning our marriage.I give thanks to Our Lady Undoer of Knots for this.

  51. Mother Mary thank you for the answered prayer.
    Thank you that the outcome of our meeting with the tenant and the broker went well and resolve. Thank you for the all the help.????????????

  52. Thank you So much Mother Mary undoer OF knots. My problem with my broker and tenant are resolve. Thank you from the buttom of my heart Mother Mary undoer OF Knots. To God be the Glory.

  53. i was friendly with a person but everytime he is facing problems and moreover
    our relationship is distance as i am in one country and he is in another
    i had seen the mary of undoer knots novena in this website but i thought novena
    is too time consuming so i did not pray but recently my rosary got knotted i tried to remove it
    but could not so i left it then this friend of mine started facing more problems
    and our communication was totally cut i tried so many ways to contact my friend
    but nothing worked out then with pain/tension/frustration i started checking the website again
    and typed in google mother mary what should i do ? and aftersometime i saw this
    novena of undoer of knots then i remembered the knots in my rosary
    so i decided i will do this novena and checked for the days
    it was only 9 days so i started the novena the first day i could remove
    the knots from the rosary which i could not do earlier and every day
    i started seeing so many signal graces but i was not sure of them,
    one day during the novena days as i was praying and trying to fix something mother
    marys photo which was hung touched my head as a blessing which i cannot explain,
    but otherwise it is not possible so many years it has not happened even when i stood in the
    same place and earlier i had made chits asking when my friend will come
    back giving different dates and one paper contained within i month i found that paper
    miraculously but still i had doubts, and i usual i was askign mother mary to show me more signs
    one day i asked for rose and suddenly in TV I white and red rose, finally the 9 days novena was over on 12th of this month
    but no news from my friend,then on 14th again i got one more paper showing within
    one mnth in my old pocket which again i cant explain it was like a big signal for me
    only the person experiencing knows that it was not possible to get that..then 15th morning
    i went to church knelt at grotto and prayed after coming home i just checked my wats up
    and that person was online who had sold his phone due to acute financial problem and was
    not at all in a position to get new phone because of which i could not contact him, but he did
    not message me, 16th also he was online but did not message me,
    then on 17th i sent a message asking whats wrong then he replied he was
    scared to message because i might be very angry with him and yes we were not in touch for
    one month and exactly as the paper stated within one month we are friends again..
    thank you mother mary of undoer knots and rosary for removing this biggest knot of my life
    the main thing i want to say is the signs which i saw was really surprising because
    the situations in which i saw and how i saw is unexplainable so kindly continue to pray the
    rosary and look for signals..thankyou mother Mary and Jesus and God..Amen i am very
    very happy no words to explain what i went through and how it got solved and putting and
    end to my negative thinking.

  54. I was facing some problem in office and the other department was trying to cover their
    mistake and put it on me I started praying to mother mary and miraculously it got solved
    in the way I wanted after 7 months of prayer and novena of undoer knots otherwise it would have taken more time and the best thing is it got solved before 13/may feast of lady of fathima,thank you mother mary for saving me
    and for curing my sons sickness waiting for 2 more problems to be solved to give my testimony again, so kindly solve them as soon as possible mother mary and help my son to study well

  55. I am praying the novena to untie the burden of dept in my life ,i pray to secure better job so i can pay my bills with no hardship and to help my family back in kenya ,am thankful for the job i have and greatful and i pray for the blessing in the job i applied with american airlines and they are checking keenly on my cv to consider me the manager job .please all pray for me.amen

  56. Mary undoer of knots thank you for undoing the knot of unemployment in my life. I am starting at my new job on the 03rd May 2016

  57. Please join me in praying Mary undoer of knots so that he can set my fiance free of all the knots in his life to enable us reconcile and to stay together in peace. thanks

  58. Just after i finished the novena of mary undoer of knots my daughter changed for good she is always going to the church now and things are just turning around for her own good to God be all the glory and special thanks to mother mary for undoing the knots in my daughter,s life.

    • How lovely to read this. I’m praying to get back the loving respectful relationship that I miss with my beautiful daughter. She’s young and too head strong. I pray to get a result like this with her coming back to me and to God.
      May God Bless you and your family.
      Pray for me that my daughter opens her heart up again to me and the Lord.

  59. I prayed the novena of Mary undoer of knots early February at the time when we were also praying the novena of Our Lady of Lourdes.I have been jobless for over one year and believe it or not I got called for an interview one month later and got the job.To God be the glory.Thank you Mary undoer of knots and all the Saints who interceded on my behalf.I am forever indebted.

  60. I was so desperate that I have to resort to Mary Who Unties The Knot Novena, because of the discord in my family due to misunderstanding with our eldest brother over his treasured friends. As a result, he shunned and started despising his own family and even made us suffer when he cut the financial support of family members who were depending on him. I asked Mother Mary to make him have an open mind and see things from our perspective. I started the Novena on the 1st of February and by 12th, I heard from another brother that he wants to organize a reconciliation meeting with the family and his friends very soon. I know Mother Mary untied the knot for me, so a big thank you, Mother! I love you so much!

    S.N.K. 16/02/2016

  61. I have schizophrenia and I’m overweight. These knots cause problems in my life. I’m praying the novena with hope that Out Lady will relieve me of these knots in my life. I’ve seen the novena work for employment. I pray she answers my novena prayer. I’ll report back.

  62. Please pray I be relieved from epilepsy & psychiatric anxiety since 1993
    Please pray I get a good job since Iost my career in 1993

  63. I have been ill since November. Heavy head sinuses blocked ears palpiations ringing in my ears…very very uncomfortable. I have said the novena to Our Lady under of knots twice…I believe I will be healed. Pls pls pray with me.

  64. Please pray for me My life is at halt.
    nothing is good, My parents are searching a guy for my marriage but recently i had break up with someone who was exually abusing me, but i m not able to forget him , there are many other issue in my life unresolved which makes me anxious and worried all the time whenever i think of it i cry when i am alone, I feel dissatisfy with my life . i had a dream of clearing the NET exam but due to family conflicts and other problems i am still unable to clear the exam now i am at more pressure because my father is going to retire this year by the end of april month. I am very much worried , no one to share, no harmony in relation with my mother and between my parents also. Please pray for peace and happiness in my life. May my all incomplete work may complete before my marriage is fixed . Also pray for the right person to come

    • I pray for you, and tell you to hold faith in your heart, your prayers will be answered. I am in deepest gratitude for this Novena, let us pray together and for one another.
      God Bless You All

  65. hello,I started my novena to Mary undoer of knots yesterday..and I am so grateful that I already see the miracles aunt and her husband are slowly reconciling,they started talking to each other again this morning after so many months of not speaking to each other and complaining abt each other..I pray that it keeps getting better all their lives and tht Mary will fix so many more marriages..I pray she will continue to undo all the knots in our lives,and help me convince my family especially my aunt to let me go to hostel starting this semester..I am praying the Lord answers all your blessed

  66. Thank you Mary, my mother, the holy souls and Padre Pio, I certainly have witnesses a miracle answer to my prayers. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  67. My dear beloved mother, you know all our problems even before we begin to pour them out to you..Mother, commit my relationship
    with my boyfriend into your hands,
    see us through this phase and help
    me to think before I speak so my
    words and actions don’t hurt
    anyone especially him. i pray and ask you to continue leading the way in this relationship
    Mary undoer of knots. I also pray that may you begin to untie all the knots in his life immediately my generous mother

    I pray and ask all this through your son jesus christ amen.

  68. Mary undoer of knots please protect my boyfriend against all the evil surrounding him and tearing us apart.Untie the chains of evil and kill the evil between us permanently.Mother I trust you with this knot.Amen

  69. This is the second day that I have been praying the Novena to Our Lady Undoer of Knots and the first time that I have ever posted.
    There are so many knots in my life that I don’t know where to begin
    But perhaps I should first ask you to lead me to a place of service that needs me and will accept me for the sixty-something ( Lifetime unemployed due to having been a stay at home mother of five NOW GROWN UP children).I never thought about my older years when I was raising my kids and now I find myself unskilled and probably undesirable to be employed. But employment is what I need to have if I want to be able to eat and contribute to my medical expenses after my husband retires in three years.I am really embarrassed about wasting my life butat the time, I thought that I was doing the right thing by always being there for my children. Please help me.Amen.

    • Hugs and prayers Ann! You have NOT wasted your life and have nothing to be ashamed of – God knows your generosity. I’ll be remembering your intentions in a special way in my own prayers. You are not alone. :)

  70. My lovely mother! Thank you for the knot that you loosened. My heart is filled with joy. Thank you so much. I commit my relationship with my boyfriend into your hands, see us through this phase and help me to think before I speak so my words and actions don’t hurt anyone especially him. Thank you Mary undoer of knots. I can’t say thank you enough.

  71. I just can’t fully express my happiness when I found this site. please help me out , I need your prayers.. I just finished my 54 day rosary novena with novena to divine mercy and now i am currently praying to Mary undoer of knots for my deliverance from HOMOSEXUALITY.. Our most Blessed Virgin Mother has sent me countless signs specially in dreams but on some point i loose hope then on another I gain it again.. What I’m trying to say is that there’s these times when the devil will attack my faith.. I need your prayers! Thank you and I’ll also pray for others who are like me.. May God bless us all and Mama Mary guides us always..

    • Have faith in our lady, pray the rosary every day for deliverance. She will not abandon or forsake you.

      You might want to read online miracles of the rosary for encouragement

  72. Please Our Mother Undoer of Knots please intercede for me for my son to remain calm in school, learn to respect and Obey his teachers.
    Pray for me through your intercessions that he will never again be sent out of school.

  73. Tha you Mother Mary for helping me . I’m completely healed and I now have a man who loves and adore me.

    Thank you.

  74. I want to use this medium to thank Almighty God for answered prayers from St Philomena Novena. I have always prayed for the conversion of my sister who has long gone astray from the fold of God and God finally answered my prayer through the intercession of St.Philomena. She is now regretting the kind of life she lived in the past and has really turn back to God. Although she finds it difficult to forgive herself and let go of the past. I pray God will give her the grace to forgive herself and let go of her past through Christ our Lord,Amen!

  75. I want to Thank God for listening to my prayer, as I know deep in my heart my request will be answered. I just finished my nine day Novena. Thank you.

  76. I am three days into the Mother Mary Undoer of Knots novena. My overall prayer is that my wife will end her affair and her plans to leave me, and that all the heartache, pain, and complications her actions are causing our family will be undone. But each day I put forth a more specific intention. Day one, I asked healing for a deep depression that had settled the day before… and indeed, my spirits were lifted. Day two, I asked for a resolution to my housing situation, and one presented itself. Today I asked for a sign that the novena is working, that my wife’s heart is being touched and her conscience pricked… and indeed, I saw several signs that something might be at work…

    I will post again once the novena concludes. Mother Mary, my devotion to you has never been strong enough, but I am so glad to be coming closer to you now, and thank you for your intercession. Thank you Lord, may you be praised forever, amen.

  77. Good day, l want to thank God for answering my prayers for my daughters examinations. I prayed that God should glorify Himself, concerning these examinations, my first daughter’s result is out and she cleared her papers while the second girl has seen three of her results which she passed. I want to thank God for the remaining results which l know will be to the glory of God. Mother Mary, l thank you for interceding on our behalf. May the name of our Lord be praised both now and forever, Amen.

  78. Mother Mary undoer of knots. I praise your name. I met a soulmate after many years alone. Thank you for this bonus. Am now still praying for my son’s studies dear Mother Mary. Please bless him to pass his exams. Am also praying for my exam results due in August. I believe all the knots in my life are being untied right now. Praise you Lord Jesus Christ

  79. I prayed the St. Rita Novena and Sacred Heart of Jesus, plus spent countless hours before the blessed sacrament and regularly attended Holy Mass, for God to intervene in my struggling circumstances of over 2 years of Joblessness, Homelessness, worries, anxieties, fear, challenges in relationships and deliverance. I just went through a refreshing experience, last week, when the spirit compelled me to find the nearest church and make a confession. Amazingly the nearest church I got to was where I was baptized at the age of four weeks (over 45 years ago) as it shows on my baptism card. I have no recollection of ever visiting or attending Mass at this church, as my mum (God rest her soul) who would have known died over 30 years ago. Now I feel delivered from my struggles, I have been offered a Job to start next week, my PhD examiners have called me to defend my work in two weeks time after many years of waiting. Thank you Jesus, Bless you Jesus. Our Almighty God is great and true to his promises. ON.

  80. I prayed the novena to Our Lady Undoer of Knots and within that short time, so many things fell into place! I received a job offer, after much uncertainty, that fit into and set my summer plans beautifully. I seamlessly was also able to deal with a lot of busy work that had been causing me great anxiety right within that week. These were things that happened relatively instantly, and in perfect timing, but later there was more. My sister who was having psychological issues relating to body image distortion was sent an angel in her life and she’s been the happiest she’s ever been, not to mention has grown in wisdom and maturity in recognizing the harm in her past mindset. My brother, who had started medication for depression, decided to stop taking his medication after less than a month. And I was able to talk to a friend, whom I hadn’t spoken to in a very long time, and our conversation helped bring about some healing that I needed. Although many of these things still have more to be accomplished, the novena to Our Lady Undoer of Knots definitely has set up a path for success in a road to answered prayers and healing. Ave Maria!

  81. My prayers to St. Mary, undoer of Knots, was answered due to my fervent prayers for safe journey in spite of weather turbulence. She made it possible for us to be back home safe and sound. I am asking another favor from her about both health and home problems. I am imploring her help again.

  82. I prayed for the gift of a life partner and Our mother gave me a companion,i highly favoured and grateful. I pray that our mother and her son completes the rest that hurts my soul.

  83. Dearest Mary Undoer of Knots, I need to thank you for answering my prayer of relieving my GI problems that I have been having since my brain surgery 14 months ago. It’s not totally cleared up, but it’s certainly not as problematic to me as it has been…it has settled down tremendously. I am so grateful for your undoing my intestinal knots!

    God bless your presence in my life. You are my mother and I pray to you many, many times a day. I love you so much.

  84. Thank you dear Mary, Undoer of Knots my itchiness is healed. I sent prayer intention for this purpose. Thanks to everyone who have prayed for me. Thank you Jesus. Praise you Jesus. Love you Jesus. Adore you Jesus.

  85. I did not participate in the Novena of Mary undoer of Knots when it was announced, but I decided last week to do and completed it today. I prayed that my daughter that just started tracks two months ago, make it to the Meets of Champions in New Jersey; so she can be the first freshman in the history of her school to have a personal event. God answered my prayer and she had two event. Halleluyah.

  86. I prayed the Novena of Mary the Undoer of Knots and continued with the novena for the Pentecost. In bot I asked for the same intentions which were many including that my son gets the job he had applied for. Indeed God is good all the time. He answered my prayers and my son has a job. What I ask you all is to pray for my son to do his job diligently and always to call upon the grace of God to direct him. I also pray that he changes his current ways of life and may the good Lord give him a good wife.

  87. Thank you to Our Lady Undoer of Knots and the Holy Spirit, I requested to pray for my daughter Doris, she has been looking for a job since last year. After the Novena to Our Lady Undoer of Knots she got a temporary job for 3 weeks and after the Holy Spirit one she got a full time job and is waiting to start. Thank you to everybody who prayed for her. God bless you all.

  88. Thank you to Mary Undoer of knots for doing a wonderful blessing for my family prayer conquers all and those who believe in prayer I can assure you that god hears their outcry, my daughter has passed her examinations extremely well thank you praymorenovenas and I still believe that god grace will grant me the blessings for financial assistance to renovate my house and be able to take care of extended family under my shoulders and for a steady relationship for my daughter and perserverance of prayer in my family, I sincerely pray for healing of my severe arthritis, god help me.

  89. Dearest Blessed mother, queen of peace..thank you for the peace I have these past few days knowing that you have all my worries and problems. Mother Mary please intercede on my behalf to your loving son our redeemer. Please let me find and choose the right spouse for me, to have the fruit of the womb when the time comes without complications. Remove all obstacles preventing me from achieving anything. Move me from a place of stagnation that I have been for along time. Most holy Mary the under of knots, I trust in your love and mercy that all will be well in your precious son name. Please undo all these knots in my life speedingly.Amen!
    Thank you divine mother for hearing our prayers Amen!

  90. One of my many prayers was answered by the end of the Mary Undoer of Knots…. My son is very hot tempered and I prayed for peace between he and I. He is away at college and at Easter, he said he was too busy with school projects to have lunch…. Normally if I questioned more than once to meet up he’d get SUPER mad … This time around was different ….I took all my worries to our Mother Mary….. We ended up having a nice lunch… Now I am praying for a full return to the sacraments of the church; he only goes to to Mass when he is at home

  91. My prayers are formost for all God’s children, this novena Mary brought nothing less than a miracle, one of his children that has been estranged from his family for over 6 years called his mother and talked to his oldest sister through tears and shared a word from our Father! He said he could feel our love! Thank you Mary, thank you Jesus, Praise be to God!!!

  92. Thank you Mary mother of fair love, when I thought I lost it all you answered my prayers more than I asked. Thank you for providing a job, for trusting God the more and taking care of my worries. I love you mother of fair love.

  93. My son has been out of work since last November. I asked Our Lady to undo the knots in his life that were keeping him from a path led by the Holy Spirit. He began his new job and career on Thursday. Praise God and thank you Blessed Mother for your intercession.